As Patrick points out, there isn’t much there for this other than the angle they took with Zeke being a video game designer and so there are a lot of conspicuous games and books that portray that fact in an interesting way (to us). It’s funny cause in the book I’m pretty sure the implication is that he’s lying about designing video games.

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Freekey Zekey (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=8999): Yeah well, you can make it vacation time. You can make jail whatever you want. People come to jail and they were ex-crackheads and they were ex-dope fiends and all they was looking for was the high they stole for the high. But, when they get to jail, they was big time drug dealers, they had keys upon keys and they knew the Columbian people. So for some people, it’s not vacation for them. It’s just a new place and a rebirth, something they never had.


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For not running hard to first, and was then pulled from a game for not hustling. His manager said: "If you don’t play hard, you don’t play.

It was produced by The Blackout Movement and features rappers Juelz Santana and Cam'ron. It was also featured on The Diplomats' album, Diplomatic Immunity 2.


Personally, I like the song, although I usually prefer his grittier work. My favorite Kendrick song is the Jay Rock- and Anna Wise-featuring “Money Trees”, which, like “Backseat Freestyle” off GKMC, only reveals itself to be as smart as it is in the context of the album.

And the colors are stark, particularly with the font work. I think in each of its parts I like it, even if the whole seems a bit confused. So can’t go much lower than a B. I wish it meshed a bit more. I can’t stress how hilarious the names on the poster are for an erotic thriller.


Occasionally to outfield or third base. Biggio became known as a reliable, hustling, consistent leadoff hitter, with unusual power for a second baseman.

Where I Know You From: Worthwhile spots from a couple New Yorkers: Ol’ Dirty Bastard is fittingly rabid on “Violence”, while Prodigy appears on “Losin’ Weight”. Destiny’s Child, who were beginning work on Survivor at the time, add soul and melody to “Do It Again”.


In 2007, Ja Rule stopped by Hot 97 for an interview on the Angie Martinez Show. During the conversation, the topic turned to his long-standing beef with 50 Cent. Ja touched on the similarity in his music and 50's after Fif signed his deal with Shady/Aftermath and the double-standard in the realm of public perception.

Freekey Zekey: Oh yeah, yeah ’cause when I was in jail before — this is my first major bid where I was doing years — years opposed to months is totally different because a couple months, you’re not missing so much. The thought about you coming home is still on the tip of your tongue, no homo. You still smell like a pu*** if you a dude, you still smell like d*** if you a girl, you from the world.


Momma Dee announces she is SINGLE AGAIN, and Ernest is officially out of the picture #LHHATL

Freekey Zekey: Yes and No. No to the fact that there is a chance that I would have been gone from this existence and my sons, they wouldn’t have known their father at all. But on the other hand, I was fighting for a cause each time. It wasn’t like I was just out causing trouble. Well, I was a major force in Harlem, so a lot of dudes wanted to get at me, but in these situations here, I was actually defending somebody. That time before I was defending a friend who got slapped — I thought he was gangsta, his name was Benjamin — but he didn’t keep it gangsta, so I intervened and I ended up beating the dude down and that situation went sour. Then on the other situation, when they found out I was a fugitive, they was trying to rob me, so I had to do me. I had to snatch dude up — it was four dudes with guns, so I had to find a shield. So one of the guys that had the gun, I made him my human shield and I got shot in the process, so it’s not like I’m just walking around. I was really fighting for a cause in the two times I got shot. That’s probably why the soldier strength stayed in me and I’m still here to talk about it.

It was actually a bit better than I expected. I think, outside of the Vance character and the white savior nonsense, the film is pretty entertaining and an easy watch. I was kind of expecting The Substitute, but it was basically just Lean on Me.


The BMT – Well, I don’t think I’ll ever think of this film again. Probably, the main issue is the film is kind of okay? I didn’t mind it. Isla Fisher saved it to a large degree.

A Complete Timeline of 50 Cent and Ja Rule’s Beef

The Good – I liked the dynamic between Snipes and Connery. It works as an odd couple pairing. A despite the Hollywood-style exploration of Japanese business culture that feels both racist and immediately outdated, I did enjoy the specific moment where they exposed Connery’s character’s hypocrisy, specifically his attitude towards the bribe he was effectively given early in the film. Among an otherwise muddled film there were a few things that still seemed to at least focus the film in an interesting way.


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Duane Bridgeford, better known by his stage name NOE is an American hip hop recording artist from Baltimore, Maryland. He is best known for his affiliation with Jim Jones and his involvement in East Coast hip hop group ByrdGang.

Tonight saw the Utah Jazz eventually blow the Charlotte Hornets out, but LaMelo Ball was a bright spot. The Jazz couldn’t contain him, as he went off for 34 points, a career-high, which he’ll soon break. But, him coming into his own, has fans on Twitter hyped.


While doling out advice and trying to overcome her crippling shopping obsession, she’s also trying to evade her debt collector. Can she avoid public embarrassment (and perhaps get the guy) before it’s too late? Find out in. Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Documentary ever on the Showtime cable network. The sequel, Cocaine Cowboys 2: Hustling with the Godmother, was released in 2008.


You Just Got Schooled – This one a film where I couldn’t quite decide whether to do a Snipes film or a noir. I went noir as I haven’t seen many of the classics and I’ve been watching only bad movies for too long. Naturally, I had to go for one of the best with Double Indemnity, which seems to be considered the noir to watch if you are looking for a definitive list. I was definitely thrown a bit by the subject matter and dialogue, because I’m mostly used to the Maltese Falcon where it is about a private detective / femme fatale dynamic. The insurance salesman, and the way he spoke, just really threw me off. But ultimately the perfect murder plot line is very engrossing and I can see why it is considered among the creme de la creme for the genre. Edward G. Robinson was particularly good. It ended up being the perfect choice because it broke me out of the mindset of noir = private eye, and I can see now why Rising Sun is considered to at least take inspiration from film noir (even if it is closer to a buddy cop film from the 80s). A+, obviously, it is a great film.

That Does Not Make You Look Street. Alot Of Dudes From East Coast Do Alot Of Clown Shit Like This.


Consequence The Plug, Vol. 3: Kendrick Lamar 101, Cam’ron Dissected, and 17 Hip-Hop Reviews Comments Feed

Big time NYC film, which is interesting as it’s not till the second book that the Shopaholic series went to America (and even then, just for that entry). A little weird they changed the setting and made Rebecca America, but whatever. Sprinkled in a little Miami too for good measure.

After Carly Norris moves into a swanky new apartment in a sliver building everything seems grand. In particular the hot 20-something and the hot sex they have which is hot. What’s decidedly not cool is all the murders and stuff. Can she figure out what’s going on (and perhaps snag some sweet creepy Billy Baldwin action) before it’s too late?


It’s hard to tell if the two Memphis rappers really do have an issue with each other right now or if this is all happening just for Internet buzz. I’d be mad if someone smashed my car with anything and Dolph doesn’t sound too pressed about the issue. It’ll be interesting what happens over the next few days. Check out Glock smashing the cars and Dolph’s response below.

Ira Levin was reluctant to sell the rights to his book. He had only been pleased with the movie adaptation of Rosemary’s Baby (1968) out of all the attempts to film his novels. When producer Robert Evans, who had produced Rosemary’s Baby, got wind of this, he sent Levin a copy of Roman Polanski’s autobiography, with all the mentions of Evans’ salvaging the film highlighted. The ploy worked and Levin sold the rights to Evans for $250,000.

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Brian Fresco and Tree, both of Chicago, sound like realists, guys who seem content to crank out songs whether or not any of them stick commercially. Fresco takes the majority of the rapping on the SoulMoney EP, which takes its name from his Save Money camp and Tree’s self-explanatory “soultrap” production sound. Tree, meanwhile, takes the mic here and there, notably on standouts “Rose” and “My Niggas”, but he mainly handles the production, chirp-ifying a vocal sample on that intro and wrangling up funky peals of guitar on “Take a Breath”.


Ballpark, the Bank Street Grounds. They were managed first by outfielder "Hustling Dan" O'Leary (20-15), then by second baseman Sam Crane (49-21).

Chart in March 1981, leading to an album of the same name. The Herbman Hustling album saw a return to dancehall and roots reggae.


In November 2002, Irv Gotti alleged that 50 Cent had signed an order of protection against him and Ja Rule in the aftermath of the brawl at the Hit Factory. Gotti, who made the claims during a visit to The Star & Buc Wild Morning Show, revealed the information to put 50's street credibility in question and paint him as an informant. Yet Fif denied the allegations, which did little to temper his buzz. While the validity of the order of protection was initially questioned, it has since been confirmed that it does exist but was issued on 50's behalf as a formality by the NYPD.

Twista dark horse The Plug, Vol. 3: Kendrick Lamar 101, Camron Dissected, and 17 Hip Hop Reviews

She’s an editor at a publishing house, and I think quite believable in the role. At least the same believability as Robin Wright being a journalist in Message in a Bottle. Now whether she would be attracted to Baldwin however.


Umm, don't tell them I'm staying at the Four Seasons. Don't tell them, please, just don't tell them.

I think she got unnecessary flack for getting typecast into sexy roles, just go and read the notes about how Sly treated her during the filming of The Specialist. But I hope she made a boatload of money and doesn’t regret a thing, and I hope she’s good in the film and everything else is ludicrous.


He’s a business minded man and at the end of the day, it hurt Dame to his heart. Him and Jay been together for 20 or some odd years. They built an empire, they started something from scratch. Dame wanted to sign Cam for $2,500. He said, “We got this Roc-A-Fella thing, we gonna do it. I’m telling you, I’m going to give you $2,500 and just grind with us,” as opposed to the $250,000 for the signing bonus we was getting from Sony, plus the $500,000 we was going to get off that.

Carly wants love after wasting her years on some failed relationships. In the movie she is certainly more lonely and the distraction of the love affair seems more lust driven than anything else. Lust isn’t a big part of the book, probably because the book is more a horror book than an erotic thriller book. CZ is a voyeur, although in the book this goes hand in hand with him being a pathological liar. Everything in his life is driven by his voyeurism.


Black Panther Makes History As The First Marvel Studios Film To Earn A Golden Globe Nomination #GoldenGlobe

BallerStatus.com: Ok, let’s talk about Dipset and go back a bit. You grew up with Cam and Jimmy, how close were you to Bloodshed and Big L?

Justine's boss, Jack, is ruthless and greedy. During his wedding speech, he's hustling Justine to meet a work deadline.


Female-friendly "We Can Get It On" serving as a nice change-up to the hard hustling tone of the album. Now, get in the kitchen and listen.

Ty dolla sign sign language The Plug, Vol. 3: Kendrick Lamar 101, Camron Dissected, and 17 Hip Hop Reviews

In November 2021, Ja Rule and 50 Cent crossed paths for the first time in years while the two were taking a flight. Ja Rule, who shared the experience with his fans on social media, noted that there were no issues between the two and no altercations while chiding fans for egging on the bitter feud between the two.


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Pray IV Reign is the fourth studio album by American hip hop recording artist Jim Jones, released on March 24, 2009, under E1, Columbia and Sony Music Entertainment. The album, his first not to be released under Diplomat Records, also serves as his first under a major record label.

His ire apparently stemmed from an interview that 50 Cent and his Den of Thieves co-star O'Shea Jackson Jr. did that same week. In the interview, 50 poked fun at Ja Rule and joked about the effect that their battle had on his popularity. After getting wind of the comments, Ja shared a few views of his own.


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Giles was sentenced to 35–42 months in prison on February 5, 2004 for running an ecstasy ring. Giles served 33 months at the Durham Correctional Center in Durham, North Carolina before being released on November 20, 2006.

Based on a Book

I moved into this swanky high rise, and all these people start being murdered! I don’t really know much about it, but I did get invited to a cocktail party and got real drunk and now I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Sliver?


Bigger Picture: Purple Haze is Cam’s masterpiece. It’s more muscular than anything he’s done, but also, it’s his plushest album, full of soul samples and other pristine sonics.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has been trending heavily over the past month. This is for news such as a confrontation with Meek Mill in an Atlanta parking lot, dissing Lil Durk, his cousin and King Von in his new “ZAZA” single, and going off on people recording him in public.


P’s View on the Preview – This was Jamie’s choice for the new category this year, replacing Sci-Fi (which is just a very narrow genre and mostly fits into action or horror) with Achievement Unlocked. There are, indeed, only so many erotic thrillers of the 90s available, so I actually think we’ll be able to pretty much sweep this mini-genre up. I think that is mostly what this category is all about, sub-genres that wouldn’t normally get their own category.

Freekey Zekey Talks Juelz Chain Robbery Rumors

Carly Norris is a book editor who’s moving on up and moving on from a string of disastrous relationships. She finds a new apartment in a sliver building that seems to fit the bill. As she meets her new neighbors she’s taken by a young video game designer, Zeke, that seems a little too good to be true. In contrast there is an older writer, Jack, that seems to fit her usual type (and we know how that turned out). Over time she starts to get some weirdo feelings about what has happened in the building and after the death of one of the other tenants learns that the highrise has been the site of multiple grisly murders in the last few years.


Their confidence level is 100,000. But the real reason, I honestly don’t know why the dude, Jay, was really f***ing with us like that because of the fact that we was ready when we signed to Roc-A-Fella.

Do It Again (Most Replayable Song): Before Dipset and the Diplomats became a collective of young, talented trailblazers, Cam’ron was a member of Children of the Corn, a Harlem supergroup also featuring Big L and Ma$e. The latter was featured on two records from Cam’s debut, including the lead single, but the best collab proved to be “We Got It”, which would’ve been at home on Ma$e’s Harlem World. It’s infectious, a time capsule of late ’90s flair.

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Ezekiel Giles (born October 13, 1975), better known by his stage name Freekey Zekey (https://karinka-selo.ru/content/uploads/files/download/key-zekey-robbery-video.zip), is an American rapper and music executive best known as a founding member of The Diplomats, a group he helped form in Harlem in 1997 alongside his childhood friend Jim Jones and cousin Cam'ron. Freekey also serves as the owner/CEO of 730 Dips Records.


Web Smith is just trying to raise his daughter and do his job as a police liaison. One night he gets a call to help mediate a homicide call at a highfalutin Japanese business gala attended by all the bigwigs in town. Curiously, he is also asked to pick up Captain Conner, a semi-retired police expert on Japan. When they get to the crime scene the party continues uninterrupted while the crime scene is teaming with the company’s men. It becomes clear that they just want the whole thing dismissed, but Web and Conner are suspicious. Particularly when they discover that some of the tapes are missing from the state-of-the-art surveillance in the building. They suspect the boyfriend of the victim, Eddie, in the crime and cover up and when the missing disc shows up it appears to confirm their suspicions. They raid Eddie’s house only to have him flee and appear to die in a fiery crash. The next day they find that Eddie attempted to contact them about the missing disc and so they decide to take it to an expert who shows them how the film was manipulated. Returning to Web’s apartment, Web and Conner are shocked to find Eddie there alive and well.

Prior to becoming one of hip-hop's biggest success stories with his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin', 50 Cent was an up-and-coming rapper looking to make his way in the game. He quickly became known for calling rappers out by name on songs like his infamous 1999 single "How to Rob," which included jabs at heavyweights like JAY-Z, Ma$e, DMX and Big Pun. While 50 Cent was considered a buzzworthy prospect, at the time, he was a relative unknown in comparison to Ja Rule, who's own debut album, Venni Vetti Vecci, was certified platinum off the strength of the lead single "Holla Holla," making him one of New York City's leaders of the new school.


Ashton Travis – “Robbery”

Raymond and Richard Grant play Durrell and Lionel Benton, star pupils who are pulled out of school much to the dismay of LouAnne. They are actually twins (Twin Film Alert) and comprise the rap duo DJ Twinz.

On the one hand it’s a generic rom com that has some charming actors, some nice to look at locales, and literally no surprises (if you’re into that kind of thing). On the other hand, it takes everything good about the book and throws it in the trash in favor of shameless and mostly off-putting consumerism. I guess as far as a straightforward rom com my biggest gripe is the lack of love. There doesn’t seem to be much building of the Isla Fisher/Hugh Dancy love connection and can we get more than just a very PG-rated smooch? As far as the consumerism goes, I think this suffers mostly in trying to fit a not-very-generic rom com book into a generic rom com package. The idea of the book is kinda that Rebecca is actually very qualified for financial writing because she sees through all the lies that everyone is fed by the financial institutions because she herself has been duped into debt by them over and over. That’s a very prominent part of the book, her snide remarks as she listens to financial PR campaigns.


Key Glock – “Move Around”

Basically, it seems like the film could have been filmed by 20 different directors and then stitched together in any order they wanted at the end. Oh, and it is also one giant commercial for Amazon. It can’t be a coincidence I was watching the film on Amazon Prime while the main character is getting a Kindle as a gift.

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By the time Ernest and Momma Dee got married, Ernest was seen often hanging out with Lil’ Scrappy and Stevie J. Much of the problems he and Momma Dee had became a running joke. This season, Dee is back on the show, but Ernest has yet to make an appearance.


Hustler—his calling card being his wearing red trousers. Oliver succeeds in hustling Philip, who subsequently falls in love with him.

Malice Video Blog #5

I had a problem: I hadn’t seen much noir, and I hadn’t seen much Snipes. So I was mostly going into it curious to see how it played.


Ricky (Morris Chestnut) has an outlet in football, and his running speed comes to be a metaphor for the stranglehold of the violence. Doughboy (Ice Cube) is Ricky’s pessimistic older brother, losing faith in God and generally shaking his fist at the world between sips of his 40.

To be frank, the song isn’t very good, either. It really makes you miss Jim Jones.


It’s notability is gaudy though. I guess it was another Crichton in 1993 though so everyone was picking up.

Another year, another surprising list of Golden Globe nominations. The 2021 motion picture noms honored many of the year’s best in film, while a few deserving movies were left in the cold. Here, we take stock of a few of the biggest surprises.


As a noir I guess not, I kind of expected Connery to be a PI. But maybe once I watch more noir I’ll know better. As a Snipes film also maybe not? I got the distinct feeling he was playing himself in the film, but I haven’t watched enough of his films to know better. I’m giving myself an Incomplete on this assignment.

The album was originally titled "The Rough, Rough, Rough Album" and was set for a 1999 release, however the project was pushed back to 2000 and many new songs were recorded. The album was finally released on September 19, 2000, by Epic Records. It features guest appearances from Destiny's Child, Noreaga, Dutch & Spade, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Prodigy, Freekey Zekey, Juelz Santana, and Jim Jones.


Publishers Syndicate in Chicago got interested in Willie Lumpkin. I was also hustling my own strip and trying to get it published.

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Super Bowl weekend, in Miami, has kicked off, and Gervonta Davis was in town, as was Dretta Starr. At the celebrity basketball game, there were tons of people in attendance. In front of these people, clearly celebrities included, Gervonta Davis walked up to Dretta, grabbing her by the throat, and pulling her to him, violently.


Web Smith is a police liaison called in to mediate a homicide found during a big time Japanese business’s gala. Surprisingly he is asked to bring along Capt. Conner, a police expert on Japan. Soon it becomes clear that there is more to the homicide than the company will let on. Can Web and Conner untangle the dastardly web of deceit before it’s too late?

Cycle: based on a book

Tagline(s) – A coalition of East and West. A conspiracy of seduction and murder. A battle between tradition and power.


Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber, February 19

At times a political thriller, a noir, a buddy cop film, Rising Sun never seems to be anything but confusing. Reviewer Highlight: When working in genre territory before, the idiosyncratic Kaufman has shown a marked tendency to debunk or subvert conventions.

We’ve had a couple real good NYC films recently. This is funny just from the sliver building point of view just because they were kind of NYC specific.


Cent Says Beef With Ja Rule Won't End Until One of Them Is Dead

Notes – Michelle Pfeiffer was pregnant during production. Although shot out of sequence like most films, it becomes apparent when methods are used to hide the actress’ stomach. Methods such as long skirts and bulky sweaters along with scenes where Pfeiffer is shown carrying large objects were used.

The end of it speaks to why critics, I think, wholesale rejected the film. The film is made about an urban school, but for a suburban audience.


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G-Unit is an American hip hop group formed by longtime friends and East Coast rappers 50 Cent, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. After releasing a string of mixtapes in the early 2000s, including 50 Cent is the Future, God's Plan and No Mercy, No Fear, the group released their debut album Beg for Mercy in 2003, which went on to ship over 4,000,000 copies in the US and was certified Quadruple Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The album, which followed the critical and commercial success of 50 Cent's major-label debut Get Rich or Die Tryin', served as a platform for Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo to release their respective solo debut albums; The Hunger for More (2004), Straight Outta Cashville (2004) and Thoughts of a Predicate Felon (2005). In 2008, the group released their second album T·O·S.

On January 16, 2003, an unknown gunman opened fire in the offices of Violator Records and Violator Management, which handled the career of 50 Cent at the time. Although no employees or artists were injured in the shooting and no arrests were made, early reports tied the incident to the beef between Fif and Ja Rule and was the latest indication that the issues between the two had escalated to a point of no return.


The BMT – This film as chosen specifically as a 90s erotic thrillers. I don’t think this is a very good one though. It doesn’t even get close to The Color of Night or even Body of Evidence. But you can’t rank erotic thrillers from the 90s without it, so it needed to be done. Baldwin saves it from blandness by being one of the more absurd casting choices ever with a weirdo character to boot.

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Park, and won two dollars playing his first game. He was soon a regular, hustling $100 per day playing chess against passersby.

On “Issue”, on the other hand, producer FKi recycles the same Les Sins-sampling beat he used on Rome Fortune’s “Grind” to less stellar results. A high point comes toward the end, where Dolla $ign’s incarcerated-for-life younger brother TC sings a lovely hook on “Big TC in Too Deep”.


Legion team that won a tournament in Anaheim. Henrich was voted "best hustling player" by the scouts.

Media attention, and scrutiny, have followed LaMelo, mainly due to his last name. His brother, Lonzo, also has dealt with this, due to their father’s constant boasting. LaMelo, though, is growing into a star.


So much for Gervonta Davis and Dretta Starr getting along for the sake of their child. Just weeks ago, Dretta Starr was telling people to mind their own business, about Gervonta and her. While she was right, speaking on how he spoils her, he did just choke her in public.