It's probably because I got my GFWL account a while after I got GTA 4. All of the tabs in GFWL, including the tabs like 'Games', 'Videos' and 'Demos' are empty. I've linked my Social Club account to my GFWL account, but still nothing happens!

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Results: After playing for 3 hours I had zero drift. It stays pointed at the direction of your monitor forever. I considered adding a curve to the scaling to provide a “dead zone”, but the game has a dead zone setting built-in and I’d rather just output 100% and let the game / user control the settings. I also mapped the roll axis and one could use it to fire the roll thrusters in the game. For ~$45 you now have a cool little IMU that you can experiment with!


Lastly there are PCB boards being built for this, and I’m really not sure why. These are not PCB’s with components on them like an ATMEGA32U4’s and the 9 Degree of Freedom hardware already built in. These are PCB’s just to connect a 9-DOF board with an Arduino. This is all of 4 connections, and the two pins on the Teensy 2/0 are D0 (SCL) & D1 (SDA) and they line up fine on both the Adafruit and Pololu breakouts for an above mount setup.

Restore an old Mac

No idea why people are bashing Bulletstorm for being "juvenile" or "lowest common denominator". You all forgotten PC classics like Blood, Duke 3D, Doom? If anything Bulletstorm doesn't match the violence in those games. Slate it for lack of imagination. I haven't seen much in the videos anywhere as Diabolical as some of those old PC titles.


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FEAR 1 was designed for the PC, FEAR 2 was designed for 360 and ported to PC. ME1 and 2 were designed for 360 and ported to PC. That's probably why they felt like console games. None of this changes the fact that they were all available on PC and therefore qualify as PC games. And none of that changes the fact that Bluesnews is a website that focuses on PC gaming.

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The gravity defying boobs were always in the Unreal Tournament games, which were PC games. Gears of War, the console game, had one female and she was fully clothed in an officer's uniform, and I'm pretty certain she was in her 30s. Regardless, I don't get how that's "console-oriented" anyway, considering the PC has a long tradition of that kind of crap and it all comes from comic books.


For the head tracking code I used Fscale to scale map the angles to the joystick. This is the part where you amplify a tiny amount of head movement into a larger amount of in-game head-look movement. I settled on a 50° angle for pitch and roll, and an 80° angle for left and right (yaw). You’re more than welcome to try a different scale by changing the low and high Fscale numbers (-25 & 25 = 50° of movement translates into -90° & 90° of game movement) Everything else is directly from Michael Baker mikeshub/Pololu_Open_IMU.

Bought it for the no cd convenience. Wonder why it's double the size of the retail release (about 12 from about 6 gb).

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GFWL (visit this link) doesn't cost money to play on, and there's no requirement to use its shitty console-style online play. If Bulletstorm has servers, then that should be good enough to cover that.


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Beware GFWL naughty users

Shacknews parent company GameFly announced that it has acquired PC game digital distributor Direct2Drive from IGN Entertainment. The deal adds D2D's library of over 3,000 PC and Mac titles available for purchase and download digitally to the extensive list of video games available for rent from the GameFly's subscription service.


Besides, you already mentioned you had trouble with the GFWL and DRM. You had to bypass it to play the DLC you purchased for fallout 3.

Your mom looks like Gears of War. She likes using cover, shakes your view, and can regenerate for another round in mere seconds!


As for offline profile, I was never able to do that with bioshock 2 when I tried to play. Because of GFWL screwing up itself and the game (such as freezing on updates), I was not able to play my purchased game until I made another computer half a year later.

Anytime a game announces it'll use GFWL (get more info) though I'm out. Steam is my "Service" and I don't need something else for my lazy ass to log into and watch eat up my CPU cycles. Last time I used GFWL was with Bioshock 2, and whenever the menu came up it messed with the colors of the textures and wouldn't fix itself until a level load.


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Out of the games you listed, I have only played the FEAR games. That was a PC game, it FELT like a PC game. I can't speak to the others, but as far as I have heard, ME and ME2 FEEL like console games.

They have completely different styles of gameplay. Bulletstorm is a run & gun first-person shooter. Gears of War is a cover-based third-person shooter. Why you're so adamant about comparing the two is a mystery to me.

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