URLs with a double slash in the path can be generated by content management systems, plugins or broken HTML, and are often caused by issues with relative linking and/or the base URL. You may require developer help to track down the origin of the issue and resolve it.

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Do 301 redirects affect SEO

I realize that IE6 has caused millions of man-hours lost on a global scale. I also know that I was hired and paid well because of my expertise in working around IE6's many flaws. But it what boils down to is money.


I've also rethought the whole carpenter/mason career path. After much searches on the Yahoos, I think they may require me to go outside.

Replace the redirect chain with a single 301 redirect. Instead of Page 1 > Page 2 > Page 3 > Page 4, the redirect becomes Page 1 > Page 4.

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Within GWT you're going to want to look at Index Status and compare it with the number of pages in your sitemap(s). This most likely isn't going to be an exact match as Google at times limits the amount it caches and indexes a site based on its own determination of page worthiness (high percentage of the page is duplicate content for example). So look for a decent percentage of indexation versus exacting numbers. Also, having pages that perform really well for you indexed and ranking well is more important that 100 that don't.


Symantec Rethinks Firefox vs IE Vulnerabilities More Login

Did I miss anything in this guide? Let me know in the comments or via Twitter.

Website Developer Glossary: 45+ Terms to Know

Well, Windows 10 came off my laptop last night. The sound card never worked right. And I think it's coming off my desktop today. I just now got a "Get Office 365" spam notification.


I installed it on my laptop (a Surface Pro 3) when it came out and I am noticing small bits of lag here and there which really shouldn't be happening. Hopefully it'll sort itself out before too long. It's also installed on an older laptop that I only use for my photos but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. If it sucks there then I may just put linux on it.

I'll PM my public IP through Moz. I don't really have any issue with that. Oddly enough, I'm still blocked though.


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While I'm running off in an almost totally unrelated direction, I thought this was interesting. Apparently Bingbot can be cheeky at times.

Windows 10 enjoys your sweet, delicious dataJuly 31, 2021 10:01 AM Subscribe

They get the child checked by a geneticist and neurologist, ruling out brain issues and things like down syndrome. This process of elimination points directly at extreme neglect.


Firefox3 themes for OS X

I tried to run the upgrade from 8/1 this morning but just got some obscure numeric error code. I probably shouldn't have been surprised by that.

That's 473,168 visits from customers using IE6 in the past month. That's about 8/96% of our total traffic. Would we like to stop supporting IE6?


A few of the pages that had noindex directives appeared to lack genuine content, in line with the purpose of the site. So I left that avenue alone and figured it was intentional. The noarchive directive should prevent a cache link. I was just wondering if one or more somehow made into the mix, for added zest.

The improvement is also subjective. Maybe you get less users and sessions, but much higher conversions.


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Normally Screaming Frog would display notifications, but in this instance the connection just timed out for requested URLs. It didn't appear to be a connectivity issue on my end, so. yeah.

Having success with this method isn’t as simple as just buying any old website and using 301s to redirect all pages to your homepage. That’s the lazy approach, and in 2021, it’s not a good idea. You also need to implement 301 redirects on a page-by-page basis.


The part of the website or app that the user sees. If the back end of your website is everything behind-the-scenes, this is what happens onstage.

I spent an hour and half trying to figure out why my computer was running so slowly. Finally figured out that the Malware Protection Scan was using 100% of the disk activity and wouldn't yield to any user process. That seems like a bug, especially since there doesn't seem to be anyway to tell that the can is running without examining the server processes in the task manager.


There are no tiles there, it's just a big gray thing next to the actual menu. I've seen screenshots showing that the pane disappears.

The new UI seems like will be pretty slick, except that they only seem to have implemented it in the new stuff and all the old UI stuff is still floating around. I've enjoyed it for the last few months and if you have problems with it today, you should see the state it was in two months ago (no nVidia drivers, didn't recognize my wifi card, etc). All in all I've been happy with it.


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I've always used 'Web Developer' or 'UI Developer' for a title, but 'UI Engineer' does have a nice ring to it. First off, no one is going to pay anyone to just 'do HTML'. Writing HTML, even well formed XHTML Strict compliant HTML is not that complicated. I wouldn't pay someone to just write HTML.

Given what I'm seeing so far, I think so. Why? Because it looks like Mozilla have gone back to basics and worked on what really matters to users — security, speed and ease of use. Everything about Firefox 3/0 beta 1 is fast.


What is a 301 redirect

You can find redirect loop errors in batches of 100 using that same HTTP status code checker we used before. Look for “Exceeded maximum number of redirects” errors.

URL contains a double slash

Consolidation of “authority”: Remember how 301 redirects no longer “leak” PageRank? By redirecting one of these articles to the other, we were able to merge the “authority” of both pages into one. Of course, this doesn’t work if the pages are unrelated because Google treats such redirects as soft 404’s. But because these two pages are similar, this worked a treat.


The "site:" operator isn't as precise as what you'll find in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) and doesn't return each and every page for a site Google has indexed for a few reasons. One reason, Google is preventing people without private access to the site from seeing each and every page it indexes for a site to keep that data from being scraped publicly. In your case, that's good if your competitor is running similar searches like you're doing now in the attempt to copy your site. Instead Google gives you that information privately via GWT.

I thought an okay, though slightly annoying, middle ground would be to give me a chance to prove that I'm not a bot. It seems cases like mine may be few and far between, but it happened.


There are quite a few ways to do this. I am by no means an expert when it comes to Apache servers and htaccess files.

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I also ran the domain through the Google Page Speed tool for giggles, since it would be traffic from Googlebot. It failed to fetch the resources necessary to run the test. Though cached versions of pages seemed to render fine, with the exception of broken images in some cases.

Pretty much every non-Linux device is doing this already. Google tracks everything I do on my Android phone and I assume Apple does the same on my iPad. So far it has only been to my benefit and convenience, and if not, I can figure out how to turn them off.


For fulfilling the requirements 4, 5, and 6, read my article Introduction to Selenium in Python 3. You can find many articles on the other topics on LinuxHint.com. Be sure to check them out if you need any assistance.

How to do a 301 redirect

Your site isn’t running on an Apache web server. This is somewhat technical, but there are different types of web servers. Apache, Windows/IIS, and Nginx are the most common.


To make some example, I had a page which was ranking in position 1 for a search query with a volume of 50+k and very high competition. I expanded content to improve ranking for some additional queries, and it worked, it climbed from 2nd and 3rd serp page to 1st for a couple of those queries (I use both Moz ranktracker, semrush, and proracktracker to monitor ranking).

I'll have to check into it. I've run Yslow and Gtmetrix without problems. I see you tried to run it on the ferguson page and the home page.


I haven't found in GWT a list of my indexed pages, or the dates they were indexed, and certainly not the content that has been indexed, yet your answer above seems to indicate there is more under the hood than what i have found there. Is there really a way in GWT to see if a specific page has been indexed (my site has thousands so I would need to search for it), and when it was last indexed? I can tell from my dbtables what pages and when they were crawled but not whether Google has added the new info into their indexing algorithm.

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Droid X Orders Landing Early

I've had Windows 10 running for a few days and it didn't even occur to me to try to use Cortina or Edge. I can't imagine ever wanting to use either of them so any issues in them won't bother me. As long as it runs Chrome, Photoshop, Lightroom, Steam, Google Drive and Vbox, I'm happy.

How can this page be indexed but not in the Google cache

Since I'm glutton for punishment, I also grabbed another IP and proceeded to spoof googlebot. Even though my crawler managed to scrape meta data from 60+ pages before the IP was blocked, it never managed to crawl (click here to investigate) the CSS or JavaScript.


Android Helps HTC Sales Jump 63% in Second Quarter — Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has posted financial numbers for June and the company has realized a 63 percent gain in revenues for the second quarter over the previous year. HTC is the largest producer of Android phones globally.

How to Refresh the Page with Selenium

First, did you run Screaming Frogs on that second visit? Someone did about 8 1/2 hours after your first visit.


I had several sites regarding a core subject. The main site was xyz.com and then I had multiple sites for the inner categories of xyz.com. I decided to consolidate everything to a single site and so did a change of address in webmaster tools and 301 redirected all niche sites to the appropriate page on the primary site of xyz.com. Shortly after we lost rankings for those niche pages.

I'm really worried now that there is a sessions problem since anyone with cookies allowed should have the session ID saved between pages -in which case they would have only 1 entry in my 'user' table and you had 3 in a short amount of time. That's why it thought you were a robot. I don't know how to duplicate the problem though because I've never had it personally, and I use a program that connects to other machines with all kinds of combinations of operating systems and browsers and computers and have never had this problem with those.


The program wipes out sessions and cookies when a user goes to the home page (it's not even a link anywhere) since that is just a location-choosing page, so when you opened it in a different tab the sessions were wiped out. It had nothing to do with you being in incognito or not having cookies allowed.

Suite of programs used in website or software development. This lays the groundwork for the type of programming language used for your site or app development.


Looking to take this idea even further? Do a content audit to find pages with no organic traffic or rankings that still have backlinks.

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I don't speak fluent developer, but there are PHP code snippets hosted on this GitHub repo. From the the documentation, it looks like you can fire the widget when you need to. So if it works like I think it could work, you can have a little breathing room to figure out the possible session problem.

I want to keep a lot of the neutral or even 'good' bots out, so thats why I do it that way. I have htaccess blocking too, although its never a perfect thing.


Am I the only one that enjoyed Windows 8? I have a 2-in-1, mainly use the touch screen to navigate (to the point that I try to touch non-touch computers all the time), and once you get used to it, it worked fine. The Windows 8 start screen had a tile that went to the desktop but I cannot find a replacement in Tablet Mode in Windows 10. I'm leaving Tablet Mode off for now because of that, but I did like the Metro start screen in 8.

For locating and selecting elements from the web page, you can use XPath selectors in Selenium

How come for some pages they have that code and others they don't? It seems like a backward way to find the cached version of your own pages too.


Here is the Whole Whale developer glossary: 47 key terms to know when working on a website project

Backlinko’s Brian Dean did this last year. He bought another SEO blog—Point Blank SEO—and redirected it to Backlinko. In fact, it was he who used this method to achieve the results you see in the screenshot above.

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Your site being so new and young, it's going to need backlinks and network growth to experience dramatic ranking changes. If your menu isn't causing your site to be indexed poorly and your pages are being counted as unique enough, then you're ok now there as well. The next most important step is getting your domain trust and authority up.


Well, remember what we covered earlier about Google treating irrelevant 301 redirects as soft 404’s. This may happen when redirecting posts and pages to your homepage.

You may recall that’s what we did with our skyscraper technique post. We reused the /skyscraper-technique/ URL.


He did this because the keyword “outreach platforms” has no search volume and no traffic potential. It’s not a topic worth targeting.

Change this to http:// (not then hit enter. You should be redirected to the HTTPS version automatically.


A small app shall be released that binds all privacy settings and that app shall find its way to every power user's toolkit. So it has been said, so it shall be done.

You must have an SSL certificate installed on your website for this to work. Otherwise, you’ll get the cautionary “Not secure” message.


Rest assured, that I don't scrape/hammer so hard that it would knock your site down for a period. I often throttle it back to 1 thread and two URI per second. If I forget to configure it, the default is 5 threads at two URI per second. So yeah, maybe a bit of the moz effect.

The IP for the 8/5 hour later instance was the same as your first one. Yet, if you were spoofing it shouldn't have said screaming frog in the user agent, right? It was in my 'bot-stopped' file as instantly stopping because it was an unexpected bot. So, confused unless perhaps you tried it separately from running with the spoof?

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Submission: Firefox 3 beta 1 is out, and it is good

I'm working on a new project and we would prefer to not use the www - for name/branding reasons. Are there any SEO ramifications from setting the domain without the www and using 301 redirects for all home page extensions to forward to -> domain.com(without the www)?


It automatically detects it for you. I didn't have to enter anything.

Angle brackets (< >) that bookend an HTML element to help build the structure of a webpage. Closing tags include a forward slash (https://karinka-selo.ru/content/uploads/files/download/hack-and-slash-crawl-firefox.zip) (</>). For example, if we were going to italicize part of this sentence, we would open with <i> and close with </i>.


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Unfortunately ranking for the search query with the highest volume moved from position 1 to postion 2, I changed the content a little bit, to add some keyword, which made sense because was re-balancing the keyword density now that the content was bigger. And in 24 hours it got back to position 1, without damaging the other search query improvement.

I don't see where your link says that? It says that if you got a free copy of Windows 10 and upgrade certain components, you need to call customer support to reactivate your copy. It specifically says that this won't be necessary with a retail copy, ie if you actually bought it.