Civ IV is my favorite game, but I couldn't stand Colonization. I also found it boring as well as lacking in scope.

  • I was able to run the game, start a random civ, and run it without error
  • One can easily get an entire game in over the course of one late night or a lazy weekend
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We still have spots open int he roster. If Tim or someone else doesnt check in and grab the save, I’ll play later today.


There is still a problem with King pathing of galleon transports when moving the REF. This will hopefully be addressed in the next update.

But it was playable even mid-game to end-game on the iBook

Turn 2 tempted to start Chichen Itza in Mystdale. Resisted and chose market instead. Great Library finishes, switch to organized religion as we’ll be building infrastructure for a few turns.


True, I have to do something about that. Buffing Halberdiers will help here but I think they should cost at least 60 even then.

Age of Discovery II

Quote:Summons: the general concept is that summoning units are worth casting. That was a major flaw of the original game (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=4216) where some were useful and some were too underpowered and expensive. I do worry that your summoning units might be too cost-effective and 'ahead of their time' in that normal units (with their removed +1 to hit elite bonus) can't stand a chance against them. Striking the right balance is essential.


Quote - The original ridiculous paladin is now a balanced top unit by losing important abilities. Good job, but what's with the 300 cost? Compared to other [cheaper] top units, it seems pretty average with the benefit of 'holy bonus'. Lowering to 200-250 and/or giving it additional abilities like 'large shield' or 'healing spell' will balance out the poor early units with a strong late unit.

You just select add game and then import archive file and the installation is done in a few secs

After producing some macemen, maybe we can set research to 0% for a few turns, sell all our old techs to backwards civs for some coins, and use the money to upgrade our axemen to maces. Two archers in the south should be enough for barb watch.


In those days playing it through lan mode was a real benefit. Doing so when I went off and got broadband made it virtually indistinguishable from lan play. As far as gameplay, it is not that big a deal unless you have some terrible latency issues due to whatever reason. It is just not that critical to have lan anymore, sorry, it's not, and no argument given has swayed that opinion one iota.

I can give feedback later about problems with game play. but now I must be off to conqueror new lands

Set the capital to build Chichen Itza, hoping for a Great Prophet there. I’d rather have the city produce military (cause its closer to the would-be front lines) and build the wonder in St Pete but an engineer specialist has polluted the gene pool there.

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Is there anyway to make a hard copy of your game if you do digital download? Just in case their digital download service bites the dust somewhere down the line?


Turn 1: traded calendar for junk techs and 60 gold with Vicky, the Dark scientists are researching Construction now. Also sold meditation to Alex for 180 gold – it wont help him much and we can use the money.

Sid Meier's Civilization IV - v.1.74 retail

I understand summoning vs normal mechanics more now, given how city mechanics are shaped in your mod. This is a game of high numbers, and it takes a lot of patience to build a stack of summoning units. I do hope that AI prioritizes high-tier summoning units, because once you get a stack of Stone Giants, can their stag beetles, etc really compete? I suggest boosting city wall defense bonuses and AI summoning priorities focused on 'rares' and 'very rares' to make city conquest more of a challenge.

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Quote:Berserkers: race and units looks fairly balanced and I really like the concept of the race as you have it. I suggest higher spearmen cost to around 20 because 8 figures of 'thrown 1' is extremely useful. Otherwise, I don't see major changes needed.


With Sid Meier's Civilization IV, history as you know it, is history. Rule throughout time and create your own legacy as you guide your civilization from the dawn of man through the space age and beyond.

I do use no cd versions of the games - I haven’t had time to go back and try a clean install

Dark Elf - just to clarify, I suggest '2' ranged power to units above spearmen. Giving 2 ranged to spearmen would make them too scary for their cost.


The developers/publishers themselves has said (almost derisively) that it's absolutely not a "clickfest" type RTS and that combat micromanagement isn't all that necessary at all, though you still can if you wish. However, constant micromanagement won't be the deciding factor in battles. They've actually put in micromanagement counter-measures, like reducing the effectiveness of focus-firing, essentially gimping yourself if you do so.

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They only get a +1 penalty in their own towns, which isn't significant. You need that Cathedral for the Paladins anyway so you will be reducing the unrest. Tax tables are also less harsh, 2/25 gold instead of 2/5 due to the higher unrest isn't that bad.

Nappy seems to be busy building, I hope he’s behind in military techs. I’d suggest a maceman/catapult attack on him. We should kep Mansa on our side, he has contact with Nappy’s cities, if he converts to christianity we may be in trouble. I think we should switch to organized religion and pop a few missionaries to strengten Mansa’s faith. Then build up some infrastructure. Only Msytdale and Moscow should get library and market imho, other cities granary/forge/barracks only.


I think I reduced their shots to 15 from 99? Their attack is only 2 higher than original so that should have made them weaker.

PC polish patch 1.74

Quote:*Swordsmen and Halberdiers: steep cost even with the armor or hp bonus - needs good racial bonuses to be formidable. I suggest 2 armor, 2hp for swordsmen and an additional armor or attack point for halberdier.


Edit: I think I know where to insert what for AI multiple spellcasting to work, but it needs 31 bytes and there are only 17 free. I can make space in a different part of the code, but I have no idea how to make far jumps to actually use that space. If anyone can teach me that, we could most likely do this.

DL #3 is the update to version 1/74 (Universal Binary). It can also be downloaded from the old Aspyr support page that is now only accessible via the Wayback Machine. However, the direct download link from Aspyr still works. You must copy the installer to your hard drive before using it, for it to work.


Brain fart of the turnset: I started building a mine on the iron near Rostov before farming the wheat. No way the city can work on the desert tile.

I haven't bought a PC game since WoW (unless you count WoW and EQ2 expansions) and this is one of the most exciting things for PC in a while. We NEVER get space RTS's like this, not outside of Homeworld anyway.


Built some catapults as we’ll need them to capture Nappy’s cities, we can send them to suicide attack for collateral damage. We NEED to capture some cities, or we’ll fall behind. I counted 7 French cities and we don’t have good looking land to settle. I really wouldn’t like to have tundra cities at this point. Mansa keeps settling near our borders.

Normal units and races (first glance): I see units generally have no to hit bonus from experience and rarely from innate bonuses. Assuming that magic weapons are easily available, I'm analyzing as if your units have an additional 'to hit' starting from early-mid game (this article).


Civ4 beyond the sword patch 3.19 adobe

Search only Games you have, but not finished

Bureaucracy is available, we can switch. And if we continue producing units we may even switch back to paganism cause org.