We're very proud to officially announce GameMaker Studio 2, the next evolution of our flagship game development tool. Studio 2 is not just a new version of GameMaker: Studio, it has been rewritten from the ground up to improve and expand upon the foundation laid by its predecessor. A whole new codebase, a whole new UI, a whole new GameMaker!

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Now that you have finished the chapter, you have a good understanding of the GameMaker: Studio (click now) interface. You have learned what many of the buttons on the main interface do; how to create and name resources including sprites, objects, and rooms; how to add events and actions to your objects and assign them sprites; how rooms and their coordinates work; and how to compile your games.

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The helper script copies the key color from a source animation to the target animation for the key of the animation frame. The source and target animation are strings. The frame index is a number from 0 to the frame count. The key is a integer of the key number.

The default dimensions, which we will be using, are already set, as is the room speed, or how many times per second each object in the room runs its code. The room speed of 30 is perfectly fine for us right now. Select the objects tab on the left sidebar, and the only object we have, obj_square, will be already assigned to your left mouse button. Click anywhere in the room to place this object, and place more than one. For this example, 10 would be a good number. Click on the green checkmark when you are done, and you will have finished creating your first game in GameMaker: Studio.


To create boundaries in your room, define an object as a wall and place it throughout the room. You can keep the same object for subsequent rooms if you choose.

Another event, the Step event, is similar to this (it runs over and over) but it does not control rendering. You shouldn't use the Draw event as a replacement Step event though we use both together (or just one of them if you only need one of them).

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Learn about the basic resources you'll be using. Every component of your game is a resource; resources include everything from sounds and character images to collision effects and a compilation of all of your code. You can view a lump sum of your resources at any time from the Resource Tree in the left side of your screen.


This contains a very clean interface including a fully functional drag and drop programming interface making it very easy to get started creating games. Experienced GameMaker developers typically choose to create games using the text-based coding functionality of the built-in GML.

Sprites are images -often several sequential ones, in practice -used to animate objects. Every object you create will have at least one sprite assigned to it. GameMaker comes equipped with many sprite templates, and YoYo Games has even more available for download; you can also create your own.


To assign a sprite to your object (which is not always necessary, in fact many objects in your games will not use sprites) select the blue button in the box labeled Sprite and pick the sprite we previously created, spr_square. Don't worry about anything else you see on the left sidebar, we will get into this in more detail later. For now, focus your attention on the first large box, labeled Events. Events are simply things that happen in your game, such as player input or when an instance of an object is created, and they are handled similarly to if statements, and run the associated Action(s). Actions are the same as statements (what should happen based on the event). So one event might be a keypress of the space key, and when that occurs, the player should jump. In pseudo-code for that event, you might say, if the space key is pressed, then alter the player's y coordinate so that they rise. Then, once they've reached a certain point, change the y coordinate so that the player falls. Right now, we shall be putting an event into our game. Select the Add Event button at the bottom, select the Draw button, followed by the Draw menu option.

If your game window doesn't look like this, then check whether you followed all the instructions correctly (such as choosing the right event and the right parameters for your Draw Text action). You might want to check it with the sample code included with this book to ensure that everything is correct. If that doesn't work, perform a clean build with F7 to make sure your next compilation will start completely fresh so that any compiler-induced errors will not occur.


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The helper script closes a set of animations so they can be reloaded from disk. The set of animations will be stopped if playing.

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The top-left corner of the message is where the coordinates we put in earlier are applied, which is why the message isn't precisely in the center of the room. The reason that you only see one instance of that message rather than many is because we told all the objects to display a message at that exact location. In turn, all of these instances of the message are actually overlapping directly on top of one another.

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The API has various methods with the D suffix where double return-type/parameters were used. This is to support engines like GameMaker which have a limited number of data-types.

Learn the components of the Graphical User Interface (GUI). The GUI is the set of tools and options that help you create and fine-tune your game. To view the GUI, click the "New" tab at the top of the GameMaker startup menu.


The main toolbar is beneath the main menus; it contains buttons to add objects, sprites, and any other GameMaker resources you'll need. You can also export your project, save your project, and open an old project from here.

By definition, a game is a special kind of program that is run inside a loop that repeats as long as the user has not decided to close the game program. This loop contains code that creates objects that each have their own loops to control animation, movement, actions, and logic statements based on various aspects of what is occurring in the game. The objects are run until the time they are removed from the program. The main loop also contains logic statements that run code based on different possible user input values. An example of such logic would test if the user has pressed the spacebar, and if so, the game will modify variables of the player object so that it rises, and then falls at a certain point. In order for the player to understand what they have done in their game, the main loop contains code to push graphics to the screen and audio to the speakers, both of which are affected by what different game objects are doing.


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Click the green "Get GameMaker" button in the upper right-hand corner of the site. This will take you to the GameMaker versions page, from which you can select the version of GameMaker you would like to download.

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Double-click the GameMaker Studio setup file. This will begin the installation process.


This script is called from the room object create event. This is also where the keyboard enums are listed.

Click Download GameMaker Studio at the top of the page

Learn the basics about objects and events. Objects comprise most of the on-screen data in any given room. For an object to be functional in your game, it must be defined with an event; for example, an event triggered by pressing a button on the keyboard might cause an object to move a certain direction. When you choose to create an object from the resources menu, it will take you to the "Object Properties" menu.


Method 1 of 3: Familiarizing Yourself with GameMaker: Studio Download Article

You can always upgrade later, so the Standard version is a perfectly appropriate place to start. Once you've chosen your version, get a license key for it and download the GameMaker: Studio (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=868) installer and run it.

Play around with some of the other actions on your obj_square to make it do more rather than be displayed and print text. Try something and immediately test it. It will become good practice to test your games often in order to discover errors where they originate. If you add ten features and discover a bug, you don't know where it came from—but if you add one and get a bug, you know where your problem is.


The helper script returns the number of animation frames. The animation parameter is a string.

Enter your email twice under the "Register" tab. This area should be on the right side of your screen.


Everything from the green Pac-Man to the white rectangle and inclusive, are the buttons for creating resources. The next button is a button to access the Global Game Settings, mentioned previously. You can always hover your mouse over any of the buttons to see what they do.

Create a new project named testGame2 or something like that. It will be a clone of the original example, but you're not going to reread the instructions in the chapter or read them from your example game. You're instead going to see if you can recall how to do everything from memory. If you can't recall something, review the chapter to make sure you are comfortable with the content.


An extra note that you might find helpful—GameMaker saves backups of your game by default in your Documents\GameMaker\Backups\<project name> folder. You might find that it saves them far too often and does not save enough, so under the File option in the IDE's top bar, select Preferences, and the left pane will allow you to specify some backup-related options (frequency, location, and amount). Backups are useful if you accidentally break your game and need to go back to a point where everything worked. It might be helpful to make a copy of a working project alongside using the built-in backup system.

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Enter your preferred password twice. This is to ensure that you don't make any mistakes while entering your password for the first time.


There are many different ways to create games (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9884). Some people choose to write them in native C++ code without any sort of specialized Integrated Development Environment (IDE). However, GameMaker: Studio is a collection of tools contained in an IDE that make the game creation process much easier, by providing various tools and code functions that are specialized for creating games. For example, there is a visual object editor so that the developer doesn't have to define every single property of objects in code, but rather they can select various boxes that define object properties. Objects control nearly every aspect of a GameMaker game. Rather than using an external spritesheet file containing separate frames of animation, GameMaker contains a sprite editor where each sprite in itself is a special type of object that contains the images. All the developer has to do is to set the sprite of an object to the main sprite, which will then provide access to all of the images inside this sprite. The main game loop is run in rooms, where all of the objects are placed, in turn creating the full game. At compile time, everything produced in the project is converted into C++ code, then compiled, so in the end, the developer has essentially written their game in C++, but by using a much easier method.

Follow the on-screen instructions to install GameMaker Studio (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=566). After the program is finished installing, you'll be ready to begin creating your own games!

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We will begin with an overview of the different versions of GameMaker: Studio (hop over to here) that are available for download. This will be followed by a guide to the User Interface (UI) of the IDE to orientate you to working in the GameMaker environment. In this simple example, you will learn about creating resources (various kinds of assets) and their purposes, naming conventions, and some drag and drop coding among other skills. The IDE is essentially a collection of integrated editing tools used in a programming environment.


Using the prefixes is also very helpful for you and any other programmers, since using them allows you to easily distinguish resource types. The resource prefixes are what help to distinguish between a sprite named test and an object named test. Also, make sure that you use meaningful names so that you can easily find what you're looking for or figure out what a resource is just by name. Following is a chart of the resource types and suggested prefixes. Eventually, you will have many resources in your games and will need to easily distinguish one from another.

Click "Set Password" at the bottom of the page. As long as your password entries match each other, you are finished creating your account!


Navigate to the official GameMaker site. GameMaker is made by YoYo Games; the default program is free to download.