Under rating threshold (show) It's quite astounding how much deadlier biters are than anything else. A lunging biter is faster than nearly any other gloople and kills instantly on contact. Unlike fuzzles, biters don't wait politely within slicing range before lunging, and they can lunge multiple times consecutively without pausing. It happens troublingly often that a biter which has missed me happens to bump into another gloople, comes away from the collision facing me, and instantly reacts by lunging and killing me. Unlike sharps and grinders, biters don't noisily announce their presence until the quarter-second before they kill you. Unlike melties, they can turn tight enough arcs to stay in bounds even if you move out of the way. If there were a variant of the reactive armor that could take two hits but only worked against biters, I'd swap for it in a heartbeat. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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Under rating threshold (show) Also, for some reason now the game is insanely difficult. I have been playing it here a while now (only have pending to kill the razor Queen), but now there is no more ramp of difficulty anymore. I started a Big Nest and the first two gooples were a Sharp and a Bitter.

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Maybe try posting **both** english translation and your native language, so there is a higher chance somebody would understand what you are actually saying. Do NOT do **only** native language posts though!

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Look again at the page to see if any of the ads say "served by ____". Then check your add/remove programs list specifically for this program name.

Please include the original message you sent to the developer, and if applicable, the response you received from the developer. The administration is more than willing to provide any information to the developer necessary, and will work with you to see to it that your experience is a pleasant one.


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See that number there just before the word "posts"? That number is your Kong ID. In this example, the Kong ID would be 1287678.


If you have lost your progress in a game, it may be because you are playing on a different machine, or because you have deleted your cookies and temporary internet files. You may also want to doublecheck that your browser is not set to automatically clear your cookies.

Please Stop Choose Flash game's Badge of the Day, to Please HTML5 Games only choose

If that does not resolve the issue, look through your add/remove program list for _any_ entry that you do not reconize. Pay special attention to the name and publisher.


If that does not resolve the issue, disable any and all extensions/add-ons/plugins you have going (you can leave Flash up). This specifically and especially includes an ad blocker (I know, it seems counter intuative, but trust me for a bit).

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