Generally, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, despite any upgrades or changes, enjoys the same strengths and suffers from the same weaknesses as Operation Flashpoint itself. In other words, despite some real problems, Resistance offers a memorable setting and the sort of intense, intelligent challenges that can make tactical shooters so much fun.

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  • Later on in 2001, Operation Flashpoint had 2 expansion packs named Red Hammer and Resistance
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There have been a couple of times when they were "dumb", but the rest has been awesome though. I didn't have to hold their hand and walk them into a battle.


NOTE: This tutorial only applies to the Game of the Year version of Operation Flashpoint. OP:F GOTY (visit this web-site) includes both of the OP:F expansions.

A point worth mentioning is you need to have an understanding of squad command and control via keyboard commands and on-screen menus. You’re leadership skills are required at a very early stage of the game and these skills are necessary to succeed. As I hadn’t played Operation Flashpoint for some time my men were often left to their own devices while I rummaged through the rather hopeless manual.


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This expansion was meant primarily for Central and Eastern Europe, while Codemasters, publisher of the game, worked on Operation Flashpoint (https://karinka-selo.ru/content/uploads/files/download/cd-key-do-operation-flashpoint-resistance.zip): Red Hammer that was meant for the rest of World. Outrage was later renamed to Resistance as Codemasters didn't like the name. Resistance was officially announced in February 2002 and released in June 2002. It has received very positive acclaim from players and critics alike. An Xbox version was released in 2005 as part of Operation Flashpoint Elite.

You could take the helm of a boat, or pilot helicopters or strikefighters. Though not perfect, it brought the holy grail of a virtual battlefield a good deal closer than any previous title.


The strategy guide, although a portrait-sized version of the manual, is a handy reference indeed. It contains a strategy briefing and guide to each mission of the original campaign but, surprisingly, there’s no info at all for any of tbe missions in Red Hammer. You’ll also find a guide to the multiplayer missions and a good quantity of tips for using the mission builder. Although somewhat limited, the strategy guide is very well put together and a welcome addition.

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All you need is the company of a beautiful woman. And by the Great Lord Harry, BIS has managed that too, well, within the limitations of OFPs graphics. The ladies actually do look feminine, unlike the much maligned Angelina of the earlier titles. True, she did have the face of an angel, unfortunately it was put on the body of a Black Watch Highlander.


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Not straying too far off the beaten track of Operation Flashpoint (blog here), this expansion just offers more of the same. In some ways this is all right, but I was really hoping for improvements on the annoyances from the first title. Resistance does virtually nothing to remedy the bad aspects, and the result is the player having to swallow the same bad medicine a second time around.

There is a downside to all the improvements that come with Resistance, and of course it’s the framerate. Now you can work around this by juggling the settings, and they do say that you don’t miss what you never have. But on a lower-end PC, you can get no more than tantalising glimpses of the improvements stuttering jerkily past. On my humble machine, I cranked everything up to the max just to see what it would look like. It looked like a screen which locked up. We are not talking about frames per second here, we are talking seconds per frame.


Gameplay is like, well, Operation Flashpoint. But there are a couple of improvements. First of all, secondary weapons.

The game obviously in this size of the caliber will be vastly complex. The amazing ambition to push development of the genre has it troubles.


The default area the editor opens to is the small village of Davle. There are far more deciduous trees here, and the models are superior to the ones previously seen. But forget that, look at the View! This place should be crawling with tourists. Cliffs, hills that would make a fellwalker reach for his boots before he realised it’s a virtual world. To the northwest, A church sits at the top of an almost vertical cliff. There should be tourists with cameras jumping all over it. To your right, the first major difference between the older titles and Resistance.

The style of gameplay is more realistic, one can not go "lone wolf" and expect to win. Teamwork and communication is paramount, no communication between your squad and you end up dead with no wins. A communications headset is a must. The weapon handling, and physics is amazing. Recoil seemed to play a part just like in real life. Bullet trajectory and distance to target is as real as possible. If you get hurt, you A: patch yourself up with a personal issue medkit, or B: have a squad designated Medic fix you up. If one forgoes first aid and or a battle dressing, you die. The list of this game's positive attributes goes on and on. I just played a Co-Op mission with four other guys that I think took over half an hour.


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Reloading during moving is new feature. Lack of animation to see correctly reload magazines and hand in gun might disappoint some. Shooting feel as it should sharp and accurate when mount and prone although there isn't way to stabilize them against objects. Recoil is done right player hands move whit gun not rest is affected. No stacking of ammo or those are in game. Ballistic, penetration and few muzzle parameters are all what you could expect.

Huge vast world filled of life is important element to get player immersion being in real breathing world. The engine can push a lot shaders, polygons on screen and still stay playable in current generation computers. The vegetation of game is one of landmark of company and definitely the best one of any games released. Units and peoples have now much more polygons on them but still lack of variety of animations and extra behaviors make them somehow lifeless in some situation if left without any further control. Faces hasn't got that much mimics than some other can allow and will bit make close confrontation of interaction whit NPC characters not that much -Multiplayer is again one half of the whole game, there is massive amount of player controllable things get done. Mission designer can do what ever situation on fly and there is abundance of different game types in general compared to any other games on market. In small mission in general well doing server game doesn't lag which is the most important things. However when you increase the amount of scripts and units on mission the calculation will in some point have its bottle necks.


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I liked it, and still do. Red Hammer (RH) was the first official expansion that enabled the player to take the part of a Communist soldier in the invasion of the Malden islands. However, it didn’t really add much to the game except a new campaign, the reason being Bohemia Interactive Studios (BIS) were handing out free weapons and equipment upgrades prior to this, so perhaps RH’s impact was somewhat diluted.

OK this is quite a large update. No point in explaining every detail of the updates.


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The coop missions are rubbish as its very liner in its approach the enemy continue to spawn past you al la cod4 and shoot you in the back despite killing then like 30 seconds ago. The chineese weapons so far are useless, but the m16 and m4 are all right.

It’s been noted by some in the community that the Red Hammer campaign would not let you play past missions but only the mission last played. I haven’t encountered this problem (maybe this was fixed with the latest patch 1/40)? In fact, I’ve found no problems or glitches whatsoever.


It can get closer to that goal if they keep it up with the software updates. Vehicles for instance, they're a little too unstable. Trying to scale some of the terrain on foot or by vehicle brought out some small bugs, but nothing major.

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You get a whopping twenty missions in this campaign. That’s enough to keep anyone going in a game, but when it’s Operation Flashpoint then be prepared to lose sleep. If you’ve not tried out the Soviet weapons much then you’re going to have fun learning. The Soviet hardware is definitely different than the US weaponry.


I havent managed to drive as everytime i try to they fire 203's at me and the car wont move yet when im stood behind the car they dont fire 203's. If this is a realistic mil sim im a chocolate tea pot.

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Here's what you get: Upgrades 1 - 3, with all the additional vehicles, weapons and missions; Red Hammer mission which is a new Soviet campaign of twenty new missions where you fight as an ex-Sptsnaz operative; A 64-page Prima strategy guide. Read on to hear the good word from the East.

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When you enter the Red Hammer campaign, you must start the game using the original Operation Flashpoint disk, not the Gold Upgrade CD. I gave myself a new ID in the player name select before signing up for the Soviet campaign. To access the Red Hammer campaign just click campaign and on the next screen you’ll see a small arrow beside the text 1985 – Cold War Crisis, this will put you onto a new page which contains the Red Hammer campaign.

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These aren't really present in the squad at the time of combat, but they rather camp in deep cover, trying to take out any targets of oportunity, without drawing unnecesary attention to themselves. Or, snipers can have missions alone, or in special Sniper Teams, which are given specific orders and must do their best to find a superb place to deploy their rifles and take out designated targets, which takes me to the next note. In most situations, snipers are given specific targets to take out. However, in OFP, unless your mission demands it, you'd better try to help out your squad anyway you can, blowing enemy soldiers to hell as fast as you can, as silently as you can. Teh weapons for Snipers are outfitted with scopes, which help them zoop in on targets in the distance. However, Sniping is not what it was in other FPS games. You'll have to check it out to see what I mean. It's not the usual sniping techniques that will help you out this time, you'll have to adapt to the new (but the REAL) techniques. These rifles come with "targets", which show you how you have to aim to hit a certain target. The NATO gets the M21, an old-fashoined rifle, while the Soviets snipe with the Dragunov Standard Issue Sniper Rifle.

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The streetlight shone too brightly into the bus shelter where Stag lurked. Public was probably best for the rendezvous, yet Stag’s back itched at the feel of imaginary crosshairs between his shoulder. Footsteps approached right on time, but Stag checked that his Glock had a round chambered anyway. A shadowy figure came into view.


Red Hammer starts in typical Operation Flashpoint style with a series of cut scenes that give you the story line. I’ve been keen on following these cut scenes as they were never predictable or mundane in the original campaign and Red Hammer is no different.

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The weapon selection if using the mouse is painfully slow and when standing you always have the feeling that you are a midget as the car is taller than you standing up! The balistics are rubbish and shot to kill ratio is very high, ie using a scar in 7/62mm nato it takes min of 2 hits to kill hitting non body armour places and that encludes the neck and face, 5/56 weapons are useless and you may aswell throw feeces at the enemy.


Appart from a blu ray my pc kicks ps3 arse! Plus with a pc its quick and easy to multitask I can play a game alt tab and be speaking on webcam in 1 second. They are more expensive but my pc cost £1000 3 years ago thats only £330 a year and it still kicks arse for £330 you could get a ps3 but its not worth paying £50 per game. With pc I can get games alot cheaper plus I can download a torrent of the game and install it with a legaly bought cd key for 490 rubles.

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I was also really annoyed at the way they screwed up the FAL they added in the Resistance (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9559) expansion. They mixed up the weapon models with the G3, and then they made it completely wimpy and less powerful than the 5/56mm guns.


Remember to search on forums a lot, don't just ask a bunch of questions because I'm telling you right now, everything you want to know has already been answered. Just look around as much as possible for the info you want.

The difficulty of the game even at Cadet mode has had many people complaining and looking for cheats. I’m so glad the developers stuck to their guns, so to speak, and never released any “God Mode” cheats. As with most simulations, the only real way to learn is to just jump in and get your feet wet.


NOTE: This is public betaversion. If you don't want to participate on the public betatesting please wait for version 1/30.

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