Kaseya is a provider of complete IT management solutions for Managed Service Providers and small to midsized businesses. Kaseya allows organizations to efficiently manage and secure IT in order to drive IT service and business success. Offered as both an industry-leading cloud solution and on-premise software, Kaseya solutions empower businesses to command all of IT centrally, manage remote and distributed environments with ease, and automate across IT management functions. Kaseya solutions currently manage over 10 million endpoints worldwide and are in use by customers in a wide variety of industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, media, technology, finance, and more. Kaseya, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland is privately held with a presence in over 20 countries.

  • You will be able to track your patching with the help of patch management reports
  • You can also allow fast patch deployment approval or rejection through patch management automation
  • It also creates a software inventory, which supports license management and patch management
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  • What is unique about Syxsense Patch Management

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus offers a solution for those who don’t want to use several different tools to manage software on Windows Server. Although WSUS has its faults, it is the official tool for updating Windows Server systems, so it is best practice to use it. That leaves out all of your third-party software.


Windows Server Update Services can be easily complemented with alternative patch management tools

Description: a description of the content group. Current package: the name of the current content package. Current version: the version of the current content package. Next package: the name of the next package scheduled for this content group. Next version: the version of the next content package. Terminals: the number of terminals included into the current content group. View details To view the details of the selected content group, select the group in the table and click View details.

You can also customize automatic processes to deal with the entire patch management

The administration console is accessible at (where " yourservername" is the computer name of the installed server in the network). Default user ID and password are admin / password (must be changed after server installation) How to install your own composer network services server: Download the composer network services setup from the link you received from friendlyway Sales.


For each terminal matching the selection criteria the most recent screenshot is displayed, as well as some additional information on the terminal operability: terminal name, location, state, last access time, screenshot time. If a terminal is turned off or doesn't support screenshooting (the screenshot time is set to 0), the Out of order screen is displayed.

Zenworks patch management vs wsus


Check TPM Status from Command Line

The software and services that the Patch Manager can update include services such as Adobe tools Java, and web browsers. Although the system monitoring service in SolarWinds is able to monitor devices running Linux, the Patch Manager isn’t able to update the software on them.

Using DHCP makes a network easier to manage. From an administrative point of view, every device on the network can get an IP address with nothing more than their default network settings, which is set up to obtain an address automatically. The alternative is to manually assign addresses to each device on the network.


From a sysadmin’s standpoint, the patching process is the very embodiment of a thankless job – even now, there are companies (mostly startups) out there that are still relying on manual patching/updating. That shouldn’t be too much of a hassle if your organization operates a small network, but it becomes a tad problematic when you’re dealing with hundreds of endpoints.

The Atera system is a cloud-based platform, so it does not need to be downloaded. However, each client system being monitored will need an agent program installed on it. The Atera functions can be applied to several systems per account. The system isn’t charged per monitored system, so there is no software overhead incurred by taking on a new client. Instead, Atera charges a subscription per month per technician. The service is available in three editions: Pro, Growth, and Power – all of these include the Patch Management module.


Turned off: the terminal is turned off. OK: the terminal operates without errors or warnings and has successfully sent its Heart-Beat to the server. Failed: the terminal has failed to send its Heart-Beat in a due time, so the state is not defined. It is recommended to check it manually. Content group: The content group to which the terminal belongs. Current content: the multimedia packages currently playing on the terminal.

IT Asset Management & CMDB

This allows you to wake up a computer to apply the Windows patch update. This could be very useful if you want to schedule Windows updates for remote worker computers that may be turned off after hours.


Heimdal™ Patch & Asset Management

It is quite sometime ago, I had shared a post on enabling Bitlocker on Windows 10 without TPM. BitLocker is an encryption feature available in Windows 10 Professional and Enterprise editions. However it requires a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on the system. Furthermore BitLocker provides the best security when used with TPM.

AutoMox is a cloud-based solution that can automate patching and configuration for any device or group of devices in the network. AutoMox, tracks, controls, and manages the entire patching process.


The execution of updates is dictated by the setup of Patch Connect Plus, which is driven by Deployment Templates. According to whichever template you select, updates will be run through SCCM or set aside. They will be rolled out immediately, on the next occurrence of an authorized time window, or when the system administrator commands it.

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Feel free to test out any of the trials to see what’s right for your network. How do you feel about WSUS tools? Do you think alternative tools are needed to patch networks effectively? Let us know in the comments below.

Looking for Decent reports about current Patch level of server

Patch rollouts can be automated and scheduled so they occur out of office hours. The technician arriving to work on the morning after a rollout gets a report on the success or failure of each patch. Failed patches can be investigated and then reapplied on demand.


Microsoft’s Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) can be clunky and lack many of the features sysadmins need to manage their networks effectively. Most of the tools we review below offer features that go well beyond basic patch management.

Best Access Rights Management Tools

Finally, you can view comprehensive reports on which computers are missing recent updates, or which have had incomplete or failed patches. These detailed reports provide a full overview of third-party patch deployment, so you can keep an eye on any vulnerable areas of your system in need of additional attention.


Besides, clients can always hook up to the server hosting WSUS to download updates and patches

Patching solutions can automate this process to a large extent, even letting your applications update to the latest, more secure versions. There are so many different solutions out there that it is impossible to recommend only a single one.

SolarWinds Patch Manager is a patch management software designed for addressing software vulnerabilities. It expands on WSUS, decrease security risks and limits service interruptions by helping to ensure that patches get applied, and controlling what gets patched and when. It also integrates SCCM monitoring to interact with agents running on Mac OS, Linux, Unix, iOS, and Android devices as well as the full range of Windows operating systems.


Although wipe and retire commands are available, there’s no option to effectively track the device. This would have been useful in case of theft.

I'm not certain what the exact problem was, probably something broken at the local GPO level. Removal of the GPO and resetting the key in the registry is probably what resolved part of the problem.

  • It has capabilities of Vulnerability management, Patch management, and Application security
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TechGenix Best patch management tools to keep remote devices updated Comments Feed

Group description: The description of the group. Current package: The current content assigned to the group, including package name, description, version, download/play time. Next package: The next package assigned to the group, including package name, description, version, download/play time. You can also view details of the content for the selected terminal and terminal details.


If you deal with sensitive or private data, you need to ensure you’re meeting your compliance obligations. For example, you may need to show health or financial data is kept secure, and as part of this security, it’s important to demonstrate your software is always kept updated. Many of my picks for WSUS alternatives have the capacity to produce patch reports or WSUS reports to help you demonstrate compliance to auditors.

BatchPatch was designed to be simple and intuitive. No installation necessary– just launch the EXE and you’re ready to go! You start by loading a list of computer names, IP addresses or MAC addresses. Then highlight one, some, or all rows in the grid to perform actions on just the selected hosts. Either right-click on the currently selected rows or use the Actions menu to select an action to perform.


We want to be able to see if a user is actually using the software we installed for them such as Adobe Photoshop, Autocad, Microsoft Project, etc. Because those software are expensive to install, we want to make sure that they actually use them.

Click Clear errors to remove all errors from the list. Apply to all terminals: select this checkbox and click Clear errors to clear errors for all terminals. Player reports To view player report, click Player reports.

Altiris patch management vs wsus
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Furthermore, all of the updates and patches are encrypted prior to distribution (uses a Global Deployment and LAN P2P system). And with the Infinity Management dashboard in place, you will gain granular control over your digital inventory. MDM is also available via our Mobile Security Agent.


In recent months, exploits for Windows systems have been made public by various hacker groups that have been subsequently used for exploiting those vulnerabilities and exposing systems to massive breaches and ransomware viruses. Many of these cryptowall or cryptolocker/ransomware viruses are bringing down businesses, schools, home users and even Hospitals as of recently.

A DHCP server defines a scope, or range, of IP addresses that it uses to serve devices with an address. This pool of addresses is the only way a device obtains a valid network connection.


I’d recommend PDQ Deploy as a paid patch management tool for smaller networks under 250 agents

You can download a fully functional evaluation version for free. In order to have more than four target machines, you’ll need to purchase BatchPatch. Pricing starts at $399/00 (£314/17) per user.

Patching has certainly gained a lot of momentum ever since research has proven that ‘unattended’ apps and software can quickly lead to a data leak. Patching is the new ‘kid’ on the block and already has it shown great potential in averting what can only be described as a corporate nightmare; surely, it’s not an accolade to see confidential data flaunted around the dark web, screaming for users with open pockets.


First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room which, in this case, is WSUS; short for Windows Server Update Services, it’s Microsoft’s answer to automatic patching and deployment process. Built upon SUS (Software Update Service), WSUS can enable corporate system administrators to quickly unroll and install updates, patches, hotfixes, drivers, and service packs.

Cherwell IT Service Management

I like the simplicity of executing tasks once they are automated and configure all since the same dashboard. Also, I like the history that you keep of the process after each task had been executed. From the audit perspective, the way that you check the log of the last tasks executed and changes applied to a server. Solves core problems like patching the users and servers in our organizations, it simplifies completely the process and reporting in general.


When a bug arises, it takes time for a patch to be developed, tested, and then disseminated to all users of the software. The users then have to actually apply the patch. In some cases, attackers will try to attack a system on the same day a vulnerability is discovered, before a patch can be developed and applied. This is called a zero-day exploit. Attackers and software companies are competing to see who can either exploit or fix the vulnerability the fastest.

It allows for deployments and updates of not only operating systems, but third party applications as well. It is able to do this thanks to the centralized design of the system, as well as the user friendly, easy to use interface.


While DHCP is used to deliver dynamic IP addresses to its clients, it doesn't mean static IP addresses can't also be used at the same time. A mixture of devices that get dynamic addresses and devices that have their IP addresses manually assigned to them, can both exist on the same network.

The patch management system gathers available patches and allows the technician to schedule installation to run out of office hours. Individual patches can be excluded from a roll-out, either permanently or temporarily. Patches can also be applied individually on a schedule or on-demand.


You can find a lot about TPM status by running a simple command. We will jump on to that but let’s see a bit about TPM.

Lastly, you can configure PDQ Deploy to send you or your team email notifications when a patch deployment or script execution is successful. PDQ Deploy is completely free with limited access to some features. Full access pricing starts at $500/00 (£394/16) a year per admin.


Did Microsoft Just Backtrack On Forced Updates For Windows 10

SolarWinds Patch Manager (FREE TRIAL) This automated patch management tool enables operating systems, system services, hardware drivers and software packages to be kept up to date. It integrates with SCCM and works with WSUS to optimize the use of existing technology.

In addition to operating system patches, you can even patch older versions of Microsoft Office and choose exactly what you want to be included. You’ll have the option to include or exclude runtime libraries, service packs, Microsoft Security Essentials updates, language packs, and Windows Defender definitions.


For example, the WSUS Agent checks DNS and can report if name resolution is the reason why it cannot connect. It may sound small, but it’s these added features that end up saving you the most time on your deployments in the long run.

A: Start by modifying the deadline option. After that, you will need to force the client’s machine to detect the changes.


Here is a list of the 5 best WSUS alternatives

Settings in the Syxsense console allow the system administrator to designate safe times for patch installation and whether they should be applied automatically. Logs tell the administrator the statuses of unattended completed installation runs.

There are advantages to using DHCP, and there are disadvantages. Dynamic, changing IP addresses should not be used for devices that are stationary and need constant access, like printers and file servers. Although these types of devices exist predominantly in office environments, it's impractical to assign them with a changing IP address. For example, if a network printer has an IP address that will change at some point in the future, every computer that's connected to that printer will have to regularly update their settings to understand how to contact it.


Windows Update for Business is a free tool for Windows Pro and Enterprise customers. Under the program, software updates will be delivered via distribution rings, ’where the IT Pro can specify which devices go first in an update wave, and which ones will come later (to ensure any quality kinks are worked out),’ according to Microsoft’s description. But still unclear is to what extent businesses will be able to block software, security and driver updates from their network.

The player will connect to the composer network services server, receive a content package, and start playback

Patches can be checked for, downloaded, added to new or existing software update groups, and published automatically. You can also publish patch metadata for compliance, audit, or pre-deployment screening purposes, so you have fine-grained information on the entire patching process.


Travis Graef, Assistant System Administrator, is one of the six people in the organization’s IT Team. His areas of responsibility run the gamut of everyday IT operations tasks.

The Patch Manager can be limited to a specific time window in any day or week that allows patches to be rolled out. Patches queued can be suspended or removed before they applied, which enables systems administrators to act on the information gleaned from the LOGICcard feed.


For price efficiency, the cost is based on the number of endpoints. The price is not published in the website, you have to request a quote.

Filtering for patches and updates. The admin can instruct WSUS which products should receive the latest patches and/or updates.


Best WSUS Alternatives for Patch Management

It even identifies which patches need to be installed on a given system, as well as fixes and security updates. After it is done with patching, you will receive a patch report to tell you what has been done.

Please pay special attention to the Parameters tab where you can define shortcuts for stopping and starting the playback. By default the following hotkeys are set up. For stopping player: Ctrl+S For starting player: Ctrl+P After this step, you can start the player under client service.


The tool has been developed to not only allow you to update third-party applications, but also to install and manage them through the SCCM console. The Applications Management feature provides a repository of available third-party applications, with predefined application templates and both pre- and post-deployment scripts. Templates include actions such as restricting the application from having a start menu icon, taskbar icon, or desktop shortcut, as well as options to uninstall older patches.

They offer a robust and scalable solution that is backed by a massive company that will be there if questions or support issues arise. They have a track record for developing cutting edge software that many IT departments (including ours) cannot live without!


Atera vs. Kaseya VSA

The paper, which compares WSUS with Lumension’s VMS from a cost of ownership standpoint, concludes that WSUS (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=8784) is anything but free – Tolly’s estimates show that the average cost of using WSUS amounts to over $100,000. How did Tolly ‘conjure up’ these figures?

The NinjaRMM system is a subscription service with a rate per monitored device. Contact the NinjaRMM sales team for a quote.


After publishing a WSUS update, you can select each agent and get a pie chart view of that machine’s patch status. You can also view this data in grid format if you prefer sorting by different statuses such as failed, not installed, or not applicable. Using the scheduling and grouping feature it’s easy to configure your own patching groups depending on your network’s needs.

The main components of Cloud Management Suite are, Patch Management, Inventory Discovery, Remote Control, and Software Distribution. The patch management supports updates for different vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Java, Chrome, etc.


Everyone in IT knows about Microsoft Patch Tuesdays. It refers to that one day every month when Microsoft provides software updates for its Windows OS, browsers and business applications. These updates fix either security vulnerabilities or bugs in the software. On the most recent Patch Tuesday in April, Microsoft provided updates to fix 113 vulnerabilities across its different software products. In this blog, we’re going to focus on how to better manage updates for Microsoft Windows 10.

Microsoft’s WSUS can also cover 3rd party updates, patches, or drivers if it’s associated with SCCM

ManageEngine Patch Connect Plus is on-premises software for installation on Windows Server. The system is offered in three editions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Standard is free to use but it just loads a list of third-party software updates into SCCM.


Jacobs Engineering Group Leverages Kaseya VSA to Automate IT Management

SolarWinds® Patch Manager is my favorite WSUS patch management tool. It offers a highly automated feature set, reporting capabilities, centralized dashboard views, and high-powered patch management abilities in an easy-to-use package.

With Kaseya VSA you can also control download bandwidth used for the Windows update. This can be very useful when managing (visit this website) remote worker computers that may be on lower bandwidth home networks.


Symantec Patch Management Solution

The same idea comes into play if you need permanent remote access to a computer in a home network. If DHCP is enabled, that computer will get a new IP address at some point, which means the one you recorded for that computer will not be accurate for long. If you use remote access software that relies on an IP address-based access, disable DHCP and use a static IP address for that device.

Anti-Virus Patch management as well as integration with major Security Software

To make this work, a device (the client) requests an IP address from a router (the host). Then, the host assigns an available IP address so that the client can communicate on the network.


Auto-determine patching/updating applicability. The detect-only action allows the system administrator to measure the impact a patch or update will have on the targeted machine or group. This feature is extremely useful when dealing with untested patches and/or updates.

Within your patch settings, you can also configure whether or not you want certain machines to reboot or not after a round of updates. SolarWinds Patch Manager also has a feature called Planning Mode, which does a mock run of the set patches you have configured. After the mock run, you can review the patch report to see if everything would have deployed as expected. If it did, uncheck the Planning Mode option to have the patches deployed from their set scheduled time.


Please send you questions and requests at We will serve you better if you could also specify the operating system in the problem description. Telephone For free telephone support please dial in the USA/Canada, or worldwide.

Security and Patch Management

Coming to the actual topic, some organizations require TPM to be enabled and activated before you image the machine. The TS halts if TPM isn’t enabled (that’s the way the TS is configured). The task sequence checks the TPM status and halts if it is not activated. For example I had covered an issue about Bitlocker Error Configuration change was requested to disable TPM.



One of my personal favorite features of PatchLink is it’s intuitive search functions and filtering. From the patching dashboard, you can search both installed and available patches based on vendor, security level, type of product, and KB number. This feature really shines in larger environments with more endpoints.

Get contextual information right in VSA. Access procedures, passwords and information related to the asset or organization in under 3 clicks.


Location: the location of the terminal. Current content: The content currently assigned to the group and the version of this content. Next content: The next content that will be assigned to this group and the version of this content. Assign package To assign a content package to a group of terminals, click Assign package. This will open the window for assigning package: In the Next package pane select the Content package, Version, Download / Playback time. If you want the package to be played back right after it has been downloaded, select the Playback after download checkbox.

SolarWinds Patch Manager Summary - WSUS Servers view

Automox offers three different pricing plans. Endpoint Monitoring (100% Free), Basic Patching ($2 endpoint/month), and Full Platform ($5 endpoint/month).


It would disrupt the user’s productivity and I would spend hours of my time on a single machine. Now, I can work on issues remotely and automate processes to keep systems up to date,” he said.

Kaseya (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=6641) VSA is an efficient IT infrastructure management tool that patches remote devices in real-time. It also measures key metrics like CPU and memory usage of connected devices to continuously monitor their health and report the same.


The patch management supports updates for different vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe, Java, Chrome, etc

Sysaid Service Desk is offered in three plans, Basic, Full, and A La Carte. Each is suitable for different networks and budgets. The price is not published in the website, but you can contact them to get a quote.

PDQ Deploy is a software deployment tool designed to keep Windows PCs up to date with minimal effort. It can deploy any Windows patch or application through SCCM, to all your Windows PCs at the same time. These deployments can install or uninstall patches or programs, reboot PCs, execute scripts, tell a PC to sleep, or copy files and send messages and instructions. Once your deployment is finished, the tool will generate a report on the deployment and execution.


PatchLink by Ivanti is an alternative WSUS patch management and application tool with a focus on security at the enterprise level. Ivanti was formed in 2021 from a merger of two smaller companies, one of which was formerly owned by IBM. Their software is well known, especially when it comes to their offerings in the areas of patch management and enterprise service management.

The license details include: Terminal ID: unique identifier of the terminal. Installation key: the installation key for that license. Installation date: the date the license was installed. Location: the location of the terminal as defined by user. Using the Remove installation button you can delete the installation key of the selected terminal entry. The installation key and the IP address of the terminal will be cleared but all other terminal settings will remain.


Enterprise Desktop Monitoring Software

I am working in an IT department with 25 computers running Windows 7. We are outsourcing in another country and rely on Praetorian Guard because it provides a way to monitor the entire network remotely. Software Inventory tools collect software on all PCs and store the data centrally. It also reports PC Hardware Inventory for accounting asset tracking, IT Audits and theft security. We are able to see what software has been installed on which server and by which user that is not authorized by our management.

Free WSUS alternatives are few and far between. In most cases, an enterprise in the market for a WSUS alternative will need to pay for a premium solution. For this reason, all the tools on this list will eventually require an investment. If a free trial is available for your preferred tool, I highly recommend you try before you buy.


Patch management is a must-have tool as more people increasingly prefer to use their personal devices to connect to the corporate network. These tools automatically identify vulnerabilities in outdated patches, download the latest versions, and install the same remotely on connected devices, so you can rest assured that all devices that connect to your network are up-to-date. Since remote patch management tools give you a ton of flexibility and save considerable time and resources, it is invaluable and can greatly add to your productivity, security, and efficiency.

We recommend grabbing one of these patch management tools from above and getting them implemented immediately

You can pre-design these rules and then apply them when you want to follow through with your updating processes. This can save you a lot of time and energy.


In a few clicks, you can easily create different patching schedules for your devices and even block out specific times when patches won’t run. The dashboard also allows you to blacklist specific updates that may cause issues with your applications. Microsoft is known for pushing out a bad update from time to time, so having that ability to blacklist certain patches can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

You can also get a general overview of available updates with the help of reports and dashboard statistics. Itarian helps you deploy updates to Windows and Linux operating systems.


Prajwal Desai Easy Way to Check TPM Status from Command Line Comments Feed

WSUS Agent saves you from digging through logs, deciphering error codes, and automatically tells you what the issue is in plain text. If that wasn’t helpful enough it even provides useful tips for problem remediation.

GFI LanGuard is one of the most popular tools that help to close the door on outdated patches and their resulting vulnerabilities. It handles all the patch management tasks, starting from identifying the missing or outdated software to reporting on the fixed gaps, and everything in between, thereby making it a comprehensive tool in every IT department’s arsenal.


The Importance of Patch Updates

Software updates and patches are not only important for security reasons, but they also improve the performance of your software. They often include newer or better features, or additional functionality with other tools or add-ons they didn’t have before. In many cases, updates are issued to improve the user experience, and if you haven’t updated your software, you could be missing out on great features. Furthermore, updates and patches issued to address bugs can massively improve organizational efficiency.

The Syxsense services both include an autodiscovery service that finds all endpoints connected to a network. They also include a software scanner that creates an inventory of all of the software installed on each endpoint and that extends to its operating system. The Syxsense system includes a high degree of automation in its Patch Management service.


Time: the time at which the event occurred. App: the application that played back the event.

Pulseway was one of the first to develop mobile IT management software. They made it easy to monitor software anywhere you are. The software is also easy to use and very convenient. With WSUS you can find any Windows update and apply it from a centralized place (including a mobile device). Then you can search according to update approval state or update installation status.


What is WSUS? An overview

NinjaRMM is an SaaS remote IT monitoring and management solution to help you plan, deliver, and operate any IT service. With Ninja RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) you can manage network devices and endpoints, access remotely, deploy updates, run antivirus scans, and much more.

Microsoft has been less than clear on how exactly companies can or cannot block updates. In this support update posted by Microsoft, it reads: ’Some Windows 10 editions let you defer upgrades to your PC. When you defer upgrades, new Windows features won’t be downloaded or installed for several months.


These are companies that have seemingly unlimited IT budgets, yet they manage to fall prey to crafty hackers, poorly implemented patching, and Malware. If it can happen to big companies, then it can happen to you.

For instance, Heimdal’s patch management software will allow your system administrators to roll out updates, patches (you could try this out), drivers, and critical security packages without the need to use another tool. Remember when we talked about WSUS? Microsoft’s WSUS can also cover 3rd party updates, patches, or drivers if it’s associated with SCCM.


Otherwise the terminal will have the Failed state and a notification will be sent to the service person. Monitoring type: select Memory usage, CPU utilisation, Hanged applications, usage of certain disks. Snapshot period, ms: The interval in seconds between readouts to monitor of the distribution of resources on the terminal Critical value, %: Reaching the value specified here will be considered a potential error. In case the preset Tolerance, % is exceeded within the specified Critical timeout, s, an error is logged. In case the allowed tolerance is not exceeded, the behaviour is considered correct. Enabled: Specify, whether or not the selected monitoring type is enabled. Named connections: The list of named connections assigned to the terminal. The client service at the player side will use the assigned named connections for getting server address and the Display ID. Step 5. You can monitor terminal state in the Overview window or/and send this report to the Service person responsible for the terminal.

There are two different versions: Professional and Enterprise. There are quite a few differences between the two product types, so be aware of these when looking at which one is best for you.


Now, for those of you wondering about OOB enrollment, the answer’s “yes”. You can still add AirWatch, but don’t mess around with the configurations, lest you risk messing up the enrollment process.

Optimize your daily technician efficiency with 30% fewer tickets that are resolved 40% faster. See how VSA and BMS work better together.


There is a lot of versatility under the hood outside of just patch management as well

A free demo of PatchLink is available on request. The company isn’t as transparent about their pricing as some of the others on this list; for a quote, you’ll need to make a request through their website.

The Cloud Patch Management software will automate most of the workflows for keeping operating systems and software up to date. However, it does still allow the technicians some control over what gets applied. The system allows operators to hold back some patches for further investigation. Thus, one patch does not hold up all the updates scheduled for rollout.


Microsoft has made an SDK (Software Development Kit) available for system administrators. The kit can be used to create WSUS-integrated management apps and write custom code for WSUS servers and auto-updates management.

If you’re looking for an in-between solution, you can check out these open-source tools. Keep in mind that integrating them into your network may raise some compatibility issues.


Deploy software, updates, and patches. From Intune’s Admin console you can deploy software packages, updates, and patches. The tool also allows for push-update scheduling, define update/patch deploy strategies, and much more. Microsoft boasts silent patching and updating, meaning that the user should not experience any interruption while these processes are performed.

As per Microsoft “A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a microchip designed to provide basic security-related functions, primarily involving encryption keys. The TPM comes installed on motherboard of a computer, and it communicates to the system by using a hardware bus”. You can read more about TPM fundamentals here.


The importance of having your systems continually patched is more crucial than ever, in light of recent events. As we've seen, there are many exploits and vulnerabilities within Windows systems and other network devices that are not made public and usually get into the hands of the wrong people.

Patches are applied out of office hours and this process can be carried out unattended. All actions are logged with the completion status of each update noted. This information is available for analysis the next day and is also stored for security audits. Server space in the Cloud for patch installation packages and log files is included in the subscription price for both Syxsense Manage and Syxsense Secure.


Easy Way to Check TPM Status from Command Line

It’s pretty clear that WSUS native functionality isn’t enough for most sysadmins these days. To get the most for your money you’ll want to choose a tool that suits your needs, and is appropriate for the number of agents you’re looking to patch and manage.

As well as WSUS works in this context, the gaps in its functionality can be filled with other third-party or Windows server patching tools. One WSUS (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9768) alternative is called System Center Configuration Management, or SCCM, a patching tool that works alongside WSUS to keep your Windows system functioning securely and in a healthy way.