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This is not a terribly thoughtful port (note to developers - the PC has a keyboard that you might say is custom bloody designed for typing in names) and there's not enough meat to the game to score it any higher. However, if you've got young kids who hate Romans, but aren't quite ready for gibs, Asterix will keep them off the meth for a while.


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Everything about Diddy Kong Racing is perfect. The vehicle controls are easy to get to grips with, but also allow more experienced players to pull off trick moves for maximum effect. The graphics may be cartoony, but they're incredibly detailed and without a hint of slowdown. Even the music fits, with chirpy tunes that are almost but not quite recognisable as familiar songs, which change tempo as the race progresses and alter subtly depending which character you're playing!

It's sort of Mario 64 meets Mario Kart 64 meets Wave Race 64 meets StarFox 64. The challenging game (click now)'s essentially a racing game with karts, hovercraft (which fly over water), and airplanes, set in a huge Mario-like world. Your goal is to find and unlock gigantic doors that lead to various race challenges, which include boss match-ups. You must finish first in every race to earn gold balloons and open the doors. There are 20 basic tracks, but variations pump that number to near 50, according to Nintendo game (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=84) testers.


Once you've finally managed to complete all four silver coin challenges in a world, you face the boss again for another race. This time, cheating reaches new heights, not that the bosses are models of probity to begin with! Victory is finally rewarded with a quarter of a magical amulet that turns part of the huge Wizpig statue in the central arena to flesh (eeurgh), and at that point you start looking for the heart pills, because you've still got another three of the bloody things to get hold of.

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At the start of the game (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=1106), you appear in a large central area patrolled by friendly elephant genie Taj. As well as waterfalls, butterflies and squashable frogs that make an amusing noise when you run them over (they pop back up after a few seconds, animal lovers), there are entrances to four 'worlds' - Dino Domain, Snowflake Mountain, Sherbert Valley and Dragon Forest. To start with, only the first of these is accessible-you need to collect a certain number of golden balloons to enter, the first of which is conveniently located by the door. Each world has four tracks, plus a battle game and a boss challenge which are both initially locked.


Victory in each race gains you another balloon, and once you've beaten all the tracks in a world, you are taken to the boss's arena and challenged to a race. Beat the boss and you've beaten that world, right?

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Eventually, you will manage to collect all four amulet pieces, at which point you can fly your little plane down the gullet of the giant porker statue and challenge Wizpig himself to a duel. Beat him - and if you thought the other bosses were tricky sods, they look like Martin Lewis in comparison to Pork Boy - and the game is over.

Nintendo's N64 titles are getting harder and harder to find fault with, and Diddy Kong Racing confirms the company's position as the producer of the best videogames in the world. Sony might have sold more machines, but as their rival's games increase in quality and quantity, it looks certain that 1998 will be the year Nintendo take control again - and a lot of that is down to a company out in the boonies of Warwickshire.

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Beating a boss for the first time - not an easy task in itself - merely opens up a new challenge. The tracks that you've previously beaten now become the battlegrounds for the 'silver coin challenge', where as well as racing against and beating seven skilled and callous opponents, you also have to collect eight silver coins that have been scattered around the track.

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Players can race in various craft including: go-karts, hovercrafts and airplanes. Much of DKR's gameplay is based on Mario Kart 64 (powerslides, projectile weapons power-ups) but certain levels in the game are based on other N64 games. The Hovercraft levels are very reminiscent of WaveRace 64 and the flying levels are a PilotWings 64/Star Fox 64 combo. With more than 20 different levels, fully polygonal graphics (complete with environment mapping) and four-player action, Diddy Kong Racing has the potential to be a hit.