Riot Games’ popular multiplayer online battle arena video game League of Legends was first brought to Japan with a beta in 2021. With an ever-growing player base and reach, many fans want to change the language in their client. However, the only languages currently available on the client – for most – consists of English, Deutsch, Español, Français, and Italiano.

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Jinx has received a bug fix to her rocket damage but will still be incredibly powerful moving forward. Her rockets still have a huge range and after the HP buffs earlier in the season Jinx will remain one of the best AD carries in the game.


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Jhin comes into Patch 11/9 as probably the most well-rounded AD carry in the game. He does really big damage to squishy enemy champions and has the accuracy to take out key targets if the player can accurately land skill shots. Too many tanks might spell doom for Jhin players but with the right team composition, he'll dominate on the rift.

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Riot Games continues to support League of Legends through updates which add brand-new characters and rework older characters. The latest addition to the game's roster, Gwen, was released on April 15 as part of Patch 11/8. Referred to as The Hallowed Seamstress, Gwen was once a doll before being transformed into a human by magic. Her abilities allow her to attack enemies with magic scissors, summon a protective mist and slow down enemies by throwing magic needles. Riot also earlier announced that one of League of Legends' oldest champions, the turtle-like Rammus, would be receiving an extensive rework in Season 11. The update, which launched on April 3, gave Rammus a new ultimate ability and changed some of his visual effects.


Like Ether, players can only carry a limited amount of Key Codes. But upgrades to the Splicer Gauntlet increase its maximum capacity.

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Developer Riot Games has revealed that Tahm Kench, an infamous champion from League of Legends, will be receiving a long-awaited rework. The classic MOBA game released in 2009 as a free-to-play title, and the developers continue to support it with ample updates 12 years on. League of Legends has also spawned a massive esports community of competitive players, teams, and viewers.


The Battle Royal game type has become huge in the last couple of years with titles such as Fortnite, PUBG, and even the latest Call of Duty. Apex Legends builds on this framework and adds fast first-person game-play, with unique weapons and abilities.

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This counter data is for Blitzcrank Support in Plat+ games. The win percent shown is the enemy champion's win rate against Blitzcrank.


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Step 2. Then select the audio recording method and click on the Record button. Choose the LOL game under Application Window and then click Share to start recording LOL window.


League of Legends Patch 11/9 will be another instance of AD carry dominance on the rift. A case can be made that since the top lane nerfs early on in season AD carries have been the strongest role in the game, damage out of this world and movement to match. With not a lot of tweaks to the role, it's likely that this dominance will only continue.

This resource is the first step in the new activity. Ether drops from killing enemies or completing playlist activities. Hovering over the Splicer Gauntlet will show an additional source for Ether, which can be a specific activity such as Strikes. Guardians can only carry a maximum amount of the resource, although upgrades can increase that number.


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The Eliksni gave the Guardians a Splicer Gauntlet to help take down the Vex. It’s located in the Quest tabs and functions like the Hammer of Proving in Season of the Chosen.

Ether is the equivalent to Cabal Gold from Season of the Chosen. It serves to power up the gauntlet and create Key Codes, which give rewards from an additional chest at the end of each Override activity.