Reflector 2/6.0 Mac Torrent is the latest release version of the most advanced Screen mirroring features for Mac OS X that allows you turn you Mac into AirPlay. Reflector 2 Crack Mac enables you transfer files between these phones such as the iPhone, iPad, Touchpad and Crown with the computer. Using Reflector 2 license key mac You can also transfer and view albums and pictures taken, manual and automatic backup of various data, synchronization of IOS devices with computers, access to the main folders of the phone, the ability to back up the contact list and Get the most out of the way. You can also Download AirServer 7/1.4.

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Free Shadow Overlay iPad Pro 11 2021 Mockup PSD

Final Draft 9 can create reports on characters, locations, and script details that can be useful for the writer and production team. However, it lacks important production features like call sheets, shooting schedules and calendars. It also lacks the online features of competitors, with no cloud storage or collaboration, and no syncing with mobile devices. The iPad is compatible with the Final Draft Writer app at the cost of $50 to create and edit script FDX files, but everyone else is stuck with viewing PDFs.


Request Theme - Launcher for Ipad Pro Update

Create accurate 3D models with reality capture. UseReCap reality capture software to convert realityinto a 3D model or 2D drawing that’s ready for further design.

Save Video - Record Video-Streaming: With Audials, you can record any video service and save the movies automatically in any desired video format for Windows PC, Android Smartphone & Tablet as well as Apple iPhone & iPad! It's easy as pie: with one click you simply select the desired video service, media library or online video library in Audials. Then you automatically record video clips, TV series and movies while viewing them in your browser, player or in full-screen mode and Audials subsequently stores the recording in any desired video format on your hard drive or directly to your cloud. You can also enter a link from YouTube for example in Audials and directly get the recorded file for that video.


Microsoft launched a new mobile app for SharePoint customers aimed at bringing a company’s SharePoint-powered intranet portal and its content to users’ smartphones and tablets. The app is initially available on iOS – meaning it will work on iPhone and iPad – but it will arrive on both Android and Windows platforms before year end, Microsoft says. The app works with either SharePoint Online in Office 365 or SharePoint Server 2021 or 2021 in on-premises or hybrid scenarios. It features a Sites tab that lets you visit the SharePoint sites you frequent, so you can see recent activity, files, and access these files, lists, pages, and other content on those destinations. The app also works with other Microsoft mobile apps, the company notes. For example, when you click an Office document in the app, it will launch the corresponding Office mobile app; and when you view a document library on a team site, you’ll be taken to the OneDrive mobile app for iOS.

Turn your iPhone or iPad into the wireless flash drive for your Mac. Have full access to your Mac files – use your iOS device to stream videos, view photos and documents, from anywhere within your home.


No matter whether you use iPhone, iPad or a Mac or PC, there’s a Lurssen Mastering Console for you. It is available in two different versions depending on your needs.

Let’s say you have an image that’s two stops underexposed and has a color cast similar to a 1969 Grabber Green Mustang. Or you have 10 images like that, or 20. Or, for pros, let’s say you just shot a wedding and have thousands of images you’d like to correct for viewing and printing. No problem—Athentech Imaging’s Perfectly Clear can batch process the lot of them. Perfectly Clear can also handle Raw, JPEG, or TIFF files. Perfectly Clear is available in a lot of different versions, too. In addition to being available as a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom, it’s also available as an iPhone, iPad, and Android app. You can also bundle products to save money; Perfectly Clear for either Photoshop or Lightroom is $199, but you can get both of them for $249. The apps are under $3. There’s also a stand-alone version ($199), which I tested for this report. With that in mind let’s delve a little deeper here to see if Perfectly Clear can make good on that one-click promise.


With the help of this office app, you can edit documents in various formats or view on your iPhone and iPad, you can set TXT file background color, you can add and edit header, footerm endnote, footnote or ruler function and, you can also apply and edit 37 slide transition effects or view object animation. Polaris Office app has several useful features such as high compatibility with Microsoft Office document, annotate & convert PDF, simple & elegant design, supports a variety of cloud services, capable of more than 300 data analysis instances and fast document loading, video clips or directly open zip files, and more.

This all-in-one PDF converter software enables you to convert PDF documents into a variety of different formats. With it, you can change and backup your PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text and HTML for editing more conveniently. Thanks to the built-in OCR technology, now it’s possible to extract text from image-based PDF documents with the original format and graph. You can also transfer the PDF format to EPUB for viewing on your mobiles devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. Moreover, it allows you to convert PDF files to popular image formats, including JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PPM, TGA and JPEG 2000.


Note that all of these methods don't allow you to directly access iPad files on a PC via USB

We have said it before and we will say it again - whenever Apple launches a brand new device with a display, a new wallpaper is always a part of the package. This includes the latest 24-inch iMac, the purple iPhone 12 and the list goes on.

If we talk about the classic Battle Royal, in Pubg Comfig File & IPad View v1/3 No recoil you can play singles as a team with four people in doubles or squad mode. For beginners, the single mode is ideal as it is easy to use for controls, game mechanics, and more.


We know that many of you work on your files from other Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad too. When you open an existing project or document that you created on your Mac with the new fonts for the first time, you might get a “fonts are missing” error, but don’t worry, as the fonts are usually being downloaded in the background. When you open it the second time on your iOS or iPadOS device, you’ll be able to view and edit it with the new fonts.

Weapons in Pubg Comfig File & IPad View v1/3 No recoil include knives, pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles. Get rare types of weapons from special boxes, thrown to the ground by a plane.


Documents unifies local and cloud-based file management with tools to quickly move files between locations. This may sound trivial, but Apple doesn’t provide such an integrated solution for iOS.

Virto SharePoint Gantt View v.1.0.4 serial number maker

Accepting this new reality – that an iPad can’t manage local files and folders like a Mac – took time and dedication. If you don’t adapt – if you think you can force iOS to be more like the Mac’s Finder – you’re going to have a bad experience in your transition to iOS. Alas, this also means that people who want to, but can’t adapt – either because they can’t use cloud services at work or prefer not to store personal files anywhere online – will have to work harder to make an iPad their primary computer. It is possible to create your own centralized, Finder-like setup on an iPad, but it comes with substantial trade-offs.


How to transfer files from iPad to PC - step

You can create a workflow that returns a specific file stored in a sub-folder inside /Workflow/ and that tells you its size or last modification date. Alternatively, you can create workflows that save new files into iCloud Drive, taking advantage of the app’s hundreds of actions for data manipulation. Want to save multiple images passed to the Workflow extension into iCloud Drive at once?

IPads Word, Excel and Powerpoint for iPad are now available in the Apple store. If you install them for free without a license, you can use them to view files stored in OneDrive, but not create new files or do any editing.


You can view high quality images on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. On the right is important information about the device, which tells you the iOS version, serial number and battery percentage, and so on. You can tell if your computer is broken or if categories are taking up space on your iDevice. You can see the number of GB used and the percentage available on the list on the left side of the iDevice tab, showing your iOS information, apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos, books, UDisk, files, and general tools. At the top of the UI is an icon bar that includes iDevice, applications, RT WP, Flash JB, toolbox, and tutorials. RT WP stands for ringtones and can control most toolbox category commands: manage files, transfer data, delete all data, stop iOS updates, and more. You can use Flash JB to flash and capture your iPad or iPhone. You can choose to have a flash or iOS access to the jailbreak so you can back up your backup before the devices flash or jailbreak. You can use both modesFill with one click by clicking the blue button in the lower right corner of the screen. Can you track the progress of 3uTools for Mac? If 3uTools works with Apple products, the software is not available for Mac operating systems.

Apple’s Audio MIDI Setup (AMS) application is useful for configuring and naming the ports of your MIDI interfaces. While it is not necessary to use AMS – Pro Tools will simply recognize the ports of any connected MIDI interface as Port 1, Port 2, Port 3, etc – you will need to configure AMS, correctly identifying the devices in your MIDI setup by Manufacturer and Model, to be able assign MIDI patch names in Pro Tools.


PowerDVD 14 is the perfect universal media player for all your entertainment needs. Play any movie, video or music file or view photos stored locally, in Youtube or Facebook or on other devices all from within the one powerful application. It also works perfectly within your home network, share media library to other DLNA devices at home, browse content from other media server or extend your media experience to Power Media Player on your iPhone, iPad and Android phone or Windows tablets.

I should also point out that Documents supports viewing revisions of a Dropbox file – a feature that Dropbox itself hasn’t enabled in their iOS app. I don’t always have to revert to an older version of a file, but having the option in an iOS app makes me feel better than not having it.


View the Import PPT file on iPhone or iPad

Once you have connected the device, the application is able to display the device name, model number, device color, iOS version, serial number, battery status and others. You can view your phone’s media, photos, ebooks, apps, file system and information, and copy the files into your computer. It also provides information about the total size capacity and the used space of your device. As an iOS manager, Syncios supports accessing any iPod touch, iPhone or iPad to export apps, photos, music, ringtone, videos, and eBooks to your PC for backup. Transfer files from your PC to iOS devices will be also available.

Pubg Mobile 0 Recoil config 1.4 Pubg Global 100% High Damage Magic Bullet Config Free Download GOD4PM

Here’s another app to enjoy exceptionally convenient printing for business or personal use. It’s super easy to select the files you want to print, whether they’re photos or documents. You can even drag and drop files from other apps and webpage addresses from Safari for viewing and printing on the iPad.


Step 2. MobiMover will read and load all the compatible files on your iPad automatically. Choose Contacts/Messages/Pictures/Audio/Video or other specific types of apps to transfer. The transferred content is kept on Desktop by default, so you need to change the default location before clicking "Transfer".

Autodesk is clearly close to creating such an environment but from our view they are focused, correctly, on all the tasks users want to do with an iPad and CAD files in the field. And predominantly that centers on other non-authoring functions. We are quite interested to see what the folks at Orange Juice Studios create with CADO. The tool, which we are told is just months away from being submitted to the Apple Apps Store for approval, appears to be both powerful and simple to use.

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Interactive 3D molecular viewer designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. CMol allows the user to open and view PDB files with complete control over the representations and colours used for individual chains, residues and atoms.


Step 1. Connect iPad to your PC with a USB cable. Once connected, tap "Trust This Computer" on your device's screen. Open EaseUS MobiMover and select "Phone to PC" on the main screen. Click "Next" to start transferring data from iPad to your computer.

This is professional version CNC G-Code editor and 3D viewer for iPad. With its help, you can view or edit your CNC G-Code files on your mobile device no matter where you are, at home or workshop. It is an ideal tool to create small new cnc file, or do simple modifications for existed g-code files, for instance, changing machining parameters, correcting small errors, etc.


It faithfully recreates Lurssen’s “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” philosophy of mastering. With it, you get a top of the line mastering processor chain that has been created and tweaked by Gavin and his team to reflect the settings they use in the studio while mastering hip-hop, rock, pop and more.

In addition to iCloud Drive’s system integrations, Workflow is the other connective tissue between my files and cloud accounts. Workflow has excellent support for both iCloud Drive and Dropbox, letting you create file management automations that can save a lot of time.

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Another Apple device in our today’s roundup is an iPad Pro 2021 mockup available in top view. It is placed on the dark background with Apple Pencil and few other devices. Place artwork on smart object and make your presentation ready is no time. This free iPad Pro mockup is created by designbolts. You can check them out for more high quality mockups as they have been providing some quality mockups from time to time. Download details are given below.


Accessing your approved WiFi scanner has never been easier. Vue-Scan Mobile lets you easily scan texts and photos on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from HP, Canon, and Epson WiFi printer / scanner. In addition to email and storage in the Photos App, View-scan Mobile lets you save scanned photos to your favorite iOS apps that can open PDF or JPEG files like iBooks, Dropbox, GoodReader, Evernote, etc.

Again, we will still recommend downloading the wallpapers from the package link above otherwise you will face quite a bit of compression, resulting in pixelated artifacts which you will not be able to unsee. A little bit of effort can make a huge difference in how everything will look on your display.


Besides being a fast File explorer, this Cydia app has a built-in image viewer, audio and video player with support for most of the file formats. You can also view documents like HTML, Microsoft file type, PDF and ZIP pack and unpack files from within the explorer. The ability to download and upload files from iFile’s built-in web server makes it a perfect file explorer for your iPad and iPhone as well.

PowerDVD is the perfect universal media player for all your entertainment needs. Play any movie, video or music file or view photos stored locally, in Youtube or Facebook or on other devices all from within the one powerful application. It also works perfectly with your home network, share media library to other DLNA devices at home, browse content from other media server or extend your media experience to Power Media Player on your iPhone, iPad, and Android phone or Windows tablets.


How to master your music with Lurssen Mastering Console

Windows will recognize the iPad as a hard drive and AutoPlay may prompt you with Device Options. Choose “Open device to view files,” if so. Otherwise, find the iPad in Windows Explorer.

Free iPhone & iPad Pro Standing Mockup Scene PSD

For iCloud Drive, Workflow is limited to accessing files from the app’s own container – Workflow can’t poke around and get files from Documents’ iCloud Drive sandbox, for instance. Still, because it can read and save files programmatically, Workflow enables you to create reusable templates to speed up file management.


Box is a famous cloud storage service that provides up to 5 GB of space for free users and offers many more benefits to premium users. One of the biggest advantages of using Box is that you can not only save your files online but also create, view and edit documents from Word, Excel and other file formats. Furthermore, Box also supports a wide range of other file formats including PDF, image, audio and video formats. Box also has applications for Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows 8 and Windows Phone. So if you are looking to get support for a wide range of file types on Amazon tablets, then Box might just be one of the best workarounds you can get.

I started by adding a connection to my SharePoint Online. Links to mobile PDF looks like this: Also, it enables SharePoint mobile app experience for that site. The ideas about enabling the view function in Mobile apps has already been posted in SharePoint UserVoice, but still no sign from the production team. PowerApps is the designated replacement for InfoPath for scenarios like custom forms on SharePoint list forms. So, how can you work in SharePoint from your iPhone or iPad? A maximum limit of 30 million items/ files and folders can be stored in SharePoint Library, which can easily be exceeded by large enterprises, Unique permissions for items. Those using the mobile browsers provided by their tablet or smartphone are likely to avoid those gaps and stutters, but there are separate limitations brought about by the mobile browsers themselves. As it happens, CORS is a very valuable and well-accepted mechanism, especially when it comes to native applications. Configure SharePoint Online and OneDrive for limited access via App Enforced Restrictions. I can see the default App showing only the first 500 rows of data, but when add new record using the App, I can see it too, in the App.


To do so, you will need to copy and edit the corresponding MIDI patch names file

With iPhone Transfer, the tool as the alternative to iTunes, you can transfer and backup messages, photos, contacts, music, movies, books, and more between iPhone/iPad/iPod and computer. More superior than iTunes, you could directly shares data between iOS devices freely without iTunes, and backup media files to iTunes selectively. Before backing up, you could view all data types in details and pick up part of data to make the copy easily.

New iPad Pro models with larger screens are under development

Flip Album is an image to flash page flipping albums conveter software that enables you to create stunning online photo albums from your photo collections. The output can be exported to standalone EXE file, CD\DVD, Mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android devices) or published to the web in flash format. Flip Album also provides all-in-one photo editing and publish solution that allows to to organize your images into albums, view, edit, annotate and much more.


Not only can Documents download files in a local directory, it can even put downloaded files into iCloud Drive (so they’re immediately available across all your devices) and save them into synced folders. This means you can go from a download link to a copy of the file instantly pushed to your Dropbox account or FTP server, which is great. This is my favorite way to download files on the iPad.

In response, you get the full technical specification of the iPad Pro

As most of you must be aware Google Drive (previously known as Google Docs) is a free web service for uploading, creating, viewing, editing and sharing Microsoft office and other file types via the internet. Any user can simply sign in with a Google account and begin using the this service. Furthermore, G Drive even has desktop and mobile applications for this web service. These applications are available for devices like Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad.


View File Size Of Photo In Iphone Ipad Ios

This software basically runs iOS apps to test it in various iOS environments. You can emulate different iPhone, and iPad versions to test your app, like: iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4, iPad mini, etc. Simply go to the File tab, and open an App project to emulate it for iOS. This freeware also helps you to develop iOS apps on Windows. Start from scratch to develop any kind of app you want to develop. While developing, you can also emulate iOS to test your app. This iOS emulator for Windows lets you add almost anything to your app while doing development. Insert Images, Label, Buttons, Text, Ticker, Video, Scroll View, Map View, Slider, and many more objects which are highly configurable. Once you are done developing your app, debug it, or emulate it directly to a device connected to your PC. Debugging and device emulator options are not available on the free version. The UI of this iOS emulator is neat, and easy to work with.

The new 2/1 release of DragonFireSDK is available for both the iPhone and iPad. Notably, it now allows programmers easy access to the Box2D Physics library (by Erin Catto) which makes it easy to create games like the immensely popular “Angry Birds” (by Rovio). In addition, there is support for SQLite, In App Purchase, Game Center (high scores) and iAds. Other fundamental features include View Containers (of containers), Multi-line Edit, Internet Data Transfer, Text Editing, Image Control, GPS, Accelerometer, Camera, Multi-touch, Vibrate, Draw, File IO, Buttons, Bitmaps and Sounds. Everything you need is included to create a high-speed native iPhone or iPad app.


Tecno T920D Firmware PAC Flash File Unlock Free Download

Plex's iPhone and iPad app is free, and with a Plex Pass subscription, so is local and remote streaming. On the same network where EyeTV crashed and burned, Plex performed like a champ, sending smooth streams with minimal up-front buffering. Live TV endured only a few brief hiccups in some instances, but came through fine overall. Plex also makes it easy to invite friends to view some or all of the content on your server, even if they're not on your network. I experienced occasional, but not consistent, issues with audio and video not synching up when remotely streaming unoptimized 1080-resolution video files on Plex, but closing and restarting either the show itself or the app seemed to fix it.

Once you have finished editing the document, save the file in and Home/Library/Audio/MIDI Patch Names/Digidesign/. You will then be able to use your custom MIDI patch names file in Pro Tools.


Colligo Briefcase Pro lets you view any of the files on the SharePoint site that you access on your iPad (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=6798), including Microsoft Office, PDFs, and images. You can also open the files via Documents to Go, GoodReader, or similar iPad apps.

Even better than that, Vuze will act as a media player for most formats and even convert files for playback on your devices, including iPads and games consoles. You can even stream video from Vuze via Wi-Fi to compatible devices such as the Xbox 360, making it more of an ideal media viewing solution than a nuisance to society.


The iPad is a great tool for accessing web-based content. Be it music, video, or games, iPads are omnivorous boxes, hoovering up entertainment from the universe and piping it into a beautiful Retina display. And if you want to grab files from any of a number of online services, you need only download the app. Dropbox, Box, Netflix, Plex: all these apps are a free download away.

Click “Windows SMB” or “FTP,” depending on the type of server you have. If you’re not sure, use Windows SMB. This is also true for connecting to Mac servers. By default, they offer SMB (Samba) connectivity, and Macs can be connected using Samba. FTP servers will also work fine, but the protocol is older and slower.


Several iOS and iPadOS users have reported they are unable to open and view PDF files on the iPhone or iPad. For example, users have said that they could not open PDF attachments in Mail when they try to open them.

Free iPad Pro Standing Tablet Mockup PSD

The coding requirements for your specific MIDI device may be different from the preceding example. Be sure to consult the manufacturer’s documentation for your device to correctly define it in XML.


This handy tool will save you the time of searching and selecting the proper format you can view on your iPhone or iPad for example. With its intuitive interface, you can add (by pressing the Add Video button) the video or audio files you want in the list to be processed by our free converter software.

Due to the DRM protection, you can only play and watch your iTunes purchases on Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc. Sometimes you many want to remove iTunes DRM so that you can view iTunes media files on non-Apple programs or devices like HTC, Samsung, PSP, Zune, Xbox 360, Windows Media Player and more. Then, is there a way to remove DRM from iTunes movies and music?


IPad Pro 2021 11 Inches Resolution: 2388 × 1668 

This is a terrific idea to bring multiple services together in a single file manager. From one screen, I can quickly access Dropbox files that are nested into sub-folders on my account; any folder is only two taps away because Documents can sync it as a bookmark. The best part, though, is the interoperability for files between different services: files can be moved across iCloud, local storage, and third-party cloud services – something that isn’t possible (or as intuitive) on iOS by default.

NAMM 2021: Lurssen Mastering Console Demonstration

Aiseesoft iPad (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=7846) 2 Manager for Mac is the best iPad 2 files transferring software on Mac. It can help users transfer video, audio and image files from iPad (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=6705) 2 to Mac and from Mac to iPad 2 without losing anything. Besides, this Mac iPad 2 Manager can convert the incompatible video files and DVD to iPad (find out here now) 2 compatible video and audio formats. This iPad 2 Transfer for Mac also provide users with many user-friendly features. For example, users can view all iPad 2 information on the interface.


All of the above is scattered all over the place, so you need to collect supplies as soon as possible. Take only what you need, because the inventory is not unlimited either.

Once, you delete the apps installed through kuaiyong, then only you can again download apps from the app store. Kuaiyong is in Mandarin and English version of this software is still in progress. You can even view the files of apps and games, basically you can view any folder present in your iPhone, iPad and iPod as kuaiyong also provides exploring of files.


Even the new 2021 iPad Pro tablets come with a new set of wallpapers. And right now, you can go ahead and download them all in a neatly packaged zip file here. If you want the wallpapers in their full quality and resolution then download the zip file, otherwise just save the wallpapers from gallery below.

File view pro cracked iphone


Free iPad Pro Space Grey With Cover Mockup PSD

You can see high quality image from iPad, iPhone or iPod. To the right you will find important device information, which contains information about your iOS version, serial number, battery percentage and more. You can check if your calculator is broken or if the hard disk capacity bar shows categories that take up iDevice space. The number of GB used and the total number of available GB can be seen above the percentage. To the left is a list of items from the iDevice tab, which lets you view information, apps, photos, music, iOS ringtones, movies, books, UD, data, files, and common tools. In the top part of the user interface there is an icon bar that contains iDevice, Apps, RT WP, Flash JB, Toolbox and Tutorials. RT WP stands for ringtones and can control most commands in the Toolbox category: manage files, transfer data, delete all data, stop iOS updates and more. The JB Flash zone allows you to flash and jailbreak your iPad or iPhone. You can chooseto flash or jailbreak the iOS accessory on the left. We recommend that you make a backup before starting or jailbreaking your devices.

You can view high quality images on your iPad, iPhone or iPod. On the right is important information about the device, which tells you the iOS version, serial number and battery percentage, etc. With IDevice storage, you can find out if your handheld is broken or if there is a category in the hard disk space bar. Above the number of gigabytes used and the percentage of total gigabytes available is a list of items on the left side of the iDevice tab, allowing you to view iOS data, apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos, books, udisk, data, files, and general tools. At the top of the interface is the Icon Bar, which includes iDevice, applications, RT WP, Flash JB, a toolkit, and a tutorial. RT WP stands for ringtones and can control most toolbar commands: manage files, move data,delete all data, stop updating iOS, and more. The JB Flash area lets you encrypt and capture your iPad or iPhone. You can choose whether you want the left iOS accessory to blink or shred, prompting you to back up your data before it blinks or jailbreak. To perform one of both modes, click the blue button in the lower right corner of the screen. Do you see the progress of Mac 3uTools users?


You'll notice that most of what we list here are software limitations. That's because the iPad hardware is pretty powerful and well designed.

View Zip files on iPhone or iPad

DiskAid allows you to transfer files and folders betwen your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and your computer. You can also view them on the go using the FileApp free files browser.


I almost 100% sure this is not possible without a jailbreak (At least not on the device itlsef). If it works on the simulator, then it should be saving correctly on the actual device. If you need to verify it, just read the file from your app, and turn it into an NString, and NSLog it.

Tecno Spark 5 Air Da File Download Tested: Worked

Don't know why we are so gσσ∂ at condemning things & making a blanket judgement. These phones all have there purposes. BB is not for kids who wants to play games. BB is for serious minded individuals. Now note that I am a gadget lover. I have iPad 2 3G + wifi, iPhone 3Gs and a Bold 2. That said, I use data on the iPhone mostly when I'm in the office via wifi. The iPad is for meetings and presentation to clients due to its wider screen + the effizzy it throws on a potential client, so I only recharge its data on such occasions. I turned off data completely on the iphone or you will wake up with ur credit wiped. My BB is always on. Cheaper to maintain & I can do practically everything on it. Email on the go, doc editing & creation, viewing of pdf files et al which is basically what others will do too. If u want gaming on a BB, go for the newer keypadless series with better processing power and resolution.


These are the "out of the box" file formats that you can view on the iPad as mail attachments. If the file is not listed here, you cannot view it without a compatible third party app.

Files app is one of the best file manager apps for iPhone and iPad. This file manager file app has lots of useful features such as passcode lock, full portrait & support landscape mode, save web pages with images for offline viewing, bookmark manager, download manager, file manager, advanced PDF viewer, import photos from camera roll, unzip ZIP files, and much more.


IPad File Explorer makes it easy to transfer files from iOS files (her response) to windows computer. You can view the file structure on iPhone as Windows Explorer.

Documents has been available for iPad for some time, but it's now made the transition to Apple's smaller-screened devices too. It's a productivity app for writing and viewing documents, as well as annotating other kinds of files, and even listening to music or viewing photos.


In this fashion you can create MIDI Patch Name files for your custom patches

This lets the user adapt the slideshow project for viewing on any device or platform in perfect quality. The integrated slideshow-to-video converter has all the necessary presets for virtually all common video formats, as well as 230+ specialized presets for mobile devices, from iPad and PSP to different smart phone models. It is also possible to save the slideshow for Web, and create FLV-file with player for embedding in a webpage.

FTM Connect has been renamed Family Tree Maker Connect and is available for free in the Apple App Store. I was not able to test Family Tree Maker Connect, since I don’t own an iPad or iPhone and the Android version isn’t available yet. However, if it works well, it seems like this might be a useful feature of TreeVault, enabling you to view your tree on a mobile device. However, the mobile version will not have any media, since they’re not uploaded to TreeVault. In this respect, the Ancestry.com mobile app is superior, since it displays any media that were uploaded with the tree or are attached to Ancestry sources. Software MacKiev suggests using a cloud file storage service, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, or Apple iCloud to back up your FTM media folder. Depending on how much space the media folder requires, you might have to pay additional for this storage.


As far as we can tell, there is no technical limitation for this. It made sense when the iPad was a touch-only interface and users were required to interact with the tablet itself.

Are you looking for the best file manager app for organizing, transferring and uploading files easily on your iOS devices? In this articles, you can see 8 best file manager apps for iPhone and iPad.


This app has a very generic name, however it still provides a feature list that’s slightly above very generic. File Manager provides built-in support for PDF and Microsoft Office files, users will not need a third party office app to run these files. Even a ZIP extractor is included. Get the File Manager app for iPad for free from App Store.

Free Hand Holding Portrait iPad Pro Mockup PSD

The following example shows you how to edit a copy of an existing factory MIDI Patch Name file – this example uses the Waldorf Microwave MIDI Patch Name file. In this fashion you can create MIDI Patch Name files for your custom patches.


AnyTrans can permanently wipe everything on it, keeping your private info safe from falling into the wrong hands. Never Worry About Data Loss Any More Keeping a complete and up-to-date backup is the best way to protect you from unexpected data loss. Now AnyTrans provides a more complete iPhone backup solution, as well as a more flexible restore solution. It makes sure you can get back your valued data in an easy, quick and preferred way. Use Your iCloud Easily and Securely As the innate partner of iOS devices, iCloud is indispensable but complicated for most of us. Now no worries. AnyTrans lets you manage iCloud files easily as you do locally with Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. You can view and extract iCloud backups, delete old files to save precious iCloud storage, batch save photos to computer, move files seamlessly between iCloud accounts, etc. Every access is protected by Apple's encryption algorithm to keep your privacy absolutely private. Update iTunes Experience As Well AnyTrans breaks iTunes restrictions to give you better sync experience. With its 2-way transfer, you can not only transfer music and videos from iTunes library to iPhone, but also rebuild damaged iTunes library by exporting songs and playlists from iPhone, iPad or iPod.

IOTransfer 4 for iPhone/iPad Data Management Tool

And it sends to Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. It supports more cell phones, MP3 players, DLNA, and other devices. Powers an HTPC to entertain your family. Even different playback in multiple zones. And it can record high definition TV, and provide a replacement for cable TV. It has a Theater View interface, controllable by a MC Remote, an iPad, iPhone, Android, a Windows netbook or Touchscreen. J River Media Center is a DirectShow player. Obsessive taggers will be delighted with cover art and metadata options. And MC backs up your work so you can sleep at night. It has a streamlined user interface designed to make it even easier to organize, find and play your digital files, and to connect to hardware devices. Make a CD of music for your car.


Right know WinZip is compatible will all the iOS devices running on iOS 4/2 version, and it supports the ability to preview files. WinZip for iOS is a free and great tool to quickly unpackage and view the contents of a ZIP file on your iPhone and iPad.

Thanks to the multiple layers of Dropbox and iCloud, I can set up a new iPad every year with relative ease – all I have to do is log into my iCloud and Dropbox accounts and point apps to their associated storage space. In addition to being an easier way to work with files than shuffling local documents around, this cloud-first approach is an utmost necessity as you can’t backup an iOS device like you would with a Mac, using external drives and apps like Time Machine or SuperDuper. When everything is already stored in Dropbox and iCloud, managing iOS apps becomes easier, and I feel safer because my files are also backed up and I have virtually infinite copies of them.


Flip Album is an image to flash page flipping albums conveter software that enables you to create stunning online photo albums from your photo collections. The output can be exported to standalone EXE file, CDDVD, Mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and Android devices) or published to the web in flash format. Flip Album also provides all-in-one photo editing and publish solution that allows to to organize your images into albums, view, edit.

Splashtop 2 is one of the more flexible remote desktop apps available for iPad. If you just want to access your files from your iPad, you should be good to go with a one time purchase. However, if you want more than that such as the ability to annotate on the screen, play games with a built-in game pad, and much more, Splashtop 2 gives you those options as additional in-app purchases. Without them you can still access your remote desktop anywhere, view files, and use any application installed on your computer just as you would on your desktop.


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The conclusion I reached is that though the three differ in their content database, style or look-and-feel, and processing power, the buyer should consider the primary purpose and usage while shopping for an e-reader. If one is looking for more apps, games, and functions other than just perusing e-books, the iPad is the best tablet. If one is already subscribing to the cloud services of Amazon, the Kindle Fire can be used to view the downloaded ePub files. I found the Nook to provide the basic necessities of an e-reader: books, movies, and magazines for a very affordable price. The choice comes down to whether a favorite author’s books are available on iTunes, Amazon, or Barnes&Nobles, which will make the deciding factor if one wants to avoid converting the downloaded content in a format compatible for each e-reader.

VMLite Remote Client allows you to quickly and securely view and control any of your PCs from your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch devices using Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or the VNC protocol. It provides the most advanced features equivalent to Windows 7 RDP client, such as remote sound, remote audio recording, file sharing, multimedia redirection, RemoteFX, etc. It performs very well even with slow network connection.


You can also browse the majority of file formats on your iPad

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How about renaming a file before saving it to iCloud Drive (something Apple’s iCloud Drive extension can’t do)? Workflow has you covered there as well. And because iCloud Drive files are cached by iOS for offline retrieval, it’s usually faster to work with documents and other assets in Workflow using iCloud Drive as you won’t have to wait for a download from the cloud.


Now you can move around music, photos, contacts, messages or any other data, and any other file that you want. You can transfer the whole data on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud, and computer. AnyTrans provides manager iCloud friendly. Through the intuitive user interface, you can view and extract what is needed from iCloud backup, delete the old file to save the memory iCloud you price, download batch photos on the computer, etc. All-access is protected by 256-bit encryption the strongest. Your privacy remains completely private.

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You only need to enter the IP address of your server. If the server is on a local network, you’ll enter an IP address that looks like 10/0.0/123 or 192/168/0.123. Servers outside of your local network will of course have their own URLs. If you don’t know this information yourself, you’ll want to ask your system administrator for permission to log into the system that way.


For more information on using MIDI patch names in Pro Tools, refer to the Pro Tools Reference Guide

PowerPDF is a powerful tool to create, modify and view PDF documents on iPad/iPhone. PowerPDF lets you create PDF documents on your iPhone/iPad with ease. It supports - Create PDF documents from many file types, including: DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, RTF, XML, HTML and all text files - Convert photos to a PDF document - Scan to a PDF document using your Camera. PowerPDF lets you modify PDF documents on your iPhone/iPad with ease.

External monitor support for iPad Pro fits in nicely

It’s no different on an iPhone or iPad. The default method to read PDF files on these devices is using iBooks, which was included as a preloaded app beginning with iOS 8. Sure, you can view PDFs in Safari, but you won’t have very many additional options. And while iBooks is sufficient and has some nice features, there are other apps that make reading PDFs downright luxurious, and these can all be downloaded from the App Store.


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Well, there is a tool now developed by IMSI/Design called TurboViewer that is available for the iPad/iPhone, and it can open DWG files with 3D Data! If you need this type of mobility to view DWG files, I recommend you to check out TurboViewer! Did I mention that it is a free download?


ReCap Photo is still just rebranded version of ReMake. You can nowalso launch it by choosing Photo to 3D in ReCap Pro but it installsas a separate application that can be launched independently.

DiskAid can convert any type of data to the file system in iOS, including some special apps for viewing documents or movies. Hence, a useful and powerful file system for iPhone and iPad called FileApp was provided.


Transferring files from your Mac or Windows PC to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iFile is very easy. You can transfer files, copy/paste, rename and move them too using this jailbreak application. It provides one of the most flexible ways to transfer software and multimedia files to an iOS device. Apart from transferring users can also view files stored on their iPhone or iPad by wirelessly connected to their device over WiFi.

VMLite Remote Client allows you to quickly and securely view and control your PC from your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch devices using RDP or VNC protocols. It provides most advanced features that are equivalent to Windows 7 RDP client, such as remote sound, remote audio recording, and file sharing, etc. It performs well even with slow network connection. For example, you can comfortably listen to remote music on your home PC while on road using 3G network, or you can use a Windows application to record voice.


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ReCap Pro for mobileRegister, mark up, and measure reality capture data in the fieldwith an iPad Pro

Aside from the design and the beauty, the Zugu Alpha Case also performs well when it comes to the job of protecting your iPad Pro. The case can protect your iPad, even if you accidentally (or deliberately) drop it from a height of up to five feet. It has eight magnetically secure angles, thereby giving you various options when it comes to the viewing angles on your iPad Pro while working on a document or viewing a multimedia file. The adjustable kickstand also makes it easier to hold this tablet with one hand while it's in use. However, it is advisable for you to get a screen protector to serve as protection for your screen as this case does not come with that. Aside from this, the Zugu Alpha Case is one of the best iPad Pro Cases for the 11-inch iPad Pro.


IBackupBot gives you the ability to browse, view, export, and modify iTunes backup files. With its built-in plist editor, hex editor, text editor, database viewer, image viewer, SMS message viewer, notes viewer, address book viewer, and media browser, you can view and edit any file that iTunes backed up from iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to your computer.

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You can see the total GB used, and the total GB available above its percentage is a list of items on the left of the iDevice tab that lets you view iOS information, apps, photos, music, ringtones, videos, books, UDisk, data, files and common tools. The top of the user interface has an icon bar that includes iDevice, Apps, RT WP, Flash JB, Toolbox, and Tutorials. RT WP shows ringtones and can control most of the commands in the Toolbox category: file management, transfersdata, delete all data, stop iOS updates, etc. The JB Lightning Area lets you flash and close your iPad or iPhone. You can choose whether you want to flash or jailbreak the iOS device on the left recommends that you back up the data before flashing or turning off the device. You can complete both modes with one click by pressing the blue button in the lower right corner of the screen. Are you able to track the progress of 3uTools for Mac users? Although 3uTools works with Apple products, the software is not available for the Mac operating system. You can use this program for free on Windows computers with iOS mobile devices.


So what network services does the AirStash support over WiFi? It comes with a web server so you can access the files on the device via the handy web address via a regular web browser. You can even use the web browser to upload files to the device. There’s also a WebDAV server for computer, tablet, and phone apps which support that protocol – and there are quite a few, including OS X itself, Apple’s iWork suite for iOS, iThoughts, and GoodReader. And finally, the AirStash has a media streamer – if you have media files on the SD card which can be played from your computer or device, using something as simple as a web browser will let you pick the video or audio file and stream that from the AirStash. You can even load an SD card from your camera and then view the photos you just took, without needing to store them in iPhoto on the iPad for example.

Using the iPad in business or education means needing to access your PDF files. There are many apps for the iPad that allow for PDF viewing, including Apple's own iBooks. Keep reading below to find out which PDF app is for you. Whether you need access to online storage or a viewer that can handle huge PDF documents, we have got you covered in this AppGuide.


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Citrix QuickEdit offers the most powerful means for collaboration when editing Microsoft Office files on your iPhone or iPad. View, edit and track changes then edit Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and then share them over ShareFile, Box, DropBox, GoogleDrive or OneDrive!

The header file is modified using a patch file in the scripts directory, which needs to be amended as well

Web access lets multiple users within the organization log in securely via personal network or the internet. Express Invoice is available for various platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX, iPad, Android, and Kindle. Create quotes and orders for business and store all data within the software database. Each invoice can be customized with company’s logo, custom header text, custom notes. Express Invoice saves invoices in the form of a PDF file. Create a new invoice, and then set the schedule to send the invoice automatically to customers’ email addresses or fax numbers. Express Invoice allows native integration with Inventoria, which is an online service to track inventory data. The software offers easy reporting - including the reports for paid and unpaid invoices. Print the report for offline viewing and archival purpose.


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Wechat chat history of iPhone and Android phones is encrypted and saved in mobile phone. Now we can used Cok Wechat Recovery to export all Wechat messages from mobile phone to computer for viewing. It can not only decrypt all Wechat data (including text messages, images, voice messages and sight) for iPhone and Android phones, but also it can recover deleted Wechat messages for iPhone and iPad (all iOS system). Even if the contacts are deleted ( in blacklist), the messages can be recovered properly. Recovery principle: After the WeChat chatting records are deleted, the block data in the file are not deleted immediately. Only when there are new chat history would new data randomly cover those deleted block data. If the deleted block data are not covered by new data, they could be entirely retrieved. Otherwise, the chances of successful recovery for Wechat data is between 5% to 100%.

This is my favorite way to download files on the iPad

These factory patch name file reside in Home/Library/Audio/MIDI Patch Names/Digidesign/. For more information on using MIDI patch names in Pro Tools, refer to the Pro Tools Reference Guide.


A more affordable Office 365 Personal has been announced recently ($6/99 per month, $69/99 per year, limited to just one PC or Mac, plus one tablet), but it’s not available just yet. You can sign up for a free 30-day Office 365 trial and for those who don’t want a subscription, Office for iPad will let you view and present Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations, but not edit the files.

Privately store and view photos, videos, office files and more with Media Folders for iPad! Media Folders is password protected to keep prying eyes out of your private documents. Organize your files into folders and subfolders. For added privacy you can even create hidden folders for your files. With Media Folders copying your files to the iPad is faster and easier than ever. Simply drop the files you want into iTunes and the files are instantly copied to Media Folders.


You can open Microsoft Office documents that are macro-enabled as read-only files, but you can’t edit them. If you plan to edit your Office files on your iPad, be sure to use the common file formats (DOC, DOCX, TXT, XLS, XLT, and XLTX). Check out the figure to the left below. Do you see those thumbnails on the right side of the screenshot? That’s a really clever way of jumping from page to page in Quickoffice. Touch and hold the screen on the far edge of the right margin, and you get thumbnails of each page. The page that is highlighted in this thumbnail view has a page number on it, which is really handy if your document just has a lot of text on it (like the one I was using for my screenshot). Just slide your finger down the screen until you get the page you want. When you lift your finger, you go straight to that page.

I host most of my code on GitHub, and Working Copy is an awesome app that allows me to edit the code on my iPad and update it the repository. It works really well, and even allows you to resolve conflicts. You can view all the changes to a specific file, and you can also change the branch you are working on, and many more advanced features. Working Copy comes with a built in code editor, but it also has a tight integration with Textastic, which makes the two apps a dream duo.


When the backing up process is complete, your iPad files will be saved in the form of iTunes backup, which is generally in the path: C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup. Please note you cannot directly view and manage the files in iTunes backup, therefore, we kindly recommend you applying method 1, which will save the backup files on computer that are viewable and manageable.

Leawo iTransfer is a software solution for transferring and backing up files from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to computer, and obviously transfer from computer to iOS devices. If you have the client installed on two computers, it is like transforming the various devices into a USB stick that can be used together. It thus becomes possible to keep different types of files (there are no limits from this point of view) inside the devices and always carry them with you. The application can also manage playlists as well as all data contained in the iTunes account connected to the device, such as apps, movies, podcasts, books, photos, contacts, SMS, favourites, notes.


You will then be able to use your custom MIDI patch names file in Pro Tools

It supports all iPhone and iPad models and it consists of a preview mode where you can view and choose only the files you want to restore. The developer provides easy to follow instructions on how to properly use the program. There are also some online tutorials available for everyone to watch before making an attempt to use the software.

However, if there are four on the same team, you should always be ready to help a friend. You can fix a teammate in the event of a serious injury or just help out with ammunition or a first aid kit.


Some of the new features in the Files app require an iPad with iPadOS. For example, a new Column view is an iPad-only affair, as is the new Quick Actions feature because it’s inaccessible from any other view but the Column view.

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You’re traveling through another dimension on your iPhone, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of touch. A journey into a wondrous digital land whose boundaries are that of imagination and battery life. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Flylight Zone!

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Also, we’ll be assuming that you have a server set up on your network already. It can be as simple as a Mac with File Sharing turned on. If you don’t have a server, or access to a server, you won’t be able to use any of these tips.


Select, copy, and paste the patch name list from Patch Number=”A-1″ to Patch Number=”A-64″. This will give you the first bank of 128 patches.

How to Access iPad Files on PC

In App Store rating and reviews, the WiFi File Manager is certainly the best this platform has to offer. For iPad, the app arranges the files in excellent grid style which almost looks like a computer’s file explorer software. Be it local storage or cloud, WiFi File Manager can effectively show all your files. Even the Wi-Fi access feature would allow accessing the files on an iPad through a PC or Mac.


Best File Manager Apps for iPhone and iPad

I don’t subscribe to the theory that Dropbox is a feature, not a product, when Apple’s implementation of file management in iCloud Drive doesn’t even come close to Dropbox’s feature set. As an extensible file management platform, Dropbox rocks.

Open the appon your computer and connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer using theappropriate lightning or USB cable. After connecting your phone to yourcomputer, iExplorer will open a window with your device’s file system. Fromthere, you can click on your media library to view and export your music,videos, and any other media file.


This prevents the existence of a full-featured iCloud Drive file manager that offers functionalities Apple doesn’t want to build in their iCloud Drive app. There should be an API to allow third-party apps to gain access to the entire contents of your iCloud Drive filesystem, just like there are APIs for photo and music access.