There is even a Scarbee Vintage keys folder on the drive with content inside. Like I said those 3 kits are the only ones not found in kontakt everything else works just fine. I have installed and reinstalled about 4 times now. Along with manually uninstalling komplete and using the uninstaller application.

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Download Soniccouture Electric Pianos v1.0 ALP from file hosts

I ran into it the other day, and was maddened until I fuigured it out. It was something as simple as a Stickbreakers tempo-synced orchestral cymbal trying to play across a tempo ramp in Cubase. It brought my system to its knees, stuttering, clicking and popping.


I've spent the last several hours tweaking and testing this piano, and it's without a doubt both the best and worst sampled piano I own. I bought it because of the love I have for my Scarbee MM-Bass and the vintage keys (have owned both since the days he sold them off his website), and because the demos revealed quite a bit of character that I've never heard in a sample. I use virtual instruments for both studio and stage, and I'm running a macbook pro 3/06 Intel Core 2 Duo with 8GB RAM and a solid state drive (streaming the samples off my internal solid state rather than a firewire 7200rpm does make a difference). The main problem with this instrument is sluggish playability, and it occurs to me that maybe that's something it's never been intended to excel at. After all, for studios this is a non-issue - just play the notes in with MIDI on the plugin of your choice, and render the audio with Alicia's (making sure to check the delay compensation). But that's not the way to get the most out of any instrument, you miss out on the symbiotic relationship with your instrument, hence the inspiration to get the most out of it. In rubato play, it's tolerable, and after spending much time on it, I actually felt as though I could have enough manipulation over time feel to make it work.

I use DP but also see the cpu sPikes at tempo changes. I use one, maybe two tempo sync'ed Nki's so this should savef processing power.


The Clavinet or “clavi” is one of the most percussive electromechanical keyboards ever made. Indelibly associated with the genres of funk and reggae, it is most often experienced being run through a wah pedal to achieve the classic clavi sound. The D6 is the most famous model and sound. Surprisingly big and heavy in real life thanks to their often wooden construction and metal strings and hammers, they respond particularly well to being paired with various weird and wonderful effects. Playing a Clavi is as close as most keyboard players get to being a guitarist.

The original Farfisa electric organ revolutionised pop music in the 1960s with its direct, biting sound that could cut through a mix. With two zoned keyboards for achieving different tones, it also had various controls for adding harmonics and other textures to its signal. Relatively portable but difficult to service and maintain, they are very rare nowadays. They are still popular, featuring heavily in the music of Spiritualized and occasionally in guitar pop hits too.


These classic electric piano models have their origins in the 1970s, and their characteristic sounds – from soft and chiming to raspy and biting – feature prominently in the jazz, fusion and rock music of that era. The sampling experts at Soniccouture bring these instruments up to date with their perfect integration into Ableton Live while retaining the full spectrum of sound that made the originals so beloved.

It’s wonderful to own or play a genuine classic, but their availability, size and cost mean that most people will have to find an alternative. Hollin Jones explains your options.


The lower the soundcard buffer is or the greater the number of complex patches there are in your template, the more exaggerated the ASIO spiking. For those of us working in film and tv this issue is critical. Avoiding tempo ramps and relying on tempo jumps reduces the frequency of the spikes / crackles / pops but doesn't eliminate the problem. Simple patches with few groups/zones and little to no scripting aren't affected, only complex patches like the Scarbee (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=5993) clavinet patch but there are plenty of others. Even if the patch is only moderately complex the culmative effect of many such patches (particularly if you are using Kontakt banks) adds up across a larger template.

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Soniccouture Electric Pianos v1.0 ALP

I guess I'll have to do this cue in sections and set the internal tempo in Kontakt to match the appropriate section so I can turn Ext Sync off. Serious time waste and vibe deflater!

The second strike I call against EZkeys is that there isn’t a completely user-adjustable mode of operation whereby the user can pick n’ choose his/her desired effects. This is a category of competition where XLN-Audio’s “Addictive Keys” and NI’s “Scarbee Vintage Keys” take home the gold. The modulation effects are very good. The reverb algorithms are certainly respectable. However, I would consider the EZkeys line to be ‘complete’ if there were onboard EQ and user-defined effects chaining capabilities. Notwithstanding, the actual sound quality of the samples themselves is superb.


I don't and really haven't (but maybe I should re-consider) :wink: Yea - going to go through my template this afternoon and turn off as many as possible. I'll leave things like LASS alone to see if the ones I do turn off are 'enough'.

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There are a fair few around, but among the best are NI’s Scarbee Vintage Keys (check it out) (£129), AAS’s Lounge Lizard EP-4 ($199) and Modarrt’s Pianoteq with Electric Piano expansion pack. If you’re lucky, your DAW might come with a great Rhodes instrument bundled, the most notable example probably being Logic Pro’s Vintage (https://karinka-selo.ru/content/uploads/files/download/scarbee-vintage-keys-mac.zip) Electric Piano. Most come with onboard FX tailored to the instrument, so using third party plugins becomes less of an issue.

Scarbee mark 1 keygen


Retrospect v9.0.1.401 - Mac OSX

Scarbee (visit site)’s electric pianos sound really nice, but they’re sampled instruments so you may find the sound lacking in versatility. No worries, Vintage Keyboard FX to the rescue.

The whole collection of electric pianos includes some 18,000 samples! Each of the libraries comes in various formats (Kontakt, HALion, EXS24) and “lite” versions are included to accommodate systems with little memory.


Performance tip for Kontakt / VE Pro / Tempo changes in Cubase

Electric Pianos comes with 70 Instrument Racks. These presets recreate many classic keyboard sounds and feature tweakable settings for effects such as vibrato, auto-wah and auto-panning, delay and reverb. Many of the presets include EQ controls to dial in the exact warmth or bite that is typical of the Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos. For the discerning keyboard player, velocity curves and note release controls may be adjusted to your taste.

NI komp 9 Ulti Complete list

I've finally come up with a simple repro that anyone who owns NI Komplete can test. I'd love to hear if you can reproduce this in your host.


Click on that and it brings up the master tuning and synch bar. On that bar you'll see the "BPM" indicator. Make sure "Ext" is turned off (it's on when it's yellow).

In order to ensure an ultra-realistic dynamic response, every single note of these electric pianos has been sampled at many velocity levels with even the release sound of each key (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=8140) sampled separately. In total, Electric Pianos contains over 3 GB of samples. To get the proper old-school tones, a selection of vintage outboard equipment was used during the recording process. The result is an eminently playable collection of instruments bursting with character - just drop one into a MIDI track and get grooving.

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If you are a regular reader of this website, you may already know I really like electric pianos. Although I would love to get my hands on a real EP, in my current setup it just makes a whole lot more sense to use virtual instruments.