By the way, all veterans of the series are available – Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub-Zero, Cassie Cage, Ermac, and others. Choose the fighters you like, known throughout the series, or join the newcomers who appeared only in the tenth part.

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Unlike Meier, Salcido doesn't believe small operators should get into mining at this point. As he sees it, the network needs reliable businesses with long-term strategies to build out the infrastructure necessary to keep it running.


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The player has a certain eatery, which makes delicious donuts and cocktails, but this is just the start of a career. Over time, the eatery turns into a more solid institution, which serves fish, meat and other dishes.

In the main hall, there is a door that requires three Cerberus heads that opens the front door. A similar one with the same required parts in the Salazar castle in Resident Evil 4.


Heal Thyself: All Ethan has to do to recover damage is just pour some medicine on his arm and he's right as rain. Justified as he's a Zombie Infectee infected with the very same Mold that infests the Bakers, granting him a chemically-induced Healing Factor by feeding the Mold in him with the highly nutritious herbal contents in the "medicine" to regenerate more tissues.

Very exciting is that in Happy Mall Story you can share your achievements on social networks, and besides you can play it offline. You can play in single-player mode and manage your shopping center without asking anyone.


Painting the Medium: Once you find the VHS tape and stick it in the VCR, the demo shifts to the video itself and you play as the camera man filming the events that the main demo protagonist is currently watching (justifying the use of the first-person perspective). The "footage" is covered in video artifacts and washed-out colors in order to maintain the illusion of watching a VHS tape.

In the "Happy Birthday" tape, Clancy picks up a straw doll with a note with the word "YOU" written on it. In order to solve the puzzle, Clancy has to burn the doll to obtain the Dummy Finger. Solving the puzzle ultimately results in Clancy being burned alive.


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As of February, the Grant County PUD, which already serves a number of data centers, had 79 such requests for a total 1,100 megawatts of potential new load, which would also more than double their existing load, according to Ryan Holterhoff, a Grant PUD spokesman. The district is now studying how to upgrade its infrastructure and change its rates.

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City leaders seem receptive to the idea, too. But it's not clear if Meier's application will be tied up with the recent moratoriums or not. As is, their plans are in something of a gray area right now, he says. Either way, he and the other owners are including some basic infrastructure for the machines in the hopes they'll eventually get approval for maybe up to two-thirds of a megawatt of power. He has faith Bitcoin will catch on.


Averted with Ethan's aiming skills. Unlike other Resident Evil protagonists, Ethan doesn't appear to have any formal gun training note, so he fires his gun from the hip with a wide targeting reticle. Taking aim slows him down, but shrinks the reticle and makes his shots significantly more accurate; he apparently is using the sights, but the camera doesn't use common ADS perspective when he aims, to keep from blocking the view of what you're trying to hit. Mia also has issues, as the recoil of the machine gun makes aiming extremely difficult.

Fight the zombies of all countries on a fun holiday Pinata and get valuable prizes for it. And this will be just the beginning! The future is filled with mysterious secrets and zombies.


Skippable Boss: Molded in the basement, which can be defeated but the lights will go out and it disappears for the rest of the demo. In the full game, they are downgraded to being mooks or Elite Mooks.

A book found inside the Baker's main house can be partially examined. Its title is The Unveiled Abyss and it was written by Clive R. O'Brian.


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In addition, the character has a bow and can use arrows of different types and effects. For example, sometimes there are arrows that additionally deal electricity damage (along with physical).

A Form You Are Comfortable With: Eveline and other A-E series bioweapons are made to resemble young girls to garner trust and sympathy, thus making it easier for them to manipulate people. Even though Eveline has rapidly aged to be an old woman, she still appears as a little girl in hallucinations.


You can find photos of a helicopter and one is written that it's been up for a few days. The helicopter turns out to be an Umbrella, Co. helicopter investigating the area.

Under those rates, new users have to pay up to a $5,000 application fee, the cost of any new substation, transmission lines or other infrastructure needed to get power to their facility, and an upfront fee, which for a 5 megawatt user is close to $1 million. Plus, the cost of electricity used, of course.


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The cryptic "D-Series" body parts that Ethan has to retrieve look like mummified bodies dried to the point where they're losing their human shape. As it turns out, they really were once human beings, not some weird biological entity resembling a human.

Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: Marguerite unwittingly delivers a few of the items Clancy needs to escape in the Bedroom DLC through the utensils and tabletop stove she brings with her disgusting meals. Most notably is the fork, which is the only item available to Clancy that is capable of completing the snake's head in the Medusa silhouette puzzle in the adjoining room—indeed, it seems like the designated item from when the puzzle was created in-universe.


Bond Villain Stupidity: Lucas gets the drop on Chris early in the story and attaches a time bomb to his hand, then lets Chris run around his base instead of detonating the bomb as soon as he's out of range. Later on Chris enters a room filled with mines Lucas could detonate, but he only does so if Chris tries to rescue his friend.

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This greatly simplifies the game and saves time, on the one hand. On the other – every time it’s tempting to see how much money was collected and improve the level of weapons and armor.


PK XD 0.32.0 Mod Apk For Android

Warner Brothers decided to go the easiest way. Why create a complex game when most players like to tap on the screen and look at the beautiful animations of the game’s heroes?

Blood from Every Orifice: In Beginning Hour, Andre is found impaled on a hook. When Clancy finds him and pulls him off, blood is seen gushing from his eyes and mouth.

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Four-Temperament Ensemble: The Baker family has four main members. Among them, bitter Jack is the Melancholic, temperamental and fiercely defensive Marguerite is the Choleric, childish Trickster Lucas is the Sanguine, and Only Sane Man Zoe is the Phlegmatic.


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Lighter and Softer: On a microscopic level. Resident Evil 6 was Darker and Edgier due to numerous characters dying, one of them being a playable protagonist, two zombie-infested major cities, and both of the game's protagonists, Leon and Chris, having to put up with more deaths than they can handle (as well as Resident Evil: Vendetta). While this game does have on-screen deaths, but unlike 6, both this game and the DLC manages to have a Surprisingly Happy Ending.

Go on new adventures in this open-world game, where you’ll challenge yourself with minigames to get exclusive items and take your house, your looks, your pets, and all the fun to the next level. Ready to explore this universe and join millions of players from all over the world.


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Outside of bad-breath distance, its wide spread will make enemies flinch but doesn't do heavy damage. Averted with the M21, which packs the same punch at longer distances as it does up close.

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At the beginning of the game, there is a segment where Ethan's wife is clearly fighting against a compulsion to attack you, and at one point she tells you to run after throwing you through a wall. So naturally you should pick up the axe next to you and start hacking your wife with it.


If you like strategy games, then be sure to download this creation. Management is intuitive, convenient.

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Late to the Tragedy: Played with; By the time Ethan shows up, it's obvious something bad has already happened. However, it's only when he's there at all that the tragedy continues. Justified because, while it's never outright stated in the game, Eveline had learned of Ethan's existence and tricked Mia into luring him to the plantation. Eveline wanted to make Ethan a part of her "family", so it makes more sense that the tragedy doesn't really continue until he's actually there.

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Rather than mine for cryptocurrencies itself, Giga Watt leases out space and power for mining machines in sites throughout Central Washington, maintaining the hardware for clients from around the globe with a staff of more than 60, says Drew Behrens, Giga Watt account manager. They also sell miners that they've designed.

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A police officer who comes on the scene doesn't immediately believe Ethan is in danger. Ethan damages his case immediately when he admits he doesn't own the property. It also doesn't help that Ethan gives very cryptic answers to the officer's questions, so the cop treats Ethan as a suspect rather than a victim, which is also the ensuing of reality, as victims of extreme psychological trauma can have trouble articulating exactly what happened to them.


You unlock Infinite Ammo by beating Madhouse mode. If you've beaten Madhouse, you've conquered the worst stuff the base game can possibly throw at you and clearly have no need for Infinite Ammo.

Tragic Villain: The Baker family. They took in Eveline after they found the tanker containing her out of the kindness of their hearts three years prior to the events of the game. Doing so led to them being driven insane by her powers and was what turned them into the monstrous cannibalistic family that Ethan faces off against.


The company preleased this space with an ICO token offering last May, he says. In exchange for the tokens, their customers were able to secure space in the facility rent-free for 50 years.

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Darker and Edgier: And Bloodier and Gorier. Other than a few brief Shout Outs, the series' traditional, uniquely Japanese campy schlock is nowhere to be seen, and unlike previous numbered games, this game has almost no humor outside of Black Comedy bits. Nothing Is Scarier is used in full-force, and you see a police officer get the top of his head sliced off with a shovel. Not to mention Ethan gets his hand cut off by a chainsaw by a crazed Mia.


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Giant Mook: The Fat Molded are the largest and toughest Molded, and are generally used as mini-bosses. A special King Mook 12-foot tall version is fought as the final opponent just before the final confrontation with Eveline.

The extremely outdated technology and run-down property is very Truth in Television for a lot of small poor rural towns in the US even today. Cell reception in these areas is often minimal or nonexistent, and people without much money aren't going to be spending their limited money buying lots of modern computers and smartphones, when internet infrastructure in the area is equally poor. You will often see lots of very old cars in these places as well.


When doing the "Happy Birthday" puzzle as Clancy, attempting to open the letter-based combination lock doesn't work unless you've learned it "properly," which makes sense, since it's a flashback/VHS recording — you have to do things properly, which means getting repeatedly injured and letting the floor get coated in oil. This is not the case when doing the puzzle as Ethan, which is precisely the point — having learned the code by doing the puzzle "properly" as Clancy, or doing it as Ethan and then reloading, you can easily skip ahead to the end, meaning the floor doesn't get coated in oil, meaning the room doesn't catch fire, allowing Ethan to survive. However, you can input the password as Ethan even if you never watched the tape.

The "Tape-1" teaser has you wandering through a rotting house where something has clearly gone very wrong. Though there are very threatening messages left behind and weird noises are heard, the player never encounters anyone.


No Peripheral Vision: See "Failed a Spot Check". If you are speedrunning, and you run past Marguerite, chances are she will not see you unless you are directly in her line of sight. Subverted in Madhouse mode, where she will instantly notice you if you stand around like a sore thumb.

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Blockchain can be used to bundle services that were never bundled before, Salcido says, like a contract, the payment for that contract, and the verification and security for that contract. And other applications are being developed all the time.

Artifact Title: Averted for the first time since the first game, at least in non-Japanese countries: Resident Evil 2 through 6 have taken place in a variety of different locations. This game, much like the first game, takes place in a single house, and boy, is it ever evil. What's more, there actually is a specific evil resident: Eveline, the bioweapon responsible for everything.


In the first boss fight against Jack in the garage has either him or Ethan eventually getting into the car there, and trying to run the other person over. Trying to maneuver a car in a small space to hit someone on foot trying to evade turns out to actually be quite difficult.

Developers' Foresight: Jack will taunt you if you run out of ammo. While he's doing so, you can switch to a loaded weapon and point it at him: he will stop mid-taunt and let out a surprised gasp.


Blocking Stops All Damage: Ethan can use his bare forearms to decrease incoming damage from things like claws, fangs, acidic vomit and hands larger than his own torso. He still takes Scratch Damage, unless Ethan has both the Essence and Secret of Defense items, a specific set of unlockable "manuals" in his possession.

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Clancy beats Hoffman the first time and it seems Hoffman will die from shock and blood loss after losing his fingers. But Hoffman revives and demands another round. After winning against that and Hoffman is seemingly killed by electric torture, Lucas "puppeteers" Hoffman and forces Clancy into another round, this time with a saw involved. When Clancy wins and this really kills Hoffman, Lucas naturally doesn't keep his word to let Clancy go and decides to play a different game.

The appearance of a zombie – this is a tragedy, but if a crowd of monsters begins to move around the city, then most likely no one will survive. At first, we will have only one green man with crazy eyes and a huge mouth opening at the sight of another victim.


Door to Before: You'll find quite a few of these around the house. Unlock a couple of them and you can move between save spots in a matter of seconds.

Foreshadowing: If you manage to escape the house, then the witnesses testimony is discounted as he had LSD on him. The main game reveals that it's not LSD.


On the lands subject to the protagonist, the skeletons invaded. You had no choice but to arm and defend yourself against the hordes of enemies.

Traffic Rider game will appeal to all fans of speed, impassable tracks, and thrills. This game has a number of advantages in comparison with other racing games. These include a first-person view, a variety of motorcycle choices, 70+ missions and 30+ achievements.


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The Chelan PUD has stopped accepting new applications for cryptocurrency mining operations for the time being, and the city of Chelan's temporary ban will come up for review this summer. Since mid-February, the cities of Leavenworth, East Wenatchee and Wenatchee have also restricted where the operations can be in city limits, excluding them from residential zones.

You can discard items to free up your space in your inventory, but doing so prevents you from picking them up again. Weapons and plot- or puzzle-important items such as keys can't be discarded to prevent the game from being unwinnable, while unlockable goodies will magically return to the item box if discarded, so you can freely ditch them anytime you need to make room.


Clothing Damage: Jack's shirt will reflect whatever injuries you deal to him and is completely burned away in an explosion, although it somehow magically fixes itself when he pops back up in Madhouse mode after the garage fight. His pants, on the other hand, are somehow completely invulnerable. Although his extracted model shows that his pants are indeed a separate layer/item like his shirt is and he does have underwear on, it's likely that Capcom wanted to spare the player the scenario of fighting Jack in just his briefs. Likewise, if Ethan's leg is severed and then reattached, his character model accurately shows the right trouser leg cut off at mid-calf for the rest of the game.

Item Crafting: Present, as almost always in the series. There's only 8 items that can be quick-crafted: handgun ammo, enhanced handgun ammo, first-aid medicine, strong first-aid medicine, Burner fuel, psychostimulants, flame rounds, and neuro rounds. Unlisted combinations are upgrading handgun ammo and using a "separating agent" to take the chem fluid or strong chem fluid out of a consumable item. Normal handgun ammo can be converted into enhanced ammo by combining it with gunpowder, but you only get 5 enhanced rounds for every 10 normal rounds.


Well, more like "Once more with delusions". Near the end of the game, Ethan returns to the main house. Now that he can see the hive mind's visions, he re-experiences Mia attacking him, but sees Eveline commanding her to do it.

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Multiple Endings: It only boils down to one choice: either give the vaccine to Mia or Zoe. If you give the vaccine to Mia, she survives while what happens to Zoe is revealed in the End of Zoe DLC; if you give the vaccine to Zoe, they both die.


Ethan decides to bring a paper print-out of the email Eveline had Mia send him to lure him, that brings him to the Baker estate, although the presence of an email proves the existence of the Internet. Most people would just keep this on their smartphone.

The gun is so rare that those lucky enough to possess one have to wildcat their own [proprietary] ammunition out of cut-down rifle casings. And while a specialty company in South Carolina did get the complete rights to the weapon in 2021 and started producing them again in 2021, it still commands a very hefty price tag.


There are no cellphones of any kind to be seen in the house. Not smartphones, not flip phones, not even a 90's-era brick-with-an-antenna neglected somewhere amidst the copious debris of the Baker estate. In fact, all of the phones featured are not only landlines, but 80's-90's era corded button-dialers complete with flashing light when the phone rings. The only two times they appear, they appear either outside the house or before everything went to hell. One is in the Zoe ending cutscene, and Lucas can be seen using a smartphone during the Daughters DLC and at the begining of Not a Hero (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=5574).

Video Game Flamethrowers Suck: Zig-zagged. The flamethrower's damage is pretty low against most enemies, so you'll generally be better off using just about anything else. But it's very useful in the area you get it for burning away hives and the various bugs that are trying to ruin your day. After you finish that area though, it's usefulness is rather limited.


Ominous Obsidian Ooze: Many locations are covered in thick sheets of black, oozing mould, and also creates Mushroom Men comprised of tangled ropes of fungal matter. Worse still, it's also capable of infesting people like the Baker family, enhancing their strength, driving them insane, and rendering them subservient to Eveline, who emits this stuff by nature.

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Ethan may have been given accelerated healing too. On the one hand, he can still be killed; on the other, he survives having his hand cut off and reattached, and there's an actual play mechanic in the game for reattaching your limbs if they get severed. Easy and Normal difficulties even have a limited health regeneration system, although it's disabled for Madhouse difficulty.


Tapped Out Free Donut Tricks

Agitate your friends to go on missions with you and get the most out of this cooperation. Put together various achievements and don’t forget to feed your dog to become the best fighter against crime in the Criminal Case.

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So the utility has been working with local governments to pump the brakes on mining operations while they plan how to handle new electricity loads while keeping power available for other customers. They know if they build, miners will come. The question is: Will they stay?


Join Dave’s company in an incredible adventure, where you have to meet and defeat a huge number of zombies. Collect a huge army of new strong plants, charge them with the help of useful fertilizers and improve the defense with the help of new methods of defense.

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There is nobody on the pier – only closed souvenir shops and cafes beckon us with bright lights. We explore the location and don’t forget to communicate with friends. Incessant dialogues, as well as the choice of answers that will affect the further development of events, is an integral and, perhaps, the main component of OXENFREE.


Devil in Plain Sight: Upon seeing a picture of pre-infection Lucas for the first time, the first thing that goes through Ethan's mind is how much he wants to punch the guy. As it turns out, Lucas seems to be the only character in the game who was genuinely evil rather than a product of tragic circumstances.

Neck Snap: Yet another way for Ethan to bite it, if Jack manages to get too close while Ethan's health is in the red. Jack first breaks his arm at the elbow, just to rub it in.

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The bad ending of Daughters: Zoe manages to reach the van in the garage and tries to use it to flee, but is intercepted and captured by Jack and Eveline before she can start moving. She's promptly beaten to a pulp by her father, and (if the image of the whole family gathered around the table is anything to go by) is fully absorbed into Eveline's Hive Mind.


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Artistic License – Biology: After Ethan finds a note that lists the ingredients for the serum as cranial nerve and peripheral nerve, for some unexplained reason he decides the latter specifically requires the nerves from a hand. With humans, peripheral nerves is everything beyond the brain and spine. Granted, another note found nearby that particular note specifically mentions an arm.

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Spiritual Successor: Nightmare is possibly this to Resident Evil 4's Mercenaries mode. The only difference is that you have to survive long enough to get to 5 AM. And no, you don't fight two Jack Bakers because that would be hard to do.


Market-Based Title: Creatively handled. In all regions, both the Western "Resident Evil" and Japanese "Biohazard" series names are present, with one market's main series name serving as the subtitle in the other market's title. The Logo Joke, where the number seven is squeezed into the title, even works in both regions (with the Roman numeral "VII" being highlighted in the last three letters of "EVIL" and a Hindu-Arabic "7" being highlighted in the "Z" in "BIOHAZARD").

Occasionally Jack can be heard muttering "Shut up, just— just shut up", even though no one is saying anything. He's likely talking to Eveline (whom Ethan cannot see yet at that point) giving him commands which he doesn't want to follow but has no choice because of the infection.


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Chekhov's Gun: You're given the seemingly useless "Love your Enemy" trump card at the beginning of the final game in 21, which gives your opponent the best possible card for them to draw at the time. At the end of the game, Lucas cheats and uses two powerful trump cards, one that gives him a perfect hand, and another that raises each players bet to 100 while preventing you from drawing any cards, even via trump card. But as he already has a perfect hand, using the "Love Your Enemy" trump forces it over 21 and causes him to lose. Barring a scenario wherein you manage to beat Lucas via a large enough bet that the event where he cheats is not triggered, this is the only way wherein victory is possible; if the player uses that specific trump card before Lucas cheats, they've essentially lost the game.

Whenever someone's hunting for Ethan, they don't do a very thorough job (though that's probably a good thing). Ethan can hide in some pretty obvious places and go unnoticed because no one ever checks these nooks. You can also open doors near an enemy and they won't bat an eye at it, even if they're right in front of the door.


Artistic License – Geography: There aren't a whole lot of subterranean structures in South Louisiana thanks to the omnipresent flooding hazard, so the basements and cellars on the family property shouldn't really be present. There actually are underground salt mines in the region, as salt domes are largely impermeable to water.

Press X to Die: In Bedroom, eating Marguerite's food harms Clancy. There's nothing stopping you from feasting to death.


Best guessing game apps for Android & iOS

But, for a start, you have to go through basic training and learn how to perform the most basic tricks. On the streets of the city, you will see coins (they need to be collected) and obstacles (can be used for jumping and sliding).

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Several miles away from the airport, Denton Meier is bringing an old funeral home in downtown Wenatchee back to life. Meier and his business partners, who own the quickly growing information technology companies Legwork PRM and Firefly, are remodeling the building to house their growing roster of employees. But they also see potential to earn digital currency here with a relatively small cache of miners.


As more transactions are made, it gets harder to hack the system, as someone would have to control more than half of the global network to deceive others into believing that a falsified block matches the other copies of the ledger. There's also less reward for the same electricity, as there are only 21 million Bitcoin possible, and the amount rewarded for finding new blocks is cut in half on a regular schedule. Early miners got 50 Bitcoins for their work. Now they get 12/5, and soon they'll get only 6/25.

Suspicious Video-Game Generosity: The game regularly loads you up with extra ammo and crafting materials before boss fights. There's also a bit near the end of the section where you play as Mia where you find ammunition and Remote Bombs every few steps. Double Subverted when you switch back to Ethan, whose inventory is empty, only to find all of Mia's equipment in the next save room.


Of course, just to ride would be boring, so he performs a variety of tricks. During the game, you can open 25 different tricks and combine them.

Chris understandably doesn't buy it and wouldn't think of working with Umbrella considering his issues with the company. She states all that's left is the name. The files state Umbrella became a PMC in 2007, just before Chris and Sheva killed Wesker.


Room Escape Game: This is essentially what Bedroom boils down to, with Clancy having to both solve the numerous puzzles scattered around the titular bedroom to find an escape route while at the same time keeping his efforts hidden so Marguerite won't notice. If she discovers anything out of place, she'll harm Clancy - and outright kills him if this happens three times.

He sees cryptocurrency mining as a way to supplement income for virtually any business and support employment in the area. For example, if his miners make enough, he could offer better retirement plans with the proceeds. Maybe someone else could use them to earn enough extra money to fix up empty storefronts downtown while keeping rent affordable for small businesses.


From the windows of the Giga Watt offices at Pangborn Airport in East Wenatchee, snow-covered mountains paint a scenic backdrop to busy construction sites below. In just the last few months the industrial land has changed dramatically, as fields have been replaced with massive cryptocurrency projects.

Speed Run: The "Just Get Me Outta Here" achievement requires you to beat the game in under four hours. A fairly generous time limit, all things considered, as a player familiar with the game can comfortably beat it with over an hour to spare so long as they skip every optional VHS tape segment.


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But that's not the type of industry they want to prop up, Cooney says. Instead, they want clean, light industry that matches the lifestyle there, maybe something like a backpack or snowshoe manufacturer, or other outdoor recreation business.

This game should have a new shop Restaurant plz open the Restaurant shop plz. We will pay and eat know like tat. And open the Pet Shop one new door is there right open fast.


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Lucas invites the player to a "party" he's hosting. He even rigs a television to explode, just like The Joker did in The Visitor's Center.

Of course, you will have to jump over obstacles. You can also use various gadgets, such as a jet backpack or surfboard, that can help you in this endless pursuit.


Bittersweet Ending: The Good Ending: Eveline is finally defeated, Jack and Marguerite Baker are finally free from the Hive Mind's control and Ethan and Mia are rescued by Chris Redfield and a now reformed Umbrella Corporation. However, Jack and Marguerite are now dead along with the deputy and the Sewer Gator crew, Zoe is left behind, while Lucas has disappeared and is now at large. Thankfully, as noted under Belated Happy Ending, we have the DLC campaigns.

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A mile down the road from his office, in a converted cold-storage warehouse, 1,800 machines with incredible computing power work 24 hours a day at Salcido's Columbia Data Center solving complicated algorithms to earn the digital currency. At the same time, as Salcido watches on the live feed in his office, crews across the river in East Wenatchee are building a new mining facility for him that's five times that size.


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Car Fu: During the fight in the Garage, you have to get into Ethan's car and run Jack over to defeat him. If you're not careful, Jack will get into the car and try to run Ethan over.

Offscreen Teleportation: The Bakers engage in this as they always manage to get ahead of you to wander in new areas. A particularly blatant example is in the attic after the fight with Mia, where Jack will appear behind you literally out of thin air, as long as you do not have your back against a wall.


Festering Fungus: A heavy layer of disgusting black mold covers significant sections of the Baker house, and some of the Molded can be seen growing out of them. Some of the originally relatively clean areas will even have thick layers of fungus grown out of nowhere when the player returns after progressing through much of the game. They are symbiotically linked to Eveline and is the source of her powers.

When playing the tapes, you also shift to whoever is recording them for the duration. Though if the trailers and what happened to the people in the demo's tape are anything to go by, there's probably a reason why you're finding the tapes after the fact. The playable characters in the tapes are Clancy and Mia.


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Nigh-Invulnerable: Jack takes a car exploding around him as a minor annoyance. Eventually, with Zoe's help, Ethan concocts a serum that permanently puts them down. He also completely acknowledges his own toughness by taunting the player, both in words and actions. He even shoots his own head off just to make a point. In fact, Jack is so incredibly hard to kill that getting his entire upper body blown off does not stop him.

Creepy Doll: These are everywhere, in all shapes and sizes, may it be children's toys, mannequins, hunting trophies, the Molded or even The Bakers. The doll diversity gets to the point where the Baker estate is essentially one giant creepy dollhouse. They even got added symbolism due to the true nature of the Molded's origin.


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Chest Monster: At the Old House, some crates have giant insects inside instead of items. Taken even further at Lucas' party, which has exploding item crates.

From common to rare animals, you can find cats, dogs, pigs, cows, buffalos, hedgehogs, raccoons, alligators, hippopotamu. There are many cute creatures to be your partner in the game! Take care of them and let them grow by your side.


Boring, but Practical: The enhanced handgun rounds. Your pistols aren't as much fun to use, but if you have decent aim, the stronger ammo can take out ordinary Molded in as little as one or two headshots, freeing up your heavy-hitting weapons to use against special enemies and bosses.

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Cutscene Incompetence: Ethan in gameplay is slower than most enemies, but at least capable of blocking attacks well with his bare hands and recovering quickly from the blows he takes. Ethan in cutscenes gets tossed around like a ragdoll, taken by surprise constantly even when he should know better, and generally stumbles around even in the face of danger. This reaches insane levels of stupidity in a section in which you're put into the same trap as someone else whose fate you've watched in a VHS tape and, despite knowing for a fact that something is going to explode (due to having seen it happen on the tape), Ethan decides to stand still next to that object.


Chekhov's Gun: The dummy finger. What was first thought to be a Joke Item finally gets put to good use in the Midnight update. Once you combine it with the object made of celluloid to form the Dummy Hand, you need to literally point it at certain objects in order to solve the Notebook riddles.

Unwinnable by Design: Lucas Baker's most elaborate Death Trap, where the "player" has to complete the seemingly simple task of getting a lit candle on a birthday cake, albeit through the medium of a typical Resident Evil puzzle. In a case of Reality Ensues, it's rigged that you can't solve it without killing yourself.


Not A Hero (find more info): Ethan may have saved the day, but Lucas Baker is still unaccounted for. Who can stop the Baker family's black sheep from causing any further trouble? Enter Chris Redfield: Agent of New Umbrella.

The Bakers are a father, mother and son from southern Louisiana, have a Healing Factor that lets them be killed several times without dying, and enjoy inflicting pain on their victims as much as they do killing (and eating) them. Therefore, they're a zombie redneck torture family.


Missing Episode: Invoked in a way. The Kitchen VR demo, which was showcased during certain 2021 trade shows, had absolutely no in-game footage released to the public for a long time, only the reaction videos of the people wearing the VR headset. That said, the Beginning Hour demo does show footage from part of it, but it cuts off after Pete gets stabbed through the chest. It's since been averted, luckily.

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Salcido likes to tell people not to focus so much on the fact that Bitcoin has value when they're trying to understand his motivations. At the end of the day, his machines are working to build and support a network by writing code.


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The 44 Mag is the most powerful weapon in the game, able to instantly kill most enemies on any difficulty with a headshot. Shame you'll only get to fire it 10ish times if you make sure to check every nook and cranny for it's well hidden ammo.

Plot Hole: Mia's tape contains one. While dodging Marguerite, Mia sees Eveline- in her child form- calling out to her across a gap. The problem with this is that Eveline has already been aged into her "grandmother" form by mid-2021 (when the tape was filmed). Thus, Eveline appearing as a child in this tape should be completely impossible, since its a video recording and not Mia's own perspective.


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Decoy Protagonist: The character you control in the demo is not the main game's hero (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=5491). In fact, the events of both Beginning Hour and Kitchen are not present in the main game, as they are set before it.

Recurring Boss: The Swamp Man, a horribly mutated Molded that seems freakishly human. Which makes sense, considering he once was.