If you ever get bored of your ordinary default Ubuntu desktop or you feel that you do not utilize your Graphic card the way you should, you can try to enable Ubuntu compiz 3D cube Desktop Effect the give your desktop an extra spark. This article will provide you with a step-by-step configuration on how to enable Ubuntu compiz 3D cube Desktop Effect.

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The ZaReason Mediabox 6550 is a desktop-style PC in a low, cube-like, home theater PC (HTPC) case. Specifically, it's a CoolerMaster 130 Elite. The default build, at $500 with a Pentium G, onboard video, and a 500GB conventional hard drive, would make a good HTPC. The one I received was considerably more tricked out, with a 3/9GHz i3-7100, a GeForce GTX 1060, and a 100GB NVMe SSD—a pretty solid midrange gaming box, for a reasonable US $1,055.

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To determine the most feasible thermal design for a lunar lander under the lunar thermal environment, a TMM of an example of lunar lander was created using Thermal Desktop as shown in Figure 4(a). As the critical system design of the lander has not yet been developed, the lander was simply modeled as a cube-shaped configuration with a single node at its center. It has a volume of 1 m3 and a mass of 500 kg. An aluminum with the thermal conductivity of 167 W/m/K and specific heat of 980 J/kg/K was applied to the lander. The lander was located at the center of the regolith shown in Figure 2 at a height of 30 cm from the surface. This simplified form of the TMM is useful for evaluating the feasibility of the thermal design in the preliminary design phase of a lunar lander, when the detailed system configuration has not yet been established. The heat dissipations of the lander in daytime and nighttime are 120 W and 10 W, respectively. The allowable temperature range of the lunar lander was assumed to be −20°C to 50°C for evaluating the proposed thermal designs.


CubeDesktop is a resource-economical application, taking up just 20 MB on Windows XP and around 70 MB on Vista. One of the many features of CubeDesktop is that it supports customization of each virtual desktop. You can change the individual wallpapers and the icons. The system tray is the common element of all the virtual desktops and here you will find all the tray-minimized tools. Any fans of visual effects will love this next feature of CubeDesktop. It’s called Hot Corners and it works by undertaking a certain action when one of the corners of the screen is hit by your mouse cursor. This action can be anything that goes with your fancy such as enable Windows Expose, activate the 3D cube view of the desktops or access to just one of the desktops. It is a highly configurable tool and many keyboard shortcuts can be made. If you want a richer visual experience, you can also make your desktops transparent!

Diablo III Patch 2/3.0 is now available for testing on PTR. The patch introduces Kannai’s Cube in this game. It is one of the biggest editions. Those who want to test out the same can go to the below link and participate in the Public Test Realm. For testing you have to participate in Public Test and you will get this patch version. You must have an appropriate Diablo III game license that must be linked with the battle.net account. And also it must have a good standing. It means if your account has been suspended or banned before then you might not get access for the same. You must install Battle.net desktop app on your system to access the patch. You can start with creating a PTR account in Battle.net.


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Instead of being based on a flat idea of desktop (click here to investigate) laid out side by side, DeskSpace enters the third dimension by envisioning your desktop as a cube – obviously this means that you are limited to working with six virtual desktops. If you are on desktop number one, any of the other five desktop is never more than two moves away. Compare this to a linear design in which moving from the first to last desktop could take five moves.

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WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a technology for rendering interactive 3D graphics within the browser. WebGL works right on a website - whether it is accessed from a desktop or a smartphone - without installing additional software. However, this is a geeky tech and it would require a lot of time and expertise even to just render a rotating cube. By hiding all this complicated stuff, Verge3D allows a non-coder - an artist, an engineer or an educator - to create rich web-based interactives with ease.


If you’ve already read The Cube Project, Part 2, you probably understand the reason there are two Power Mac G4 Cubes in the picture below, and, of course, the reason that I am writing about the Cube to begin with. But just in case you haven’t read Part 2, here’s the quick recap: back in 2000, I and many other people fell in love with the Cube (visit this site right here) on first sight, even at a point when virtually everyone was buying and using Windows PCs. But the Cube’s $1,799 price tag—and, some other things—basically killed what otherwise might have been a hugely successful desktop (basics) computer, leading Apple to put the Cube “on ice” only a year after it was introduced.

Users are looking for a way out of Windows, and Linux isn't cutting it for them. With its BSD core and its Mac interface, Jason Brooks wonders if OS X can deliver the goods for power users and newbies alike. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment. How is Apple going to talk its way out of this one?


The Xbox Series X is one of two new Xboxes, and it cuts an impressive figure. It looks like a subwoofer, or two Borg cubes stacked on top of each other. Compared to the unique design of the PlayStation 5, it's a less adventurous look, and that's by design. It resembles a small desktop computer, unobtrusive and almost invisible in an entertainment center. The whole thing is very grown-up and businesslike. This is the console you’d take home to show Mom—the decent guy with a stable but boring job in insurance. He wears button-ups with sweater vests, but he’s an attentive listener—and he has a hell of a game library.

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UberIcon 1.0.4 - Adds effects to your Desktop and Explorer

Put your favorite images into a floating display, or embed them into your desktop. Run the cube fullscreen and start and stop iTunes without interrupting the display. Optionally displays iTunes cover art for currently playing song.

Photo Cube Show v.1.1

Another key part was the replacement hard drive. The Cube’s stock 20GB drive wasn’t going to cut it in a full-fledged desktop machine, and Newer Technology recommended a $57 Hitachi Deskstar 160GB drive as a replacement. I happened to have a 120GB Western Digital drive sitting around, and gave it a shot inside the Cube before installing the Deskstar. The WD drive led the machine to shut down randomly every minute or two, quite possibly because of some electrical issue or jumper setting. Hitachi’s drive was much quieter and worked perfectly with only a quick jumper switch. A Torx T-8 was needed to remove three screws, with the T-10 pulling two others, and two cables needed to be detached from one drive and attached to the other.


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Explore the vast 3D museum to experience the mesmerizing effects of particle fountains, cube ponds, showcases, and your own selected colorful pictures. Personalize the museum with pictures of friends and family members. This screen saver is jammed pack with features such as weather, e-mail notification, dynamic wallpaper, atomic time, particle systems, predefined museum styles, color cycling, CD player, hourly chime, and a built in alarm clock. Add character and personalization to your computer desktop with this amazing screen saver.

Be creative with your marketing efforts this year and promote your products on this unique foam desktop puzzle cube. This 10" x 15" cube has the ability to be imprinted on all sides. Now there's no limit on what messages you can deliver to your customers with this cube. There's 3" x 3" imprinting space and this cube (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=5406) comes is available in a variety of colors so there is surely a color scheme that you and your customers will love.


Run the cube fullscreen and start and stop iTunes without interrupting the display

Visual Tooltips – Enhance the Windows taskbar with thumbs ans 3D effects. Check out Yod’m while you’re there for a 3D cube virtual desktop.

Fractangles is a freeware theme that was designed of 3 Dimensional cubes tumbling across your screen building beautiful and very unique 3D art along with the music. Free Screensavers by Appleblossom Art. Free 3D screensavers that never expire and desktop themes made of beautiful abstract art. Windows XP compatible, no registration. XP Styles, Wallpapers, Cursors, Holidays, Fantasy, Icons, Flowers, and more.


The Cube suffered from an unfortunate case cord clutter that marred the machines’s otherwise beautiful, otherworldly appearance. The Mac mini avoided that with Bluetooth for wireless peripherals and wireless networking support (near-ubiquitous in 2005, unlike in 2000). External upgradability was also an issue in the Cube’s time, when the necessity for expansion through USB and Firewire was considered more of a crutch than an asset of a small system. By 2005, the USB peripheral market was booming, and the Mac mini took advantage of the plethora of low-cost USB hard drives on the market. Soon after the mini’s release, peripheral makers shipped mini-sized hard drives designed to stack with Apple’s compact desktop for the perfect look. If that doesn’t illustrate a change in the acceptance of USB expansion, I don’t know what does.

The Mini rattled my smug internal user with (check out the post right here) its low price and superior form factor. Was it time to trade in the Cube and shrink the desktop even further? It was probably an illusion, but my Cube suddenly felt older and slower. To forestall the inevitable, I let my internal user shop for upgrade options.


I rarely disagree with my wife, and no matter how much I dig the Cube, I have to admit that she’s right. This is a beautiful computer, and it’s still my favorite desktop machine, ever. But it’s past its prime, and in retrospect, it seems easy to understand why Apple did away with the design and the entire product category for four years before releasing the Mac mini, which was so much smaller, cheaper, and understated, but more than its equal in functionality. The idea of a mid-range tower makes sense only if you have both customers and parts that use a chassis smaller than a Power Mac. During most of the G4 and G5 eras, it seemed like the parts didn’t really exist, at least in a way that would be practical to engineer around.

How To Completely Remove XFCE Desktop from Mint XFCE 19.1

AdvMathAppl The Faces/Sides of the Famous Cube is a more challenging problem/game than the original Rubik's Cube, because player can see only a one side of the cube. The Faces/Sides of the Famous Cube is a more challenging problem/game than the original Rubik's Cube, because player can see only a one side of the cube.