A trooper in an M-203 is better protected than a combat cyborg of equivalent cost, although the battlesuit is a larger target and its use requires extra training and maintenance. The M-203 "Borgjager" is presently undergoing evaluation by United Europe elite units, notably the Foreign Legion.

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The original King Ghidorah was a full-body costume at first, with a blue body and iridescent wings. However, some of the crew mistakenly thought it was supposed to be golden, and special-effects director Eiji Tsuburaya liked the idea so much he gave the word, having the crew change the color right before filming. As the arch-enemy of Godzilla, King Ghidorah had a costume that required 25 people to operate its three heads and two tails.


Pollution deposits a Shizuoka Prefecture's Taganoura Port triggered mutations in Hedrium, a mineral life form that piggybacked its way to Earth on a meteor. At first, it took the shape of a large tadpole, but after repeated cell division and amalgamation it eventually reached its fully evolved form—an uncanny destroyer of life and civilization. Hedorah is a monster of pure contamination, feeding off factory smog and waste fluids to grow. It turns metal to rust and bone to ashes wherever it passes. However, its body is weak against dryness, and ultimately it was turned to ash by electric bolts from the giant electrode plates made by the Defense Forces.

It appeared as a guest monster tie-in for Expo '75 in Okinawa. King Caesar is modeled after the traditional Okinawan "Shisa," a lion-dog statuette used to ward off evil spirits.


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Is your life worth more then theirs? It sickens me to even look at you.

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The Final Fantasy Legend: Near the end of the game, you'll find a fallout shelter, and inside the remains of a family fleeing the nuclear armageddon that made the World of Ruin so ruinous. On one of the bodies you'll find a journal left by the father as he watched his children starve to death as the game over music plays. Incredibly tear jerking, especially given the amount of censorship at Nintendo at the time.


The game’s combat effects are also commendable. The 3D Unit movements when tearing up bots are surprisingly fluid and never looked stiff. Units’ skill effects (lightning effects, lasers) however, were only rendered in high-res 2/5D pixels and are quite unconvincing. Needless to say, presenting most parts of the game in 2/5D made the visuals look and feel half-cooked. Not that the game’s overall graphics totally sucked but I would really love to see this game in full 3D like Eve Online.

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Ruskograd: a ghost town in the Siberia tundra. Officially abandoned after a Soviet nuclear accident, Ruskograd is a covert headquarters of the international defense organization known as UNISTAR. Here, top-secret battle mecha are built, repaired, and kept combat-ready to deal with the alien marauders that swarm down from the stars. For UNISTAR's elite technicians and mecha pilots, the defense of Earth is an awesome responsibility.

Due to the poor radio propagation environment of mountainous terrain, the Satyr assisted the Alpine forces of the Tactical Corps in maintaining communications between their units. This Battloid was equipped with a powerful communications relay capability, which could be boosted by the addition of high gain whip antennas. It was also equipped with a powerful radar set for a non-combat Battloid that was evidenced by the twin arrays located to either side of the head.


The Rodan in "Godzilla: Final Wars" (2004) was controlled by the Xiliens, invading New York and wreaking mass destruction. It also took down the Earth Defense Force (EDF)'s airship "Rumbling", subsequently attacking Godzilla at the foot of Mt. Fuji along with King Caesar and Anguirus, but it found itself in an ambush instead.

A mech is not an efficient weapon system. There are three factors that hinder them.


The Mechagodzilla in the Heisei series was a full-body costume made of thin, lighter weight fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). However, because repairs became time consuming, it was decided before the start of filming to avoid shooting intense hand-to-hand fighting scenes.

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Due to the poor radio propagation environment of mountainous terrain, the Satyros assisted the Alpine forces of the Tactical Corps in maintaining communications between their units. This battloid was equipped with a powerful communications relay capability, which could be boosted by the addition of high gain whip antennas. It was also equipped with a powerful radar set for a non-combat battloid that was evidenced by the twin arrays located to either side of the head.

However, when we see her in The Sims 3, she's more of a Jerkass Woobie. She lives alone in a mansion built for three, having lost her husband during their honeymoon. If one checks, you can see the half-built nursery in the mansion as well.


The Satyr provides full protection from nuclear, biological, and chemical hazards, using a fully sealed cockpit module activated by radiation and hazardous chemical sensors, or manually when biological warfare conditions are anticipated. The module is also armored and gives the Satyr the option of operating off-planet on the Moon or elsewhere in the system. The internal consumables supplies can provide atmosphere purification for one week maximum on Earth and 48 hours in a hostile environment such as the Moon or Mars.

In the midst of a battle with Mothra, Kiryu's computer became self-aware and threw off the control of its operators. The newly sentient Kiryu sent the message "Sayonara Yoshito" to Yoshito Chujo, the engineer who made life-saving repairs to the robot, and plunged itself along with Godzilla into the depths of the Japan Sea.


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A cheerfuly optimistic deadbeat, a reformed Monolith member, the hapless surviving pilot of a military operation-gone-wrong and a former Dutyer that you first met after he drank you under the table. With snorks, hamsters, zombies and Monolith cultists all gunning for you, there is a very good chance that one or more—possibly all—of them will not be coming out of that tunnel with you. And even if they all do, the reveal that you are an undercover military agent leaves the ex-Dutyer feeling betrayed and he walks off, never to be seen by you again. You can find him duking it out with some snorks, after which he may thank you by giving you a custom light machine gun.

A Heavily armed and armored mobile support weapons platforms. We never put close combat weapons on them. Every hardpoint is mounting a ranged weapon.


The armor stops all small arms, heavy infantry weapons fire, and light mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the Zentraedi 22/3mm HE autocannon round, and fair to good resistance (Mark III) or good resistance (Mark IV) to medium mecha (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9462)-mounted weaponry, such as the Valkyrie’s 55mm APFSDS round. The arm shields provide good resistance to medium mecha (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=1352)-mounted weapons and poor resistance to heavy mecha-mounted weaponry, such as the VHT-2’s 120mm shell.

The Heisei series Mothra in "Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth" (1992) was the guardian deity of the Cosmos, an indigenous people only 18 centimeters tall. In this version, Mothra hatched from an egg excavated by a Japanese firm that was doing construction and development on Infant Island.


II: Armed combat model upgrading the armor, weapons and drive systems of the Satyros. Used by the TC Alpine Divisions from 2021-2033.

Kaiju Guide Godzilla Nisenjuushi.png

This, the first giant robot hero in the series, was based on "Red Alone", the winning entry in Toho's official monster design contest. However, the entry design did not have a robot face, and it also had wings on its back.


The sixteenth film, "The Return of Godzilla" (1984), was a sequel to the very first film in 1954, consequently resetting the continuity of the previous Showa series releases up until that point. Thus began what would be called the Heisei series, culminating in the epic 22nd film, "Godzilla vs. Destoroyah" (1995).

The Ammunition was a mix of Tungsten-coated depleted Uranium Armor Piercing Spin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot (APSSDS), High Explosive Armor Piercing (HEAP) and tracer rounds. This weapon was not frequently used.


Corolla G6 and G6R

The Minilla appearing in "Godzilla: Final Wars" (2004) is a juvenile of the same species as the Godzilla that was discovered on Mt. Fuji by an elderly hunter and his grandchild. With the sentient ability to commune with humans, it serves as a bridge linking kaiju and people together. Before long, it is expected to grow to giant proportions and become able to shoot forth atomic breath like Godzilla.

And the character is the creator, Jason, of the game himself. And his mate is his real life wife.


Godzilla originated as the relict species of an organism whose evolution from an oceanic reptile into a land animal was interrupted by thermonuclear testing in the Pacific Ocean, the effects of which caused it to turn into a monster. Its name is derived from the legendary "Gojira" beast of Odo Island. It has the ability to shoot a shining, bluish-white radioactive heat ray from its mouth that decimates all in its path while causing its dorsal plates to glow.

The goal of the game is pretty straightforward. Players just need to reach the maximum level and have the best equipment in the game so they can complete the toughest missions the fastest.


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The ending itself is also bittersweet and can invoke this. At the very end of it, the patient (who is actually the player character, contrary to the game's opening premise), awakens and again becomes cognizant of reality. Then he asks where his wife, Jean, is and he must be reminded that she passed away. The game's epilogue includes a note from a doctor stating that she has had to give the patient this sad news multiple times.

Gun Digest Desert Eagle Pricing & Reference Comments Feed

A decent role-playing system merged with an excellent world: Europe afternuclear war. The players are soldiers remaining from a large European groundconflict left to fend for themselves on an unfriendly landscape.


An incarnation of the Oxygen Destroyer appears as the final monster to conclude the Heisei series, tenaciously attacking Godzilla as if to put an end to him. Shocking imagery such as the scene with the swarm of adolescent crustaceans attacking the police force generated publicity at the time.

Remember in the Tom Cruise WotW movie. Once the tall tripods lost their shields. They were meat on the table for that Infantry unit which took them out with shoulder fired AT weapons, IIRC AT-4s.


In "Godzilla: Final Wars" (2004), King Caesar was controlled by the invading Xiliens, ultimately destroying Okinawa. It pounced on Godzilla using pro-wrestling melee techniques such as tackles and flying scissor kicks.

Desert Eagle Baby Eagle 9 mm

The game’s main selling point is its Gundam inspired sci-fi theme. Even if it sounds like a rip-off from a major mecha franchise, it has plenty of factors making it a fun MMO. And together with the game’s extensive unit development, ZO would still undoubtedly give players tons of entertainment.


Jason Roher's other game, Gravitation is also heartwenching. To get by, you must play ball with your girl. If you are greedy and go for the box points for long, you'll fall down and find that see it gone and your environment gets darker. And the little girl is modeled after his own girl.

Length of scissor arms

An upgraded form of Mechagodzilla featuring the experimental anti-Godzilla combat vehicle "Garuda" (model number: UX-01-92) fused to its back as a power generator. Super Mechagodzilla's offensive power and its output have both been enhanced in the upgrade, with dual high-power Maser beam cannons on its shoulders serving as its primary weapons.


A whole new sensor suit was designed, using the Westinghouse’s latest 360 degree battlefield radar system. This radar could detect incoming missiles and main gun rounds, and was networked to the head lasers and arms. When an incoming missile was detected, the EL-8s would automatically engage to shoot them down before they could reach their target. The arms would automatically shield the main body from main gun rounds. Israel’s own Electro-Optics Industries Ltd. Provided the rest of the fire control system.

A mutated organism created from Godzilla's DNA that had been scattered in outer space during a fight with a rival, which subsequently crystallized and synthesized inside a black hole before absorbing the energy of a fixed star. Highly intelligent, it invaded the Earth in order to kill the original Godzilla.


A second Hedorah appeared in "Godzilla: Final Wars" (2004). It was manipulated by the Xiliens to attack Godzilla in Tokyo Bay, shooting red lasers from its eyes and spewing sulfate mist out of its mouth. However, Godzilla was able to blast it ashore with its atomic breath, causing it to crash into buildings before ultimately being incinerated.

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This is two sheets of customer unit counters for print and play with Panzerblitz/Panzer Leader. All units are color-coded by battalions from the famous German 3rd SS Panzer Division and Soviet 7th Mechanized Corps.


Second to the grind is the vast power gap between cash shoppers and free players. Better upgrade items are exclusively available in the item shop and there is only one official weekly event that rewards players with Cash points (ZPs). If you want to compete be sure not to miss this weekly event as the cash shop items really are a huge boon in your quest for the best mech.

Lollipop Chainsaw of all games has an unexpectedly sad cutscene during the final chapter. Juliet and Nick are inside Killabilly, and the only way they can finish him off is if Juliet attaches Nick's head to Swan's corpse, which is attached to Killabilly's heart. The conversation between Juliet and Nick that unfolds in this scene, as well as Juliet giving Nick one Last Kiss, is incredibly gutwrenching, and the extremely well-done voice acting from Tara Strong and Michael Rosenbaum also doesn't help.


The Satyros saw combat in the Malcontent Uprisings in the upper Andes, fought the Robotech Masters all over the Western Hemisphere and it battled against the EBSIS in Eastern Europe (go to my blog) after the Second Robotech War. They acted as combat engineers and as infantry support battloids. Later, during the Invid Occupation, they served in a limited capacity with freedom fighters where their role in the fighting was not relegated to the mountains. No complete, functional models are known to exist today.

The "Godzilla: Final Wars" (2004) version of Kumonga produced a tough threaded net and used its ultimate attack, the "Tenacious Binding Death Net", to capture its victims. Controlled by the Xiliens, it assailed Arizona before landing in New Guinea to launch an attack on Godzilla. During the fight, Godzilla caught it in its own thread and tossed it into the air, never to be seen again.


Dead Record: The Printable CollectionDead Record is a game filled with small scale battles on interesting maps. In its conception, the game was intended for use with beautifully created 3D model scenery.

A memory of the patient meeting people and hearing their names, and being unsure of whether they should be familiar. One of them is the patient's son.


That ending is made worse considering you can save her. All it requires is leaving Shelly, Riffic and Lynch to die out in the jungle, once again betraying everything you know and knowing that your daughter hates you even more now.

The thing about mechs is every one seems to assume they're the slow pondering things we see in WotW, Battletech and 40K. Anime paints these things in a different light, when one looks at Gundam they start off a bit slow. But are soon moving faster and more agile, heavier armor is eventually discarded as all it does is slow them down as beam weapons melt right through it.

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PK tournaments are also held weekly and monthly. The tournaments are split and categorized into three ranking groups. Top ranked pilots are definitely rewarded greatly. Additionally, dueling is also available as a safe alternative for battle hungry players seeking harmless practice.

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An artificial version of King Ghidorah that was defeated by Godzilla, remaining in suspended animation under the sea in Hokkaido for 212 years before being revived by the 23rd-century Earth Union Organization (EUO). Mechanics remodeled its central neck, wings, body, and legs, turning it into a powerfully armed cyborg monster. The Futurians had planned to crush Japan, which was on the cusp of becoming a world superpower two hundred years later. Using time travel, the Futurians attempted to return to the past and dispose of Mecha-King Ghidorah's natural enemy, Godzilla.


All the information needed for the sixth scenario from the Operation Market Garden Battlegroups and Battlegames book published in 2021. This game is the heroic stand of 2 Para and other elements of the British 1st Airborne Division at the Arnhem road bridge.

Desert Eagle Pricing & Reference

Each laser is capable of 500 kJ output. For use against light armored vehicles and for self-defense.


In addition to its increased weaponry, the newer model [was] no longer operated by remote control, but instead was linked with Dr. Mafune's daughter-turned-cyborg, Katsura. As long as she was alive, Mechagodzilla 2 could not be shut down.

A descendant of an amphibious dinosaur that lived in the oceanic regions near Ogasawara. Although originally a dinosaur of meek character, its discoverer Dr. Mafune implanted a control device in its head to help him exact revenge on society. Titanosaurus was subsequently used as a vanguard by the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens to lay waste to Tokyo. It has strong claws that can tear up the outer shell of a deep-sea submarine, and when it spreads its tail into a fan shape, it can produce wind gusts of up to 320 meters per second. Ultimately, it was driven away when it was discovered that the ultrasonic waves of its control device were weak.


Kaiju Guide Baby Godzilla, Godzillasaurus Larva.png

The original Kumonga was operated using piano wire, a stark contrast to its subsequent appearance as CGI animation. The original model wound up 5 meters tall and required close to 20 people to operate it.

Raiden II (US set 1) by Seibu Kaihatsu (Fabtek license) (1993) Developed by Seibu Kaihatsu Inc. Released 1993 Also For Windows Published by FabTek, Inc. Perspective Top-down Setting Sci-Fi / Futuristic Genre Action Gameplay Arcade, Shooter Visual 2D scrolling Description Three years ago the alien invasion was crushed and the few survivors fled back to space where they came from. Now they have returned with bigger numbers and weapons. In this top-down shoot-em-up you must fight hundreds of enemy.


The concept isn’t entirely new: In the late ’60s, General Electric designed a machine that would allow sailors on aircraft carriers to lift 1,500 pounds for loading bombs. Only one of machine’s arms worked, though, and it never saw sea duty.

Rampage: World Tour (rev 1/3) by Midway (1997) Developed by Game Refuge Inc. Released Mar, 1997 Also For Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, PlayStation, SEGA Saturn, Windows Published by Midway Games, Inc. Perspective Side view Genre Action Gameplay Arcade Visual 2D scrolling Description Rampage World Tour is a updated version of the classic Rampage. Rampage World Tour starts off at Scumlabs International where three lab technicians, George, Lizzy, and Ralph have mutated in an accident involving.


Song of Drums and Shakos is a fast play Napoleonic skirmish game based on the popular Song of Blades and Heroes mechanics. Winner of Best Historical Miniature Rules Award at Origins 2009!

The company also launched a mecha-musume spinoff line called Frame Arms Girl

Destoroyah emerged from a crustacean colony from the Precambrian Eon, awoken from its sleep on the ocean's floor by the "Oxygen Destroyer", an underwater oxygen-disrupting agent used to defeat the original Godzilla. Over 40 years it mutated due to prolonged exposure to the modern atmosphere's high oxygen content.


Praise for the Empires series: “Great game! Will be putting this game up there for my club to play next Thursday. There is good variation for different skill levels.

Baragon is a kaiju descendant of the Mesozoic era reptile, Baranosdragon. Having an extreme aversion to daylight, it normally lives below the earth, coming above ground at nighttime to feed by attacking and preying upon humans and livestock. It has strong muscles it uses to nimbly dig its way through the ground as it makes sport of its enemies.


Desert Eagle Baby Eagle .40 S&W

Robotech (R) is the property of Harmony Gold. Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross (R) is the property of Big West Advertising, Tatsunoko Studio and Ammonite studio. This document is in no way intended to infringe upon their rights.

A monster created by the Millennian space aliens who absorbed Godzilla's potent self-regenerating "Organizer G-1" cells but were unable to maintain control of the reaction. In an effort to find a new home after their own world was destroyed, the Millenians traversed space in a UFO before arriving at Earth 60,000 millennia ago, during which time their bodies degenerated into quantum fluid to due prolonged exposure to radiation in space. They lay dormant at the bottom of the sea until they used energy from the light of an underwater sea exploration vehicle to revive themselves, and then proceeded to plan their conquest of Earth. The mutated Orga, with a new ability to regenerate immediately after being injured, fought Godzilla and attempted to assimilate it by swallowing it whole from the head down.


Resonance of Fate has a heart-wrenching moment on a bridge, complete with a dramatic, rainy backdrop and a dramatic and emotional last-minute rescue by an unexpected party. For those who wish to know, Your main protagonist, Zephyr, is actually the murderous lunatic seen in the opening scenes of the game who is 'dead' to everyone but a select few.

Specially developed for the SC ground Battloids, this cannon used pulse technology to offset the beam attenuation caused by the lower layers of the atmosphere in which it was used. This pod was utilized in cases where more impact than penetration was required, and was introduced around 2031, although primarily with the combat battloids first.


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Moguera debuted in the Sci-Fi movie "The Mysterians" (1957), becoming Toho Pictures' first robot monster. During the planning stages it was made with full-body treads along with a miniature model featuring built-in functional mechanisms, but they did not operate smoothly, so a full-body costume ended up being used in the film.

The crustaceans can grow from micro bodies of 2 millimeters in length to chloride bodies and then to adolescent bodies 2 meters in length. After appearing at a Tokyo Aqua Line construction site, they assaulted people with their micro-oxygen rays. They were then attacked by the SDF Maser Freeze Cannon, but they combined into a larger body before transforming into a flying creature with an animal-type face. Once their internal energy source, micro-oxygen, became exposed to a heated environment, their mutations began to accelerate, and before long they changed into the Oxygen Destroyer. Destoroyah is the crustaceans' final evolved form, boasting extraordinary prowess in combat and the ability to heal itself when wounded thanks to its hive body.


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And despite having some inconvenient drawbacks, Zero Online is still a great game. The PK system is the primary feature that makes this one of the many competitive MMORPGs in the market. Credits, as well, to the game’s extensive Unit development system.

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It has a body made of "space titanium", an element stronger than steel, and an internal automated missile factory that can supply a limitless supply of of warheads. In addition, it can also fly at high speeds using the jets in the soles of its feet. With its sizeable number of thermal lasers, it was able to overwhelm and corner Godzilla, but Godzilla managed to paralyze it after electro-magnetizing his body, plucking off its head and leaving it to sinks to the depths off Okinawa's coast.

Megalon was born as a rival to the TV special-effects giant monster heroes during its day, and was designed as an amalgam of the beetle, the cicada, and other insects that were popular with children at the time. When moving, it makes great leaps like a grasshopper.


But on the other hand, the developers still did a great job of not making the space fields empty by adding awesome 3D rendered planets and some satellite looking flying objects. Also, players shouldn’t worry about getting lost in space for this game also has an autopilot feature just like in many other TQ titles. With just a click of a button the autopilot will take you to your selected map NPC/area.

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The age of the country at war (3rd Edition 2021) An elegant system focused on the feudal Japanese era (Sengoku Jidai) for the 6mm size of wargaming. This rules system is a tour de force and utilises unique features only found in 2D6 products!


The global version of Phantasy Star Online 2 is immediately available on PC and Xbox One. Sega recently updated the online game with new Episode 6 content on December 9, 2021.

All the information needed for the fifth scenario from the Operation Market Garden Battlegroups and Battlegames book published in 2021. This game is the attempt by the British 1st Airborne Division to break through the German stop line to reach the beleagured 2nd Para Battalion at the Arnhem road bridge.


OnRPG Zero Online: Mecha Madness! Comments Feed

The version in "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II" (1993) took the form of a descendant of a pteranodon that hatched and mutated from its egg after lying in a dormant state since the Mesozoic era on the Island of Adonoa in the Bering Sea. Stimulated by the wavelengths of ancient lotus japonicus plants that were amplified by a chorus of girls from the ESP Research Institute, it spit heat rays and mutated into "Fire Rodan".

The Mk. I was an unarmed military construction/salvage/mining robot for use in the mountains. With the Southern Cross Armies beginning as a unifiedcommand of the RDF units in South America, they quickly discovered the vulnerability of this mecha in a combat (https://karinka-selo.ru/content/uploads/files/download/hacker-mecha-combat-arms-europe.zip) situation without built-in weapon systems. Therefore, the Southern Cross Army Robotech Research Department (SCAR) devised an armed refit for this battloid to assist in mountainous combat arenas like the Andes mountains.


The ancient insect Meganulon in "Godzilla vs. Megaguirus" (2000) lived in an ancient lake 300 million 5 thousand years ago, but they were thrust into the present day due to side effects from ground tests of the anti-Godzilla weapon Dimension Tide. They nested in Shibuya's underground water veins as they preyed on nearby residents.

The larvae of an ancient insect that emerged from a coal mine at the foot of Mt. Aso. Breeding in underground caves, the Meganulon feed on the humans around the coal mine one after another. Despite their hard exoskeletons that are impervious to bullets, they are a staple in the diet of the Pterosaur descendant, Rodan. Although they were brought back to life by the volcanic activity of Mt. Aso, the Meganulon were ultimately devoured by the hatchling Rodan.


Mecha Journal Bofors SRB-9 Satyr Combat Search and Rescue Robot Comments Feed

This extraterrestrial monster was created to battle Godzilla. It first emerged from a giant meteorite known as "Gorath" that landed in Tokyo. Monster X is thought to be the ultimate weapon of the Xilien invaders, who approached mankind in a spirit of friendship. A biped with two slim legs, it attacks with greater power and speed than Godzilla while boasting such durability as to comfortably withstand the impact of a meteorite collision large enough to leave a giant crater. The gravity beam shot from the red eyes on its three heads is equal in power to Godzilla's atomic breath. Upon being defeated, it undergoes a metamorphosis into Keizer Ghidorah.

The Tearjerky part is when Archie is shown cowering in fear before the heroes. It’s a stark reminder of who Archie really is: a child. A child caught in a whirlwind of anger and suffering, and nearly died because of it. Fortunately, the cutscene turns Heartwarming when the heroes lift Archie to his feet.


Tear Jerker / Video Games

In the more recent Millennium Series, the Godzilla universe was reset once again, with each work separately situated as a continuation of the 1954 film. The "Millennium" version of Godzilla was the second version of Godzilla after 1954, this time attacking metropolitan cities and power plants as if it loathed the human race and its advanced science. The "Godzilla vs. Megaguirus" film had Godzilla survive the end of the 1954 movie and return to attack Japan three times. The film "Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack" took place after 1954 and concentrated on the deep-seated resentment of the victims of the Pacific War.

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Just like air superiority you need to gain Titan superiority. Everything in range will blast away at them, they are priority targets. Titan should generally not fire at anything else but enemy Titans.

The Godzilla of 1999 and beyond evolved to have a tougher appearance and rough dorsal plates. It frequently attacks Japan like a natural disaster, inflicting great damage upon the human race.


In the flash game Once Upon A Life, you help a spritely old man retrieve the scattered photos of his scrapbook. It's a mix of awesome, heartwarming, and funny as he has to go on a wild and crazy adventure to retrieve them all and reminisces about his long and fulfilling life. After getting them all back, he returns to his retirement home, satisfied with his adventure which the narration describes as an "encore" to a life well lived. It's implied the old man dies in his sleep that night.

Biollante escaped the Shiragami New Plant Research Laboratory near Lake Ashi in Kanagawa and began to grow exponentially, eventually appearing as a giant flower-monster with gargantuan flora blossoming in he lake. Sensing the existence of another monster with similar biological makeup, it used its fanged roots to take on Godzilla. After succumbing to Godzilla's atomic breath and disintegrating into glistening particles, it absorbed that same energy that mutated into a plant monster with crocodile mandibles. The plant monster proceeded to move nimbly through the ground, causing earth tremors while attempting to to assimilate Godzilla as its prey.


A memory of the patient trying to figure out why an old music box doesn't work. His son points out that it's actually a cushion.

The juvenile of Godzillasaurus found by Rodan hidden among the eggs in its nest on Adonoa Island in the Bering Sea. When hatched at a laboratory in Kyoto, it mistook the female researcher, Azusa Gojo, for its mother, and was raised by human hands. It possesses a kind of telepathic power and can send for help from family or allies when facing a crisis. Rodan, its brood-parasite parent, can also respond to its telepathy.


Kumonga rests underground in a place called "the Valley of Kumonga", so named by its discoverer, the archeologist Dr. Tadashi Matsumiya. When feeding, it weaves a trap by using sturdy threads it spews from its mouth, and captures its prey by shooting a venomous needle from its jaws.

Mechs vs. Tanks Topic

This monster was a space dinosaur the Nebula M Space Hunter aliens turned into a cyborg to serve as an invasion weapon. It is equipped with mechanical weapons from head to toe, including talon hammer hands and rotating cutters in its abdominal region. The cyborg is designed to carry out joint operations with King Ghidorah, and it's operated by a special signal from "Godzilla Tower," a conning tower constructed in the invasion front line base made to look like an amusement park.


All the information needed for the fourth scenario from the Operation Market Garden Battlegroups and Battlegames book published in 2021. This game is the Allied attempt to clear the way to Arnhem and link up with the Poles at Driel.

Though neither its basic performance nor output have changed, new equipment has been added and its offensive power has been amplified. A tri-shot Hyper maser has been installed in place of the Absolute Zero in its chest, and its right hand can transform into a drill-type Spiral Claw at its wrist.


My personal favorite feature in ZO is the Unit’s transformation. Every player’s Unit can be transformed into an upgraded version once you reach a set level. Apart from a cooler appearance, new skills are also unlocked. Furthermore, when players reach lvl 135, they are granted access to the game’s Pilotage system. This system gives compensation to the lack of classes by evolving the mechs to a certain kind of Unit Class. Evolving to one special type unlocks special perks that are effective against a specific unit’s weapon mastery.

But if you have been a nice "User" and helped them live a rich and happy life, it's a Tear Jerker crossed with Funny Moments as the Reaper shows up with dancing hula girls and wearing a lei to escort the happy Sims into their next life. Someone must have been watching Monty Python's The Meaning of Life.


A Smaller Corolla for Japan

Although it was killed by the artificial life-form Frankenstein when it first appeared in "Frankenstein vs. Baragon" (1965), Baragon was later discovered below Mt. Amagi and protected in Monsterland in the film "Destroy All Monsters" (1968). The second-generation Baragon is controlled by the Kilaaks, entering the fight with King Ghidorah after Paris is attacked.