Lost Coast follows Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman as he travels up a coastal cliff to destroy a Combine artillery launcher in a monastery, which is firing on a nearby town. The Lost Coast level was originally created for Half-Life 2, but was ultimately removed from the game. As a result, it has several minor story details that were not included in Half-Life 2. The level received a generally positive reception, and there was consensus among reviewers that the new features included in Lost Coast should be integrated into future games released by Valve.

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This exposes our administrative password to anyone looking over our shoulder. And, on many operating systems, anyone that can see a list of processes can see the arguments on the command line. Also, previous commands are visible in the command history, including those password arguments. Instead, we should ensure that the administrative tools prompt for a user ID and password. Be aware that in all currently supported versions of WebSphere Application Server this is the default, so no explicit actions are needed to insure that this occurs.


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Security measures should not be seen as a barrier to “outsiders”. This is an overly simple point of view. Currently, many organizations focus their security measures entirely on people outside the organization, and they mistakenly believe that only outsiders are at risk.

They married on 4 November 1842 and the couple went on to have four sons together. Throughout the first half of the 1800s, the United States was embroiled in a severe political and moral struggle over the issue of slavery. A generation before, the founding fathers had failed to address the issue of slavery as they felt at the time that national unity was far more important, and so they left provisions for addressing the issue of slavery for future politicians to grapple with. Unfortunately, instead, the rural agrarian culture of the South became more reliant on slavery and this led not only to the issue not being resolved, but it became a more entrenched way of life and its continuance was fought for by Southern Democrats both in the House and in the Senate. As new states were being admitted to the Union, the most contentious issue of all was always whether a state would be a free state like Illinois where slavery was illegal or a slave-holding state like Kentucky. Throughout the 1840s and 1850s, Abraham Lincoln would have a variety of jobs in order to try and bring in some sort of income. At various points, he was a shop owner, the head of a local militia, a fairly successful lawyer, and an unsuccessful politician coming in nearly dead last when he ran for the Illinois General Assembly. However, his fortunes began to change as people noted his quick wit, his towering physical presence, and his homely way of speaking. His recognition grew immensely when he faced off against the well-known debater and orator Stephen Douglas in what became known as the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Lincoln, who had been a nobody, was widely considered to have trounced a supposedly superior debater with his intelligence and wit.


PKI is closely related to cryptography. Although it seems complicated, it is not. We do not explain the details or go into low-level mathematical algorithms here, but you should understand the background involved.

In a way, Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens is one long jab at rabid Darth Vader fanboys. He's an in-universe Loony Fan who thinks Vader was the epitome of Evil Is Cool, down to the point of knowing Vader redeemed himself, but ignoring this because he thinks it makes him less ideal. By the time the movie begins, Kylo Ren has invoked Darth Vader Clone onto himself, and unlike real life fanboys, actually has the power to back it up. Thing is, no one takes him as seriously as they did with Vader, in-universe and out. Those who know his backstory note know exactly how unjustified his attitude is, the men under his command fear him, but have seen enough temper tantrums to not have any respect for him, and Kylo Ren himself barely understands Vader and Sith philosophy in general, and begs Vader's half-melted iconic helmet for advice. In short, Kylo Ren is a Nerd in Evil's Helmet who, while powerful, can't understand what made Vader feared in-universe, and what made him admirable to viewers.


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When a certificate is trusted because it was issued by a trusted CA, a MITM attacker can return a legitimate certificate issued by the same trusted CA instead of a real certificate. Assuming that the CA does not issue multiple certificates with the same CN, hostname verification can detect MITM attackers.

It is critical that, when a system is at risk of failing to process logs, it detects and takes action to mitigate the failure. Log processing failures include software/hardware errors, failures in the log capturing mechanisms, and log storage capacity being reached or exceeded.


NTLM is an authentication protocol used in various Microsoft network protocols. It follows a challenge-response mechanism for authentication. A few Web browsers support this mechanism. Explaining the protocol and how it is used for authentication is beyond the scope of this paper, but you can find numerous documents on the Web to find out the details.

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After clicking OK, provide a label for the new entry (alias), for example: abc client public. The new certificate should appear in ikeyman.


Computer-based threats are less likely than cyber threats because computers in a production environment are typically restricted access. If there are no restricted accesses in your environment, these threats are likely to occur and you should first restrict access to these computers.

Intruders may invade your system for two reasons: to get information they should not have, or to change the normal behavior of the system in some way. In the latter case, by changing the behavior of the system, they can try to perform transactions that are beneficial to them, or just to cause the system to crash in some interesting way, causing damage to your organization.


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Delete from all key stores (including the trust store) all of the existing signing certificates. At this point, no key store can be used to validate any certificates.

A policy configuration file essentially contains a list of entries. It may contain a key store entry, and contains zero or more grant entries.


Password configuration WebSEAL sends user ID and password to the application servers for the junction being configured. The user ID is in the iv-user header. The WebSEAL TAI validates the password against the registry. If the LoginId property is not set on the WebSEAL TAI properties, then the TAI will verify the user ID and password combination sent from WebSEAL and trust it if it is any valid user ID and password combination. This is not a secure configuration because this then implies that any person knowing any valid user ID and password combination can connect to WAS and assert any user's identity. By specifying the LoginId property, the WebSEAL TAI ignores the inbound user ID in the basic auth header, and verifies the LoginId and WebSEAL password combination. Mutual SSL configuration WebSEAL is configured to use SSL to communicate with WAS. The SSL configuration includes a client certificate whose private key is known only to WebSEAL. Configure the application server Web container to perform client certificate authentication. Alter the trust store to include only the client certificate that WebSEAL is using.

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The default maximum size of any single HTTP header is 32768 bytes. This can be set to a different value.


Signatures also work as in everyday life. For signatures used in the PKI environment, the information encrypted with a person’s (the sender) private key is unique to this person. Anybody can decode the message, and the source will be identified, because only one public key can open the message: the sender’s public key. This message is almost good enough to be used for a digital signature; the only problem is that we would like to sign documents, and an encrypted document is too long to be a signature.

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Multifactor authentication creates a layered defense and makes it more difficult for an unauthorized person to access the application server. If one factor is compromised or broken, the attacker still has at least one more barrier to breach before successfully breaking into the target.


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Form-based logon is a popular method for the logon process. This mechanism uses the standard HTTP POST method to send logon information to the application server. Every application server has its own implementation and naming constraints for the fields and for the URI to submit to. It is a fairly secure method if the logon information is sent over a secured HTTPS connection.

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Logs are essential to monitor the health of the system, investigate changes that occurred to the system, or investigate a security incident. When log processing fails, the events during the failure can be lost.


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The T cell engaging bispecific antibody construct (BiTE®) blinatumomab, which targets CD19, is approved for the treatment of relapsed or refractory B cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia in adults and children in the US and has shown great promise for treating other CD19-positive hematological malignancies. The short serum half-life of blinatumomab necessitates administration by continuous IV infusion to maintain therapeutic serum concentrations. To extend the half-life and allow for a more convenient administration, a next generation BiTE® antibody construct designated CD19 HLE BiTE® has been generated. The CD19 HLE BiTE® comprises a new CD19- and CD3-targeting tandem single-chain Fv antibody fused to an Fc domain.

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Rendertron is designed to enable your Progressive Web App (PWA) to serve the correct content to any bot that doesn’t render or execute JavaScript. Rendertron runs as a standalone HTTP server. Rendertron renders requested pages using Headless Chrome, auto-detecting when your PWA has completed loading and serializes the response back to the original request.


There is no standalone external tool. You can just use separate version of Liberty to create it and than share wherever you need.

Second, WebSphere Application Server is a powerful large product, so it is difficult to enhance security. Such products should not be placed in the DMZ.


Switching gears, Real Racing 2 from developer Firemint gives you just as much detail sans the fantasy environment. Plain and simple, motion-controlled racing games tend not to work well. Cro-Mag Rally from the first-generation of apps proved that to millions of hungry mobile gamers - racing via an iPhone could be fun for in short bursts, but precision driving took a back seat. When too many wrong-way mistakes added up, you’d get frustrated, press the home button and move on to another app. Luckily, Firemint developed a better-handling, true-to-life racing sim and includes a half-dozen control options to let you tweak the handling to your heart’s content. The company even added a steering sensitivity slider.

You can open the demo key store files and investigate the contents or export the certificates yourself. The password for the demo key stores is WebAS(case sensitive).


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With Fleeting Password Manager, you won't have to remember all your passwords anymore. Just enter the master password and all the stored login details will be displayed.

Most organizations now understand the value of the DMZ to isolate outsiders on the Internet from intranets. However, many organizations are unaware that many intruders are coming from within. As mentioned earlier, there is a need to simultaneously guard against threats from both internal and external sources. Just as you protect yourself from a large number of untrusted Internet users, you should also protect your production system from a large number of untrusted intranet users.


By acting as a single point of entry for the clients, this server increases security in the environment. However, it can also be considered a bottleneck in the network infrastructure. Security reverse proxy servers are usually high-performance servers; or you can load-balance between a few of them for better performance.

We can configure the application servers, which contain a small embedded HTTP listener, to only accept requests from known Web servers. This prevents various sneak attacks that bypass any security that might be in front of or in the Web server and creates a trusted network path.


Supporting security components for WebSphere

This article begins with a brief discussion of why security is so important and the difficulty of strengthening the system, and then discusses how to enhance the WebSphere Application Server environment to address various security vulnerabilities. Because this article focuses on strengthening, some of the information is general and not analyzed in detail. We provide as much reference as possible to the relevant details so that you can further research the relevant subtopics.

When estimating the damage caused by the breach of security, don't forget that security breaches can cause system users to lose confidence in the system. Therefore, the “cost of security breach” may include very high indirect costs (for example, losing the trust of investors).


Marine Bot provides computer generated players (bots) for the Half-Life mod Firearms, for both online and offline play. Marine Bot is designed for Firearms 2/9-3/0, and is also backwards compatible with all.

As summarized in Table 1, natural peptides suffer from fast proteolytic degradation and body clearance. Furthermore, possible reduced water solubility restricts their drugability. In the last years, remarkable efforts have been made to modulate the bioavailability of peptides. Basically, delivery challenges of peptide drug candidates can be overcome by chemical modification or innovative formulation techniques such as the integration of peptides into particles, gels or liposomes [14,82,83]. Recently, the great methodical repertoire for extending the half-lifes of biological active peptides by covalent chemical approaches has been reviewed . These methods include peptide sequence modifications by non-proteinogenic amino acids such as D- or N-methylated [85,86] monomers or general truncation or mutation of biologically not relevant positions creating peptide analogs . Likewise, backbone manipulation by partial or complete cyclization as well as incorporation of peptide bond mimetics can help to increase stability towards proteases. Peptide stability can also be optimized by blocking their respective termini through N-terminal acylation and C-terminal amidation . Apart from this, metabolically unstable peptide drugs can be optimized by the covalent attachment of fatty acids (lipidation) or methoxy polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymers (PEGylation) . These two strategies are based on substantially different mechanisms, which can lead to a remarkable increase of the potential utility of peptides as pharmaceuticals.


Review documented process for LTPA key regeneration

Most of the boundaries are obvious: network connections, process and process communication, file systems, operating system interfaces, etc, but some boundaries are not easy to distinguish. For example, if an application uses J2C resources in WebSphere Application Server, you must consider the possibility of another application trying to access those resources. This is because there are system boundaries between the first application and WebSphere Application Server and between the second application and WebSphere Application Server. It's possible that both applications can access this resource (actually they do). This may be unreasonable sharing.

Ans: Security model for web sphere is primarily based on JAVA EE security model

Generally, it is difficult to precisely say how long a drug or substance will take to be excreted from someone’s body. This is an important fact for athletes or people in occupations that require them to be substance-free to remember. Half-lives in the anti-doping world are of limited value because they do not reflect the presence of metabolites (break-down products from the parent drug), which are often what is measured in anti-doping tests. In addition, serum half-life does not necessarily reflect urine concentrations, which is the main sample of choice in drug testing.


The "nationalist" commitment to popular welfare was already more rhetoric than reality by the 1980s. In the Constitution, Mexicans still had the right to housing, healthcare, employment, and education, but millions of people went hungry, had no homes, were sick and un-Displacement and Migration 57 employed, and couldn't read. The anger and cynicism felt by many Mexicans toward their political system is in great part a product of the contradiction between those constitutional promises of the revolu-tion a century ago, plus the nationalist rhetoric that followed, and the reality of life for most people. The crisis was an opportunity for the PRI to weaken that rhetorical commitment even further. In a deJerate attempt to generate jobs and revenue for debt payments, the government encouraged the growth of maquiladoras, first permitted under the Border Industrial Program, begun in 1964. To develop the northern border region, the govern-ment had allowed fOreign corporations to build assembly plants within a hundred miles of the United States. The raw materials had to come from the US. side, and all the finished products had to go back north as well. From 1982 to 1988 the number of border factories tripled, from five hundred to fifteen hundred, the number of workers they employed went from 150,000 to 360,000, and they accounted for 40 percent of Mexico's total exports. Encouraging their growth set a process into motion in which today more than three thousand border plants em-ploy more than 2 million workers making products for shoppers from Los Angeles to New York. By 1992, the year before NAFTA took effect, they accounted for over half of Mexican exports, and in the NAFTA era maquiladoras became the main sector of the economy producing employment growth.

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Ikeyman matches up the request entry and the response, removing the request and inserting a new personal certificate. Select the item and click View/Edit to see the details of the signer Certificate Authority under the Issued by section.


Public Key Cryptography is fundamentally based on public/private key pairs. These two keys are cryptographically related. The key issue is that these keys are asymmetric; information encrypted with one key can be decrypted using another key. The private key is naturally private. In other words, you must always protect your private key.

You don't give enough information to tell what is causing your problem on requests that go through DataPower vs. the ones that do not go through DataPower. Typically to debug these kinds of problems you need a debug trace from DataPower, a copy of the DataPower configuration and maybe a packet trace. These things often contain confidential information so if you have an IBM support contract, I would open a PMR with Worklight and submit those items so we can help you with that.


Q.Explain About Web Sphere Mq Jms Provider

Much like the Wild Hunt, the Meaning of Life, and where matching socks vanish to, her motives remain a mystery. Things seemed cozy between us; she’d always been sympathetic to my tics and twitches, and I’d tried to be a good and loving husband in return. Obviously, living with a half-crazed author took a greater toll than I’d estimated. Add screams in the night and generally paranoid behavior to the equation.

WebSphere Portal Collaboration Security Handbook, SG24-6438

This feature only protects the LTPA cookie with the HTTP Only flag. For a properly written application that leverages Java EE security and enables session security (discussed later), that should be sufficient.


There is a major flaw in trusting all certificates issued by a powerful CA. If a CA is compromised, it is likely to cause a serious loss of trust. In 2021, a CA (Comodo) that issued certificates for approximately 25% of Internet sites was attacked, and certificates issued by this CA are now questionable. Another CA (Diginotar) was also attacked, which caused the company to shut down; all the certificates used by Diginotar are now useless.

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Public internet requests go through load balancer, to web server, to portal. With this procedure we block access to administrative pages from the web server level. Direct requests to portal administrative pages will still be successful.


If you use WebSphere MQ as your messaging provider, you need to provide queue authorization through other technologies. When using client/server mode (the binding mode relies on process-to-process authentication on the computer), by default WebSphere MQ does not perform any user authentication. In fact, when you specify a user ID and password for WebSphere MQ on the connection factory, these values are ignored by WebSphere MQ.

The great novelty here is the genre painting of the Neopolitan Gaspare Traversi, beautifully executed, full of good humor, caricature and tenderness. I particularly remember a picture of a not very seri- ously Wounded Man, just in from a street brawl, his scratches being treated by a pretentious doctor and a very pretty maid. There is a room of Pira- nesi's Ruins and Prisons, a number of Pannini's highly detailed views of court ceremonies in Rome, and fine Magnascos of monks leading their insect-like com- munal life. The Venetians make up more than half the show. There are the best Piazettas I have seen, of pretty ladies with their parasols and lovely clothes and doll-like faces; a complete display of the landscapes of Canaletto, Belotto and Guardi; and wonderful Tiepolos, both father and son. The Louvre's exhibit falls sharply into January 7, 1961 two sections — old masters and the nine- teenth century. The galleries of the older painting are crowded and difficult to inspect — too many pictures on too many tiers. Despite the presence of many fine things, the general effect is of an ex- position day at a public auction. The nineteenth-century galleries, on the other hand, are a delight, with all sorts of things one remembers with affection from the Louvre of other times. There are wonderful portraits by David; La Source of Ingres, so sweet and shy and plurnp, and his Oedipus and the Sphinx where Oedipus with jaw-line beard and delicately muscled feet resembles a Beaux Arts student consulting his professor.


Authentication is the process of establishing whether a client is valid in a particular context. A client can be an end user, a machine, or an application.

SSL requires a public/private key pair, which is stored in the key store for WebSphere Application Server

Therefore, in previous lunar missions, a radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) has been used to reduce the reliance on solar energy for electrical power generation [11–13]. An RTG is an electrical power generator that uses a thermoelectric device to convert heat energy produced from the decay of a radioisotope into electrical energy via the Seebeck effect. The main advantages of RTGs are the stability of power generation regardless of day and night periods and a long lifetime achieved by the use of a radioisotope with a half-life ranging from a few years to several decades. The application of RTGs to a lunar lander enhances its survivability and extends the mission during nighttime. In the Apollo 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17 missions, systems for nuclear auxiliary power-27 (SNAP-27) RTGs were employed to supply power to Apollo Lunar Surface Experiment Packages (ALSEPs) . They had reliably functioned beyond their mission design lifetime of one year. In addition to the lunar missions, numerous interplanetary exploration missions have also used several types of RTGs and demonstrated their reliability [12, 13]. However, these RTGs are still less advantageous for night survival of a lunar lander because of their large weight, low energy conversion efficiency of less than 10%, and inefficient process of converting heat into electrical power and thereafter using it to operate an electric heater . The high development cost, safety assurance, and political criticality related to the use of a radioisotope material, such as plutonium-238, also make it difficult to apply RTGs in space programs.


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When using, you should sign the database with a user that is listed as 'Owner' or 'Administrator' in the SSO configuration. This version only supports Domino keys. Tokens imported from Websphere will not generate valid tokens. Since WAS token generation is not based on public API, it doesn't seem possible to do it without native libraries.


HCL Notes and Domino wiki: App dev: Generating LTPA tokens

J2EE security uses the security collaborator to enforce J2EE-based security policies and support J2EE security APIs. APIs are accessed from WebSphere applications to access security mechanisms and implement security policies.

A value of 2 supports TLS1/0 and TLS1/1. A value of 3 supports TLS1/0, TLS1/1, and TLS1/2.


Hopefully with the release of Half-Life and Counter-Strike the next techbag will be shorter:) General Issues

The trust relationship between the two products is important because the WebSEAL TAI in WebSphere Application Server accepts identity assertions from WebSEAL. If the link can be broken, the intruder can assert any identity and completely undermine the security of the infrastructure. The trust relationship between WebSphere Application Server and WebSEAL can be established through one of two mechanisms: mutual SSL authentication and password-based authentication. Both of these mechanisms work in a secure environment. However, each mechanism must be properly configured, otherwise serious security issues may arise. In each mechanism, WebSEAL sends the end user's user ID as an iv-user header in an HTTP request. The difference between these two configurations is how WebSEAL proves itself to the application server.

Table 1-1 and Table 1-2 are very similar, but the rows and columns are switched. Actually, this is the difference between the two approaches. We have two sets: roles and resources. In the first case, roles are mapped to resources, and in the second case resources are mapped to roles.


If a key is not recognized in the policy, ignore the key. If every key is ignored, treat the code as unsigned.

When User D wants to talk to User A or User B or User C, their certification paths are different. To resolve the problem, the two root Certificate Authorities (Root A and Root B) can create a trust between themselves by setting up a cross-certification. When the two parties have cross-certified CAs along the path, they can trust each other.


Self-signed certificates are convenient in internal applications and intranet environments. They are not sufficient when the parties cannot exchange certificates in a secured, trusted manner, or when the communication happens ad hoc between two parties who do not know about each other.

The WebSphere Application Server web server plug-in forwards requests from the web server to the target application server. By default, if communication to the web server is done over HTTPS, the plugin automatically uses HTTPS when forwarding the request to the application server, protecting its confidentiality.


How to disable automatic LTPA Key generation in WebSphere

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The two formats are similar in function but are incompatible in format. Therefore, we must be careful not to mix them up.


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It is very difficult to configure it, and the configuration process is not documented. Many WebSphere Application Server processes require read access to a myriad of files and write access to the log and transaction directories.

J2SE V1/4 provides authentication services. Programmers can use the service to implement authentication for their applications, or use the SPI to extend the existing service with new modules and functions.


When using an LDAP registry, WAS verifies a user's password using the standard ldap_bind. This requires that WAS send the user's password to the LDAP server.

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Webserver delegation model is fairly simple,when the request comes into the webserver,it simply passes the request to the program best able to handle it(Server side program). It may not support transactions and database connection pooling.


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A certificate is a document from a trusted party that proves a person’s identity. PKI certificates work in a similar way: If someone has a certificate from a trusted party, we can make sure of his or her identity.

If you put WebSphere Application Server on a computer in the DMZ, you must install more software on those computers and you must have more ports open on the internal firewall to allow WebSphere Application Server to access the production network. This greatly reduces the value of the DMZ.


Even if you believe that everyone on the network is trustworthy, can you believe that they will never make a mistake? Considering that the virus spread through e-mail is so rampant, and JavaScriptTM-based attackers and other programs can easily enter the corporate network by inserting a USB flash drive and CD into the computer, it is assumed that the entire internal network is trustworthy. A reckless move - can't do this.

The full climatic implications of an ozone decrease have not yet been spelled out. A global change that, so far as we can tell, has produced no significant environmental effect is the buildup of the radioactive gases krypton-85 ( M Kr) and tritium ( S H) from nuclear power stations and fuel-processing plants in various parts of the world. Krypton-85 is a noble gas with a half-life of about 10 years, and there is no atmospheric removal process for it (other than its own radioactive decay). Tritium, which behaves like hydrogen chemically and has a slightly longer half-life, nearly always is incorporated in water vapor or liquid water. Its sink is the ocean, where it eventually is so diluted that its presence is of little consequence. Tritium can, however, he detriments} if it builds up locally in rivers or estuaries. It has been suggested that, if nuclear power production continues to expand worldwide and no attempts are made to restrict the release of krypton-85 into the atmosphere, in about 50 years it will build up to the point where it may increase the conductivity of the troposphere by some 15 percent due to its ionizing radiation. A change in atmospheric conductivity could, it has been claimed, influence a variety of processes that probably depend on the natural electric field of the earth, such as the coalescence of droplets in clouds and the generation of lightning. Thus, the buildup of krypton-85 could influence the amount of precipi- tation, but this requires further investigation. We have not dealt in any depth with the atmospheric changes that SUMMARY AND RECOMMENDATIONS 5 would be caused by further extensive testing of nuclear devices in the atmosphere, nor with the much larger effects of a full-scale nuclear weapons exchange.


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At this point, we have set up the certificates for one-way authentication (server authentication). We need to import the client’s public certificate to the server’s trust store for mutual authentication scenarios, where the client also has to authenticate itself.

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The JCE offers a framework and implementations for encryption, key generation and key agreement, and algorithms for Message Authentication Code (MAC). It supports encryption through symmetric, asymmetric, block, and stream ciphers, and supports secure streams and sealed objects. JCE is a supplement to the Java 2 platform, which already has interfaces and implementations of message digests and digital signatures.

This will expose your administrative password to anyone who is snooping around you. And in many operating systems, anyone who can see the list of processes can see the parameters on the command line. In addition, previous commands can be seen in the command history, including password parameters. Instead, be sure to enter the user ID and password via the administrative tool prompt. Note that this is the default setting in all currently supported versions of WebSphere Application Server, so there is no need to perform any explicit actions to ensure this behavior occurs.


Public key cryptography involves the use of different keys for encrypting and decrypting functions. If you encrypt something with key 1, you can only decrypt it with key 2, as shown in Figure 2-2.

This chapter is an introduction to the external (to the application server) components that support WebSphere to improve security for the whole environment. End-to-end security always includes more than the application server with the applications. Various other components work with the application server to provide security services for applications.


Q.Detail About The Architecture Of Web Sphere

This well illustrated book provides an historical and unified overview of a century and a half of research on the development, life cycles, transmission and evolution of the nematodes found in vertebrates throughout the world. This second, expanded edition includes relevant data from some 450 new references that have appeared from 1989 to 1999. The volume includes nematode parasites of humans, domestic animals and wildlife including fish. After an introductory chapter outlining general principles, the author systematically describes the biological characteristics of the 27 superfamilies of nematodes, followed by families, subfamilies, genera and species.

This item does not apply to the Liberty profile in V8/5. The Liberty profile has only one administrator security role to bind multiple principals.


SSO using LTPA on IBM WebSphere servers

WebSphere Application Server V5 security relies on and enhances all of these layers. It implements security policy in a unified manner for both Web and EJB resources.

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In 2021, Quebec psychologist and researcher Christian Joyal published remarkable research, based on a randomized sample survey of Quebec’s general population. The study found that nearly half of the sample reported interest in at least one or more sexual behaviors which von Krafft-Ebing would have described as deviant and pathological. Around one-third of the sample had pursued these behaviors at least once, and many so-called deviant interests, such as voyeurism, fetishism, masochism were reported by participants at levels above what could be considered statistically unusual. In many of these sexual interests, there were no differences between men and women, and interest in sexual masochism was significantly linked with higher levels of life satisfaction. Joyal’s remarkable research turns von Krafft-Ebing's theories on their head and shatters many clinical assumptions about sexuality.


IBM C9510-401 CERTIFICATION EXAM QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS C9510-401 EDUSUM.COM Get complete detail on C9510-401 exam guide to crack IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8/5.5 and Liberty Profile System Administration. You can collect all information on C9510-401 tutorial practice test books study material exam questions and syllabus. Firm your knowledge on IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8/5.5 and Liberty Profile System Administration and get ready to crack C9510-401 certification. Explore all information on C9510-401 exam with number of questions passing percentage and time duration to complete test.

EPA, 1990), provided the concentration is not high enough to cause significant inhibition (ATSDR, 1989). Ananyeva et al. (1992) observed that phenol is nonpersistent in water and will completely biodegrade over a period of approximately 70 hours. The suggested half-life of phenol in water is 55 hours (Mackay et al, 1995; DMER and AEL, 1996). Phenol generally reacts with hydroxyl and peroxyl radicals and singlet oxygen in sunlit surface waters (Scully and Hoigné, 1987; IPCS, 1994a). Half-lives were reported to be 100 hours for the hydroxyl radical reaction and 19/2 hours for the peroxyl radical reaction (Howard, 1989). In estuarine waters, photolysis is a minor transformation process, particularly in summer when biodegradation predominates (Hwang et al, 1986).


In the first case, the client key pair is generated on the client side (on the client machine). The client creates a certificate request, which contains some information about the client (public key, name, e-mail address, key usage, some optional extensions, and so on). The request is signed with the private key of the client and sent to the server. The server identifies the client before issuing the certificate.

Q.Explain About Web Sphere

As in any case of overdose, general supportive measures should be utilized. Overdosage with cholinesterase inhibitors can result in cholinergic crisis characterized by severe nausea, vomiting, salivation, sweating, bradycardia, hypotension, respiratory depression, collapse and convulsions. Increasing muscle weakness is a possibility and may result in death if respiratory muscles are involved. Atypical responses in blood pressure and heart rate have been reported with other drugs that increase cholinergic activity when coadministered with quaternary anticholinergics such as glycopyrrolate. Due to the short half-life of Exelon, dialysis (hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, or hemofiltration) would not be clinically indicated in the event of an overdose.


WebSphere does not provide direct audit of changes to the built-in file registry. The built-in file registry must not be used to support user logon accounts. Use an LDAP/AD server and manage user accounts centrally.

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We discuss a few aspects of Web security in this section. Some Web-related security functions and mechanisms are so common that they deserve to be discussed here.

SAS_SSL_SERVERAUTH_LISTENER_ADDRESS can be removed from the service by selecting CSI as the active protocol in the global security panel. In V7, SAS is disabled by default, but this port is still listening.


This holds permission definitions for file resources. Actions on a file can be read, write, delete, execute.

The antibody mimics described herein may be fused to other protein domains. For example, these mimics may be integrated with the human immune response by fusing the constant region of an IgG (Fc) with an antibody mimic, such as an 10Fn3 module, preferably through the C-terminus of 10Fn3. The Fc in such a 10Fn3-Fc fusion molecule activates the complement component of the immune response and increases the therapeutic value of the antibody mimic. Similarly, a fusion between an antibody mimic, such as 10Fn3, and a complement protein, such as C1q, may be used to target cells, and a fusion between an antibody mimic, such as 10Fn3, and a toxin may be used to specifically destroy cells that carry a particular antigen. In addition, an antibody scaffold, such as 10Fn3, in any form may be fused with albumin to increase its half-life in the bloodstream and its tissue penetration. Any of these fusions may be generated by standard techniques, for example, by expression of the fusion protein from a recombinant fusion gene constructed using publically available gene sequences.


It is very useful to have knowledge of Web sphere MQ for proper configuration

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The plutonium isotopes (Pu-239) that contaminate the atoll have a half-life of 24,100 years. This is another contrast to the so-called Pacific Proving Grounds’ two test-sites: Whereas Bikini’s radioactive contamination consisting mainly of Cesium (Cs-137) will have decayed within a generation, Enewetak’s plutonium will be hot for much, much longer.


To force the use of HTTPS for all traffic from the plug-in, simply disable the HTTP transport from the Web container on every application server and then regenerate and deploy the plug-in. We must disable both the WCInboundDefault and the HttpQueueInboundDefault transport chains. Now, the plug-in can only use HTTPS and so it will use it for all traffic regardless of how the traffic arrived at the Web container.

Figure 9. Automatic LTPA key update is not enabled

Operating system security should be considered in order to protect sensitive WebSphere configuration files and to authenticate users when the operating system user registry is used for authentication. This is extremely important in a distributed WebSphere environment when potentially different operating systems and different user registries might be involved.


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It should be recognized that it is important to have a completely secure system. Your goal is to protect your system as much as possible under the constraints of your business.

SSL relies on the existence of digital certificates. A digital certificate reveals information about its owner, such as identity. During the initialization of an SSL connection, the server must present its certificate to the client in order for the client to determine the server’s identity. The client may also present the server with its own certificate for the server to determine the client’s identity. Therefore, SSL is a means for propagating identity between components.


Caution: Use extreme care when determining which ports to disable and when actually disabling them. Otherwise, we might inadvertently disable one of the administrative ports, which will leave we without a mechanism to administer the process - short of deleting and recreating the process (for example, server) definition.

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It's worth noting that if you use self-signed certificates, you need to manually distribute these self-signed certificates to each client instead of relying on well-known CA certificates that may already be built in the client. This is not insecure, but if you have many clients, you need to distribute all of these signed certificates (one for each server) to all clients, which can be very difficult to manage. It is much easier to distribute only one CA certificate that has many certificates signed; these CA certificates usually have a longer life span, and client applications (such as browsers) typically automatically roll out updates or replace certificates before they expire.


Web applications use cookies to track users across requests. These cookies, while typically not sensitive in themselves, connect you to your existing state on the back end system. If an intruder were to capture one of your cookies, they could potentially use the cookie to act as you. Important Web traffic should be encrypted using SSL.

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To establish acceptance of system usage policy, a click-through banner at the application server management interface logon is required. The banner shall prevent further activity on the application server unless and until the user executes a positive action to manifest agreement by clicking on a box indicating "OK".


Freeware Listing: Password Manager Sso Plus Single Sign On

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If adoptedstep 1The standard topology recommended in, then the web server is running in the DMZ. Because the DMZ is the first line of defense against potential intruders, special care must be taken to strengthen this server.


If you want to learn more about WebSphere Application Server security, please contactIBM Software Services for WebSphere, participate in a customized live course on WebSphere Application Server security. This course will provide an in-depth look at security enhancements, custom authentication, integration, single sign-on, and a variety of other related topics.

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As will be understood by those of skill in the art, it may be advantageous to produce serine/threonine protein kinase polypeptide-encoding nucleotide sequences possessing non-naturally occurring codons. For example, codons preferred by a particular prokaryotic or eukaryotic host can be selected to increase the rate of protein expression or to produce an RNA transcript having desirable properties, such as a half-life which is longer than that of a transcript generated from the naturally occurring sequence.


To specify additional users or groups that should be granted administrative authority, go to the system administration console Users (or Groups) section. Each individual person can authenticate as himself or herself when administering WAS. All administrative actions that result in changes to the configuration of WAS are audited by the deployment manager, including the identity of the principal that made the change. Use the auditing framework to provide detailed information on administrative actions. Audit records are more useful if each administrator has a separate identity.

When you install IBM HTTP Server, the installer leaves a JRE. This JRE should be removed because it provides functionality that is not normally required by a web server or plug-in. Keep in mind that after doing this, you will not be able to run tools such as ikeyman on this web server. We don't think this issue is important because running such a tool in the DMZ is not appropriate.


Web applications use cookies to track users across requests. Although these cookies do not usually contain sensitive information, they associate the user with the existing state of the user on the backend system. If the intruder captures your cookie, they may use this cookie to pretend to be you. Because network traffic is often transmitted over untrusted networks (consider your favorite WiFi hotspot), packets are easily captured, so SSL should be used to encrypt important web traffic, including important cookies. Obviously, if all requests use SSL, then the cookie is protected. However, many applications (possibly occasionally) send requests over HTTP and do not use SSL, which may expose cookies. Fortunately, the HTTP specification allows a given browser to send cookies only over SSL.

By default, when updating WebSphere application server, the older version of binaries are saved in case a "roll back" is necessary. Not keeping the older version makes it more difficult for attackers to "revert" back to the older version.


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A single-sign-on(SSO) implementation for web services which are in different security domains. WS-Security profiles are used to establish security.


Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials are those credentials issued by federal agencies that conform to FIPS Publication 201 and supporting guidance documents. OMB Memorandum 11-11 requires federal agencies to continue implementing the requirements specified in HSPD-12 to enable agency-wide use of PIV credentials.

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These bulletin boards often contain recently discovered security bugs and fix notifications. To be sure, potential intruders will quickly learn about those security holes. The sooner you take action, the better.


WebSphere samples are not intended for use in a production environment. Do not run them there, as they create significant security risks. In particular, the snoop servlet can provide an outsider with tremendous amounts of information about your system.

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The first, obfuscated URL context, goes to an administrative page. This URL context is the same across all portal environments.


Q.Explain About Web Sphere Commerce

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Class 3 PKI certificates are used for servers and software signing rather than for identifying individuals. Class 4 certificates are used for business-to-business transactions. Utilizing unapproved certificates not issued or approved by DoD or CNS creates an integrity risk. The application server must utilize approved DoD or CNS Class 3 or Class 4 certificates for software signing and business-to-business transactions.


As with any other network link, confidential information can be written to or read from the database. Most databases support some form of authentication, and you should take advantage of this.

Be aware that DCS always authenticates messages when global security is enabled. Once the transport is encrypted, we then have a highly secure channel.


We use an analogy to explain the difference between proof and verification, which can be imagined as a driver's license. They are issued by each province/state/country.

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Security flaws with software applications are discovered daily. Vendors are constantly updating and patching their products to address newly discovered security vulnerabilities.

AdminSecurityManager:Users who have this role (added in Version 6/1) can grant other users management roles. The Administrator role itself does not have this privilege. Users can now be granted various permissions (even Administrator privileges) while still ensuring that they cannot re-grant these permissions to others.


Q.Explain About Caching Proxy Of Ibm Web Sphere Edge Sphere

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Only a single firewall is shown here, and the entire DMZ for the intranet is not shown, as this is the most common topology. However, full DMZs (and Web servers in internal DMZs) are becoming more common, protecting production networks from attacks from non-production intranets. This is indeed a reasonable approach.


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The primary administrative ID should not be confused with the security server ID, which is used for server to server communication. The server ID does not have to exist in the registry, or even have a password. By default, the server ID is only used for internal communication.

WebSphere MQ security is hot

Ikeyman can also manage real (non-self-signed) certificates. You can import and export real certificates, and use the tool to generate a certificate request to send to a Certificate Authority.


SSL/TLS (hereafter referred to as SSL) is a key component of the WebSphere Application Server security architecture and is widely used for secure communications. SSL is used to protect HTTP traffic, IIOP traffic, LDAP traffic, MQ traffic, JDBC traffic, message flows through the SIBus between WebSphere messaging engines, J2C and SOAP traffic. SSL requires a public/private key pair, which is stored in the key store for WebSphere Application Server.

Authentication is a relatively simple function to externalize. Most of the authentication mechanisms are well defined for the different application servers. Authentication is performed only a few times during a session, so externalizing such a function should not have a significant impact on performance.


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Common Secure Interoperability (CSIv2) protocol adds additional security features that enable interoperable authentication, delegation and privileges in CORBA environment. It supports interoperability with EJB 2/0 specification and can be used with SSL.

As shown in Figure 2, a typical WebSphere Application Server configuration has a large number of network links. WebSphere Application Server V8/5 includes an On-Demand Router (ODR), previously only available in IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale. ODR introduces new network links that must be considered.


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If you decide to delete the JRE, you should do a backup to prevent future use. One way is to either zip or tar the JRE and put it back where it is needed later (for example, when the patch is applied, the WebSphere Application Server update installer needs it), then execute zip/tar on it, and Remove it again at the end of the process.

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There are many types of intruders: foreign spy agencies, competitors, hackers, and even your own employees. Each intruder has different motivations, different skills and knowledge, different access points, and different levels of demand.

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When User A or User B wants to talk to User C, their certificates come from the same Root Certificate Authority (Root A); they can trust each other again. This scenario shows the hierarchy of the certificates, where the certificate has been signed by a chain of CAs. As long as the two parties have mutual Certificate Authorities along the line, they can trust each other.


If our system is multi-homed, with multiple hostnames, remember that only the single hostname of the SSL configuration's keystore's default certificate will be returned. It is possible to create a certificate with alternative hostnames; this is possible when acquiring the certificate from a CA.

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In an environment where multiple central application administrators manage multiple WebSphere Application Server cells, it is convenient to give each administrator separate administrative access. Although each cell has its own local "root" ID and password, all of these cells can be configured to share a common registry so that administrators can manage each cell with the same ID and password.


WebSphere MQ Security in an Enterprise Environment, SG24-6814

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Npm ERR! Tracker idealTree already exists while creating the Docker image for Node project

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That property is a comma separated listed of cookies to protect (with * indicating all cookies). In V7/0 (with 7/0.0/9 applied) this feature is disabled by default. To exploit it, we must explicitly set the property. In both versions 8/0 and 8/5 this attribute is enabled by default for the LtpaToken2, JSESSIONID, and WASReqUrl cookies, and no further action is required unless we want to apply it to other cookies. Be aware that users migrating from earlier versions might experience application breakage as a result of this change in default behavior.

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has defined a new standard, SP800-131, to replace the current FIPS 140-2. Similarly, the National Security Agency (NSA) has developed a new standard called Suite B. These new standards further limit the choice of passwords used and require TLS 1/2; FIPS 140-2 prohibits the use of SSL V3, and SP800-131 prohibits the use of TLS 1/0 and TLS 1/1.

This architecture allows the use of one of the keys as a private key. This means that nobody can have access to this key except the owner. The other key can be used as a public key. If a user wants to send an encrypted message to another person, he or she will get the other person‘s public certificate, encrypt the message and send it. The message can be decrypted only by the owner of the private key.


The first method is obviously not advisable, as a general best practice, it is best to avoid running any process as root if you can. This leaves only the second method, which is fully supported. In some rare cases, you may not care about application isolation, but you want to run your application as an operating system for auditing, so you can use the third method. From a security point of view, this is of little value and actually increases the risk slightly, but it is possible to use operating system level auditing.

These passwords are hashed in one direction, which means you can't get the actual password from the hash. The hash value can be calculated with some additional cryptographic data. In WebSphere Application Server V8/0 and 8/5, you can specify the length of the additional data and the hash algorithm used. This file should be protected by an OS-defined access control list so that only privileged OS users can read the file. To prevent password cracking attacks through rainbow tables, consider adding additional data or using a stronger hash function.


The security manager defines the outer boundaries of the Java sandbox. The customizable security manager establishes custom security policies for an application. The concrete SecurityManager provided with Java V1/2 enables you to define your custom policy, not in Java code but in an ASCII file called the policy file.

Secure proxies are typically not appropriate for proxying Web services traffic because they cannot block the types of threats that are possible when transmitting XML. To provide secure Web services, or any XML-based protocol, use an XML firewall such as WebSphere DataPower.


To prevent various forms of attack, many well-known techniques can be applied. For lower layer network-based attacks, encryption and network filtering can be applied. This way you can deny intruders to view or access content they should not see. You can also rely on the mechanisms provided by the operating system to protect operating system resources from abuse. For example, it is not desirable for normal user-level code to have access to the system bus and to read internal communications directly. System APIs can also be reliably protected with most modern operating systems (see sidebar). At a higher level, authentication and authorization should be applied rigorously. Each API, each method, and each resource may require some form of authorization. In other words, access to these things must be strictly limited as needed. Of course, without reliable authentication, the license loses its value.

If your system is multi-homed, you have multiple hostnames, remember to return only the single hostname of the default certificate for the SSL-configured keystore. You can create a certificate with an alternate host name; you can do this when you get a certificate from a CA.


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When an SSL client opens an SSL connection to an SSL server, the server sends its certificate to the client. The expectation is that the SSL server's certificate will contain the hostname in its common name. Some clients confirm the common name on the certificate presented matches the hostname in the URL (for example, web browsers perform this check). This is called hostname verification.

Java 2 security provides a policy-based fine grained access control mechanism that increases overall system integrity by checking for permissions before allowing access to certain protected system resources. Java 2 Security is independent on J2EE role-based authorization. Java 2 Security guards access to system resources such as file input and output, sockets, and properties, whereas J2EE security guards access to Web resources such as servlets and JSP files. Administrators should understand the possible consequences of enabling Java 2 Security if applications are not prepared for Java 2 Security. Java 2 Security places some new requirements on application developers and administrators. Admins need to make sure that all the applications are granted the required permissions; otherwise, applications may fail to run. By default, applications are granted the permissions recommended in the J2EE 1/3 Specification.


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Caveat:Forging IP addresses is fairly easy, so it's not wise to rely on IP addresses to ensure security. It is especially unwise to filter based on IP addresses at the application layer. A better approach is to equip firewalls and switches to identify packets from invalid IP addresses. They can also check the MAC address.

A total of seven cysteine mutants have been created via point mutation (two, four, and six point mutations) generating possible sites for disulfide bridge formation at the top and bottom parts of A3 and A5, within the helix D region, or by a combination thereof. Modified PAI-1 was expressed using a bacterial expression vector, pTYB12, producing a fused PAI-1/intein tag. The modified forms of PAI-1 containing the chitin binding intein tag were then purified using affinity chromatography wherein the intein tag is cleaved leaving modified PAI-1 protein. Approximate protein yield was 1-5 mg/L of cell culture. The cysteine mutations appear to have no detrimental effects on enzymatic activity but can increase the t1/2 of modified PAI-1 when compared to wild-type PAI-1. Among the mutants tested thus far, the longest t1/2 (96 hrs) was observed in the species containing combined mutations (4 point mutations) in A3 and A5 (bottom; Leu192, Val347) as well as within the helix D region (Val31, Ala97). In comparison, mutations that denote rigidity to the helix D region only (2 point mutations), which restricts movement of the reactive loop in this region, produced protein with a shorter t1/2 (12 hr). These results indicate that by introducing cysteine residues into PAI-1, which are absent in the wild-type species, the t1/2 of PAI-1 can be extended to therapeutically desired values. Table 1 shows the half-life of PAI-1 mutants generated in the present invention.


Anakinra (Kineret), a recombinant form of human interleukin-1 (IL-1) receptor antagonist, is approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in combination with methotrexate. Kineret is self-administered by daily subcutaneous injections in patients with active RA. The mechanism of action of anakinra is to competitively inhibit the local inflammatory effects of IL-1. Kineret is generally safe and well tolerated and the only major treatment-related side effects that appear are skin reactions at the injection site. Due to the relatively short half-life of anakinra, daily injection of the drug is required. This, in combination with the comparably high rates of injection-site reactions (ISRs) associated with the drug, can become a problem for the patient. The present review summarises published data concerning ISRs associated with Kineret and provides some explanations as to their cause. The objective is also to present some clinical experiences of how the ISRs can be managed.

We should ensure that our LTPA keys are changed periodically. For full profiles, we can do this by either enabling the automatic LTPA key replacement, or we can manually regenerate the keys or via the commands.


Proxying IBM WAS Liberty Profile

Yet despite the apparent size from the outside, quarters were fairly cramped inside. The entire central cylinder was devoted to the ship's farm, sail room, power plant, and lander storage; life support, waste recycling, general storage, and everything else took up more than half of the ring. So we actually only lived in the outermost part of the ring, on a double deck that barely had head clearance for Poiparesis. And many parts of the living space were things like the cockpit and the biological laboratory that couldn't be used for much of anything else and weren't used most of the time. Even with all that space in the ship, at the time, as a child, I could already span my compartment with my outstretched hands.

Flooding in Bangladesh is a regular occurrence; about 26,000 sq. km or 18 per cent of the country is flooded every year by monsoon rains. But Bangladesh faced severe floods in 1954, 1955, 1956, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1973, 1974, 1985, 1987, 1988, and 1993. The severe 1988 floods were generated by intensive rainfall that extended over North and North East Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan, the most intense local concentrations being in Assam, Meghalaya, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh. The Ganges and the Brahmaputra rivers drain an area inhabited by 500 million people. A tenth of the population of our planet faced the catastrophic events of 1987 and 1988 floods which led to widespread destruction, misery and loss of life. The flood in 1988 affected nearly half of the population and over 60 per cent of the net cultivable land.


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There are two types of tiles in Vermeer's painting: ceramic and marble. According to Philip Steadman, the minute cracks and chips of the ceramic tiles in The Glass of Wine and The Girl with a Glass of Wine suggest that they were observed and therefore painted from life. Steadman discovered that the side measurement of these tiles is exactly half of that of the larger black and white marble tiles, allowing four ceramic tiles to fit into a single marble tile. This might suggest that Vermeer painted the marble floors in a room which contained cheaper ceramic tiles, exploiting their underlying geometric grid to project the larger tiles. Over this grid, different patterns could be easily generated according to the compositional exigencies of each work.


By default, all administrative and user applications in WebSphere® Application Server use the global security configuration. For example, a user registry defined in global security is used to authenticate users for every application in the cell. WebSphere allows for additional WebSphere security domains where different security attributes for some or all of your user applications can be set. These domains must also be configured to use application security.

For determining the quantity of aluminum below which safety is likely, data were generated in mice that were inoculated orally with various quantities of aluminum lactate. No adverse reactions were observed when mice were fed quantities of aluminum as high as 62 mg/kg/day. By applying uncertainty factors of 3 (for extrapolation to humans) and 10 (for human variability), the ATSDR concluded that the minimum risk level for exposure to aluminum was 2 mg/kg/day. The half-life of elimination of aluminum from the body is approximately 24 hours. Therefore, the burden of aluminum to which infants are exposed in food and vaccines is clearly less than the guideline established by the ATSDR and far less than that found to be safe in experimental animals.


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Memories of Liam Williams’ debut five years ago are stirred by this rookie set from Rob Oldham. The younger comic occupies similar territory, somewhere between depression, wry humour and millennial existential angst. He contrasts his relatively privileged, meaningless life with that of his grandad. One fought a war, the other sits at home talking to his dog and failing to write a novel. In lieu of that magnum opus, we get “tonal prose poems” about being young in 2001, sardonic alternatives to Brexit, and potshots at listicle culture. Sometimes it’s a bit underpowered. One or two routines (a strong one about, er, guns and butt-plugs; a more generic bit on the bronze age) seem to belong in a different show. But Worm’s Lament remains a vivid snapshot of being young and half-alive in the 21st century, and whets the appetite to see what Oldham will do next.

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The core group relies on DCS, which uses a reliable multicast message (RMM) system for transmission. RMM can use one of several wired transmission technologies. Depending on the environment, sensitive information can be transmitted via DCS. For example, use DCS to transfer data from DynaCache and the security topic cache. To ensure this, you need to choose a channel frame transport type and choose DCS-Secure as the channel chain for each core group (Figure 13).


Despite the fact that The Ship uses the Source engine (which has been put to great use in Half-Life 2: Episode One), the game isn’t as graphically spectacular as those flagship titles. The only time you’ll really notice any Source-ness in the game is with the swimming pool water effects; otherwise, The Ship just looks like a mod for Half-Life 2. That’s not to say the game looks terrible, because the large ships look realistic and the characters in the game are detailed. The game could have looked better, but since I concentrate more on gameplay than eye candy, it doesn’t bother me that much. The six ships in the game all look the same after a while, using the same rooms and hallways (with generally the same textures) over and over again. There is also a bug currently where character models will be “stuck” doing an action even after they have finished; it is quite strange to see someone floating around the room, still using the sleeping animation even though they are really walking.

This is sufficient as long as there is a safe way to distribute the public key to all parties. Because there is no such globally recognized technology, public key cryptography introduces the concept of a signed public key. The signature public key is digitally signed (very similar to a human signature) to indicate the signer's guarantee of the public key. The signer guarantees that the private key holder corresponding to the signed public key is the group identified by the key. These signed public keys are called certificates. Well-known signers are known as Certificate Authorities (CAs). You can also sign the public key with the appropriate private key. These are called self-signed certificates. Self-signed certificates are as secure as certificates signed by the certificate authority, but at first glance they are not easy to manage.


Distributed Consistency Service (DCS): Uses private protocol. Used by memory to memory replication, stateful session EJBs, dynacache, and the high availability manager.

When configuring security for WebSphere Application Server V6/1 and later (except the Liberty profile), a primary management ID is configured at the beginning (see sidebar). This ID is actually equivalent to the root user in WebSphere Application Server, which is capable of performing any administrative operations (including all the management roles mentioned in the next section). Since this ID is important, it's best not to share its passwords casually. Ideally, this ID should not be used after the initial configuration. For security reasons, in V8/5, the Liberty profile is not enabled by default.


In V7, the default cell trust store and CMS key ring file contain a WebSphere DataPower signing certificate, which means that all DataPower computers can issue certificates that the application server trusts. In order to improve security, it should be removed. Truststore and CMS keyring files created after the latest fix pack is installed can be created without a DataPower signing certificate. You should check this unnecessary DataPower signature file in the truststore or keyring file and delete it if it exists.

The WebSphere Application Server internal security model is based on J2EE and Java 2 security and is not affected by operating system permissions. Therefore, if you choose to use this method to protect yourself from “malicious” applications, the direction of the method may be wrong.


The host name of the node can be configured for the profile during the creation of the WebSphere Application Server configuration file. You can override the values determined by the profile creation tool. Make sure it matches the hostname.

In some embodiments, an amino acid, including a carboxy- and/or amino-terminal amino acid in a polypeptide, can contain a structural modification as compared with the general structure above. For example, in some embodiments, an amino acid may be modified by methylation, amidation, acetylation, and/or substitution as compared with the general structure. In some embodiments, such modification may, for example, alter the circulating half life of a polypeptide containing the modified amino acid as compared with one containing an otherwise identical unmodified amino acid. In some embodiments, such modification does not significantly alter a relevant activity of a polypeptide containing the modified amino acid, as compared with one containing an otherwise identical unmodified amino acid. As will be clear from context, in some embodiments, the term “amino acid” is used to refer to a free amino acid; in some embodiments it is used to refer to an amino acid residue of a polypeptide. In some embodiments, the amino acid is attached to the parent molecular group by a carbonyl group, where the side chain or amino group is attached to the carbonyl group. In some embodiments, the amino acid is an α-amino acid. In certain embodiments, the amino acid is a β-amino acid. In some embodiments, the amino acid is a γ-amino acid. Exemplary side chains include an optionally substituted alkyl, aryl, heterocyclyl, alkaryl, alkheterocyclyl, aminoalkyl, carbamoylalkyl, and carboxyalkyl.


Even if we don't follow this advice, at least when we get this challenge the first time, import the certificate into the client trust store. If we get message again, find out why! The prompt should not happen again until the certificate is changed. If we get that prompt unexpectedly, something could be terribly wrong.

Title: IBM C9510-401 Certification Exam Questions and Answers

Yes, as a general rule of thumb, Kathryn, I think, you can assume, about half of the capex budget is going to go into refurbishment and conversion of existing assets, and then about 25% would be going into value-added products, and the remaining 25% would be going into new assets. And these are targeted purchases for very specific product and market combinations where we don't see other alternatives to supply that market. And then if you step back, as I said in Q1, we are - we did slightly contracted fleet net book value. So, even when we're buying a new asset, it's probably just replacing another asset that reached the end of its life. So we're not expanding the fleet. We're just managing that fleet composition. And overall, we're tightening things up a little bit.


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Even if we have chosen not to authenticate the link from the Web server to the Web container, we might want to consider encrypting it. The Web server plug-in transmits information from the Web server to the Web container over HTTP. If the request arrived at the Web server using HTTPS, the plug-in will forward the request on using HTTPS by default. If the request arrived over HTTP, HTTP will be used by the plug-in. These defaults are appropriate for most environments. There is, however, one possible exception.

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The SAS_SSL_SERVERAUTH_LISTENER_ADDRESS can be taken out of service by selecting CSI as the active protocol on the global security panel. SAS is disabled by default in V7 although the port is still listed.

This is a Permission class for reflective operations. It has no actions; it works like the RuntimePermission.


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To create a trusted network path from a web server to an application server, you need to configure the application server web container SSL configuration to use client authentication. Once you've ensured that you are using client authentication, you need to make sure that only trusted web servers can contact the web container. To achieve this, you must pass the applicationUse only SSL to restrict accessThe SSL tunneling techniques described in this section or confirm the direct SSL peers mentioned in the previous section to limit the groups with access.

Self-signed certificates would need to be distribute manually to each client. It is easier to distribute just one CA certificate that signs many certificates; these CA certificates typically have a longer life, and client applications (such as browsers) typically automatically push out updates or replacements prior to expiry.


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The key store has a set of public certificates already inserted for your convenience. You can find them under the Signer Certificates section. The certificates are from a few major commercial Certificate Authorities, including VeriSign, Entrust, and Thawte.

WISeForm provides easy single sign on to multiple web sites with one trusted digital identity or master password. High security data encryption and protection for password and form data synched in both Firefox and IE with optional automatic detection and logon to web sites. Strong encryption using AES (Rijndael), RSA and PKI. Free trusted digital identity protection from global leader WISeKey.


A domain can be scoped by the set of objects that are directlyaccessible by a principal (an entity in the computer system to which permissions are granted). Classes that have the same permissions but are from different code sources belong to different domains.

Key generation requires a lot of computing power. There should be very powerful computers applied as Certificate Authority (CA) machines or key generation will be very slow (in case of multiple requests).


Java classes are chiefly responsible for translating the API calls to API`s defined by web sphere

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The key is that there are many different types of intruders, many different intrusion motives, and many different types of attacks (which we will see later). You must be aware of this when planning for security.

In some situations, this method is better for issuing certificates. For example, a research institute with a few hundred employees wants to make the entrance of the building more secure and wants the computers to be used by appropriate people. The company decides to use smart cards for solving both problems. A PKI system can be implemented and every employee can get a smart card with a certificate and a private key. Obviously, the company will not establish a Web registration module for the employees (because of the fixed and small number of certificates to issue), but it will create the keys and certificates, install them on the cards, and issue the cards to the employees. This process does not have any weak points, because the cards are given personally to each person. Smart cards usually do not allow the exporting of private keys, so they cannot be corrupted (unless the card is stolen).


Network communication must be protected not only on a physical level but on a logical level as well. Most companies’ networks are connected to public networks, making applications accessible from the outside world. Network-level security must prevent unauthorized access.

Agobot, also frequently known as Gaobot, is a family of computer worms. Axel "Ago" Gembe, a German programmer also known for leaking Half-Life 2 a year before release, was responsible for writing the first version. The Agobot source code describes it as: “a modular IRC bot for Win32 / Linux”. Agobot was released under version 2 of the GNU General Public License. Agobot is a multi-threaded and mostly object oriented program written in C++ as well as a small amount of assembly. Agobot is an example of a Botnet that requires little or no programming knowledge to use.


If proper authentication and authorization are not possible, then only clever design and procedures can be used to prevent potential problems. We use this approach to protect J2C resources. Since WebSphere Application Server does not provide an authorization mechanism for accessing J2C resources, we have to apply other techniques to limit (based on configuration) the ability of applications to access J2C resources in an improper manner.

WAS manages keys in key store and trust store files. A trust store is a key store that contains only trusted signers.


Encrypting is the process of transforming data into an entirely new set of data. The transformation is based on complex algorithms to ensure that there is no (or very little) correlation between the original data and the transformed data. In an ideal situation, transformation is non-reversible; in reality it is very hard to reverse.

Nearly a year and a half has passed since the Erebonian civil war, and much has changed since then. From the shifting stances of countries to the internal politics of the Empire and even the life of Rean Schwarzer, the shadows of the past have given way to the embers of a new chapter. Now graduated from Thors Military Academy, Rean has become an instructor at the Thors Branch Campus, a newly-opened academy that quickly finds itself thrust onto the national stage. It is here that he takes the lead of a brand new Class VII, and must guide a new generation of heroes into an unknown future.


The first time (or maybe the second time) when viewing a Liberty profile, you may notice that we have not enabled administrative security. In previous releases of the WebSphere Application Server product, every effort was made to improve from the default unsafe mode to the default security model (starting with V6/1). At first glance, the Liberty profile security status may seem like a big step backwards. However, there is an important and critical difference between a Liberty profile and a full profile (Base and Network Deployment). The full WebSphere Application Server configuration file is designed to be managed remotely through the management console, wsadmin, JMS access, and various inter-server communication paths that exist in a full configuration file.

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This feature is to aid in the identification of application access requirements to the underlying host so security policies can be created. This feature is executed via a custom property that is set for each application server instance operating on the WebSphere server. This setting should only be enabled in a development or testing environment in order to identify what applications access requirements are so security policies can then be created.


Most LDAP directories support LDAP over SSL and WebSphere Application Server can be configured to use LDAP over SSL. In the LDAP user registry panel (see Figure 7), selectuse SSL enabled Options, then configure an SSL configuration that is appropriate for your LDAP directory. It is likely that you will need to place the signing key (certificate) for the LDAP server certificate in a trusted repository. It's best to create a new SSL configuration that is only used by LDAP to avoid problems for other areas that currently use SSL.

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Unfortunately many people, around the world, are going to be hurt by rising oil prices. Some may even die as shortages restrict the flow of food and other necessities. It's shameful that so many of the rest of us wasted so much energy these past half dozen decades - not to mention the incredible amount of environmental destruction and pollution we've generated as well. Yet, despite all of this the waste goes on all around me - big construction projects, new (but unnecessary) roads, huge vehicles, ORVs, extensive air travel, the list is identical to what it was a decade ago when energy cost a fraction of what it does today. This particular form of Capitalism, this "way of life," simply isn't sustainable yet we continue on as if nothing's changed!


To use certificates to authenticate directly to the Web container, configure the Web container to ignore certificate information in the HTTP headers. In this scenario, such information would always be a forgery. To do this, we must configure the "trusted" custom property on the Web container for each application server and set its value to false.

Starting with WebSphere Application Server V6/1, in the productManage certificates and SSLProvides a robust infrastructure. The rest of this article assumes that you are familiar with these infrastructures.


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When using password authentication, WebSEAL sends its user ID and password as a basic auth header in an HTTP request (the user's user ID is in the iv_user header). Password-based authentication is configured in two places. First, for the rendezvous point to be configured, TAM WebSEAL must be configured to send its user ID and password to the application server. Of course, this password is confidential and must be carefully protected. When the WebSEAL TAI receives the password, it checks it against the registry.

Kerberos is a network authentication protocol. It is designed to provide strong authentication for client/server applications by using secret-key cryptography.


Natively, SOAP does not provide security protections. As such, the application server must provide security extensions to enhance SOAP capabilities to ensure that secure authentication mechanisms are employed to protect sensitive data. The WS_Security suite is a widely used and acceptable SOAP security extension.

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Security is a big topic, and it is impossible to fully cover all aspects of security in this article. This article is not intended to introduce security, or a tutorial on how to protect your system. Instead, it provides an overview or checklist of core technical issues that need to be considered when it comes to WebSphere Application Server security. The information in this article should be combined with the larger work of creating a secure enterprise.


The Java Certification Path defines a set of classes and interfaces for creating, building, and validating digital certification paths. A digital certificate is a data structure of the binding between a subject and a public key signed by a Certification Authority (CA).

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The second way requires useIBM HTTP Server And configure the HTTP management server. In this case, the deployment manager sends an administrative request to the HTTP management server running on the web server host. Although this is a better approach than using a Java-based node agent, many people still believe that this approach is risky and it is best not to provide management functionality at all in the DMZ.


As we have seen, WebSphere Application Server manages keys in key storage files. There are two types of key files: a key store and a trust store. By convention, a trust store is simply a key store that only contains trusted signers. Therefore, CA certificates and other signing certificates should be placed in the trust store and private information (personal certificates containing private keys) should be placed in the key store.

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Application configuration:The actions taken by application developers and administrators, which are visible during the deployment process. Essentially, these are application design and implementation decisions that are visible to WebSphere Application Server administrators and can be verified during deployment (possibly with some difficulty). This section will introduce a number of techniques to further enhance security deficiencies; security is the responsibility of everyone involved in the design, development, and deployment of applications.

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Even if you don't authenticate a link from a web server to a web container, you might want to consider encrypting it. The web server plugin transfers information from the web server to the web container over HTTP. If the request to the web server is using HTTPS, the plugin uses HTTPS to forward the request by default. If the incoming request is using HTTP, the plugin uses HTTP. These default behaviors are appropriate for most environments.


The exact dosage will be determined by the practitioner, in light of factors related to the subject that requires treatment. Dosage and administration are adjusted to provide sufficient levels of the active ingredient or to maintain the desired effect. Factors that can be taken into account include the severity of the disease state, general health of the subject, age, weight, and gender of the subject, diet, time and frequency of administration, drug combination(s), reaction sensitivities, and tolerance/response to therapy. Long-acting pharmaceutical compositions can be administered every 3 to 4 days, every week, or once every two weeks depending on the half-life and clearance rate of the particular formulation.

The application server consists of the management interface and hosted applications. By separating the management interface from hosted applications, the user must authenticate as a privileged user to the management interface before being presented with management functionality. This prevents non-privileged users from having visibility to functions not available to the user.


This item does not apply to the Liberty profile in V8/5. The Liberty profile has only a single Administrator security role to which multiple principals can be bound.

Figure 5. Application security

As compared with sildenafil, tadalafil has a longer plasma half-life (17/5 hours as compared with 4 hours) and can be given once a day. It also increases 6MWD in a dose-dependent manner with maximal effect at 40 mg (table 1) . In patients receiving tadalafil 20 or 40 mg, the improvements in 6MWD demonstrated in the 16-week PHIRST study appeared sustained for up to 52 additional weeks of treatment in PHIRST-2 . Both drugs are generally well tolerated and most side effects are essentially related to vasodilatation, such as headache, flushing, epistaxis, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, myalgia and hypotension. In some cases such as PAH associated with human immunodeficiency virus infection, the PDE-5 ihibitor dose may have to be reduced, because of interaction with antiretroviral therapy.


Usually, there are two methods to issue certificates. The difference between the processes is the location where the client’s private key will be generated.

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Many frontend frameworks rely on JavaScript to show content. This can mean Google might take some time to index your content or update the indexed content.


If the site is to perform any authentication or has any activities that should be protected, then HTTPS is required for access from the browser to the web server. If you do not use HTTPS, information such as passwords, user activity, WebSphere Application Server session cookies, and LTPA security tokens (see sidebar) may be seen by intruders because the traffic flows through the external network.

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If our application server is not a deployment manager, we should disable these ports. Most application server Web containers are listening on two administrative ports even though there is no administrative application on those servers. This is because servers are usually created based on the server1 template that includes those ports.

When the WebSphere Application Server server and client communicate using CSIv2 IIOP, they negotiate the transport security and choose a form that is acceptable to both parties. In general, this is feasible, but you should be aware of a potential vulnerability. WebSphere Application Server supports CSIv2 over SSL or plain text. By default, both parties will negotiate to use SSL to ensure an encrypted communication channel is established. However, if any party requests to use plaintext during the negotiation, the plaintext will be used. You may not even realize that the communication flow is sent in clear text! This kind of problem is possible, for example, if a client configuration error occurs. If you want (and should) ensure that the traffic is encrypted, it is safer to ensure that SSL is always used.


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Assurance that the actions of an entity may be traced uniquely to the entity. This ensures that there is information to prove ownership of the transaction.


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Use a command line to start ikeyman from either WebSphere’s bin directory or IBM HTTP Server’s bin directory. Look for the ikeyman executable file. After starting the utility, you should find a GUI application on your desktop.

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By running the node agent as root, root privileges are actually granted to the WebSphere Application Server administrator and any applications running in WebSphere Application Server. This might include a Generic Server, which is a non-WebSphere Application Server process. This could be a Java or native executable that will run as root.

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When the certificate is trusted because it is issued by a trusted CA, then a MITM attacker could return its legitimate certificate issued by the same trusted CA in place of the real certificate. Assuming that the CA does not issue more than one certificate with the same CN, verification of the hostname could detect the MITM attacker.


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The previous section described how to exchange public certificates between two identical JKS key stores. You can also exchange certificates between two non-identical key stores, such as JKS and KDB. The steps have minor differences from those we just described, but the concept is exactly the same.

A PKI system completes the tasks related to public key cryptography. These tasks should be separate, meaning that a PKI system should have some well-defined units to execute the different tasks. In some cases, the PKI implementation must separate the different functions physically (for example, in a commercial CA system). In this case, the elements listed next are located on different servers.


General patch 1 048

Therefore, you must be very cautious when choosing to use mutualSSL. Any configuration error can cause the environment to be mimicked by any user.

When WAS servers and clients communicate using CSIv2 IIOP, they negotiate the transport security. Whatever is acceptable to both parties is chosen. Generally, that is fine, but we should be aware of one potential weakness. WAS supports CSIv2 over SSL or clear text. By default, both parties will typically negotiate to use SSL, thus ensuring an encrypted communication channel. However, if either party in the negotiation requests clear text, then clear text will be used. We might not even realize our traffic is being sent in the clear! This might happen, for example, if a client was mis-configured. To guarantee that traffic is encrypted (and we should), it is safer to ensure that SSL is always used.


The default maximum size for any single HTTP header is 32768 bytes. It can be set to a different value.

These two formats are functionally similar but not compatible in format. Therefore, you must be careful not to confuse them.


Auditor:Users who have this role (added in V7) can configure the auditing system but have no other permissions. On the other hand, the Administrator can configure anything other than the auditing system. This provides a clear separation of duties. The Administrator can change the configuration but cannot “mask” the trace of the operation because he cannot disable auditing.

In WAS V8/0 the default key length used for generated certificates changed from 1024 to 2048. The admin console supports choosing the key length. The supported key length range is 512-16384 (must be a multiple of 8).


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A partial deployment can leave the server in an inconsistent state. Application servers may provide a transaction rollback function to address this issue.

Create a self-signed certificate in the two key stores and export just the certificate (not the private key). Make sure we track when those certificates expire. Once the plug-in certificate expires, it will no longer be able to contact the Web container! Import the certificate exported from the Web container key store into the plug-in key store. Import the plug-in certificate into the Web container trust store. Now, each side contains only a single signing certificate. This means that each can be used to verify exactly one certificate - the self-signed certificate created for the peer.


When the restConnector-1/0 feature is enabled, the ssl-1/0 and appSecurity-1/0 features are dynamically enabled to ensure that remote access is safe by default, similar to a full configuration file. Also, when you enable one of the connectors, you must add an administrative user to the Liberty profile configuration, otherwise the connector cannot verify and connect to Liberty.

Invalidate LTPA token on Websphere

Like most systems, WebSphere Application Server allows multiple principals to act as administrators. Simply use the management application and go to the System Management Console User (or User Groups) section to specify additional users or groups of users that should be granted administrative privileges. After such authorization, when managing WebSphere Application Server, everyone can authenticate as their own. All administrative actions that result in a change to the WebSphere Application Server configuration require auditing by the deployment manager, including the identity of the principal that performed the change. Beginning with V7, a new auditing framework was introduced that provides more detailed management operational audit information. Obviously, these audit records are more useful if each administrator has a separate identity.


Web sphere extended deployment offers a Java batch processing system called as Compute Grid

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When password based authentication occurs, the runtime caches the password as a one way hash for future validation. Since the hash is not reversible, there is no danger in the password being captured (even from a memory dump) but this cache does have implications. When future requests arrive that require authentication, and they use the same user ID and password combination, the cached password data (and user information) will be used. This means that if a user's password is changed in the registry, he will still be able to authenticate using the old password until the cache expires (10 minutes by default).


Activation spec websphere mq

The application server web container must be configured to perform client certificate authentication. You must also change its trust store to include only the client certificate that WebSEAL is using. This step is critical because it is the only way to ensure that requests to the application server web container come from only WebSEAL, not an intruder (using only mutual authentication SSL is not enough). You must also remove non-HTTPS transports from the web container to ensure that only mutual authentication SSL is used when contacting the server.

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With JGSS (Generic Security Services) messages can be exchanged securely between applications. The Java GSS-API holds Java bindings for the Generic Security Services Application Program Interface (GSS-API), which is defined in RFC 2853. Application programmers use GSS-API for uniform access to security services on a variety of underlying security mechanisms, including Kerberos.


When a certificate is trusted because it is a self-signed certificate, it is not necessary to perform host name verification. The SSL handshake will not pass unless the provided certificate exactly matches the trusted certificate.

This class can be used for any customized login operations. You may specify any user with any name while creating the token.


In some environments, sensitive information is added to a request when it reaches your network. For example, some authentication proxy servers (such as WebSEAL) add password information to the request. Custom code in the web server might do something similar. If this is the case, additional steps should be taken to protect the flow of traffic from the web server to the web container. To force all traffic coming out of this plugin to use HTTPS, simply disable HTTP transport in the web container on each application server and regenerate and deploy the plugin. Both the WCInboundDefault and HttpQueueInboundDefault transport chains must be disabled (Figure 12). Now, this plugin can only use HTTPS, so it will use HTTPS to perform forwarding regardless of how the traffic reaches the web server.

The J2EE specification and WebSphere Application Server provide a powerful infrastructure for implementing secure systems. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the various issues associated with creating a security system based on WebSphere Application Server. This information has many degrees of freedom and many different sources, so some users tend to ignore security issues and deploy systems that are not secure enough. To avoid this, this section summarizes the most critical issues.


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Radon has been shown to pose a health risk to occupants if concentrations exceed 200 Bq m-3 in domestic residences and 300 Bq m-3 in workplaces [1, 8–12]. Unlike the focus that has been granted to 222Rn studies for decades, acquiring data sets for indoor thoron concentrations and its decay products has been overlooked due to the general perception that its exposure levels are negligible. The disproportionate focus on 222Rn ignored the contribution of 220Rn to the total inhalation dose when evaluating significant sources of natural radiation. Thoron and its progeny have not even been officially considered into the contexts of official safety thresholds of indoor radiation exposure . This misconception was based on knowledge of its relatively short half-life of 55/6 seconds and its short diffusion distance from emission sources ([13–16]).

The Java ACC specification defines a contract between J2EE containers and authorization policy modules such that container authorization functionality can be provided as appropriate to suit the operational environment. It defines how external authorization providers are to be interfaced with J2EE containers.


The security reverse proxy server resides between the Web clients and the Web application server. This server’s responsibility is to intercept incoming calls from the clients and perform authentication and authorization on behalf of the application server running the Web application.

The figure above shows the placement of the Java-based ODR server, and contrasts that with the on demand routing abilities available with the Application Optimization (AO) feature of IBM DataPower SOA Appliances. While the Java ODR is not to be placed in the DMZ, the DataPower SOA appliance is a hardened device suitable for placement in the DMZ.


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Web servers and application servers support numerous different authentication methods of retrieving the user’s identity. Web clients, including numerous browser and Web service clients, also support different authentication mechanisms to provide the user’s identity to the server. This section discusses the most common authentication mechanisms available today in Web servers and clients.


A common Denial Of Service (DOS) attack is to send an application very large HTTP headers, a large number of HTTP headers, or a large request body. We strongly believe in defense in depth. Ideally, an intrusion detection system, a firewall, a WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance, or even the web server in front of the application server should be protecting our WAS from these size-based HTTP attacks. There are also controls in WAS to protect itself from these kinds of attacks.

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WebSphere supports the concept of two types of key store: a key file and a trust file. A key file contains a collection of certificates and the associated private key for each certificate. A server manages at least one key file, although a client may also manage one. A trust file contains a collection of certificates that are considered trustworthy and against which the presented certificate will be matched during an SSL connection initiation in order to assure identity. A client typically manages at least one trust file, although a server may also manage one (see Figure 3-8).

Discussing Intel Centrino 2-based laptops, Chandrasekher pointed out additional OEMs choosing to include Intel ultra low-voltage processors to create ultra-thin laptop designs that are less than 1 inch thick. While lighter in size and weight, these notebooks still offer great performance and battery life consumers have come to expect. Chandrasekher then described the next-generation processors for laptops based on the Nehalem architecture that will be available in the second half of this year on the "Calpella" platform. These processors will be more powerful then their predecessors by including such technologies as Intel Hyper-Threading Technology and Intel Turbo Boost Technology.


Enterprise Single Sign On

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When using certificate authentication (client or server), we need to understand that each signer in the trust store represents a trusted provider of identity information (a certificate). We should trust as few signers as possible. Otherwise, it is possible that two signers might issue certificates that map to the same user identity. That would create a serious security hole in our architecture.


If a hacker can break a Web application by inserting malicious JavaScript into the browser (this is often referred to as a cross-site scripting attack), many malicious operations can be performed and the application is actually completely compromised. One of the malicious actions they can perform is stealing sensitive cookies such as LTPA cookies.

Alice wants to communicate with Bob but she does not want anybody to read the messages. She will use Bob’s public key to encrypt the message.


Clients present a certificate which is validated by the server against the set of trusted certificate signers. Once validated, the SSL handshake completes. We limit the signers we trust on the server. With self-signed certificates, we can create a situation where there is only one signer: the self-signed certificate. This means that there is only one valid client side private key that can be used to connect to this SSL endpoint: the private key we generated when we created the self-signed certificate in the first place. This is how we can limit who can connect to a system over SSL - even if the server side components don't provide authorization. Only trusted clients can connect over this transport.

All code submitted to OpenNTF XSnippets, whether submitted as a "Snippet" or in the body of a Comment, is provided under the Apache License Version 2/0. See Terms of Use for full details.


Protection of log records is of critical importance. Encrypting log records provides a level of protection that does not rely on host-based protections that can be accidentally misconfigured, such as file system permissions. Cryptographic mechanisms are the industry-established standard used to protect the integrity of log data. An example of a cryptographic mechanism is the computation and application of a cryptographic-signed hash using asymmetric cryptography. Encryption of log records must be tempered with architecture designs that incorporate log data into SIEM systems that read and act upon log data. Some SIEM systems may not be able to decrypt encrypted log data so encrypting the logs could be detrimental to the incident response process. This must be taken into account and addressed in the security plan.

This section provides details and step-by-step instructions for exchanging public certificates between two key stores or trust (certificate) stores. You must perform the certificate exchange when you want to set up trust between two parties based on certificates. Usually you use this process with self-signed certificates because real certificates issued by well-known Certificate Authorities are already included in the key and trust stores.


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Radiocarbon dating works as follows: every living thing absorbs Carbon-14, a carbon isotope that is generated by cosmic rays. When the organism dies it stops absorbing the isotope. The isotope disintegrates at a known rate, having a half-life of 5,730 years. By measuring the amount of Carbon-14 left in the sample, it is possible to estimate when it died. Thus, we can obtain an approximation of when a tree was felled (and thus killed) to be used as firewood, or when an animal was killed to be eaten. This technique has, in certain areas of the world where dendrochronology is possible, been refined even further and the dates more accurately calibrated. The only drawback to radiocarbon dating is that the Carbon-14, present in a very limited quantity, is impossible to detect beyond around 40,000 years.

Policies can define processes for different areas in an organization. Security policies focus on security-related processes (for example, how to request a new password, how to renew a password, and so on).


Intruders use this type of access to try to go beyond the normal use of the application and do something unfair. The key is that intruders use well-defined APIs and protocols to attack. The intruder is not necessarily outside the company, but executes code from outside the application itself. These types of attacks are the most dangerous because they require very few skills and can be attacked from far away as long as there is an available IP connection.

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Usually, an access control list specifies a set of roles that are allowed to use a particular resource. It also designates the people allowed to act in these roles.

User registry is a key component for applications. It is responsible for holding information about users, identities, and groups for security domains.


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Caveat:Although these features seem to be a solution against cross-site scripting attacks, it is not. If hackers can execute arbitrary code in your browser, the harm they cause is much more than just stealing cookies. They can actually see everything on the browser screen and can capture every keystroke, which is much more serious than stealing cookies.

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The logs may be stored on the application server until they can be archived to a log system or, in some instances, a Storage Area Networks (SAN). Regardless of the method used, log record storage capacity must be sufficient to store log data when the data cannot be offloaded to a log system or SAN.


Important: Make sure you are editing the right page. The value for "Name" should equal your page.

Normally, Domino JVM does not support LMBCS * encoding. So you have to install a supporting library.


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It is very important to protect the traffic on each link as much as possible to protect against intruders. In the rest of this section, the steps required to protect the infrastructure just described will be discussed. The following list lists each step in order of priority. The most important (most critical) measures are listed first. The importance of the latter measures has gradually decreased. It is up to you to decide what steps your organization should complete on this list.

Encryption is only as good as the encryption modules utilized. Unapproved cryptographic module algorithms cannot be verified and cannot be relied upon to provide confidentiality or integrity, and DoD data may be compromised due to weak algorithms. The use of TLS provides confidentiality of data in transit between the application server and client.


Instead, the administrator should check the fingerprint information to see if it is the correct fingerprint (ideally the end user should do the same). The management tool provides a way to view the fingerprint of the certificate. Select a personal certificate in the Admin Console to display its fingerprint.

WebSphere Application Server V7 Advanced Security Enhancements, Part 1

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This forms an additional feature to Web sphere network environment

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LtpaToken Generator for Multi-server SSO Configurations

SAS_SSL_SERVERAUTH_LISTENER_ADDRESS:Used for compatibility with WebSphere Application Server V4 and earlier. This is the old IIOP security protocol. Starting with V5, CSIv2 replaces it.


If you are using Internet site configuration, it will be * "Organization:TokenName". Otherwise, it will be "TokenName" only.

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The CA component is the heart of a PKI system; it provides the “stamp” to the certificate. In some implementations, the CA component is issued with the Registration Authority component. It stores its private key and can sign the certificate requests with it. This private key should be kept in a very secure place. If this key is corrupted, the whole certification tree will be unusable. This key can be stored on separate hardware.


If hackers are able to compromise a Web application by inserting malicious JavaScript into the browser (this is commonly known as cross-site scripting), then they can do any number of malicious actions and the application is essentially compromised. One of the many malicious things they can do is steal sensitive cookies such as the LTPA cookie. Most recent Web browsers support a concept known as HTTP Only cookies.

Enabling application security alone does not make applications secure. It merely makes it possible for applications to leverage security features provided by the application server (including Java EE security).


The jarsigner tool can generate and verify signatures for Java archives (JAR). Developers can sign their packages and distribute them in a trusted environment.

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Configure EJB application security using WebSphere Application Server Community Edition

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If you feel that the command line tool graphically prompts for a user ID and password is very annoying, you can change this behavior and let the tool use simple text-based prompts. To do this, you should change the loginSource from prompt to stdin by editing the appropriate configuration file.


This example is not suitable for the encryption of large amounts of data, because public key algorithms are very slow. We use the secure key algorithms to transmit large amounts of data. The session keys must be delivered with the public key algorithm and will be used during the communication.