Julio Kaplan (1950- ) is a computer scientist and chess programmer. He is the founder and CEO of Heuristic Software. In 1981, he wrote chess programs for SciSys/Saitek\92s dedicated chess computers. He is the author or Superstar and Turbostar. He was later involved in the chess engines Socrates and Kasparov\92s Gambit.

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Ultimately, there's not a perfect solution to any security problems that does not involve limitless resources. It is the job of administrators to balance usability issues (of which IT might not fully understand the significance) with security issues (of which medical professions almost certainly don't understand the significance). This is not an easy job, and mistakes are going to be made, but it's not easy to understand the entire scope of the issues that the administrators are trying to balance.


Some of Nvidia's CPU architects gave a talk at the Hot Chips symposium today, and they revealed some long-awaited details about Nvidia's first custom CPU design. We weren't able to attend the talk, but the firm evidently pre-briefed some analysts about what it planned to say. There's a free-to-download whitepaper at Tirias Research on the Denver CPU core, and I've been scanning it eagerly to see what we can learn.

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What I don't understand is why the ERM system had mapped shares to a computer that could be exploited this way. ERM data should have been its own little sandbox.


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Professionals should act like professionals, by following the advice of professionals of other disciplines. If they do not understand the details or consequences, they should defer judgement and decisions to those who do.


I worked for a firm from 2005 thru 2021 who developed and sold electronic forms, admissions system enhancements, pharmacy workflow solutions and a few other managed services. We operated under a software (dig this) as a service model and fully implemented and managed those systems deployed in hospital networks across the country. I've personally been the guy who built, deployed, managed and supported those systems along with handling the connectivity between the customer's networks and ours (and way too many other jobs at the same time). My point is that I've personally worked with a good number of major hospital chain's management and tech folks over those years and I can tell you that the level of "security" really runs the gambit from competent to non-existent.

Nvidia says Tegra K1 64 devices should be available "later this year" and alludes to its new SoC as an Android L development platform. I can't wait to put one of these things through its paces.


Sony doesn’t say this, of course, but that puts us back to the fierce pride part. While they can admit a break-in they find it very difficult to say they are putting locks on the doors that never had them.

As for rude, I will Segway into a story. We had a VERY senior resident female who cannot remember her password to log into the network every Monday morning. This was somehow our problem, and instead of the courteous "Hey I forgot my password, can you reset me please" we had administrators and management and what not freaking out.


This is after applying the previously mentioned policies. The terminal services server logs the lockout.

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CraigJ, meet drive-by attack vectors; drive-bys, meet CraigJ. There, now you two have met and probably have a lot to discuss after apparently being ignorant of each other for all of these years.

As a nurse, I can't say that I'm too happy with reading ' "care for patients" ' in quotes, even if that might sometimes be appropriate. I know that we're far from perfect, some of us further than others.


That said, the first comment is largely correct. Everything leading up to and including ACA has starved hospitals for money. The business is a razor thin margin business and as such, IT dollars are usually only applied as needed. It's not their core business regardless of how important we think it is. Their core business is making people get better after illness. Everything else, including personal information security is secondary. HIPAA and HiTech help by forcing the hospitals to pay attention to security but security still receives only a tiny fraction of the budget.

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Okay, so I went through the Enable Security Auditing section. Still no love, not on the DC anyways. I did a gpupdate on the terminal server, and I could see the policy enforced on both the terminal server and the domain controller. But I'm not getting any information about failed login attempts or account lockouts on the domain controller.


Craig probably doesn't use the internet much. I have a hardware and software (link) firewall along with always up to date AV and security patches. Even with that I have gotten hit by zero day viruses and attacks here and there over the ~ 25 years I've been using computers. I do use the internet a lot, and my main PC workstation at home has 5-6 monitors on at the same time.

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I would add in. Chances are a present or former employee was involved in this Hollywood California incident. Given the wages in most every medical profession and the working conditions, it would not take long to find a disgruntled employee, thereby making access considerably easier.


Nurses work for the administration, just like IT does. The administration tells each what its core responsibilities are. That's just a starting point, though, because doctors and nurses (and more) core responsibilities are described during our education, and we can - and do - refuse duties that violate those responsibilities or that make it impossible for us to fulfill those responsibilites.

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This outage comes in large part because Sony has been so aggressive against hackers, who finally decided to slap-down the electronics giant. This is not to argue that Sony shouldn’t defend itself, but it is to argue that Sony should have expected elevated attacks as a result of its actions. Maybe they did expect more trouble, but the fact that they were so easily compromised shows corporate hubris at a reckless level.

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So too are embedded devices like Chromebooks, phones, tablets, routers, etc, etc. Linux/BSD/Posix is more secure because of design and continually following good security processes. Windows is catching up. but it will always be playing catch up. No system is 100% secure, but this type of infection that spread throughout the entire infrastructure wouldn't have gotten anywhere in a properly configured Linux-based environment.

I have another friend who's a highly respected computer security expert. He was called by someone claiming to be from his bank. The CID showed the bank's name and phone number. The caller claimed there was some suspicious transactions on his account, and needed to verify they were okay. The suspicious chagers were from Netflix and his cable company. He verified that these were legitimate transactions, and then the caller asked for my friends social security number and credit card to verify he is the customer.


That says I should just be able to search the Security log on the domain controller for event 4740 and be happy. My domain controller doesn't have any 4740 events. I created a dummy login, and got that locked out, no events. Do lock out events need to be enabled somewhere? Or is there an easy way of collecting the Security logs from each computer on the network (only about 15-20 computers)? I do have the makings of a Powershell script to do this with Get-EventLogs, but the command doesn't reliably get logs.

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It's frustrating to me when IT professionals wash their hands of usability and user error. These are integral parts of design, and the fact that a user screwed up doesn't absolve the designer, just as I, as a nurse, share culpability if I fulfill a doctor's unsafe order. When the stakes are high, one cannot afford to let catastrophe result from a single failure.


Linux doesn't get this type of attack for the same reason Mac OS X doesn't: Windows is just a much bigger target - especially in the corporate world. It's why Mac users could brag for so long that there weren't any Macintosh viruses. It wasn't that System 7/8/9 were such strong systems, it was that it wasn't worth the bother. Once the Mac became a big enough target, viruses started popping up.

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One time I was researching some strange insect phenotype and the university of pittsburg entomology site had a searchable catalog by morphology. That catalog was hijacked with some kind of malware, but my up to date AV froze the browser before it could download anything. I haven't been hit in the last 4 years or so since I upgraded everything to windows 7 or 10. But I'd rather not sit on my laurels and needlessly disable security.


The way ransom ware typically functions is it functions in silent mode for a certain time, sometimes for weeks. During this time, it silently encrypts everything it can find, and decrypts it on access. It will make everything look like sunshine and daisies.

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Recent history suggests Sony’s likely gift to users as an apology for losing their personal data will be some period of free credit monitoring and a free month of PSN service. If that sounds generous you might be surprised to learn that the going price for wholesale monitoring from the big U. S. credit reporting firms is approximately five cents per account per month or $3/85 million if all 77 million PSN accounts have been compromised. The usual terms for a mea culpa of this sort are three months of monitoring for a total cost to Sony of around $10 million.

All of the EHR systems I have experienced (including the VA and Kaiser systems) have always been more unwieldy than pen and paper. They have their many advantages, but making them quick and intuitive to use would be amazing! Also, the number of workarounds I have seen doctors do that might compromise patient care or system security might decrease significantly.


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The DC ended up logging MSTSC as the culprit "workstation" that was locking the accounts. Of course, there is no workstation named MSTSC. There's a bit of information out there where other people are running into this. The primary theme is that they have all RDP open to the filthy, unwashed internet. But we converted this particular client over to VPN years ago specifically because they were breached by having RDP open to the filthy, unwashed internet.

If your logs are too noisy, you should trim down on the auditing until you get what you want to see. For exactly which settings, turn them all off and just start with those two.


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On a modern computer you can kill unused USB ports from the BIOS. Or you can get reasonable cheap (Government cheap, not home user cheap) software that will not only disable peoples USB access but will tell the IT Dept when someone has tried to use an external device not registered with the PC. No point in trashing the functionality of a device just because it's the cheapest option.

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If there's a problem with unqualified people dictating IT policy wherever you work, that's a management issue. If the problem is doctors or nurses who also happen to have management roles, the problem is still with those specific people and (probably even more so) whoever gave them authority over an area they don't have the experience to manage properly.


EDIT: trying to find the thing I did to get the info to track down the system. I think once I added more detail to the logging, that was all it took.

From the ancient medical related programs such as MediPac (still very much in use today) clear through to EPIC and beyond. All of them are basically forced to be connected to the internet. There is not really another option to transfer data between providers, especially with scripts and/or medical records.


Crypto ransomware doesn't need escalated permissions to do its damage. It merely encrypts files that the user owns, so if it runs under the Users' permission, it still does its damage. No need to exploit security holes in the OS which gets harder and harder to do every year.

Because at that point I just have to figure out how to collect the event logs of all of the machines on the network and go through them. But collecting the event logs remotely is another seemingly insurmountable task, as everything I've tried (even the tried and true just connect to a remote computer from Event Viewer) doesn't work.


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And for the Internet thing; Unfortunately, most medical patient record systems are designed to be used more easily when they're connected to the Internet. That isn't to say that they can't sit nicely behind firewalls, but those firewalls have to be filled with holes for common ports, so Hospitals and Doctors/GPs can transfer records easily. This is the fault of the software (click this link now) vendors, whose developers use the most common port settings in Windows. Some systems might not work like this, but the two most common ones - Profile and MedTech - do.

I'm certainly a little biased, but your comment is extremely rude. Clearly doctors and nurses shouldn't be dictating IT policy, but do you think you could do their job? The difference is, they have to interact with your IT systems. No one's asking you to care for patients.


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In the official Sony FAQ and also the Official PlayStation blog there is an amazing admission that the company really has no idea how many user accounts were compromised. They suggest that users “assume” their data has been stolen. Well, was the data stolen or not? That big unencrypted or shoddily encrypted file with the details of 77 million account holders either left the building or it didn’t, right?

A: While all credit card information stored in our systems is encrypted and there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken, we cannot rule out the possibility. If you have provided your credit card data through PlayStation Network or Qriocity, out of an abundance of caution we are advising you that your credit card number (excluding security code) and expiration date may have been obtained. Keep in mind, however that your credit card security code (sometimes called a CVC or CSC number) has not been obtained because we never requested it from anyone who has joined the PlayStation Network or Qriocity, and is therefore not stored anywhere in our system.


Note, regarding the MRI example, that not only do you need a way to get your MRI data out of the system, you need a way to get the radiologist's report back into the system as well. Now, that's a big difference in size of data, so if you want to go with a bank of phones and make your radiologists connect via 56k modem to a separate network, you might be able to get away with it.

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Sony’s huge PlayStation Network (PSN) has been down for a week now following the theft of ID and credit card data on some or all of the gaming and video entertainment network’s 77 million customer accounts. Readers have been asking for comment but I stay out of these things unless I have something new to contribute. That something finally comes a week into the crisis as gamers begin to wonder why the network is still not back in operation and speculate on what this all means to Sony? It’s a huge loss of face, if course, but beyond that the damage to Sony is minimal. And the upside for PSN members, including those involved in the many emerging class action lawsuits, is likely to be bupkes.


This was probably needed to help save lives. But its like the grandma that clicks on her spam.

Dealing with that "bullshit" of drug addicts coming into an ED day in and day out is an acquired skill, and just because you (understandably) don't want to do the job doesn't mean it isn't an important one. You are referring to patients who often have underlying serious medical and behavioral / psychiatric problems and need help, and I have nothing but respect for any doctor or nurse who takes the time to address their issues properly.


As long as I'm here, can I get a read on people's feelings of having RDP listen for connections on the internet? It has been years since I have written that off as a god awful terrible idea, but apparently there are people out there who think it's a perfectly acceptable practice. What does the Hive Mind have to say about it?

The way this ransomware works though is it runs on a workstation. It then scans the local hard drive along with any mapped network drives and then begins encrypting data it finds.

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Hospitals are an odd mixture of newest and oldest. Then throw on management that wants it to work now.


There are plenty of ways to make data from an EMR available without directly exposing the EMR itself to the internet (interfaces to other applications for example) but regardless, the EMR system itself should be backed up on a regular basis. When it became clear that they could not recover the system otherwise, reverting to backup would have had them back on their feet and resulted in much less overall downtime, and much less negative media attention too.

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Nope, it is both management and IT's fault. IT recommended the stupid Windows based system to begin with. Management just gave the OK and requested a little user friendliness - the opposite of any windows based system.

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