This patch applicable for the Korean version of the awesome otome game "Otometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo", called Girlish Love Revolution! DS, and of course, to use this patch you'd need an electronic copy of the game, a rom, that will be patched to English. You'll need an emulator to run the rom with if you don't have a Nintendo DS, I suggest desmume, it's easy to use and versatile.

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I mean let’s face it every game anime or drama has that “incurable disease” story and in our case this is it. Ayato is a senior in Hitomi’s school so he is one year older than her. As with all the other guys in the game, Ayato’s popular with the ladies. Unfortunately he has some kind of unnamed incurable disease that can possibly kill him. One day Hitomi even finds him with blood spurting from his mouth so she gets further involved with this, despite him trying to push her away so she does not get hurt in the end.

Several years back, if I had a question I would receive a prompt response and a solution. Now I am lucky to get a response. I’ve emailed about the same issue 3 times and got 1 response that I had already stated in my email I had tried.


Ren got annoyed at this and one day told Rin to wait for him outside so they could talk. However it was all a lie and Ren never showed up. He assumed Rin would get tired of waiting and just come home but instead Rin got into an accident and died. Rin’s girlfriend (I assume) has since hated Ren and wished he’d live a miserable life. Instead Ren acted cold & aloof to everyone and so she was unsatisfied. She stole a key to Rin’s diary which said good things about Ren. She told Hitomi that if she wants to give Ren the key she has to go find it and pretended to throw it into the river.

I'm amazed how far along this game is now. Like I said in the other topic, I can help edit and beta-test if you need more people to help you. I actually have played one route for the PC version, so I know how the game works and stuff. But I know other routes are more challenging. That's why I'm happy to see you made guide for the game.


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And so this concludes my LoveRevo adventure. This is probably the longest game I’ve ever played. By longest I mean with the most amount of characters to finish. While I really liked some of the routes, particularly Ren, Ryuutaro and Ayato, sometimes it got really annoying that from January – March I basically upped random stats because I had the requirements all completed already. I’m really disappointed that in this game the only character that got a REAL kiss scene was Masaki and a “somewhat” decent one with Kennosuke.

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Wakatsuki Ryuutaro – This guy is a pain in my freaking ass! I did his route once, screwed up. Did his route a 2nd time, realized I screwed up and started over. Did his route a 3rd time, screwed up and it was too late so I just let it tumble down until I got the same stupid harem end as in the first route. What pisses me off is all these guides are for the PS2 or the DS and they are completely inaccurate and do not explain jack shit. I was able to fumble my way through Souta but it didn’t seem like it was possible with this guy unless you did something exactly.


Apparently his family all died in some accident and some guy who looks like a Code Geass reject named Rolan adopted him as his own son. I don’t know what kind of idiot adopts someone as a “son” only to raise him as part of some mafia =_=; Once Hitomi finds out the truth about all this she’s enraged that Rolan did this to poor Kaede who has “nothing else to live for” now. Fortunately after the contract between him and Yurika ends, he gets permission from Rolan to stay at the school with Hitomi until they graduate. After that Kaede still continues his work but it’s only to “protect” people rather than kill them lol.

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While most of the game is spent losing weight, each guy has his own little story. In Souta’s case he has manorexia. Apparently he didn’t like eating his parents’ food so they left him with his grandma. He thought that his parents abandoned him and so he only cared about his grandma and would actually eat her cooking. Unfortunately at one point his grandma falls ill and is sent to the hospital where she may possibly die. He gets so upset he stops eating again and it’s up to Hitomi to cheer him up. Fortunately his granny recovers and he’s happy as a puppy (literally) so he finally asks Hitomi to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately he has a fanclub who are then enraged that she take their shota-prince away from them and demand they break up.

Pretty similar, except Otome games are generally targeted at females, which is why the mc is female. It's much like shoujo anime/manga with a reverse harem (in which there's a single female protagonist, with multiple male characters that have/build up affection towards her). As far as I know, there are quite a few otome games ported from an anime/manga (vise versa), so you could give those anime/manga a shot to generalize what an otome game is like, instead of going straight into a otome game.


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There are a lot of things that can't be translated properly from Japanese to English. It's more fun if you understand Japanese. Most of the conversations aren't difficult. There are some parts that I consider very difficult, but you can still play and enjoy it even if you don't understand those parts.


I ordered some longer cables for my cameras and they came in within days of ordering. Much faster then was even estimated by the website.

Sentou Gakuen is combining these Visual Novel and MMORPG elements into one

In addition I never bothered to get all the CGs. I know there’s a “model” end where she ends up with no one but becomes a super model. There’s also the “diet fail” end where you end up with no one because you didn’t get to 55kg by March 14th. Do I wanna go through an entire year of exercising just to get these CGs? No. Also I didn’t bother getting the “friend” ending with any of the guys. I know there’s an extra CG but to me that’s like getting a bad end =_=; It’s mostly the “not this diet shit again” that’s stopping me. I’m so pro at this game now I remember what items are in what store, what day to buy them on and what months to ask the guys on dates. Sigh, I think this is a sign that I need to quit and move on to a new game xD Hope you enjoyed my tl;dr if you made it through this far!


Just want to give a shout out to the guys in customer support. They are the best and very knowledgeable about what they sell. They always have the time to fix any problem I have no matter how big or small. Thank you guys and keep up the amazing job REVO is very lucky to have you guys!

Huh, I wonder if I could play through this. Otome games can't be too different from galge, can they?


Full English Translation Patch v1.1

I remember I played once an Otome game (don't know the exact name anymore) just for the fun of it and after 1 hour or so I quit and pledged to never ever touch a game like this again. When it says it is meant for girls then it is REALLY meant for girls.

Sentou Gakuen - Massive Multiplayer Online Visual Novel - Login. Sentou Gakuen is the very first anime-styled Online Visual Novel that is combined with MMORPG elements.


A high schooler weighing 99 lbs? What is Hitomi like 4’7″ or something? Anyway he’s rich and Mr. Perfect and is the #1 top eligible bachelor of Hitomi’s high school. The first thing he says to her is he hates her annoying she is and that she let herself get so fat.

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