Full technical specs of the Vuze camera and Humaneyes VR Studio software studio can be seen here, with further examples of content created by the Vuze camera available here. Visit Humaneyes Technologies at CES in Las Vegas at LVCC, South Hall 2, booth #26408 and check out demonstrations of the Vuze camera and its 3D RealSpace audio capabilities. Further information regarding the WakingApp and VisiSonics partnerships will be available too.

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Before 4Sight, scientists would create molecular models to consider how a drug may affect the make up of these structures. This was done in real life or created via a computer program but with VR, scientists can actually get hold of the virtual molecules and watch how they respond to different stimuli; a revolution for the system that takes approximately 10 years to come up with a new, marketable drug.

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VR as we know it was born back in the 80s when Lanier and Thomas Zimmerman opened VPL Research. Their mission was to create VR products for sale to mass audiences and their company produced items like the DataGlove, AudioSphere and the EyePhone.

Virtual reality headsets are designed for virtual reality but are plagued by the need to be connected to a powerful computer and when developers have tried to move away from the PC connection issues with low-powered displays means that the virtual reality is less of an immersive experience and more of a frustrating experience. With the release of the Vive and the Oculus Quest as standalone headsets this year we can see exactly where the technology is heading and that there is a light at the end of the standalone headset tunnel.


As well as gaming, NASA was keen to utilize the virtual world for space work and the famous Mars Robot was driven using a VR system that was invented by a NASA scientist called Antonio Medina. The system was named the Computer Simulated Teleoperation and was successful despite the lag in time via computer signals.

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Rectilinear Stitching is when a camera is moved around a tripod and images are taken at specific time intervals. The images are then ‘stitched’ together to create a 360 panorama. The great thing about this is that it is relatively simple to do and the results are of high quality if a decent camera is used. However, as the images have been taken in a line the panorama will go 360-degrees but the vertical field will not have the depth required to see below the image line as that will not have been photographed.


CubicVR software has taken the traditional CAD and mixed it up with game design tools to give architects a tool that can show clients designs in a fun and innovative way. The software can even create a 3D model if one hasn’t yet been made and this is a really great way of garnering interest in a future project.

Part of marketing is creating an audio and visual story that is believable enough to make your target market feel a presence. The story should be immersive, interactive and engaging. It should create an impact and convert potentials into profits. All these aspects of marketing are employed within VR marketing companies all over the globe and as they drive in bigger and better results, they seem destined to be part of the marketing scene for some time to come.


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You would think therefore that the virtual reality headsets that utilize the power and software of PCs and allow for an immersive and interactive experience would be the way forward. But no. Consumers don’t want to be held back by cables and wires and so the future of VR technology is definitely standalone headsets.

If you want to see if the bar has a big table because you are traveling in a group then a virtual tour can show you. Likewise, if you want somewhere for an intimate dinner or a luxurious room then take a look at a 360-degree view, you’ll be amazed at how much you can plan when you know what the accommodation looks like.


Samsung Gear 360 is clearly a good choice when it comes to creating your own images as they are the company that bought you the famous Gear headset! This camera comes with free editing software ready to help you make your images into the VR experience of your dreams.

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VR marketing can also be seen as a bit of a novelty or a gimmick. There is nothing wrong with a marketing campaign that uses techniques such as this as they are often very successful at getting people to engage with the product they are trying to sell or the company that is being marketed. However, whilst they are usually successful in the first instance, they don’t always have long-term success. Once people have engaged with the VR and had that experience, the novelty factor is reduced and potential customers are no longer attracted by the excitement of the new technology.


One great example of how VR is used in scientific research is InViewR; a German-made VR tool that allows researchers to get up close and personal with cells. Not only can they view them in detail but they can interact with the cell; peeling away the layers to get a detailed knowledge of how they are made. These tiny cells are now supersized and researchers can really feel as if they are touching them, getting to know the structure and finding out new ways to manipulate them for the good of humankind.

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When devising a marketing strategy it is essential to use analytics to give the strategy the best chance of success. Decisions are best made when knowledge and insights are available and VR provides advanced analytics. This means the management will be able to make more informed decisions. Analytics help a business to know where to focus more energy and where to invest to make profits.


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It can be difficult to get the attention of the person you are trying to educate and so any tools to help with this will benefit teachers and academics. They may not wish to admit it but for high school teachers, many of the pupils sat in their classroom won’t be particularly interested in the subject being taught.

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Google isn’t just a search facility; they are the company that gave us the $15 VR headset as a tool that could be used to help education and tech innovation. Google is committed to developing VR and bringing new and exciting products to the market. We are pretty certain they will go down in history as more than just a search engine!


MarmonMok is another American firm that is using VR to help with engagement. When they were hired to renovate the Shrine of St. Padre Pio Church, they were concerned that the public wouldn’t understand the scale of the project and so took to VR to help show them. Setting up a VR installation allowed people to see what was going to take place before it happened and the public loved it, supporting the project through until completion.

Whatever your VR goal you can be certain that there is a company that needs new and innovative ideas and that if you have them, they will want to work with you. You will be submerged into a world of VR and we’d guess it will be more fun and insightful than you ever could imagine! Don’t just get your ideas of what the VR industry looks like from the news, there is so much information out there than you can study before taking the leap into a new career.


With ENTiTi, WakingApp’s DIY Virtual & Augmented reality creation tools, users can look forward to integrating interactive VR content with the Vuze (check over here) camera. ENTiTi Creator allows users to add 3D objects, video, sound and pictures into the Humaneyes VR studio. It can then be published right away.

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Whilst the headsets on the market now have made huge steps forward there are still some major weaknesses that are to be worked out. For a completely realistic, immersive experience headsets need to, and are set to develop in several areas. The horizontal and vertical vision within a virtual reality headset will be made to match the fields of vision of humans. Better visuals will be achieved by using much higher resolution and eye tracking will be improved. These are all set to make the virtual reality experience more realistic.


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The technology is a lot more sophisticated than simply having a virtual audience in front of the person and this is where this start-up really delivers an exciting opportunity. Not only will the technology give you a virtual stage and a simulated crowd that can be customized to be more or less distracted depending on how awkward you want them to be, but the app will also judge your delivery of the speech.

We now live in a world that allows students to watch and interact with scientific experiences without the danger of housing chemicals in a school lab. Remarkably, microscopes can now be used in 3D and this has allowed scientists to get a better understanding of the matter they are employed to study.


With greater developments in VR, we are likely to see science being able to utilize these developments to help with their own and it’s exciting to guess where the innovation will take off. Many labs now use VR routinely and lots of scientists are using VR to share the way things work with captive audiences. So, let’s take a look at what is currently happening in the science world with VR.

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The Kodak Pixpro Orbit360 4 K VR cameras come with a satellite accessory pack, which will change the way you look at your world. The camera has a portable powerhouse, which makes the capturing of photos easy and glorious with the 360-degree feature. One can stitch within the camera automatically and share it on the go. If you are a professional and a camera freak, then get ready to leap into this holistic world of clicking interactive, immersive photos and videos and live streaming. The camera can capture everything that you like with extreme ease.


There is a range of camera types that will help you with your creation; cameras with one, two or multiple lenses. Depending on your preference and budget will help to guide you in deciding which type is best for your project.

Social media platforms will take to VR to immerse users. The rise in popularity of social media has been a well-debated part of modern life. Whether it is or isn’t creating more problems than good it does seem to be set to stay and famous social media platforms like Facebook are investing in a VR future.


How can VR become a long term career and who is interested in a role like this? VR careers have taken off like never before and people are far more interested in developing this ability then ten years ago. The notion that educators are preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet is a very real issue and one that VR is part of.

Unimersiv is also a great current example of how virtual reality can be used effectively in education. The app is designed to enhance the way people learn new languages and is combined with the Oculus Rift headset at present. When learning a new language, it is often said that the best way to learn is to immerse yourself in the language.


Functionality is also an issue with virtual reality. We all think technology is great when it’s working and wonder why we even bother with it at all when it doesn’t work exactly how we had planned it to work. Virtual reality hardware and software are not immune to functionality problems, and in fact, it is a technology that has been plagued with issues throughout its development.

You might think that with the evidence suggesting virtual reality is a great way of educating people that it would be popular in education. However, this is not the case in a lot of areas. There seems to be a misconception about how much virtual reality would cost to bring to the classroom and so education facilities are reluctant to commit to it.


There are many benefits to using VR in architecture, from avoiding lots of revisions to sharing concepts with colleagues; some of the greatest things about the use of VR are also the simplest. Rather than trying to use VR in the most complex ways, architects have taken to redefining their daily basics to help avoid wasting time and effort so that they can put it back into the buildings they love creating.

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Lots of start-ups want to change the world or revolutionize their subject field. Then there are ones that are content to set their sights smaller and make positive impacts for individuals. Virtual Speech is a start-up with big goals that ultimately make it easier for people to deliver presentations with confidence. Those people who can stand up in front of hundreds of people and deliver a speech at the drop of a hat probably won’t understand the need for this start-up but there will be thousands of people across the world ready and waiting to allow Virtual Speech to help them.


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We know that many VR engineers are working to boost the effectiveness of the VR hardware and software that is currently on the market. One of the key parts that could persuade people to engage more fully with VR travel could be the ability to feel the climate and even smell the scents that are coming from their destination. It’s wild to consider that technology is on the cusp of making this happen and people are understandably excited to see it become a reality.

With Starburst offering only ten lines in its virtual reality version it is much smaller than the non-virtual reality online casino. However, this certainly hasn’t put players off as they keep returning for the high-stakes games and virtual experience.


Fear of flying is a well-known need and it is possible to use VR to help overcome this fear. Flight simulators have long been used as part of flight training but are now being used to help passengers who struggle to get on board a plane.

In a similar way to medical schools and flight schools, the military has also discovered the benefits of using virtual reality in their training. High-risk situations can be simulated and practiced with no real risk, allowing for better training of military personnel. However, whilst all of these fields have proven that they are invested in the development of virtual reality and are already utilizing the technology to some extent, there is a way to go to become the normal way of providing the education.


Engineering is big business as it is literally everywhere. Careers in engineering are more popular than ever as people seek to find new ways of doing things and create new items for marketing. If you think of any invention or feat that has taken place in history then it is a result of engineering in some form.

If the backstory to pieces of art is more your thing then art history can come to life in VR. You can walk in the footsteps of prolific artists and see the places where they created their seminal works of art. Get to know a specific art period better and find out who artists used as their muse. Look at the history of art in religion by popping to the Vatican or even spend some time in Van Gogh’s home to know what he was able to see when he was painting.


The success of mobile VR through smartphones has decreased and Google has even dropped Daydream from newer smartphone models. People want a truly interactive virtual reality experience and 360 videos just don’t deliver it.

The future looks great for virtual reality in terms of being more portable and accessible. The market is certainly demanding a much more portable device and it is anticipated that the way the technology is developing, it won’t be too long before it will be possible to own and carry around a pair of virtual reality goggles/glasses that won’t need to attach to any other form of hardware. This will make the technology more attractive to a wider market and will allow VR to be used in a wide variety of ways in day to day life.


Ricoh Theta V will allow you to record 4K videos, live stream and has 4 microphones that will record sound. You can operate it remotely from the app that comes with it and the quality of your productions will please you and your viewers for years to come!

Whether you are learning at school or at home, this is often not possible because the people around you don’t speak the language. With apps such as this, learners can place themselves in virtual simulations where the language is used constantly. This realistic simulation can trick the brain into thinking that the experience is real and so it heightens its concentration on the language. It’s also a fun way to learn while you interact with others through games and socializing.


We can put a headset on and enjoy a virtual gallery experience, missing out on long queues and having to crane your neck to see the wonder of famous pieces up close. You can explore the history of art with programs that show you where the most famous artists got their inspiration or where they grew up; if you love art then VR is changing how you can immerse yourself.

The tech industry is a breeding ground for start-ups. Possibly because people see the potential and are happy to invest in technology, but also because the brains behind virtual reality developments are fantastic at seeing the potential and the gaps where it can be used. There are so many start-up companies that are utilizing virtual reality in ways that make things better, easier or simpler for businesses and individuals.


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When people have an emotional reaction to something, they are more likely to remember it. By giving an experience rather than telling people about something, an emotional reaction is much more likely to occur and so the learning will be more effective. Imagine reading about a spacewalk in a textbook vs experiencing what a spacewalk is like through the mode of virtual reality.

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Not just limited to headsets, crowdfunding has also seen the development of Unyte, which is an interactive meditation device that combines biofeedback technology, immersive digital and VR experiences to help people to meditate. Again, this Kickstarter campaign raised way above the $30,000 goal that was originally hoped for and the $204,408 is being used to bring some peace and wellbeing into the world.


Some of the best VR and AR options out there are offered for functional reasons and to allow consumers to consider their purchases before making them. We want to share some of the biggest names in retail that are embracing VR as a sales technique.

Sadly not everything about VR is great and working within this industry can prove to be like a rollercoaster. One day VR is the hot topic and the next day it is relegated to be an area that there is not enough demand for.


The International Virtual Reality Photography Association is open to all professional photographers who make 360-degree immersive images and videos. They were founded based on helping VR photography to develop across a range of industries and boast membership from VR professionals all over the world. If you are a keen VR photographer then the IVRPA may be the best place to start when considering a career in the field of photography.

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VR doesn’t just stop at works of art that have gone before and there are many upcoming artists that are using VR to create original works of art for people to enjoy. Cynics out there may think this sounds absurd but you’d be surprised at how great VR is when being used as a tool for creating timeless works of art.


Clay Bavor is the VP of VR and AR in Google and leads the teams that are working hard to bring us new developments in this area. He has been with Google for over 14 years and the value he brings is clearly recognized with the current position he has found himself in. He is a graduate of Princeton University and as part of his time there he won an award for having the best Computer Science thesis.

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Rather than having to get up super early and rush through your morning routine, virtual offices are set to give users the chance to get to work in a less stressful way. VR can provide virtual offices in which people can collaborate and still get through all their work without the need to pay for expensive office rental, equipment or furniture. Employees will be able to work from wherever suits them best and it is predicted that productivity would rise as the workforce would be happier.


As demand increases, we will see tech released that is more affordable and that offers improved capabilities. The demand for VR tech will mean the component parts will reduce in price and VR research will improve; giving all of us the chance to access the amazing VR world!

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Another concern is how people will confirm they are above the legal age for gambling. This is already a concern for online gambling and VR is no different. As the main audience for VR is the younger generation there will be greater interest from people who could be underage and using a parent’s card without their knowledge.


A career in VR is incredibly varied and careers can range from designers to developers and even testers. If you have a passion for VR and are tech-minded then the industry is a great place to make your name.

The cost of VR Headsets is still an issue as to access Facebook Horizon users will need to purchase an Oculus. However, by the time it is released, It is anticipated that declining prices will encourage more people to invest in a VR headset. With an increase in the sales of virtual reality headsets, developments such as Facebook Horizon will become much more of a success. There is definitely a market for people who want to live a ‘virtual life’ and so whilst the tech may be aimed at increasing how people can socialize, it might tick the box for giving people the escapism they desire.


With virtual reality, there is the potential to not only allow people to take a virtual walk around the property, but the décor could be changed to suit the style of the potential buyers. If they can view the property in a way that they would like it to be, then they are more likely to be able to decide whether they would be comfortable in that house.

By the touch of a button, the Vuze (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=2372) XR transforms altogether from a 360 camera to VR 180 degrees. This feature gives the user many unique alternate ways to shoot and tell the story – as they say, the bigger, the better! One can immerse in the tiniest of details with the 18MP, wherein you can keep all the data of the pictures. The camera is a dual 3D 180 degree and 2D 360-degree video recording camera that captures full stereoscopic half-spherical videos and photos. No doubt, it is known to be the best 360 VR camera.


It does this by analyzing your verbal and non-verbal communication including the pace of your speech, your hesitation on words, eye contact and interaction with the audience. The audience members will respond realistically so you get a fully immersive experience that you can learn from.

There are full VR courses with companies like EasyJet that you can take that offer you flight safety information as well as sharing all the information about airplanes anyone who nervous may need. The end of the course sees users taking two virtual flights before they can then take a real flight. The results are amazing and VR is helping get people who never dreamt of flying up in the skies.


Another downside of VR on the web is that the more we can do through virtual reality the less we may start to do in the real world. Having the ability to browse the web in an immersive way and interact with websites to view places or items is fantastic for people who aren’t able to do those things in the real world, or who find it difficult.

Education doesn’t need virtual reality to survive simply because education will continue to exist whether or not virtual reality is adopted or not. However, if we were to ask whether education needs virtual reality to thrive, the answer could possibly be a lot different. The potential that virtual reality has to revolutionize the education sector should not be underestimated.


One of the benefits of VR content on the web is that it makes it much easier for the user. With the web it is possible to create VR content and upload it, making it available across the world. Any user can then simply go to the website and view the content through their VR headset. There is no need to access content through different apps for different content because it is all available through a URL. This also means that content doesn’t need to be downloaded and with long download times being a constant headache for VR users and developers alike, the chance to move away from the downloads is a welcomed one.

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Immersive VR Education is a start-up that wants virtual reality to become the norm in education and corporate training and has been showing the possibilities for several years now. This company believes that people learn best through experience and wants to create an environment where any situation can be created in virtual reality so people can ‘experience’ and learn from it.


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Suzanne Leibrick is an artist, storyteller, and developer of VR. She co-founded ARVR Academy which is a place that shares VR knowledge and education with underrepresented groups in the area of technology in a bid to encourage a diverse range of new tech trainees. Aside from her work in education she is renowned for her own VR work and has a loyal fan base that follows her work.


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Icaros is a German company that has created a machine for people to use alongside their training program and the great thing about this is that you can get a full-body workout and improve your balance and concentration. The program takes you through various scenes from land, air, and sea to help you get fit and healthy.

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Web development doesn’t seem like the type of thing that will be using or moving towards using VR Technology. We know that accessing good quality VR that is totally immersive and interactive means hooking up your VR headset to your computer, using a standalone VR headset or viewing content such as 360-degree videos on your phone through a cheap headset.


Similarly, artificial intelligence is set to be combined with virtual reality in the future. Many of the ways in which virtual reality is currently used will be enhanced by introducing artificial intelligence to the mix. If we take a look at how virtual reality is used in skills training, we can see the potential. A virtual situation can be built to train people on how to respond which allows the trainee to understand their role and learn from what happens in response to their actions. This has limitations that the program will only respond in a way it is programmed to do so.

Rather than reading posts or watching funny videos, VR social media is set to allow users to interact with their friends and family in a better, more personal way. You are set to enjoy body movements so your avatars can physically interact, share real conversations rather than posts and enjoy life together without the need to be together. Facebook Horizon is the benchmark and all other platforms will evolve from there – it’s going to be interesting to see what comes of it all!


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Rather than having to spend hours creating these images, we now have access to devices that will help us take photos that can be turned into immersive experiences all at the click of a button. This is no longer just the domain of the pros as we can all access equipment to make our own VR videos.

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By 1994, Sega was ready to offer the world the VR-1 their answer to an arcade machine that had motion simulator capabilities. Alongside this, CyberMaxx was released by VictorMaxx; a VR headset that ultimately led to the closure of the company due to its lack of public interest as it cost so much!


However, this is not an essential part of the game and often takes away from gambling which is the reason people are there. The social aspect adds to the experience and is known to encourage people to play more and often take more risks in their gambling.

Michael is a huge tech enthusiast who loves computers and anything to do with electronics. He's fascinated by the VR headsets that have become so popular in recent times and after much research, he decided that a website to give people reliable information about VR was much needed.


Are you thinking about cryptocurrency trading? If yes, then it’s the right time for you to make further progress. Before going to begin with any concept, it’s crucial for beginners to know what.

Using VR to teach med trainees means that they can access virtual sick people and try to cure them through surgery or medications. There is no risk to life and the tech is so good it feels real. The other great aspect is that if something goes wrong you can reset and try again until you have successfully cured your patient. This type of science-based training gives trainees the ability to try out hundreds of different scenarios so that they can learn different ways of curing similar problems.


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Three-quarters of the world’s leading brands are using Virtual Reality in their marketing! This type of statistic tells us everything we need to know about the value of VR in marketing; it is highly effective and bears results. We aren’t the only ones that recognize this and many businesses are engaging with VR in a bid to improve their company profile and make more money.

Instax360 One X offers a range of options that will help you create the best images out there. It has dual fisheye lenses, special effects and image stabilization that will give your snaps a great finish every time!


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Using VR technology on a mobile device has implications for the user which are simple but ultimately put people off using their phones in this way. The apps that support VR technology tend to drain the battery life of a phone and using a mobile phone in this way means that people cannot use their phones as they usually would. This sounds obvious but many people don’t like to be disconnected from their phones and so they will engage with a VR app for a short amount of time but wouldn’t feel comfortable to give up their phone for a longer length VR experience.

Today we are used to seeing VR in everyday use and within the media; it has had a huge backing and interest is still growing but the development is not as quick as people may think it has been. In terms of technology, the developments have been few and far between since Luckey designed the Rift and the new market items are mainly versions of things that have already been created.


Virtual reality in education is not just focused on schools, as universities are starting to see the potential in the technology and workplace skills are a huge area of development for virtual reality. Whilst the technology is being used in some areas, it is by no means a common addition to the toolkit that educators use which is disappointing as the potential it has is fantastic.

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These are two fantastic success stories, but there are many others on a smaller scale. VR is a great technology to be crowdfunded because this allows the potential consumers to have a bit of a say over what gets developed and what doesn’t. The Oculus was a success because the concept created excitement and people wanted to see it created enough that they would put their money towards it.


Humaneyes Technologies Announces Release of Vuze Camera & Two New Partnerships

The camera creates a compelling VR experience, capturing great real-life experiences. The camera has some market-leading optic features that have eight full HD custom lenses,arranged in a way to achieve authentic stereoscopic 3D 360-degree footage. Along with some enhanced audio capture with particular audio output. One can share the experiences with their loved ones by streaming the stories live on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. The camera has borderless VR, which makes the camera more durable. The camera is compact and lightweight. It is an award-winning camera that makes it the best VR camera.

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VirtualSpaces also allows for potential buyers to walk around and get a feel of properties that are yet to be built. Any realtor who has tried to sell houses based on blueprints, architectural drawings and models will understand how difficult it is to get people to visualize and how people can’t get a feel for a property they can’t experience. This could reduce the need to build show homes and reduce the number of people who go onto what is essentially a building site to have a look around a show home that may not even contain the fixtures and fittings that the potential buyers would like to see.

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Virtual reality is such exciting technology and has the potential to captivate young and old minds, increase retention of information and persuade people to engage with a topic. You would, therefore, be forgiven for thinking that it’s all a positive outlook. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to virtual reality in education.


Many new technologies are being tested to offer new ways of engaging with VR but the content of apps has been designs for VR headsets and so headsets will be around for some time to come. The good news is that modern headsets are comfier than ever and when you get used to them you can enjoy all that VR has to offer!

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However, this isn’t the only way of bringing virtual reality into the classroom or training room. Software such as Google Expeditions is already being used by schools to allow pupils to experience other places. In effect, it allows pupils to go on field trips without having to leave the classroom, meaning that it’s cheaper, more time effective and almost anywhere on earth can be visited.


There are of course some downsides to incorporating VR into a marketing campaign and the major one is that it can be expensive. This relates to both the company and the potential consumers. For the company, when the cost of marketing goes up, the profits become less. For the individual, the cost of VR hardware can mean that many people simply can’t afford to engage with VR marketing unless it is something that is on offer in store, such as within the New York Samsung store.

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As VR is still being developed it is a great time to jump into a career in VR and if photography is your skill then this is a perfect choice. You will need to be creative with what you can offer and understand that you will be part of a group of people leading the charge rather than having lots of other people’s experiences to work from. If you are innovative and creative then VR is a great choice for you!


The Vuze XR Camera is provided together with the Vuze XR app and VR studio. The XR app is useful as it can remotely control the camera. The app can edit and share media, which is stored on a removable SD card. The Vuze VR studio is often used to edit and make changes in the images captured using spherical editing tools. It also helps to stitch the media using the stitching technology present. The ability to share your experience with your engaging live audience has never been so achievable. Streaming either the 360 or VR 180 directly to your favorite social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube is a breeze now via the Vuze cast mobile app. This app is just fabulous; it has the features to seamlessly connect to all the media platforms that deliver to the growing audience, a unique perspective and experience.

Tap Tap Revenge 4 is easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master! Tap the targets on your touchscreen to the beat of the music, scoring points for accuracy and timing.


It is highly comfortable and lightweight, and the design is very convenient to use. It was mountable to any ¼ universal thread mount. One can mount the camera anywhere, and the user can even install the YI 360 VR. If you are a creative photographer, this camera has tonnes of features for you to exploit, with the availability of the dual-lens and the high connection of Wi-Fi to the four viewing modes.

The limited way people can engage with the content also reduces his desirability. Once someone has had their roller coaster or water slide experience, dived to the watery depths of the ocean to see the marine life or walked around the cities they never think they will get to visit in real life, the app becomes a bit redundant. Without being able to interact with their surroundings the technology becomes less impressive than they were expecting.


It was as recent as mid-2021 that the first real money virtual reality casino was launched. SlotsMillion decided that video games shouldn’t be the only gaming field that embraced virtual reality and so offered a VR experience for players who wanted to get into an online VR casino.

Understanding and predicting events will become more accurate as the amount of data that is collected increases. With the increase in available data, artificial intelligence, particularly in the form of machine learning, will become more sophisticated. Add virtual reality to the risk and you get an extremely realistic way to train people and learn from previous events. When this can be used in situations that cannot be recreated easily in the real world, such as responses to natural disasters or terror attacks, it is shown to be a technology combination that will benefit us all.


Fitness experts are telling us how great it is; this means that it is not just a fad and can actually have some real fitness benefits for you. It’s great as the fitness world is actively encouraging people to engage with VR technology so long as your game pushes you into the fat-burning zone!

Another benefit to businesses is the ability to quality check the companies they are working with. VR tours and expeditions can be monitored and travel agents can get feedback from tourists to make sure what is shown is what they get.


Once the positive impact of virtual reality on educational outcomes are measured and the cost of using it in the classroom comes down, virtual reality may become a normal part of education. At this point, we are likely to conclude that virtual reality is needed for education to thrive as if it is taken away once people get used to using it for learning, it’s likely that learning will not be as effective.

Another aspect of engineering that is being overhauled with VR is product testing. Like any industry that relies on designs, engineers have to wait to see if their designs actually work once built and this can be costly and frustrating when something does not come out the way it was expected to.


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It makes sense that virtual reality is used for online shopping but this isn’t the only place that you can find yourself immersed in a virtual world when it comes to retail. Virtual reality has been used in stores to give customers a new type of experience.

Walmart currently uses Oculus Go headsets to train customers to develop a range of skills. These include customer service but also in technical skills such as using the Pickup Tower automated vending units. Learning this in a virtual reality world means that mistakes can be made and employees learn the risks without there being any actual risk to the employees or business.


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Retail is an area that can benefit massively from virtual reality so it is quite surprising that it has been a slow burner so far. The notion of putting on a headset and browsing through your favorite brands is appealing and consumers are already moving away from the high street. We took you through what is on offer when we previously discussed Shopping in VR but understanding where we are will help us all see what the future looks like for VR retail – we think it’s bright!

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The most obvious downside of virtual reality gambling is that it is very much in its infancy at the moment. This means that few opportunities offer a really good gambling experience akin to what you would expect if you had experienced a real casino. As mentioned before, even the companies who have expanded into the virtual reality world are only offering some of their gambling titles as virtual reality offerings and are waiting to see whether it is worth continuing to invest in the area once people have engaged with what is currently out there.


VR gaming allows people to try things and go to worlds that have only ever lived in their imaginations or sat on a 2D screen so it’s obvious that people would want to harness that and enjoy it in a 3D experience. With the money growing and the demand increasing it looks like gaming is set to be the industry that continues to revolutionize VR for some time to come.

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One of the main reasons why people prefer 360 cameras is the new technology of video hosting. In this feature, the user can shoot a film in 360 degrees, and after the shot is complete, it can be uploaded online on video hosting sites like YouTube. Nowadays, VR tech is compatible with cell phones and other devices like Oculus Rift and PlayStation. The demand for this content is high.


SPUD delivers local organic produce and groceries straight to your door. Browse our huge selection of items, add to your basket, and with a click of a button plus free delivery service, grocery shopping has never been so easy.


All buyers want is ease of use and convenience; when they can buy what you are selling from the comfort of their couch, then a marketing strategy is working. This is the same with VR marketing and is popular as it can give a virtual experience that is created to sell a product. With e-commerce, consumers can shop from home and yet companies like Alibaba sell themselves on having a VR store that you can actually browse. This marketing ploy helps drive sales to their site and gives consumers the gimmick they want.

Net Entertainment is known for being early adopters and they haven’t disappointed when it comes to virtual reality and gambling. Jack’s World is the companies first leap into a virtual reality world to offer gambling and gaming.


When it comes to education, the most effective way of getting people to learn is to show them, or even better, to allow them to experience whatever you are trying to teach them. This is particularly true of young children who we see exploring the world and learning from it. At some point, we began to expect young people to stop exploring and to learn in different ways and we move away from allowing them the chance to experience things. Bringing virtual reality into education opens up a massive amount of potential for young people to learn through experience.

One of the greatest parts of VR engineering is the effect it has on the people who ultimately use the products that have been created. When designing a new machine or product engineers can now take the ergonomic impact into account and this translates into people being healthier and happier at work. Imagine working in a factory where you have to overstretch to reach a part of the machine multiple times every day; you will end up with a really bad back and possibly need time off work.


One-Shot Optics are probably the most simplistic way of taking panoramic images as the lens is predefined for this type of image and will allow a user to get the full panorama in one shot. You tend to see this type of lens on smartphones with panoramic capabilities.

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Historically, VR has had moments of magic but has also been plagued with being too revolutionary, not revolutionary enough, too slow-moving, not having the tech to back up the ideas and many more issues that have stopped it in its tracks. Whilst we recognize that it is now seeing a surge in development like never before it is still an area that is riddled with self-doubt.


AACoder Plus provides an easy and completed way to convert between most of the popular audio formats. With AACoder Plus (full report) users can batch convert music between 5 major audio formats: Wave, Mp3, Mp4 (AAC), WMA, Ogg Vorbis. Product supports AAC Mp4 file type - probable inheritor of Mp3 due to its crisp, rich, clean audio quality rivaling that of uncompressed CD audio. AAC also has much more efficient compression resulting in smaller file size and very fast encoding. AAC Mp4 audio format is supported by major hardware and software products like iPod and iTunes.

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Interestingly, VR was seen as a waste of time in the early 2000s and not much happened to drive it forward. There was a real lack of investment and the public didn’t believe it was much more than a gimmick that had past its due date.

There is no denying that virtual reality is exciting technology. Massive progress has been made in various areas and the tech is now being used for far more than was probably thought about when the concept was first conceived.


If you want to get your head around a piece of famous art but find that when you visit them you can’t get close enough to see the detail you long for then using an art app like Art Plunge gives you the chance to get up close and personal with some of the greatest work ever done. Imagine being able to zoom in close enough to see the brushstrokes or see the art in situ from the time it was created. These things are possible with art apps that are already on the market and some of them will even add music and lighting akin to the time it was created so you get the full experience as the artist would have.

Your Complete Guide to the History and Future of Virtual Reality

Avoiding reality has always been seen as a negative but with VR gaming it is the entire premise. If you’ve had a bad day or want to take some time away from the pressures and stresses of real life then VR can give you a healthy space to enjoy a different activity (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=2749) and forget your surroundings.


Samsung is a tech giant that is already heavily associated with virtual reality and so it should come as no surprise that they are also involved in VR web development. Samsung already has its own internet browser, Samsung Internet, which comes as the default with Samsung Galaxy devices. Taking that web browsing capability further, Samsung has created an environment where browsing the web becomes a much more immersive and engaging experience when a person combines their web browser with the Samsung Gear VR.

It may seem funny at first but collecting art on VR is genuinely possible. Many artists spend their time creating VR art for all the enjoy but this doesn’t pay their bills and artists who use VR as a medium need to get income from somewhere. One thing is certain; VR art collection is growing rapidly and if you want to get your hands on VR art then you would be wise to do it before the boom hits!


Marriott uses this technology to create the urge to travel within its clients and guests. The fear of missing out comes into play; thus, the company can close deals and increase its profits. Thanks to VR, the organization has been able to fight off competition and cut a niche for itself.

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But to convince everyone that the subject that explains our very existence is worth a punt is not always easy. VR is exciting and when you combine the two mediums you get a subject that is appealing to people young and old. Never before have we been in a position to understand ourselves and our surroundings so well.


The potential that virtual reality has is vast, and it can be argued that it has not developed as quickly as you would expect technology with such an obvious market. One of the reasons for this is cost. Virtual reality is not a cheap technology to develop, which means that it is not a cheap technology to use or own.

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Education will get some VR attention. Education has been an area that needs VR the most but has lacked in opportunities. This could be because it doesn’t draw in the kind of money that other areas do or that people have been unsure how to progress the education agenda in VR.


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Mobility companies are trialing the use of VR to see if their products can be made into an online store that people who need to consider mobility modifications can look at them and then place them within their own rooms to get a sense of what the equipment will look like. Just because someone may have a disability, they still have the right to choose what they buy and VR could help redress the balance in equality and access.

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Virtual reality can create a very inclusive environment in education. It has the capability to allow young people who can’t attend school, or who can’t attend regularly, to have a classroom type of feel to their education. Studying at home can be isolating and even online study where you can ‘chat’ to other students doesn’t give the same type of feeling as being in a room with them. The social side of the technology can allow students avatars to be in the same and interact as if they were in class together.


Medical care is expensive in America and many keen students want to advance to becoming the next great surgeon but with more trainees and less money than ever, VR has stepped in to help. Medical science studies are accessible on VR and trainees can now learn complex procedures all in a virtual world. This may sound insane but it takes away the need to wait for a patient to present with specific symptoms before a trainee can practice.

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Jaron Lanier is the Microsoft employee who is famous for popularising VR back in the 1990s. Since he left his founding company VPL Research, he has published computer philosophy papers and urged people to rid themselves of social media because he feels it is stifling the human brain. Lanier now works as part of the Microsoft Research team in the role of an Interdisciplinary Scientist.


The idea of a photo is simple, taking an image or images to share with people so that they can access places that they may never see otherwise. Sharing holiday snaps or special moments, photos hold a significant place in our hearts.

It is said that the internet became mainstream with the web as people could use it easier than ever before. Hyperlinks helped to navigate and as it grew in popularity so did the capabilities of it. This is what is expected to happen with web VR. The new way of browsing is expected to become the catalyst to gaining more VR users than ever before and demand for it will increase, as will the capabilities VR brings.


However, some individuals I work with who experience sexual aversion cannot pinpoint any trauma. For these people, the issue is even more confusing because they do not understand why they feel so anxious. Usually, when such individuals look into their past (especially childhood and adolescence, when sexual connections are beginning to formulate), they find small messages of guilt, shame, or blame associated with sexual arousal or touch. Perhaps small comments from parents or school institutions created an atmosphere of body shame or shame about sexual arousal.

By developing a wide range of gaming genres, more people are engaging and VR has allowed this development to grow because it has a buzz and excitement around it. VR games are not just based on fighting and killing, people can join games that help them to get fit, meet new people and even live in an alternate world on games like Second Life. Never has the industry seen a more diverse population accessing it and this is good for business as the new audiences bring new money and different demands.


Samsung is a powerhouse in the tech industry. This is due to a combination of being at the forefront of technological advances and being successful in the marketing of their products. As a company that is involved in developing VR, it is not surprising that the firm also uses VR technology in its marketing of the VR products that it sells.

Mental health is a topic that affects everyone whether directly or indirectly with one in four adults experiencing mental health issues at some point. Oxford VR is a start-up that brings virtual reality into the world of psychological therapy. As an organization, they are working closely with local health boards to develop and deploy virtual reality therapy for a range of conditions. With a team of clinicians and tech experts combining their skills and knowledge, a new form of therapy has started to emerge.


If you are a fan of physics then there are opportunities to look at how helicopters and boats work as well as understanding Newton’s Laws in VR. Students are given access to the night sky and solar system so they can work out where everything is in relation to the earth and even see the makeup of stars and moons around the galaxy. Giving students the opportunity to experience what it’s like to look up at the sky and see what they are being taught about in class gives the lessons more meaning. VR allows students to see things they would never get to see other than in textbooks.

Virtual tours are no longer a new way of looking at things but Around Media has helped to push them forwards buy helping architecture with the software it needs to make personalized virtual tours of their building plans. People can now stick a headset on and see what will fill the empty lot they want to work on. The client and architect can walk around together and discuss exactly what is happening and when so that everyone is on board and knows when each milestone will be completed.


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Traditional games can give you a good workout and it is considered that 30% of what is already on the market will help you to get fit so that you don’t need to buy fitness-specific games and can continue enjoying them as you already are. Check the Virtual Reality Institute of Health and Exercise to find out how good your favorite game is at keeping you fit.

Immersive training opportunities will help to develop employees. Professional development is an area that is being revolutionized by VR and opportunities to develop employees in a virtual world is allowing new and exciting improvements in the way businesses educate their workforce.


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The main industries that benefit from VR photography are those that want to give their users an image to ponder. Real estate is the perfect example as realtors can take photos and create a virtual tour so that you don’t need to wait for an Open House date to see inside your dream home.

This is ground-breaking stuff and the future is likely to hold more of the same in terms of technology development. Improving the quality of features such as eyeball tracking and increasing the field of view will help users to feel like they are interacting and exploring their environment in a much more natural way.


Anna María is the social media editor of the Daily Dot. Her work focuses on the intersections of entertainment, pop culture, and social justice. She previously contributed to the Houston Chronicle and Orange magazine.

A further benefit for consumers when VR is used for marketing is that they can get a more realistic overview of a product before they choose to buy it and for customers who like to shop from the comfort of their own home, VR can be used to give them a full shopping experience without the hustle and bustle of the real world stores. This is a definite win for consumers.


Ian Cheng is different from other VR artists and he creates simulations with characters that are coded to do what they want when they want to so you never know what will happen next. It’s a fascinating way of exploring his versions of reality and will leave you questioning the human experience and how we all dance to our own tune.

The main issues surrounding VR web development are obvious and something that needs to be considered when creating worlds that may be more alluring than everyday life. By encouraging greater use of VR on the web then we are also promoting fewer opportunities for human connection and the possibility of addiction to the virtual world that people enjoy. More work needs to be done to safeguard users and ensure that there are mechanisms in place to keep users safe from online harm.


Mark Zuckerberg rightly pointed out that humans are intrinsically social animals and that people won’t be happy unless they can share their lives with others. VR will give us access to more people that share similar interests to ours from all over the world, allowing us to better understand other cultures and make friends that we may never have had the chance to meet before.

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Artificial Intelligence is already being used with Augmented Reality in popular apps such as Snapchat or Instagram where features such as ears are placed ‘on’ the person being displayed in the image. Being able to move around and have the feature stay in place requires a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality which has proven to be immensely popular across the world.


The technology used to create a virtual workplace is set to continue developing as more organizations see the benefits of training their employees in this way. For environment-specific training, the virtual world must become as realistic as possible. This is where developments for the future need to focus; building identical replicas of a workplace or environment.

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Hardware will become more accessible and affordable. The current market has plenty of VR headset options but the prices of these vary wildly. From the cheap Google Cardboard to the top of the range HTC Vive Pro – headsets offer wildly different experiences that make the VR world difficult to access in the best way.


Version history for Vuze for Mac OS X

Turtle Bay is an arcade game that will provide hours of fun for all gamers. It is easy to play, non violent, and fun. The game features a charming turtle in its mission to save the bay where it used to live, from the invaders' attack.

Best 360 VR Cameras of 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

It’s no surprise that only a select few individuals truly understand the vast and tempestuous crypto jungle. As an industry often saturated with technical jargon, highly complex technologies and.


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As well as offering a more engaging way of educating people, Immersive VR Education also believes that a lack of interaction is one of the main reasons why people do not finish online courses. Virtual reality allows for people studying online to have an interactive experience in much the same way that they would if they were attending a real-world classroom. By using the ENGAGE platform to create a classroom environment for students to interact in, the number of students dropping out of online education should fall dramatically.

Picture going into your favorite store and being able to track the journey of your item via VR or see how it has been manufactured. Imagine looking at a clothing range for a high street fashion store and being able to select sizes and colors before checking out.


Go Pro Fusion is a trustworthy brand with an excellent 5/2K resolution and comes with everything you’d expect from this massive brand. It’s marketed at the outdoor adventure types and can be taken anywhere as it is waterproof and can be mounted to your body. Imagine creating an underwater 3D world – this is the camera for you!

They also are credited with the development of the Nintendo Power Glove which was released back in 1989. The glove allowed users to use the traditional controls as well as hand motions that enable them to control what was happening on the screen but it was incredibly difficult to use and so it never took off in the way it was expected to. It may seem ridiculous now but these inventions were the beginning of what we now know VR to be!


Virtual reality is great but it is limited to what is input. Teachers often report that one of the things they like best about their job is that no two days are the same. With software, there will be an element of predictability and a lack of flexibility, simply because a program will be running. However, as technology develops and virtual reality combines with artificial intelligence, this will become less of an issue as the programs will learn and develop as they are used.

Imagine being able to step inside your favorite video game and walk through scenes, facing adversaries and actually feeling the feedback of a fight or mission through the haptics on offer. This is exactly where we are at with VR gaming right now.


It’s clear that VR is set to stay, a technology that has been in and out of favor for decades now has the capabilities to become a part of a mainstream existence. So whether you plan to use it for work and entertainment, take part in crowdfunding to help develop it more or look to use it with your health and wellbeing, VR is set to change the way we live our lives forever. Let’s hope it all happens sooner rather than later!

Currently, the market is booming with sales of cameras that will help you to take immersive images, there are many online tutorials and people want to capture more than just a still image. This means that we can create our own story and no longer need videos or photos to tell us what we should be looking at.


The main benefit that having VR web development has on businesses is that it gives them an edge over the competitors. For a company such as Samsung, the benefits of investing in the development of virtual reality web browsing are that the brand becomes well known for the VR content and when people are choosing their VR gear, they are likely to think of them first.

The other aspect of accessibility in gaming means that people who may not be able to access the real world easily can enjoy engaging via an online platform. Whilst some of the kits need an overhaul to work well for those with physical disabilities, the concept of being able to meet people without being judged for being disabled is a concept that is very powerful and persuasive. People can access VR games to escape from their lives and problems, it’s a great way of taking time out from the real world.


Chemistry students will be able to explore an interactive Periodic Table that shows them whether elements are solids, liquids or gasses. They can take it further by watching chemical reactions and check if their considered chemical combinations will work or cause mass destruction. They can enjoy experiments in a VR world and not risk damaging themselves and being able to get up close to the action when the chemicals react – it’s literally bringing their education to life.

This type of funding isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it is becoming more and more common that projects get funded in this way and so it is definitely a driving force in deciding the direction of development. Not all projects will be success stories but the interest that is generated will be noted by the big companies who have the resources to move developments forward.


Humaneyes Technologies Reveals The Vuze+ VR Camera At CES

This camera is, without a doubt, the best amongst the above; it provides the best value in the 360-degree camera in the market currently. The video quality is fantastic and it cost-efficient too. This camera has benefits of image stabilization and the 4K in-camera stitching. The camera has a dual-lens, wherein each lens is 220 degrees with an aperture of f/2/0. Both of them combined, provide complete 360-degree coverage. The images are vibrant, and there are no blind spots whatsoever. The camera has four viewing modes that bring the 360 footage to life. It is highly comfortable and lightweight, and the design is very convenient to use.

The technology for VR websites is in its infancy at the moment so it isn’t something that we can just log onto the web and find, even if we are fortunate enough to own our own VR headset. However, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t yet a thing! In fact, VR on the web was tried out about eight years ago and just didn’t take off – a story we keep hearing about the rise and fall of VR everywhere! Now that VR developments have been made and the web is a more powerful place to be able to manage the VR technology, it is time to try again and this time it is set to change the way we surf the web forever.


It is very friendly with real-time 360 photos, and video sharing live at either We Chat or Facebook. So, no matter where you are, you will always be connected with your loved ones, and they can also enjoy the moments with the live streams. The app is free for the user to download, and there are 360 players, a studio, and a plugin with the cardboard box. The Insta360 camera comes with a base holder bracket, which is made of aluminum alloy to provide maximum protection.

It’s sometimes really hard to explain what is inside your head and this has never been truer for architects. Stambol Studios have helped to bring architects applications that allow them to create animations of buildings for clients to engage with so that they can show them the way they see a project progressing without having to try and convey it in words.


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Whilst all these firms have used VR in different ways, it is incredible to see how it is shaping the architectural landscape and goes some way to proving that VR is needed in this industry. There are firms all over the world that are utilizing the power of VR to suit their business needs and the fact that VR is so versatile means that if you can imagine a new way to use it then you are likely to find someone that is working on creating it. Each day brings new innovation and it’s firms like these that are leading the way.

They don’t even have to be local properties. Not only can people view properties at any time of the day or night, but they can also view properties anywhere in the world. For those who are looking to make the move abroad, or even to a location a few hours away from where they currently live, being able to view properties without making the journey makes it so much easier and quicker.


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Virtual reality gambling has developed as a bit of a hybrid to appeal to a mass market. Real-world casinos are not as popular with certain generations, such as millennials, and so there was a definite gap in the market to fill to ensure that gambling companies continue to make their money.

WebVR was created back in 2021 as a new approach that is designed for modern internet browsers, starting with Mozilla. In 2021 it was expanded to Chrome, Firefox and Samsung’s virtual reality web browser. WebVR allows website users to access content that is created in 3D and displayed through a VR headset. Headset and controller tracking has also been developed so that the user has a presence and can interact with the virtual world created by the website. Rather than sitting at your computer and getting glazed over you can now be part of what is happening right there on your screen.


Stuart Campbell has been in the art world for some time but has moved into the VR world to create interesting pieces that make you question the world around you. His take on the human condition is fantastic and he uses Google tilt to make each piece of work that he currently has on offer. He is well worth looking up and has lots of his work online so that people can gain access to enjoy it for free.

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It includes a stop watch, an event timer for up to six events, world time, easy tip calculator, sale price calculator, date calculator, unit converter, mortgage calculator, bmi calculator, countdown timer, todo list with task priorities, shopping list by aisle, morse code generator, metronome, password generator, and more! We're constantly updating and adding more tools to the toolbox -please let us know if you have any special requests!


They claim to look into VR fitness gaming and provide members of the public with up to date statistics that link directly to the exercise undertaken. They have even published a calorie-burning breakdown on their webpage so that you can find out how many calories you will burn per minute of VR exercise. The institute work to keep up to date on all new findings in the VR health and fitness world and recognize that technology can bring many benefits to our lives.

EXCLUSIVE: Review VUZE XR VR 180/360 4K / 5.7K Camera

Ethereum was created by Vitalik Buterin in 2021. Vitalik and his team of developers continue to improve the system to this day, unlike Bitcoin, which was abandoned by its creator(s).


Some of the treatments that are being researched thanks to this software help addiction, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. We recognize that we have made huge advancements in all of these areas but that cures are still not forthcoming and so by using VR we now able to take our previous knowledge one step further.

There are so many exciting uses of VR in travel that customers should be desperate to get going on vacation! From the VR windows on Eurostar to the helicopter ride to the North Pile by Quark Expeditions, you can really try it all out and get to see places that you may have only ever dreamed about before.


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Jacquelyn Morie is renowned for her work in VR and is originally from Germany. She is an expert VR scientist and is also a qualified Her career has been filled with VR development and she has worked for Disney, the University of Southern California and owns All These Worlds. She is credited with developing the emotional strands of VR worlds so that users have a more real-life experience; even creating a device that releases scents when people are in a virtual world.

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Palmer Luckey is the creator behind Oculus Rift and whilst he sold Oculus to Facebook, he is responsible for the surge in VR during the past 9 years. Luckey is now the founder of Anduril Industries and has been part of Trump’s war on immigrants by creating a program to identify illegal immigrants as they attempted entry into Texas from Mexico.


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We’ve all heard of Fortnite, the game that our children are keen to play but the technology behind the game is now being used by scientists to help them visualize the structure of molecules. It has been named 4Sight and can give scientists the information they need on which drugs to administer to create changes in these molecules.

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With new and exciting accessories in development and games that take immersion up a gear, games are set to continue being the VR trendsetters that we have come to know and love. Bigger and better graphics will help create worlds that feel so real you will be forgiven for forgetting about what lies outside of the headset.


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We have seen photography move from chunky cameras with pixelated images to the more modern camera phones that take crystal clear images. Now we are expecting photography to continue the journey for VR.

The possible uses of VR in web design are pretty endless. Whether a retail website is being built that will allow customers to virtually try before they buy or a travel website wants to allow customers to take a walk along the sandy beaches that they are choosing between. Having a VR capability on a website gives users an experience that they simply can’t get anywhere else and as consumers become more demanding, they want to know exactly what they expect before they choose to part with their money.


Vuze plus activation key

VR fitness as a genre has been growing in popularity and now there are accessories that you can get hold of to help improve your performance; from weight vests to heart monitors that work to tell you how well you are doing. People who do not want to access mainstream fitness classes, cannot access real gyms or those who want to game and get fit at the same time are all prime candidates for using VR to change their bodies.

There was an attempt to remedy this issue with the creation of cheap headsets such as Google Cardboard and other similar offerings. As these need to be paired with a smartphone and only give the user a limited VR experience, usually in the form of a 360-degree video, they are not generally what the public is after in terms of a truly immersive virtual reality experience. Therefore, these headsets have really been more of a novelty to keep interest in VR alive, than a genuine VR experience as the technology has been marketed to the public.


If the first barrier of getting people through the door, in the real or virtual world, has been overcome the second barrier to selling a property comes into play. We have all heard the advice to ensure your property is decorated neutrally if you want to sell it so that people can visualize their own style being brought into the property. Not everyone does this and even when they do, people still struggle.

VUZE XR VR 180/360 Dual Camera

Gambling online has been due to an online upgrade and with VR people can now visit an online casino for a fully immersive experience. By offering online casinos, gambling businesses can access more players and avoid gambling hacks that are often tried in real life. They are also bringing in people new to gambling who were nervous to visit a real casino for fear of not understanding the rules. VR gambling is a learning experience that can then become a customizable gambling experience that meets a user’s needs.


Chris Milk is a well-regarded music video creator and has used his platform to jump into the world of VR. He has now been part of founding two VR focused companies and is committed to using VR to move humanity forward. In 2021 he was invited to give a TED talk on his passion for VR and humanity and this has been viewed over 1,600,000 times to date.