In this hack, you play as Crazy, a green, teal-liking, and tough hedgehog from another dimension. In said dimension, things are certainly different, while being quite similar at the same time.

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  • In each hack the rings will have a unique effect on Sonic and his surroundings
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How about I determine the rules for the way I work up my sheets and you do your own thing, if you have that much of a problem? Also, you've had literally weeks to say something like this, I've had more complicated 'palette swap' sheets sitting on the Chaotix page that did necessitate each individual sheet, or months in regard to the Carnival Night Zone backgrounds.

What really draws me in are the renewed controls. They’re much closer to that of the classic games and considerably less clunky than controls we usually get in the Advance series.

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The game has an ample list of moves for Sonic, too. These include the light dash, drop dash, and even wall-jumping, which isn’t the norm in the official games.

One of the best mod ever created for Sonic Mania. Sonic is cooler, other characters added which are my favorites.


They find out there's a bunch of robots hanging around Angel Island, where something terrible goes wrong and sends them back into time! Meanwhile, the original Metal Sonic wakes up and finds out that Eggman has created replacements for him, and joins up with the rest of the gang. In all of this, Silver and Blaze get mixed up in the warped timeline.