With miniature tooling (for the purposes of this blog, under 1/8” diameter) the game changes. The way we approach miniature tooling is completely different as it relates to slotting. In these instances, it is vitally important to select the correct tool for these operations. A few of the suggestions may surprise you if you are used to working with larger tooling, but rest assured, these are tried and tested recommendations which will dramatically increase your success rate in miniature slotting applications.

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For the majority of classes and builds until late game, the optimal follower choice will be a healer pet. This is because pets don't act often enough and provide enough damage unless you're playing an actual pet build. Healer pets provide much greater benefit by healing you and curing any debilitating status effects, saving turns for you in the long run and allowing you to deal more damage.


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Destiny 2 Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt Exotic Weapons

Most specs will raise some stats. The important thing to note here is that these raise or lower your base stats only. They don't affect stats gained from gear. Some spec passive abilities change your stats based on gear but I'm specifically talking about the stat changes visible on the stat page of the spec.


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Level requirement - as mentioned most kingdoms will have a level requirement depending on the type of player levels they're looking to recruit. Again a big mix of kingdoms are looking for all sorts of players. Quite a few kingdoms will allow you to join under-levelled if you can show good constant progression and are keen.

A newly introduced mechanic over lockdown in 2021 is view distance. Certain pieces of gear can all give +20% to your view distance, allowing you to tap on buildings, mobs and bosses that you never knew were in your extended vicinity beforehand! This is a great mechanic as you will sacrifice power for utility in your world loadout. But there is a fantastic way to exploit this to your advantage. That is by finding and completing more dungeons. You can have all view-distance gear equipped in your world loadout, but have your best farming equipment in your gauntlet loadout (gauntlet and dungeons use your gauntlet loadout for gear and skills) that you'll actually have equipped in the dungeon.

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Easiest way to increase view-distance is buying lantern accessories from shops. Certain weapons also give increased view-distance and there is an off-hand available but it was from a time-limited raid boss in September 2021. There will likely be another opportunities to find this off-hand (Everlasting Torch) in the future.


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Apart from your character name the most important decision here is choosing your starting class. You have three choices: Warrior, Mage or Thief which set the scene with your classic RPG class archetypes. You can choose your gender but also switch at anytime in-game.


Bear in mind these tomes will start hampering all your main stats including hp and mana, so you may need to counter these. A good example especially for attack classes is the mirror off-hand found in the arena, which will give you plenty of mana to give time between potting.

This plugin will show various infos on a bar at the top or bottom of your screen. Each infos are called "control". They can be moved anywhere on the bar. You can also change the back color, font and the icon size and height of TitanBar.


The rarer the material (as seen from its background) the more materials we'll gain from smelting. Dragonite is a good choice to smelt as it's available from loads of monsters and items but has the blue famed background rarity, giving us a nice output. In tier 10 Ortanite is plentiful and gives the most materials returned. Upgrading the Refinery allows us to smelt more materials in one go. Approximately 10 materials get smelted per hour.

You may come across people mentioning either of these but they cover the same bonus. This is referring to the "Preferred Weapons" section you'll see when switching between classes and specialisations. They generally always follow the main theme, Mages prefer staffs etc.


Bravo for making it to the second half! Hopefully by now you've gained a little more understanding on the basic elements Orna has to offer. In this section we'll take a deeper dive into what we covered previously and you'll likely gain some useful tips and tricks you may not have known or figured out yet.

Oil Tycoon also likes to be driven about wherever he goes so he needs you to find him 5 cars – for which he’ll reward you with 1,000 times your stake. However, that pales into insignificance to finding him extra workers to help pump the oil out quicker – and 5 workers banks you a whopping 2,500 times your stake.


Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Exotic Weapons

Tapping on an item in your inventory will tell you what materials are required when levelling up that specific item. Some rarer items require multiple materials, and you'll need the same quantity of each material in order to upgrade it. Upgrading all items from levels 2 - 10 will require the same amount of time and materials. Gold costs increase for higher tier items.

However you can also have temporary buffs and debuffs, and of course these all also stack multiplicatively with permanent and other temporary buffs. So for our last example you can have single Def up and single temp Def up. These will stack while the temporary buff lasts. Temporary stat buffs generally have a 25% chance to end each turn.


Destiny 2 Exotics List

Status immunity is again an important consideration. A common tactic is using sleep dart or stun dart to try and gain turns, both of which you can make yourself easily immune to from low levels with Waking and Steady Pendants. The Ring of Annwn and Briny Pendant are amazing items you find in the mid-game to counter other commonly used status effects. In Kingdom Wars you may come across hexes; these cannot be countered by your equipment and you'll have to try and get rid of the hex with spells or from your pet.

Elemental resistance gear can also be a bonus if you get lucky with item drops. Remember the faction damage bonus, it can be a good indication of the type of element your opponent may use. An enemy in Stormforce will have a 25% damage bonus when doing lightning damage, so it would be the first element I'd try and resist. The 50% damage reduction can be the difference between winning and losing.


Precision and accuracy are paramount when it comes to miniature tooling, regardless of whether you are slotting, roughing, or even simply looking to make a hole in a part. With the guidelines above, it is also important to have a variety of tooling (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=7232) options available to cater to your specific slotting needs.

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BoG gives you 50% increased orns, gold and experienced gained from mobs. It also increases monster spawns.


Accessories cannot be levelled up in the Blacksmith or in any building. The differences come from the item quality on drops. Accessories can actually drop from broken quality all the way up to masterforged and demonforged! Although anything above ornate quality is insanely rare. I've personally never found a masterforged or demonforged accessory and I've killed a lot of mobs.

For world farming weapons such as Deathbringer and Venin however, I strongly recommend enchanting your faction element on these. This will give you a 25% damage buff on your basic attack skills, which may be the difference in killing a mob in one hit rather than two, gotta go fast! Always remember to equip different elemental skills to defeat immune enemies, I really recommend dragon skills like Blightstrike and Wyvern Strikes for this. Mages will have access to pure elementless skills like Blast, Drain and Transference to reach the same result.


Ward jewels that give 2% ward + other stats are also highly sought after once your each tier 9 and start finding heavily ward-influenced pieces of gear. For this scenario I recommend trying to save 2% ward jewels for your best ward gear if possible.

We'll go into a lot more detail regarding specs in the individual class build guides. For now I recommend holding out for Beserker at tier 5 for that power boost and taking it from there.


You can receive the preferred weapon bonus from either your selected class or specialisation, but they do not stack, meaning you can only get this bonus applied once. At least you have more weapon options available covering from both class and spec.

Respectively they will allow us to upgrade level 10 equipment to level 11 and 12, which in-game are called Masterforging and Demonforging. We can also enchant weapons with different elements and even remove them. Alchemist allows us to enchant the four basic elements, while Demonologist allows us to apply Dragon, Dark and Holy elements. As we mentioned, the base costs for upgrading our equipment to these levels can get very high, so it's important to try and locate these buildings around your local area so you know where to go to unleash maximum damage!


If you hold multiple areas surrounding each other you will actually have increased stats and power when people fight you for control over those areas. On the flip-side if you do not travel through an area you control for 30 days or more, you will turn into a ghost in that area, significantly reducing your stats and power within that area control.

Most of the UI elements in Orna are quite intuitive and if you like playing these sorts of games you'll figure stuff out on your own. As a quick summary of the world map view and how to find the main things talked about in this guide we've put numbers on the world map view screenshot that correspond to the UI elements listed below.


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Remember that skills unlocked from classes can be used freely with any other class. That means that the classes that learn the main stat boosting skills are essentially must-buy classes for all players once you reach a certain level.

Now as I'm sure you've gathered by this point, not all items are made the same. Some are shinier than others and more powerful, and by the way I'm talking about the same base item here. Every item has its base quality ranking, named Common. We can assume the stats at common quality are 100%.


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Hopefully you'll already have noticed mobs using battle buffs or even used a few of them yourself in your skill loadouts. We are talking about the small buff icons that appear next to your character in the battle screen, with a small arrow(s) pointing up or down. We'll clarify exactly what these battle buffs and debuffs are and how they affect your fighting ability.

Another +10% total stat boost can be gained from simply being in a party, and being close to a party member. Now the best way to make this work for you're the only one playing in your location, and actually I recommend everyone doing it this way so you can have the bonus on cue; is you want to make an alt character and party them up with your main.


So basically, you have to wear at least one demonforged item, kill one of the super bosses, and then that will give you a tiny chance to Godforge. A successful Godforge shows up on the victory screen when you kill the boss.

As I said, there's no ads in this game and no pay-to-win aspect. There's a small amount of temporary pay-to-progress a wee bit available in the form of a temporary experience boost available, but that is also easy to find in the actual game, especially if you move around.


This is a solid and comprehensive guide that covers all the basic features Orna has to offer once you've made a new character and you're ready to slay. There's plenty of game mechanics, tips, tricks and understanding to be had which takes time to learn and master. The depth of the game will surprise people considering the size of the dev team. In order to make this guide as future-proof and robust as possible I will concentrate on the fundamentals of the game in this guide, with links dotted about to other guides and builds as we expand our content and delve deeper.

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You will gain a +10% buff to total stats whilst you are present in your Origin Town. You want to choose your Origin Town in the Area where you play the most, for this reason. You may have noticed raids getting more difficult away from home, this boost could be a reason for that.

You can also check your currently equipped follower's stats by entering your status screen from the main character menu, and there's a follower tab at the top which will show its stats. You won't see this tab if you haven't got a follower equipped. You'll see pets only have offensive stats; Attack and Magic, because it's not possible to attack pets in battle.


So we can look at PvP specific pets with a few scenarios in mind, and depending on your class and tier. For most of early and mid game you can't go wrong with the healer pets. Of course to make the best choice you also need to know your enemy. You may need the extra damage provided from Chimera's Beserk skill to help crack turtle builds.

For the majority of early to mid game specs act like a wee bonus that you don't really take much notice of. The exception to that is the Beserker spec at tier 5. It allows you to learn the skill Beserk at level 100, which is a buff that raises your damage by a huge 50% while giving you a 5% DOT (damage over time) each turn. The thing is at lower levels this DOT doesn't cause you significant damage. You can out-heal it with skills or potions easily, and is minor in comparison to the damage power boost it gives you. An important recent change to the skill means Beserk affects both att and mag damage, making it boost all active damage types!


These Keep upgrades also give us access to an Alchemist and then eventually a Demonologist. A recent update (May 2021) has changed the Fortress/Castle Masterforging and Demonforging costs - These are now the exact same as wild Alchemists or Demonforges. This change was most likely brought about by the Wayvessel update, which made finding wild Demonforges quite trivial. Now players can enjoy the big upgrade investment of Fortress/Castle without fear of over-spending, and get excited to Masterforge and Demonforge your items as quick as possible.

Mana - Used for casting skills during battle. All skills will cost a set amount of mana. Some classes reduce the mana cost and others can even occasionally cast spells for free.


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You might think that for PvP it's a simple case of equipping your best gear and leaving it at that. Now even at the lower tiers it's more nuanced than that. As you level up there's definitely more consideration as to what your loadout should be at any given time.


That's why it's important to try and tag all the raid bosses. You will need to be selective about what skill you use, you'll need an armour/resistance penetrating skill like Double Edge to do damage to higher tier raid bosses.

Zero hitpoints will mean you can't attack any mobs, so you'll need to heal up a bit. You regain 1% hp and mana per minute if you close the game app, so you regenerate in the background. Best way is to use small potions as they are cheap and plentiful.


Once reaching level 75 and tier 4, we want to find a Wisp pet as soon as possible. Build a Bestiary and upgrade to at least level 4 to have a Wisp able to show up. If there's no Wisp in stock, upgrade once and check the stock again, it restocks every time you upgrade. Hopefully you will find one before levelling it to its max level 10. If not and you have available resources, just build another one and repeat until you find a Wisp, in the future we'll be building multiple bestiaries anyway to increase our chance of finding rarer followers.

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At the start of the game we're looking for a Shop and a Blacksmith. If you can't see either of these two buildings then that's what we want to build first. A shop will allow us to buy small potions to continue grinding constantly and a blacksmith will help us upgrade our items from the get-go. I recommend buying only small potions and using auto-heal, this gives us best healing per gold spent, and doesn't take any longer to use. Buy a few at first then after making more gold, keep buying small potions until you have 50, then 100, then 200 then thousands, meaning you can forget about them for a while.


Open up the quest menu from the little book icon at the bottom of the world view, and you'll be taken immediately to the first story quest available. You'll see some lore mentioning it's been 11 years since the Falling corrupted your world, an exciting sounding story that makes you want to hero up and get stuck in. You'll see for the first quest you are required to kill 10 blue slimes as your first quest in your journey, and the large green button with "ACCEPT" written on it.

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There are three categories of gear that match the three base class archetypes: Warrior - Mage - Thief. Within those class equipment types will exist a number of different item categories. Most notably are the different weapon types that different classes and specs gain weapon proficiency bonus from (5% increase to total offensive stats).


Destiny 2 Warlock Exotic Armor

In the mid game and around the time we build our keep we can start building more shops, to make a shopping mall. Upgrading your shops and then checking their restocking times every day or so will allow us to buy important consumable items regularly, as well as materials and items to dismantle. The main things you want to buy are Monster Remains, Dowsing Rods, Affinity Candles, Arena Tokens and Elemental Stones. Keep an eye out for materials or items that dismantle into the materials that you need to upgrade your gear, like Elstones for Elven gear as an example.

If you're short of time I've made some quick typical class archetype progression lists below showing your typical routes to go down. There will soon be specific build strategy guides available for each archetype showing what classes to unlock, best specs etc. I haven't included god classes in the below progressions, but they remain a viable option from tier 8 onward, by which point you'll probably have a better idea of the game and what playstyle you'll want to continue with.


Increased view distance isn't going to help you fight raid bosses or help you out in the arena. Increased health, mana and damage obviously will. So for that reason make sure you read over what your accessories do and use them in the right loadouts.

You start a new character at level 1 and at tier 1. Orna uses tiers as a means of introducing new content to the player; classes, specs, followers, mobs, raids, items etc. You'll enter a new tier every 25 levels and there's a total of 11 tiers including the maximum level at 250. At certain new tiers you'll encounter new mobs and bosses that'll be tough to beat without some upgrades.


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Orna is a GPS augmented reality game, that works similarly to Pokemon Go in that the in-game world map is based around the real-life world map, and Orna uses OpenStreetMap in that regard. So that means you have to move around in real life, go for a walk, bike ride or ride shotgun down the highway to find cool new mobs and bosses to smash, new lands to claim and other player's territory to conquer.


So to summarise followers, you generally want to use them in a complimentary fashion. Leave the heavy hitting pets to the specific pet classes. At the moment there's unfortunately a small number of really good pets, but obviously you can play with whichever pet you want, as long as you're having fun!

Destiny 2 Forsaken Exotic Weapons

You can also use Auto-Heal by long tapping the potions menu button in main world view. Auto-Heal will use the exact amount of potions required to heal your hitpoints and mana to 100%.


SIEGE TITAN WARS iOS and Android specific cheats

This is personal choice and depends on how actively you're playing and how bothered you can be to check your shops. Building 20 or more can really start to take you time to manage, but remember you don't have to check as soon as they're all restocked. Take your time and check when you feel like, don't make it a serious thing to check the same minute they're restocked and set cooldown timers, they don't make or break your gameplay!

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In Gauntlets your permanent battle buffs carry over to the next floor, and all the way til the end of the dungeon. That's why it's a great idea to buff up first before attacking mobs, especially as the later floors will have more difficult mobs. Buffing up beforehand will allow you the best chance to take down the more powerful mobs, and get better loot.

Yes that's right your first spec choice is free and available only once. Those of you thinking further ahead may be asking the question: Can I save this freebie until later tiers?


The same format goes for quest completion. When you complete a daily quest you'll get a reward pop up a few minutes afterwards showing that you completed the quest automatically. For the main story quest line you do need to go to the quest menu and complete manually, then accept the next story quest available as well. I want to hammer this point home now because it's easier to complete the story quest as you go along, rather than levelling up and coming back to it. If you've out-levelled the earlier quests try changing the tier of gauntlets and dungeons to the appropriate tier you need, this will give you a good chance of finding what you need to kill.

Cycle through the tabs at the top to check what daily quests are available for you to complete today. All players receive the same daily quests. Levelling up and reaching new tiers will give unlock more quests for you to complete each day.


So for example if you have a perfect 200% item, it will cost you 666 of each material to masterforge and 1332 to demonforge. Now you understand why you'll want to auto-dismantle the majority of gear drops!

The Ultimate OrnaRPG Beginner Basics Guide

Tapping on an item in your inventory will show you the number of slots available at the current item level, and also the maximum amount of slots available. This maximum refers to the number of slots available on the item at level 10, after you've fully levelled it up in the blacksmith. This maximum slot (useful site) number is affected by item quality and for most items, ornate will have 1 more slot available than legendary which will have 1 more slot available than famed and so on.


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Destiny 2 Black Armory Exotic Weapons

Some classes you'll see can wear multiple gear types. The orn cost for unlocking classes is shown on the left underneath the class tier.


A common question asked by new players is about what building should they build or should I build a keep or other building. So in this section we'll provide a nice suggestion for when you should start building stuff. The first thing to do is check what buildings you can see upon entering the game from home (or where you play the most) and with a torch lit, which increases your view distance, allowing you to see potentially more buildings.

Another pet we can mention is the tier 7 Orichalcum Golem, which actually provides the best ward regeneration of any pet, as well as the four elemental resistances. Obviously you will need a good amount of ward to utilise Ori golem. This pet is especially good for Realmshifter Charmer, as it allows you to hide behind ward and stay on low life without the Beserk dot, giving Realms their maximum power. Charmer's skill Warrior's Pavane is fantastic in terms of damage and mana cost. Unfortunately the mage equivalent skill is not as good from the Charmer spec.


Similar to the Party Bonus, this bonus boosts all your core stats as well as all stats from gear, making it extremely potent. Attack, Magic, Dexterity, Defense and Resistance are the core stats I'm referring to.

You can check your current stats from the Status page in your main character menu. The stats listed here take into account your world gear loadout, as well as any stat buffs applied. If you ever wanted to check your base stats you'd need to remove all pieces of equipment in your world loadout, then calculate back if any buffs are applied. As far as I'm aware nobody has gone to the trouble of listing the base stats of every class at every level from 1 - 250. Maybe a future project for someone?


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Greater Yokai - This interesting purple dude who likes to fold arms a lot is actually a really solid PvP pet. Looking at its skillset we can find it's like a saboteur, with a whole bunch of negative status effect skills at its disposal. You can use this pet on both offense and defense. This is the best pet that will take turns away from your opponent. Generally though we have to bear in mind that Greater Yokai's natural counters are the healer pets, so this tier 6 pet is generally used more later on. But if you spot your war opponent without a healer pet, try and get the defensive win with GY.

Now I certainly recommend you choose your first character thematically, you're not going to miss out on anything and you'll end up unlocking most of these classes anyway. This guide will ensure you can smash things up nicely with swords and daggers or blast mobs away with powerful magic spells. We'll find out later how class progression works so you can target a certain higher tier class easily, and we'll also release class-specific progression and build guides soon to check out.


Tapping on followers in a Bestiary will show you its skills and the action rates of those skills. These action rates apply to each skill individually, so if a pet has multiple spells and its spell chance is 10%, each of those spells have a 10% chance of being cast each turn - not 10% chance to cast a spell. Pet skills are split into a number of separate categories, and you'll see each category has its own cast chance which apply to the skills of that category.

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You'll see in the Spec selection screen that most of the specs offer you some stats bonuses, +5% Def here -5% Res there, that sort of thing. The important thing to note about all of these stat bonuses affect only your base stats.

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Titan RTX Can Run PC Game System Requirements

Elements can be enchanted on to or removed from any weapon at an Alchemist or Demonologist, providing you have enough gold and elemental stones. Alchemist can enchant the four main elements while at the Demonologist you can apply Dark, Holy and Dragon type elements to your weapon.


You must be within 250m of an area to interact with it, and you may be within reach of more than one area at any time. Tap the Area Menu at the bottom right of the world map view to see what areas are nearby. Increasing view distance will allow to see more areas nearby, but you still have to be within 250m to interact.

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Take a look at this Realmshifter / Swashbuckler loadout. The build is aimed for maximum attack damage and has no defense. However it is immune to a lot of status effects, making it tricky to deal with, especially if you miss attacks.


For your axial passes, take light passes with multiple stepdowns. Working your tool almost as a high feed end mill will make for a successful slotting (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=1116) operation, even at the most minuscule diameters.

Banshee and Warhorse are essentially two sides of the same coin for Magic and Attack builds respectively. Their double down debuff can really help you deal more damage for longer, as raid bosses get stronger the longer your fight lasts. The major downside is that it can take many, many turns for this debuff to land. By which point you may already be dead, or the raid boss itself may already have been killed. I think for mid game players, these pets will help you the most if you have good survivability but perhaps lack in damage.


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Raids are a fantastic place to make use of temporary buffs and debuffs as well. This is where Assasin and Heretic jewels come into their own. Stacking a few of these in your raid weapon will provide you consistent temporary damage increases during your raids, and it's great seeing your damage numbers take a big leap for a couple of turns. These jewels are dropped from mimic-type mobs but also pop up occasionally as quest rewards so be sure to keep an eye out! And you'll likely want to use them in your best weapon until you have a few spare.

Orna allows players the freedom to switch between unlocked classes and their associated different playstyles freely once you have initially unlocked them with orns. All skills learnt from unlocking classes can be used by any other class, it's like your character learns the skill inherently and can apply that skill with any class they wish.


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Accessory-wise you will likely want to take stat-debuff-immunity such as Ring of Day or Arch-Gadget. Even on offense, if your enemy manages to lower your def/res with double down, you could be one hit away from losing your offense.

The main advantage of class-tied gear and a significant power boost which you should take note of is weapon proficiency. Most classes and specs have one or two specific weapon types that they are proficient with, think of them as their favourite weapons. While having a weapon equipped that your class is proficient with, you will gain a 5% total increase to offensive stats, that's Att and Mag. This bonus is powerful because it boosts both your base stats and equipment stats, and your weapon stats will give you the largest damage stat boost, so try and wear a weapon like this if you can.


This buff gives you a +5% total offensive stat bonus. So it boosts your total Attack and Magic stats by 5%. This includes all stats granted from gear, especially your weapon, which obviously then makes this bonus way more potent than the specialisation stat buffs we talked about in the previou section.

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If you're coming to Orna from another Augmented Reality game such as Pokemon Go, the first major difference and improvement you might notice is the unlimited spawning of mobs in Orna. Of course in Pokemon Go you catch the few pokemon on your screen then there's nothing in that location for quite some time forcing you to move if you want to keep catching.


This will last you easily until tier 7, where you can buy Twilight Wisp, or "T-Wisp". The healing power increases to 1000 HP, and it'll now also have a Dark and Holy spell to provide some additional damage support. It'll also heal you from the common status effects.

Experience Points - Killing mobs, players and completing quests will all grant you experience points, allowing you to level up your character and unlock new content. Every 25 levels are split into tiers where you'll face new mobs and bosses, unlock stronger classes and be able to wield more powerful equipment. One reason we all loves RPGs is the experience gain and grind, beware this does become a very grindy game!


Masterforging an item will unlock every adornment slot available on that piece of equipment regardless of item quality. Each item's real maximum adornment slot number is the ornate number of slots (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9320) + 1.

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You can search by the mob to see what it drops, or by the item to find out which mob you need to kill. While levelling I'd usually filter weapons by tier to find out which was the best weapon upgrade for me at that point, and then go and try and farm that mob as much as possible.

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You can start entering these from level 50 but I would recommend waiting until at least lvl 100 before attempting any. By this point you'll hopefully have found a few keys, but more importantly the mobs and bosses you can fight at the higher tiers will also drop better items for you. Boss gauntlets are especially juicy from this point onwards, and their items, especially weapons, can be powerful upgrades for you that can last multiple tiers.


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A very good strategy, especially if you've joined a kingdom and are now required to participate in the war effort, is to have two sets of gear available to you. One set that you're wearing and another set that you're upgrading in the blacksmith. The equipment doesn't have to be the exact same items, just as long as they're reasonably similar and obviously wearable by your class, and future class. This certainly goes well if you find a nice ornate item that may last you for over 50 levels, get that ornate levelling in the blacksmith to level 10 and find a decent replacement.

If you're regularly playing whilst travelling you can consider building Outposts in areas you regularly travel, allowing you to switch pets on the fly. These can be good if you forgot to change your pet before leaving home, or you're trying to gain a bunch of new territories from a player and you want to switch pet. Outposts are limited to one per area.


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Remember the chance to Godforge is small and you will test your patience while hunting for the upgrade. However in my opinion there is no cooler upgrade in the game, and seeing that Godforged screen is so awesome!

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Kingdom level and raiding - dictates what raids are available to unlock. As a lower level player you'll mainly want to raid the lower tier raids, which are all unlocked before kingdom level 8. Long established kingdoms will probably be level 20 anyway, so check to make sure they're still running lower raids relevant to your level. A good established kingdom will be turning over raids regularly and the top kingdoms will even be doing the highest tier raids multiple times per day.


As you can guess, double arrow up will provide a greater stat increase than a single arrow. The same buff can only be applied once, by that I mean you cannot have two buffs both giving Def Up one arrow, once you have it up it's up.

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Almost every class and specialisation has a few preferred weapons which you can see on their selection screen. These list the specific weapon categories that will grant you the weapon proficiency bonus, giving you a 5% boost to offensive stats. That means a 1/05 multiplier on both your Att and Mag stats.

If a mob kills you do not worry, you won't lose gear or stats or anything to that affect. You can die an unlimited number of times. The mob that killed you will have a cool-down of 5 minutes before you can attack it again. Gives you time to heal up and re-assess your strategy!

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A number of bosses will be able to reduce your stats, so stat debuff prevention is also important. Arch-Gadget and Gizmo, Rings of Day or Night, Yeti Overcoats are all important. Know your enemy and counter their skills.


What you may find which is sod's law in its purist Orna form, you'll find all ornate sets of gear for the wrong archetype path you have chosen. So if you go mage, you will probably find amazing thief gear but standard mage gear. This is the common story from aged salty Orna players but RNG is RNG. Best way to find an ornate of the type of item you need is to check those loot tables and kill more of the mob who drops the items you need!