No matter if your computer is connected with a network or simply to Internet, it always important that the system is protected by firewall software. Jetico Personal Firewall gives full security to your computer.

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  • What is ARP Poisoning

It is a personal firewall, free for a personal use allowing to protect the computer against the external attacks. It proposes protection features; accesses to shared internet and makes a protocol driver level analysis.

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Internet browsing can be a great risk for virus attacks if we are not careful enough. Unauthorized users can have access to personal information. To avoid this situation, it is recommended to use a firewall like PC Tools Firewall Plus.

  • Another way to think of ARP is that it translates MAC addresses to Internet Protocol addresses
  • Learn ARP Poisoning with Examples
  • The majority of the internet still uses IPv4 however, so ARP continues to be widely used
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Mac OS: ArpGuard can be used to provide protection. It protects against both active and passive sniffing.


Jetico Personal Firewall gives full security to your computer

Winpooch is a Windows' watch-dog, free and open source. Anti spyware and anti trojan, it protects your computer by watching the real-time programs activity. Associated with the antivirus ClamWin, Winpooch protects you from viruses.

What then, if the intended computer doesn’t reply, but instead the reply comes from another device controlled by an internal attacker with criminal intentions? This is where ARP spoofing comes into play.


ARP is the acronym for Address Resolution Protocol. It is used to convert IP address to physical addresses [MAC address] on a switch. The host sends an ARP broadcast on the network, and the recipient computer responds with its physical address [MAC Address]. The resolved IP/MAC address is then used to communicate. ARP poisoning is sending fake MAC addresses to the switch so that it can associate the fake MAC addresses with the IP address of a genuine computer on a network and hijack the traffic.

Then, the default gateway caches the new IP/MAC relationships and sends out that information to the other devices on the network. This means that all subsequent communications will go to the attacker’s machine first, rather than the intended recipient.


Thanks to Akala EXE Lock you can now control the use of your computer. This software allows you to authorize or prohibit the execution of one or more programs installed on your computer. It is very convenient if you want to protect your.

ARP poisoning detection software: these systems can be used to cross check the IP/MAC address resolution and certify them if they are authenticated. Uncertified IP/MAC address resolutions can then be blocked.

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If the MAC address of a certain IP is unknown to the host, then a broadcast packet gets transmitted (also referred to as an ARP request). The machine that has the IP address found in the ARP request then replies with their MAC address. Then, it gets added to the ARP cache in case there are more requests from the same machine.


Unfortunately, ARP wasn’t created with security in mind. ARP is also a stateless protocol, and hosts will cache ARP replies even if an ARP request was never sent. Also, ARP entries that haven’t expired are overwritten when a new ARP reply is received.

Static ARP entries: these can be defined in the local ARP cache and the switch configured to ignore all auto ARP reply packets. The disadvantage of this method is, it’s difficult to maintain on large networks. IP/MAC address mapping has to be distributed to all the computers on the network.


Internal attackers use the vulnerability of the ARP protocols

Prefer not to install an additional, external program? Then you’re in luck because you can also use the built-in functionality of your operating system to detect ARP spoofing.

Next, you’ll want to check if there are multiple IP addresses with the same MAC address (called “Physical Address” above). This is what indicates that an ARP spoofing attack is occurring.

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Everything You Need to Know About Broken Authentication

Avoid trust relationships that rely on IP addresses for authentication. These make it easy for attackers to carry out ARP spoofing attacks.


It’s a common trope in spy movies. You’re happily watching, popcorn in hand, when suddenly a character does something completely unexpected and unlike them.

The ARP request is received by all computers in the LAN. In order to prevent an ARP request from being submitted prior to the sending of each data packet, every computer in the network performs a local table, called the ARP cache.


You ask yourself “What just happened? I thought they were both good guys?

As we discussed in the previous section, use ARP spoofing detection software to detect attacks. They function by inspecting and verifying data before transmission and blocking data from spoofed sources. In addition to XArp, other popular tools include Arpwatch, which can be found here, and ARP-Guard.


IPv4 addresses are formatted in four groups of numbers separated by dots. The minimum number is 0, and the maximum number is 255.

Official website of XArp

Make sure that your staff is aware of ARP spoofing and the dangers it poses and deploy tools on your network that can detect such attacks. Then, the invisible attackers won’t have anywhere to hide, and your data will stay safe.