I try to install a compiler for Matalb R2007b. I've checked the support list for this version by mex -setup command in Matlab.

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Open using a supported web browser. You will be asked to log in. Please note that in order to generate the license file you will need to log in with the MathWorks.com credentials of the license’s Administrator or Asset Manager.


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Note that the finished “processed” license file must have three SERVER lines, one for each Host ID with which the license file was created. However, there is only one DAEMON line. This is because you must install FLEXnet in the same location on all three servers. So, the path on the DAEMON line is correct for all three servers.


In the redundant server configuration, three machines are designated to be license servers. All three machines must be running at the time the license managers are started. However, only two of the servers must remain operational; this is called a quorum. When a quorum exists, licenses will remain available to be checked out by clients.

The File Installation Key (FIK) is a number string that it use to install the software. This code will only install the MathWorks software, the File Installation Key has no impact on licensing. This key is used when installing MATLAB manually without the Internet and when installing network licenses.


Installing your FLEXnet License Managers in a redundant server configuration is very similar to a single-server installation – in fact, the main difference is that it is repeated three times. Please follow the instructions below to complete your installations. Before installing, make sure you’ve generated your 3-server license file (as described in Section 3) and that you have the File Installation Key (R2008a and newer) or Personal License Passcode (Windows, pre-R2008a) where required.

I had recently added a toolbox named CPLEX and added it to my matlab code using addpath D:\Program Files\IBM\ILOG\CPLEX_Studio124\cplex\matlab (look at this)\x64_win64. My matlab code which is written for an optimsation problem using CPLEX tool works well.


C++ compilier for Matlab R2007b

For a redundant server configuration, the FLEXnet server software must reside on the same path on all three server machines. This means a) that all three servers must be members of the same operating system families (Unix/Linux, Mac, or Windows) and b) that when you carry out your three installations, you choose the same path each time.

Open the Activation and Installation tab. If there is currently an activation on the license, you will need to click the Deactivate button in order to remove it from your activations and clear the way for your new redundant server activation.


For Linux/Unix/Mac platforms, the license file is used to install MATLAB (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=4642). The installer looks for the "INCREMENT TMW_Archive" line within the license file.

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As the version is pretty old, I can't find any of the program in the list via internet. I found Visual studio 2005 Express edition, but i need SDK to run it. However, all download link in Microsoft website is broken. I can't find it any other website.

What is a plp file

If you are unable to launch MATLAB or MATLAB has already been uninstalled, you will need to launch the deactivation client manually. On Windows, the deactivation client remains on the computer even if MATLAB (check this out) has been uninstalled.

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I do not know the PLP for R2007b.please answer

These commands perform the same queries regardless of platform and should report that the license server is up, along with some other details. To make sure the license manager is running correctly on all nodes, you may repeat the above status checks on your secondary and tertiary nodes.

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After consenting to the license agreement, select your installation path. If you do not use the default path, make a note of this path so that you can be sure to enter the same path on the other servers.


For R2007b and earlier

The servers should be running supported versions of their operating systems. For more information about compatibility, please see this page.

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When selecting servers, a primary (master) server needs to be chosen. This is the machine to which clients connect first, so it gets the majority of the network traffic. The primary server is the first server listed in the license file.

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During the installation procedure described within Section 5, you’ll install the FLEXnet software three times (once on each server, using the “unprocessed” license file each time). Then, you’ll combine the three SERVER lines generated during your three installations into one master license file.


Again, all three machines must connect for the license manager to begin serving keys. Once the daemons are up and connected on all three machines, only two machines are needed for a quorum; the loss of any one server will not cause any licenses to be revoked. However, the loss of any two servers will cause the license manager to shut down.