In the early 1990s, there was an influx of speculators into the comics field, all looking to make money off what they thought were surefire investments. These speculators would often buy multiple copies of a book, hoping to flip it later for a profit. Publishers began catering to this mentality in a variety of ways, be it gimmick covers or sealing the comic in a polybag with a trading card. The latter gimmick proved to be especially popular, and both publishers did it on multiple occasions; X-Force #1 was one of the most notable and sold approximately five million copies. This was good for retailers in the short term, but in the long run, many copies were left unsold and thus a glut, which translated to the book being practically worthless on the back-issue market.

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This was the final fate for G. W. Bridge for about a decade, though he recently showed up alive and well under unknown circumstances in the Ravencroft series. Time will only tell if he'll revive his feud with either Cable or the Punisher, or if all of that is just water under the bridge.


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This peace between the two wouldn't last, however, as Cable's powers began developing beyond his control. Bridge formed a new Six Pack, the original team that he had been on with Cable, in order to take him down if need be. Silver Surfer would be the one to tame the powerful mutant, but the rift had grown back between him and Bridge.

But you can return data to previous activity. And in event handler OnActivityResult of previous activity, you can do close action.


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Unfortunately for Bridge, things wouldn't go as he had planned. His family was captured by Death Adder and Basilisk, deceased villains who had recently been resurrected. Also brought back to life was Microchip, the Punisher's technologically inclined sidekick who was brought back to be reunited with his own family. Microchip then killed Bridge by shooting him in the head, thus keeping Frank Castle safe from him.


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