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After the battle, go right to access the next storage unit. Climb the boxes a the back to reach a box containing a costume. Then, use Timefart Pause to reach the switch powering the laser at the back. Next, pull the TNT box to the back by the crack in the wall. Then, use Snap N Pops to blow a hole in the wall.


Before passing by the red bricks, pull the grill over to the caution taped part of the fence. Use Snap N Pops and throw a fart to blow a hole here. Go behind the fence to the left to find the Scar Wound accent makeup.

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Again, keep your team spread out to avoid AOE damage. Focus all your attacks on the medics. Any damage you do to Chaos will be long-ranged healed by them. Take them all out before moving to Professor Chaos. Finish off this health bar to engage the final form.

Quadrangle Confession Room Questions and Answers

After the cutscene, use Inspection mode and interact with the lava to discover a new buddy power: Sandblaster. Now, you can clear any red bricks in the game. Next, climb the ladders to reach the next area.


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As you level up your city, your castle’s outer appearance will also become increasingly spectacular. It’s a good idea to follow recommended quests to build your city. You’ll gain skill points every time you raise your lord level. Skill points can be used here - lords info. Tap different tabs to switch between different development types.


The main battle mechanic to be aware of is the explosive barrels. They explode in a “+” pattern, one square in each direction. These can be very usual when using a character who can target them, like Call Girl and Toolshed.

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Johnathan uses control tactics and his experience as both a marine and the commander of Navarone to deduce the actions of the pirates and catch them off guard at several turns, while applying his strategies as a chessboard. Cross admits that he isn't good at chess compared to Johnathan or Robin, but that is because he finds himself constrained by the rules. In the final hour of their Twenty-Four Hours escape time-limit, Cross instructs the Strawhats to cause so much chaos that they can retrieve their gold (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=1646) and weapons while the marines are trying to maintain order. As Cross described it to Johnathan, instead of playing the game he flipped the board entirely.

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Unfortunately, patch 7/12 isn't going to be dropping for another few weeks, but when it does land, it will be up in the League of Legends Public Beta Environment over the next few days for eager players to get an early start. If you're interested in checking out the upcoming Missions mode, you'll want to hop on that pretty soon to see what's on offer.

There are lots of resource gathering points outside your city! You can send an army to gather them and boost our supplies.


On this occasion I will also explain the help you can get from the Order and Chaos (look at this website) 2 mod apk. Of course thanks to that which is always updated, you can get Unlimited Runes and Unlimited Gold, which was also known as Unlimited Vigor.

While transferring, a mysterious voice usually asks awkward and embarrassing questions to Vince. Each response made by Vince pivots his Karma Meter Angel / Order or Devil / Chaos side. Additionally, there are confession room questions that help trigger the Rin alternate story route. Karma Meter will end up in a Cracked state instead.


Upgrade watchtower to level 2 to access the following effects. Shows the destination of armies marching towards you.

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Next, use the Sandblaster to remove the lava. Then, you will encounter Professor Chaos himself, equipped with his Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme!

Continue forward to reach another cutscene. Then, before passing through the open garage, open the garage door with a large “Chaos” painted onto it. Once inside, pull the fireworks toward the broken clock. Use Snap N Pops to destroy the clock and reveal a chest holding the Pencil Stache facial hair. Then, climb the ladder to reach the box up to the left to find the Continuum Enforcer artifact. You can also move the fireworks to the right to blow up the case and get some extra cloth for crafting.


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In this next area, use Fartkour to hop over the wall. Walk over to the right and descend the ladder. Use Snap N Pops to drop the ladder down to reach the ground. Open the storage unit door to unveil two containers. Loot the first one on the ground.

Get free golden hammers: use hack cheats codes; invite your friends to join war and order! When your invited friends reach castle level 5, you'll get a free 24-hour golden hammer. Once you successfully invite a certain amount of friends, you'll earn tons of gems and super valuable items. YOur friends invited through facebook must use the link in their facebook must use the link in their facebook to download and enter the game.


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Then, use Timfart Rewind to continue forward. Loot the duffle bag before continuing to the next screen.


Like Order & Chaos Online, spending money is not necessary in Order & Chaos 2 but gives advantages in PVP, leaderboard rankings, speed of leveling, and equipment. Players can reach end-game (max level) without spending a single penny if they are willing to grind for experience and farm to obtain powerful equipment or upgrade their equipment. Spending money provides cosmetic items, such as wearable ears, backpacks, and wings, as well as experience boosts and temporary stat boosts. With Runes (premium currency), players can also purchase in-game gold, inventory expansion, and character slots, and refill part of their Vigor. Like the original game, Order & Chaos 2 also has daily treasure chests that allow players to draw random useful items every couple of hours with the possibility of obtaining rare equipment. One of the chests, however, can only be opened with Runes and has the potential of giving out powerful equipment and rare materials, giving a large advantage to paying players. In order to do well in PVP and to join top guilds, players probably will have to spend money in order to stay competitive equipment-wise.

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My lord, our power is not yet great. We must collect resources and recruit troops before we can begin to build our power. We must also defend ourselves against other ambitious lords and make trustworthy allies. Now, only your wisdom and strategy can guide us to glory!


Again, stay as far away as possible from the tank to avoid taking big damage. Finish the battle to receive The Agonizer of Gaia artifact.

An Ending In Fire

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This boss fight is very long with multiple stages. For this first round, start by spreading out your team. Chaos will rain down several missiles which can deal massive damage if your group is clumped together. Finish off this health bar and he will change forms. He will also summon several medics on the opposite side of the battlefield.

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Use Inspection mode and interact with the pipe to blow the fireworks down. Then, use Snap N Pops to blow them up. This will initiate the battle. Here, you’ll want to avoid the Chaos Turrets. Feel free to leave them be while you focus on the Chaos minions. Soon, more will appear behind you. Take out this first group and some Chaos dogs will arrive, shortly followed by a Chaos Tank.

Finish this battle to immediately engage in another. This time, you will fight Professor Chaos’ paid workers. Although there are many of them, they take little work to finish off. Try and focus on defeating a few of them at a time, instead of taking them all on at once.


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Try and focus on one pair of bums before taking out the next group to ensure an easy victory. You will be rewarded with the Sanity Siphon artifact and the Primal Aggression DNA.