The version of WinRAR 5/31 brings better support for right to left languages (such as Hebrew). The text alignment for these languages should now work correctly in WinRAR dialog prompts (confirm to delete, clear the log, etc).

  • WinRAR had a bug which was preventing it’s help would not resize, when Windows’ DPI setting to 150% or higher
  • Announcing the release of the WinRAR 3.40 GUI Patch v1.0
  • Anyway this bug will no longer affect WinRAR in Windows Vista and above, as RARLAB has patched it
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WinRAR (https://karinka-selo.ru/content/uploads/files/download/index-of-winrar-crack.zip) and the RAR file format have evolved over time. Support for the archive format RAR5, using the same RAR file extension as earlier versions, was added in version 5/0; files in the older RAR file format have since been referred to as RAR4. WinRAR (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=1397) versions before 5/0 do not support RAR5 archives; only older versions of WinRAR run on Windows versions prior to XP, and cannot open RAR5 archives.


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All that remains is writing/organizing the copyright text, completing the Readme, and compiling together the patcher executable. We are in th;)homestretch ;). reUPDATE #15: Greetings folks. The complete download package has been sent off to FOOOD for his final approval and posting.

The software is distributed as try before you buy. This means that anyone may use the software during a test period of a maximum of 40 days at no charge.


FOOOD and I are in totally different time zones. When I am awake, he is asleep (and vice versa). This makes turn-around time on 'suggestions/receiving new files' a bit long sometimes.

I also moved the 'Alpha/Concept' screenshots into links for our modem viewers. When the patch is released, you will have a choice of which pixel size icons work best for you. The exact options have yet to be finalized, although 48 (shown below in the new screenshots), 64 (also shown below in the new screenshots), and 72 pixel versions :De safe bets :D. This way, you can tailor the interface more to your preference.


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WinRAR 5.80 Beta 3

UPDATE #13: As this patch has progressed, we have continuously identified areas we could improve/expand upon. Although we are open to additional tweaking in the future, we want this to be as complete as possible right out the door. The enthusiasm in this thread has been (and currently is) great to see and is most definitely a motivation to make you folks as happy as possible with the finished 'product'.

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