Briefly, she flickered about going back on stage, flirting with the path not taken. And she performed at a surprise birthday party for her husband.

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LONG ISLAND JOURNAL; University Head and Wife Spin Out CD's

TWO NEW regular columnists make their RadCom debuts in this isue. Dennis Kitchen, GOFCL, has taken over as columnist of the Space column (see page 75). Readers wil also notice that this month's Contest Class fled (pages 82 and 83) was writen and compiled by Peter Bowyer, G4MJS. The Contest Class fed format wil appear for the last time in the December isue; from the January 1999 RadCom, Peter wil write and compile a new-look contest column. G8HVV Resigns CHRIS GOADBY, G8HVV, the Chairman of the RSGB Repeater Management Commitee has tendered his resignation to Council due to increasing work commitments. He has agreed to stay on as chairman of the RMC for the interim period pending the appointment of a successor. MEMBERS ARE reminded that the RSGB no longer isues membership cards. The decision to scrap these cards was reported in the November 97 RadCom (p8). STOURBRIDGE AND DARS is celebrating its 60th anniversary and on 30 October a formal dinner wil be held in the Great Hal of Old Swinford Hospital, Stourbridge. For details contact Gordon, GOTZV, on SL HAS informed the RSGB that, as of 7 October, the latest callsigns isued were in the M*OCA*, M*1DN*, 2*OAS* and 2*1GX* series.


DSP processing provides noise reduction and multiple tone removal. Four push butons are provided to make operation simple - power on/of, bandwidth wide/narrow, noise reduction on/of and notch on/off.

The design arose from a computer analysis of the popular A4S tri-bander which showed that improvements were possible by using a log periodic cel for the driven element, re-optimising the spacing and changing the feed. The log periodic cel uses four elements to achieve a wideband performance showing some gain over a dipole. Two further elements provide the reflector, and the final element is a trapped director using separate traps for 21 and 28MHz. The whole is contained on an 18ft boom which is the same length as the A4S and a performance equivalent to that achieved by monoband 3 element yagis is claimed. The most unreliable part of any trapped multiband antenna is usualy the traps. The X7 avoids the use of traps in the driven element and reflector, which should contribute greatly to the reliability and long life of the antenna. The Pi ce Lane, Medstead, Alton, Hants GU34 5PR 70 lengths of tubing are amongst the 500 parts comprising the X7. The shortest element of the log periodic cel is at the front and longest at the rear, and al elements are fed. Starting at the shortest element, feed straps connect to the other elements, transposing at each junction, with the longest element terminated in a shorting stub. The feed impedance at the shortest element is 200 ohms and a 4:1 ferrite transformer/balun is fitted to match to 50 ohm coaxial antenna cables. The antenna is rated at 2kW maximum power handling.


A couple of spare clamps are provided. For permanent assembly I would recommend driling and locking the tubing sections with self tapping screws. There are no tuning adjustments needed, other than seting the element lengths accurately as shown in the instructions. I instaled the antenna on a short stub mast on my 60ft tower. This was a straightforward operation for two people with my crank-over tower, helped by the design of the mast clamp which is atached first to the mast. X7 PRACTICAL RESULTS I spent some considerable time asessing the X7 under a variety of conditions. The input VSWR of the beam was measured with the antenna at a height of 30ft and at 60ft when connected through 100ft of low loss 50 ohm cable (Kansai Tsushin Densen 10D-FB) which showed a loss of under ldb at 28MHz. Initialy, I measured a VSWR on 14MHz and on 28MHz around 1/5, and on 21MHz around 2/0, whereas the Cushcraft specification on the beam is 1/5 maximum. In al other respects with on-air tests the antenna performed ex- tremely wel. I decided to investigate the VS WR measurement further.

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Only or 10 deposit S. 13 a( EIS p/rra Kenwood T54171DS NO DEPOSIT ANI3 1 NOTHING FOR 6 MONTHS! Stil the reigning DSP Base HF Transceiver. Get used to the operation of the Digital machine and you won't want to go to bed. Unless there is a 6' 2" blue-eyed blonde waiting for you.

Nine times out of ten, no. However, if it was a definite invitation, such as "come around on Tuesday" they probably would. It's our British nature - we do not like to impose. So come on Club secretaries, if you want a visit from an RSGB representative who wil be bang up to date and wel informed on Society and amateur radio maters, give your Zonal Council member or your RLO a cal. I know they would be delighted to visit. For the past 38 years the Society has held its National Mobile Raly at Woburn in Bedfordshire. Although Woburn is a very good venue there are restrictions placed on the Society that have not alowed us to develop the raly as we would wish. Those of you who have visited the event over the past two to three years could not have failed to notice the decline in numbers atending, not just in visitors, but also trade stands. Taking this into account the Society has been actively looking for a similar venue, but with less restrictions. Hatfield House in Hertfordshire fits this bil, so from 1999 the RSGB National Raly wil be held there. Hatfield House is easily accessible by road, the Ml, Al and M25 al being close by. And for the first time it is easily accessible by rail, with Hatfield station just outside the entrance to the park.


Overal, there has been a marked improvement with members in some areas reporting that their magazines arive weeks earlier now. Many leters and s report how pleased members are with the new system. Unfortunately, there is one country where the service has been made worse. Our apologies to those members in Canada who appear to have a very poor delivery time now. The mailing house is being kept informed and Canadian members can rest asured that every effort is being made to restore, or beter, the previous level of service. This may, however, take a month or two, so please be patient. History Lesson on the Air CENTRAL LANCS Amateur Radio Club was delighted by the huge response to their special event GB350B0P, to commemorate the 350th anniversary of the English Civil War. The club operated from several locations between May and August (see AugustRadCom, p12). During this time some 4327 contacts were made with more than From Left: Central Lancs ARC President Brian Birkby, GONEI, Alan Floyd, G3PNQ, and Chairman Brian Bolton, GOUTJ, on the last day of the highly successful GB350BOP venture.

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That's why we invest in portables and mobiles, as wel as HF rigs. Take the new TM-G707E, pictured here. It's packed ful of the latest features, like an easily-read amber display and memory name function. But it doesn't neglect those qualities that make al Kenwood products famous: performance, ruggedness and reliability. TM-0707E Mobile VHF/UHF FM Dual Band High-visibility amber display 180 multi-function memory channels, with Memory Name display Built-in CTCSS encoder/decoder, Detachable front panel with optional remote mounting kit - 6-pin mini DIN connector for 1200/9600bps packet '5-in-1' programmable memory And while our radios may be premium, our prices aren't. Even the TM-0707E costs less than you think.


The satellite was designed and built by students and Russian scientists. Mr. Gurwin hopes his pet venture will spawn a whole industry in Israel.

This wil provide those who would otherwise have atended the instalation to take part in the AGM and afterwards to join Hilary for drinks and canapés at an informal reception from 4/30 to 6/30pm. Would those members who wish to atend the Presidential Reception after the AGM please send an SASE to RSGB Headquarters asking for a complimentary ticket to the event. Tickets wil be aloted on a 'first come' basis. The AGM is held at a convenient location just off Regent Street, so members can also take the opportunity for some pre-christmas shopping on the same day! Hilary hopes that as many members as possible wil take this opportunity to come to the AGM and meet her at the reception as she prepares for her presidential year. RSGB Deputy Emergency RLO Simon Lloyd Hughes, GWONVN, recently donated a subscription to RadCom and Ham Radio Todayto Barry Library in South Glamorgan. Both magazines are now in the reference section of the library. Simon is seen here with Head Librarian Sandra Wildsmith. Silent Keys NEWS OF the deaths of two eminent figures within amateur radio has reached us: John Alen, G3DOT, a former member of RSGB Council died on 2 August. John was Zone B Member of Council from 1988 until 1993, and was an ardent QRP operator for many years.