From the simple setup and auto-discovery to schedule reports, PRTG Network Monitor provides a monitoring experience that even newcomers can leverage. Viewing network usage data via the dashboard is simple, and the user interface is the most compelling feature of PRTG Network Monitor.

  • Monitoring via packet sniffing
  • We’ve also provided a review of the best network monitoring tools and software to compare with other products
  • PRTG Review – A Must-read Guide to Paessler Network Monitor
  • Just add PRTG's Cisco IP SLA Sensor to ensure that your network performance is suitable for VoIP
  • Using PRTG to monitor your available DHCP leases
  • By adding additional sensors to your network devices, you can monitor a variety of aspects of each device
  • But, manually pausing monitoring of certain sensors in your big network is not worth the effort
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By monitoring several hardware sensors for temperature, humidity, etc, PRTG will no-tify you in the event of uncommonly high values. For example, if an APC sensor box measures more than 27°C, the applied SNMP Library sensor can show a warning status and notify you to take care of the issue. Perhaps the air conditioner is having a problem? With PRTG and a corresponding hardware sensor cable connected to the air conditioning unit, you can check it easily from your computer.


Dependencies within the system can also be created to temporarily pause notifications for secondary systems; for example, a monitoring service could be temporarily deactivated if the firewall has been taken down for maintenance, preventing extraneous messages from being created. Sensor monitors can be acknowledged in the system to mark issues are currently active; this can also prevent repeat messaging on alerts.

There are several types of cloud monitoring available through PRTG. This is especially useful when considering the types of software and platforms that are provided as a service rather than a product. For example, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) can refer to web hosting, file sharing, or storage drives; software as a service (SaaS) can be run remotely rather than on a local machine or network location; and a platform as a service (PaaS) provide a development environment for programmers and maintenance technicians. All of these types of services can be monitored with PRTG.


It is easy to set up and use, with full product functionality included as well as full product support and upgrades for the lifetime of your subscription. And the pricing model is straightforward, based on the number of sensor points set up on the system. As your network grows, or your tracked data points expands, you can simply upgrade your subscription and keep all of your customizations intact.

Another key selling point for Paessler’s PRTG platform is a mobile app that lets you track each network device individually. Every piece of physical hardware is given a custom QR code attached to the device. Simply scan the QR code, and the app will take you directly to network monitoring data directly relevant to that piece of hardware, including a device summary and any problems. This is ideal for diagnosing the root cause of a problem, or troubleshooting a faulty piece of equipment.


The first step in implementing autodiscovery is to scan each segment of the network by pinging all connected devices (devices must be capable of receiving and responding to pings, or they will not be automatically mapped). Then, those devices are assigned a type based on your system definitions. Finally, sensor sets are established for all devices of a given type; these can be system-defined options, or programmed manually.

In-depth reporting is a hallmark of this system. Reports can be run manually, or set to be produced automatically at defined intervals. They can also be exported and downloaded in a variety of file formats, including PDF, HTML, XML, or CSV.


IpMonitor is available for Windows

Adding cloud monitoring can provide robust reporting and dashboard displays for various data points on your system. By adding additional sensors to your network devices, you can monitor (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=3959) a variety of aspects of each device.

Once the defined alert statuses have been created in the system, PRTG will send a specific notification. These statuses could refer to changes in sensor status, threshold breaches for speed or volume, or system values. Alerts could be emails, push notifications, alerts on a messaging system, or other system functions such as adding an entry to an error log, running an executable program, or assigning a case ticket.


Monitoring large IT infrastructures

In addition to environmental factors, unauthorized persons can have a critical impact on your infrastructure's security, and of course, should not have access to sensitive areas in your office. Using PRTG in combination with corresponding hardware sensors can help you ensure that all observation cameras are running, that all doors and windows are locked, and alert you to any possible problems.

A network monitoring solution such as PRTG Network Monitor (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=2488) helps an administrator to manage the challenges of his everyday work. It presents a highly advantageous supplement to a network's infrastructure and provides relief for the IT department on one hand, and is able to reveal previously unrecognized optimization possibilities on the other.

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Custom dashboards can be created through a variety of methods. A certain number of standard dashboards are delivered with the system itself, but they may be customized through a drag-and-drop interface. This does not require any programming knowledge, but may involve some level of experience with the system in order to maximize their effectiveness. You can add a wide range of charts, graphs, tables, topology maps, and other display types to easily read and interpret data. HTML can also be used to create highly customized dashboards if desired.


Hopefully, this provides some useful information! In the next blog, we’re going to show you how to monitor Windows Server Backup success/failures using PRTG and a custom Powershell script. Very handy when you have countless individual machines (at remote branches for example) that use Windows Server Backup and need a quick and easy way to determine whether the backups are running successfully or not, without having to remotely login to each individual server to check the status.

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When the sound quality of Voice over IP (VoIP) calls drops dramatically, or video streaming hiccups occur frequently, you need to investigate the relevant cause. Could it be jitter, packet loss, or packet delay variation of the network connection? Both VoIP and video streaming services rely heavily on a steady stream of data packets, and quality of service suffers if UDP packets are not received in a timely fashion, lost or out of order.


You need to address those questions quickly and in a comprehensive way. And for this, you need something that gives you the answers you need right at your fingertips.

Network monitoring tools and network monitoring (check this out) software are essential to running a successful business with any kind of online presence. Whether it’s maintaining the security and integrity of your customer’s data, or protecting your website or database from malware attacks and hackers, an effective and reliable collection of networking tools is an absolute must. Every tool comes with its own suite of features, all of which have some part to play in keeping your network secure, and numerous options are offered each year as industry needs shift and change.


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Please note that if you may have some trouble running SNMPWALK if the Windows Firewall is enabled on the machine you’re running the tool against. In that case, you can either open up the Windows Firewall appropriately, or you can also use the –r:127/0.0/1 to get the information you need, provided you’re running the tool against the local host machine and not a machine elsewhere on the network.

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You also have the option to deactivate notifications or sensor monitoring for a defined period of time. This can be useful if you are aware of a continuous error in the system and want to deactivate constant notifications on the issue until it has been resolved, or for planned maintenance schedules that would trigger notifications.

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One potential drawback is the pricing structure, which is based on the number of sensors rather than the number of devices. This can come into play when a given device has a growing number of sensors programmed to it; if many devices have an above-average number of sensors, this can become cost-prohibitive if you are required to upgrade to another pricing level.

PRTG Network Monitor vs ESET Endpoint Security Comparison

High temperatures, humidity, water leaks, floods, fire, smoke, brightness-there are all kinds of potentially harmful conditions that could damage your server room or data center equipment. If the air conditioner has an outage, temperatures could quickly rise to a critical point and your servers will soon overheat. Since they cannot just run down to the corner and get an ice cream for a quick cool-down like you can, it is important for you to be proactive rather than reactive. Monitoring environmental values is important to make sure your devices are safe.


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IT monitoring in the cloud

One of our engineers, Matt Granzow, recently found a neat way with PRTG monitoring software to report on the number of DHCP addresses still available for lease in an organization’s DHCP scope. This information can be used for graphing, trending, and email alert notification purposes as necessary.