We're successfully accessing ASIQ 12/03/1 with both of the above query tools, via ODBC connections. However, with ODBC you cannot use any of Brio's table filtering features that are available when using Open Client and Brio's Sybase System 11 native driver to access Sybase System 11 databases. That is, the list of IQ tables shows all of the system tables, etc, which isn't very user-friendly. MS Query via ODBC, on the other hand, does allow you to filter the list of IQ tables (by owner or by type (view or table)). My questions are: 1) Does anyone know why MS Query can.

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I want to replace the RF receiver with something else, but right now I am not sure how much amperage is available at that connection. I do know that it is getting 5v, but how do i guage the amperage with my multimeter? Right now i have a ground and vcc only pins (well data too, but I don thinkMACscrthat would be used in this case)password2pewaatamiHello. Where do you put headphones when you do not use them?

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And yes, I hate the way our privacy rights have gradually been reduced to almost zero, I miss the days back when Facebook used to be private, when Google and MS hadn’t bought out every d*** company in the world, and that now you have to have an account for everything. I can remember when Napster first came out, It was absolutely brilliant, you’d be able to get songs/albums that weren’t available in your local area, I remember waiting hours for a song to download on a dial-modem but it was worth it. Heck, I miss the sound of a dial-up modem, isn’t that funny? I still find it hard to believe that anyone considered Napster “copyright infringement,” how on earth was that any different than us lending a record to a friend to tape, or lending a friend a tape to tape, or us taping a song from a radio station? For a lot of us oldies growing up, that was the only way we had access to some music. Or even going to my local library and paying to get Xeroxes of some books that weren’t available to buy anymore? All that stuff was perfectly legit back then.


You downloaded a codec from LimeWire which then installed the two trojan downloaders below that entry. This is the danger of P2P programs.

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My husband also tried the Win 10 free upgrade, decided he hated it, and he rolled-back to Win 7. Of course he was smart enough to have a back-up, but he rarely keeps anything important on his laptop anyway, he either has it on CD or USB. The only thing that Win 10 removed from his laptop was Trend Micro, he was using an older version than I was (I guess Win 10 didn’t like that) so he just re-installed the newer version using our license key. But of course now he has problems on Win 7, because he can’t update to the latest browsers, it seems that the browsers only let you update so far unless you’re on Win 10, he can’t do a lot of things like online banking, and now he’s having trouble watching some videos/GIFs, as it seems that they’re designed with Win 10 in mind.

Have anybody any information how IQ sql optimizer works: using what information and how it creates query plans? Even less - how to read and interpret query plan, explanation of each term?

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