The Xtensa LX configurable processor can be used to meet high-performance and low-power goals far beyond the range of solutions achievable with standard general-purpose embedded processors. The Xtensa LX processor achieves performance levels rivaling the power and performance of hardware-only designs built with hand-coded RTL because design teams use Tensilica’s easy-to-use, integrated tools to rapidly and carefully tune the processor for their particular application or function. Customized Xtensa LX processors are correct by construction and feature an automatically created matching software tool chain.

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Adobe Camera RAW 12: Adobe Photoshop is known as the best graphics editing and processing application with a huge bundle of tools along with different plugins support. Camera RAW is a powerful Photoshop plugin to process the RAW images and get access to all the cameras. Not only RAW image formats but this plugin also helps in processing DNG images. Users can edit as well as convert RAW images to other formats. It is a gift for the photographers to directly work on the RAW images without distorting them.


The Kontakt Player Bundle is a collection of 13 premium Soundiron virtual instrument libraries that have been specially encoded by Native Instruments for the Kontakt Player, Komplete Kontrol and NKS platform. This stellar collection includes Ambius Prime, Antidrum Machine, Apocalypse Percussion Elements, Elysium Harp, Emotional Piano, Glitch Hero, Mercury Boys' Choir Elements, Motor Rhythms, Olympus Choir Elements, Requiem Light Symphonic Choir, Voices Of Gaia, Voices Of Rage and Voices Of Rapture. You'll find hundreds of intuitively playable Kontakt instrument presets with advanced features and brilliant sound quality. And check out screenshots of some of the custom Kontakt interfaces, providing a variety of automation-ready sound shaping controls.

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Mercury Elements is an exquisitely recorded boys' chorus for Native Instruments Kontakt and Kontakt Player, hand-selected from the most essential elements of our comprehensive Mercury Symphonic Boys' Choir. We’ve carefully crafted this library to provide you a fluid and naturally intuitive musical experience, with a professional children's choral sound and full feature set, for an unprecedented value.

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Tensilica was founded in July 1997 to address the growing need for optimized, application-specific microprocessor and DSP solutions in high-volume embedded applications. Using a configurable and extensible processor core called Xtensa, Tensilica is the only company that has transformed the once-arduous task of generating a customized processor core and companion software development tool environment into an automated process that takes less than one hour.

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With the help of this wonderful extension, photographers can apply artistic effects to the photographs or make various other changes without following complex procedures. Moreover, the users can cut, crop, rotate and tilt the images. In addition, it comes with support for all the popular cameras including Canon, Kodak, Konica Minolta, Olympus (https://karinka-selo.ru/content/uploads/files/download/olympus-team-idm-crack.zip), Samsung, Leaf, Ricoh, Contax, Panasonic, Hasselblad, Sony, Casio, Sigma, Leica, Fujifilm, Nikon, Pentax or Mamiya etc. All in all, it is the best photoshop extension from Adobe to process and edit RAW images.

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Mercury Elements includes a close microphone position, captured in a large hall for brilliance, clarity and a naturally stellar tone. It was recorded with a 25-voice boys' choral ensemble, with the award-winning Pacific Boychoir. It includes Sustains, Staccatos and Marcatos for the primary Ah, Eh, Oh and Oo vowels, in both piano and forte dynamics with 2x round-robin variations per note. It also features polyphonic true legato, for Ah and Oo vowel sounds in both piano and forte dynamics. There are also a selection of multi-syllable chromatic Latin sustaining and staccato words with automatic tempo-synching. And we've included an essential selection of children's choral effects and an exclusive new collection of our signature sound-designed choral atmospheres and pads to complete this excellent package. It all comes wrapped in a flexible and user-friendly user interface, with powerful sound shaping and FX features built in.


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Manufacturing environments in automotive, medical device, electronics, aerospace, and product security industries require rugged, high performing, and easy to use barcode reading technology to ensure top component traceability and productivity. DataMan 8700 series handheld barcode readers decode the toughest direct part mark (DPM) and label-based codes while withstanding harsh oils, dirt, and water.