Get some rice cooking, then go change out of your work clothes. By the time you get back to the kitchen, you will only need to stir some sour cream into the slow cooker to finish off the chicken tikka masala.

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I will not delve deep into this topic, as AA is still changing with updates in light of the CV rework. In short, the old AA on T10 Azuma was perfectly fine for self defense in a pre-rework meta as seen in Flamu’s video, and it would likely have been perfectly usable in the post-rework meta as well. Vomiting, as I like to call it, extra triple and single mounts of 25mm AA guns on the deck of Yoshino will only help to enhance her own personal AA aura.


Yoshino also has a 0/05 sigma buff when compared to the old T10 Azuma. This will be noticable, as over time more shells will likely hit due to sigma influencing how close shells group towards the center of a firing circle.

Do I think Yoshino fills this role? No. Yoshino is so damn close to fulfilling her potential, but she’s not quite there. She has gained situational advantages in the form of AA and torpedoes with extremely good angles, which is a plus. But this comes at a direct cost to consistent DPM in the form of a 2 second reload nerf. A 1/1 second rudder shift nerf which came out of left field does not aid in making her more comfortable to play as a mid-to-long range HE and AP spammer either. It feels like Yoshino’s current iteration leans less towards being more comfortable than T10 Azuma, and more towards relying on unneeded crutches at the cost of gameplay aspects that were actually contributing to a comfortable play style - losing exactly 10k hit points on a whim to the Balance Gods did not help this case either.


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This chicken tikka masala recipe is easy to make and uses ingredients that you'll most likely already have on hand in your pantry! The only unfamiliar spice you'll see is garam masala, which is a key component of providing that authentic Indian-inspired taste. If you can't find it at your local grocery store, I highly recommend ordering some off Amazon!

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I’ve seen people claiming that Yoshino has nerfed armor when compared to the old T10 Azuma

The other installer download above it probably has those "offers" that try to sneak it in if you don't select decline. Unzip AHK and run the Installer. Since i already have it installed and i don't feel like uninstalling, then i can't walk the rest of the way with you on this part. Be smart amd just double check what you are pressing accept too. Companies like to include new homepage addons and such, so just decline offer if it asks about anything that isn't AHK related.


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Yoshino vs. T10 Azuma - A Comparison

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This one is fun, and I will admit I fell for this one as well. I’ve seen people claiming that Yoshino has nerfed armor when compared to the old T10 Azuma. Fortunately for us, Flamu showed every piece of armor of the T10 Azuma in his video (source below), and guess what: 30mm plating and center deck with 25mm nose and stern. I don’t know where the idea that T10 Azuma had a 30mm fore and aft came from, but it’s apparently a thing that’s believed.

When using these Macro's in game, you'll notice it doesn't actually hit the final Enter key that actually sends our messages. The reason why is because I like to make sure that everything was typed out correctly before it auto-types. Should you wish to make it automatically press the last enter key stroke to send, then put "{enter}" at the end of the send line after everything. Example: send {enter}/all †††††Welcome To The Rift†††††{enter} *** I don't remember if you need a space before the last {enter} command.


Well Yoshino is finally here, the replacement of the old T10 Azuma that will be released for coal in the Arsena- I mean Armory, in the near future. Seeing the very mixed reaction to the initial stats of the Yoshino, I have decided to delve deeper and actually compare Yoshino’s current iteration (as of March 31, 2021) to the single iteration of the T10 Azuma’s stats.

Yoshino’s guns will likely have better shell groupings over T10 Azuma as well, due to the increased sigma and slightly lower increase in dispersion per kilometer. However, this only applies if Yoshino uses the same dispersion formula as T10 Azuma.


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The above image shows the models of Yoshino and T10 Azuma, Yoshino can be distinguished by the inclusion of white tarps on her rails and far larger quantity of 25mm AA guns on her main deck. I got quite lucky with 0/8.3 being delayed until April 1, allowing me to compare the 0/8.1 model of Azuma (before her 40mm guns are removed) to the 0/8.3 ST version of Yoshino’s model.


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Vegetables – There are no vegetables in this recipe besides the garnish of cilantro, but you can certainly add some to boost nutrition! I recommend adding sliced red pepper in the last half hour of cook time, or stirring in some spinach at the end.

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Something to note as well, certain characters and symbols will not be aloud into your League chat. Might be region specific for certain stuff.