Second quarter will be a super busy one as we launch our 2nd Annual Evolving Freight Forwarding survey. In addition, look for monthly surveys on the APAC forwarding market as we continue to build that index out and finally, yes, the Global Retail Logistics report. Bet you thought it had been buried? Nope, it was just temporarily shelved as we worked on an influx of consulting projects.

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You can say there’s a religion for apple. But let’s play fair – such a religion exists for microsoft, too. But the difference is, when you buy a windows notebook, you have to deal with its homemade problems. With a Mac you start working (=get productive) in less than 10 minutes. Hardware is more expensive than non-apple?


Of course, not all apps scale properly on a high-resolution display, as you can see in the video, but that’s something I can live with. If you don’t, you can go for the lower res panel instead, which should help boost battery life and to some point, performance as well, since the laptop will have less pixels to push.

This new program is designed to help the WHOLE family eat healthier without counting calories, eating ridiculous “diet” foods, falling victim to fad diets, or feeling deprived! Instead, it focuses on eating more of the right foods, eliminating processed foods, maximizing results, and ENJOYING life and the foods you eat!


They get you with “free” goodies, and when they have enough clients, they gonna make you pay. The some 4% they loose don’t matter.

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When it comes to multitasking and efficiency, Auto head units are superior to just using a phone in the car in almost every way. While on vacation, I used my head unit for navigation, music, texts, and phone calls—essentially everything it can do—constantly, and it never missed a beat. The music would automatically pause when a call or text came through, then start right back up afterwards. Navigation was on-point all the time, with constant traffic updates and notifications of faster routes as the became available. While the phone can do this, I often find it to be slower and clunkier—as the phone heats up (from doing multiple things at once with the screen on constantly), it just gets sluggish. Plus, the Auto head unit interface, while very similar, is just more efficient; for example, it has two menus on essentially every screen—one for the app, and one for the system—where the phone app has to combine everything into one menu.


As shown, it’s about 200g with cable – only 60-70g per single servo / battery unit. That’s down from 370g with traditional shifters and full length cables, standard housing, etc. That saves about 170g, and he says the system can easily be lighter than eTap.

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Metal is used for the screen’s hinge as well and in fact the only plastic you’ll find on this thing is the bezel around the display. And even that part looks and feels premium. As a side note, I did notice that the plastic bezel was a bit too tight on the screen on one of the models I’ve tested, which caused a bit of light bleeding on the panel’s lower edge.


But while somewhat annoying, that’s just something you’ll have to live with in a fanless computer that’s as slim as this one, and on top of that, has a metallic body (which spreads the heat easier than a plastic shell). As a good news though, the palm-rest and the lower-part of the keyboard only get warm even under heavy load, so unless you actually use the laptop on your lap, the UX305’s case temperatures should not affect you that much in everyday use.

Asus Zenbook UX305 / UX305FA review – the fanless ultraportable

Join the dots for yourself, and yes, good luck staying rational, skeptic and sane. It’s tough out there but freedom may be worth it. Up to you.


I have not noticed at this time what else it has altered/deleted because I am very busy and the above list are the programs/tools I use frequently. MS Office 10 of course is fine and I assume whatever MS Office version (7, 2003) I would have would also be fine; as I said above, I suspect all of my personal settings are back at default…this is not good.

Last night, I went to bed knowing that the computer I said good-night to, would be the same computer that greeted me this morning. Same lovely layout, same beautiful wallpaper, same applications, all working just the way I want them to, none of their settings changed, nothing removed or deleted. That’s because I’m using Win 7 with automatic updates turned off, and across the room is an XP machine that has also kept all its settings and applications for another night. I won’t be able to get that from Windows if I “upgrade”. So that leaves me little choice but to get on another train.


I hope everyone noticed the part of the EULA which gives them the right to come to your house and uninstall any of your organs that they need to take to transplant into a board member to keep them alive. Because they think you owe them that much for the privilege of using their products.

Our 5th most popular blog post was What Does the Amazon Acquisition of Souq Mean? While a lot of focus has been placed on the great potential of the Middle East e-commerce market, the biggest prize Amazon gets is Souq’s logistics network. In addition, the Middle East often serves as a transshipment location between Asia and Europe. Look for the same in this acquisition as well as a focus on trade lane patterns connecting India and Southeast Asia with Amazon’s Middle East acquisition.


The sample I initially reviewed had a flawed trackpad, with a jumpy cursor and difficulties in registering gentle taps. The retail version provided a far better experience though, and that’s what you should expect from the UX305s you’ll be able to find in stores.

Windows 10 update ran on my PC last night and this morning I realized that it had uninstalled my USB dual-band wifi and turn on the crappy system wifi (which I had disabled) – WTH! The device was still plugged into the USB port and I’m lucky that this ‘update’ didn’t destroy it. immediately turned off automatic updates.


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And finally, the most popular blog post for the quarter and a big thanks to folks from EyeforTransport for helping us spread it around and media outlets for chatting with us further about it – The Focal Point of Amazon’s Logistics Network – Fulfillment by Amazon. In its year-end earnings report, Amazon noted that its active sellers using FBA increased 70{9744a7a1cfbe415902885f8660f6e49e59abf66d5c5fd64793f1659d024d7a69} during 2021 and outside of the US FBA units shipped increased over 80{9744a7a1cfbe415902885f8660f6e49e59abf66d5c5fd64793f1659d024d7a69}. Amazon will likely take care of its own ecosystem and then if there is space on one of its leased airplanes, ocean containers, a truck or rail container, it would not be surprising if they sell the space to interested parties.

This may be the odd one out then, because we are in 2021 and Microsoft in their collective arrogance are still doing the same. Without any user interaction or at least giving a warning, an update wiped out a non-MS application, just recently, It was Tor in my case but who knows what else it’s nuked. I’ll notice when I try to use them. I’m not the only one I know of, who’s had misterious disappearances on their PC, involving a collection of different programs.


Emily Luciano Ultimate Portion Fix Comments Feed

My husband and I have identical laptops. We each did the upgrade from Windows 8/1 to Windows 10 at the same time. My laptop retained CCleaner, my husband lost everything associated with CCleaner. I think this shows that there is not a definitive answer as to whether the Windows 10 upgrade definitely does, or does not, remove CCleaner!

I booted up the Acer this morning after it had been turned off for about 9 hours. Voila — my traditional wifi icon is back, the list shows 22 available networks, internet did not cut out, rebooted to make sure it wasn’t a mirage, and wifi is still there. It saves me a meeting with my favorite tech guy, but it is ANNOYING.


Offering due to incompatibility is one thing. Warning about a possible incompatibility would actually be great.

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Not sure if this applies to everyone, but if you use any kind of web conference / video chat service in Chrome / Chromium such as Google Hangouts, there's a good chance it uses the WebRTC protocol. Unfortunately the WebRTC implementation in Chromium comes with a handy “feature” called Automatic Gain Control that tends to screw with your microphone volume. Unless the web app itself gives you an option to disable it, there is otherwise no way turn it off, and Chrome developers don't want to add a global “off switch” for it.


The laptop is bundled with a compact 20W power brick with a long enough cable. It charges with a maximum rate of 20 W per hour, so a full recharge will take around 2 hours and 30 minutes, as it trickles at the end.

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As far as interface is concerned, the Auto phone experience is pretty similar to that of a head unit, though the layout is slightly different. It’s still designed to be easy to use in the car—it just gets out of the way to let you pay attention to what matters most: the road. I mean, there are lives at stake out there, so playing with your phone while driving is something that you should absolutely not be doing, under any circumstances. Fortunately, Auto running on the phone makes this much easier to avoid.


A lot of software still comes on CD or DVD. Firms that allow downloads often allow you to redownload for a while, or if you pay a bit extra you keep access longer. If you download it, you can normally make a copy to a DVD or flash drive, and if you get it by DVD, keep it somewhere safe. If you got product keys, keep copies of them. This is not about computer expertise, it is about common sense.

How to disable microphone from auto adjusting its input volume

NOW is the Windows release that Microsoft decided to push the agenda a bit harder. That’s the difference this time around.


Once the app is launched, it forces a totally different experience than what you’re using to seeing on your handset: everything is huge, the controls are simplistic. The controls are at the bottom—much like on the Auto head unit—with all of the same options we saw above. If you flip your phone into landscape mode, however, the controls move to the right side.

On the other hand, having no fans leads to a rather limited passive-cooling solution, and that’s why the laptop’s back tends to get warm easily, even when performing the lightest of activities. Run some videos and a heavier browsing session and the back (but also the area above the keyboard, on the interior) will jump to 35 degrees Celsius or more, which is barely comfortable anymore for lap use.


If you are a laptop user, make sure you are not running Horizon Zero Dawn with the integrated graphics card (Intel). You can fix this in Windows 10 by following the steps below.

To add to the pain, all my desktop icons are now gone (though I later found out that it was because I was using tablet mode and should switch to desktop mode, but even that didn’t make any good sense why Windows 10 had to remove my desktop icons from view just because I’m using a tablet). There was no tutorial to show me how to switch to desktop mode, it was buried under a small icon at the bottom right corner of the screen which is just downright un-intuitive and user-unfriendly. I had to Google the solution myself, which is just lazy on Microsoft’s part in my opinion.


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To power the LED, [Teslas] used a cell phone charger powered from the 120 VAC incandescent socket to supply the requisite 5 Volts at 1 Amp (Ohm’s Law works on coffee) power for the LED. Right now, there’s still the matter of fabricating a nice enclosure to mount the LED and charger in the bulb socket, but once [Teslas] figures that out, he’ll have a very nice 8mm projector on his hands.

That aside, the processor tends to run at its core 4/5 W TDP most of the time, but HWInfo records spikes of up to 6 W in some tests and situations. Under continuous heavy load and under stress, the package keeps its Core wattage of 4/5 W.


Since Bill Gates and Bill Ballmer have left, the new CEO or who ever is the new HONCHO has not done a very good job in improving CUSTOMER SERVICE relationships. Why take our rights away as to what we download on our computer.

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As long as you’ll stick to basic activities like browsing with only several tabs opened, watching video content (both streamed or from the computer), editing documents, listening to music, chatting with your friends, etc, you’re going to be fine. However, you might still encounter hiccups when switching between the apps, so try to keep multitasking at bare minimum.


Said someone paid from microsoft. No common sense would let this words come out of a mouth that it is not feed by MS.

It’ll be available as a separated, two unit system with two distinct front and rear shifter units plus the remote (as shown here), or a single unit that runs two cables out of it plus the remote. There may be even be a choice of single-unit designs that either run both cables out one side, or each cable out of opposite sides, giving you more flexibility in mounting positions depending on your setup.


51 thoughts on “Keeping An Old 8mm Projector Alive With High-power LEDs”

Whether an OS is ROM or RAM based doesn’t determine its vulnerability, other then that a virus can’t normally overwrite a ROM – but most ROM’s are actuall PROM’s or ePROM’s that can be overwritten. A pure ROM would prevent the OS owner from issuing bug fixes and other updates on that OS – which could leave it far more vulnerable to attackers.

When you do certain types of Windows reinstallation, all programs that YOU installed are removed. That’s standard and it is well known. Don’t blame Microsoft if you failed to pay attention while you were doing this.


Much like Android Wear, Auto has an app that runs on the smartphone, which does all the heavy lifting for you. As soon as you install the app and plug the phone into an Auto unit, it pairs the smartphone over Bluetooth (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=4133) and handles everything else over the USB connection—very little is required of the user to get started. This is the same app that runs the phone-based interface, but again, we’ll cover that in detail down below.

The big issue though is that it is a web service, so it needs to run on top of an operating system. Setting that up implies long hours of installation, dealing with package versions, configuration and troubleshooting. Many people are not willing or do not have the knowledge to accomplish this task, and I think it is a big reason why it is not that popular outside of the geek niche.


For that you’ll need to pry open the back panel, hold in place by a dozen of Torx and Philips screws. It’s not complicated, just be aware there are two extra screws hidden behind the laptop’s rear rubber feet.

That aside, the speakers on this mini laptop are decent. They are placed on the belly, like on all the Zenbooks launched in the last years and aren’t spectacularly loud or capable of pushing great quality sound. In fact, they are rather muted and lack the volume to fill up a larger room. But they don’t distort, cause no vibrations in the body and overall sound well enough for a laptop as thin as this one.


On second analysis, I do not think the issues I mentioned above have anything to do with the latest Windows 10 update. The issue I was experiencing with Office 2021 was probably due to me having installed 2 different version of the program on the same computer which lead it to malfunction. I still have not figured out why InfraRecorder is not working.

I use no-ip free plan for my DDNS. The no-ip service is integrated in NextCloudPi.


Once it’s all up and running, you can just toss the phone into the console, into your lap, or wherever. From this point forward, it will be rendered essentially useless—Auto will force itself into the foreground of the phone, removing access to all controls aside from Home and Back. The idea is to keep your eyes off your phone while driving.

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Last but not least there’s the webcam, placed on top of the display (with a microphone pin positioned just above the F1 key, on the main frame). It’s decent, grainy in most conditions, but will do fine for occasional Skype or Hangout calls.

Save the file and close any Google related apps. The volume for the input device should stop auto adjusting. This works 50/50 this is why I am looking for a permanent solution.


Something is broken in the way they are producing the updaes and it needs to be fixed fast. Its got nothing to do with who is testing the updates.

A possible reason is that some people just go through the issues and fix them, get experience and improve their knowledge down the track and gain a competitive advantage when the OS is widely adopted sometime in the future. This is very common at least for those people working in the IT industry and it is not only about Windows. All the other Operating Systems and major software products have their share of issues.


I had to replace my computer at the end of August so I have Windows 10 which I am not real happy with. I have gone to the help support and not gotten the help I needed. I have lost programs and items are hard to find. Can not print items without them going to documents and then opening documents, a pain to do double work. Now today I have lost CCleaner, my icon was missing from the desktop. Went looking for it and cannot find it. Why did it get taken away with the latest updates, oh and my computer has all kinds of windows now before it opens to my desktop, another pain in my side. XP was sure a lot better than Windows 10, never had the issues that I am having now. I also had to download a new driver so my HP would print items from the computer. Never had this issue in the past. Getting pictures off the camera and my phone are a pain also with Windows 10. NOT A HAPPY CAMPER with Windows 10. Class-action suit, I am in.

Same situation for me on the sound issue, it was working fine before the update, then sounded like a dalek afterwards. Reinstalled the device and it’s better but not back to full working order with some sound issues still persist in some applications where there weren’t problems before.


Comments on “Review: 2007 Suzuki SX4 .”

Sheesh, it just keeps getting worse and worse. The knobs deciding MS’ overall policies need their heads examined, with a kitchen blender. Does no-one at MS put themselves in the customer’s shoes, and consider all the ramifications? Does everyone at MS think there is no such thing as bad press?

What the Hell’s a Suzuki’s SX4? I know it’s my job to know about these things, but I swear the test car greeting me upon my return from Old Blighty was the first one I’ve ever seen.


To the person who suggested revamping XP, XP was full of security holes. Interface was easy to use but that was never the issue. The thing is that MS puts making changes for the sake of changes above everything, but does a little improvement in security each time to justify the rest of the garbage they put in. So XP is never coming back outside of any ‘classic start’ Start menu utility.

There’s also the matter of cost. If you’re getting a new car, then you can include Auto on your “want” list and be done with it. But if you are installing Android Auto into your existing car, things get pricey quickly. Android Auto head units can cost $500 on the low end, and unless you’re familiar with how technical modern car audio systems can be, they essentially require a professional installation. So, at the end of the day, you’re looking at roughly $800 at a bare minimum to get into an aftermarket Auto unit–over $1000 if you want something that’s actually good (seriously–the low-end models come with old-school, crappy resistive touch screens.


I had the desire to get healthy, but I needed to know how! I wanted to know exactly WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat it! There’s sooo many different fad diets out there, so much different research, and so many gimmicks that it’s overwhelming to know what to do!

Also, you can see the default maximum upload size to a sane value of 1G by default. PHP operations time out at one hour. This is important to allow for long uploads and downloads for big files or slow connections.


Hackaday Hackaday Monday Sipping Comments Feed

Re your (12): I had to install a router firmware upgrade and a new router app and driver to get my USB2 printer to work “wirelessly” through the router. I get good speed and reliability now, connected either wirelessly or by USB3 connector converter to ethernet.

Superb Quality & Reliability

I bought my first computer in the 90’s– it was over $1200/00 and it barely had the capacity to enter what was becoming the internet I bought a APPLE CLASSIC and I wish I would have kept it for its word processing abilities. It was superb and I thought APPLE was everything.


Constant screen refresh is a symptom of a blown Windows installation. Copy your data off and reinstall Windows clean. As painful as that may be, it will likely work a lot better. I’ve been through this and hated it but Windows works better now under 10 anniversary then it did under 7.

Or how about the Microsoft Amiibos! A Windows 10 Amiibo just to turn it on and an Amiibo for well we ar enot really sure what it does but it looks like bill gates.


They should have used the “rm -f” it works really well. Also should have used slackware it doesnt have dependencies.

I’ve been running Ccleaner since I got this laptop preinstalled with Windows 10 in September. Cc has been running continuously since then, and I always update this free version as soon as they email me a new version is available.


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The first thing I saw at the bottom right corner of my screen was a notification saying one of my programs has been removed due to “incompatibility”. This was enough to infuriate me already. The right thing for Microsoft to do would have been to tell me that the offending program may be incompatible and if I would like it to be removed, not remove it without my consent and then inform me of the removal afterwards.


People also don’t realize that deep down, as you go from version to version, much of the kernel and supporting systems are mostly unchanged; many versions can share the same bugs and problems. You find a bug in one version, you now have to check multiple versions.

In its simplest form, Android Auto is exactly what it sounds like: it’s Android for your car. It’s not a blown-up version of the phone interface, but it should feel very familiar to anyone who already uses Android. It has a home screen, integrated Google Maps, and support for a slew of audio applications. It also uses voice control for essentially everything, so you can keep your eyes on the road. It’ll read your texts to you, as well as let you reply, launch any app, navigate to a location, or play music with a simple voice command. Just like Android Wear is an Android companion you wear on your wrist, Auto is a companion that goes in the car.


As long as you keep the computer on the Balanced Mode, it tends to run at the maximum Turbo Boost frequency of 2/0 GHz in everyday use, when required of course. On PowerSaver the frequency is more frequently capped and the laptop becomes slower, so I ended up not using this mode much, plus I haven’t noticed any massive boost in energy efficiency that would justify the diminished speed.

This is a bit geeky but bare with us: MTU stands for Maximum Transmission Unit and controls the largest packet size allowed for transmission over the network. If this setting is greater than network capacity, the computer will experience packet loss and dropped connections. The default setting of 1500 is somewhat aggressive and some networks reject packets of that size, but it turns out that 1453 is just small enough to maintain a consistent connection with most networks but just large enough to not cause any slowdowns, it’s the magic number and an old cisco networking secret.


I have restored all the pictures but when I opened the pictures using Microsoft Photos and I clicked the ‘back’ icon, top left, it started deleting my pictures again. I can’t work out how I stop this happening.

I could access files from either listing, but this issue disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Something strange is going on, and I’m not sure what.

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Solved Malware, fake websites for Google searches etc

In this article I will explain to you how to fix the Horizon Zero Dawn (PC) that won’t launch or keep crashing. This guide will display some effective solutions to help you solve these issues in Horizon Zero Dawn on PC.


Asus advertises up to 10 hours of use on this laptop, and you’ll get them if it sits idle. In everyday use though, expect between 5 to 8 hours on a charge. Check out the numbers below (screen at 40% = ~120 nits).

Ok, so far we only know that the UX305 is not very powerful, which was in fact expected from a base Core M configuration. We also know that it’s fanless, thus absolutely quiet in every situation, which I for one really appreciate, as I tend to work long hours into the night. BTW, for a detailed list of all the available fanless laptops, follow this link.


Super bluetooth hack apps

The typing experience is fairly good, although not spectacular. As expected on such a thin laptop, Asus had to sacrifice key travel to some extent, but even so the stroke seems deeper to me than on some of the other ultraportables I’ve tested lately, including the XPS 13 2021. The layout is standard, except for the tiny Arrow keys and the Power button integrated as the top-right key, which I ended up hitting from time to time when actually aiming for delete. That’s annoying, since it puts the computer to sleep.

The retail model no longer displayed any diminished performance in benchmarks, not even when running Cinebench R15 for between 5 to 10 times in a row. I didn’t get to run Prime95 and Furmark on this version, but I did not notice any signs of throttling in actual use, even when trying more demanding tasks, like games.


Disable volume auto adjust in pulseaudio “module-echo-cancel”

We are not all IT experts though are we, Pc literate maybe, but when a worldwide program is put out there then ALL possibilites of what may or could happen should be highlighted, they are NOT though and therefore this really breaches a confidential line of removing software which ultimately belongs to US the individual. Ableton is music software to create music with, very expensive and i cannot get another one the same as with my microsoft office software.

An issue with today’s programmers of apps, games, even OS’s – most of them have no clue how computers actually work deep down. That becomes obvious with nearly every new virus that comes out – most attacks work because the hackers either have a kit they bought or they actually have a good understanding of how computers work. When I first learned to program back in the 1970’s, many programmers routinely learned about actual machine code or ‘assembly’ language programming – and what your ‘code’ actually did. Most every way to break into a web site or app was – in its root form, covered by that training. But today’s programmers for web sites, apps, OS’s don’t typically get that type of in depth training. Plus a new version of an OS is not really new – it is the old one with some rebuilt modules and lots of new garbage added with little old removed – generally a collection of kludges. You may have noticed that when updates come out for MS, they usually affect multiple OS and app versions, because at their heart they all share code, some of it really old and messed up. And no firm – MS or Apple included, are willing to spend the money to remove and replace this old, obsolete code.


This 3D printed demo unit worked well on a short test ride around the parking lot. Cable pull felt strong, and would likely have snappier shifts on higher end drivetrains. That said, it never missed a shift on this Acera-level 3x setup. Gallagher says he’ll likely speed up the servo motor about 20%. We’re thinking this could be used for some very clever custom builds and breath new life into existing parts. It could also be a great solution for folks with physical limitations, amputees and others that need alternatives to levers and twisters. And getting rid of cables and wires on the front of a TT/triathlon bike for a fraction of the cost of complete electronic systems could make triathlete’s lives much easier when packing and unpacking a bike for travel.

Keeping An Old 8mm Projector Alive With High-power LEDs

The only way to protect and recover the freedom of our own “machines” is to create a Class Action lawsuit. The problem is that because of the Monopoly created by MSoft, if they retaliate and close shop, what do we use?


On top of that, there’s still a general impression of sluggishness, a lack of instant response, even when performing the most basic of chores, like launching a browser or opening a new Explorer window. I’m probably biased here, since I’m used to much faster computers and my tolerance for delays is basically NILL, but I still had to mention this, so you don’t build up false expectations.

Super bluetooth hack application

I also ran a couple on benchmarks and put the UX305 to stress with Prime 95 and Furmark. The results are listed below, and then you can read some of my conclusions after using these devices.


But outside of my labor, I have not had to buy new versions of most software just because of an OS update; most vendors provide those updates for free (not improvements, just to keep them working). And fwiw, Chrome does frequently install whole new versions – you just don’t see it all happening. And many apps do show uninstall then reinstall, that’s how they do updates, rather than patch a module or two. But most don’t require paid for new versions for OS updates, at least not PC based ones. Enterprise apps (typically mainframe) do, and that can be very expensive, but that’s not what we are talking about here.

Disclaimer: This review is based on my experience with a pre-production version of the Zenbook UX305 and a follow-up with a final-retail model, identical to the ones in stores. I’ve used both for a total of about 10 days. I’ve received both of them from Asus for the purpose of this review and were sent back afterwards.


Android Auto isn’t perfect, of course. The biggest issue I ran into was with voice control. Sometimes it worked well, other times it had trouble understanding what I wanted. For example, if I say “Play my In Flames playlist on Google Play Music,” it has no idea what I want it to do—it’s not fully aware of things like playlists in Play Music.

Just to remember, it cannot be said often enough – Mac OS (in most cases) and Linux (in some cases) are brilliant alternatives. And remember me in 10 years – I tell you today that Mac OS community is growing, cause MS destroys everything their customers loved. No one can trust MS today, and no one should trust them in the future. With every update they release, the overall experience is getting worse. Think before you buy – and get rid of the old, in the meanwhile got invalid, arguments against apple. They do a great job, and after some weeks you will never want to switch back.


Ultimately, an integrated Android Auto system is better than just using your phone—but is it $1000 better? Simply put: no. The Auto app now provides 95% of everything that makes Android Auto head units so great, at 0 percent of the cost.

How to disable microphone volume auto adjustment in cisco webex

Install a windows clean and log into the eventlog, wait an hour, and tell me there’s still not at least 1 error! So a clean installation is also blown.


More recently, there’s also a third option: the Auto app for Android. As announced by Google in early 2021, Android Auto has made its way to phones. While the experience is very similar to that of a head unit, there are definitely some notable differences too. We’ll take a closer look at those down below.

Disable Auto Adjust microphone in Skype for Linux Beta

Since disk drives and backups for them have existed, it has been a given that you backup regularly and before system changes. We’re talking established protocols from several decades. I’ve been in IT since the mid 1970’s and it is something I’ve understood for most of those years. Every single OS out there has bugs, and they tend to show up any and every time you do updates. System updates can and often are destructive even when they are not supposed to be, and in Windows this is not different.


Just move to Mac OS and don‘t pay Microsoft anymore. When enough people over the world don‘t buy their bullshit, they will have to close. But I know, it‘s a long way and they are rich. But as long as people follow them, there‘s no chance.

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If you run Win10 your computer doesn’t belong to you any more – it belongs to Microsoft. Microsoft is just letting you borrow it.


Of course, there are downsides to just using your phone. Personally, I’ve had tons of issues with phones getting hot and even overheating when running music and navigation while charging in a dock on the dash. That’s just a lot going on at once, and the dash of the car is a stupid-hot place in the summer. I live in Texas, aka the surface of the sun, so that doesn’t help. The amount of times I’ve had phones reboot or shut down from overheating is astounding.

The Android Auto app on your phone is similar to a head unit, with some noticeable differences. For example, most Auto head units have significantly larger displays than even the biggest Android phones. My Kenwood DDX9903S has a seven-inch display, versus the 5/5-inch panel on my Pixel XL. While that may seem like a relatively insignificant difference on paper, in practice it’s pretty substantial. Everything is much easier to see from the driver’s seat, especially compared to the phone in a dock.


We will use this to automatically generate a Raspbian image with Nextcloud 12 installed

Every time I do an upgrade it’s a pain. I maintain 5 PC’s, one new that has Fall C on it. One older one that the new one really replaces had a hard drive fail; I put in a new HD and used a dvd created by Media Creator for Fall C to install Windoze. On the laptop I use day to day, it tried to do the update on its own without my telling it to. It hung. I got warnings it would try again, this time I went and did it myself from a flash drive from MC. Super (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=923) slow but never hung.

We couldn’t get peek and poke working for the life of us. It appears that they weren’t implemented, which is a shame because those two commands are practically the best feature of BASIC for exploring around the insides of a new chip in real-time. While you don’t often have cause for twiddling individual bits inside your desktop computer, interactively flipping those little silicon switches is a fantastic tool when dealing with a microcontroller with memory-mapped hardware peripherals.


The problem is, many of these programs are actually compatible. The very same versions will reinstall and continue to work without any problem.


I have another issue tho, regarding the latest update. The sounds of the notifications in Action Center is gone, even if the notifications continue to appear.


Nevertheless, I don’t see the point where out discussion will lead. I want to let people know that there is a great IT world that most of all miss. They are all completely brainwashed. Or they think because they have no clue, they cannot handle a Mac.

CCleaner has always destroyed the usability of most my installed programs and built-in basic windows functions every time I’ve given it a chance, for years, if your computer even starts up again after using it – I’ve never ended up not needing to re-install windows from scratch; even under the most non-evasive “safest” automatic settings. Frankly I’m surprised its not auto-deleted by windows defender or malicious software removal from windows automatic updates.


I also tried Age of Empire 2 HD and got around 30-35 fps at the screen’s native QHD+ res. In conclusion, this is clearly not a computer for games, but it can still handle well-enough some older titles.

Our versions came with the higher end 3200 x 1800 px IPS panel, and Asus also offers a 1080p option on the lower end models. Regardless, I appreciated the brightness, the sharpness and the excellent viewing angles, the gamma and the White Point. The contrast is rather poor though, mostly because blacks are not deep enough. But the colors are accurate according to my tools, although Yellows and Blues still seem a bit muddy, but are definitely not as skewed as on the Asus UX303LN or the other devices that rely on QHD+ Samsung made panels (like the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro).


The SX4’s designers used their plastic palette to create a cabin that’s a model of clarity and ergonomic ease. From a handsome, common sense radio head unit to funky air vents to a right-sized steering wheel, the SX4 proves that cost constriction is no barrier to good design. Sure, the helm and stick-shift are Rubbermaid, and the seats offer meager support or comfort. But this $15k vehicle is no penalty box.

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Three years ago I finally found a nutrition plan that was a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE plan and I haven’t stopped since! If you have been following my journey, you know that I swear by my little color coded portion containers for meal planning and figuring out exactly what to eat! These containers help keep me on track, make meal planning super easy, and have not only helped me lose weight and gain muscle, but I also FEEL better than I did at 18!


It’s a dream to see microsoft lose customers to better systems, really. They deserve it, because they do not care about their customers.

Since I do love Windows, I have decided to regard my computer as an appliance borrowed from Microsoft, and to use only software that I can replace without further expense. Also I am trying to bear in mind that they don’t seem to respect my privacy as much as I do.


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I can now add a #10- to my list above. Today at our office, we could no longer print invoices on our multi-part paper in an older Dot Matrix Printer (granted, t was really old), but worked well under Win 10 until the update. There is no fix, and no driver will install. We now need to use a laser (more expensive) and toss out our remaining boxes of multi part invoices.

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I just bought a macbook pro and I am happy with MAC OS X. Expansive alternative to windows, but apple seems to be a bit more reliable. And I am sure, Microsoft will someday say: hey, now that the world has completely migrated to win10, lets take money for it. Do you REALLY believe that it’s true, when Microsoft says, it’s free of charge?

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At first, we thought that the key to getting into the BASIC shell was simply blocking the onboard flash program ROM, because we discovered it by connecting to GPIO 12, labeled as the MOSI pin for “HSPI”. But a little verification with ‘scope and continuity tester verifies that no data is going across this pin at bootup, and the SPI lines for the flash aren’t even broken out from the module. It looks like whatever boot ROM the ESP32 has inside it is testing for a high voltage on GPIO 12. Don’t ask us.


The SX4’s on-demand AWD system is a particularly pukka party trick, reminiscent of Subarus of yore. For daily duty, the SX4 is a front-driver. Flip a switch near the handbrake and i-AWD kicks in. In this mode, 95% of the SX4’s torque is routed to the front wheels. Should either of the fronts lose purchase, up to 50% of the power is sent to the back wheels. If you get stuck in sand (posing for the requisite PR lifestyle surfer dude pictures), you can switch to full-time four wheel-drive and lock up the transfer case for an even split.

From what I’ve seen each of these big updates requires Windows to reinstall any and all apps it can – excepting a few MS doesn’t want reinstalled like Win 7 games like Solitaire and gadgets. Some other apps it supposedly can’t reinstall, but many are reinstallable by you, perhaps needing to download a new version meant for use on the new version of 10. CCleaner is on the list of apps known to not, typically, reinstall. I have not checked yet, but it is often updated by the firm who made it. If that’s the only problem you have probably lucked out.


Windows 10 keeps uninstalling my Epson Scanner software. I keep installing it. Will continue to do so.

Anyway, the big news is that the Espressif team has gotten most of the Arduino core up and working, and we have a full review coming out soon. They’re also continuing to work like crazy on development of the C libraries that real programmers will use to run these chips, so it’s probably not a top priority for them to implement peek inside an Easter egg. But we had a fun afternoon dredging up BASIC skills.


Ensure that you are using the latest graphics drivers from NVIDIA or AMD before trying to run Horizon Zero Dawn on PC. There are already released Nvidia drivers for Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. You should go to AMD or Nvidia’s official website and check your drivers.

Ignoring that, our 4 pc’s using it run better then they did on 7, though getting there on 2 of them was obscenely painful. The first big update was the worst upgrade I’ve ever done, even worse then going to 10 itself, which upgrade was super buggy. The AU has its bugs, but for me at least it was a ‘nothing’ process. First one I did from DVD (from the downloader utility) but the other 3 I pretty much let happen. But I did wait for several weeks, greatly improving my odds. And AU fixed serious problems on one laptop from one of the 1511 monthly updates.


The Core M 5Y10 processor is bundled with Intel’s HD 5300 graphics, a mid to low-end integrated solution. As a result, it’s not capable of handling the latest titles, but it can cope well with some older games. I’ve tried a few, and Intel also compiled a list of games that are playable on this chip, available over here.

I guess Enterprise users aren’t affected? Nothing changed here, and I got a bunch of old software.


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I got a new laptop 5 months ago preinstalled with Windows 10 and am happy with it. I did have to install new router firmware and printer software initially to get these functions to work, but I’ve seen no Windows Update problems to date. I’m wondering if an initial clean install by the Microsoft Store, followed with the latest version of the many programs I use, accounts for my Windows 10 success to date. I assume others have similar Windows 10 update success and are quiet about it. I try to keep all my software updated to the latest available level without waiting for automatic processes to eventually accomplish this goal. Perhaps that is why Windows 10 Update has caused me no problems to date. Any constructive thoughts on this?

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Further-more; 1511 is an updated build of windows, not a hotfix or a patch, calling it an update is like saying its an update to Windows Vista. If anyone wanted to avoid a program that had known issues with some computers or most likely needed to be re-installed because it changed some default windows settings on install which would have been reset you could have chosen to defer updates when the notification about it was prompted to you, and run the installed program compatibility checker.

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You can use your own image by setting DOWNLOAD=0 at the top of the script. You can also choose between Raspbian or Raspbian Lite by setting the IMG variable.


The Asus Zenbook UX305FA is also available in Europe, starting at roughly 700 euro for a configuration that includes the Core M 5Y10 processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 128 GB SSD and a 1920 x 1080 px matte non-touch display. Remember, the RAM is soldered on the motherboard, so if you choose this version, you’ll be stuck with only 4 GB of memory for good.

On the sides you’ll find a decent selection of ports, with 3 USB 3/0 slots, an SD card-reader, micro-HDMI video output, a headphone/microphone jack and some status LEDs. Asus includes an USB to LAN adapter in the pack, but it would have been nice if they included a micro-HDMI to HDMI adapter as well. They don’t, so you’ll just have to buy it yourselves. There is however a protective sleeve included.


What Is Android Auto, and Is It Better Than Just Using a Phone in Your Car

I didn’t notice anything removed. I DID notice like 8 new programs installed all of which I don’t care anything about ESPECIALLY if it’s just bloatware like a trial version of Office that I already removed once! Updating my computer without my consent is one thing or rather it’s bad enough but to install a bunch of programs and features I do not want is unacceptable. I knew when I had to get a new laptop back in Sept that I should have tried to get one with 8/1 instead of 10! To be honest, until this I haven’t had any issues with 10 but this really pisses me off!

And if you have to split in a hurry, the SX4 is a corner carver par excellence. The base model’s blessed with fat 205 tires (the same size as a BMW 328i’s hoops) and a smartly-tuned chassis; the Sport version gains stability control (unique to this class). Surprisingly, body roll and grip are never an issue. Even better, the SX4’s rack and pinion steering is a revelation; the tiniest tiller inputs deliver an instant change of direction. Running in i-AWD I tackled my favorite corners as fast as I could in my (gulp) Subaru WRX.


Asus ZenBook 13 UM325SA review

If it’s more of a general Google Search (like “Chicago Bulls 2021-2021 schedule”), then it won’t really work on Auto. It’s just not designed for that.

So there is no comparison possible. Fact is, the updates may force some customers to buy new versions.


You should add both the folder where your game is installed and the Horizon Zero Dawn folder in Documents to your antivirus’s exclusion list. You can also try running the game after temporarily disabling the firewall.

This is the direction I went with my 2021 Kia Sorento—I’ve had the car for a little more than a year, so getting a new vehicle just for the Auto experience was simply out of the question. A new head unit is a much more practical, though still fairly pricey, option. I ended up going with a Kenwood DDX9903S as my head unit, as it seemed to offer the best set of features and “future-proofing” for the money.


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I previously had Paint, Photos, Windows Photo Editor, and Zb Module (Zoombrowser). I don’t need another program, especially one that came uninvited.

My W10 automatically updated the other day and afterward my Run 8 train simulator disappeared as an installed program. The arrogance of Microsoft knows no bounds. Maybe its time for FTC and DOJ to put MS under a microscope since they are effectively a monopoly. Perhaps some of the software producers haven’t been providing MS enough kickback. But then again, the removal issue could just be another planned bug to allow MS to sell Windows 11. FUCK MICROSOFT.


Please, keep in mind that you will be exposing your own private data to the internet and you are the only person responsible for its security. Update your system frequently to get the latest security updates.

Overall Win 10 generally works well on 4 of my PCs. But every time I do an update I have to wonder whether MS will break something; my home network, context menu – right click on START, etc. The other day I had to spend a bunch of time getting one PC to see the others again – after an update. Just as much fun, I can see my main system but I can’t write to it; says I don’t have permission. Needless to say shares are setup properly. Sometimes homegroup works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m an IT professional who is tired of having to constantly fix problems that MS causes.


As did others, I got a message that an open app was preventing shutdown even though the machine said no apps were running. Then, when I was away from the computer for a while and it went into hibernation mode, I lost all wifi connectivity. It tells me there are no networks available, but I am on my home wifi right now on my laptop. Troubleshooting did no good, telling me an ethernet cable was unplugged.

The first method is, of course, the easiest and arguably best way to use Android Auto. But if you’re not in the position to buy a new car (especially just to get Auto), then it’s also the most impractical. That’s where the second choice comes into play—several car stereo manufacturers are getting into the Android Auto game these days, with companies like JBL, Kenwood, and Pioneer leading the pack.


Whether the more premium-priced options are worth your hard earned buck or not, that’s up to you to decide. On one hand those are a lot closer in price to some of the Haswell and Broadwell U ultrabooks, but at the same time keep the same core strengths, and especially the fanless platform.

The article was written in 2021 and it gave MS the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s just a bug that caused the removal of user programs. You know, if it’s a choice between conspiracy and a fuckup, it’s supposed to be a fuckup.


Now, truth be told, this hasn’t drag me down during my tests and the laptop handled well even tasks like streaming a 4K Youtube clip, with no buffering at all. But if you want to download stuff of the Internet and have a fast connection in your house, the UX305’s Wi-Fi might not deliver the speeds you might expect.

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I fixed the issue on my machine by disabling any other mics on my desktop. I found if the camera mic picked up audio, it dropped the gain on the headset. I disabled the camera mic and the headset is steady now.


Got the Free W10 update a couple months ago, I heard alot of positivity of better performance. This better performance was all true at least for the first few weeks.

MS cares not except for you getting products from their store. I wouldn’t be surprised if in order to icnrease sales to the XBone they make it to where you have to have one connected to do anything.