Step 1. Enter galaxy s4 into “Download Mode”. Power off your phone and press Volume Down, Home, and Power buttons at the same time for a few seconds.

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After your phone Reboots, you will see the SuperSU app on your apps menu. With the help of the superuser app, you can remove Root access anytime you want.


You will get this message “Congratulations! Root Access properly installed on this device” if your device is rooted successfully.

Hey, there today in this article, I will guide you on How to Root Samsung Galaxy S20 FE. The best part of this guide is I have shown you six methods to root your phone. You have to follow the exact step by step methods shown to root your device successfully.


After the installation has been completed and the device has been rooted. A new SuperSU icon will appear on the app drawer. This app will pop itself up whenever any app needs root permission on your device. Users can choose the option not to ask again, and the root permission menu will not prompt until the device restarts itself.

Any rooted Android devices will not function correctly without one of these two apps. By making use of these apps, any app that requires root privileges will need to ask permission to the user. And in this article, we will show how users can make use of Superuser (take a look at the site here) and SuperSU for Android Rooting.


How to Use SuperSU to Root Android

Step 10. Swipe to right to flash the CWM SuperSU zip file then reboot system. After rebooting, you should find SuperSU app in your app drawer.

Due to technical reasons, sometimes the files may not be completely deleted. If the files are not completely removed in this way, please refer to the first method and removing root via Kingo Android Root ( PC Version ).


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Step by Step Unroot Android Device

So, in the above section, I have covered the Top 6 Benefits of Rooting an android device. Now let’s discuss the Disadvantages or Cons of Rooting an android device.

Once your device boots up, you will see the Magisk Manager app in the apps menu. This app is very convenient for managing root permissions, install modules, update the app, and much more.


As I already said, I will share with you six secure and easy methods. That’s because if any of the methods fail, then you can apply other methods. It’s my request to please follow this article to the end.

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I have searched, but have not found an "easy noob" tutorial. I have seen "easy tutorials", but then again what might be "easy" for geek, is not easy for the rest of us.

Rooting Android device can help you make the most of their phones and tablets, but it certainly isn't for everyone. Sometimes, rooting can void the warranty which resulting in an unfortunate situation, even may brick the device. When it comes to selling a phone, many buyers want the "out of box" experience, as if the device were brand new. That's why users may want to unroot the Android device.


Some models do not have CWM recovery available. Thus, we conclude another root method using TWRP recovery. TWRP recovery is just as good as CWM recovery and installation is nearly identical but using different menus.

The process of rooting your android involves getting the rights to advanced system management. When an Android device gets rooted, it simply installs a binary file called “su” in it, which allows higher access rights and resource management. The “su” binary needs to be activated and put into use for the device to run and function other apps that require root access. To make this interface between the binary and user possible, Superuser (navigate to this website) or SuperSU is the must-have root app to manage access rights to system-level operations.