Hardware-based protection uses a physical device, commonly known as a dongle, USB hardware key or USB security key. To implement, KEYLOK APIs are integrated with your software. Afterwards, the software only runs if the dongle is physically present on the computer or machine. Additionally, the dongle can also control how the end-user actually uses the software, referred to as software licensing. Whether it's time or usage-based restrictions or limiting the modules and features available, the end-user's access is managed and enforced by the dongle.

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  • Operating in HID mode for Windows and USB mode for Mac and Linux means no software to install for end-users
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Implementing KEYLOK's security dongles is simple and can take less than an hour. We provide extensive sample code (over 80 compilers) and comprehensive APIs. All communication with our API is conducted via links to object files or DLLs. Integrating our API calls into your code is easy to accomplish yet delivers powerful security (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=6014) and peace of mind.


Create a private key and public key. This can be done using an external device Hardware Security Module (HSM), such as the Nitrogen HSM USB, or software (click to read more), for example using OPENSSL. This produces a private key file, and a certificate request file containing the public information.

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A strong and reliable VPN is a key component of any computer security setup

One of the smartest pieces of technology on the market. Contains a CPU that manages communication to and from the application. Includes power management circuitry and voltage regulator to ensure a steady flow of power.

The thing is, while you can also use the same sophisticated security keys Google is employing with services such as Windows Hello, the cheapest examples cost more than $20. You can get a regular old low-capacity flash drive for a buck or two these days. More importantly, you probably already have a bunch of the things lying around.


One thought on “Using a hardware security module USB as a keystore for a browser.”

BitLocker will now ask you how you would like to unlock the drive. Choose whichever main unlock method you like. Whether pin, password or something else.

Using a hardware security module USB as a keystore for a browser

When I connected to the mqweb server, I had 3 certificates displayed. I had to remember which one I wanted from the Issuer’s CN and serial number.


One thing I like about Raptor is the fact that you can link the key to the serial number of that specific drive. In that way, it’s actually better than the BitLocker option. However, all this program does is lock or unlock your computer with a physical drive.

Just about every modern computer has something called a trusted protection module. It’s a dedicated cryptoprocessor that decrypts the contents of your drive.


There’s a drop-down menu labeled “Configure TPM Startup”. Change this to “Require Startup Key With TPM”.

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This is a neat little Open Source program that will lock or unlock your computer based on the presence of a specific USB drive file. It will work on just about all versions of Windows from XP onwards.

Enabling the BitLocker Key

Driverless devices significantly reduce the support burden for software providers since 90% of support questions are related to drivers. KEYLOK's Fortress and KEYLOK3 dongles are all driverless. Operating in HID mode for Windows and USB mode for Mac and Linux means no software (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=346) to install for end-users.

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