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Alarmed, the man quickly stepped in front of him, only to be faced with a sight that, quite frankly, scared the hells out of him. Brandon was tense, his eyes squinted fixed on nothing, and his thinned lips were twisting into a grimace of. of pain almost, as if he were waging some internal war with ghosts or visions. Oh Gods, what even was happening?


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Even if the guards or smallfolk muttered, let them. It was the gods that did this, they may as well suffer the consequences. Maybe even Brandon, broken as he was, understood enough to know who was to blame for what he’d been reduced to. Even if he denied it before both gods and men.


It was all the man could do not to crush the boy in his arms, such was the strength of the reaction he had to contain. It felt like madness, sadness and happiness all in one. Like grief knocking on the door seeking to drag them back.

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Twelve hairs from the top left-most tuft have fallen in that time. Along with three from the third left tuft.

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The Ryswells had a daughter enamored with them. They probably had a cartload of seeds to spare. He’d send a raven in the morning. As for the so-called blasphemy issue, that was actually the easiest. Come morning or the day after, they’ll just rope Benjen into leading them on a treasure hunt. Shouldn’t be hard to make him think it was all his idea. If the digging just happened to chop off some roots and no one realized their true nature until the very end, well, that couldn’t be helped.


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Foolish notions spawned by dreams of even more foolish peasants, but if it was Brandon, he’d allow them. After all, when it came to his boy, Rickard could finally admit he wasn’t much different from them.

Rickard took the time to stoke and fuel the fire in the hearth. Fortunately, the servants had been diligent in keeping it so it didn’t take long. He then lit a few candles and got acquainted with the place for what was practically the first time. Brandon’s chambers could be mistaken for a Maester’s. The desk was covered with papers small and big. There were stacks of sheets piled along the walls. All but one of those walls – the one with the window – were covered in bookshelves stuffed to bursting. Though most of them weren’t even loaded with actual tomes, but spring and ring books one after another.


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Because why the fuck should anyone spend three fucking seconds wondering how the fuck I supposedly evaded my personal guard and Winterfell’s whole guard force? Never mind that I was five fucking years old. Nevermind that I did it for half a day. Nevermind that I was still insane!

The words rung like a heavy funeral dirge. The deep, brass bell of a dark, terrible truth spoken aloud for the first time.


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I decided there wouldn’t be a fourth, so I cut you off entirely lest I just make it worse. Put you wholly in the care of your guardsman and your mother.

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Rickard ignored the man’s failed attempt to hide his concern – and other emotions – and called for some food, fresh nightwear for himself and more wood for the fire. Conveniently, the man already had the latter ready. Rickard allowed him to bring it in. He also accepted the tray of food Cassel also conveniently had at the ready before sending him on his way. Rickard used the time to Cassel’s return to see to his son’s feeding, though in truth Brandon didn’t put up any resistance. Once Rickard was assured he could feed himself, he watched him from the corner of his eye while he stoked the dying embers in the hearth. For all that he’d cried himself nearly sick to the stomach, the boy ate every last bite and didn’t leave out even one drop of the warm milk besides. Wiped the plate clean with some bread core even. The man made a mental note to inquire as to whether Brandon was eating enough. He didn’t seem underfed but he should also have hit his growth spurt by now. When Cassel came back with his change of clothes, Rickard somehow still expected Brandon to make a fuss once he realized what he was planning.


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Lord Rickard of House Stark wondered if he was going mad all of a sudden. He could have sworn he just heard his son – who’d just a short while ago dismissed off-hand all of his father’s well-worn spite at the Gods that had been tormenting him for whatever reason – claim that his cure and salvation lied with those same Gods.

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The ps- magic mushrooms were supposed to help with that – they did – but the headaches kept coming back. I’ve had better success with bloody passionflowers. And what am I even supposed to say about the Heart Tree now? That the only reason I even went there was to see it glow? Congratulations, oh Brandon of House Stark! You’ve accomplished your grand plan and a good man died for it. Welcome to Westeros.

The fire crackled in the heart to their back. The windowpane glinted in the firelight. Light danced and scattered amidst shadows along the wall. Still his thoughts remained jumbled.


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He covered for me. The only reason he even went around ‘looking’ for me was because I ordered him, and even then he only used it as cover for me instead of him like I meant it to! Made sure to always be looking in the wrong place! And then he had the nerve to keep it all to himself all the way to the chopping block! Even though I also ordered him in advance not to! So much for vaunted knightly honor.

Pondering idly the many ways in which he and his son were the same. Like how Brandon was every bit as dramatic as he claimed he was. Why else would he fret over the smallest things and misread the big ones? The mold would be simple enough. It could just grow in a cellar instead of the surface where everything froze so solidly. Brandon probably hadn’t found anyone willing to indulge him.


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