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Skidder drags a tree. A wheeled skidder drags a pine tree along the side of a road royalty free stock images

If you bought a bare set of cylinder heads you can very easily and simply swap all the existing parts from your old iron heads to the new ones. There are plenty of well known brand name parts products on the market too.


Drag – Go head to head with your rival in a straight-line race to the finish. This race is all about acceleration, throttle response and perfect gear shifts.

These classes are based around some of the drag racing classes from back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s

He was there when it went down the first time around, and he’s seeing to it that history is preserved. This matched pair is the proof: FED racer and Chev gasser.


Former track manager Earwood going back to his roots for Gainesville events

I was in full Speedhunting mode when I attended March Meet last month, scouring Famoso Raceway to bring you the best the nostalgia drag race world had on offer. Of course there were gobs of old school dragsters and gassers, but I was looking for that one special car that stopped me dead in my tracks. I found it – but I hadn’t a clue how far down the rabbit hole it would take me (and a whole crew of my fellow Speedhunters too).

A steady climb out of the performance doldrums in the 1980s accelerated in the 1990s and then hit critical mass in 2008 when Ford debuted the revival version of the Cobra Jet at that year’s SEMA show. It caused a sensation before it had ever turned a public wheel at the drag strip. The car not only got people excited, it was a perfectly executed home run. John Calvert took one to the NHRA Winternationals in 2009 and won the race, replicating the win by legendary Ford racer Al Joniec in 1968 and launching the Cobra Jet program into the stratosphere in terms of public interest and popularity. Those 2008 model year Cobra Jets ran 10/0s with a blown 5/4L version of the engine used in Shelby Mustangs at the time. Modern performance was back, but would the other factories get involved?


From popular crowd drawing, drag racing classes printed on each shirt

This in turn saw tube chassis being integrated into the cars as well. The cars sat lower to the ground as the decade progressed, and looked very similar to the funny cars of the 1970’s although not as stretched out or long looking. Many hidden engine tricks or mods were also tried and tested.

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The details you provide of the class of drag racing each t-shirt represents is great

First up is The Netherlands' Lex Joon who writes with the latest on his campaign to run in NHRA Top Fuel Dragster. Paul Marston has had one or two other things to think about in the last year or so but has been in touch to catch right up on the development of his twin-turbo Cortina.

Drag Tree Stock Photos

Big hair was in vogue in the 1960s. Its revival was partly due to Jackie Kennedy, who rocked a bouffant like nobody else.


Another words, with the many products on offer at the store, you can wear drag racing memorabilia 24/7

Use the stock setting and adjust the final drive to get the best gearing. Play with settings here to find the best values for each vehicle you tune.

Tech Review: Chassisworks CDS Gear Drive On Project BlownZ

The International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) formed. Born of founder/Muncie Dragway owner Larry Carter’s inability to get along with Wally Parks, the IHRA invested in track facilities and top-name drivers to draw crowds.


This makes for consistent and accurate repeatability and performance. When I started, inlets were as cast, then I started hand porting them and found large hp [horsepower] gains.

Though it was odd that the feature was present even in career seasons. It makes the game far more accessible to a much wider audience and I feel like more racing games would benefit from it.


Quarter Mile Addiction What Are Drag Racing Classes? USA, CA, UK, AUS & NZ Comments Feed

When air density goes down, the weight of the air is reduced. To stay in an optimum air/fuel ratio range for many engines, the fuel should be reduced. This applies to naturally aspirated engines as well as supercharged engines with overdrive limitations. Top Alcohol and Nostalgia Top Fuel are examples where supercharger overdrive limits are applied and the supercharger overdrive is not changed. Those can benefit from air/fuel ratio tuning with jetting changes. Mechanical fuel injection, common in these classes, benefits from tuning simplicity since the overall air/fuel ratio can be managed by a single bypass jet. A bigger jet is used to lean it. A smaller jet is used to richen it.

Anyone who was young and carefree in the 1950s or 1960s probably has a hitchhiking tale to tell. But thanks to increasing car ownership and the heyday of horror movies, along with discouragement from authorities, thumbing a ride from the side of the road has lost most of its romantic appeal. Nobody wants to get in a car with a serial killer, right?


Small block Mopar heads by Edelbrock

I think it was a lot less informal as a traditional car race, and people would soup up their cars for them and stuff. Pony said something about how greasers souped up old cars. And then they'd have races, and competitions, I suppose.

Paint containing lead was banned in the United States in 1978 when people finally realized that it probably wasn’t a good idea to inhale a highly toxic substance that can enter the bloodstream. But in the 1950s and 1960s, you were highly likely to live in a home with lead paint. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency says 69 percent of homes built between 1940 and 1959 contained lead-based paint.


Drag racing hoodies, sweatshirts, clothing and apparel. Something special for those cooler months. You can still get your drag racing fix while indoors. All drag racing apparel by Quarter Mile Addiction has free shipping options. Shop now and buy online right from your desktop or smartphone.

American drag racing league

Unfortunately, the rocker box on all LS heads is really too small to accommodate a racing valvetrain, so fabricated valve covers are almost a necessity. The stock rocker arm trunions are another weak point; aftermarket replacements are highly recommended.


The cable shown at left, which looks similar to a headphone cord, is used to convert the outgoing connection from the dash to a serial cable to connect to our laptop computer to transfer the recorded data and to setup the dash's display. At right is the driveshaft speed sensor and collar, mounted just forward of the pinion yoke.

These will fit any Mopar small block engine manufactured from 1968 to 1991

Within a few a short years, full tube chassis were introduced along with four link rear suspensions. The cars have a weight minimum of 2,350 pounds and have precise measurements to adhere to. They are capable of running the drag strip in just 6/5 seconds at over 200mph.


This had all the drama and intensity of any final round. In the near lane, Larry Gotelli, grandson of famed racer Terrible Ted Gotelli. In the opposite lane, the worlds fastest small block Chevy being displayed to the crowd compliments of the man with "Juevos Grande", Sammy Hale.

As Conley expressed and racers and tuner the world over will agree, data acquisition is a truly invaluable asset to anyone looking to gain the utmost in performance. Gaining access to the intricate details of a vehicle provides unlimited potential to gain knowledge and better understand what’s going on during a given run, allowing tuners to make exacting adjustments based not on assumption, but real, sound data plotted out in a way that’s catered to their exact needs. And for the grass roots crowd, the LDX Logger dash provides just that.


Time Trial – Does exactly what it says on the tin. Compete against your rivals for the best times.

Nostalgia Super Stock Drag Racing Tees

By using a matching hydraulic camshaft, new lifters and Edelbrock intake manifold you can very easily make 400 plus horsepower. Without tearing your engine down completely. The heads bolt right on and are suitable for heavy towing applications as well. If you have a Dodge Ram truck with a small block Mopar engine, this is a very simple and logical choice.


Hundreds of aviation wonders are expected to be on display – headlined by legendary vintage warbirds like the Liberty Foundation's famous Liberty Belle B-17 Bomber "Ye Olde Pub" and historic P-51 Mustang, the Douglas C-47 Skytrain plus stylish homebuilts, classics from the '40s and '50s, sport and ultralight aircraft. Inspiring flyovers by some of our nation's most storied military aircraft promise to be a fan favorite – all flown in memory of the late Eddie Andreini Sr, world-renown aerobatics pilot, founding Dream Machines contributor and pillar in the Half Moon Bay community.

Air density data: We provide an air density data source for various NHRA tracks. You can find it at: Race Track Weather. Track location, altitude, and the current weather are accessible through a smart phone or web device.


Tire pressure is used to provide optimal contact patch and tire temperatures in Forza. Start with your tires at 30psi and do 1 lap on your test track.

This usually resulted in the rear end of the car to sit way up higher than stock and gave the car a real mean looking stance or rake, and looked really cool. The car just looked fast, even when it was sitting still!


There are many choices on the market today. I believe this one to be the best choice in terms of being budget friendly and cost effective. If I were to build a 408 stroker on a budget, this would be my head of choice.

We, like you, strive to get our ‘Quarter Mile Addiction’ or ‘drag racing fix’ as much as we can

At £29/99/$34/99 it is definitely up there with the more premium titles. Some will find this on the expensive side, however, with everything on offer I feel it is priced well. A physical release would’ve been nice as sadly it’s only digital. Hopefully, Codemasters will consider this in the future.


As we all know, superchargers place you one step back to move you five steps forward, requiring the use of horsepower to create more horsepower. As these units have become physically larger and the demands for more boost greater over the years, so too have the demands and stresses on the components used to drive the supercharger.

In the professional drag racing category the winner is usually the first across the finish line

The production LS aluminum block’s performance potential exceeds the strength of the casting. In other words, it’s easy to make more horsepower than a stock block can withstand. The 318 aluminum alloy is all right for a mild street engine, but even the factory recognizes its shortcomings and specifies 356 aluminum for supercharged versions. For my money, the 357 alloy that’s used in some aftermarket blocks is definitely the way to go for a serious LS engine.


A year later, SRXXX was enshrined in the National Museum of American History. The path from outlaw drag racing to full-on acceptance by the establishment was complete.

Nostalgia Top Fuel & Funny Cars. The Nostalgia Top Fuel & Funny Car dragsters today, have very little in common with the original top fuel cars from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Basically only the engine location and tire size is the same. Also, there are no driver aids, just the way the cars used to be. They look the part. But they out perform the cars of the golden era by a long shot.


Nostalgia Drag Racing is a handful of drag racing classes dedicated to the way drag racing used to be

Most race teams get by with a daily driver Chevy pickup to tow their race cars on the weekend. I think Randy’s level of commitment to keeping the scene alive is pretty evident at this point.

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The CDS is bolted directly to the motor plate using M10 allen head bolts, providing plenty of rigidity under some fairly extreme torque. The primary difference between the various engine configurations that the CDS is compatible with are the mounting plates and patterns, so the plates for a Small Block Mopar may look nothing like our LSX setup.

If the build is a grip/momentum build, then choose a grip/momentum track for testing. Testing a grip build on a speed/power track will not yield the best fine-tuning results. Make use you make a note of the general lap times you run in each class or division so you can compare different builds too.


The CDS gear drive on the Camaro is an angle mount configuration. Despite some very attractive accessory drive options, we’ve chosen to use only the fuel pump accessory drive, which is driven by a secondary gear drive shaft through a belt within a very sharp-looking machined aluminum housing.

Another great feature is that you can use your stock rocker arms off your old iron heads and simply install onto your new cylinder heads. You can also use your factory push rods, tappets or lifters and camshaft. I would recommend inspecting each lifter or tappet and camshaft lobe as you go.


Trunk tree in the seashore. On the beach royalty free stock photography

It just so happened that it was one of the first cars that ventured out for testing, and the first car I’ve ever witnessed doing a proper run. I’m not going to lie, it scared the absolute sh*t out of me.

Here you can see a glimpse of our wiring schematic on the back side of the dash. The large plug at left is our V-Net cable, which is transferring channel data from our air/fuel wideband (Racepak AF1), and our intake pressure and intake air temperature sensors, which are wired into the USM. The AF1 and our USM box are “daisy-chained” and plugged directly into the back of the dash. The built-in channels (oil pressure, engine RPM, driveshaft RPM, and water temperature) all use a single wire connection that’s part of a bundle plugged straight into a port on the back of the dash.


Also the valve guides will need to be resized in the RPM heads as the guides are too small to fit the stock Mopar valves. The valves have a larger 3/8 stem. The current guides take the smaller 11/32 stem as do most other aftermarket heads. The best bet is to replace your stock valves and springs as they will be 30 to 50 years old. Depending on the year of small block Mopar engine you currently have and how many miles the engine may have done.

As the calendar turned to 2021, the Zoian camp wasted little time supplanting the record. In late January the team clocked a 5/70-second lap in Orlando, Florida, which was superseded later in the weekend by a stunning 5/660 at 255/34 mph. That pass, amazingly, was just two and a half tenths off of what was the then all-time-quick Pro Modified run and inside of the top 10 quickest turbocharged doorslammer runs in history — and it did so with only six, inline cylinders.


You can use your exhaust manifolds or your existing headers. Your valve covers will bolt right on. Can easily be installed without removing the engine from your car.

Not everyone has a full-tilt racecar, and some of us even drive our hot rods on the street. For those reasons, we inquired with Dustin about the maintenance involved in a twin-screw application.


The packed race wowed automotive executives at the time and quickly skunkworks projects popped up from the likes of the Detroit brands to capture this newly recognized horsepower crazed generation. By 1962 Chrysler had introduced its Max Wedge powered cars and Pontiac was building lightweight versions of their Catalina with a 421ci V8. Chevrolet responded with the 1962 Z-11 409 Impala which had a 430hp version of the famed 409ci W-engine. It only got more serious from there.

Get a free sticker as well as free shipping when you buy an official National Nostalgia Pro Stock Association drag racing t shirt. Proceeds go to organising events.


When the 1972 season kicked off at Lions, no one had a clue it would be the beginning of the last waltz for the track. Steve Evans had taken over management of the fabled facility the previous summer and given the place a complete makeover.

Lastly, we come to the record parameters of the LDX dash and the DataLink software. Within the System Options section, you can establish your record length, configure the Record Enable channel (the alternative record triggering method, which we’ll discuss in a minute, and its threshold parameters). You can also configure the Record Start Threshold for this alternative trigger, as well, so if you want it to begin when engine RPM reaches beyond 3,000, you can select the channel and enter the desired RPM value.


Most drag racing classes are the same as those listed in the USA

So if you want something on a color changing mug, a mobile phone case, a full zip hoodie or perhaps even a hat, leave a comment below this article in the comment box. Tell us what the design is and the item you would like to have the design printed on. We’re more than happy to add the item to the listing for you.

By 1996, nostalgia top fuel racing (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=8888) had gotten serious. The Goodguys had their championship series firmly in place, and the top runners had started to tickle the sub-six second zone. So-called nostalgia drag racing had matured far beyond its friendly, folksy roots (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=2507), into a year long highly competitive program of races (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=3415) complete with points, standings, and prestige-nostalgia had become newstalgia. It was also a turning point for Jim, Bobby, Tony and the Champion Speed Shop team. They brought in the highly esteemed and talented Ronnie Capps as consultant, and had Robert Stirling front half the chassis.


Mugridge Sr retires from racing

If you have further questions and you wish to contact us by email, simply click on the contact us link in the top right hand corner of this very website. Orders take anywhere between 5 to 20 business days depending on where you may live. We also have a return policy which you can learn more about by clicking on the return policy link at the top right hand side of the page as well.

Of course if you simply want to pep up your old small block that you have in your most beloved A B or E body, or any other body style that you might have, I think this is the best choice. I personally have a set of RPM heads on my 440 that’s in my 68 Coronet. I was lucky, I bought it that way.


From concept, design, test and manufacture, we’ve learned that our friends at Whipple Superchargers are quite literally a one-stop-shop for everything forced induction related, and that doesn’t stop at just a “kit” level. As Dustin reiterated to us, these kits are designed to each vehicle platform specifically, and are meant to grow with an increased power level as enthusiasts continue to modify their cars. We’ve learned what Whipple’s definition of efficiency is, and we’ve learned how its twin screw superchargers fare against the current competition in the world of modern superchargers. That leaves us with one question – what’s in store for the future of Whipple?

Edelbrock RPM small block Chrysler v8 heads

Unlike a turbo that’s driven by hot exhaust gasses, blowers are driven directly by the crankshaft, so the speed of the supercharger directly relates to engine rpm. With that, there’s mechanical loss due to the parasitic drag of the supercharger, but the gains are well worth it. Of course, it’s important to select the best blower for your application. This includes blower design, size, and pulley selection, and step-up ratio should also be considered in centrifugally driven units.


Forza Upgrades & Tuning Assistant

If your build your engine for some street and drag racing use, then upgrading to a single plane 4 barrel intake manifold is a good choice. I would recommend upgrading your camshaft as well for even more horse power and performance.

This is your sport if you want it to survive it needs your support, over to you people. Entry forms are available at tinyurl.com/2019noprep or contact us as above.


A big grey beetle is on a tree. Close-up. Macro photography royalty free stock photos

Top Alcohol Dragsters look very similar to Top Fuel Dragsters. Top Alcohol Dragsters run a supercharged methanol engine, or a fuel injected nitro methanol blend. The injected cars use a similar clutch type transmission as Top Fuel. The supercharged cars have a three speed transmission.

Asbestos, a natural mineral composed of thin fibers, was used in the construction of many homes before the 1980s — in cement, roof shingles, steam pipes, ceiling and floor tiles, textured paint or spray-on insulation. Asbestos is toxic, and can be dangerous if the fibers become airborne and are inhaled.


For our mechanical fuel injection tuning, air/fuel ratios were determined for the weight of air and the weight of fuel through the engine. Weight of fuel for mechanical fuel injection: The fuel system is made up of the type of fuel, jetting, and the fuel pump.

Here you can see an example data log from a run inside DataLink. You can see our connected sensors (engine RPM, air/fuel ratio, manifold air temperature, and manifold pressure) graphed out.


After Sammy retired, the team hired Rance McDaniel to replace him. Champion Speed Shop would enjoy their greatest success in 2001 when they won the Goodguys championship, eventually running a best of 5/854-239/40 with the 400 cid Chevy engine prepared by Bobby and Tony Bernardini.

Both dragsters and funny cars race together in this class. They use less expensive fuel and are almost as fast as Top Fuel Dragster class and Funny Cars.


I’ve had to take a breath between these chapters because I know I’m getting carried away with myself, but I was genuinely so hyped by the event. I’ll try to maintain at least a sense of restraint going forwards.

As alluded to earlier, the CDS connects to the crankshaft through the damper, using six bolts to connect the damper to the gear drive input shaft through a six-puck, urethane bushing clamp that helps to reduce vibration and harmonics to and from the engine. The front side of the gear casing, where the output shaft connects to the supercharger, also uses a hub containing the six-puck urethane bushings and flange.


We turned once again to our friends at ATI Performance Products to create us a custom damper for our new configuration. What they came up with was a version of their lightweight Super Damper with a dual-keyway hub (a must when running a blower), a thinner physique, and a face with three extra bolts to create the mounting pattern for the gear drive.

When you flip the dash over, you’ll find four ports that provide the connectivity needed for a range of setup options. The first of these, Port A, is used to connect the power source for the dash.


A great place to look for used headers, as well as a perfect place to ask any questions that you might have about replacing your small block Mopar, cylinder heads is in this Facebook group right here If you haven’t joined as a member already, I highly recommend that you do. There are many more expensive header manufacturers on the market. The old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

Sacramento Raceway April 21, 2007-Mike McLennan's very first run behind the wheel of Mike Fuller's nostalgia top fuel dragster. Less than a month later, the team won the 37th Annual Ignitor event in Boise Idaho.


Aero settings will be dependent on several factors like track, class, and personal preference. The best place to start is to set to minimum and adjust during fine-tuning.

Ride Height is one of the more powerful settings. The best way to start is to leave the car at "stock" ride height and then watch the "Suspension" page in Telemetry on your test drive. What you are looking for is the lowest ride height possible without bottoming out (or getting too close to bottoming out) the front and rear suspensions. You do not have to keep the sliders symmetrical.


This is the European nation that has provided us the world’s fastest dinner table, the world’s fastest coin-operated child’s ride, rocket-powered motorcycles, and the world’s fastest combine. And it’s also where you’ll find some deadly-serious go-karts designed specifically for going fast in a straight lane.

The CDS gear and belt drive systems are designed for use with Vortech, ProCharger, and Paxton superchargers, in either a single or dual blower configuration. In lieu of a supercharger belt, the gear drive models can include a broad selection of drive ratios using large 1-3/8″ quick change gear sets. Other features include built-in timing pointers, a built-in crank trigger pickup mount, high density urethane coupler bushings, an oil level sight glass, a two-piece case, stainless steel blower and crankshaft hubs, and scalloped mount plates to reduce weight.


For example, a Trick Titanium SFI 6/2 bellhousing must be inspected each year. Inspections are important for the ongoing safety provided by the bellhousings, to check for wear and tear, unapproved modifications that could inhibit the protective capabilities of the parts, etc. Therefore, it is imperative for racers and race teams to check the expiration date directly on the sticker on their bellhousings.

Then there is the team who work tirelessly both on and off the track to give me an absolutely amazing hot rod to drive every year without fail. Thank you to each and every one of you for all your support, hard work, blood, sweat and tears you put into this crazy sport.


Shop for one of a kind drag racing sweatshirts, Tank Tops, T-shirts, high quality accessories and unique designs. Quarter Mile Addiction is an online store that offers original drag racing gear for drag racing fans all around the globe. Each design is based on the golden years of drag racing from the 1960’s and 70’s.

On the compressor side of things, Dustin told us it’s a similar fashion. Whipple’s goal is to ensure that the compressor is correctly sized for a specific engine, and to make sure that it’s in its “sweet spot” throughout the entire operating range.


If you have a Dodge Ram truck with a small block Mopar engine, this is a very simple and logical choice

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of vintage-style drag cars. Gassers, super stocks, funny cars, rails – I dig them all. And not just the V8-powered ones either.

Sitting behind a blown small block running at full tilt isn’t the safest place to be, but the restraints and belt guard will keep parts from going airborne if something pops. There’s a reason dragsters are built with the engines in the back now – to avoid getting sprayed by stray engine parts, fireballs and hot oil mostly.


You may receive the odd email from us with new drag racing designs on offer, along with discounts and free shipping options. You can easily unsubscribe form any and all emails from us. There will be an unsubscribe option included with every email.

Pro’s & Con’s Of The Edelbrock Small Block Mopar Heads

The ideal small block Chevy engine would be around 383 cid with AJ heads and a "stout" blower. The compression would be 6/5:1 with 92% to 94% nitro in the tank. I would make the race car as light as possible to make it easier to move the weight.


Didn't realize that article didn't really relate. I barely smimmed it. Wikipedia's usually reliable.

Engine tuning is also dependent on the competition category. Tuning for a bracket engine such as Top Dragster is done for consistency or predictability. For bracket racing a conservative fuel mixture and engine timing are far more important than a lean-burning, max-power, spark plug melting combo. Tuning for unlimited classes such as Top Alcohol and Competition Eliminator is done for the best performance and that may involve a more volatile setup.


The LS engine has the same 4/40-inch cylinder bore spacing as the Gen I small-block, but its crankshaft is one inch shorter. Shortening the overall length made it possible to install LS engines transversely in front-wheel drive models, but for racing applications, the crankshaft’s small counterweights make it difficult to balance. There is really no easy solution except to install heavy metal in the counterweights.

GRID Autosport is easily one of the most customisable titles to grace the Nintendo Switch. Head over to the options menu and you’ll find a vast number of settings to tinker with.


Prior to my visit, I was aware of this Corvette and its potential, but I still couldn’t get my head around the idea of a car accelerating so quickly. In the space of a little over 200 metres, this thing is going from a standstill to just under 200mph – in less than four seconds!

Drag racing hoodies both pull over sweatshirt type with a hood and full zip option available

With 275 radials bolted onto his big-inch nitrous Camaro, he uncorked a 3/85 off the trailer on his first test pass with the small radials, equaling Miller’s previous3/85-second standard that was already mind-boggling — and then proceeded to lay down a 3/77 while testing at the Orlando World Street Nationals. Then, at No Guts No Glory, he dropped an absolutely incredible 3/738 at 197/25 mph, unbeknownst to anyone but he and his inner circle. Over the course of the weekend, he tells, he clocked a series of low-3/80 and high-3/70 runs.


Drag Racing Sweatshirts & Apparel

This means that the winner is determined by how close to their dialed in time they are at the finish line. IE: Running a 10 second time on a 10 second dial in, or a 10/01 etc. A 9/99 elapsed time would mean a break, out leading to a loss of the race, Even if the other car ran much slower than their own dial in time.

Along with the parameters for each channel, you can also modify the layout of the dash display through DataLink. The LDX dash has four screens that can be cycled through using the “Display” button on the dash, and these pages and the variables for each channel can be modified to your preferences. Each of the screens are displayed graphically on your computer screen as they are seen on the dash, and by simply selecting the channel, you can alter these values. So if you want to display driveshaft RPM in increments of 250 RPM’s, 500, or some other value, you can do so.


Weight of air: For normally aspirated engines, the weight of air is determined from the engine size and efficiency. For the supercharged engine, the weight of air is determined from the supercharger size, overdrive, and efficiency. The weight of air is further determined from the air density. Air density is defined by the air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Each of these values has a different mathematical effect on the weight of air. The revised weight of air or air density can be determined from the combination.

Heath Hisle’s Outlaw 10.5 Camaro Set For 2021 Debut

Jeg Coughlin Jr. is set to play a cameo role in the film as himself during an on-location scene to be filmed at the NHRA national event in Charlotte this spring, with talks ongoing with other professional drivers to play small roles in the film as well. Production of “Shift” will be completed in late 2021.


It wasn’t just the racers that had acquired a Quarter Mile Addiction, it was the drag racing fans too

I have a hard time choosing a favorite between these two, as each is amazing in its own right. We’ll let you be the judge once we show you the ’57 gasser in greater detail.

In fact, any lotion sun-worshippers applied was likely to be a tan enhancer. These days, the dangers of too much sun exposure are well known, and there’s no excuse for going to the beach without SPF.


You’ll find hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts as well to help you get through the cooler months no matter where you live around the globe. We’re quite certain you’ll find something you’ll love. There are even funny or humorous drag racing slogans we are sure that you will remember. If you weren’t around to experience the golden era of drag racing back in the day, we think you’ll easily relate to some of the classic drag racing humor none the less.

When have a look at our other articles we have posted here on the blog, you will easily see that we are committed to educating the young as well as helping to relive the memories of days gone by for those that were there. We cover a wide range of drag racing classes with our prints. We also highlight drag racing advertising, feature popular and well known drag cars as well as some of the drivers too.


At times that reputation might have been deserved because we raced hard and were out there to win. But, I had Sammy Hale in the cockpit and he was anything but reckless as a driver. I also had the confidence of knowing Sammy had a great "feel" for what was happening during a run and would not do anything imprudent.

For drag racers and most fans, drag racing (more info) is a way of life. With many events across the country and around the world each and every weekend. Although commercial drag racing (his response) is becoming less popular, what has grown year on year is nostalgia drag racing and no prep drag racing (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=3177).


There are fleece blankets and color changing mugs too. So in a sense you really can eat, sleep and breathe drag racing if you wanted to. Buying drag racing gear is a great way to get yourself through the racing off season if need be. We understand what it’s like. We, like you, strive to get our ‘Quarter Mile Addiction’ or ‘drag racing fix’ as much as we can. Even if the weather doesn’t always play ball!

Mike McLennan driving the Smith- Allred-Maher T/F at the 2000 March Meet. Mike drove the Smith-Wulf-Maher and Smith-Allred-McLennan dragsters from 1996 through 2002.


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Drag racers funny sense of humor. Drag racing slogans on t shirts.

As soon as you boot up you’ll be sent to, what is essentially, a character creation screen. Here you can input your name, gender and age. You even get to choose a nickname from the list, which the commentators use in-game, which was a neat touch.


Also Pro Series Drag Racing Hack doesn’t request root or jailbreak the device

First and foremost, it’s important to note that not all superchargers are the same. We’ll keep this portion brief, but it’s worth noting for anyone wanting to know the differences between them. For all intents and purposes, there are three common styles of supercharger used today on vehicles – centrifugal, roots, and twin screw. Whipple exclusively produces the latter of those three superchargers, though we’re sure you already knew that.

Engines must be factory correct and retain the stock cylinder heads ,intake manifold and carburetor. Engine mods are limited to a basic rebuild and balancing with minimum performance enhancements as such as cylinder head and intake manifold porting.


Speedhunters Drag Tag Feed

We’d love to hear what you think of the website and if you have any stories or memories you’d like to share, or have found that perhaps some of the info you’ve read on the website needs updating, please leave a comment in the comment box below. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog.

Hopefully my tuning experience can make it work. It’s cold, we got a new car, but there’s a lot of new cars out here.


Turner added, “A ProCharger centrifugal supercharger is more predictable, reliable, easier to install, tune, and maintain. A nitrous system is complex and can be unpredictable.

VIR Grand East/West: these two tracks are like running a mini Nürburgring Nordschleife. There's a mix of everything here, so they are good for testing all build types.


Welcome back, and welcome to my great drag racing debates

The music is also great in GRID Autosport. Ranging from the usual chilled background music in the menus, to some nice EDM and urban dub beats during cutscenes.

All of the logos were applied by hand using period-correct fonts. That’s real gold leafing, edged with hand-painted pinstripes, then finally sealed under plenty of clear coat.


Supercharging has long been a favorite of drag racers who recognize that Mother Nature alone cannot supply ample airflow to the cylinders. You’ll find superchargers in a variety of classes within NHRA, and of course, today, they are regularly used by OE automobile manufacturers and in the aftermarket for street and track performance.

Brakes are where the most driver preference exist. Ultimately you want the front and rear brakes to lock up together under hard braking.


ATI’s JC Beattie Jr. worked with us to develop a damper that suited our needs. The twin keyways on it were done in a step-key design, necessitated by the lack of enough wall thickness to do a 1/4-inch keyway. The step key measures 3/16-inch on one side and 1/4-inch on the other. According to Beattie, the dual keyways are pretty common in any application with over 12 pounds of boost. The damper itself is a crank trigger shell, with the magnets located inside the shell, eliminating the need for another crank pulley and the space it requires.

As mentioned above, the LDX dash uses Racepak’s DataLink II PC software to download data from the dash itself, and it does so using a supplied serial communications cable that connects to the serial port on the rear of the dash. Before you can begin logging any data, you must first set the dash up through its configuration file.


You could very easily change or upgrade your intake manifold and carburetor, for better performance as well as economy. Sticking with or opting for a dual plane intake and 4 barrel carburetor is the best option for full time street use. You’ll have good low to mid range horsepower and performance along with a slight increase in top end power. There heads work best within the 1500 to 6500 RPM range.

Key Elements to Engine Tuning

We also pay tribute to the famous Lions Drag Strip with some of our designs, as well as many other world famous events and drivers too. We highlight well known catch phrases from drag racing advertising memorabilia from the era, and popular Mantra or well known sayings when describing certain drag racing classes and cars.


Check out how the character line flows down and forms a nice angle of attack. I wonder if Famoso Speed Shop knew it was using car design tricks when forming the sheet metal.

The LS engine’s 55mm diameter camshaft is also a step forward. This large-diameter cam has increased torsional stiffness and facilitates high-lift profiles.


Tuning knowledge can be ‘experience-based’ and/or ‘data-based’. Experience-based engine tuning is a result of personal and shared knowledge from various sources. However, good tuning knowledge is in short supply in many regions. As a result, racers become dependent on outside sources such as suppliers, online forums, and word-to-mouth. Unfortunately deciphering whether the information is good or bad is challenging. Learning more about the science of your setup and making your own database is often the best.

That is, that no photo or video could possibly convey what I was experiencing. It’s not so much about what you hear or see, but all about what you can feel. These are just snapshots of moments in time, but they do no justice to drag racing.


The complete CDS gear drive assembly that we'll be installing on our Camaro, designed for use with an LSX block. At the bottom of the frame is also the optional fuel pump drive accessory that we've chosen to use to drive our new Aeromotive hex drive pump.

We’ve paired our 388 LSX powerplant with one of the CDS accessory drive units designed for the LSX combo, which is what we’ll be taking a look at today. With the addition of the gear drive, we’re hoping to gain more consistency and reliability by doing away with all of the factors that belts can and do present.

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Career – This is the “meat ‘n’ potatoes” of GRID Autosport. From here, you get to choose from one of the available disciplines to take part in. Such as British Touring Car Championship, Open Wheel Championship, Endurance, Tuner, Street and the unlockable GRID Grand Slam.


The male end of the hex drive is installed into the female end of the accessory drive, which is held in place by a compression ring. Interestingly, this accessory drive can operate the fuel pump on either side, and can even by set up to run dual fuel pumps. Ours is set up on the front side supercharger side) of the drive.

Heads Up – Match Bash, Grudge Drag Racing Shirts

With the audio options, you can select which speaker output you are using. You can choose which dynamic range you would like to use, then adjust each individual sound, from music and engines etc.


What Are Drag Racing Classes In The USA

Whipple pays a lot of time and attention to the flow of air above the intercooler. The air exits the compressor from a relatively small area and managing that discharge air is key to maximizing the intercooler’s effectiveness.

Still, I think I was a bit nonchalant about the whole thing. I think I put a couple [more percentage of nitro] in the tank and advanced the cam two degrees and maybe put one or two [degrees of timing] in the mag to turn the wick up a little bit. Ed [Donovan] told me to put a bigger bottom pulley on to get some more overdrive for the blower.



When I was living in State College, PA, there was a big sportscar show one weekend. The people who had brought the cars they used for drag racing would open the door at red lights and dump something down by the tire, then squeal away in a cloud of smoke when the light changed. I'd always wondered what that was!

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It is a petrol powered EZGO four-seater model with full roof and full rain covering. It has very low hours on the hour meter and has never seen a golf course. It has a towing frame fitted to the chassis and comfortably tows the team's Camaro.

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V.I.N. Plate Decoding - 1968-74 MODELS

Where I live most of the drag races are informal (and illegal) on a friday and saturday night people have drag races round the main streets in town, it usually involves two cars side by side dragging off from a red light to either the next light or the end of the street. According to my cousin who is into it, they also race on the motorway. A few cars drive slowly side by side across the lanes to block all the rest of the traffic, and the cars race in front of them.

Drag boat. Son drag the boat which mother sitting cause flooding royalty free stock photography

That’s why we got together with our friend Dustin Whipple to bring you the facts. Dustin and his family have brought solutions to forced induction enthusiasts since the late ’80s, and has grown from a mere three employees, to more than 50 employed now. They’ve worked to create a better solution for boost since then – and with their help, we’re able to bring you a rundown on twin-screw superchargers through the eyes of Whipple.


It's probably safe to say that 1984 through 1989 were the formative years of the so-called "nostalgia" drag racing movement. Like Bobby, most of the racers were reliving the past with race cars that were originally constructed back in the 1960s and 1970s. At first, there was an absence of rules. But, as its popularity grew, there was a clamor to establish some guidelines for the racers to follow.

If you would like some flyers and posters to distribute and spread the word, please contact us via the Facebook page, E-Mail me at [email protected] or call me on 07831 650230. All we need is your name and address.


Drag racing events and some shows we hope to be attending as a Club

Once you have all of your information and parameters set, you’ll need to send the configuration file for the channel to the dash itself, which is done by connecting the serial cable between your computer and dash and transferring the new information. This process must be repeated each time you wish to make any changes to a specific channel.

Dustin told us that the company’s CMM measuring machine is used to inspect its rotors to exact specifications, holding tolerances well within 50 micron from design. The rotors are inspected before and after machining, as well as after coating in batches. In regards to rotor cutting, Dustin said, “We brought rotor manufacturing and rotor development in-house in our climate controlled rotor room. With in-house manufacturing, we are able to develop new technology at a much faster rate. We’ve been developing some new technology for the past few years, and we’ll be releasing additional information very soon. We currently have two new generations coming, and many different sizes.


Drag race take off. White car accelerates at the start line of a drag race royalty free stock photography

I also was pleased to hear from Fritz Allison, the younger brother of the aforementioned Randy Allison, who with Jeb Allen, John Stewart, and Billy Meyer led a successful teenage revolt in the nitro ranks in the early 1970s. Fritz gave me contact info for Randy and his crew chief Gary (also their brother), so I hope to talk to them soon, too, to shed some light on their efforts, which haven’t received quite the ink that Allen, Meyer, and Stewart have in the years since.

King of the 1970’s – Nostalgia Pro Stock Drag Racing

Also, remember to tune for YOUR driving style. What works for you will not necessarily work for everyone else (and vice versa), but keep testing new ideas and learning. The only way to become a better builder/tuner is to try new methods and experiment.


Whilst I 100 per cent agree with the decision, it still didn’t change the fact that I was very disappointed. It was a tough decision to make and absolutely the right one, but I really wanted more.

Small Block Mopar Cylinder Heads Features & Benefits

This rumbling all started when some of the old dragster guys decided to dust off their front engine slingshots and fire them up. One thing led to another and soon there were organized events where old timers gathered to share stories and run their rails. At the forefront of this movement was Bay Area hot rodders Tom Prufer and Brian Burnett. They started hosting "nostalgia" drags at Baylands in 1984. Burnett, who owned Los Gatos Ferrari, was buddies with Roy Brizio, son of the "Rodfather" Andy Brizio. Roy got a bad case of the nostalgia bug and came up with this idea of building a replica of Jim's red Scotty Fenn dragster and present it to him as a present. The intermediary for all this activity would be Jim's oldest son, Bobby.


I don’t think I saw a single non-2JZ car competing in the SS6 class. The teams’ dedication to compete is pretty admirable when you consider that there’s practically zero access to parts locally. If something breaks or an upgrade is needed, parts typically need to be imported at extraordinary cost.

We’ve also installed a driveshaft collar and sensor just forward of the pinion yoke, which provides us with valuable wheel speed data, which we can then use to determine wheel spin. When plotted on the computer, this channel should, on a good pass, show a smooth, linear increase. Large, quick spikes naturally indicate the presence of wheel spin.


Key elements for drag race engine tuning are having a well-tested fuel system setup, tracking the weather for changes in the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, and properly adjusting the engine for the current climate. One element specific to mechanical fuel injection tuning is idle adjustment for a good starting line temperature. Engine oil temperature reaching more than 150 deg F and less than 180 deg F are reasonable. This is done with tuning the idle RPM and fuel amount. Good temperature at the starting line with proper amount of fuel at launch provides the best 60 foot time. Proper fuel amount for the best mid-range power is often a bit leaner than the launch. The best high end fuel amounts are with provisions for ram air contributions when a forward facing air scoop is used. Each of these can be very well managed with air to fuel ratio tuning.

These cars are street legal and must be able to prove that they can be driven on the street. They must have a current MOT and use treaded street/strip tires. The top cars can pull 7 second quarter mile times.


As tracks were strategically tightened up and radial tires deployed, the Outlaw 10/5 class was turned on its head in 2021 with a sharp uptick in performance, but a faithful few soldiered on with the tried-and-true 10/5W slick tires, including returning veteran Tim Essick. In his debut season with his stunningly-gorgeous supercharged Mustang, Essick clicked off the quickest Outlaw 10/5 pass on slicks at the PDRA World Finals, going 3/896 at 195/73 mph.

This configuration includes the basics, such as the name, the serial number, input number, V_Net ID, and sensor type for each channel, along with more detailed setup parameters including channel scaling (the calibration factors for the sensor), defining how DataLink will graph the data, and modification of the user-settable options for each device. Racepak’s documentation walks through this process in greater, step-by-step detail than we can go into in the confines of this story, but these are the main ingredients of the configuration process.


Also, the discharge or outlet of the supercharger has been redesigned from its original configuration. What used to be standard was a long rectangular opening, and this has been changed to a pie-shaped opening, also known as a delta opening.

I plan on covering this option for the small block Mopar within the next couple of weeks, if not sooner

Like all motorsports, it started on the streets. Living in a desert country, there isn’t exactly much in the way of physical geography, so nearly every street out here is straight as an arrow. People started drag racing on the streets since it was all they could do, and it simply grew from there. QRC’s strip – which I’m told is the flattest in the world – was finished and first used in the winter of 2008/09, and the rest as they say is history.


Female traveler tried to drag luggage through the rough paths. In the garden royalty free stock photo

Set up and installation of the gear drive is a simple and straightforward process, although with anything of this nature that involves fitment of other components, some minor machining may be necessary. Liberties also have to be taken in terms of space; in our case we had to remove the radiator entirely to make room for the gear drive, made possible by the use of a cooling box.

Lance Keck, engineering manager at Vortech Superchargers, added, “We feel that centrifugal supercharging is effective in drag racing and building horsepower due to its linear boost and power curve. Coupled with its significantly higher efficiency, it is clearly a superior option over all others. To put a finer point on it, the word ‘efficiency’ gets thrown around a lot by all kinds of people and, more often than not, is actually used incorrectly or in a blatantly misleading manner.


Speedhunters Drag Racing In The Desert Comments Feed

He’s even started an exclusive club for like-minded racers, called the Famoso Mob. They recently returned from a trip to New Zealand where they schooled the Kiwis on vintage American quarter mile machines.

Then came the Burgin-Winter shunt. Already ahead of them, they had seen Dale Pulde get crossed up in beating Leavitt and “Mighty Mike” Van Sant and the Stone, Woods & Cooke Mustang cross the centerline to hand the win to Pat Foster in Barry Setzer’s Vega, so maybe it was the track. Burgin launched hard with the front wheels dangling but crossed the centerline on touchdown and got up briefly on two wheels, all of this right in front of Winter, who had no place to go. Winter rear-ended Burgin and pushed him out of the way in what looks like the world’s fastest PIT maneuver. Burgin’s car turned turtle and slid on its roof along the guardrail. The roof was ripped off, but Burgin otherwise emerged unscathed. Winter’s front end was heavily damaged, and he, too, could not make the second-round call. Four pairs later, Omar “the Tentmaker” Carrothers lit up his Mustang in losing to Rowe.


There’s no denying that the idea of eating ice cream for breakfast has a certain forbidden appeal. But in the 1960s, people put ice cream on their Cream of Wheat (a porridge-like breakfast staple made of cracked wheat that’s still available today).

With four screens, 20 programmable displays, warning lights and function buttons, shift light and shift point programming, and best of all, stand-alone functionality, the UDX line offers a great way for racers and street-strip enthusiasts to monitor a wide array of functions in their vehicles. What’s meant by standalone is that, unlike higher-end dashes used by professional race teams that require Racepak’s advanced data recorders to gain the information shown on the dash, the UDX dashes can be used without a separate recorder.


Don't forget to check out the new Serck Motorsport product and parts display in the Garage Shop while your bottles are replenished. New bottles are also available to purchase.

Fan perspective: 70 reasons why NHRA Drag Racing is the best sport on earth

But this season, Bob Rahaim’s 5/74-second standard set a year ago got knocked around on multiple occasions, headlined by Smith’s 5/711-second, 251/77 mph shot at the NHRA Carolina Nationals in Charlotte. Smith’s effort, the quickest run in competition by an NHRA legal nitrous car, leapfrogged the 5/72 standard set one day earlier by Chad Green.


How well the intercooler works is directly related to how it’s designed, and not all intercoolers are designed the same. Our conversation with Dustin revealed that intercooler design is yet another example of that Whipple difference.

Champion Speed Shop and Chevy "fever" is back at last-fondly coined the Batmobile, it ran 240 mph the first time out at the '09 March Meet. Just two months later, Adam Sorokin slipped the comely little streamliner into the 5s with a 5/96 clocking at The Dragfest at Famoso.


If you smoke during pregnancy, you’re likely doing so knowing full well what all the risks are. But expectant moms of decades ago had an excuse — they were regularly told it was okay to light up during pregnancy. In fact, a 1966 book by Laury Oaks, “Smoking and Pregnancy: The Politics of Fetal Protection,” said it was absolutely fine to have up to 10 cigarettes a day while growing a baby.

They wore their loyalty as a badge of honor on T-shirts, belt buckles, and the occasional tattoo. I suppose that today there are Honda guys and Toyota guys, too, but I don’t travel in those circles.


You can chose to use your original intake manifold and carburetor as well. Whether you have a 2 barrel intake manifold and carburetor, or a factory dual plane 4 barrel intake manifold and carburetor, along with your stock camshaft, you will notice an increase in power and performance. This is due to the much better fuel flow and combustion of the Edelbrock cylinder head.

The Champion Speed Shop story would never be complete without hearing from the one person who has been such an integral part of the Champion Speed Shop legacy for so many years. Sammy Hale was that hot, young "shoe" Jim McLennan put in the seat of his new Kent Fuller car when Jim decided to hang up the helmet in 1962. It was Sammy that Roy Brizio called in 1985 to entice him back into the cockpit. Now retired and living on his ranch in southern Arizona (Rio Rico), Sammy still finds time to consult with Bobby on tuning strategies and other technical issues that relate to running The Champion Speed Shop top fuel dragsters.


After a very successful career in Junior Dragster and Super Comp, she didn't hesitate for a second when she got the opportunity to go for her Top Fuel licence in 2021. At her home track in Gardermoen, Maja immediately impressed with her way of driving and her professional approach.

In addition to the many configurable options, you can also configure the trigger values for the warning lights on the dash. You can see that we’ve set -100 (a temperature the sensor will never see as the minimum value and 200 degrees as the warning light trip.


I am the speedhunter

The racers are aged between 8 to 17 years old. A great way to introduce kids and spectators of all ages to the world of drag racing.

You can choose your currency at the online store, at the bottom right hand side of each design listed. If you live in the United Kingdom or Australia, Canada etc, this makes for easier calculations when considering your order total and shipping costs if any.


Many thirsty kids in the 1950s and 1960s relied on the hose to stay hydrated while playing outside. Unfortunately, the water coming through hoses wasn’t regulated like water in the home was, and may have contained unsafe levels of lead.

Early 1930s: The dry lakebeds of Southern California were wide-open and available to hot rodders to drive as fast as they dared. Parks starts the Road Runners Club in 1937.


Given the length of time it took to achieve 200, no one in their right mind would have gambled on 201 in the same season the 200 mph barrier was broken. But it turns out, Matt Smith likes to gamble.

It’s hard to believe people used to light up a cigarette on flights, but in the 1960s it was normal to recline your plane seat into a cloud of smoke. By the end of 1990, smoking was prohibited on all domestic flights under six hours in duration. If you’ve noticed a tiny ashtray on the wall next to the lavatory door on a plane, that’s because it’s still a legal requirement. If someone decides to break the law, they need somewhere safe to stub their cig out.


That’s a handbrake to the left and a shifter on the right, custom built with giant ball bearings welded on the ends. Remember that chrome bill I mentioned earlier?

Todd becomes the first African-American to win a Top Fuel race. The official NHRA Funny Car quarter-mile speed record became—and still is—Jack Beckman’s 333/66mph.


I have to admit that I did have a big silly smile on my face when I realised that all of the Skylines I saw competing were running Toyota 2JZs. I guess some things are universal, although I don’t ever remember seeing a turbo this big strapped to a drift car.

Note: This product can be found on Amazon.com. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Not all Whipple units look the same, either. This is a unit for a 2021-plus Camaro SS, but the previous fifth-generation Camaro’s kit looked quite different.

Racing Hemi - Tech

The term nostalgia dragster might make some of you think these guys are running outdated technology, but really it refers more to the layout and the spirit in which these machines are built. Randy said they have updated a few things for the sake of staying competitive, like the MSD distributor which allows them to use launch control by omitting spark to certain cylinders while the button is pressed.


For dampers, you want to start with Bump. While test driving keep lowering bump until you feel the car start to bounce or move with the bumps in the road. You are looking for a setting the is just above the point where the vehicle transitions from absorbing bumps to moving with/reacting to them. Some vehicles are stiff enough that your are looking to minimize this as much as possible. For most vehicles, Bump will end up somewhere between 3/0 and 5/0, but there are exceptions.

Former Pro Stock standout and national event winner Mark Pawuk made headlines earlier this season when he announced his long-awaited return to racing behind the wheel of a Don Schumacher Racing-prepared Dodge Challenger in the NHRA’s Factory Stock Showdown. With a full year of development of Dodge’s aluminum blocks and cylinder heads behind them, the Gen-III Hemi had quickly supplanted the Chevrolet and Ford programs as the performance leader in the class, and thus Pawuk stepped right into a highly-capable ride. By the season’s mid-point, Pawuk and teammate Leah Pritchett were firing on all cylinders, regularly outpacing the rest of the category with ease. By fall, it was virtual domination by the Dodge entries.


All products sold by Quarter Mile Addiction are proudly made in the USA. Each design is printed on high quality products. The details are exceptional and are of very high resolution. Purchasing is made easy with either PayPal or credit card options. Your personal information and privacy is protected and will never be shared, rented or sold. We dislike spam as much as you do, to say the least.

Drag racing performance clubs have always been defined that way and this one is no different

Growing up among gearheads, we all knew guys who swore lifetime allegiance to a brand. It was a snap to identify the Chevy guys, the Ford guys, and the Chrysler guys.


While Jim Whiteley partnered up with Stevie “Fast” Jackson and the Killin’ Time Racing (pop over to these guys) (KTR) brain trust of Phil Shuler and Billy Stocklin last season, the Pro Mod racer is really starting to see the benefits of teaming up with the NHRA Pro Mod defending world champions. After two sessions, Whiteley is qualified No. 6 out of 33 cars with a 5/73 at 246/30 in his roots-blown J&A Service ’63 Corvette.

If you've ever seen "Stand By Me," they're car racing down a street. I'm pretty sure that that's a drag race. I'm also pretty sure that when the first car goes behind the one car looses.


There are historic moments, truly magical moments, in our sport that come around once in a generation — performances that remain transfixed in our memories for the remainder of our lives. They’re part of the stories we tell years, even decades, later. If you were there, you know you were part of something special. And while the numbers produced on these rare days are ultimately surpassed at some point in time, nothing can take away or erase that magical moment.

Battle of the Imports sees the first front-wheel-drive 9-second pass, a tube-frame Honda Civic driven by Stephan Papadakis. Not long after, Ed Bergenholtz ran a 9/87 at an unsanctioned event in his full-interior, unibody, front-drive Honda CRX.


The Outsiders Official Website Discussion Forum

On the left is our Jesel belt drive setup that's neatly tucked behind the new ATI damper. The three remaining images provide a look at the CDS assembly in process, prior to mating the supercharger to the gear drive case.

All merchandise are machine wash safe. Products are proudly printed in the United States.


So many columns, so little time. Just the way I like it. See you next week.

There’s the smell of fuel and rubber constantly lingering in the air. There’s a sense of atmosphere that whilst friendly on this particular evening, was quite focused too.


721 drag tree stock photos are available royalty-free

Using your original cylinder head bolts is NOT recommended. Once a head bolt is torqued to spec and engine is heated, run as normal and cooled this takes it’s toll on the tensile of the bolt. Many people will make the point that using the original head bolts is ok. I like to use caution and simply replace them.

Pro Mod drag racing

GRID Autosport includes a fantastic Rewind feature in each race. At any point during a race (usually when you go off the track), you can hit X to rewind the moments leading up to it. I think this is a great feature for those not used to the more realistic racer.


I was not a drag racing ‘fan’ per say, but it was part of our culture

Our new first point of contact will in future be [email protected] Please E-Mail us with your query and a phone number, and your question will be properly considered and answered. In future, please only use this E-Mail address and not the contact details published in the rule book.

There are currently 21 drag racing associations and 10 hot rod associations in Canada today, spanning 26 drag strips across the country. The two main associations are the NHRA and IHRA. So what are drag racing (see this website) classes in Canada? Most drag racing classes are the same as those listed in the USA. One very different and very cool drag racing class to watch out for is snowmobile drag racing as well as grass drags. Amazingly these vehicles race on both the tarmac as well as snow.


You might learn a little more about the history of drag racing too

The last port is intended for connecting as many as 32 additional analog or digital input sensors into the dash. This is done utilizing Racepak’s V-Net modules, which can be daisy-chained in any order (as many as 32 of them) using a V-Net extension cable connected to the V-Net port on the dash. This allows you to measure something like exhaust gas temperature, and can be configured into the dash using the DataLink II PC software programming kit or the ‘Scroll Mode” function within the dash.

That was the trouble with the old cast iron cylinder heads, especially the iron smogger heads. The design of the combustion chamber and exhaust manifolds was to try to emit less emissions. Because of this, the burnt exhaust gasses couldn’t escape completely in time before the next combustion cycle began.


Air/fuel ratio tuning in the field: With the expansion of telecommunications, we developed a smart phone calculator, ProCalc, to determine fuel injection jetting for precise tuning with air/fuel ratios. It is accessible from ProCalc to provide portable tuning capability in the shop, travel, pits, and staging lanes.

Bobby: Sammy wanted a no frills dragster with nothing on it that wasn't needed to go fast. At first it had a 'shorty' aluminum body, but quickly replaced it with a carbon fiber body. From day one, this car just hauled ass!


We’re sure you’ll find more drag racing designs you’ll love

Racepak has three distinct versions of UDX dashes, beginning with a Street (display only with street car options, like turn signals), Replay (display and replay), and Display Only (which is designed for use in conjunction with V-series recorders). A fourth dash, with data logging capability, is offered as an upgrade to the Replay model, which plays back the data gathered on the most recent pass on the dash. We’ve been utilizing this very model in our Project Biting The Bullitt street/strip ’65 Mustang.

Orange drag sky. Orange and blue sky with a beautiful tree royalty free stock photo

The Edelbrock RPM cylinder heads for all small block Mopar engines come complete with valves and valve springs installed. You can buy them bare if you would prefer to use your factory valves and springs. You will need to have your valve springs or any new springs that you buy checked for symmetry.


A gear drive, on the other hand, allows the crankshaft to turn the blower via a set of gears inside a gear casing that are directly in line with the crank. Rather than have a belt trying to yank to the snout of the crank off, the stresses are placed on the gear drive to do the grunt work.

It was here that several drag-racing fundamentals were established. Racers were split into classes that depended on a car’s year, make, engine displacement and more. A computerized clock measured top speed at the end of the quarter-mile (high-tech stuff for the 1950s) and determined a winner.


Roughly a week later, regular NMCA competitors Chris Holbrook and the aforementioned David Barton dropped bombs on the Factory Super Car world at the NHRA US Nationals when Barton first ran 8/25. Holbrook answered with an 8/23 at more than 165mph in Indianapolis. Suddenly talk of a 7-second factory produced vehicle didn’t seem so absurd anymore and the fact that someone was going to run into the 8-teens was inevitable.

The optimal starting point for spring rate is to take half the total weight of the car and then multiply it by the front weight percentage. That is the base front spring rate. To get the rear spring rate, simply subtract the front spring rate from half the total weight.


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According to Dustin, that air does not come out as an even flow over the core, which is why Whipple spends a tremendous amount of time developing its intercoolers. The amount of spacing that's required above the core is one factor, but the shape of the discharge plenum, will also dictate what is the best distribution on top of the core. After that, Whipple determines the actual size of the intercooler.

As with most, but not all drag racing classes, the first car to cross the finish line wins

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Perhaps their most controversial combination yet, the Bruder’s debuted their roots-blown small-block in 2021 and wasted little time causing an outcry when they uncorked a then-record 4/36. After earning a stay of execution of their combination, the Bruder’s flew under the radar until this spring’s Outlaw Street Car Reunion.

These are just snapshots of moments in time, but they do no justice to drag racing

The Dart/Buick hybrid heads differed from conventional small-block heads in significant ways. First, they had equally spaced intake and exhaust ports; unlike small-block heads, the runners weren’t siamesed. The valve angle was 10 degrees, much shallower than the small-block’s 23-degree valve angle. The LS1’s replicated ports and 15-degree valve angle are testaments to the fact that key GM engineers were well aware of the hybrid Buick V8’s performance.


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Mayer added, “Mechanically, matching the supercharger inlet port to the operating rpm of the engine is the most important part. Only recently have we been gaining on getting maximum gains at low rpm, while also high rpm. Normally, we would have a slow-overdrive inlet and a high-overdrive inlet.

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This is Thursday, day two of the event and the first day of proper competition. I had big plans for this day, shooting-wise, and really wanted to capitalise on what I had learned from the day before.


At this writing, the greatest assemblage of fast COPO, Drag Pak, and Cobra Jet talent in the history of drag racing is pre-entered for the first race of the season. Factory backed entries like Leah Pritchett, killer privateers like Geoff Turk, Carl Tasca, Bruno Massel, Kevin Skinner, and Chris Holbrook along with more than 20 others are ready to take the fight to each other in what can only be called the greatest Factory Super Car event of all time.

Terms like adiabatic efficiency (AE) and volumetric efficiency (VE) are thrown around a lot when discussing the different types of forced induction, but what exactly do they mean? In regards to a compressor, adiabatic efficiency is defined as the ratio of work output for an ideal isentropic compression process, to the work input to develop the required head. That might sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo, so we asked Dustin how exactly it works, and how it’s measured.


I was fortunate enough to do some colour commentary during the Fall Nationals at the Texas Motorplex back in 2021 and to be able to join the team from day one is a massive honour. I'll be making sure everyone here knows about Santa Pod and European drag racing. Later on I'll be catching up with Brian Lohnes, who has become a great friend. So you never know what might happen there!

Fuel Funny cars have the same engine as Top Fuel, run on Nitro, the have a carbon fibre body and a shorter chassis than the Dragsters. The engine is in front of the driver. They are very similar to the Funny Cars in the USA.


Speaking of engines, each of the licensed vehicles on offer is represented here to a high benchmark of quality. Each looking and sounding very realistic. The tuners are all turbos and dump valves whilst the muscle cars sound deliciously aggressive and throaty.