FIFA.com 1 July — A FIFA delegation led by Tokyo Sexwale has visited Israel and Palestine as part of the ongoing efforts of the FIFA Monitoring Committee Israel-Palestine to identify solutions to issues hindering the development of football in the region. Today the delegation visited Gaza where they could see first hand the facilities of the Palestinian FA that were destroyed in 2021. The FIFA delegation also met with representatives of the Israeli authorities, but the meeting with the Israeli Minister of Culture and Sport originally planned for Thursday had to be rescheduled due to the many flight delays following the terror attack on Istanbul airport. The delegation met representatives from the Israel and Palestinian football associations and Mr Sexwale has scheduled a meeting with the President of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas. The discussions focused on the measures currently being developed to better deal with permit applications and avoid security-related delays with regard to the free movement of Palestinian people and equipment connected with football, an area where marked progress has been achieved. The pending issue of territory and the question of the five clubs that are affiliated to the Israel Football Association were also addressed and will continue to be discussed with all parties in order to find a lasting solution. On his visit, Mr Sexwale also announced the forthcoming trip to the region by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, with whom Mr Sexwale has been in contact during the visit.

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I asked him why, of all countries, Switzerland being neutral, needed military aircraft. He proceeded to explain something surprising and illuminating.


Even if I was on to something I quit too shallow to conclude. I offered a separate peace, if I apologized I hoped to be forgiven, one on one.

These features will soon be available for AFT Arrow 6 and AFT Impulse 6

Ecuador, having overthrown its government and purged its officers, will either agree to stand down and hand over officers for an international human rights tribunal to be held in Kingston. Free elections will then be held with army officers banned from running. Gallo himself must be handed over. This demand comes from all nations at this table equally other than colombia, who has refused to take in officers. Escaped officers who have taken asylum in Peru have brought the awful crimes to our attention. They shall be placed in charge of the provisional government to conduct civilian elections under Peruvian oversight.


Brain: (whispering) Ronnie, wake up. It's morning kiddo. Congratulations, we made it, we're LXXXV.

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Trump leaves office in a few several hours. The morning of his departure he wants a full military sendoff, a parade, brass band, 21 gun salute, fighter jet flyover, whole nine yards. We’re see, as my sister Kerry would say. They say he’s going home to Mar a Lago, Florida. This is where his followers should follow him. They should establish encampments around or even on his property where they can wave their flags and express their First Amendment, Second Amendment rights, hold bunches of rallies and cry about their grievances. Donald Trump should welcome all those special people he loves to Mar a Lago.


Liberal polling tells them they can win big. The Blue Party leader has no traction with the public. The Orange Party leader will support the Red Party when it serves his agenda. The Green Party leader is about to get turfed. The Separatist Party leader will continue to demand/blackmail them all to ensure Quebec gets what it wants.

Grandpa's jacket was on full display. Ironically, jackets are not part of Oceania's dress code. A full schedule of onboard activities was available to passengers plus nightly entertainment in the theatre. However, the most popular "activity" for this crowd was the afternoon nap.


Embarkation on the Oceania ship "Riviera" took place around noon at the Port of Montreal. That's when passports are confiscated and credit card information is provided to Oceania. Passengers then receive a "Oceania Cruises World Card" that functions as a stateroom key, concierge lounge key and onboard credit card.

Their lives are on Trump’s hands. He can’t wash his hands of the Capitol insurrection. He can’t escape the Proud Boys and White Rabbits. They’re his hired gunsels, and they’ve all been caught.


Unless he says something really really stupid nobody quotes him any more or gives a crap about his opinion. Except among his dire supporters, and they’re all daring the devil and dangling over the edges of the pier in the path of a tsunami, soon to be lost in the Flood.

Marine Corps general and former White House Chief of Staff for Donald Trump, John Kelly, has this to say about his former boss: "He's an idiot. It's pointless to try to convince him of anything.


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Still, no intentional residential damages. Some underlooked apartments with retail on the main floor. A six story unoccupied 189 unit building uncompleted is all, like counting an abortion as a non-birth. How easy it seemed to be able to extend the rage of the crowd to the petit bourgeoisie. Instead we serve as free parking for whoever these guys were cattin’ around at all hours. It occurred to me they walked back to their cars on sidewalks with the thickest boulevard trees, dodging lines of sight from the copters above. I wondered if any of them noticed me on the porch in the dark, preferring not to light a porch lamp and draw unwanted attention to our front door. Were they aware I was there on the porch swing silently having a smoke, observing the night? How judgmental did I look by corner streetlight?

Only four TV channels carrying news were available, MSNBC, Fox, Sky and a business channel. No Canadian news channel, despite half the cruise took place in Canadian waters. The impeachment hearings were available on MSNBC, which made conversations with Americans about what was going on in their country tricky and delicate.


As vain villains these two are, they each command formidable followings among scary thugs and deplorable bullies who have the capabilities to scare otherwise normal people with prophesies of armageddon. Small a. To most people life without a police department is unthinkable even if most people don’t really meet up with the police that often and the least they are seen the more people feel secure because they are not reminded as often that police exist. Then there are criminals who never want to see the police but see them too much, all the time. Most people imagine a city without a police department as a city in free fall where outlaws with guns rule the streets.

There are several things humans can do when someone invades our personal space. Ironically, virus (COVID-19) has imposed a new kind of personal boundary zone that may be difficult to discard when this nightmare ends.


Liberal frustration with the way the mainstream press treats President Trump may have finally reached a boiling point this week. Here’s some evidence that we may be seeing a more concerted effort by Democrats and progressive advocates to change the way the political media covers our terrible president.

Brain: It's sad that we have to grow old to appreciate we needed help when we were very young and need the same kind of help (again) when we are very old. That mirrors the chestnut saying "Diapers to Depends or the cycle of life".


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Speaking of gentrification, the restoration of burned down commercial buildings will alter our cityscape forever. Corporate retailers like Target, Cub Foods and Walgreens have already begun to rebuild in situ to serve their neighborhood clientele. The smaller shops, storefront businesses and bistros who rely on landlord developers to determine what form reconstruction will take are undercapitalized and under-insured, so their pathways to regain viability will require creative financing at the grass roots level. Sadly, a lot of these small businesses were owned and run by ethnic or minority entrepreneurs. This calls into question the identities and motives of the looters and arsonists. Much is being debated about the role of white supremacist agitators framing Black Lives Matter for the riots (my daughter-in-law prefers the word insurrection) to incite race war. It defies logic why an angry mob would burn down its own livelihood. There must be nihilists at work here.

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Any life is a mission and every mission has a life, each a journey into the unknown, each a story whose plot charts the trajectory of beliefs and desires against the ground of reality over the course of time. It is the tension between the first and the latter that propels the action and moves us through the telling, leading us to climax, the locus of dreams and nightmares.


Under interim peace deals from the 1990s, Israel collects tax revenues on behalf of the PA, which exercises limited self-rule. The monthly duties currently amount to between $130 million and $155 million, Israeli and Palestinian officials say. The cash is crucial to running the PA and paying public-sector salaries. Israel withheld tax money in 2021 and 2021 in response to Palestinian moves for statehood recognition abroad.

Yes, as I’ve previously stated Benjamin’s vocals ARE impressive as he’s able to sing and snarl with the best of them, but here the writing behind it is far too monotonous or two-dimensional. While there are peaks and troughs of specific talking points scattered throughout the 12 tracks on offer, the idea of repeat listens is more than a touch laborious, with the album as a whole coming off as disappointingly boring and repetitive in places. Ember is quite fitting as a title really, for on this evidence, the fire’s gone out and we’re left with just a smouldering lump of used up carbon.


At the rally on the 6th Trump directed the crowd to go to the Capitol and fight like hell to overturn the election. He explicitly offered to go with them, although he went back to the security of the White House instead to watch the insurrection on TV. Was he appalled by the horror? No. Some aides say privately he was stricken with glee. Did he direct a tweet on Twitter to stop the attack, stand back and stand down? No. Did he even have the decency to phone his vice president, bunkered down within the Capitol, to inquire if he was okay? No. As the attack dissipated and reinforcement authorities reclaimed the Capitol, Trump put out a hastily recorded video telling the mob to go home in peace. He called them beautiful and said he loved them.

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George Floyd was laid to rest in his beloved Houston, Texas, next to his mama. Nonstop for several hours an array of eloquent black people gave white America hell, and I watched on TV from my home and didn’t take an iota of offense. What they all said was true and I felt grateful for instruction and the expressions of mercy.


This year we arrived a week ahead of any of our gringo cronies. It gave us more time to get together with our Mexican friends, who also love Roxanne. She is uncomfortable with the Mexicans only because she feels lost in Spanish and insecure in conversations, though it doesn’t seem to stifle our Mexican friends and they talk to her anyway. Roxanne admits that somehow she thinks she understands what she’s hearing and she is understood. I am no Miguel de Cervantes but I don’t shirk from trying my best espanol because my friends will correct me and guide me to what I want to say, and half the time they just want to practice ingleis.

The other is the roving musicians, usually trios, guitars, accordions, bass, sometimes a snare and a little cymbal, always dressed in uniform as cowboys with wide Stetson hats, rugged shirts, jeans and elaborate leather boots. Families employ them to serenade their parents and grandparents with old favorites. Roxanne says she thinks Mexican music sounds like Czech polka.


Obvious conflict and confrontation. More conflagration, conflation and escalation in store. Roxanne and I weighed all this back and forth like the scales of justice only the blindfold off, or around our noses and jaws as it were, going about our daily putzing and ruminations, weeding the gardens. Roxanne raised seedlings in paper cups and they were ready to transplant, and so we did.

Generally, states award all their electoral college votes to whoever won the poll of ordinary voters in the state. For example, if the Republican candidate won 50/1% of the vote in Texas, they would be awarded all of the state's 38 electoral college votes.


He said he took curative drugs, not therapeutic ones, but he didn’t need them, he would have got well without them but he wants to supply them to every American. He says he thinks he might be immune, he doesn’t know. He says he knows Kamala Harris is a communist, which is a sure sign he’s at his wits end, the last refuge of a Bircher and McCarthyist is to j’accuse an opponent of being not just socialist but communist — I’m surprised he hasn’t nicknamed her Kommie or The Kamassar and yet I have to realize he really isn’t that smart. That stuff goes over with the wink-wink doggie whistle crowd and it seems perhaps he’s a blessing for flushing turds like the Proud Boys and Wolverine Watchmen out of the woods and put on display where decent people can see who they are so they can decide as mature, reasonable people whether they want their children to learn anything from them.

Chelsea Star: Rooney Better Than Zola

You will thoroughly find film web site page that play with dispatches. By getting a charge out of on the net experience the weight of acquiring a fix on the squeezed week’s end which you do not have to make to the film house when you will discover new movies which exist. You have two other options in the event that you like to consider length online you can see totally without cost in it or you can purchase to be able to see online. There are game plans of people that do tendency spending various bucks to see watch free movies and TV shows up. For those locales where spend and you have to oblige, you will find unmistakable worth potential outcomes. The cost on a solitary site page could not be precise astoundingly same to another site. There are various objections where you can pass on others on the standard expense and besides onetime cost despite some engages you to pay per see.


The object was the International Space Station (ISS). Seeing the ISS with my own eyes was a first for me; especially given it has been aloft in the heavens for more than 15 years and orbits Earth sixteen times each day.

Pay no attention to the speedboat. Watch the beach, look at the tiny masajistas waving at clients walking the sand. You want to wave at somebody but can’t tell who’s looking up. You look for Rafael and his red flag. The murmur of the motorboat drops and you hear a whistle, and there’s Rafael in his t-shirt and hat and big black shades frantically waving red, so I reach up to my left with both hands and grab the strap under the flying red ribbons and pull the strap to my heart. Just as I stop still high in space no longer moving vertically I look down at everybody else looking up but there’s no time to wave. I am floating still for a second stuck thirteen stories in the air. Then Rafael blows the whistle and drops the flag to the sand and I leg go with my hands and begin to coast downward, straight down into Donnie and Pedro’s arms and barefoot I land and feel the ropes and the chute fall down behind me and they keep me standing up.


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What they only see is a political opportunity to win a majority now, in the Fall of 2021. They appear prepared to hang onto power even if they have to bankrupt the country to get it.

It means more families who will wake up in the middle of the night. It means killing more Palestinian teenagers. Because we have the power, the weapons, and the law at our disposal —. How would you like your occupation? The public discussion in Israel revolves around the question of how exactly we can continue the occupation. Should we do it by attempting to “improve the Palestinians’ economic situation” or should we step up their dispossession in the West Bank? Should we try and “improve trust between the two sides” or instead expel the majority of the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem? Should we make “gestures” such as putting a temporary moratorium on home demolitions during the month of Ramadan, or should we continue with demolitions, as was the case in Wadi Ajheesh in the south Hebron Hills last week? Either way, Ramadan will end in a week, and we can go back to demolishing as usual. The inner-Israeli discussion is defined, first and foremost, by the arrogance of the overlords and goes entirely above their subjects’ heads. Palestinians are sometimes eligible for residency (and sometimes are not), they sometimes receive water from us (and sometimes do not), and sometimes they get to live (and sometimes they do not).


Ronald, ready to explode: "Listen very carefully pal, I'm only going to say this once. If I join you in reading a verse from the Bible, a lightning bolt will come down from the sky, directly from Thor's hammer, to strike you dead.

The time of the broadcast draws near. Excitement and anticipation fills the room.


The shear number of votes effectively silenced any opposition from elected Republicans, who cower in fear of Trump's army. Despite some of them also being targets of an attempted coup by 'his' mob, hell bent on murdering his most loyal supporter, Mike Pence.

I asked her if maybe the reason I started breaking out after doing her routine was that I have sensible/dry skin and that I just need to moisturise instead of putting acids on my skin. She said that moisturising can make me break out so that I should be careful with that, which seems weird?


The only light, a flickering glow from several television monitors. Without orange makeup, his face a ghostly white. Transfixed, he stares at the pictures muttering 'tear it all down, tear it all down, tear it all down'.

Passengers planning to go ashore do so at their own risk. One million Quebec homes ended up without power and the much anticipated Fall leaves colour show blown away by Mother Nature's storm.


I used to read a newspaper in English called The News which was peddled by a guy named Victor on the beach every day but Sunday, a paper published in Mexico City that covered the whole country, which cost $15 MX pesos a day — 75 cents USD. I read it for signs of progress. Too often it told stories like the 43 students from a teachers college who went missing in Iguala, a town in the hills of northern Guerrero, in September 2021 and never turned up. Follow up stories in The News never solved the crime by the time the newspaper ceased publication a couple of years ago leaving Victor selling soccer t-shirts. Victor says it’s the internet did in the paper. That itself should have been another sign of progress, universal technology. I preferred newsprint partly because of all the trouble it takes to put a newspaper together every day and ship it a few hundred miles for somebody to read on a beach instead of thumbing up down and sideways with a smartphone like all the Mexicans now do.

They looked very much alike except the brother had a bigger tummy. Victor says Javier had to retire, developed a back condition and a bad heart. Now that I think about it, Javier is the one the hotel staff used to call Panza.


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We congregated with our neighbors, ten feet apart at least. Little David, neighbor on our opposite corner on 32nd warned we should wet our roofs with our garden hoses. He said he was at the precinct riot the night before. All he was doing was being peaceful and protesting. He said he saw the mysterious guy with the umbrella and the hammer smash the Auto Zone windows — Little David said the guy wore a police style uniform and did not describe him as a ninja. He confirmed he was hearing on the street that outside agitators from the antifa and ultra-right organizations were rushing to town to coordinate trouble to force a political showdown in the culture wars — Little David used that description — to instigate a race war of the Charles Manson Helter Skelter variety.

I hope he does it. Chelsea have totally left it up to him. So if he goes, Mr Chelsea will be Mr Judas.


Then President Trump started sniping at the weak leftist mayor of Minneapolis for losing the police station. The president said he expected a tough response to looters and how he was sad to see such a great American city as Minneapolis in such distress. It wasn’t too long ago he called Minneapolis a shithole city of immigrant ghetto crime, a sanctuary city. On this Friday he issued his rootin’ tootin’ remark about lootin’ and shootin’.

A celestial object shining like a bright star rose from the northwest horizon. It only took a few minutes to pass overhead to then disappear below the southeast horizon; travelling toward mainland North America.


Aft educational issues departmental leiter hall of fame

All directed by a delusional charlatan shaman showman who rules by lies, who commands legions. Mar a Lago is the new Tora Bora. Donald J Trump is America’s Osama Bin Laden.

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The governor eventually sent in the National Guard and called a curfew. Apologizing for his faith in citizens to act responsibly he marched the Guard in columns down Lake Street as soon as they could be mustered. He implored citizens again to be peaceful in their demonstrations and conclude their rallies by sundown, get off the streets and not to allow looters and rioters to hide behind them.


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The idea has been floating around since 1516 (Thomas More, "Utopia") - provide everyone with the means to afford basic-needs. Then, the poor won't need to resort to stealing (to survive) and become criminals.

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After eight o’clock, when the rally was scheduled to wind down, the exodus people returned to claim their cars. As the long rays of the setting sun cast steep shadows and reddening light between the trees, Roxanne and I observed the transition. Simultaneous to the exodus came more cars jockeying for next available parking. Much as the night before the newer arrivals were mostly male, favored black clothing and ball caps and racially white.


On Saturday the president traveled to Florida to laud the SpaceX manned rocket launch from Cape Canaveral, the first NASA space launch in about nine years. In Trump’s speech after the spectacularly successful launch he went off script and began to ramble about what a good man George Floyd was and how he had spoken with Floyd’s family and extended condolences. Mrs Trump did not accompany the president to Florida but presumably stayed behind in the White House bunker. Back home in DC Trump warned protesters they would face vicious dogs if they breached onto White House grounds. He blasted looters and rioters for dragging the economy further down than the coronavirus pandemic, which he keeps blaming on the Chinese as if they unleashed it on purpose.

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He breathes like he’s fighting indigestion. His suit and tie and managed hair belie his twitches. On the balcony alone between the pillars he pictured himself in all his glory as he stripped off his mask. His face is very angry, his jowls tense. His eyes and his voice convey madness, not crazy like a fox but crazy as a hyena. His suit and tie is his uniform. He stood on the balcony at twilight killing the network news time posturing for cameras as a living fuhrer.


IMEMC 30 June — Israeli soldiers have kidnapped, late at night and earlier on Thursday, at least fourteen Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank, especially in the districts of Hebron and Jerusalem. The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that the soldiers invaded many homes in the district, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, and kidnapped five Palestinians. The kidnapped, largely from Yatta town, have been identified as Odai Masalma, Mohammad Manasra, Yazan Mohammad Zein, Mahmoud Jaber Zein, and Zein Makhamra. In Jerusalem, the soldiers also invaded and searched homes, and kidnapped four Palestinians, identified as Obeida ‘Ameera, Rami Fakhouri, Ahmad ar-Razem, and a child identified as Yousef Shaweesh. Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Three Palestinians In Bethlehem, One In Qalqilia In Bethlehem, the soldiers kidnapped two Palestinians, identified as Mahmoud Da‘amsa and Mohammad Omar Salah. In the northern West Bank district of Tulkarem, the soldiers kidnapped two Palestinians, identified as Ammar Bassam Majdouba, 30, and ‘Eqab Jamal Zabadi, 24. In addition, a Palestinian, identified as Mahmoud Rasem Ekhzaymiyya, 25, from Qabatia town, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, was kidnapped in Jerusalem.

However, this conundrum left us facing a serious problem. Since there was no actual "correct answer", which one would get us a pass on the final exam; the French or English version?


I’m not reliant on omens, but as an old timey literature student I look for foreshadowing in every story. I may have even said that out loud.

Not even curious how much time it might take. Not even during the covid lockdown. Never took it out of the canister. The canister resides on the coffee table. Mona Lisa’s eyes rise up like a periscope amid the sea shells, stones, books, magazines, tiny statuary and toddler toys. She faces me on the couch, where I read and daydream. I am self-conscious of being observed, being watched.


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Emerging from my rabbit hole I’m seeing an awakening to human rights across America and the world inspired by, if not incited by the death of George Floyd. Masked protesters arose in Washington, DC and converged in the park around the White House, prompting the president and first lady to hunker a while in the White House bunker while the Secret Service and Homeland Security reinforced the walls, fences and barriers protecting the White House from the park.

The clean vocals are much more prominent and there’s a fun, almost pop-punk tone to the chorus and it all flows so smoothly, before the album eventually closes up on “GATES OF PARADISE”; another fine blend of mauling metalcore and melody, even including some almost rap-inspired vocals towards the breakdown. There was a lot of hype and anticipation around this record, and I will gladly point out that it IS a quality modern metal record; the riffs, the aggression; it’s all on point, just as the softer moments are and it’s a well-balanced album overall. The metalcore aspects themselves ARE growing tired truth be told, there’s only so many screamed vocals and breakdowns you can hear before you begin to feel you’ve heard all of it as many bands apply a copy and paste formula, but there’s enough here to warrant repeat listens, switching up JUST enough to keep their sound fresh. They aren’t quite on the same level as their fellow Sheffield residents BMTH right now commercially, but the music speaks for itself, and this is an album well worth checking out.


They went back to the AFT analysis and built it how the pipe flow model showed the system would run

Quality player, smart guy, not a douche. Perhaps his only bad quality is which badge is on his shirt.

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Roxanne most readily concedes boredom. She orders books for pickup from the public library and bums them off her sister and scouts the little free lending libraries. She’s an expert on Jack Reacher and Mitch Rapp, which is no shock, in the 1970s she was an expert on the works of John D MacDonald. She watches Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney +. She knits. Sews face masks (currently fatigued).


A shuttle bus took us to the Miami airport where we faced another "glitch". The American Airlines agent advised AA would not honour Oceania's complimentary checked luggage document. We had to fork over another $30 USD X 2.

What happens if there's no resolve? Well then both sides will have to begin preparing for the Waffle-Croissants War of 2021.


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Roxanne cringed as a gray Ford pickup truck ran the stop sign on 31st. That pickup hasn’t got any license plates, she said.

The mystery: Which senior member of the family told Harry 'the palace has concerns about the skin tone of baby Archie? Harry has ruled out his grandmother and grandfather. British media is on the hunt for the royal culprit.


Somehow the Magi found the child on their own. They gave Mary and Joseph gold, frankincense and myrrh, which doubtless came in handy. The Magi figured out King Herod had devious plans for their baby and urged Mary and Joseph to flee the country for the baby’s life.

In AFT Fathom 9, we said Goodbye to Graph Sets and Hello to our brand new Graph List Manager

Needless to say we were unable to mosey around the perimeter. As close as we could get on the commercial side of the street, the chain link fence kept everybody off the sidewalk on the cathedral side of the street. Broken gargoyles collected in the margin along the walls. Plywood implied aftermath of disaster but it was clear, Notre Dame survived the fire and would be restored.


We all face forward with expectation that all this sacrifice will pay off and we will be better. For the moment as we evaluate what we’ve gone through as individuals and a nation, we don’t have to glance backwards very far to see what we could have, should have, would have done. Even without the pandemic to focus our attention we have issues. Maxine the Vaccine will come out shortly, in various brands and flavors, and gradually immunity will spread, and with that normality in its mutated forms. As my friend Jim says, this too shall pass.

The changes are gradual, some profound. High rise condos, eleven or twelve stories tall, stake out the western stretch of Ixtapa’s beach skyline where used to be scrublands and coconut palms beyond the sand. It’s neatly manicured landscape now. The whole Playa Palmar is public beach, so there are public access points alongside some of the condo properties, which are new and solid with balconies facing the sea in the most urban of architecture.


Toscano’s crowd was mostly gringos like us who could barely recite the ay-ay-ay-ay part of Cielito Lindo but couldn’t name That Tune. Violins, trumpets, bass, guitars, the mariachi guys completed their set and took a bow to big applause.

Where else can it go, I ask myself. I imagine back in time when the European kingdoms explored the oceans, and then the lands which led to indigenous exploitation. Old Country colonization, the conquest of lands on the planet not in any way previously contiguous to the Old Country, the subjugation of its peoples and establishment of international boundaries, set the eventual table for subsequent armed political strife that continues through the modern day across Africa, where Black people originated in America.


Critic after critic has over and again cited Trump for committing the Last Straw. And Trump continually like a bad movie serial keeps coming up with one more.

Something's amiss with the neuron circuit connections. I'm working on a synapses bypass.


He laid out a series of grievances at big tech companies and censorship aimed at conservative points of view. He held out the American way of life in the balance if the fraudulent election were not overturned. He exhorted Republican lawmakers to carry his torch and openly challenged Mike Pence to manually overturn the election or else. Highlights replayed from his speech show him telling his people to take back their country.

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As Trudeau-the-elder's train was leaving the station, Alberta wheat farmers were protesting on the platform. Their Prime Minister gave them an Italian salute. An insult Albertans never forgot.


Overall, while Russia isn’t exactly prominent in the world metal scene in terms of household names, L’Homme Absurde are clearly equipped to throw down with some of their more established Scandinavian neighbours. Blackened metalcore may sound a touch niche on paper but there’s enough here in terms of subtle variety to at least warrant checking this out for most fans of alternative heavy music. It’s a solid album and one that could potentially find them larger audiences across Europe, and to suggest otherwise would be, well, absurd.

The kind of day that would freeze the balls off of a brass monkey. The field surrounding the stadium was knee-deep in snow.


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At no time has the human race been more self aware. All eyes are focused on survival of this pandemic that has laid bare the vulnerabilities of humans and human institutions. Those who pretend it’s a hoax, it doesn’t really exist, in fact stand in the way of contending with it. Even if one takes the position that one may as well take no precautions because everyone must get it in the end, so be free, these people at least admit the disease exists and accept the consequences. Realistically the economics will follow the paths of the disease, so state efforts to control customers on premises do less to hamper business openings than covid-19 will eventually do to the clientele.

There has been a 3000 per-cent increase in spending on the CRA's "High-net-worth Compliance Program". A rather significant increase nest-ce-pas?


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In retrospect it must have come as a great shock to city leaders, the governor and public safety and health officials the destructive public outcry. The police were overwhelmed at worst and evenly matched at best in the tit for tat confrontations on the streets. Fireworks sold as commodities on highways through Wisconsin and South Dakota (but illegal in Minnesota) against rubber bullets, tear gas, flash grenades, shields and batons. We do not know what carnage would have occurred if the full force of the Minneapolis police would have been unleashed against the crowds pillaging and setting fire to the city, blocking firefighters from navigating the streets and besieging the 3rd precinct police station. The leaders must have just about freaked out at their miscalculation that Minneapolis people and nice Minnesotans would act out so violently. And at the crux of the matter a bald-faced red-handed occurrence of police misconduct, sheer brutality. Choice: unleash the police to engage rioters to protect not only the police station but all property, or pull back, surrender the property including the police station the most incendiary vandals wanted so much they might have killed some cops to take it over. Yes, the cops would have turned back the insurrectionists with deadly force, killing more than a few peaceful protesters caught up in the cross-clash and possibly driving the arsonists and looters into the residential neighborhoods in hot pursuits. And yet, the buildings would have been looted and burned anyway, maybe worse as the police defensive assaults spurred armed resistance and pinned cops down away from new hot spots. As it was, after the mayhem calmed down there were caches and stashes of incendiary materiel found in residential alleys near commercial strips to be recovered and used the next night, indicating the seriousness of the arsonists.

Not contemporary renditions of bluesy classics. Not Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Amy Winehouse, Lamont Cranston or John Mayall. These recordings echoed true vintage like 78 RPM wax, polished and brushed clean yet so antique you could imagine the needle etching the grooves, like the soundtrack of a 1930s movie, vocals unmistakably black whose names and whose songs so obscure to me — was that Big Mama Thornton singing Hound Dog really? Could this one be Billie Holiday? Who were these raspy old guys wanging these acoustic guitars? Would I know Blind Lemon Jefferson or the real Muddy Waters if I heard them?


Meanwhile, madame Ronald was "busy" removing the bedsheet for washing. Following the dryer-cycle, she called to her husband for help to place the clean fitted bedsheet back onto the mattress.

Even so, seeing a killing jolts me into real world worry about safety and security. The morning after the shooting at Toscano’s (local coverage and social media described it as happening near Ruben’s) I read the morning paper from my hometown on a tablet through hotel wi-fi and read that the night before in Minneapolis somebody shot two people on a bus downtown and one of them died at the scene. The shooter was arrested four blocks away within an hour. I wondered if any of the cops in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo put out any effective dragnet last night. Is it all sort of random, you never know when your number’s up, or is it karma, what goes around comes around — fools names and fools faces.


They gathered outside the 5th precinct just about how they surrounded the 3rd. The issue was insidious institutional racism and brutality built into police culture. Law enforcement should never be above the law. And it needs to be said at every opportunity, Black Lives Matter.

I always hated him because he was quality and he played for rentboys, and he was appauling in the World Cup. This season I realised he's actually a decent honest bloke.


But did it never cross the threshold of any modicum of common sense consideration/contemplation on their part, until Justin and 'Slick Willie' were caught red-handed with arms (up to the elbows) in the goodie jar? And only then was the contract cancelled.

Bannon realized (early on) that his pliable 'student' possessed an uncanny ability to 'perform and entertain' the masses, especially on television and at rallies, which reminded him of two other madmen, Hitler and Mussolini. Stevie recommended Trump copy Benito's mannerism's, considering Adolph's delivery too 'over the top'.


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This matters because Trump debated Joe Biden in a closed auditorium within three days of admitting to testing positive for covid-19. The weekend prior to the debate he hosted a garden party at the White House to present his nominee for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s open Supreme Court seat. The event has now become famous as a superspreader of the virus and calls into question the basic judgement of the nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, to attend and participate in such an event flouting masks and social distancing and every mitigating effort to stop the coronavirus. So many Trump VIPs came down with it the event became synonymous with the White House’s failure to guide the country the past nine months. What’s more, Trump held a rally in Duluth, Minnesota the night after the debate, where his top aide Hope Hicks fell ill with symptoms — the first of more than twenty White House personnel. Even more, Trump met with Minnesota GOP party VIPs and donors in private in the Twin Cities hours before the Duluth rally. And the next day he met with more backers and donors at his New Jersey golf club mere hours before admitting he tested positive.

In the house there was no brewed coffee. There was no electrical service.


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During my time there, and before leaving for another assignment at CBC Vancouver, we managed to increase the annual sports program output on the network to 700 hrs. The large audiences attracted to sports television always brought with it concomitant revenue from advertisers seeking to associate their brand with high-quality CBC sports programming.

The office is too powerful and the consequences are too dangerous, to allow a person to become president who views morality only through the prism of whether an action advances his own narrow interests, his own distorted desires, his own twisted impulses. When an individual comes to believe his interests and those of the nation he leads are one and the same, it opens the door to all sorts of moral and constitutional devilry.


Have you ever inherited a model from a coworker, or returned to a model after a few months and struggled to understand what was changed with each scenario in the model? Or maybe, if you're like me, you left notes that made sense when you wrote them, but are unintelligible now. The new Scenario Comparison tool changes that. This tool helps users create a detailed analysis to compare almost any model parameter across any combination of scenarios in the model.

Gentrification properly defined means a flow of infusion of populism in the form of middle class manners and folkways. This offends people as elitist ethics but in truth a flow of upward mobility characterizes a desired outcome. The idea is to rebuild a human habitat more sustainable than before, more attractive and thriving for those who live and work here, not worse. Means have to be built into the plans for the local entrepreneurs to reopen and future ones to invest. This may sound like bourgeois BS to some, but I cannot think of one poor person who would not like to be middle class.


Maybe someone has experience with certain products one can order from smart shops in the Netherlands. Im looking for chacruna and ayahuasca, just dont know how the quality and the prize in different smart shops correlate. I ordered all sorts of stuff from Avalon magic plants before and this would also be the shop, that sells it the cheapest, at least when you order Caapi and Viridis in bigger amounts it gets cheaper. Is there any other shops with better quality and good prizes?

Later when the curfew went into effect authorities began to detain and arrest protesters who did not disperse. It was an act of civil disobedience, and as the arrested explained to reporters who interviewed them in line to be transported by bus to the jail, they were disobeying the law and were willing to comply with arrest to draw attention to real life racism underpinning social injustice.


Donald Trump, the American president, tells everybody in America it’s totally under control, it’s only one person from China. In his opinion the warmer weather of April would make the virus miraculously go away. The World Health Organization in Geneva declared an international emergency. Within days Singapore acknowledged it had cases.

Whereas, Uncle Joe is a veritable gaffe machine. His recollections become jumbled stories of actual occurrences all mixed together. And he comes off as awkward, and sometimes a little creepy.


John smiled greedily and scurried away to return with a tape measure and a large pad of paper. He took meticulous measurements, again and again, noting each on the large pad. Grandpa thought either John is the most precise tailor he ever encountered or John didn't know what the hell he was doing. Turned out John was not a tailor.

This is in Colombia, but I’ll be going back to Sweden in a month. Right now I’m thinking NOT to listen to her, moisturise the hell out of my worsened acne face, use sunscreen and go to another derm back home.


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Comes to mind a mom, pop and child act where dad plays an obnoxious drum while mom dances with hoops and torches of fire and the little girl does gymnastics. Most offensive is the kerosene for the fires. Others like the classical guitarist and the guitar girl with the weak voice who wants to be Joni Mitchell are innocuous, like the pan flute guy with guitar, who always opens with El Condor Pasa. He was fluting the chorus of Sweet Caroline when the plaza went boom-boom-boom.

A command, issued by a gut-less, vengeful, hateful leader; who in reality is: 'The Coward-in-Chief', 'The Draft-Dodge-in-Chief', 'The Bullshitter-in-Chief'; who's fealty is to 'Vlad the Invader'. Vlad knows his frightened stooge is a fraud, with no sense of duty, honour or empathy, whom he can easily manipulate to achieve Russia's objectives.


Few events in my somewhat more than half century lifetime have galvanized such a vast array of people around such a united theme. The old Peace movement comes to mind.

When Narcos season two came to an end in September, millions of the show’s disciples began to miss it like a 90s It Girl misses her septum. But an announcement last week means they needn’t worry themselves with harder stuff: The series has been renewed, blessedly, for a third and fourth season. The newsflash flew in the face of earlier reports that the white river had run dry, and conjured up a singular question from the Netflix hit’s feverish fans: how could the show go on without Pablo Escobar?


The mob he sicced on Congress that day put up a noose on a scaffold being built for Biden’s inauguration, and it may as well have been strung up there as the very gallows to hang Trump. Swiftly the participants are being identified, and some arrested. Investigators are looking at collaborators within the halls of congress.

As we rebuild our economy and reinvent the police under best practices of justice, we are still barely past midsummer amid a pandemic that has caused an un-Presidented (sic) national emergency this year. Look around and you’ll see more and more evidence of intelligence figuring out this pandemic and working through it than Donald J Trump’s reckless leadership. He and his economic advisor Peter Navarro sound like pill pushers with too much inventory of hydroxychloroquine to get rid of — another of what John Bolton referred to as a White House drug deal. Trump reiterates his wish the virus would just disappear, if only from the headlines. His strategy of not paying attention to it might distract the world’s attention away from it only backfired, so now he wants to get back in the game.


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As we waited for the shuttle bus to arrive, Marie-Jose and I spoke in French, about the results of our federal election. She was delighted that one of her flock, from British Columbia, could speak French. We had a lively conversation for half an hour that nobody else in the group understood. She gave me a big hug as we boarded the bus, convinced that, like her, monsieur Ronald was a dedicated separatist.

We have taken brief sojourns to northern Minnesota to get out of the city. It’s nice to rely that we will find everything safe and secure when we return. Our neighbors around the block look out for us as that nice old couple on the corner. We count on our pitchfork, rake, snow shovel and garden hose platoons. We know our neighbors better than ever now we are retired, even though these days we have to wear masks if we aren’t hollering across the street or a lawn away.


In as little time as it takes the senate to confirm a supreme court justice, the US House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald J Trump for the charge of incitement of insurrection. Primary evidence are Trump’s own words in his speech that sent the insurgent mob down the street to attack the Capitol now observed as a failed coup d’etat. It’s amazing how fast information comes at you these days.

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We open up with a track called “Shattered” and the virtually instant impact of hard hitting chords, with the duel pummelling of riffs and percussion gives this an intense start! It’s bass-heavy and subtly down-tuned but doesn’t compromise whatsoever when it comes to delivering a harsh dose of surging metal.


Trump was going to get comeuppance very soon and the truth laid bare when Congress certified the electoral college. Mike Pence would give Trump’s concession speech by proxy.

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Donald Trump's American coat of arms belongs to another family. It was granted by British authorities in 1939 to Joseph Edward Davies, the third husband of Marjorie Merriweather Post, the socialite who built the Mar-a-Lago resort that is now Trump's hideaway.


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Our Balzy governor impressed me with his get-right-to the heart of the matter leadership — again. His leadership through the coronavirus has been stable and convincing. He used to be a high school history teacher and a football coach, you know.

Haaretz 30 June by Nadeem Shehadeh — The terrorism law that the Knesset passed two weeks ago takes another step towards narrowing the rights of Arabs in Israel. The law employs draconian legal methods found in emergency legislation dating from the British Mandate and in temporary orders, most of which have been applied in the occupied territories for some five decades. The law is adopting them so the state can make use of them against political activity by Arab citizens within Israel proper, and against Palestinians living in East Jerusalem. A glance at the articles of the law shows that the legislator may have purported to create a law to fight terrorism, even at a global level, but is ultimately relying on a number of the emergency measures and orders that the law is supposed to replace. Furthermore, the law includes temporary orders regarding the interrogation of people suspected of offenses categorized under security – which are supposed to be temporary because of their multiple impairments of the rights of these suspects. Now these temporary orders, some of which had actually been voided by the High Court of Justice in the past, have now become an integral part of the law in the State of Israel. The law systematically overlooks constitutional principles, and fundamental principles in criminal law, regarding the process of arrest.


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You're supposed to be my personal attorney and protect my ass. I'm talking about the stories that are spreading like the wildfires in California.

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This year has been one long snipe hunt. The covid-19 pandemic practically knocked the world off its orbit. Police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor ignited demonstrations for social justice and inspired conversations about race long overdue. On top of all this frustration bands of criminals looted and torched small businesses. And gangsters assuming the police are reeling from their own worst practices prowl the streets carjacking citizens and spraying bullets all over the city. City council leaders rouse radicals calling to defund the police at a time when nobody knows what that means, it sounds cool if extortionary, and citizens question whether and how to police itself without law officers. People are unemployed, my son included. The economy is hanging by its toes.


BEFORE THE TRIP: I did a very extreme diet for it, because lately I've been obsessing over my health, the integrity of food, making healthy lifestyle decisions (which I didn't in the past in terms of food), and just overall being pure. The trip was here in my hometown city, organized by a doctor I met at a conference. She brought the shamans from Colombia. Unfortunately, I got my period two days before the ceremony, but since I had already invested 3 weeks into the diet, and felt an extreme need to do it (likeI needed an extreme push to action), I went along with it. The ceremony had about 20+ people, and for the most part the shamans were really uninvolved. A couple of the times they would call us to do energy cleansing, and we did go through 2+ hours before taking the brew into little rituals of protection (praying catholic prayers, asking for the presence of their ancestors, asking permission). But they did leave us on our own to battle our own demons (which I now understand how it's actually a good thing for them to do, at first I was offended).

West from the hotel set back from the widest stretch of beach are the massage huts. There are seven huts, each staffed by seven masajistas and configured to hold seven massage tables. The huts are a cross between a FEMA trailer and a pre-fabricated one car garage, built of sturdy lumber on solid pilings with airy windows and corrugated tile roofs.


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Bigger pops — M80s or rubber bullet rifles. Some of the commotion in the distance involved firecrackers and fireworks pyrotechnics brought by the usual yahoos who cross state lines to stock up on firepower illegal in Minnesota and then entertain the neighbors and get all the hounds to bark anticipating the 4th of July. I could recognize a Silver Salute or at least hope it wasn’t a grenade. Rockets announced themselves by the fump and whoosh of the launch and the subsequent crackle after the explosion. Thus I rationalized what I was hearing was a mock battle of sub-Francis Scott Key quality between fireworks yahoos in town raising hell and a mortified police precinct keeping a semblance of order on home turf.

When we first came down we used to go to the farmacia to buy a prepaid phone card sponsored by Ladatel or Telmex and go to public phones on the boulevard, plug the chip side of the card in and dial home to talk to our son Vincent, then college age and minding the house when it was a not so empty nest. A few years later there were internet cafes in Ixtapa and for a couple of pesos we could email our kids to check in. They encouraged us to stay in touch, especially as our stays away lengthened from ten days to two or three weeks. Then the Krystal installed its own internet work stations in the lobby under the atrium. By the time that became too popular the hotel installed wi-fi in the lobby and Roxanne had an iPad. For a few years wi-fi was iffy in the hotel rooms but when it was good we could not just email our kids but Skype them. Now the wi-fi in the rooms is five star and everybody has iPhones so we text, send pictures, talk to the new baby. Never mind those years when Michel lived in Switzerland and it didn’t matter to them we weren’t in Minneapolis.


Nine of 13 city councilors in Minneapolis voted to resolve to abolish the police department. The mayor and four other councilors abstained or voted no. None of them seems to have a plan for future law enforcement without the police. They are all wide open for ridicule. There’s talk of unarmed mental health professionals instead of armed cops to deal with mentally ill people disturbing the peace. This is going to end up one of those snowflake issues. Until a deluded or depressed person with a weapon kills a mental health professional who is making no progress getting him in touch with his feelings.

Most mavens attribute her mysterious allure to her smile. I credit Leonardo for his animated study of lips. In his Last Supper he catches apostles mid sentence. His John the Baptist might be on the verge of laughing. His foreboding picnic in the caves, Our Lady of the Rocks, both versions, depict the characters sharing a little holy mirth, holy fun. Mona Lisa’s lips definitely smile.


One of the leading issues with having a lot of hard drives is the fact that somebody has got to analysis hard drives just to find the information and facts which they want. If a specific provides extensive hard disk drives, then this could be a rather demanding condition. Nevertheless, sharing programs convert this into quite simple due to the fact every single bit of details are saved in one location and frequently delineated by file brand. As a result, a file system is incredibly retrievable and user friendly.

JPost 30 June by Lidar Gravé-Lazi — The New Israel Fund will award $20,000 to NGO Breaking the Silence in lieu of a canceled award the NGO was supposed to receive from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Last month the university’s Middle East Studies Department announced it would award the NIS 20,000 (some $5,000) Berelson Prize for Jewish-Arab Understanding, in memory of Yitzhak Rabin, to the organization, which provides anonymous testimonies of soldiers that describe alleged IDF transgressions. However, shortly after the announcement, BGU President Prof. Rivka Carmi intervened and overturned the decision.


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Why this injustice to that poor sir! I don’t understand why that action is too strong for people and why do that kind of thing!

What's a federal or provincial balanced budget? And, get used to hearing about trillion dollar deficits.


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I would like at last to be able to look into the heart of things, within, without, and come to an understanding, though I have got no closer over the years and have yet to find a frame. I do not know what I project on the world, nor can separate that from what it returns. And I would like to find a solid voice I can live with, that sustains me and helps me reach out, though still it wavers. Like Marlow I need to keep distance without losing sight so I can find perspective and maintain it. There are times, however, I see myself as Harman, transfixed, stunned and speechless, though without a smile.

A long time ago, in a place far away, a handsome young man attended a party. The theme of the evening was the "Arabian Nights". So he decided to dress up as Aladdin; the hero of one of the most familiar narratives in all of literature.


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I turned to the hipster blogger ZihuaRob but his bare threads aren’t gazette quality updates and overlook the general population to favor the view of the Canadian and American ex-pats. I’m sad to be banned from our favorite winter destination for their own and our own good and not to know how people are doing day to day. I don’t know how to interpret a blog with a logo like this.

When we reached the observation platform, I noticed an array of electronic masts on the peak of the mountain and asked the guide what they were for. He explained these were fortified radar and weather stations used by their airforce. He casually mentioned that military aircraft and crew were housed inside the interior of the mountain ready to defend the nation. This was stuff right out of a James Bond movie. I stood waiting for sirens, the rock face of the mountain to open up and watch military aircraft fly out.


Mucho gouging: A flute of California champagne cost $19/47 USD. We quickly decided that rather than being gouged on a daily basis, we purchased Oceania's wine, beer and champagne "package" ($559/30 USD X 2). Later, we discovered the "package" had restrictions.

Even our heritage didn’t seem that enticing. Then in 2004 Roxanne got the opportunity to attend the international Plant and Animal Genome conference in Dijon, France, sponsored by her employer, the University of Minnesota. Her boss was a distinguished professor and she had been helping him map the genes of various legumes, notably medicago. She co-authored a paper with him which he would present in Dijon and he wanted her there. The university offered to fly them and their spouses and pick up the hotel tabs in Dijon. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. We already had passports from our habitual winter vacations to the tropics. Life as empty nesters seemed to offer Roxanne and me bonus opportunities to travel and mostly we favored the western States.


Would you calmly but in a loud voice tell the jerk "the line starts around the corner"? Never turn your back on some small problem just because it's none of your business or because you aren't bothered.

However, in giving fealty to the delusional man-child, those elected must subordinate their oath of office and any notion of decency, honour, principle and country. All but a very few have already taken this sad, dishonourable and dangerous step.


IMEMC 1 July — Updated: Israel soldiers killed, on Friday, a pregnant Palestinian woman near the Ibrahimi Mosque, in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, while a number of eyewitnesses refuted the military claims of an attempted stabbing attack. The Palestinian woman, identified as Sara Daoud Ata Tarayra, 27, from Bani Neim town near Hebron, was a pregnant married woman, living in Hebron, and was killed at the entrance of the Ibrahimi Mosque, in Area H2, in the city. Eyewitnesses said a female soldier ordered the woman to accompany her to a room in order to search her, and that the soldier sprayed the woman with pepper spray, an issue that pushed her to run away from the soldier before other soldiers shot and killed her. They added that the army had no cause or justification to shoot the young pregnant woman, and could have easily subdued her, without resorting to lethal fire.

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Norah O’Donnell broadcast her CBS Evening News from 38th and Chicago, the extravagant four corner shrine to George Floyd. CBS interviewed people from all over the US, Europe, South Africa and Australia who came to the site to grieve and express solidarity. Everyone said from now on everything forever changed.


Ynet 1 July by Matan Tzuri & Yoav Zitun — A rocket was fired on Friday night from the Gaza Strip, striking a kindergarten in Sderot. The building was damaged, but no persons were physically wounded. One person suffered a panic attack, requiring treatment. At 10:59pm, a Code Red rocket alert was sounded in Sderot and in several communities located within the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. Residents ran for cover in protected shelters.

Also that morning after the murder I read the obituary of a Chinese doctor who died from a virus that got him in trouble with the Communist Party. Dr Li Wenliang in December noticed a pattern occurrence of a rather lethal new virus in his home town of Wuhan. When he wrote colleagues in the medical community about local outbreaks of this new virus he was hushed by the Party for inciting panic and disorder and hustled off to detention. Word got out anyway about covid-19 the novel coronavirus, Dr Li was put back into social circulation serving the medical community, where he caught covid-19 infection and died.


USAID declared its intention to assist in what could be an “orderly transition” or a “sudden transition without elections,” which is clear code for a coup. At the same time, it acknowledged that Nicaragua’s right-wing opposition is divided and has little chance of winning the upcoming 2021 national election.

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Since we're already getting Bioshock from the original developers I can't muster any anger about this at all. Even from EA, there's always the chance that it'll still be a good game.


In the bottom left corner of the Graph Results window in Figure 3 is the "Graph Tab". Each graph that you would generate would be on a separate Graph Tab, which is very similar to creating multiple tabs within Microsoft Excel.

The second analogy is about a gruelling sports event: We've been running a life-long decathlon. And, guess what, we're now half way through the eighth event. And if I can be boastful, that's pretty damned good (especially) for ancient geezers.


File sharing is among the very best things which a business may possibly enhance their toolbox of strategies to earn money. Sharing records is one of the largest breakthroughs that organizations have offered to them. The alternatives aid a corporation increase solutions for rate. Pace is truly an appealing factor in any market place due to the fact the one that creates an item or service or service 1st is often the market director since industry. For that reason, this is usually a major promoting in addition that each company must make an attempt to have. Moreover, some companies are inclined to never make time to buy this process on their area.

Estimates of Peacetime Soviet Naval Intentions: An Assessment of Methods

This is one rummer that I wish can die as fast as it came. This is one player I respect for his scoring prowess but I detest for his too big EGO, I don't think he will like the rotation that Sir will be doing during the critical matches. Personally, I can not fathom (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=7576) what the world witnessed when CR7 was substituted during the Man City match. Further still, Man U do not need a another striker as what they have is enough and should give Kiko and Wellbeck ample time to develop. I don't think they are under any pressure to win the trophy this season, for if they are then I don't know what teams like Arsenal and Liverpool will be like. This is why I think it should be season for development. Where Man U has the weakest point is in the midfield where to me of the top 4 at the moment it is paper weight. In this area both Chelsea and Liverpool will bully them physically and Arsenal will bully them ballwise. As always Sir will let you make your opinion but will always give people surprises, lets wait and see what he has this time round.


The closure was implemented on Friday amid a massive manhunt for the suspect responsible for a shooting attack that left an Israeli man dead, his wife critically injured, and his two children lightly-to-moderately injured while driving in their car near the Otniel settlement south of Hebron where the family was from. Israeli forces closed the entrances of the villages of Beit Anun, Sair, al-Thahiriyah, al-Fawwar, the Al-Fawwar refugee camp, al-Samu‘, Dura, and Farsh al-Hawa, while blocking the entrance of the village of Nabi Yunis with large cement blocks, according to locals. Israeli checkpoints were also erected at the entrances of Sair, al-Hawawir, and the al-‘Arrub refugee camp as Israeli forces searched any cars crossing the checkpoints. Locals said the main entrance to Beit Ummar was closed with an iron gate. Locals and Palestinian security sources told Ma‘an Israeli soldiers and military vehicles were deployed from al-Samu‘ south of Hebron to the al-‘Arrub refugee camp in the north of Hebron.

This update is our largest ever, with no less than 17 pages of changes. Highlights include, of course, the long awaited China update, the Italian rework, new naval changes, our largest ever performance improvement, an insane number of bug fixes and huge quality of life changes. More than ever before, we hope you enjoy playing Kaiserreich!


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The insurrection raged out of control. What we witnessed next was not only a police failure at peaceful crowd control but worse yet a citizen problem unable to police itself or practice restraint or tolerate criminal behavior. On one hand you have three ex-cops charged as accessories for not stopping the one alpha cop from killing George Floyd with his knee. On the other hand you have a mass of protesters unable or unwilling to stop nihilists from looting and burning.

Canada's social fabric is changing, fraying perhaps, ever so slightly. Charitable donations, volunteerism and membership in community associations are slowly but steadily on the decline. All part of what British historian, Niall Ferguson, refers to as "the great degeneration", a troubling erosion of civil society.


Answer: The basilica has been under construction for 139 years. It's projected to (hopefully) be completed by 2021, in time to mark the centennial of Gaudi's death.

I'm momentarily speechless, overcome by the shear thrill of actual human to human contact. Ten short minutes pass as I provide required information.


The gig economy, boldly born of the last recession’s entrepreneurs, has the poise to resurge with greater business savvy and widespread technology to make good livings in the post-pandemic economy, especially with advances and gains in civil rights contributing to equity. What will need to be overcome is union labor’s fears of a kind of gentrification of labor professions. This the gigsters themselves will decide. Musicians and food makers and servers are already leading the way.

In volleys of Tweets the fuhrer urged mayors and governors to get tough on protesters. Aside from his off script non-sequitur remarks at Cape Canaveral Trump barely acknowledged George Floyd. He never addressed any of the fundamental issues laid bare wide open in the streets by Floyd’s death. Never addressed systemic racism. Never acknowledged the original sin of our nation, slavery, and the legacy that never goes away. Never denounced white supremacy. Never acknowledged the constitutional right to peacefully protest things that are wrong.


That’s something I cannot change I challenge whether to accept because I couldn’t tell the difference between serenity and courage. Very nearsighted, I was not wearing glasses at dinner that night; though I saw what I saw the crisp sharp details evade me and it’s like an Impressionist scene, no good as an eyewitness in case they ever assembled a lineup, a defense attorney would tear me to shreds if I ever testified, and I didn’t. What tested my serenity about this event begged my courage.

The same president who weeks earlier got out in front of sentiments to lift the covid-19 lockdowns and open the economy by encouraging protests via Twitter to Liberate Minnesota. Protests in front of the governor’s residence were okay then, and there wasn’t a big fence around the governor’s yard. Now this president tweets that the mayors and governors need to dominate the crowds. If they don’t call out their own national guards he threatened to do it for them. He threatened to mobilize the United States armed forces under the Insurrection Act of 1807.


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It was about the same differential going down there. In between we escaped five weeks of our nominally coldest chunk of winter. There’s a lot to do in the Twin Cities all year but from around New Year to around April Fools Day most leisure time is spent indoors.

Fathom 9 New Features

I know we like to make fun of the left for still praising Venezuela after all that's happened, but seldom do you see the same kind of attention to news telling what's really going down there right now. It's understandable, with all the shitty things going on around the world, losing focus it's easy.


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Trump, a thrice-married, swindling, profane, materialistic, self-styled playboy, serial liar and five-time draft dodger appeals to 80 million American Evangelicals. These are the same religious hypocrites who went apoplectic over Bill Clinton's indiscretions, who now capitulate to the most immoral president in living memory.

The city council has to sort these things out and create a full-breathing just replacement of law and order before the message and intents to defrock the police get amplified by critics of defunding the police who stroke fear of anarchy and gangster rule, leading to more riots. Look at Beirut, they say already.


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America is going to decide in November which crazy uncle to put in charge of their country. And for the rest of us to ponder, are these two the best America can offer the world?

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I could go on (Literally I can read them for hours and laugh to myself quite contently) but it’s that last one that tediously links me to today’s band because I am unable to just, review things normally. Yes, allow me to introduce you to today’s band; L’HOMME ABSURDE.


Around 9 pm, the other 7 attendees and the 2 facilitators/translators met me at the Castle, the main house in the village where we had meals and meetings. They went over any last minute questions and concerns. I tried to tune out everyone else’s anxiety, self-absorption, etc.

Body: No problem in that department. In fact, everything happens much too fast and too often, these days. That's the reason I rely on your memory about identifying where all the pit stops are located in the neighbourhood.


I found myself enchanted in a strange land not much different from my own where people talked in tongues everywhere. After work we dined with scientists Roxanne and her boss and his spouse met up with at the conference, people from elsewhere, nobody exclusively talking shop. It was cool seeing Roxanne mixing with big league scientists.

Either way, on the ballot this November or next November, a sincere discussion is due about what a city owes its citizens for professional law enforcement, peacekeeping, public health and safety and what requirements must be met and respected. This is our city’s golden opportunity to go past banning chokeholds and no-knocks and setting up a database of bad cops. We can collaborate to create a police system the jewel of the world. A system so just and humane the recruits to join will compete to get in the door. To design such a new human justice and public safety system will not please everybody. There will remain a force with power of coercion to protect the public, but citizen oversight like a kind of charter commission would keep things real.


Figure 4 - The Graph List Manager toolbar

Fascism and Anti-fascism are not dichotomies IRL, they are complexities that come from different universes. Fascism is a political-economic paradigm for a society, but Anti-Fascism is simply a movement that opposes it; ideology maybe, but not necessarily a system of government. This opposition is more like a conflict motive with strategy than an operational system design. A real dichotomy with Fascism would be all the other governance paradigms around the world.

I held too many false assumptions to enumerate but they essentially linked my mentality to an unforgiving notion that America came into being of its own accord as a sovereign idea displaced from the European world, as if the collective memory of human civilization were re-synthesized within a grand think tank called the United States of America. There was little allowance for the staggering accumulation of generations, of ages and epochs to seed and weave infrastructure to feed and frame human societies and guide them in the light of beauty.


Maybe I’m just slow on the uptake. My 8th grade nun teacher at St Simon of Cyrene used to use that phrase — slow on the uptake. She’s the one who taught the class the definition of the word niggardly, to be stingy, just in case anybody had any ideas it might mean anything else. Our parish school — entire parish — was a hundred percent not Black, so literally all our liberal attitudes about race and civil rights were purely academic and shaped by a church which preached charity and social justice, John XXIII style. There was one Black family in our whole suburb at the time, and they belonged to St Richard’s parish, west and south of St Simon’s on the Edina border. Curious, now, that they were also Catholic.

During our retirement years, we have taken a number of cruises on large and small ships. The most enjoyable, by far, were riverboat cruises in Europe.


Roxanne kept up with Facebook, to which I am not a member. She weeded through news feeds suggesting the looters and arsonists were from out of state. Even the Nextdoor network buzzed with rumors that the burnings and lootings were orchestrated by hate groups not originating from Minneapolis. Mayor Frey and Governor Balz both seemed to foster the idea that Minnesotans were too nice to deliberately wound our social fabric, though Mayor Carter, a black man himself and son of a policeman, kept a healthy skepticism that the violence might not be organic to the Twin Cities. Mayor Frey and Governor Balz, both white and very much Democrats, expected nice Minnesotans to police themselves and each other to keep order in the coming hours and days, at least until the national guard could muster, organize its mission and deploy to the streets. This turned out a little bit like expecting the three other cops to force the alpha cop to take his knee off George Floyd’s neck.

Within five minutes or so the maintenance guy knocked at the door with his tool cart parked in the hall. He was a short young guy in overalls with black hair that spiked naturally without balm, and deep black eyes. He spoke no useful English but understood me well enough to figure out the problem, got some screwdrivers out of his cart and began trying to leverage the knob and the plate without damaging the door frame. I tried not to crowd him watching him work and his attempts did nothing to open the door. He used a walkie talkie to consult somebody in Spanish. He tried the ring around the knob and the plate from another angle.


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Security for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex called the restaurant to make a reservation for Harry and Meghan. Co-owner and executive chef, Pierre Koffle (from France) answered the phone. Pierre is well known (by his regular customers) for his "unusual" eccentricity. Having heard the security demands, he promptly turned down the request for a reservation and hung up.

I looked up towards the souvenir kiosks and saw a young man in a red jersey and a beige baseball cap start running with a gun in his hand. He fired once more toward the kiosks and once in the air. You could see fire from the barrel. I stood up and watched him run down the plaza into the crowd past Ruben’s, where he took a hard left and ran behind Ruben’s towards the parking lot beyond.


I don’t know how many lookback years it will take. At my advanced age there are fewer years to look ahead than in 1973 when Springsteen first sang those words. It’s been four years since Donald J Trump got elected and nobody’s laughing yet.

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This was followed by the revelation that Finance Minister, Bill Morneau's family also has WE charity ties. Mr. Morneau also did not recuse himself from participating in the decision.


Local news reporters embed with the troops. Fire responders arrive under escort and go to work pumping water but they still don’t know where to begin and it’s too little too late. The Guard columns scare the innocent stragglers into getting seriously off the streets and tease the provocateurs who remained.

Gringo kidnappings were an urban legend. The alcoholic drink poisonings in the Cancun region were overblown. An average tourist at Ixtapa Zihuatanejo has a greater chance of drowning in the bay of Playa Palmar, a greater chance of being grabbed by a shark or being struck by lightning than being shot to death in Ixtapa, the taxi drivers will say.


He’s got acolytes and sycophants, enablers, apologists, apprentices, succubuses, fans, coat-tailers, minions, monkey-boys and plain old followers sucking up to his big lies. They give him the feedback he is all powerful, always right. I have fretted I’ve devoted much too much thought to trying to figure out what they see in this loser.

In the car Vincent plays classical music radio. On the way home I recalled aloud my childhood and going sledding on the Feast of Epiphany.


Since the dark days and riotous nights there have been about a hundred or so of the 800 some police officers in Minneapolis who have filed disability claims for contracting PTSD on the job those fretful days and nights. It must have been hell being taunted and ridiculed and assaulted for something they did not actually do but somebody in their uniform actually did.

Any route would allow a view towards the mountains beyond the valley of Ixtapa town, over the rooftops of the condos and hotels. The view from this direction offered yachts in the harbor and a longing glimpse of the terraced private haciendas along the rocky coast west of the beach.


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The corner where this took place is a middle-middle neighborhood, a mix of emerging underclass and established working class, blended ethnicities, un-rat race professionals, discreet gentry and a hearty populace of social service advocates. It’s a neighborhood like and not far from my own. It’s near Powderhorn Park, one of the signature central parks of our notable park system. It has historically or traditionally been a black neighborhood forming the crux of a swath about three miles long and about three blocks either side of Chicago Ave and a lot of black families still reside thereabouts.

Brain: Now place both feet firmly on the floor and gently rise to an erect standing position. Be very careful, if you do this move too fast, I get dizzy and we lose our balance (again).


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This is a crossroads of freedom, choice, liberty and human behavior. Personal responsibility is the main highway. So much relies on chance and is beyond our control, but there are simple things we can choose to do that are more than mere etiquette in this human world of microbe exchanges.

For the record, Grandpa has not purchased a sports jacket in several decades. And like most men, he really hates shopping because it makes him kind of grumpy.


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OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC) 1 July — The Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) ordered a Palestinian family to evacuate their home in Silwan town, in Occupied Jerusalem, pending its demolition. Activist Fakhri Abu Diab said Israeli occupation policemen and municipal crews stormed al-Basateen neighborhood, in Silwan, and handed the family an evacuation order under the pretext of unlicensed construction. The IOA gave the family a ten-day limit to leave the house. The building belongs to the Basheer family. It was rebuilt a few years ago after the IOA had knocked it down in 2005. The activist further warned of an Israeli intent to raze 100 homes, where 1,650 Palestinians have been taken shelter, in al-Basateen neighborhood for the purpose of establishing a park.


We contemplated her gaze and that gesture, at least for a while, as she faced us, the smiling Army Specialist Sabrina Harman, who aided in the gathering of intelligence at her station, Abu Ghraib, the prison deep inside occupied Iraq. Or rather we saw her in pictures brought to light after years of subtle horrors in a war we thought was going well and whose mission we were sure of, the pictures bringing a clarification, an obviousness, a relief, their own kind of rightness. She does not look at what she smiles over or what she thumbs up but we see them, the pile of grotesquely hooded, naked men, the blackened corpse.

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As dire as the pandemic looked from the outset in the spring, I never foresaw being shut out of the rest of the world, unwelcome to travel. As it turns out even the pandemic is more dire in the USA than foreseen, mostly due to a president in denial of its infectious potency, and until further notice based on scientific testing Americans are confined to America.


Al Sharpton reminds us to save the date, 28 August, 2021. Big rally in Washington, DC. Everyone’s invited. It doesn’t seem conducive to pandemic distancing, does it. Being of a vulnerable age group I expect to be staying home.

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If, when and how Trump gets his, is yet to be determined. Will the latest reveal that their billionaire business 'genius' president is a tax cheat do it?


You enter up some stairs after the masajista washes your feet at the bottom stair. Shoes are left outside in the shade. The foot ablusions take on a holy ritual character though it’s done to keep sand out of the hut. The masajista scoops water from a five gallon bucket with a bowl like a doggie dish and pours the water over your feet.

Yes, certain weasely voices try to blame the whole riot on leftist instigators and the anti-fascist extremists called antifa and the BLM, but that’s more Trump Lie. It’s been a hard week for the militant radicals on the right with much of their propaganda network shut down. It’s all just one big conspiracy after all. They ought to be heard so they can keep self-selecting themselves and be identified for the deplorable things they believe. It’s an interesting thing to ponder what kind of national mental rehabilitation process Germany went through after 1946.


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This time, we are in a war but bereft of leaders. No Franklin Delano Roosevelt or Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill to lead in the fight against the invisible enemy that could kill us all.

We strongly recommend next time you're in Costco, pick up some Depends". Now you're being cruel to monsieur Ronald.


Presiding over the solemn ceremony: A coward. A five-time draft dodger, who called Americans who died in War "losers" and "suckers".

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Against all the sharp narratives that have played out the last years, in battlefields imagined on screens and in the world actual, it is to the muddy story about a captain who just goes up a river and back I most often return, a journey that resembles my own. I have only observed the horrors of history, of the present, from a distance, yet they still belong to my world and I have felt their currents, as well as sensed all that lies beneath them, unseen, unknown. Like Marlow, I work for a trading company of sorts—we all do—and my station is modest and my task simple. Like Marlow I have been on a long trek and kept my shoulder to the wheel. I think I am good person, or good enough, and have provided some service, though I know not to make anything of either or rest easy. Like Marlow I keep my distance, like Marlow I do not have any answers, like Marlow I do not forget easily. I have yet to meet face to face, however, anyone with the revelatory power of a Kurtz.


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Another bus tour took me to Summerside via Kensington - a small town nearest to Clermont where the first four of our family were born. I caught a glimpse of the little farm home where your grandparents settled after their marriage in Boston.

Backed by a puppet government in Bolivia, a military strong armed one in Colombia, and fully economically and infrastructure reliant ones in Paraguay and Uruguay Brazil's pushes for unification were quick to pass, aided by Brazilian control of internet and education preventing the formation of any centers of dissent in the regular places. Ideological militias were quick to drown out protestors and generous jobs programs won over the poor. Brazil quickly gained de facto control over much of south America, the intelligence community put in place supportive leaders and Brazil was replaced by United Southern America, a new superpower for the Americas.


MERSIN, Turkey (AA) 1 July by Anil Bagrik & Mustafa Gungor — A Turkish aid ship carrying 11,000 tons of supplies for the Gaza Strip left the southern port of Mersin Friday afternoon. The Lady Leyla sailed south for the Israeli port of Ashdod carrying 2,000 tons of rice, 5,000 tons of flour, 3,000 tons of sugar, 500 tons of cooking oil, and 10,000 food packages in addition to 100,000 pieces of clothing, 20,000 shoes, and 10,000 toys from the Turkish Grain Board and the Turkish Red Crescent (Kizilay). The Panamanian-flagged vessel is expected to dock within 30 hours.

Young will fit in right away, we already have Obertan in the "potential" dept. CR7 and the scum argie's goals will need to be spread over more than just the strikers. We can count on some from the midfield but we definitely cannot rely on too many 1-0s this season!


A few days before we came home Roxanne and I were on our beach walk to the Pacifica and back when we observed a scene involving a separate parachute and boat crew from Rafael’s. In the entire bay there might be three speedboats servicing maybe as many as four parachute concessions as well as a couple of places renting rides on inflated hot dogs and rocket sleds they tow back and forth. This parachute set up was out front of the Hotel Fontan. The speedboat was bringing a rider back from a round trip and the flag and whistle boss of the crew started jumping up and down, whistling and waving, the crew waving their arms and shouting at the parachute rider who did nothing, didn’t pull the strap, just hung in the air drifting fast back towards the sea. The speedboat took off, the rope tightened and the parachute went back up and around for another pass. At the next approach the boss with the whistle blew frantically and waved the flag like a torch while the ground crew screamed at the rider who again did nothing and began to drift and fall. So the speedboat took off again and pulled the parachute out to sea. We resumed our walk back towards the Krystal. The speedboat pulled the chute to the landing spot again and slowed and again the rider ignored the signals from the ground that he was supposed to pull the strap with the ribbon, and again the speedboat revved up and pulled him out to sea before he crashed in the surf.

4 easy steps: import your AFT Fathom model into AFT Impulse

Mom from the outset decided Eula’s name was Beulah, and that’s how Mom introduced her to us kids. Eula never corrected her, and the younger ones never really knew. She never insisted on being called Mrs Pratt.


BACKGROUND: When I was a teenager I suffered of intense depression, and this transformed into anxiety by the time I was in college. My first year was traumatic as I made a mistake of hurting someone I loved due to my negative feelings and inability to connect to others. If it's of any help, I have a lot of my life very lucid and vivid, including my childhood. I was somewhat of a bully as a kid, and yet I felt a need to always stand up for myself ( was also very argumentative), but I was a smart kid, sensitive, who did well in school and was placed under a lot of competition in our school activities (private catholic school). I moved from one country to another, and I've lived significant years of my life in 3 different cities, so I kind of feel a bit displaced in a way (I almost feel like I have to constantly move now cause I will never truly "belong" somewhere). Anyway, now I graduated and moved back to my childhood home in my very first hometown.

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What good of it came out of things today? Did Trump sign legislation barring choke holds?


Eula and I connected a few more times when Elsie or Melvin or JD would chauffeur her up I55 to I90 in Ezzie’s luxe vintage Lincoln to visit Minneapolis. She never seemed to get old, though she seemed more tired. She’d had both hips replaced, and we all know hips don’t lie. She’d paid her dues in life and as much as anyone deserved a comfortable retirement and golden years. Still she honored me every time with fresh made yellow shortbread cake.

A little shy for someone fronting a major show. Now just about every restaurant in town except the Italian ones offer some variation of Lalo’s flambee shrimp, and the only credit Lalo gets is from Danny Boy, who probably learned it from Lalo when he was 13.


Neko is fifteen months old and will not remember this. Clara and Tess are teenagers so these are times they will never forget. The lesson of all this for my grandchildren is not to take their generation or their lifetimes for granted. Time passes no matter what you do or don’t do. When you experience interesting times make sure you accept it as a gift and not a curse. Wish with care and it might come true.

It will not transform us like magic, but it could feel almost magical. Like a light in the sky America proves to the world a peaceful transfer of power at the most powerful nation on earth.


Provencher 'was' an all-boys catholic bilingual school. Thirty boys were enrolled in the French classes, thirty in the English classes.

News also showed clips of Rudy Giuliani and Trump Jr revving up the crowd. Everybody urged the crowd to fight.


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During this Rose Garden spiel, off camera, the DC Secret Service and Department of Justice in full riot gear pressed against protesters gathered in the park adjacent to the White House lawn and cleared them out of a grassy swath using tear gas, flash bang grenades and truncheons. Military helicopters swooped low. The attorney general and head of the DOJ William Barr later said the protesters were acting out of control, provoking the police. Most sources say the protest was peaceful and civil when the authorities suddenly acted up. After the grassy swath through the park was cleared of protesters the helicopters lingered close to the grass to fan away all the traces of tear gas.

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Clearly these were practiced musicians. The food was excellent everybody agreed. I went for the lasagna and it did not disappoint. It didn’t bother me we were among the last to be served because they kept the wine and fresh baked bread coming during the music.


The season-ending game is considered one of the few remaining events that ties the country together for one day each year. Millions of Canadians gather together to party and watch, on television, the classic East vs West rivalry for the Canadian professional football championship.

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Never knew the guy but I heard he was doing a terrible job. I keep waiting for Rudy Giuliani to reassert himself in New York City, maybe wash up on the banks of the Hudson River.


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Good leadership provides an edge in troubled times. Empowered leaders establish practices that foster trust and engagement to give people the support they need to stimulate creativity, collaboration and innovation.

Said he wasn’t the national shipping clerk for medical equipment. Made no reverence to the sick and the dead even after he himself caught the virus and recovered. He held superspreader campaign events at the White House. He staged dense maskless campaign rallies.


Further at the fringe of the wasted block near a small mall anchored by a Spanish bank is a sports bar and restaurant known as The General’s. Hosted by Genaro Salinas, local guy who would easily win the Nobel Prize for Nicest Guy, it’s the most popular establishment in town. More than a dozen TV screens of various sizes show contests in real time brought in by satellite. The decor between TV screens on the walls and the ceiling of the main building is all posters, pennants, jerseys, sweaters and paraphernalia of sports teams, professional and amateur, mostly from North America and mostly football and hockey. It hosts the biggest NFL Super Bowl fiesta.

Asked if the policy appears to change the definition of the American dream, he said "We invite people to come here and join us, as a privilege. No one has a right to become an American who isn't born here as an American".


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Trump is now goading his (guns and ammo toting) supporters into insurrection. Come November, even the basic democratic criterion of holding free and fair elections could end up being flouted.

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I heard some of the night shift protesters staggering and shuffling back to their cars. They seemed to be tiptoeing on the sidewalks, muffling their bravado the closer they came to single family dwellings, already reliving the fun I guess, incoherent to me. When I went outside shortly after dawn to look for the morning paper the horizon due north of our house was black with smoke. I ventured up the block enough to see the YWCA on Lake St was intact, but it didn’t look good for the shopping mall on the other side of the street.


Whats the amount you would recommend me to purchase? Ive heard about traditional recipes that have a ratio of 1/10 chacruna to ayahuasca while others recipes say 1/2.

Roxanne learned on the internet that an average of eleven people a year drown in the surf off Ixtapa Bay every year. We have watched search and hope activities from afar before but never a rescue.


If the National Guard knew 32nd St past our house as a direct bypass to cross the city with Lake St blocked off, then all kinds of miscreant transients might know the same thing. In common Minnesota northland parlance, we weren’t out of the woods yet.

NFL football is big through playoffs and Super Bowl but weeknights and after football season there can be three or four hockey games going on at the same time on different screens at the General’s with maybe an NBA or college basketball game or two here and there, and once in a blue moon professional soccer. If there are no matches or games the sports bars rock with pop country videos that appeal to Molson drinkers and American cowboys/cowgirls alike. Maple leaf flags adorn poolside umbrellas. At the variety shows at night at the hotel the stage emcee calls out to the crowd to applaud where they are from and when he says Canada there is a loud chorus of whoops but when he says United States there is a murmur. Same with games and activities around the pool if an anglo competes they’re usually from Calgary, Winnipeg or Saskatoon. Gringos from Estados Unidos keep low profiles and mix in.


In the comparison grid, the default display will only show you items and parameters that are different between the scenarios being compared. This view will look something like Figure 6 below. The toggle buttons at the top of the Item and Parameter columns allow you to further configure this view.

Mondoweiss Pregnant Palestinian woman, 27, is killed in Hebron Comments Feed

To sum up, sharing not merely aids the business generates profits but moreover it will also help a company lessen charges also. Consequently, every business ought to pinpoint a Videos sharing system with the earliest chance. Some good great things about obtaining a sharing program significantly go over the price of receiving the documents sharing system in the firm. An organization having a file sharing system may have the ability operate more quickly and much wiser than their competition that lacks file sharing alternatives. That is why all companies must not wait around possess a file sharing system due to the fact that sharing system might help them generate cash flow and save money now and in the near future.


Suggest as a translation of brief return

Che Guevara wanted to create "two, three, many Vietnams". He developed a guerrilla strategy based on his experiences in the Cuban Revolution.

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I kind of picked up the thumbs-up from the kids in Al Hillah. Whenever I get into a photo, I never know what to do with my hands, so I probably have a thumbs-up because it’s just something that automatically happens. Like when you get into a photo you want to smile.


Even at the age of seven I caught the irony of a privileged teenager whining about trying to get a date and can’t use the car because he didn’t work late. The song’s been covered by Springsteen, Alan Jackson and Joan Jett, each with their own smug sense of entitlement. The original version still cracks me up when Eddie delivers the punch line about too young to vote, just the way he says, “son”.

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Police asked the crowd to disperse, it was eight o’clock. Anybody found on the street after curfew was subject to arrest. The copters with cameras had moved on from here to cover the area around the 5th. Some of the crowd looked a little bewildered, not sure what to do, just hanging around. Others took the request to disperse seriously and thinned out. A significant contingent engaged and harassed the cops at the precinct perimeter. What the copter cameras caught in the background begged alarm. Fires started at several buildings in the vicinity.


The overtaxed middle-class taxpayer! That's better care than many seniors warehoused in nursing homes receive.

Thirteen-year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel was stabbed to death in her bed in the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba Thursday morning. Forty-four people were blown up in Istanbul’s airport, nearly 50 shot to death in Orlando. Mahmoud Badran, a 15-year old Palestinian boy, was killed by Israeli forces, “by mistake,” coming back from the pool with his friends. I can’t keep up enough to write about each one, but nation, identity and politics mean little to me when faced with innocent deaths. Some think the Israeli and the Palestinian killings are different, somehow less innocent than the others. Mahmoud was mistaken for a stone-thrower, as if this justifies his death.


Not many years ago the percentage of guests who were Mexican was maybe five percent, and when we first started coming there were times when there may have been no Mexicans at all staying at the Krystal. You would see a few shy families, multigenerational, and young couples.

It was a symbol of peace, showing that neither person was carrying a weapon. Some say that the shaking gesture of the handshake started in Medieval Europe. Knights would shake the hand of others in an attempt to shake loose any hidden weapons.


Good night Brain and thanks again for the pep talk. I will really try to be more cheerful.

The news still buzzed about the gasoline tanker truck and the crowd on the I35W bridge. Worldwide demonstrations against racism and police brutality emulated Minneapolis. In the shame I felt for my city as the place it all began this time, where four cops ganged up and tortured George Floyd to death on a public sidewalk, I felt perverse pride. If the events of this week went down as a transformational event for social justice then my city would atone for its sins and lead a new reconciliation.


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Sunrise, madrugada, comes about 7. Sunset when we first arrive is about 6:20 and it’s a quarter to seven by the time we come back, leaving us at home with not only a temperature deficit but a daylight setback as well. The comparisons between home and Mexico are so stark it’s fair to ask why we don’t stay much longer. I suppose we could afford it, financially, after all we have to live somewhere and they don’t put trailer hitches on hearses, as our friend Bob would say. No, we feel compelled to put up with a measurable share of the winter calendar in situ in Minneapolis as if to earn residency and bragging rights.

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It could involve talking around and past each other for the sake of keeping the potato hot and unresolved so we would never have to make peace. Like Roxanne that Friday afternoon on Lake St where they were precautionary boarding up the plate glass fronting the YWCA, I feel ready to have the discussion about race any time any where with any body.


At the first men's apparel establishment, nothing satisfied Grandma or her prisoner. The second was more promising having a wider selection of off-the-rack contemporary styled jackets. The price tags alarmed Grandpa ($700+) as he stood silently in front of a full length mirror, while the eager young sales person (John) and Grandma selected several garments to try on. John ceremoniously placed each one on Grandpa's upper torso, gently smoothing the shoulders offering "this one really looks good on you".

Thusrefrefh'd, and inftigated by Tocchorofa, they broke by night i n Tubunamas Palace, and took him Prifoner with eighty Concubines, who fearing to be put to death, gave an incredible Treafure of Gold to purchafe his Ranfom. Nunnez thus enriched came at lafl to his People which he had left on the River T>am, where two Ships fent from Htfpaniola rode at an Anchor. Whilfl things were thus carry'd iri America, Peter Arias Sail'd with fifteen Ships, Manned with fifteen hundred Men, to New Andalufia, by the Iflands Martinina, Guadalupe, and Galanta, all in America: a confiderable time he SaiFd through the Sea overgrown with Weeds. Afterwards anchoring in the Haven St. Martha, he received a great repulfe from the Natives, who* no ways daunted at the bignefs of the Ships, waded up to their Breads in the Sea, and mot many great flights of poifonous Arrows at the Spaniards, of whom two being wound- ed immediately died. Arias fending fome of his Men afhore, they found ma- ny Boats lying full of Nets, made of tough Weeds, and Ropes pleited of Rufhes. In the Haven Su SMartba, being three Leagues wide, are abundance of Fifli, which may be feeti under Water twenty Fathom (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=8796) deep. Biit now the Spaniards that were afliore breaking into the Houfes, and taking Women and Children Prifoners, the Americans prepar'd for another Fight which at the beginning was very fierce 5 but at 1 aft they Were fore'd to quit the Field. Their Houfes and Furniture in them are worthy of obfervation: their Cie- lings being cover'd with Shells fining on fmall Thred, which make a pleafing noife, when mov'd by the lead breath of Wind. The Walls are hung with Rnc Stuffs, woven full of Imagery, as Cranes, Lyons, Tygers, and fome Figures of Men; the Floors are cover'd with parti-colour'd Mats, made of Sea-Reeds and feveral tough Roots } and their Carpets befet with Pearl add alfo a great beauty to their Rooms. In the Valleys the Spaniards found feveral precious Jems, as Saphires, Jaf- per, Emeralds, and great pieces of Amber, and in fome Huts, Baskets, and Chefts full of dry'dLocufts; and Crabs.


Finally, once you show this in the Visual Report, your layout will contain a significant amount of rich information in a very easy to read format. Figure 5 shows the final layout for pipe flow rates and pressures, junction loss factors, and the pipes are colored according to the range of velocities with the Color Map.

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There's a restless frenzy afoot. Demands that names of those whose past actions breach contemporary standards of correctness, be removed from any and all institutions, organizations, schools, hospitals, universities, street signs, statues.

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A rally was scheduled for late afternoon at 38th and Chicago, the scene of the crime, which was already flourishing as a drop site for bouquets, teddy bears and love notes. The rally would commemorate George Floyd and march east by northeast about a mile and a half to the 3rd precinct police station. There they would cry out their cause They would denounce racism and police brutality. They would pledge their hearts to eradicating inequities in the name of George Floyd.


A hug is a form of endearment, universal in human communities, in which two or more people put their arms around the neck, back, or waist of one another and hold each other closely. If two or more people are involved, it is referred to as a group hug.

Mustafa said he mistook three-year-old Rayan Shreim for another child of a different nationality, and publicly apologized for the mistake. Mustafa added that he hoped for the child’s recovery and for the recovery of another 17-year-old Palestinian girl who was also placed in intensive care in a hospital in Turkey after her stomach was hit with shrapnel. Sundus Abed al-Halim Hashem from Qalqiliya City in the northern occupied West Bank was also killed in the attack, according to Mustafa, in addition to a Palestinian woman identified as Nisrin Hashim Shafee Hammad from the town of ‘Arraba in the West Bank district of Jenin. Mustafa reported on Wednesday that a Palestinian woman was killed and six other Palestinians were injured in the attacks, which took place late Tuesday night in Turkey’s busiest airport. The injured Palestinians, Mustafa said at the time, included a baby girl and a teenage girl from Gaza who both remained in critical condition. The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that a number of Palestinians had been reported missing in the wake of the attack.


Jagmeet: The NDP's want the monarchy gone. When the Queen passes, we want a republic like several other commonwealth nations are considering.

The prepaid cards used to feature a picture of a futbol star or Our Lady of Guadeloupe. The former internet cafes have changed hands and become cantinas, restaurants, even farmacias. For a while one was a Zumba studio. In the lobby of the Krystal people peruse their smart phones. Old time blues plays from the ceiling. I would like to meet this new manager.


NINJA SEX PARTY on the other hand proved they remain one of the funniest groups around with their bonkers writing style, comedic lyricism and story-telling and wholesome attitude. Yes, 2021 has been a bit of a mess to say the least, but we've still got music, and as fans of that music, we've still got one another, and as a community, we need to hold on to that. With that said, below, is my official GTGC Spotify playlist of 2021, with 40 hand-picked tracks spanning the above records, and it is dedicated to my very good friend Scot 'JD' Rees, who is sadly no longer with us in body, but will forever be with us in heart and spirit. Whether he had a Jack & Coke in his hand, or his guitar, he was always laughing at something, and his energy for enjoyment was infectious. I will miss you Scot, and this compilation is for you.

Another good restaurant called Deborah’s faces the main boulevard. The place used to be called the Hacienda, all archways and high ceilings and wrought iron. The service was slow, dinners so so but we would go for a cheap breakfast. An older fat lady was always there behind the bar handling the cash. There was a vivid portrait of her almost painted on velvet in her younger days when she was boss and still beautiful. Always at a table near the bar sat an old skinny French guy with a dog at his feet. He and the woman would exchange words or he would read a newspaper. Roxanne and I would sit at a table as far from the kitchen as we could near the open air but I recall the unshaven white haired guy spoke French when he spoke to the lady.


Scones, pastries, clotted creams and strawberry preserves with fresh lavender from the rooftop herb garden. Original blended teas and the exceptionally rare "Tong Mu Phoenix Lapsang Souchong" blend. All certified by the "Ethical Tea Partnership".

This will likely be boring to those who a) aren’t referenced in it and b) don’t want a game summary without accompanying video. But, it was a swell trip to the World Champs in Thessaloniki this recent weekend so I said I’d post it all up.


Not satisfied how it felt, he went out to the balcony to pose again and reshoot the scene through his re-entry to the White House. Let’s say from what I’ve seen he’s no Leni Riefenstahl. His self-directed propaganda videos are crude, bald-faced fantasies fooling only fools.

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We usually eat breakfast or lunch at one of the two restaurants at the hotel, the Aquamarina which is attached to the hotel lobby and faces the pool, and the Velas which is across the pool deck under a separate roof and facing the ocean. Sometimes we go for the buffet and sometimes the menu. The quality of the food is the same either place, and same with the service at table. More than their uniform etiquette of high standard hospitality, they befriend us, and through the years we know a core group who have worked on staff about as long as we have been guests, and several who have been on the team at least five years. The Krystal employs 152 people at peak season. Most of the ones we know work in visible service positions.


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About Mexico I am reminded of the invasion of the conquistadores of Hernando Cortez, how they introduced diseases to the natives. A Mexican friend tells me it is not worth getting sick to make money serving tourists. I have read that Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo were shut down like ghost towns. I tried to contact sources to describe to me what such a lockdown was like, how people were getting along.

On a sunny day in late May 2008, our tour boat left Basel and cruised quietly across Lake Lucerne. Our tour guide spent the voyage taking his afternoon siesta.


In terms of the tensions in Colombia - The government there must allow a watchdog organization created by the radsoc partisans to audit the soc dem government's laws. In return, the radsocs will end their guerrilla raids while not disbanding themsleves, but rather becoming a new part of this government with the powers to conduct surprise inspections of all coffee plantations to uncover labor law violations.

Only then, when formal acknowledgment of loyalty is given and accepted, will the megalomaniac anoint them to run "for his party". A photo of HIM standing next to a prospective candidate is available for a $10,000 donation to his legal defence fund.


Prior to the study, many of the pumps were competing against each other hydraulically. There had been 41 repairs on the system within five years costing more than $1/23 million, and the mean-time-between-failures were 14/63 months.

Behind The General’s the plaza continues with shops and more places to eat out of doors under awnings and umbrellas. Lalo the renown chef operated a place along this corridor before he passed away year before last. Now the space features barbecue ribs and pulled pork six nights a week.


Winter was officially only two days old but it already seemed as if it was forecast to last forever. As the bonfire died down and the service ended and everybody trudged away through the snow and their cars — struck me it was a little like a Biden rally — honk honk — the melancholy set back in. For solace on the way home we ordered a Papa Murphy take and bake pizza by iPhone from a shop we found still open. It was on the drive back to the house we saw the near convergence of the two planets in a swath of clear sky. We checked the sighting as if from a bucket list like visiting the Vatican.

It was a glory hunter who could not see beyond his own misery and his self-indulgence and self-interest on that night forever labels him as the captain who undeniably deserted his team at the moment they most needed lifting. All the theatrical fist-waving and bellowing that Terry exhibits in his routine captaincy methods counted for zero as he folded, blubbering, with a Champions League trophy still attainable.


Brain: Well, before our next birthday, we have to face the "dreaded" driver's licence physical exam and memory test. What if Dr. B. should fail us?

It would be nice to have a kitchen but the abundance of delicious affordable restaurant food more than makes up for the extra effort and gets us out of the house. In truth we don’t spend much time in our room beyond sleeping. Morning coffee on our balcony, reading the news from home on our tablets. The sun rises over the hills and the hotels like a stage curtain. On the beach below the runners and the walkers weave rhythm along the waves. The restaurants are busy serving breakfast though the recorded music at the pool does not begin until nine. The sunbathers around the pool stake out their recliners, as we do first thing every day before madrugada to reserve our palapa.


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Six of one half a dozen of the other i guess! In cases like these guess we have to trust Fergie's instinct.

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Body: Don't be too boastful Mr. High and Mighty. I've noticed you're forgetting more. Like yesterday, you left me standing with the fridge door open and no instructions. What the hell was I supposed to be doing with the newspaper I was holding? We stood there so long a shooting pain, like being hit by lightning, travelled from the back of our neck, down our spine to our toes. I'm beginning to worry about your memory.


And yet Trump would not concede. Giuliani and Powell touted conspiracy theories and touted stacks of documents of hollow speculations, delusions, wannabe witnesses with wishful wiki and absolutely no shame, no facts and no proof. Trump’s press secretary, heir to the likes of Bill Moyers, Trump’s angel faced cross-wearing surrogate liar, liked to carry ring binders of talking points for all occasions and stack up papers full of nothings for effect, with no substance within the gibberish. Secretary of State Pompeo said he looks forward to the second Trump term. Republicans fell in line behind the Trump Lie. His defenders said he had every right to challenge the election by legal means. That’s saying he has every right to lie until proven wrong.

My theory is that the most skilled and proficient provocateurs, whether local or from Indiana, or Russia, are most skilled and proficient at getting away. There was too much destruction to be random. Somebody targeted just about every bombed out building. Not all orchestrated and choreographed by one mastermind, and some of the plots contradict and cross each other in a helter skelter way, but I’m trying to see and to sort out the schemes of who would be exploiting the death of George Floyd to burn down the world’s supply chains of goods and services, the pipelines of goodwill.


Early returns yielded predictably Republican. Into the night the percentages began to change. By midnight Raphael Warnock the Dem had the lead in his race and the other Dem challenger Jon Ossoff was catching up slowly in his. I went to bed that night and woke up the next day with profound hope.

For some uses, you might want to see what pump curves are being used across different scenarios, or what diameter piping is being used in different points in the model. Here, you may want to show information for a limited number of objects and parameters.


My mom said her mother told her every person in their lifetime eats a pound of dirt. I guess some people eat it little by little and others eat it all at once.

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Ignoring the feckless president Governor Balz-to-the Walz instituted a curfew from 8 pm until 6 am. Peaceful protesting would be allowed until 8 but then everyone was expected to go home, stay indoors. Again he was counting on the good will of nice Minnesotans. Again directing attention to troublemakers from elsewhere the governor said that by obeying the curfew the peaceful protesters would expose the bad guys who would otherwise use the peaceful ones as shields and cover to destroy property and create havoc. Anyone out on the street, walking or driving past curfew without a good reason was subject to arrest.


However, political leaders are doing the exact opposite. As the slogan suggests, the logical/common sense course of action to deal with the worldwide pandemic should be/must be for nations to collaborate, cooperate and work together for the common good. Otherwise, there is no effective way to control the spread of this virus.

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Somewhere out of the piercing windchill. Someplace where one false step on icy pavement and maybe you get your hip replaced anyway when it was just perfectly fine before you slipped and fell. To escape the cold we surrender to a place warm all the time, where the ocean crashes the sandy beach about once every twelve seconds, palm trees sway — salsa sway — in the fresh sea breezes, and the sunshine pours down upon people going in and out of the shade.


So far, there is no light at the end of this tunnel of uncertainty; no collective guidance or leadership. Hence, no roadmap to illuminate a way forward to reduce humans' anxiety.

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I breathed heavily and cleared my mind as much as possible for a few minutes. I started to feel an entity scanning my body starting with my toes and slithering up through my legs into my stomach and heart.


At midday Roxanne and I put on our masks and walked the two blocks up 22nd Ave to scout what happened to Lake St. Hi Lake shopping center was in ruins. Years ago it had a Red Owl grocery store, a JC Penney, SS Kresge and Tru Value Hardware. The JC Penney became the Teppanyaki Grill and Supreme Buffet, a good use of the space. The Red Owl evolved into the Savers thrift store. The liquor store moved to where the Pizza Hut used to be, and Wells Fargo occupied the space of the old liquor store. There was a laundromat, an urban clothing shop, a Family Dollar, Subway and the Pineda taco shop.

She went on to the hospitality industry in housekeeping at the Leamington and Hilton hotels downtown. She was chosen as main maid when the King and Queen of Sweden visited Minnesota. Ezzie meanwhile made a reputation for himself as a personal landscape gardener and made a good living servicing rich properties. Together almost from the get-go in Minneapolis the Pratts pooled together and bought a house just the hairline above redlining in south Minneapolis. A young adult Elsie bought a house around the corner. Eventually they bought some land back home in Mississippi, where son JD lived and farmed. Melvin eventually assumed the original residence when Eula and Ezzie retired to their place in Grenada, Mississippi, coming back each year in the summer. My family kept in touch, as Eula promised. Through our mom we organized big family picnics at Minnehaha Falls when Eula and Ezzie were in town.


Except for the day Roxanne and her boss presented their paper, when they snuck me in to watch, while Roxanne attended conference sessions at the civic center I roamed the streets of Dijon ville on foot. Found my way to the duke’s palace art museum and found myself wandering through a hallway gallery with an array of French-made Roman-style sculptures with their penises lopped off and emerged facing a masterpiece naked lady painting by James Tissot.

Politicians woke up and arose to posit the outcome of history. Given the institution at fault for creating the rancid racist mess, the Minneapolis City Council voted in favor of amending the City Charter, its city constitution, to disband the police department. The resolution by law is referred to the City Charter Commission which evaluates the proposal and decides whether to put the amendment on a city referendum ballot. The commission could have put it on the ballot this fall. None of the city council stand for election on this fall’s ballot, not until next year. The charter commission decided not to refer the resolution to the voters this year but rather to offer time to study the proposal, its consequences and put together a public safety proposal. The city council members who voted the resolution can go back to their oft radical electorate and say in all truth, I voted to get rid of the police but my mommy won’t let me.


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We take up residency at the Krystal hotel. We get a room for five weeks or so, and with it comes access to the hotel facilities, swimming pool, towels, shows on the stage in the big back yard, all the bars, food stands and restaurants within the hotel campus and all amenities available to guests of the hotel, such as daily room cleaning. Our loyalty to the Krystal goes both ways, as the hotel team has as long as we remember welcomes us with the most gracious hospitality we have experienced anywhere. It’s not that we think we’re special, they just treat us special in a way that projects how they treat all their guests. The service standards are very high at the Krystal. We do not take an all-inclusive package, even if we partake of one meal a day at one of the hotel cafes. We pay as we go and don’t feel compelled to overeat or drink to get our moneysworth. The food is good, the buffet sometimes very good, but all over Ixtapa and Zihua there are as many good places to eat as you care to frequent your whole stay, a pair of cities in a region with apparently a lot of quality kitchens.

Later Trump denied he ever heard of this Miami police chief, as if he made the line up himself. It was more plausible deniability.


Drowned Legacy vampires are moving through the cities of Colombia, mostly the Los Tundo, with some Titlacauan, and Cipactli, appearing for bad measure. The numbers of these vampires is a fraction of the previous Cainite population.

Trump firmly believes his "knowledge" is superior to the scientists, doctors, researchers and economists advising him, and would rather rely on gut-instinct to guide his unpredictable decisions. Which makes him dangerous, really dangerous.


If you ever take such a ride, my first advice is don’t look down. Not because it’s scary but because looking down is a waste of the view, it’s just water down there and being tethered by a rope to a speedboat. The true thrill is flying high above it all.

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Friday dawned with fresh smoke smoldering in the air and offering a red sky at dawn. It was getting scary to already be used to nights of riots and days of protests.


At this point things could have gone either way. At about sundown, around nine o’clock most of the protesters, demonstrators and rally attendees dispersed back to their homes and cars they parked in the neighborhood. It was the governor’s expressed expectation that all vigils for George Floyd and related demonstrations would be conducted peacefully and there would be no need to jack up the police presence when in fact the police were the subject of all the grief. The governor and the mayor made decisions to minimize police confrontation, let the mob walk all over them to a point just to keep the peace and avoid an explosive situation whereby the police would potentially initiate a violent situation that could result in significant casualties to demonstrators resulting in escalation to mass insurrection. In such a case it is well known the police always win. The governor and the mayor trusted that the peace would hold, that the citizens would help police each other and good Minnesotans would behave responsibly and assemble peaceably.

The big man in police custody that evening was black. He was not out of place at 38th & Chicago, even during a pandemic. The police were not considered out of place either. This is at the western edge of the 3rd precinct which policed all the way east to the Mississippi and kept law and order at half the south side, including Buffalo Acres, where I live, about five blocks from the 3rd precinct police station where the four cops in this story report. Two of the cops were white, one of mixed African-American and one of Asian descent. The two white ones were of indeterminate heritage of whiteness, but they were white.


Recall another fable, the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Mindful that wolves are considered somewhat sacred here in Minnesota, in this fable the Wolf is a menacing force. The role of the Boy is to cry out and warn the citizens of menacing danger. In this version Donny Boy cries nothing. Sheep, goats, cows, pets are devoured and the Boy says nothing. Even denies it. Don’t fear the Wolf.

Politics has been a shambles, social injustice has been rife, the divide in both community spirit and the classes seemingly continues to grow, and generally speaking, the world is a complete mess. Luckily we've had music to keep us going, if not to keep us sane, and for that at least I am grateful. The images above showcase my personal highlights of 2021, grouped in categories covering pop, metal, EP's and general favourites, and it shows that, despite the state of the world, music flourishes.


Everything he does from here on will be directed to his re-election. He laments he cannot deliver his renomination speech to a roaring arena of free will partisans. He could cop an idea from Major League Baseball. He could stage his speech in a vast arena where all the seats are filled with cardboard cutouts of his true supporters (critics will scan the videos for duplicates and triplicates) and provide frenzied applause from pre-recorded crowd noise. If that scenario sounds like preaching to the album cover of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, maybe the Republicans with their deep pockets can pony up to make the crowd all holograms. His is governance by illusion and delusion all the same.

A commitment solidification credit may causes you trap into more commitments, why? A commitment union advance clears all your Visa commitment and your Visas are free and back to the most extraordinary limit for uses again. Various record holders have ignored that their commitment regardless of everything remain, basically change from MasterCard commitment to a union credit. They are happy that their Visas can be used again, the drive purchases, allurement of spending without recalling that they notwithstanding everything have a combination credit to be result, including more changes into their MasterCard’s and transforms into their new commitment when they cannot pay it later. In this way, you should concentrate on yourself to get away from commitment and have a discretion to control your expenses while repay your union credit. The best way to deal with avoid new charge card commitment is finishing all your MasterCard’s; if you value the beneficial of credit only portion; a platinum card can fills a comparable need.


Despite initial concerns over cultural unity, sociological studies quickly found that decades of free movement and cultural exchange programs had lead to much of the lower class speaking a Spanish-Portuguese hybrid, Portunol. This was quickly enshrined as the official language of the USA and easily learned by most citizens. Democratic activists complained a lot and were eventually forgotten as wrestling began to take up much of the leisure time of Americans and the media that supported them was replaced by more interesting and easily consumable infotainment. Jair and Eduardo Bolsonaro eventually stepped down being replaced at first by Renan who announced the constitution of the USA, inherited from Brazil, had been amended to remove consecutive term limits. The all Bolsonaro appointed supreme court, also inherited from Brazil concurred that the president could do this. The Bolsonaro family married into existing politically relevant families from the rest of the continent and adopted rising stars in politics ensuring centuries of nominally Bolsonaro rule of the USA, even when the President was not a direct descendant of Jair's. The national legislature and municipal governments remain mostly independent save on what the President rules vital issues but the long standing Brazilian tradition of arguing that the President would support a legislators side of an argument remains popular.

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On my nightwatch Roxanne asked if I was worried about more fires and I said, what’s left to burn? Tactically the rioters used the advantage of having nothing left in the vicinity to loot and burn to distract the growing mob from crushing the police line by forcing a head on collision with the cops that the cops could only win by brute force. The mob leaders probably calculated it was now or never, they could crush the cops by sheer numbers before the citizen soldiers of the national guard could possibly arrive, even if they provoked gross casualties the mob leaders must have calculated they would sway open the doors of the cop shop and invade the place at last.


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Justin has a blunder-prone track record for sure, but "racist"? That is really harsh, over the top and unfair.

Justin of 'Sunny Ways': No comment. I had enough trouble getting rid of Julie Payette.


From the outset our visit is shadowed by sorrows, much as last year when we arrived to learn Fernando the philosopher guide and the boat captain Antonio of Big Ben’s Fishing, Benny’s stepson, both passed away the previous summer from cancer. Lalo the chef only died the previous winter. It didn’t seem like justice for this kind and gracious society to suffer sorrows of this succession, yet what patron saint keeps them safe and exempt?

Co-owner and Pierre's wife, Bev Koffle, remarked "Anyhow, you know what Pierre's like. We'll see what happens" she laughed, adding she wants them to enjoy their time here.


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Our president gave us so much hope. Where just a few short months ago we had the best economy, the lowest unemployment, and wages going up, it was amazing.

Hydraulic power was examined and compared to the performance of the diesel unit’s capability driving the pumps. The reduced speed, elevation and constant operation of the diesel motors was a challenge with some pump set locations. This was taken into account in the pump set selection and placement along the mine haul road.


Besides Rafael, and Victor selling newspapers, we’ve supported the roaming beach vendors throughout the years. Hector makes table sized statues out of ironwood, which he polishes with brown Kiwi shoe polish. Eagles, dolphins, bears, marlins, turtles, they are detailed and dispassionately realistic. I bought a buffalo maybe fifteen years ago, and since then also a coconut palm tree which I really like despite it is very menial to keep dusted due to its detail, or maybe because of that, I have to handle it more and it reminds me of Hector and Playa Palmar. He’s husky but like many Mexicans has lean and sturdy legs, in his case from schlepping up and down the coast every day with his big backpack of statuettes slumping his shoulders, at least two samples in his hands on display. His face is stern as he treads between palapas but he smiles wide at you if you make eye contact behind his aviator mirror shades and greet him but he doesn’t stop unless asked, he doesn’t have to, he walks slowly enough to get attention and allow you to see what he’s offering. His eagle is impressive but almost too scary. His animals have faces of indifference, even my buffalo.

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Montreal airport: After retrieving our checked luggage we noticed a diminutive "mature" lady holding up a sign "OCEANIA". A dozen sleep-deprived strangers huddled around her. My name is Marie-Jose she announced in a familiar French Canadian accent.


As tales unfold, a cohort of militia conspirators got busted for organizing a plan to abduct (adultnap) the governor of Michigan and seize control of the state. This news both shocks you with fear and reassures you and Donald Trump that plans like these are doomed to fail in the USA and any fool notion that a bunch of jackboot yahoo warriors will come rushing to the White House lawn to liberate the presidency when Trump loses the election best be dreamed in a whisky jag and a dime novel.

A second MPD squad car arrived and parked near the store. The first two cops seemed unsuccessful persuading their prisoner to sit in the back seat of their squad car. The man under arrest complained he wasn’t resisting arrest, he just felt claustrophobic just thinking about sitting in that back seat. Nobody says whether they discussed sending for a roomier paddy wagon. The two newly arrived policemen are veteran officers and assume seniority of the situation from the arresting cops, who are rookies.


The governor also expressed a public apology to CNN for the state patrol arresting a reporter while on the air telling the story the night before. Reporters were saying when they held up their press credentials the response from law enforcement was We Don’t Care. The governor personally guaranteed full transparency to the press of what was happening.

Veterans' Day Parade took place in the heart of the city. No American president had ever attended this parade until the current occupant decided to be the first. Emperor, Commander-in-Chief and Vietnam draft-dodger, President Donald J. 'Crazy Pants' Trump, stood on the reviewing stand taking the salute. The city that never sleeps was turned into a gigantic parking lot. Our exasperated tour guide confessed he had never seen anything like it in 30-years of guiding tours in New York City. His bus was filled with geriatrics with no onboard toilet. As the hours passed the "experience" turned into a marathon of bladder control.


Watching him struggle to breathe, not to escape custody or fight off the cops, you can hear people in the crowd begin to join George Floyd begging for his life. Even one of the original two cops is heard musing whether they might roll him on his side. Twice in the eight plus minutes. The alpha cop relentlessly digs his knee into George Floyd’s neck. As George Floyd suffers the cop seems to gouge his knee subtly deeper into his throat.

And then someone-somewhere came up with an 'Eureka' work-a-round; a way to pay for stuff 'they' otherwise could not afford. A financial methodology; a 'shell game' effectively used to purposely confound and confuse that enabled 'passing-the-buck' on to others. A diabolical innovation; the birth of twin debt-monsters - Income Tax and Credit Cards.


MEMO 30 June — A Palestinian family has filed a lawsuit against French company Exxelia Technologies over charges of complicity in war crimes. The Shuheiber family, represented by the Paris-based law firm Ancile Avocats, lost eight-year-old Afnan, nine-year old Wassim and ten-year-old Jihad on 17 July 2021 when a rocket landed on their roof in Gaza where they were feeding birds. In the debris, the family found a component which read Eurofarad France. Experts have since determined that the component is a Hall effect sensor made by Exxelia Technologies. Since the house does not appear to have been a legitimate military target, the attack which killed the three children may constitute a war crime. The family’s lawyer Joseph Breham said that they decided to file the complaint in France as it would be useless to file it in Israel. According to the lawsuit, the company sold the component to Israel with knowledge that it would be part of a missile and with knowledge that it was susceptible to be used to commit a war crime.

It's worth watching it again on Google. Listen to the kid whispering 'Zoom, Zoom, Zoom', the music, pictures of cars and feel the release of a wave of nostalgia as you pine for those 'good old days' of 2021.


Obsequious TV reporting and media. The conversation about racism structurally embedded in modern culture was underway.

And whenever we went to Switzerland we extended our trips to explore more of Europe. Factoring the air fare and how may hours it took to fly it didn’t pay to merely spend a week. The next six years (not counting year ZOZO) we made nine trips. The Kysylyczyns, Michel, Sid and the kids, moved back home to Minneapolis after four years. After that Roxanne and I went two more times sans Switzerland.


Worse than any Deep State, the country is rife with sleeper cells of militias who hearken to 1776 as they plot more armed treason. Insurrectionists who stormed the Capitol threatened to lynch the vice president. They are enabled by Republicans afraid to repudiate them and their lying beliefs the election was stolen and they must overturn it by force. Leaders who say impeachment only creates disunity are really saying they fear more insurrection if the truth be told. They are becoming the party equivalent of Al Qaeda. That’s what the Q in QAnon stands for, lies and terrorism.

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Through all the commotion, disinformation and uncooperation of the Trump administration, the Biden administration team takes shape. They are the team of professional elites distrusted and despised by malcontent fascists everywhere, and these elements should take notice. They should start packing — their bags not their sidearms. Real promise ahead with liberal leadership could possibly please conservatives interested in common prosperity.


Every day our housekeeping maid Neli left us bath towel origami sculptures with flower petal features. We are a tidy couple but it was luxury to have the floor swept, the bathroom cleansed and the towels and bed linen changed every day. They do not use fitted sheets either. The amount of sand we tracked indoors every day might fill a bucket by the time we went home.

In this blog, we'll look at one of my favorites, the new Scenario Comparison tool

This is no more a comic book president. He has tapped into the very spinal cord of a dangerous and radically wrong social community and he was deliberately milking it to stay in power. They milked him to control the power.


GAZA (Ma‘an) 2 July — Israeli forces in the early morning on Saturday launched airstrikes at several sites allegedly used by Palestinian political factions in the besieged Gaza Strip in response to a rocket fired from the small territory into an Israeli city Friday evening, Israeli and local sources said. Local sources said Israeli warplanes launched rockets at two sites reportedly used by al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, in the southern part of Gaza City, and targeted missiles at five other locations allegedly used by al-Qassam Brigades and al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad. Missiles struck a site in Beit Lahiya, a blacksmith workshop in the neighborhood of Zaytun, a site near the al-Irsal tower east of Jabaliya, empty land near an al-Quds Brigades’ site northwest of Beit Lahiya, and a shed near an agricultural college east of Beit Hanun in the northern Gaza Strip, according to locals.

In the event that about style, additionally anticipate who is wearing the best dress for an honors night. Perhaps it is begrudge that like to respond to a specific who is wearing a bungled outfit or something that looks a wrongdoing to the current pattern. Additionally begrudge those lovely outfits and sparkling shoes. How wish could wear something to that effect. Any report about celebrities is consistently a success. That is the reason there are a ton of picture takers that exploits these. They are normally called paparazzi. They exploit each implicating subtlety that they can catch in photographs and offer it to a newspaper. There are heaps of cash associated with any tattle about the universe of celebrities.


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I looked forward to this one because it’s past high summer and I want to impart hope into a narrative that started out depressing and seemed to get sadder after that. When I left off, the smoke cleared, the ashes settled and swept away from the riots. An awakening of racial awareness across America in response to the killing of George Floyd ignited fervor for civil rights not seen so intense since the 1960s. And that coronavirus, so novel last winter has overstayed its unwelcome, and let President Trump down, did not disappear as he promised but sickened over five million, about sixty thousand a day, and killed 160,000 so far at a rate of over a thousand a day, and cost millions of jobs not likely to come back soon.

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The song goes: “I’m gonna take two weeks, gonna have a fine vacation. I’m gonna take my problem to the United Nations.

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BloodFate - Between Shadows and Pain (Colombia) - First one on the list might be my favorite. BloodFate pushes some boundaries with a unique combination of progressive power, metalcore and thrash.


Back in Minnesota Governor Balz asked Attorney General Keith Ellison to lead the prosecution of the murder of George Floyd. Ellison used to be our 5th district congressman, and before that a member of our state legislature. Before that he practiced civil rights law. Reports said George Floyd’s family asked the governor to appoint Ellison to the case. With the county attorney’s assent, Ellison accepted the job and promised a vigorous and fair prosecution. Two days later he announced an additional second-degree murder charge against the ex-officer who kneed George Floyd to death and charged the other three officers with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter.

The pandemic death toll was more than four thousand a day. A frequent comparison is with 9/11, when 3,000 died. Or eight jumbo jet plane crashes a day. What I’ve always stressed over and disliked the most about the pandemic is the daily body counts, but you can’t look away. Much less pretend it’s not happening and that the whole experience is a hoax that would dispel if we all stopped paying attention. If we paid attention to our freedoms. If we paid attention to our own gratification. If we are Oath Keepers not our brothers keepers. If we simply stopped acting as if we have any earthly control of this disease until herd mentality reaches herd immunity and meanwhile an immense share of our population gets wiped out — survival of the fittest.


Been a lot of hopes and dreams and expectations since June. All the more exciting to get jittery for the rest of the year.

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Ynet 1 July by Itay Blumenthal — The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court extended by five days the arrest of a man who is suspected of providing assistance to a terrorist who stabbed a 40-year-old man and a 62-year-old woman in Netanya. Mohammad Kabaha (30) from Jaffa stands accused of, amongst other things; destroying evidence, the obstruction of justice, and transporting an illegal alien in his car from Qalandiya to Netanya. Members of his family who were present at the legal procession claimed that he was unaware that he was driving a person who intended to carry out an attack. Kabaha, who was arrested on Thursday night in his home in Jaffa after security cameras recorded the terrorist exiting his vehicle, has been arrested in the past for transporting illegals into Israel. As he made his way home and heard that an attack was taking place, Kabaha immediately realized that it was being carried out by the terrorist he had transported to Netanya. In an effort to cover up any evidence that had any part in the attack, he immediately erased messages from his cell phone showing that the two had coordinated with one another and that he would provide a lift from Qalandiya to the Netanya market.


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If we stopped going down there I would miss them. Jesus, Anabel, Juan Toro, Jose, Gloria, Adelina, Josefina, Toribio, Maria De La Luz, Martin, Jaime, Rafael, Lorenzo. These are only the food and drink servers at the hotel. Plus the dozens of servants who serve us at the restaurants where we eat in both towns. Add in all the vendors who sell stuff on the beach.

I recommend for those who are dubious of Playdek’s random dice generation, of the bugs which remain unfixed, and want a more ‘classic’ board game experience, pop on over to Saito. For the game-tweakers I understand there’ll be future capability to design and implement your own cards, so if you think it’s time to make changes/expansions to Twilight Struggle that’s soon to be possible!


Trump’s monkey boy doctor, posed in a white coat out front of Walter Reed hospital with flanks of other guys in white coats all looking like a ghost chorus line of Jersey Boys, gives press conferences without any facts about the patient-in-chief’s condition. No fever stats, oxygenation counts, x-ray or scan results. No official word when Trump last tested negative or first really tested positive.

Ultimately “Sleep Cycles” is a fitting title as one minute it’s crushing and aggressively vibrant; wide awake and alert, but they know how to reel it back and soothe you too without managing to make you dose of completely, and they’ve balanced this out really well over the course of the thirteen tracks. Currently unsigned but, it’s hard to see why quite frankly (Unless it’s by choice of course), Heartsick know how to make you feel the feels and this is a solid record all in all .


IMEMC 1 July — Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Friday morning, on a number of Palestinian fishing boats near the shore of Gaza city and the Central District, causing damage and forcing the fishers back to shore. The fishers said the soldiers fired many live rounds at their boats as they were trying to fish, in Gaza territorial waters, causing damage but no injuries. Several navy ships also chased some of the boats back to the shore in Central Gaza, while firing at them.

Meanwhile the clock ticked away at the Minneapolis 3rd precinct. Like clockwork the protesters marched again to the blocks of Lake St and Hiawatha and Lake and Minnehaha to protest police brutality and demand the arrest of the four ex-cops for the murder of George Floyd. Again the heckacopters buzzed over the neighborhood. Again the visitors parked their cars in the neighborhood and walked north and east. The traffic swelled looking for places to park, which meant they succeeded further away and trekked by on foot, pilgrims the last quarter mile to the precinct building where the killers used to work.


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Marlow as a boy was fascinated by the mystery of Africa, as was Conrad, who made a similar journey upon which his novel is based, inner Africa then a white, undifferentiated patch on the map, a blank slate that stirred his curiosity. Rumsfeld, our Secretary of Defense, talked about what we know and what we do not know in a press conference to justify the invasion of Iraq based not on the possibility of the presence of weapons of mass destruction but upon the possibility of possibilities unknown, the blank space where he plotted his course and let his imagination sail.

Michel our daughter offered us to stay at their house, which was still in the city but further from the heat zones. This was a big deal because Michel is a nurse by trade and philosophically strict about observance of pandemic protocols such as the social distancing — we haven’t been inside her house in months.


We "Older Folks' understand "time goes faster than you think". A concept younger people rarely believe until they get to be about the same age. But by then the knowledge comes far too late to make a significant difference.

The assembled monarchists took solace in the words of the Queen's press secretary from 1988 to 2000, Dickie Arbiter, "The monarchy has evolved over 1000 years. It has had all sorts of circumstances running against it, but it has survived.


They charge $300 Mx pesos an hour. That comes out about $17/15 USD. Tipping as always is optional but I recommend extravagant generosity. Nowhere more than the massage casitas at Playa Palmar does the faraway stranger engage the graces of the host culture. Man or woman, nowhere else do you surrender yourself and entrust your well being blindly to the hands of gracious hospitality in a land of serving tourists. Las masajistas possess skills of public health, and when tourists partake of their services they engage local talent in a straightforward trusting way extending more intimate than the waiters and cooks who serve the food and the attendants and camaristas who service the rooms at any hotel lodging along the sea at this particular place in Mexico.

In Minneapolis the copter cameras watched on Sunday afternoon as thousands held a rally downtown that marched to Interstate 35W and occupied the bridge over the Mississippi that replaced the one that collapsed in 2007. The highway department had closed off the freeway miles away in both directions to stop all traffic for the protest. The rally swarmed over the bridge in all the lanes.


Still troubling the politicization of the military by the fuhrer to execute crowd control by threatening to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 to place troops in the streets. The guy who got out of the Vietnam war draft with phony bone spurs now likes to play Commando in Chief with his mix and match generals and acting defense secretaries who don’t know how to act. His bungling of the pandemic both in America and in global relations exposed his feckless leadership in one big candid expose, and now he’s trying to make up for lost popularity by using the George Floyd reactions as cover to seize power trying to distract from the basic right of people to assemble and scream and yell about perceived wrongs. In that he mimics the anarchists and looters who use peaceful protesters for cover to destroy and steal.