The thing is, whatever you put on your FTP site, it has to be there for years and years. I have old links to FTP sites that once hosted the patches, but they have been dead for many, many years.

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RT: The Second Korean War v1.16 Patch

These Maps are copyrighted by SwatCorv Productions and the Breaking point Community. If you wish to use these maps on your own server you must respect any fellow Breaking Point member. You do not have the right to copy any of these maps in any shape or form.


Not only that, the engine works like a charm and the requirements aren't that high for the amount of details you see on your screen. Sometimes the graphics are really breathtaking, especially when you're on top of a huge tower, scanning the area for new objectives. There are some abnormalities though. For example, not all characters have shadows. And in a game like this, it's not easy to miss it. Also, when you are enjoying the HUGE draw distance from a high tower, only a few humans will be visible and usually they don't have shadows and the buildings in the distance always have some kind of fog around them. Don't really know why Ubisoft created this fog but my guess is that they did it to improve performance.

Which when playing 6 hours or the full 12 if you can spare the time, can get annoying when you have people whining. I’m happy to say from what I can see there is very little whining.


Moongamers patch switcher cod2

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If you wish to use these maps on your own server you must respect any fellow Breaking Point member. You do not have the right to copy any of these maps in any shape or form.

Battle for Europe - Official CoD2 tournament -1 reply

I didn't remember much from the Xbox review so I was pretty surprised. You start of as a guy who's a living experiment. Some scientist has some crazy theory about instincts being some kind of memory. A memory which humans can't recall without some electronic aid. So, the nutty professor developed a machine called the "Animus" which allows the player to travel back in time, in his own memory. The theory is kinda fucked up, but never forgot that you're playing a videogame. Once you've "traveled back in time" ( memory ), you're an assassin. That's all I will say about the storyline because it's really something you have to experience without knowing what's going to happen.

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Here's another 'bot-enabling' mod, which allows server admins to spawn up to 10 bots on their servers. The problem is, of course, that t.


Call Of Duty 2 Discussion

Maybe the only thing needed at first is some trust and 2-3 ppl who sync each other with some simple rsync script and http-dir-listing for users. When somebody kills his root coz > reasons, it's no big deal.

I sometimes get frustrated when such huge statements are sent in for us to post, but this one is absolutely beautifully written :thumbsup: It even got ME excited for the Battle for Europe tournaments, and I've never even seen one go on live before! I put this in CoD2 (site here) news even though it also applies to CoD1 because the new CoD2 tournaments are really what.


The combat-style is pretty realistic and the counter-attacks are great but I miss the finishing touch. It happens very often that you are fighting against multiple soldiers and that you hack and slash the air 2-3 times before hitting one of the soldiers. It would have been cool if the character automatically gets closer to the enemies so that the fights look more realistic. I also would have liked more counter moves. I think that there are only 5-10 counter-moves which you see over and over again. If there were 20, the fights would have been a lot more interesting. There is also one thing I would have loved, the night. It would have been very cool if it got dark from time to time to see the huge cities at night.

X³: Reunion v1.3 to v1.4.02 Patch

Final Fantasy XI Trailer A new adventure awaits! Adventurers from throughout the land have been called to rise to the challenge, defend their world, and explore its infinite grandeur.


Anyway, currently I have 6/18TB (that's 6180GB) free on my server. I think that should suffice for now.

Headshooterz.com Call of Duty 2 Wallpaper Contest

CODfiles (Filefront) has officially closed as of 21st September. The site was a good resource for older mods for the Call of Duty series, going right back to 2003. I saw some of my old mods in there for COD1 and UO, dating from 2004.

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Jedi Academy: Taspir Power Complex For people who enjoyed some of the orginal maps that were packaged with the game, this map will come as a pleasant surprise. It is a recreation of the Taspir FFA map, but with several extra goodies added, including a power complex!


Here's the third release (v2/2) of Bjusterbaarlik's CoD2 (look at here now) mod, Bjuster's Taunts. As the name indicates, this mod adds extra menus to the.

Here is an interesting mod with an interesting spin to the game. This mod will change the way you can play SD as it disables the plant/defus.


Assassins Creed is one of the most beautiful games ever, the storyline and the unique gameplay keeps you interested from the beginning to the end. Even though this originally was a console-game, the controls work like a charm on the PC. The only minor downside is that the game could be to repetitive for many gamers.

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Universal Combat A World Apart v1.00.14 Patch

DoD: Source: Wassermuhle Map Wassermuhle (Water Mill) is a small, tight multilevel map with a night-time theme. Includes custom sounds, swinging lights, a full overview and supports HDR.

I just got done watching that video of a guy with an aimbot that instantly turns the cheater toward the nearest enemy in radius, and delivers an instant headshot every time. This guy was just reloading and pulling the trigger, getting 20 headshots per clip.