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  • Pokemon - Blasting off Team Rocket Version beta 3.0.zip
  • Pokemon - The Wooper Who Saved Christmas beta 2.zip
  • Pokemon - Professor Oaks Back Up beta 1.zip
  • Pokemon - Celebis Return beta.zip
  • Pokemon - Dimension Legends beta.zip

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The current version is still in beta (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9651) testing. Similar to fusion monsters, this version swaps regular Pokémon with iconic mecha from anime series like Gundam and Mazinger. The only things missing are the Transformers, and Michael Bay holding the flip switch for a ten-foot explosion.


Pokemon from Gen 1 to

The game is about Pokémon that are slowly turning into robots. Dr. Rocky suspects that this is the work of a dark opposing force. The professor also knows of a legend: if one can reunite the Robot Gem with the Robot God, they would become the Lord of the universe.

1997 demo world map

Not a single official Pokémon appears in the series; all of the species are made from the developer's own personal designs. The game is built on Pokémon Ruby's engine. Although it's far from perfect compared to the official games, Quartz demonstrates a fan's creative spark– if players can get past the poorly translated English script of the Spanish game.


The official games follow the same formula: defeat gym leaders, catch every Pokémon, and take down the crime syndicate of that region. While original storylines and Fakémon games use a cookie-cutter protagonist, Pokémon Blasting Off lets players play as a Team Rocket grunt rising through the ranks.

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  • Pokemon - FireRed 809 Randomizable Beta 1.0.zip
  • Pokemon - Ultraskies English Version Beta 1.zip
  • Pokemon - Sinnoh Legacy beta 2.0.zip
  • Pokemon - Orange Islands Beta 5.2.zip
  • Pokemon - Legend of Fenju beta 1.zip
  • Pokemon - Kanto Reformation beta 0.25.zip
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Reborn is recognized for its mature storyline - the intro includes a terrorist bombing sequence - and its high difficulty level. Players cannot level grind past the level set by the gym badges, otherwise their Pokémon will begin to disobey.

Compared to Red Version, the Red 151 allows different methods to catch Pokémon. The stats are also rewritten to create a hard-mode. Additionally, the move sets are changed so players are forced to be extra careful in gym battles.


While some of these sprites for the original 151 were brand new and unique to the Spaceworld demo, many were simply copied from Blue Version. Some were revised and used in Gold & Silver’s release versions, but others were discarded and never seen again. A few were even revised and used in Yellow Version. Keep in mind, this demo was exhibited at Spaceworld in November 1997, almost a year before Yellow Version released in September 1998.

Compared to mute main characters from the official games, Naranja’s player can actually talk back to the NPCs. Key points like the GS ball, Tracy, and Professor Ivy are featured in the game. The Isle of Pink is also included, where players can catch pink Pokémon.


While the official games' graphics improved over time, the core objectives remain unchanged: fight gym leaders, travel to a new region, fight new gym leaders, and capture all of that region's Pokémon. Each core game follows the same beat that die-hard fans never get tired of, so much that some fans have even tried to create a fan-based game. Most Pokémon dupes are hilariously awful, but a few shine out the batch.

Team Spaceworld eventually released just about everything found in the demo, as well as the Japanese-language demo rom itself. For a while, TSW was planning on releasing an English fan-translation of the demo. But the translation was never completed, and TSW later disbanded. Fortunately, most of the individual team members are still active in the prototype community, and one is even a supporter of this website via Patreon.


BETA 2.1 AVAILABLE - *************************

TSW member 2Tie ripped the world map, and Obskyr ripped the sprites, so full credit goes to them. There are a lot of compressed, resized, or incorrectly colored Spaceworld sprites and maps floating around the internet. But these were given to me directly by Obskyr — so rest assured, they’re the real deal.

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Professor Baro will help you in your career as a trainer. Fight new trainers, new Pokémon, the GLASS ARMY and The Phantom, a mysterious character with a dark secret. Travel around the other regions in the country using the EGG TRAIN, catch the four guardians and a whole new collection of legendary. Be part of the legends of this magical country. Travel through the forests, the molehills, the seas, the caves, deserts, towns, (big) cities while meeting new trainers.


On this page, I’m using sprite sheets where all the empty space has been re-colored white. I spent 6 hours inspecting each and every sprite to ensure they’re all correct. I’m calling these “display sheets” because they’re more visually appealing and allow for easier viewing. However, the original sprite sheets with gray backgrounds are technically more accurate.

  • Pokemon - Obsidian Black beta 3.zip
  • Pokemon - Infernal Legend beta 1.zip
  • Pokemon - Radish beta v1.zip
  • Pokemon - World Tour beta.zip
  • Pokemon - Azure Horizons beta 2.zip
  • Pokemon - Cobalt beta 1.4.zip

Pokébots: Rescue Team is one of the newer, yet stranger hack ROMs developed by Mr

The game was also notoriously bootlegged and circulated in shops that believed the game was an official release due to its shiny cover art of a Gyarados. If played on on a GBA cartridge, the game will likely crash.

Pokémon Quartz is a another hack game that went wrong due to a terrible translation. Despite the terrible English, the game is a functional Pokémon game– only on the GBA Emulator– with original Fakémon.


Naranja means “orange” in Spanish. It’s likely that the name is a reference to the GS Ball. The developer, Sergio, posted Beta 2, and the full version is in Spanish, though fans have since translated the game. Naranja was popular enough that a few pirates created physical copies of the game.

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Pokemon - The Inscription of The Heaven beta 0.111.zip

The concept sounds awesome at first; after all, fused species provides an extra challenged for characters to choose their moves wisely. However, it brings up ethical questions: if the two species are fused, does that create a new individual entity? Or, do the two species retain their identities? If not, does one of them die in the process?

Spaceworld 1997 demo pokemon sprites

The developer worked a solid three years on the game before it was officially released in 2021. You play as an amnesiac protagonist who wakes up after the disaster with no recollection of the pandemic. With the help of Professor Birch, the player uncovers the mysteries behind the infestation, while battling zombie trainers and Pokémon.


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Compared to the other NES hacks, Pokémon (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=3841) Yellow's gameplay isn't very glitchy. The only negative thing about it is that its words are not on a straight line and the NPC texts are in Chinese. While the original cartridges are in Chinese, fellow fan translators rewrote the script in English so players could find bootleg versions of the hack (find more information).


If this isn't enough, the developers created a sequel, and a brand-new intro sequence featuring Dragon from Shrek. Diamond and Jade win the crowning achievement for providing players the most laughs.

The first generation of Pokemon games didn’t have Shiny Pokemon, so the Shiny sprites included in the Spaceworld demo were the first ever created. Each color was programmed to always correspond to another color in the Shiny sprites — for example, all orange Pokemon have maroon Shinies, and all green Pokemon have gray Shinies. Pokemon sprites followed this pattern in the early generations, but nowadays Game Freak hand-picks each Pokemon’s Shiny colors.


Pokémon (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=7719) Marble features some of the pokemon already in Pokémon (check here) Quartz, but most of them will be new for you. There are also some brand new Pokémon (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=3786). All the new graphics are slighty more professional, as well as the text and other stuff.