We’ll start off with some general statistics about podcasts. They can help you understand just how big they’ve grown and how many people around the world listen to podcasts online. These stats are focused on the number of people familiar with podcasting, podcast listeners’ statistics, and similar numbers.

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Not later this year, not maybe next year. We're living in that future already. The evidence all adds up. We don't ask each other any more if we know what a podcast is and soon we'll even stop asking if a new acquaintance listens to them. We'll just assume we all do, and with good reason.


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The average micro-company in the UK (1 – 9 employees) has a turnover of £410k and a content marketing spend of £9/6k per year (from 43k total on marketing). The average small business (10 to 49 employees) has a turnover of £2/7 million and a content marketing spend of £63k (from 275k total on marketing). The total content marketing spend for these two sectors (1/3 million businesses) is £22/7 billion.

Relevant ads on podcasts are a great way for brands to expand their reach and attract interested customers. After hearing a brand ad on a quality podcast, more than half of listeners are more likely to purchase from it.


Podcast Discovery Stats in 2021 How Do Listeners Discover New Shows

Listening apps’ directories are the go-to podcast discovery source for most listeners. Other folks ask someone they know for recommendations (18/3%), turn to social media (15/2%), search on Google (13/6%), or search through podcast charts (13%).

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Your episode titles matter a lot (they'll also help you in search) so don't just call them “Episode 15”, “Episode 20”, etc. Here's a handy guide to podcast episode titles.


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The number has remained static over the past three years, though organizations in some industries—such as the arts and entertainment sector and manufacturing—appear to be making some headway in terms of reducing web application vulnerabilities. According to report issuer WhiteHat Security, "IT is one of the worst offenders when it comes to the sheer volume of vulnerabilities.

A similar disclaimer appears on its website, saying "lag time and discrepancies" are to be expected. The state agency updates its website every Friday.


The only required tags should be those that solve an overwhelming need in the industry. Requiring tags is a roadblock to adoption and should be avoided. Attributesshould also only be required when they are key to the functionality of the tag.

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Generally, a handful of applications accounted for a large number of vulnerabilities skewing the overall averages as a result. For example, though applications overall had an average of 12 SQL injection errors in them, the vulnerabilities existed only in 9% of tested applications.


Different people like different types of shows. So, your podcast episode lengths should be determined by the content within them, and little else. But, be aware that 1hr+ episodes have become a negative to around 1/3 of listeners. So, if you're going long, make sure it's a deliberate choice. Make sure that you know the remaining 66% will love it even more, because of the length.

Content aside, what are some of the things that cause listeners to opt out of a newly-discovered podcast? Audio quality, adverts, and episode length are three things that spring to mind. We asked about them in the survey.



There’s more news and less comprehension today than any historical period that didn’t involve literal witch trials, and trying to stay on top of it all can feel like playing a game of telephone with 30 people, except everyone’s speaking at the same time and like a third of them are openly racist for some reason. From Cracked co-founder Jack O’Brien, THE DAILY ZEITGEIST is stepping into that fray with some of the funniest and smartest comedic and journalistic minds around. Jack and co-host Miles Gray spend up to an hour every weekday sorting through the events and stories driving the headlines, to help you find the signal in the noise, with a few laughs thrown in for free.

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NYTimes makes the most on average per a single ad. However, Wodery has the highest annual revenue estimated at $7/78 million. This is because Wodery plays 3/5 ads on average per episode, while NYTimes plays only 2.


The Podcast will bring fresh perspectives to a topic that affects us all. No aspect of mental health from its wide variety of expressions to the multitude of seen and unseen things that can influence it will go unexamined.

In the coming weeks, Media Monitors will continue to release insights from their recently conducted survey. If you have specific questions about our data or ideas for further iterations of the survey, please do not hesitate to reach out. Email us at podcasts@mediamonitors.com.


Often referred to as “the IMDb of podcasting (browse around this web-site)”, Podchaser has a range of excellent features for podcast listeners and podcasters alike. The platform enables you to create your own profile, then link that profile to all the shows and episodes you've ever been involved in. Or, you can simply use it to follow your favourite podcasts, and to discover new content!

How people consume podcasts

The number of remotely exploitable flaws as a percentage of all flaws increased by 5/3% between 2021 and 2021. At the same time, flaws that could only be exploited on the local network decreased to 30/6% in 2021 from 33% in 2021.


The counter argument might be that the status quo means there are fewer “gatekeepers”. Podcasters are largely in control how “discoverable” their content is. They decide what to call their show, how to title their episodes, and how much time to spend on good SEO practices.

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Mental health isn’t something that is applicable to just some of us—it applies to all of us. We all have mental health, just as we all have physical and emotional health. And just as we all struggle now and then to stay in shape, or manage our emotions, so too will we all face times when our mental health will be impacted by circumstances beyond our control.


All Insider plans include full access for the length of time you pay for. Although we don't offer a trial or refund option, you can see examples of the available data in our API documentation, or request a personal demo.

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The score was a lot closer: Apple 36 percent, Spotify 34 percent. Nearly all of that movement came in the second half of 2021; from July to December, the percentage point gap between the two went from 25 to 27 to 15 to 11 to 7 to 2.


You need to make something really good that people love, and will talk enthusiastically about to their friends. You also need to show up consistently over a long period of time.

Podcast Stats: How many podcasts are there

Our friends over at Rebel Base Media wrote a great piece on on this, and the fact that every podcaster (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=3931) is the marketer of their own brand. You can read about their Podcast discoverability triangle over there.


I went about this as a secondary market research activity. That just means that I was bringing together data from other sources, already available around the web. It's a common way to do market research, because ‘primary market research' (otherwise known as actually getting off your swivel chair and asking real-life customers real-life questions) consumes a lot of time and money.

Nearly half (49%) of the analyzed codebases contained high-risk security vulnerabilities. Furthermore, 82% had open-source components in them that were more than four years out of date, and 88% of the components had no development activity in at least two years.


Only 3/9% don't listen through the back catalogues of shows they like. This means that when you get one new listener, you're potentially getting dozens of new downloads.

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Since then, the state has responded to Patch's inquiry about the wrong information on its website

News is No. 1 among Apple Podcasts listeners, with 23 percent of all downloads and streams. But on Spotify, it’s a straggler at No. 5, with only 8 percent. It’s not even Top 5 for Deezerists.

Tags that are proposals or rough ideas should be expected to have syntax problems or typos. Those should be refined away as they are worked on. If they are not, that is a good ideathat the tag in question isn't being seen as useful and should be considered for dropping.


In 2006, just 22% of people over 12 heard about podcasts. In 2021 this number has risen to 75%, which is 2021 million people. Furthermore, 55% of US citizens have listened to at least one podcast in 2021. In 2021 this number was only 11%.

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I was on my way to an interview for grad school and talking to a professor. She made a side comment about her husband working for a podcast network, and I now listen to their podcasts.


The final part of the podcast reveals Shay’s brave transformation and acceptance of her authentic self. The questions addressed in the first three episodes are answered in the rawest and vulnerable way, but more importantly, self-acceptance is celebrated and the box of emotions is finally cracked open—all the way!

That moved down a little from 28/9% to 27/5%. It was again closely followed by 5 minutes, down to 23/5% from 27/5%.

Which podcast topics are consumers interested in
1 Podcasts are judged mostly on the description, and then their episode titles 31%
2 “What's the most unusual way you've ever found a podcast?” 15%
3 To produce a successful podcast, you need to know the listener demographics 18%
4 This should be more about the listener than the podcast creator 69%
5 I saw a podcast advertised on a magnet at the museum 87%
6 37. 89.8% of listeners think that podcast ads are effective 74%
7 Devoted fans listen to an average of 8 podcasts per week 57%
8 14. 66% of people prefer listening to podcasts over watching TV 86%

Another podcast study shows that 38% of podcast listeners in the United States listen via Apple Podcast service. Smartphones are some of the most popular devices for listening to podcasts, and since there are over 100 million iPhones in the US, it makes sense why their platform is so popular.


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Though the number of sites with cross-site request forgery (CSRF) flaws in them remains high, this year's number is 51% smaller than 2021's. Other vulnerabilities present in a high percentage of websites include cross-site scripting errors (25%) and vulnerable JavaScript libraries (24%).

A survey done in Aug 2021 showed that 90% of podcast consumers in the US prefer listening to podcasts at home. Some other most popular locations are the gym, during walks, and while commuting.


Podcast discovery habits remain varied amongst listeners in 2021. If you ask someone how they find a website, chances are, they'll say “I Google it”. Ask them how they find a video, and they'll probably tell you they'd type a search term into YouTube.

  • The podcast’s artwork – 5.2
  • Armchair Expert is third with $9 million and the Bill Simmons Podcast makes $7 million annually
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  • This shows that podcasts are good for advertisement if the marketers build trust with their audiences
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Nearly six in 10 (59%) of global firms use web application firewalls (WAFs) to protect against threats. But 38% said they didn't use a WAF because they don't process sensitive information via their web apps.

The Valorant Show - Episode 25: Patch 1.12, New Ion Skin Pack, First Strike Esports Update, & More

It turns out that there's quite a lot of this data out there, specifically relating to podcasting. The problem is, it's hugely spread around, badly collated, and often buried deep within another report on the wider area of new media or radio.

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  • The vast majority of listeners are fine with ads in podcasts, within reason
  • 780 people took this survey, 41% of them have never run a podcast
  • Most downloaded podcasts are downloaded and consumed within a day after being aired
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  • At the same time, listeners consumed an average of 7 podcasts per week
  • In just one year, 10 million more Americans have become familiar with podcasts
  • In April 2021, the number of podcast episodes hit a whopping 48 million
  • 57% of the US population has tuned in to at least one podcast
  • 8. 48% of podcast listeners in the US are aged 12 to 34

Don't just be someone who talks about their own podcast either. Share and promote the other shows that you love – that alone will encourage people to check out your work.


I knew this, and I know YOU knew this. But I've got to admit, I was secretly a little surprised that the data backed it up. It turns out that podcasting is all grown up and has taken its rightful place in the collective consciousness. Seriously, that thing we're all waiting for has already happened.

This podcast shed an important light on inner struggles that people face when their personal truths don’t align with societal expectations. Self-love should always be the first lesson in our journey to acceptance, and you did an awesome job demonstrating this! Your podcasts will likely lead others to crack open their own SHXT!


Secondary research draws together primary research that's already been done by huge market research companies, creating something much more specific to a niche area. So, everything in this article was reported by a professional market research company, collected during primary market research, and collated here, by me.

Then there's the more tangible stuff. Many podcasters severely restrict their audience growth due to factors like their show name, description, episode titles, and website. It's all about stacking the conditions in your favour as much as possible.


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Not all podcast (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=2232) fans are that generous. Podcasters have up to 5 minutes to engage 27/5% of listeners, while 2/3% will tune out if a podcast (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=6583) doesn’t hook them in less than a minute. But there are also optimistic folks who will sit through an entire episode (22/6%), two episodes (10/2%), 3-5 (8/3%), or 6+ (0/3%) episodes to decide if a podcast is worth it.

  • If you run a podcast, it's up to you to make sure your show is discoverable
  • In 2021, 48.4% of people said that they listen to podcasts more than the year before
  • Apple Podcasts is only available on Apple’s devices; Spotify’s available on iOS and Android
  • So why would Apple users seem to like news podcasts so much more than Spotify users
  • N “You want to find a new podcast to listen to. What do you do first?”

40% of podcast listeners discover new podcasts on their listening app

This coming-of-age transformation story introduces you to the main character Shay, the Trinity (parents, church, and community), and how she had to come face to face with her suppressed self, known as Sebastian. Will Shay continue to hide behind the masks to appease the Trinity or reveal who she really is to the world?

21. 52% of US podcast consumers listen to whole podcasts

The survey was conducted by Precision Sample, a Macromill Group company, between January 5 and January 8, 2021 among respondents who indicated they had listened to podcasts in the last seven days. Survey size was a representative sample of N=961. The survey was offered to a proprietary panel of active respondents, available on both mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (macOS & Windows) platforms. The survey asked the respondents to give unassisted answers but encouraged them to use their respective listening devices to create the list.


Both podcasters and marketers don’t know how podcasting will interact with their audiences, products, advertisement, and technologies. Keeping up with the trends and seeing where the industry is going is essential.

The most popular hosting service for podcasting is Buzzsprout. If you want to learn more about the best podcast (directory) hosting sites, read our research.


The data I provide below should justify more company spending on podcasting, and more investment into the industry by outside funders. That can only be a good thing for us all.

It has been a lot of fun to dive into this data and put the report together. Thanks once again to our pals at Podchaser and Samson for partnering with us to make it a great success.


Spotify is incentivized to promote podcasts that keep its users happy. Spotify’s whole business is based on people using its streaming service; anything that makes someone want to stop using it is a bad thing. Apple’s business is based on selling people phones and tablets and computers; it makes roughly $0 from Apple Podcasts directly. If you hate-quit Apple Podcasts and go launch Twitter instead, Apple fundamentally doesn’t care all that much.

27. 90% of US podcast listeners listen to podcasts at home

The lads have invited a special guest and a long time friend of the show - S Mac to join the recording today. The boys kick things off with a quick Gunners update (2:25), NBA Playoffs mayhem (8:10), Origin chat (42:14), Tommy Turbo update (49:40), Raiders abuse (53:55), and finishing it off with t.


Podcast episode length - short episodes

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Some 35% implement dynamic application security testing (DAST) during the development phase. Over the next 12 months, more decision makers (39%) plan to implement interactive application security testing (IAST) in development compared to DAST (34%).


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The following tags should be considered purely as work in progress proposals. They should not be relied upon or implemented except for testing purposes and experimentation.

In December 2021 the NPR podcasts had over 23/75 million unique users in the US. They also had 54 million downloads in 2021 which is 24 million more than in 2021. IHeartRadio was in second place with 23/33 listeners.


The number of web applications containing severe vulnerabilities in 2021 dropped substantially as well. On average, each web application had 22 vulnerabilities, of which four were severe.

Instead of wasting money on testing out the equipment, you can just see what others are using and follow their lead. Furthermore, recording equipment and software evolve very quickly, and it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of changes.


Even though people find podcasts in different ways, 72/8% of them agree that finding new shows is the biggest challenge. The two other biggest issues, according to listeners, are lack of awareness (49%) and low-quality content (32/9%).

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A majority of the attackers targeted common vulnerabilities such as path traversal, SQL injection, and XSS vulnerabilities. Nearly all of the attacks (99%) did not reach a targeted vulnerability.


How to Advertise Your Podcast

It is a community driven project where all stake holders are encouraged to participate, so that many voices are heard. This is an open-sourceproject to be built fully in the open.

Acceptance can only truly come from within. Shay brings us on a journey of learning who she is and self-acceptance and does so in a raw and unblinking fashion. This stuff hits hard because it can be so relatable for so many.


Rogan is the king of podcasts at the moment and the numbers show it. He is currently making 3 times more annually than The Dave Ramsey Show that caps $10 million annually. Armchair Expert is third with $9 million and the Bill Simmons Podcast makes $7 million annually.

In 2021, the number of subscriptions held in iTunes passed 1 billion for the first time. Top shows now routinely gather over 1 million listens per month.


In a 2021 Forrester Research survey, 42% of organizations that had experienced an external attack blamed the incident on a software security flaw, and 35% said it had resulted from a buggy web application. Organizational efforts to tackle the problem using today's app sec tools are being complicated by the increasing use of open-source components in enterprise apps, accelerating software delivery times and a constantly expanding attack surface.

  • Podcast content is growing each year, and this trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon
  • Estimated 64 million of the total US population age 12+ listen to podcasts weekly in 2021
  • Overall, 38% of respondents reported listening to only 1 podcast in the past 7 days
  • Some of the largest podcasts make from $10-$50 per advertisement for every thousand listeners
  • PHIL and DAVE RAMSEY: Both podcasts have older average audiences and more exclusive listening
  • The remaining 35% of ad revenue is scattered throughout dozens of different podcast topics
  • The National Public Radio podcasts have the most unique monthly listeners in the US
  • I met someone listening to a podcast on the same bus as me