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The family enjoyed observing the moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, star clusters, and nebulae. My hubby loves anything nautical, and he had a blast watching ships on the horizon.


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On the con side, the optical quality can sometimes be disappointing. The mirrors require cleaning processes for best viewing. The open tube design may be affected by dust and humidity. In general, they are bulkier and heavier than refractors.

I was pretty excited when 7/6 came out. This release of Reflector (visit your url) is about supporting new technology.


One UHC filter for a start will help a lot, not just for light pollution, but for more contrast as well. Its larger aperture and longer focal length can utilize the best eyepieces out there. In order to experience the full potential of this 12-inch scope, maybe you should buy at least one high-end eyepiece with an ultra-wide apparent field of view at 100°.

Luckily for this scope, there is a ‘closed-loop’ system that detects the manual movement of the scope, so you never lose alignment. There are very useful tension adjustments for nice and smooth manual panning and lifting.


The Dobsonian reflector telescope has a base that kept the scope perfectly balanced. We did struggle a bit with the assembly but found a great helping video. We could even try our hand at some astro-imaging and got exciting Moon shots. This astronomical reflector (he said) telescope is a higher priced scope, better suited to intermediate to professional stargazers.

At this price point, you’ll never find a better one. And remember, when you buy a 12” or 16” you can still use this one for planets, and largest and brightest deep-sky objects.


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We were able to view the Moon and planets like Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. We also enjoyed viewing distant galaxies and star clusters.

One, use it for both terrestrial and celestial viewing. Two, the tripod is pre-assembled, making it easy for people like me who are really bad at DIY projects.


The Orion Starblast ii 4/5 equatorial reflector telescope is the best reflector (look at this website) telescope. It features a 4/5” aperture for clear images and an EQ-1 mount with (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9026) slow-motion controls.

The viewfinder is great, but a red dot sight is highly recommended for the Dobsonians. Because of its 12” aperture, for observing the Moon and Moon’s crater, you’ll need an ND-16 filter or a variable ND filter that is an even better choice.


It wowed with clear, crisp views of the night sky. This reflector telescope for sale is ideal for beginner to intermediate stargazers and will last for years.

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First of all, the tube disassembles into three segments, one where the primary mirror is, one segment with the secondary mirror, and truss poles as the third part. The rocker base (mount) disassembles into smaller parts as well without the requirement for any tools.

This telescope has great value, despite having some drawbacks. I wouldn’d use the included low-grade eyepieces, but that is quickly fixable if you order the cheap aspherical eyepieces, or something better is highly recommended for this nice optics scope.


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The telescope comes with two 1/25” Sirius Plossl eyepieces, 25mm and 10mm. It also has a 6×30 finder scope, collimation cap, a handy tripod accessory tray, and a bonus – Starry Night astronomy software.

Reflectors are meant to observe almost anything. You can start with (see) the Moon and its craters, but bear in mind if you have a larger aperture than 5 or 6 inches, you should use stronger ND filter to dim moonlight, too much brightness can be annoying.


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The Orion reflector telescope comes with (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=4296) two eyepieces – a 25mm and a 10mm Sirius Plossl 1/25″. It also includes an EZ Finder II aiming device, eyepiece rack, and Starry Night Software.

The secondary mirror is very heavy and very bulky to transport. If you are doing it alone, full unpacking and assembly could take up to 20 min.

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With almost all telescopes, you aren’t going to lose the collimation, but please check before every stargazing session. If your Dobsonian loses the collimation during one night of usage, you should check the construction of the truss poles, tighten the screws, check the spider of the secondary mirror and the cell where the primary mirror is embedded.


The full GoTo motorized base makes this scope very unique in features and capabilities. In the beginning, you should set up the system by aligning with 2 stars and enter the current date and time.