Quote from lizardfolk :Ya, the racing looks awesome especially at Talladega, but it looks like another rFactor mod LOL. So I'm kinda nervous about the game. I wanted a stock car racing besides NR2003 because that's gradually getting too old. I'm hoping ARCA would prove to be a good sub.

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  • Matt Kenseth - R&L Carriers. Original car fro VHR '09. Converted over for use in VHR 2021
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  • Kyle Busch's Combos car. Originally found at HardCoreGamers for VHR '09. Converted over for use in VHR 2021
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Version 6/0 is ready for racing action, racers will have no need to worry about setups, a complete 6/0 Base setup package has been completed for all of the "Big 3" VHR series. Package will be available for download the same day of the 6/0 release. This is the last build for the 2021 mod, focus now shifts towards rFactor2.


RF2 Stockcar 7 Assorted Skins

What do you base your rF contact model experience on? One of the worst bits about N2003 was the collision model IMO, online it was awful, rF isn't much better and as much as people moan LFS is by far the best I've found. Offline (where the video would most likely have been taken) the rF collision model is fine though.

Click this to connect to a server. There are a lot of servers listed so click on the column header "track" and find the server listing from that. You can save your favorite servers (StockCarSimRacing.com Wed, StockCarSimRacing.com Thur, StockCarSimRacing.com Fri).

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Stockcar rF2 skins, part of my personal collection. Names are not above doors and contingencies aren't on middle door, you are welcome to add them. All skins/liveries were made from scratch by me and are free to use. If you decide to use/borrow any of my work, all I ask is for some credit -) (Original Template provided by ISI).


NASCAR Xfinity Series Cars

The next button is a smaller group of settings that duplicate what is available in a previous menu. I would suggest not using the settings in this menu. The "Standings" shows all the cars and their times. This is the same for Single Player and Multiplayer. Once you're ready, click the orange RACE bar and you're on-track!

I think it looks horrible although I have seen some good racing in the online series site. Anyone has any predictions about the game or has played the beta? Think it might be another NR2003?


Donation button is located at the bottom right of every page on the VHR site. I will update this thread with a donation count for your convenience.

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Here is an image of my current Steam games hard drive. Note I have Steam installed to D:\Steam and rF2 to D:\rFactor2.

Get Started Racing with SCSR

With updated tracks, better sounds, better fine tuned physics, new tire and engine models, we find VHR 1/1 like no other sim available. VHR has set the bar high for Nascar sims.


NASCAR Xfinity Series 1.21

Some tracks will have the tire physic’s updated such as tire heat and wear. On a side note, VHR will be moving over to rFactor (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=3645) 2 at some point this year, more info will be released and a beta later this year.

Downloading all the cars and tracks can take as long as it did to install the base rFactor2 game

VHR 1/1 offers improved tire physics. The first thing you will noticed when taking to the track that all 4 tire temperatures will react to the changes made in the setup. Push your car a bit too hard and the tire temperatures will increase and start to loose grip. Fall back in line and cool them down and you will gain back some of the grip. Drivers will need to keep an eye on tire temperatures and manage tire wear.


Notice the bar at the bottom in blue that is creeping across the bottom of your screen? That is the various cars and tracks that rFactor2 installs. It says downloading 1 item, but it is actually many items. Santa and the ice cream truck are in there along with all the nice oval tracks and the StockCars. Downloading all the cars and tracks can take as long as it did to install the base rFactor2 game. Let it complete and be patient a while longer.

I wanted to give the entire set up to this point in case you're new to rFactor (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=6100) 2 and also wanted to update the previous ones so I decided to repackage all of the skins I have created. If you have the previous ones you don't have to re-download these but most skins if not all have been touched up. I also made profiles so they can be used by the AI in case you weren't sure how to set these up.


Once it is done checking, close Steam, reboot, then check it again. Sometimes updates don't appear until the previous update is installed, and sometimes Steam doesn't find updates until it is restarted. Finicky, but it helps avoid other problems later on.

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Installing it to its own folder allows easier access to rFactor2 files without needing to navigate through the Steam program to get to your rFactor2 files. The procedure to change the path is explained here.

Such things as more adjustability for the shocks, ride heights and front down force options are now available to the driver. The tracks have updated grip levels, textures and lighting, and there will be a list created in the VHR forums showing the changes and updates for version 1/5 soon.


It uses some of the same coding as rFactor, i think that's what he meant. I dont think this game is classified as a "mod", but I'll leave ajp to answer that.

Click the Single Player or Multiplayer icons and you'll see this screen. Click the "Options" button in the bottom of the screen.


Make sure everything else is closed while you're downloading. Let Steam hog all the bandwidth you got.

First time a car loads it builds shaders and a bunch of other effects based on your settings. You may see nothing displaying where the car is supposed to be for a few minutes the first time it starts-up. It can take a few minutes depending on your computers heft, so let it run.


Kevin Harvick's Pennzoil Platinum ride for the Coke Zero 400 in 2009. Originally found at FBR Motorsports for VHR '09. Converted over for use in VHR 2021.

Lets briefly go through the various icons on the left side of the launcher. Most of it is self-explanatory and some of it you may never need, but here is a quick rundown from top to bottom.

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