In addition to broadcasting from the browser, Ustream also offers three desktop applications, Ustream Producer (free), Producer Pro ($199) and Producer Studio ($549), all de-featured versions of Telestream's Wirecast Pro. There's a handy-dandy features table on Ustream's website that details the differences in the versions.

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For a low-cost single-source stream that’s also super-portable, take a look at the LiveU Solo ($995). The Solo (Figure 6, below) is offered in either HDMI or SDI input versions. Both offer a robust streaming solution by way of bonding. Bonding allows you to connect to multiple internet connections simultaneously to increase your upload bandwidth and provide greater reliability. If one connection goes down, you still have other connections available to keep your stream for dropping out. You can use a combination of WiFi, Ethernet, and up to two cellular modems in just one Solo.


Applications were actually folders containing standard resources such as the icon and startup instructions. There was even a Boot application which managed the OS startup (including loading modules into RAM).

Controlling from a Web Browser You can control the unit from a web browser without installing additional software. To watch a video via a network, "MONITORING SETTINGS" ( ➭ page 18) must be set. Required operating environment OS: Windows 7 Browser: Internet Explorer 9 or later Logging in Use "USERNAME".


Early licensee DEC built StrongARM which at 233MHz drew less than 1 watt! Less than half the power of a 386 at 33MHz.

Podfeet Podcasts #286 Nuke & Pave, VLC, Browser Switching, Zombies, Learning from the Past Comments Feed

This function cannot be used with the GV-LS1. This function cannot be used with iPad 1.

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Figure 2. Ustream (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=6357)'s embed options. You have to embed both Live and Social Stream to have access to your video library and chat.


One of the most popular PTZ manufacturers in the US is PTZOptics. They offer a huge range of cameras for every budget and technical requirement. Their cameras come in SDI, NDI and USB options, while the lenses come in 12x, 20x, and 30x (Figure 7, below) configurations. Most of their cameras are priced in the $1,750-2,500 range. They also sell hardware controllers in either IP or Serial protocols. But one of the best parts of PTZOptics is their dedication to DIY users. Not only do they offer their own open source software control solution, they openly promote alternative software controllers available elsewhere.

I hope you enjoyed the show today but we’re going to have to call it a day. If you’re not busy right now, how about throwing in a comment on iTunes about the show? It helps to bring us up in rankings. If you’d like to join the live show to see the sausage get made, head on over to podfeet.com/live at 5pm Pacific Time on Sunday nights (or Monday mid day if you’re in Australia).


The bottom line is that I pretty much don’t like any web browser 100%. They all seem to have one crucial thing missing that after a few weeks or a month pushes me to switch to another browser. The one saving grace in all of this is XMarks – the tool that allows me to keep my bookmarks synchronized between all my browsers. Add that to MobileMe synching and even if I create a bookmark on my iPhone, it propagates throughout all of my browsers. Well, let’s home maybe Firefox 4 is the perfect browser I’ve been waiting for.

Page 95 (6) After reading the email sent to your registered email address, click on the URL to confirm registration. Note You must access your account within 3 days of registration.


It turns out that VLC can play your podcast at faster or slower speeds. VLC is available from videolan.org for Windows, Mac and Linux. Open iTunes to the podcast you want to speed up. Right click on it and choose Show in Finder (or on Windows it’s Reveal in Explorer I think). Then right click on the file and choose open in VLC. Choose Playback and then faster or slower. That sounds complicated but it’s about a 30 second effort to do in real life.

TV Tuner JVC GV-LS2W User Manual

One concern when you first go into RockMelt, it asks for your Facebook login. This makes perfect sense, but then it brings up a window, to which you can only say OK, or not use RockMelt, and in that window they basically say we get access to every single thing you or any of your friends put into FaceBook. It says it can post to your wall, send me email, access my data at any time even when I’m not using the application, access my photos and videos and access my friends birthdays, online presence, photos, videos, videos of them and Facebook status. Some of that makes sense – how else can it let me chat with them in FB if it doesn’t know if they’re online. I guess it’s also kind of a good thing that it has access to your friends photos and videos – how else will it be able to let you look at them.

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VueScan Pro 9.0.91 Multilanguage Serial{H33T}{Easypath} >

So the lesson here is when your machine slows down but your budget for new gadgets doesn’t go up accordingly, maybe investing some time in a nuke and pave will make you happy for no cost. But that optical drive bay SSD idea still sounds pretty cool.


Ustream Review: Strong Customization, but a Weak Embedded Player

So for a few weeks I’m enchanted by the speed, and I fall in love. Well as soon as I turn on Click to Flash to stop those annoying Flash videos I’m in love again. On Windows there’s something crisp and clean about Safari – somehow the fonts all look rendered better on Safari than on IE or Firefox.

And then after a while things get weird and slow. I have to click 2 and 3 times to get Flash to play on Flashblock. Tabs seem to get runaway processes that drain my cpus dry.


Page 84 If WPS is Supported 1. Switch the network mode to 'WLAN'. RESET DIRECT WLAN LAN(OFF) ETHERNET 2. Connect the AC adapter. RESET DIRECT WLAN LAN(OFF) ETHERNET 3. Activate WPS on the wireless LAN router.

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Page 108 (8) Click on [Start Streaming] to begin streaming. Note • These steps are applicable as of February 2021. Operation methods may differ depending on the version of Ustream Producer.

Gearing Up for Streaming for Worship

For houses of worship wanting a simpler solution with fewer sources, there are some smaller options that are still full of pro features. The Epiphan Pearl-2 (Figure 4, below) is one of those solutions. The Pearl-2 comes in three different configurations: the Pearl-2 Base ($6,375), Pearl-2 Rackmount ($6,975) and Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin ($13,950). The Pearl-2 Base and Rackmount versions are essentially the same features and functionality but with different form factors. The Rackmount, as its name suggests, is ready to mount in your AV rack (2RU) right out of the box. The Rackmount option can be particularly useful for portable church solutions that have to be set up and broken down each week. The more expensive Rackmount Twin is the same form factor as the Rackmount, but it includes two Pearl-2 units within the same box. This effectively doubles your capabilities.


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What we can learn about today’s and tomorrow’s computers from the past. A selection of lessons from the past that have strong links to the future, despite the middle having gone astray somewhere.

Fitts’s law(often cited asFitts’ law) is a model of human movement inhuman-computer interactionandergonomicswhich predicts that the time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the distance to and the size of the target. Fitts’s law is used tomodelthe act ofpointing, either by physically touching an object with a hand or finger, or virtually, by pointing to an object on acomputer displayusing apointing device. It was proposed byPaul Fittsin 1954.


The power does not turn on when • Check if the connector is dirty. If it is dirty, clean it page 29 the battery is used.

Connecting the AC Adapter Connect the supplied AC adapter to the DC connector of the camera. CAUTION • Be sure to use the supplied AC adapter.


How Switcher Studio Works

Unlike EVERY OTHER BROWSER ON EARTH, when you click in the url bar, it doesn’t automatically select the text so you can start typing something new. The good news is that it does obey the command-L keystroke of every browser on earth (on Windows it’s control-L) to go to the url bar and select all the text, so that’s a workaround. But then you have to hit tab to start searching!

To help protect the world from ARDF Zombies, I’m offering you voyeurs a glimpse into my own tawdry reality. My first night—-with the 11″ AIR.


Modules could be upgraded by loading newer versions into RAM. Every 2-3 years, new ROMs would be released with the next major version.

Thinking of buying a new MacBook Air? Begin your research in Wikipedia’s article about the Apple Reality Distortion Field.


Intel have only recently made inroads into very low power chips and ARM still aren’t concerned. So much for the big guys knowing best.

Talk about hanging onto stuff I don’t use! I haven’t intentionally listened to music out of iTunes in literally years. I’m sorry Jimilee, but music didn’t make the cut this time.


Another area where I’ve had trouble is with iPhoto. I don’t use iPhoto, but somehow I have around 6GB of photos in there.

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Connecting to the access point Searching and connecting to the wirelessly (Wi-Fi) access point Using the WPS function Select "WIRELESS NETWORK" in "NETWORK". Connect to the access point equipped with the WPS function easily. Press and hold the power button to power off. Disconnect the LAN cable that connects the camera to your computer.


I use one for a while, I decide it’s perfect, and inside of a month my eye wanders and I switch again. I think the problem is that none of them have everything. Let’s go through them one by one.

Page 134 User Guide English This is the instruction manual for the software (for iPad) for Live Streaming Camera GV-LS2/GV-LS1 made by JVC KENWOOD Corporation. The models compatible with this app are iPad, iPad2 or the new iPad (2021) with iOS 5/1.1.


It all started when the live chat room goaded me into buy Ustream Producer Pro. They wanted to be able to watch the live show while out and about on their iOS devices. Ustream Producer (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9912) Pro is a very cool application, it allows me to have multiple cameras, at the same time or switching between them, i can have fancy pants “lower thirds” showing what I’m talking about, and I can even create high definition output now, which you can’t do with the free Ustream web-based application. Ustream Producer Pro isn’t cheap, at $200 it did take the goading and financial support of the live chat to talk me into it.

I connected up my backup drive so I could start moving things over, and I sat back and thought about how I should go at it. You know how if you clean out your closet by pulling out what you don’t wear, you end up with a pile of clothes for the Salvation Army, but somehow there’s no more room in your closet than before? But if you take ALL of your clothes out of the closet and throw them on your bed, and only put BACK what you actually do wear, you end up with a GIANT pile of clothes to give away and a lot more room in your closet. The same is true of hard drives. I look at all my podcast subscriptions and somehow feel like I’ll hurt someone’s feelings if I unsubscribe to a podcast. But the act of not adding it comes with no guilt at all.