The second official patch for The First Decade, as was released on 19 March 2006. It fixes missing music from The Covert Operations, Counterstrike, and The Aftermath, fixes the InstallPath registry entry and enables access to the Funpark missions.

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My suspicion with the storyline of this book (and, again, I view Nick Redfern as merely an honest reporter) is that its ending has a sinister intent. I think the storyline is a set-up. It stinks like a ufological trajectory of the political Leftist strategy to cast Christians (and pious Jews) as clandestine fascists. Why is it that a much more coherent possibility (that UFOs are the result of decades of effort put into man-made technologies developed by gifted human scientific minds) is so easily dismissed in favor of Cartoon Network demons? Because when the military industrial complex is perceived to have the country in its grip (with or without some sort of “alien disclosure”) the ufological community will now know who’s responsible: the CE and its Christian theocratic fascists. This means that the Collins Elite, if it is real and if it is made up of Christians, could simply be a bunch of witless dupes that are being used to advance the propaganda I just described. Since they come across as tragically illiterate when it comes to biblical theology, that seems sadly possible.


MK-ULTRA soldiers, victims of mind control

Awesome, but Impractical: Heavy Power Armor in Aftermath (weblink). Provides a lot of protection and allows you to use powerful heavy-armor-only weapons, but limits you to a walking speed, and generally is only available after the Reticulans introduce Warp weapons, which cause more damage if the target is wearing more armor. Heavy Armor has a Warp weapon protection level of 0%, and warp weapons almost never miss. However, the armor is required to carry and set up collapsible weapons, which are by far the best guns in the game, with their superb performance outweighting all the downsides of the armor required to use them.

And just in case you didn't get the message: when the Reticulan Expedition shows up (that is, the "good guy" Reticulans), they will contact you immediately, explicitly state that they will ally with you, but insist that you cannot be allied with the other Reticulans. If you are, the (vastly superior) Expedition forces will be at war with you. If you aren't, they will accept an alliance immediately (and they're actually a lot nicer about it).


A considerable amount of credible circumstantial evidence suggests that Theodore Kaczynski, also known as the Unabomber, participated in CIA-sponsored MKUltra experiments conducted at Harvard University from the fall of 1959 through the spring of 1962. During World War II, Henry Murray, the lead researcher in the Harvard experiments, served with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was a forerunner of the CIA. Murray applied for a grant funded by the United States Navy, and his Harvard stress experiments strongly resembled those run by the OSS.

McMinnville UFO Photographs – McMinnville, Oregon May 1950: Paul Trent captured images of a UFO on camera after his wife spotted a slow-moving metal disk near their farm. The images were printed in Life magazine. The pair maintained their account until their deaths.


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The Kardashev Civilization scale is a hypothetical scale by which civilizations advance technologically, measured by the methods and quantities of energy they are able to harvest. Currently, we fall somewhere between a Type 0 and Type 1 Civilization on the scale.

B) Even worse, can you see what’s going on in the demonic realm in this view? Demon: “Oh, crap, Parsons *almost* got that incantation right so we could come into the human realm. Maybe that human idiot will succeed next time.


And yes, this scale is hypothetical, but it is plausible if we are to consider how we might inevitably ascend to the next level. That’s why Nikolai Kardashev devised his eponymous scale, ranking civilizations primarily on the ways in which they harness energy. And from there it goes on to assume a number of other intriguing possibilities.

Cathy O’Brien claims to have been subjected to the program since childhood. She names several prominent government participants in her book Trance Formation of America.


Trans-en-Provence Case – Trans-en-Provence,Var, France January 1981: Renato Nicolaï, a 55-year-old farmer, observed a saucer-shaped UFO land on his property at a distance of about 50 yards. The lead-colored vessel then lifted off from the ground and flew towards a nearby tree line. The case is considered remarkable because of scorch marks left by the machine, documented and extensively analysed by French authorities.

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This is especially notable in case of humble HK G3 assault rifle. It's accessible from the very start and in quantity, but due to combination of various characteristics it remains the best weapon of the first two phases of the game and only becomes underpowered by the time Biomass shows up.


Mind Control weapons are absent in Aftershock, but show up again in Afterlight. The Reticulan Expedition loves them, and use the one-psychic-army strategy to great effect. There's also a device that allows you (or the Martians) to hack and control robots, in a similar manner.

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To Scandinavian, or Viking cultures, the Pleiades were thought of as Freyja’s chicks, Frejya being the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. For protection, some would paint seven spots, representing the seven stars, on hen houses. Ladybugs were associated with the cluster because of the seven spots on their wings.


Robert Hunter is an American lyricist, singer-songwriter, translator, and poet, best known for his association with Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead. Along with Ken Kesey, Hunter was an early volunteer MKUltra test subject at Stanford University. Stanford test subjects were paid to take LSD, psilocybin, and mescaline, then report on their experiences.

Sequel Difficulty Spike: In Aftermath (have a peek at these guys), you're almost literally thrown new recruits every week, and you'll likely have a hard time running out. In Aftershock, you have to pay for new recruits, and the better your relation with a particular faction, the better (and more expensive) the recruit, but you're never likely to run out of meat for the grinder. In Afterlight, you start with 12 potential soldiers. After about a month and a half, you get one extra soldier, and two weeks later, you get two more. In addition, 8 of those original 12 soldiers are also scientists and technicians. You'd better get used to protecting your people and quick.


Aftershock takes place 50 after humanity had made peace with the Reticulans and given them control of the Earth. In-game, due to a first-unknown catastrophe, the Reticulans are in a feral, animal-like state, while the human refugees from an orbiting space-station (built as part of the peace treaty) try to take back the Earth. All of a sudden, an object shows up at the edge of the Solar System, and you get an ominous timer counting down to the imminent invasion. This new race, The Wargots, are on a sort of religious pilgrimage/crusade to Earth, and ally with a bunch of human cultist nutjobs down on Earth. Later, a second, similar starship shows up, carrying a third race called the Starghosts to Earth, who proceed to attempt to sterilize the planet.

Aliens are trying to take over Earth and it is your mission to destroy all the bricks they have scattered around with your ball. You captured one of there UFO's and they are mad. They will continually try to defeat you by sending small UFO's towards.


Truth: In 1920, Prohibition was introduced in the United States to limit the country’s consumption of alcohol. However, this lead to bootlegging which is the production and distribution of alcohol which was illegal.

This particular bug has been "fixed". If you wipe out the last Cult stronghold before they're supposed to be wiped out, they'll randomly reappear on three base provinces.


The Pleiades: Facts and Myths

In Aftermath, because of the biological weapons the Reticulans used, many Earth lifeforms had been transformed into horrific monsters. These "transgenants" ranged from mutated animals and humans to creatures that could easily be Starfish Aliens.

Ufo Aftermath Patch Software

Kill It with Fire: It's a pretty regular recurrence in the series that the most powerful enemies have a weakness to fire. The Plecton Transgenant, which is an acid-spitting tripodal mutant from the early stages of Aftermath, is very weak against incendiaries, as is the Chrysalis, a psionic floating worm that can paralyze your entire squad and leave it at the mercy of other enemies. In Afterlight, the same goes for the Beastmen's Rollers, which are dog-sized balls of death that are nigh-indestructible with your early arsenal (except for maybe the Warp Cannons, which are dreadfully inaccurate) and like to roll up behind your squaddies and sprout 2-meter-long spikes that kill them painfully.


Break Out the Museum Piece: Happens in Aftershock and Afterlight, in Aftershock your Laputians are only armed with a couple of so-so Reticulan laser weapons and a bit of ammo for them. You quickly encounter Earth factions carrying far more firepower with their aging AK-47s and M-60s, so you'll want research how to make your own. In Afterlight, your martian colonists are only carrying Scientific Lasers and a couple of old guns like a F2000 and a Desert Eagle. Your scientists will reverse-engineer these guns to get some new generic designs based on them.

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CIA documents suggest that “chemical, biological and radiological” means were investigated for the purpose of mind control as part of MKUltra. A secret memorandum granted the MKUltra director up to six percent of the CIA research budget in fiscal year 1953, without oversight or accounting. An estimated $10 million USD ($80 million adjusted for inflation) or more was spent.


Try this out: Did you know that the word “demon” is only mentioned twice in the Old Testament and never in the context of a hell or underworld? Did you know that the Hebrew term used for “demon” has no parallel in other Semitic languages for a denizen of hell or an underworld? Did you know there are no instances of demonic possession in the Old Testament? And what about the word for “demon” (daimon) in the New Testament — it can be used of any spirit being, good or evil. There are also no biblical verses that call fallen angels demons.

Ufo Aftermath Cheat Software

Truth: In the 1930s, the Tuskegee study was a public health study that recruited 600 poor black men from Alabama as test subjects. The men were told that they would receive treatment for syphilis, anemia and fatigue.


A) That the activities of Alister Crowley and Jack Parsons were the catalyst for the UFO waves of the 1940s (and subsequent). Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t find Crowley or Parsons or any such person frightening. I think they get far too much credit for power than they deserve. Crowley, the self-styled beast and most evil man in the world. BS. Try Hitler or Idi Amin or Stalin or Mao – Crowley was nothing compared to those guys. Let’s see, Mao’s arrogance and planning leads to tens of millions of deaths, and Crowley is having sex parties and practicing alchemy?

A Type 0 civilization is one that has yet to harness all of the energy output of its planet. This type of civilization is still in the process of utilizing unsustainable energy sources like fossil fuels.


Determinator: Humanity's hat in this universe. Every other race in the galaxy is more advanced, or more numerous, or simply more powerful, but humanity wins out every time because they just won't give up.

Mecha-Mooks: A staple of Afterlight's "Martians", though you shouldn't really call the Mechs and Spider-Mechs "mook" to their face. Notably, though, you can make your own Mecha Mooks, and with the small number of people on your team and the possibility of blundering into something very lethal, you may have to rely on them. Fortunately, they can rise from the depths of Mookdom to incredible heights of Badass: be the first on your block star system to own a heavily-armored quad gatling gun-/rocket launcher-/laser cannon-/Annihilator- toting death machine. Just don't use them as an alternative to a human pointman; they don't react fast enough to get off a first shot, and Lightning Guns or Plasma weapons will fuck them up hard.


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Various witnesses reported a hovering object over the Los Angeles coast. At 3 am in the morning, the army opened fire and the entire city was put in a blackout. The blackout was only lifted shortly after 7 am in the morning.

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Also a mid/late game option in Aftershock. There are three flavours, and all are useful for spotting, scouting hazardous areas, and generally drawing enemy fire away from your less-expendable troops.


Warp weapons have an even better example. Reticulans mostly use pistol and rifle model warp based guns. Humans take the technology and make what's describe as a warp gatling gun!

After a lot of research, you get to the bottom of the riddle: the "starships" used by the Wargots and Starghosts are actually gigantic asteroid-like interstellar organisms that use their enormous psychic powers to enslave entire civilizations and use them to fight in a cosmic-scale mating ritual. The Wargots and Starghosts came here in a male "Myrmecol" (like the ant-colony plants on Earth), while the Reticulans had a female with them. The female made the Reticulans cover Earth in Biomass, and when it was complete, in "screamed" across the entire universe, bringing the males to Earth to compete for the female. That "scream" was what drove the Reticulans planet-side insane, crippled the ones on Mars, and gave the humans psychic powers and cyber-compatible mutations.


The Truth: In 2002, Mike Webster had died without anyone knowing how it happened. Bennet Omalu had ruled that Webster’s death was related to brain damage (concussion). The NFL tried to do its best to prevent the story from coming out by strongly denying the allegations. However, seven years after Webster’s incident, the NFL finally came out acknowledging the connection between playing football and brain damage.

Several known deaths have been associated with Project MKUltra, most notably that of Frank Olson. Olson, a United States Army biochemist and biological weapons researcher, was given LSD without his knowledge or consent in November, 1953, as part of a CIA experiment and died under suspicious circumstances a week later. A CIA doctor assigned to monitor Olson claimed to have been asleep in another bed in a New York City hotel room when Olson exited the window and fell thirteen stories to his death. In 1953, Olson’s death was described as a suicide that had occurred during a severe psychotic episode. The CIA’s own internal investigation concluded that the head of MK ULTRA, CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb, had conducted the LSD experiment with Olson’s prior knowledge, although neither Olson nor the other men taking part in the experiment were informed as to the exact nature of the drug until some 20 minutes after its ingestion. The report further suggested that Gottlieb was nonetheless due a reprimand, as he had failed to take into account Olson’s already-diagnosed suicidal tendencies, which might have been exacerbated by the LSD.


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In Vedic astrology, the degrees of 26 Aries to 10 Taurus are ruled by the Krittika, or Pleiades. One born under the influences of the sisters is said to be fiery, warlike, and adventurous. Under an aggressive exterior, the natives have a deeply nurturing quality and have great capacities to support others.

In the early game in Afterlight, lasers fall by the wayside to rifles. In the late game, laser cannon can rule the world; Martians and Beastmen Matriarchs are very weak to them, and very resistant to projectiles.


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Wave-Motion Gun: Warp weaponry is the peak of Reticulan engineering. It uses a method the humans can barely comprehend to tear targets up by warping the space said targets occupy. As such, the Reticulans make them into Rifles and Pistols. The Humans, on the other hand, make Resonators and Demolition Devices, and then later, Warp Medkits.

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In Bronze Age Europe, the Autumn solstice and Winter equinox were associated with grief and mourning. At the solstice, the Pleiades would rise in the east as the sunset in the west, thus the association with mourning and the passing of summer as well as the harvest season.

The Nebra Disk, found in 1999 by treasure hunters in the Saxony-Anhalt region of Germany, portrays the star cluster with the moon and sun — dated to 1600 BCE, researchers believe it may have been a portable astronomical instrument. The artifact is the earliest known portrayal of the Pleiades cluster in the West.


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Also, in Afterlight, the Beastmen look like they were invading at first, using Martian hyperspace portals, while the "Martians" are waking up from stasis because the humans tripped over their defense robots. It turns out that The Beastmen are the original Mars residents; the "Martians" actually came to Mars in a male Myrmecol many millennia before, defeated the Beastmen, and banished to some far-off hellhole using the portals. The Beastmen are now coming back, to brutally reclaim their old home.

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The USS Princeton, one of the carriers belonging to the USS Nimitz strike group, claimed to have noticed an unknown aircraft 100 miles from the coast of San Diego. Interestingly, the military team followed the object at approximately 80,000 feet, after which it seemed to remain stationary above the Pacific Ocean.


UFO Driving License v.2

Truth: In the 1960s, the Tibetan Resistance received millions of dollars from the CIA. The CIA even had the Dalai Lama on payroll earning $180,000.

In 1973, with the government-wide panic caused by Watergate, the CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all MKUltra files destroyed. Pursuant to this order, most CIA documents regarding the project were destroyed, making a full investigation of MKUltra impossible. A cache of some 20,000 documents survived Helms’ purge, as they had been incorrectly stored in a financial records building and were discovered following a FOIA request in 1977. These documents were fully investigated during the Senate Hearings of 1977.


Svaha became pregnant, and when her child was born, a rumor spread that six of the Rishis’ wives were somehow the baby’s mother(s). When the seven Rishis heard this, they divorced their wives, but one, Arundhati (the star Alcor) refused to leave her husband. The other six wives became the stars of the Pleiades.

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Asshole Victim: The Beastmen were kicked off of Mars and onto a distant planet after the green "Martians" invaded the planet in a Myrmecol mating ritual. When the human explorers accidentally activated the portals to said distant planet, the Beastmen Jumped at the Call to reclaim their old home in a genocidal crusade against everyone on the planet.


Organic Technology: Inverts the curve set by X-COM, as organic armor and weaponry becomes less common as the series progresses. Reticulans are so advanced that almost everything they build is a living organism, much like The Edenists. Of particular note is their ships: they start with a Reticulan "volunteer", inject them with something, and the ship grows from and around the new pilot, who is conscious. There's no one flying Reticulan UFOs because the UFOs are the pilots. Human scientists wisely decide not to copy the tech directly.

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This is the perfect computer program for UFO Watchers - Alien Abduction Researchers and UFOlogists. This program lets yourecord detailed information about each sighting, such as: DATE OF SIGHTING, TIME, SIGHTING DETAILED LOCATION, DETAILS OF THESIGHT.

Chicago O’Hare Airport Sighting – Chicago, Illinois November 2006: On an overcast day, United Airlines staff and pilots at Chicago O’Hare Airport reported seeing a flying saucer hovering over the airport terminal. The vessel then shot up into the air so quickly that it punched a hole in the clouds. The FAA called it a “weather phenomenon” and did not further investigate the incident.


These bizarre aliens are extremely psychic, so much so that the " Starghosts" you fight are actually armies of hypnotized animals being led by a single projected illusion of the actual sentient alien. A projection that can kill you, from the other side of the Solar System, no less.

It certainly helps that humanity has the remarkable ability to make use of any new technology in a disturbingly short time. The best advice the aliens could have used would have been to outfit their weapons with self-destruct mechanisms. As it is, they can expect any new-to-humans technology they field to be used against them in as long as two weeks and as short as six hours.


The sprawling Xiaoling Mausoleum is the tomb complex of the Hongwu Emperor, founder of the Ming Dynasty. Located near Nanjing in Eastern China, when viewed from the air, the tomb complex echos the arrangement of the visible Pleiadian stars. According to author Wayne Herschel, this geoformation is a star map.

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One day Agni, the god of fire, saw the Krrtika and fell in love. He knew they belonged to the Rishis, and despondent, he wandered in a forest trying to forget them. But the little goddess Svahi, embodied by the star Zeta Reticuli, saw Agni and was smitten. She disguised herself as the Krrtika and offered herself to him — he believed he had won the Rishis’ wives.


Reviews - UFO: Aftermath feed

Delphos Ring Incident – Delphos, Kansas November 1971: Sixteen-year-old Ronald Johnson claimed to have seen a glowing object hovering over a specific area close to his family farm in the early evening. When he went to fetch other witnesses the object had vanished. However, an eerie glowing ring was found where the UFO had been. Another witness corroborated to police the sighting of the strange flying object.

Power Copying: Humanity does this in terms of technology. If an enemy fields a weapon against the humans and they manage to capture it they will figure out how to operate it themselves, likely within the span of a day or less.


The chapters (22-25) dealing with souls and the presumed knowledge of the soul are especially bad with respect to biblical theology and any sort of thoughtful theological approach. The CE bolsters its ideas without any appeal to exegesis of the Hebrew or Greek texts and no citation of scholarly sources. But wait, aren’t books by theologians and ancient theological authorities found in these chapters? Yes — and I’ll stand by what I said above. All of this source material is English-Bible based and amounts to theological speculation or antiquated traditions, not exegesis. And I’m nearing the point where the last person I want to see quoted about the Bible is Augustine. Augustine didn’t know Hebrew or Greek (and he is quoted as hating Greek). He did not know how to interact with the original language of the Scripture text. A fledgling seminary student who has a year of Hebrew and Greek under his/her belt could do more in the text than Augustine. Everything he does is based on the Latin Vulgate or Church traditions.

Ball-Lightning Generator, as well as a literal Infinity +1 Sword: the Katana can maul a Martian dead in one swing. There's also the Chainsaw Crossbow, for longer-distance mutilation.


Immune to Bullets: Aftershock's Flatsters, which are large, dinner-plate sized crustacean-looking things. They're extremely weak to energy weapons, but essentially immune to non armor piercing bullets, and still highly resistant to those. Fortunately they're little more than an irritation due to their exceptionally weak melee attack and hideously inaccurate ranged attack.

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A Type 1 Civilization on the Kardashev scale can harness and store all of the energy from its home planet. We haven’t quite achieved this level yet, but it is believed we will probably reach it soon.


Katanas Are Just Better: For absolutely no logical reason whatsoever, it's a melee weapon in Aftershock. The insane cultists like to charge at you with them, often not wearing any armour. In this case, katanas do not stop bullets.

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The Reticulans even base one of their late-game weapons designs, the Collapsible Plasma Gun, on human portable turret designs. The Glossary description for the weapon remarks on the irony.


More Stupid Copy Protection That Does Nothing But Piss Off Legitimate Users

Truth: The Manhattan Project cost nearly $2 billion to create and was a codename for the project which ran during WWII to create the first atomic bomb. The Project spanned over thirty different sites and covered countries such as the United Kingdom and Canada. In secrecy, temporary towns were built and for more than 25 years no one knew about the project.

It was during this era that Cameron became known worldwide as the first chairman of the World Psychiatric Association as well as president of the American and Canadian psychiatric associations. Cameron had also been a member of the Nuremberg medical tribunal in 1946–47.


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Albarelli theorizes that Project SPAN involved the contamination of food supplies and the aerosolized spraying of a potent LSD mixture in the village of Pont-Saint-Esprit, France in August, 1951. The 1951 Pont-Saint-Esprit mass poisoning resulted in mass psychosis, 32 commitments to mental institutions, and at least seven deaths. Albarelli writes that Olson was involved in the development of aerosolized delivery systems and had been present at Pont-Saint-Esprit in August, 1951. According to Albarelli, several months before resigning his position Olsen had witnessed a terminal interrogation conducted in Germany under Project ARTICHOKE. While most academic sources accept ergot poisoning, poisoning by mercury, mycotoxins, or nitrogen trichloride, as the cause of the Pont-Saint-Esprit epidemic, others like paranormal author John Grant Fuller in The Day of Saint Anthony’s Fire have reached conclusions similar to Albarelli’s.

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Armor-Piercing Attack: Some conventional weapons have Armor Piercing ammunition. The Warp Weapons take this to the extreme, since they are able to completely phase through armor, and in fact do more damage the heavier the armor the target is wearing.


The Pleiades were the seven daughters of the pre-Olympian Titan Atlas, and Pleione, a nymph. According to myth, the Pleiades, named Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Taygete, Celaeno, Merope, and Asterope, were dedicated to Artemis, the Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt.

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The cluster’s brightest star is Alcyone, judged to be seven times brighter than our sun. There are actually more than 1,000 stars within the cluster, and under optimal conditions, around 14 stars may be seen with the naked eye.


Lawrence Teeter, attorney for convicted assassin Sirhan Sirhan, believed Sirhan was under the influence of hypnosis when he fired his weapon at Robert F. Kennedy in 1968. Teeter linked the CIA’s MKUltra program to mind control techniques that he claimed were used to control Sirhan.

Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting – Mount Rainier, Washington June 1947: Pilot Kenneth Arnold witnessed nine “circular-type” objects flying in formation at twice the speed of sound. It was dismissed out of hand by an Air Force investigation. Arnold maintained his account until his death in 1984.


The Belgian UFO Craze

In devising our own credibility rating system for UFO sightings, Newsweek built upon Hynek’s foundations. The astronomer and preeminent UFOlogist valued sightings that involved multiple or highly credible witnesses. We have also incorporated advances in technology into our scale. The advent of cameras and infrared devices on aircraft have presented new kinds of evidence for sightings.

The Most Prominent UFO Sightings In Human History

MK Ultra, John Lennon spied on by the FBI, Heart Attack Gun and Bohemian Grove are some of the few conspiracies that turned out to be true. Out of the many conspiracies that are out there, a handful have turned out to be hoaxes.


Aftershock lets you build all sorts of projectile weapons. In the assault rifle category, you can make the AK47, HK33, M4 and XM8. However, unless you're looking to do a lot of damage (AK47), the XM8 is superior due to very high innate accuracy. Most other projectile weapon categories end up functioning the same way.

Aftermath has a very nasty one, because you might not even know it's a bug, frantically looking for the solution. Namely, after Biomass is introduced, you need to take sample of it and put it into research and in no time you can repell it. If the bug kicks in, you can't take the sample.


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Plant-like, photosynthetic humanoids. Like plants, they are very difficult to kill with bullets; you need edged weapons to take them down. And again, like real plants, they are very sensitive to electromagnetic fields (which is how they communicate), which explains why their technology is based around computers and robotics, while their weapons are plasma cannons, lightning guns and EMP grenades.

Stillness in the Storm The Most Prominent UFO Sightings In Human History Comments Feed

Roswell Incident – Roswell, New Mexico July 1947: Hundreds of witnesses claim an alien craft crash landed near a ranch with one or more dead extraterrestrial beings inside. In 1997, the Air Force released a report denying everything, and declaring “case closed”.


In Afterlight, after you conduct a study on the material you use as "Fuel", Ramirez comes to the conclusion that it's the result of Biomass putrefaction, indicating that the "Martians" covered Mars in Biomass long ago, like the Reticulans did to Earth. The Solar System is just unlucky like that.

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C) If this notion were true — that evil entities are somehow dependent on the work of occultists to act — then why do the innocent suffer? If it is true that evil needs human spell casting or solicitation to act, then it is equally true that without it — or with opposite human “force of godliness” — the demonic world is crippled. This is actually a violation of free will when it comes to spiritual beings, not to mention (again) an inflated view of human influence. Frankly, it amounts to cosmic nose-counting and a proportionately low view of the sovereignty of God. Did the battle of Normandy tip in favor of the Allies because just the right number of people prayed?


The cluster appears in Homer’s Odyssey and Iliad, referenced as a signal for the beginning of planting season in May. Hesiod, another Greek epic poet, referenced the Pleiades in his poem, Theogony.

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Stephenville is a small town in Texas, known for its dairy production. In January 2008, a strange object was seen in the sky. First, there was a report of strange white lights above highway 67, which seemed to be changing pattern erratically. According to a local pilot, the lights were a full mile long and a whopping half a mile wide. He estimated they were travelling at 3,000 miles an hour.


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In May 2004, mankind achieved first contact. Or rather, aliens, named Reticulans, strolled over to Earth, ignored all attempts to make contact, and dumped a copious amount of spores into the atmosphere as a means of hello. A week later, the spores, having rapidly multiplied, fell en masse to the surface, choking the life out of the planet. The few survivors of the devastation gathered together with one purpose in mind: to extend a proper thanks to the visitors.

Aftershock has the Barrett sniper rifles with attachments, with these you can dead-eye enemies from ludicrous range and long distances. Another contender is the PKM or M60 with attachments, they have a high rate of fire and decent base damage plus enough ammo to last major battles. But the real dinger is the armor-piercing ammo that you can research or loot, this will shred anything other than the Starghost phantom. Even Wargot power armour and Flatsters will come apart after a couple of rounds of armor-piercing bullets.


Truth: This was the largest conspiracy as it involved hundreds of loyal members of Hitler’s Nazi Party. The plot was to assassinate Hitler and blame the assassination on the Nazi SS. The plan almost worked.

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This is a small sample of Pleiadian myth and symbolism. This relatively tiny star cluster has taken on proportionally huge significance in almost every ancient tradition and cosmology.


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Beastman equipment (with the exception of their weapons) can't be reverse engineered. Their medkits are based on an entirely different physiology, and their detection equipment is only good for detecting non-Beastmen. However, studying their detection equipment does allow you to develop methods of defeating it.

Readers naturally wonder what the endgame is in this scenario, and the book doesn’t disappoint. Redfern’s information sources made it clear that the CE firmly believes that not only are the aliens who are thought by millions to be visiting earth and abducting people actually demons, but that these entities are controlling a process (involving humans) of disclosure. The goal of disclosure is quite sinister: to convince the public that ET life is real and that it has been in contact with humanity for some time. And this will of course make the idea put forth by wacky people of faith that aliens are demons look perfectly silly–when that is precisely what they really are. In order to meet the ET threat, or at least to stave off any deadly conflict, a new world order for global governance will have to be put in place. Evil demonic entities masquerading as aliens and wicked humans will run the new world order, thereby enslaving humanity. The alien goal is further described by the CE as the harvesting of human souls.


Hindu mythology holds that the seven sisters, called the Krrtika, were married to the Rishis, the seven sages that made up the stars of the Great Dipper. All lived together happily in the northern sky.

Its year 2005 and some biomass attacked almost all lifeforms on our planet Earth, you survived this "appocalypse". You found a group of people and are formed "Council Of Earth" and you accepted their invitation as a leader of "Phoenix Company" and your job is to eliminate the treats to the mankind and rise it from the "ashes".


In Operation Midnight Climax, the CIA set up several brothels in San Francisco, California to obtain a selection of men who would be too embarrassed to talk about the events. The men were dosed with LSD, the brothels were equipped with one-way mirrors, and the sessions were filmed for later viewing and study. In other experiments where people were given LSD without their knowledge, they were interrogated under bright lights with doctors in the background taking notes. The subjects were told that their “trips” would be extended indefinitely if they refused to reveal their secrets. The people being interrogated this way were CIA employees, U. S. military personnel, and agents suspected of working for the other side in the Cold War.

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This is not a bad series of ufo. Every ufo part is good in way but have differ ideas.


Thus begins the story of UFO: Aftermath (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=5073), the first game in the UFO: After Blank series by Altar Interactive (officially, it's known as the "UFO" series, but you know the Internet). Considered the Spiritual Successor to the X-Com series, the UFO: After Blank games combine a geoscape-like view of the planet for strategic planning, and tactical squad-based action for missions. Research and development are extremely important for advancement. In many respects, the game is similar to X-COM, but the addition of real-time tactical missions, as well as a unique strategic game focused more on territory than resources and a complex story, sets the game apart from X-COM. Unfortunately, the series does not break from the X-COM tradition of crippling bugs and glitches. This got worse with the sequels, which were often rendered unwinnable.

Aftermath delights in throwing all kinds of weapons at you, though to its credit, you'll generally find rare weapons in the countries where they were developed (the Neostead shotgun is generally found in the southern areas of Africa, for example). By the time you get some of them, though, you're likely using laser or plasma weapons, making them impractical.


Early CIA efforts focused on LSD, which later came to dominate many of MKUltra’s programs. Technical Services Staff officials understood that LSD distorted a person’s sense of reality, and they felt compelled to learn whether it could alter someone’s basic loyalties. The CIA wanted to know if they could make Russian spies defect against their will and whether the Russians could do the same to their own operatives.