Welcome sweet Ambassadors of Light. This Light Body, sacred Merkaba meditation, is for those of you that are unfamiliar with the Light Body/Merkaba activation, and are working with anchoring and activating the appropriate sacred geometries of Light.

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Basic Light Body Course

As we move through the different levels of activation, we experience many shifts in our physical well-being, our emotional patterning, our behaviours, our core beliefs and our thought forms. Essential we are moving into the space of love where our heart opens and we are able to pass through the ‘gateway of awakening’ or the ‘eye of the needle’ to a place of unconditional love for all sentient beings, otherwise known as the Fifth Dimension.


Knowing how to tweak/replace exercises that suit your training goals is pretty complicated. Thankfully, though, the team here at BWS has the necessary expertise to do just that. Our 3-on-1 coaching program takes the guesswork out of training, nutrition, and even mobility work - so you can focus on what matters: making gains.

Referring back to the three classes of IoT applications from Section 3, there are differences between the environments in which the devices must operate. A health monitoring device, in most cases, is a wearable device that passes through a complex harvesting environment throughout the day depending on the activity of the user. On the other hand, industrial and environmental monitoring devices are deployed in one location, and thus, their harvesting environment is fixed and more predictable. While the health monitoring device might harvest from body heat and indoor as well as outdoor light, an indoor machine monitoring device might only have access to indoor light and the light source might be intermittent (only on during business hours). Thus, even though the two devices harvest from light sources, the energy available to each could still be significantly different.


Chapter26 Chakras The chakras are the subtle energy centers of the body. Like pinwheels, the bracial plexus chakras spin at the speed of light, emanating the colors of the spectrum, each sacral plexus resonating with a particular frequency. These colors combine to form the auras that surround each of us, connecting us with each other and with the cosmos. There are seven to eight major and numerous minor chakras in the body. Their locations correspond to regions of the body where nerves collect and electrical activity is high, such as the brachial and sacral plexi (major chakras) and the elbows and knees (minor chakras). The flow of energy in the chakras can become blocked by life events through the activity of the autonomic nervous system. For example, when we habitually assume a defensive posture in response to negative stimuli, we block the flow of energy in the chakras. Hatha Yoga counteracts this and re-illuminates the chakras, stimulating them to spin freely. Kundalini awakening refers to the “unblocking” of the flow of energy through and between the chakras. This process can occur instantaneously from contact with a master (inner or outer) who awakens the student’s awareness of his or her potential.

In Part 2 of the Awakening Your Light Body course, Opening Your Heart Center, DaBen transmits the frequencies and sounds that open your 4th energy body center, called the Ranthia. This center creates flow and assists you in experiencing love. You can work with it to experience blissful, calm states of emotional flow, peace, and relaxation. You can use this center to further enhance your ability to stay emotionally balanced and neutral around negative energies. You can stay upwardly connected, centered in the light, calm, peaceful, and at one with your inner Self no matter what is going on around you.


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Being near them is discernible in your own body. I recall being at a couple of events with teachers of such caliber and feeling light-headed, unable to focus on anything. The magnitude of their field influenced my vision, my mind, and my spirit.

As you enter into the Photon Light Rays with the assistance of the Company of Heaven, you will experience these fourth dimensional frequencies permanently. For now, you will anchor these frequencies of Love and Light onto this Earth plane in preparation for this ascension journey into the fifth dimension. Now though, you are able to activate your Light Body/Merkaba to the speed of common light (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=2943) and remain in form – so just sit comfortably within your activated Light Body and within your sacred space.


What feelings do you receive from this wonderful Pleiadian Master Being of Light? What form or shape or color is this Master Being of Light and Love? As you look into this stellar source of Love, you see a reflection of yourself. You see the very core essence of your being in this universal Love.

Get back onto your unicorn, wave good-bye, and move up into the sixth dimension with your Pleiadian Master Guide of the Light. As you move up into the sixth dimension on the back of your unicorn, you find you are vibrating at a higher and lighter frequency. You see the most beautiful shapes and colors as you find yourself on the sixth dimension. You move very quickly through a Sacred Geometric Chamber of Light and as you come out the other side you see a most beautiful City of Light made entirely from sacred shapes and patterns, sounds and symbols, all converging together to create the most intimate and loving feeling of Oneness. Loving Light seems to vibrate from every molecule in this place and you are greeted by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, who welcome you to this dimension as a Master Being of Love and Light. A dimension that you recognize as home. As a Master Being of Love and Light, you have incarnated on many different planes and dimensions for the experience and so the many tribes that live upon this dimension are familiar to you. You are thrilled to be meeting your old friends and family again. The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light now take you inside a Welcoming Chamber of Sacred Geometry and as you feel this overflowing of Love and Light you look around and see friends, family and Loved ones in form or sound or energy, all sending you the most wonderful Love. Remember more about your stellar origins and welcome this Light and Love.


The Pleiadian Emissaries of Light have brought messages of Love, hope, inspiration, compassion, wisdom and humor to Humanity through their many Spiritual teachings. In this program, we are offered an opportunity to work directly with the Spiritual Hierarchy in order to reclaim our birthright as Master Beings of Love and Light and assist in the planetary ascension of Mother Earth as we move into the wonderful Golden Age of Enlightenment.

This effect will be apparent to anyone who has meditated alone and in a group. It is often much easier to meditate in a group because the others are helping to create a ground for light. The meditators’ light bodies, as well as angels and guides, can ground through all of the physical bodies which makes it much easier to have spiritual experiences and deeper meditation. This is commonly called a space. The space is created by the grounding of higher energies. When meditating alone it is more difficult to give these beings and your own light body a ground and so it can be more difficult to enter into a space. Once a space has been established either alone or in a group, much metaphysical and alchemical work can be done. Your light body and the various other beings that come to help are essential to any real spiritual development and without them no progress could be made.


The energy of the Cosmic Avatar of Synthesis, representing all 352 levels of co-creation from the Source of All Creation was partially anchored onto our Earth plane at the first Harmonic Convergence on August 15-17, 1987, with the full anchoring occurring on April 23, 1994, through a powerful Galactic alignment of Light between Sirius and our Earth. The Mahatma energy, in a beautiful Golden-White and Violet flame, primarily assists us in building our etheric, electronic bodies of Light, our Solar Crystalline bodies of Light. At this time, we are now experiencing the New Earth Templates being activated in new ways through the physical body and the Mahatma energy can assist in stabilizing the New Earth frequencies and in increasing our Cosmic Light Quotient.

Light Body Activation!~caution~ Only Listen When You Are Ready! Binaural Beats Subliminal Meditation

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In the last week, many non-physical negative entities were driven out by the Light forces from all other areas into the implant hemispheres. These implant hemispheres are the only place where they are relatively safe from being cleared by the Light forces for now. The increased presence of Light is compressing the remaining darkness. You were most likely able to feel this compression as extreme tiredness of the physical body which is undergoing intense transformation. Many people also experienced energy attacks from the incoming negative entities and headaches because of increased implant activity. All this will be somewhat less intense from today onwards.

In this guided visualization, you will complete the seventh level of your Priesthood training, known as The High Priest. You consciously Soul travel through your ninth dimensional portal to the related ninth dimensional frequency in the Halls of Amenti. Overlighted by the Chohan Pallas Athena, Lord Ardal, the ruling Lord of this dimension, as well as the Mahatma and Mother/Father God, you will enter into The Temple of One Unity Consciousness to complete this training, and experience the twelfth ray of One Unity Consciousness. To commence this training, you will anchor the circuitry for your ninth dimensional body of Light, your Multi-Universal body, which extends 54 feet in diameter around you in a beautiful shimmering diamond color, holding the focus of Melchizedek Consciousness. With the assistance of Ascension Coning Members, you will anchor the next seven chakras (43-49), from the ninth dimensional portal, as it is found 24 feet above the head, to the crown chakra in a beautiful golden color through the Monadic focus of the twelfth ray of One Unity Consciousness, and following this. For this initiation, you will enter into the cold flames of the eternal Flower of Life, and experience the activation of your Immortal chromosomes, and the anchoring of your 50th chakra. Following this, you will be taken before the Lord of Death, who will free you from the cycle of death, ending with a focus of interdimensional travel into parallel realities and dimensions of Light.


Enroll in the Light Body link to first volume

Moderate aerobic exercise and lower-body resistance training are recommended to both assist in the relief of psychologic stress and lessen the severity of symptoms . Endorphin release, dopamine production, and increased blood flow to leg muscles are believed to mediate symptoms . Massage, warm baths, and heating pads may also be used to relieve and/or prevent restless legs syndrome symptoms, though there is a lack of strong efficacy data for these therapies. Case studies have shown a positive effect with massage (and a return of symptoms after cessation of massage therapy regimens), but the mechanisms involved are unclear . Theories include improved blood circulation, dopamine release, counterstimulation of the cerebral cortex, and modulated thalamic neural activity as a response to tactile and temperature stimulus. Pulsed pneumatic compression devices have also been shown to reduce symptom severity; the proposed beneficial mechanisms are similar to those of massage . Near-infrared light therapy has also successfully reduced restless legs syndrome symptom severity in small-scale studies .

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On the sixteenth breath, suck in and spin the emotional and mental body star tetrahedrons within your ninth dimensional diamond sphere. As you blow out, the emotional and mental body star tetrahedrons now spin within this sphere at two-thirds the speed of light.


The energy vortexes, which power their civilisations, are in these tunnels, along with enormous stores of precious stones and metals. At major junctions in the Grid we have what you may call Dragon Liars or Serpent vortexes. This is the portal that holds the energy and has a great Guardian Crystal beneath it. These portals are spiralling vortexes that spin clockwise and anti-clockwise, this is how all energy moves in the universe and with anti-gravity from the Earth to the Heavens and with gravity from the Heavens to the Earth. This spiralling energy is Serpent Energy that is the life force; just as it flows up your spin as the kundalini or in your cells as the DNA that hold the codings of the creation story. As the Serpent rises within us so to does our DNA activate the memory of who we are and we become our Body of Light. We raise our frequencies to the higher dimensional worlds as the Earth is also raising hers to become a fifth dimensional planet. For some this is evolving way beyond the fifth dimension, at the portals are doorways into ancient civilizations that have moved into Light which are now becoming clear again as we make the dimensional shift.

As you exhale, feel the Higher Light of Mother Earth very clearly in these three superimposing star tetrahedrons. Relax your breath now, breathing in a deep and easy manner.


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And you need to do so in a balanced manner such that your muscles grow and strengthen proportionately overtime. Leading to not only a more aesthetic physique but also minimizing your risk of injury.

Many who have read our books in the past have come away being surprised at how little they knew, or at how much there was to know that they had never even conceived of. One major area of importance is in forming a working “multidimensional” model of the Universe. Our scientists are now beginning to agree that there must be several different planes of existence or “dimensions” in the Universe, and in this new cosmology, that will also become a very simple concept to grasp. We will scientifically demonstrate a unified spiritual and scientific concept of how the Universe is all based on a “master plan” that incorporates simple principles of vibration such as light, sound and geometry. We will also see that just like the principle of a fractal or a hologram, within the infinity of the Many is always the signature of the All. THE AUTHOR AND THE WORK Obviously, these are advanced concepts, and just as the Ancients knew, scientific exploration must be combined with mystical consciousness in order to fully develop and understand the concepts before they can be accurately presented to others. To that end, since age five or earlier, the author has had extensive experience with mystical states of consciousness such as dreams, deep meditative trances and out of body or “astral” traveling. Since 1992, he has recorded almost every dream from every morning of his life in writing, and has actively tried to follow its guidance, rendered in the ancient language of symbolism and metaphor. Since 1994, he has been very focused on maintaining a rigidly pure vegetarian / vegan diet and exercise program in order to refine and expand his consciousness, and since 1996 he has experienced telepathic contact with forms of higher intelligence. The combined total of written dreams and “psychic readings” now amounts to well over 5000 pages.


Start in the centre of the ear on what is called the root of the Helix. The helix is the outer curved rim of the ear that starts in the centre of the ear and finishes as it joins the ear lobe on the outer edge of the ear. The centre of the ear is the anatomical centre of the body and there is an effective rebalancing point called Point Zero here. Point Zero brings the whole body into balance helping brain activity, hormonal activity and energy. Place the tip of your index finger nails gently in little grooves or notches in the middle of this raised ridge, create a light link and hold for a few seconds. Don’t worry if you can’t feel them at first simply make the intent that you are balancing your body with this light link. Then use your index fingers to work in little circles all along the ridge which is the root of the helix and the Concha ridge that divides the Concha into upper and lower sections. As you work towards the face you are working the solar plexus and diaphragm as well as a point for the Vagus nerve.

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If it feels right for you and to further enhance your experience, contract your vaginal or anal muscles and bring the cosmic energies through the crown chakra and the earth energies up the legs to meet at the base chakra and then perineum center. As you exhale, relax your vaginal or anal muscles and take these golden earth and cosmic energies from the perineum center, up the front of the body, down the arms and out the hands. Continue your vaginal or anal muscle contractions until you find a rhythm that is just right for you.


Iron is an indispensable component of oxygen-binding proteins (hemoglobin, myoglobin), and it coordinates the activation of mitochondrial function, DNA synthesis, and various enzymes in the regulation of immune homeostasis [30, 31]. Ferritin is a ferritin storage complex composed of ferritin light chain (FTL) and ferritin heavy chain 1 (FTH1) . The accumulation of iron and lipid hydroperoxide (LPO) in cells is the basis of ferroptosis. Fe3+ is imported by transferrin receptor 1 (TFR1) and deposited in the endosome, where Fe3+ is converted to Fe2+. Subsequently, Fe2+ is released from endosomes to the cellular labile iron pool (LIP) in the cytoplasm via divalent metal transporter 1 (DMT1) . The iron obtained by the body can be stored in ferritin or transported by ferritin (FPN), keeping LIP level at a low and avoiding cytotoxicity . Iron can promote the formation of intracellular ROS pools through the Fenton reaction. During the Fenton reaction, iron catalyzes the decomposition of H2O2 to produce hydroxyl radicals, while promoting the oxidation of phospholipids and the degradation of membrane lipids to trigger ferroptosis . Meanwhile, iron overload disrupts iron homeostasis, generating increased nontransferrin-bound iron (NTBI) and systemic inflammation through oxidative stress . FPN1 is the only known cytosolic iron output protein and is mainly distributed in hepatocytes, macrophages, and intestinal cells.

It is possible to include the senses when writing a scene while still keeping it active. Your character can taste (or spit out) the coppery blood in their mouth, hear the pounding of blood in their ears, see the flash of light as a punch connects, or smell the body odor of the opponent as they are grappled to the ground—or the stench of onions and garlic from their opponent’s breath that was more powerful than their punch.


Lightbody DNA Activations are infusions of light that actually make changes in our physiology. These are tangible changes in our cellular structure that reorganizes the molecular structure, allowing the body to be less dense and freer to express itself with the source of the universe. In energy terms, it is indeed very abstract or intangible. Energy works in ways where very often the conscious mind is unaware of the changes.

Now bring in the Pillar of Light. Request that the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light and Archangel Michael, Keeper of the Sword of Holy Truth, bring in a Pillar of Light.


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What Is the Light Body

Next, we’re going to move onto a lower body exercise before proceeding onto the next upper body movement. This just helps to optimize our recovery and performance with each exercise throughout your total body workout.


Yes, during Merkaba, you will feel like you are floating. You will feel like you are being pulled by some inexplicable force towards the sky and you will feel very light. This may also make you feel that you are trapped between two worlds.

This video is first of its kind and you must have never seen this concept of a central image which radiates light all through its energy center while in a meditative mode. It also has switchwords in the 4 corners to activate all energy centers in the body. It will help to stabilize your energy systems.


Sound is the language of the cosmos. The right music, binaural beats, classical music or even heavy metal at the right moment can break up stagnant energy and alleviate any low-vibrational thoughts.

You can enjoy these seminars in many ways, such as through a live feed, with streaming/ download also available. It is wonderful to come together to support each other in rising to a higher level of consciousness, and opening to a greater light. As you do this you can change your life with light.


On the next inhale, bring these golden energies down the spine and up the legs at the same time, meeting at the base chakra and then perineum center. Exhale and bring these earth and cosmic energies from the perineum center up the front of the body, down the arms and out the hands.

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Orin will guide you to experience and meet the soul of the earth to view life from the earth's perspective. You will learn how to connect soul-to-soul with loved ones to transform your relationships and to radiate light to others. You will "breathe with the universe" and journey into the oneness. You can learn how to exist both in this dimension and also be aware of other dimensions you exist in at the same time as your greatly expanded Self.


Call upon the Brotherhood of the Light

Melatonin, the hormone secretion from the pineal gland, is enhanced in darkness and decreased by light exposure. As melatonin is secreted each night, it helps us fall asleep. Generally speaking, melatonin and serotonin are not active in the body at the same time. Melatonin is active at night; serotonin is active in the daytime. Dysregulation of this rhythm can cause mood disorders.

Vibration and purity of intention must be in place before undergoing the activations. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


15 thoughts on “33 Symptoms of Lightbody Activation”

When the first activations started to take place an infusion of light lit up the dormant cells and indicated it was “time to go home”. We start from the point of merger-separation, then move along one hemisphere of this circle which is the separation hemisphere, come to a centre point, and then we start upwards on our journey back to the original point.

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Seventh level – the heart chakra opens more, we become more ‘real’ with other emotions, we just have to be ourselves! We release blocks and old patterns – it is a time of great emotional clearing and great intensity as we seek to rid ourselves of emotional baggage.


Join Anrita and the Elders as you experience the ET Quantum Healing Pods of the 12 Star Councils. Traveling in Soul consciousness into the Pyramid of Emotion above Michu Picchu, each Star Councils will come forward and surround us in a beautiful colored ET Quantum Healing Pod of Light. Within each ET Quantum Healing Pod, we will focus on the Emotional Energy Centers of the body as we clear the remnants of old false beliefs and judgments, dis-comforts and dis-ease, while embracing the full range of our emotions and the celebration of ourselves as these sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. We will travel along the Christed Timelines to that Now moment of the source, or origin, of each false belief or physical dis-comfort/dis-ease within the ET Quantum Healing Pods, getting a sense of the energy of each particular Star Council as they guide us ever deeper into the healing of ourselves and others. At each Now moment of origin of these false beliefs, dis-comforts and dis-ease, the ET Quantum Healing Pod activates specific Light frequency spectrums to turn off the gene code of the dis-ease or false belief so it no longer activates or re-activates in this Now moment.

Welcome, sweet magical Beings of Light. This Light Body/Merkaba activation works with the sacred geometries of the platonic solids, and the star tetrahedron.


In Part 4, Aligning Your Vibrational Energy Bodies, you will learn how to combine certain energy body centers that you have awakened in Parts 1 through 3 of this course to create heightened, expanded states of awareness. You can be more aware of subtle, higher energies and learn how to make these energies a part of your life and consciousness.

Now request that the Christed One bring in his spectrum of healing colors. You start to chant the holy words of Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, ‘Tsebayoth. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of Hosts as the Christed One now appears.


Our God Presence, our divine self, is always in the experience of this divine relationship with Source. As embodiments of our souls, we hold within us the truth of this connection. This truth is held within our hearts as a three fold flame of God Presence. Within our chakras, the essence of this flame and our God connection, is held as God's Love, Wisdom and Power. This flame burns brightly, lighting the path for all parts of the soul that are in separation from the God connection, to return home to the heart of the soul, the God Presence. As each being evolves on Earth through lesson learning from the creation of their reality, there is a point in this evolution known as the soul merge. It is when the soul begins to merge with the body, and the heart of the soul begins to be expressed through the being's eyes, radiating love to others freely, that the divine relationship with Source begins to become primary in the life of the being on Earth. Two spiritual manifestations begin to activate in the etheric realms at this time. The first is the call for the soul family to manifest in the physical life and on the ethers, supporting the path of the soul to Earth. The second is the activation of the flame of God Presence within one's heart to expand.

Welcome, Master Beings of Love and Light. Let us now set our sacred space so you may travel in Light to meet your Pleiadian and Sirian Master Guides. And with your Master Guides, go on a journey of healing and Love, embracing those aspects of your lower Self still needing to experience your wonderful Higher Light.


If you want to study with a live teacher, you can check for one in your area, Light Body Teacher List

As we experience the Cardinal Grand Cross alignment on April 22nd, 23rd and 24th, we experience the activation of the Seals of Solomon, in particular, the seven pentacles of Jupiter, and the seven pentacles of Mars, as these planets align with Uranus and Pluto respectively, the four planets involved in this Grand Cross alignment. The Seals of Solomon work with both the planetary elementals as well as the alchemical magic associated with the power of each seal. The activation of the seven pentacles of Jupiter brings with it joy and abundance, and the activation of the seven pentacles of Mars brings with it empowerment, and the energy of the Spiritual warrior, protected and serving justice. Together, these particular Seals of Light through the Grand Cross alignment, takes us deeper into the Christed Timelines and illuminates our Pathway of Christ Consciousness and our heart’s dreaming with the ability to stand in our power and bring forth the abundance we are needing in our creations of Light. These seals of Light activate, purify and recalibrate our lower bodies into the fifth dimensional New Earth Templates of Light, and amplify the Crystalline matrix of these fifth dimensional templatings as we recode the old cellular memories, false beliefs and judgments into the crystalline based Solar Light cells associated with the New Earth.

I will simply tune into you on the day and time of your session and I will work at a distance remotely with the Antari to activate your light body. This session will last for two hours. Afterwards I ask that you drink a large glass of water to make sure you are fully grounded, and go outside and get some fresh air. This session can be rather ungrounding so sometimes it is advisable for you to have a crystal at your feet to help ground you whilst you go through the session. This crystal can be anything you resonate with.


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So the real key to Ascension is to progressively integrate soul by following it's calling through the daily trials and tribulations. You're retrieving soul fragments that have gotten buried amongst the sediment in the bed of the river of life. As you do so, the progressive Activation of Kundalini expands you into the higher dimensional vehicles and brings them alive. Whereupon you're beginning to live the higher consciousness here and now. As the Shift then completes and the 3D reality is cleansed through something like this "Event", then you continue on in the Spirit Light Body in the New Paradigm. A crucial stage to this is having processed all your 4D karma. If that hasn't been completed within this current window, then you'll likely come back into physical incarnation over other cycles to integrate more soul fragments by processing remaining karma.

You start to dance, to move with the flowing energies, the energies of this Welcoming Chamber of Sacred Geometry as you feel these frequencies enter into your body in pure Light, sound, color, and wonderful geometric patterns. As you become lighter now, feel this Light entering those places within you that are needing more Light, taking away the darkness, exploring the Light within the dark, allowing you to vibrate at this lighter frequency. And now, at this new lighter frequency, you are ready to meet your Sirian Master Guide who will be teaching you and working with you, along with your Pleiadian Master Guide. For not only are you old friends with both your Pleiadian and Sirian Master Guides, but they are old friends with one another and have chosen to work together with you in many dimensions. Work is currently needed on this three dimensional plane so you chose to incarnate here to be of assistance to the earth plane along with the Master Beings of Light from many different dimensions that are working with you.


This is a very common sign of Merkaba. You will no longer need the company of people; whether they are acquaintances or loved ones. Even when you are with people, you will feel like you are alone and all by yourself. This happens because Merkaba makes new bonds that are good for you.

Are You Ready to Awaken Your Light Body

So because you are of the Sirian background that particular genetic configuration creates a color in your aura that can be discerned by those outside of this dimension. So when beings on the multiple dimensions are looking at humans, they are seeing what I will call a holographic tank. It's similar to viewing a fish tank and seeing a bunch of goldfish in that fish tank, and then there's a couple of really purple silver goldfish in there. And they see it and recognize that's not 3D there is something different here. So when they target us the thing that is bizarre about it, is that it really is impersonal. They don't know us as like Lisa, they just know us for our genetic material. So that group that's down here tends to be either harassed or abducted, or they'll try to take a sample of your genetic material. So a lot of the implants we get are about that, they're trying to figure out what were doing here and what makes us different, because we're emanating a different color spectrum than the majority of the masses that are stuck in the first three chakras. And we aren't really emanating a color that's either red to orange, or a grey orb color. So when you have a purple being with some activated higher light bodies it gets their attention.


Living in the NOW becomes more of a reality as you realise that the mental body lives in the future and the emotional body lives in the past. Any blocks on the emotional level will start to come up to be healed and moved on.

For the normal man it is only at death that this separation takes place, but some abnormal people of the type called mediumistic are subject to a partial division of the physical body during earth-life, a dangerous and fortunately a comparatively rare abnormality which gives rise to much nervous strain and disturbance. When the etheric double is extruded the double itself is rent in twain; the whole of it could not be separated from the dense body without causing the death of the latter, since the currents of the life-breath need its presence for their circulation. Even its partial withdrawal reduces the dense body to a state of lethargy, and the vital activities are almost suspended; extreme exhaustion follows the re-uniting of the severed parts, and the condition of the medium until the normal union is reestablished is one of considerable physical danger. The greater number of the phenomena that occur in the presence of mediums are not connected with this extrusion of the etheric double, but some who have been distinguished for the remarkable character of the materializations which they have assisted in producing offer this peculiarity to observation. I am informed that Mr. Eglinton exhibited this curious physical dissociation to a rare extent, and that his etheric double might be seen oozing from his left side, while his dense body shriveled perceptibly; and that the same phenomenon has been observed with Mr. Husk, whose dense body became too reduced to fill out his clothes. Mr. Eglinton's body once was so diminished in size that a materialized form carried it out and presented it for the inspection of the sitters - one of the few cases in which both medium and materialized form have been visible together in light sufficient to allow of examination. This shrinkage of the medium seems to imply the removal of some of the denser "ponderable" matter from the body - very possibly part of the liquid constituents - but, so far as I am aware, no observations have been made on this point, and it is therefore impossible to speak with any certainty. What is certain is that this partial extrusion of the etheric double results in much nervous trouble, and that it should not be practised by any sensible person if he finds that he is unfortunate enough to be liable to it.


As this healing energy activates in the palms and in the feet chakra, you place your hands upon your body to those areas that need your healing, that need your Love, knowing that you have this gift of healing for yourselves and for others, sweet ones. You are loving yourselves, you no longer choose to abuse yourselves or others; you release the addictions and the lower mind thought forms that amplify these addictions in this beautiful portal of Light. And now you activate the twenty-first Cosmic Christ Holographic disc through the spinal column, finding this movement of gentleness and Love, of healing, and the embracing of every single aspect of yourselves, sweet ones, through both the shadow and the Light. And as you experience this shift in consciousness, you connect into the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Life, to the Higher Light of all awakened lightworkers and star-seeded ones through the Unity Grid of Divine Love. You are joined by the many Legions of Light from On High as you bring these energies of faith, of healing, flexibility, acceptance, trust and surrender to all Life on this earth plane.

We must not forget who we really are. Our physical bodies are merely a very small part of the Light being that we are in truth. Now that there are so many of us awake the end is near. Earths Light Grid is strong and rebuilt and getting stronger by the minute. Many tens of thousands, indeed approximately 100,000 Lightworkers function as pillars of Light on this beautiful grid anchoring the Light of Source between Heaven and Gaia. The groundwork for The Event has truly been laid. Right now as I write these words I feel that Cobra knows so much about what is/has been taking place recently but that cannot be revealed as yet at this sensitive time. On April 23rd he said “Although it appears nothing is happening, there is much activity behind the scenes.


You will have to bear intense physical pain which may be chronic or persistent. This pain is bound to happen if you think about it in terms of the DNA; because when the light body forms, many changes take place at the genetic level which gives rise to physical pain which is intense and excruciating in nature. But the good part about this pain is that right now it may feel like it is killing you but the truth is that it is liberating you by freeing you of disease and even slowing down the process of ageing!

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You now Soul travel with a host of thousands of Master Beings of Love and Light to one of the twelve main portals of entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. You organize yourself in groups of twelve around one of these twelve portals. Now call upon the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light and Archangel Michael to bring in Pillars of Light, and assist in anchoring these Pillars of Light through the twelve main portals into the Earth’s atmosphere. You are clearing negative energies of Mother Earth and her many people through these Pillars of Light, and with the assistance of all The Light Body Coning Members, the Planetary and Cosmic Spiritual Hierarchy and the energy of the Mahatma. Continue clearing negative particles and lower frequency thought forms and energies through these Pillars of Light and these frequencies of Love and Light.


In addition, when compared to other similar shoulder pressing exercises, it enables you to lift the most weight. And from a practical standpoint is also the easiest shoulder exercise to overload with more weight as you progress, which is why I’d recommend incorporating it into your routine.

In Part 1 of the Awakening Your Light Body course, DaBen transmits energy to you to assist you in awakening your first 3 vibrational energy body centers. These centers create the power base of your light body (they are not the chakras). When they are awakened, you can remain calm and peaceful, positively change your emotional and personality reactions to others, and be transparent to lower energies. DaBen will teach you ways to open your breathing, as well as ways to release stuck emotions that keep you from feeling inner peace. Many who work with these 3 centers that form the light body power base discover an enhanced ability to stay calm and centered around other people's energy, an increased ability to feel at ease physically, and to relax physically.


Your Full Body Workout PDF

Mother’s Stream has manifested into plasma rings that appear to be transfiguring previously dormant or nullified sound bodies in the morphogenetic imprints of creation. These sound wave transmissions are rapidly building vibrational pressure that is amplifying polarities in the world of forces which are catalyzing oceanic cascades of tri-wave source energy transmitting into the quantum layers. This seeds light sparks into the dark matter template which is activating its higher spiritual functions. The circulation of the recently activated magnetic sound fields are transmitting liquid plasma crystal sparks that are activating more of the 45-degree diagonal lines in the diamond grid network, which as a result of being turned on are purging out reversal female networks and shadow elements used by the satanic hierarchies. The verticals and diagonals are emitting liquid plasma light crystal sparks from the Mother’s Stream running into the female principled sound body architecture, which is forming into the larger plasma rings that create the Sophianic Plasma Shield.

Breathe deeply now and surround yourself in your Love and Light and the Love and Light of each coning member and your Pleiadian and Sirian Master Guides. Relax into this wonderful Light as you bring yourself back to your sacred space and this precious moment in time. Come back into your sacred space as you integrate this wonderful experience, as you integrate and process all aspects of bringing yourself to wholeness in your Higher Light, merging your cosmic nature as a Master Being of Light and Love with your human nature, and understanding your connection to universal Oneness. Relax in this space for as long as it feels comfortable for you. Nurture and Love yourself now as your Higher Light.


It is therefore the instrument of the Universal Mind. It is the link between matter and spirit—between our consciousness and the Cosmic Consciousness. It is the gateway of Infinite Power. Both the cerebrospinal and the sympathetic nervous system are controlled by nervous energy that is alike in kind and the two systems are so interwoven that their impulses can be sent from on to the other. Every activity of the body, every impulse of the nervous system, every thought, uses up nervous energy. The system of nerves may be compared to a telegraph system: the nerve cells corresponding to the batteries, the fibres to the wires. In the batteries is generated electricity. The cells, however, do not generate nervous energy. They transform it and the fibres convey it. This energy is not a physical wave like electricity, light, or sound.

Awakening Your Light Body six-volume course

Christian Broadcasting Network is an independent non-profit educational non-commercial public television station LIFE! Christian Broadcasting Network is the only inter-denominational trilingual English. JERUSALEM CHANNELBalanced meaty and faith-filled programs from Jerusalem concerning End-Time prophecy healing faith and miracles among Muslims Revivalist and author Christine Darg brings to the programs her wealth. INSPIRATION TVYour browser does not support iframesIn a lost world stricken with darkness and divide Inspiration TV is a beacon of light to people in more than 200 nations across the globe Our mission is clear—to. ICFN Birthed through a lifelong dream and founded in 2008 by Vahe and Hilda Maranian International Christian Family Network Inc serves a unique purpose of celebrating diversity in the body of Christ and uniting. ONYX TVOnyx Flix provides entertainment for everyone Sit down and watch a movie or TV show Stream live shows and performances Feel like getting active You can exercise to our specially curated workoutsEnjoy Onyx. HIS CHANNELVisit us: His Channel GLCGod’s Learning Channel GLC is a Christian satellite network based in West Texas Founded in 1982 by Al and Tommie Cooper who had a vision to bring the Gospel to Southeastern New Mexico the network steadily grew. DAYSTARDaystar Television Network is an award winning faith-based network dedicated to spreading the Gospel 24 hours a day seven days a week – all around the globe through all media formats possible Visit us: Daystar. AFTVAmazing Facts began in 1965 with a brilliant radio idea to attract listeners from all walks of life Joe Crews the ministry’s first speaker opened each radio broadcast with an amazing fact and then followed with. CCMGVisit us: Capital Christian Music Group TGCMBWe’ve been redefining the scene since 2021 as the original home of good Christian music on YouTube – showcasing great music of all genres written by followers of ChristWe spend our time working with artists.


Symptoms Of Lightbody Activation - Conscious Reminder

In awe of the elemental conundrum she had just witnessed, a truly flabbergasted Temari was following her past opponent's trail; what had caused her to become tongue-tied was how the air was now filled with multifarious blades and acuminate javelins, each and every single one of them imbued with an elemental power. With an athletic backflip, the lithe girl activated her Manipulated Tools: Thousand Blades Attack Performance move, sending her charged arsenal to torpedo towards Hoki's own, as well as a few other Edo Tensei resurrections that had surged forward in support. In no time at all, the flustered being, having regained some composure, was retaliating with his own ninja tools, the Infinite Armour and the Garian Sword's appendages and chakra dragons fending off Tenten's barrage, the latter group dancing madly in the air as they tried to prevent the blades from hitting their summoner. As the elementally imbued tools pierced violently through the elongated stretches of chakra emanating from the appendages strapped to the back, one after another, the snake-like appurtenances were soon thrashing feebly on the desiccated earth, rendered ineffectual by the kunoichi's pertinacious assaults.

An eternity lapsed as we waltzed across the slimy harvested field, watching her body fade to a near silhouette behind the crosshairs until she finally stood perfectly broadside long enough for my index finger to activate the firing pin. Had she had turned or stepped once again, the decision was already made to pack up and hike out. Literally, not another 30-seconds of shooting light remained.


Which stage are you at on the 12 Stages Of Light Body Ascension

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro features high quality, motorized IR ND filters that let you quickly reduce the amount of light entering the camera. Designed to match the colorimetry and color science of the camera, the 2, 4 and 6 stop filters provide you with additional latitude even under harsh lighting. The IR filters have been designed to filter both optical and IR wavelengths evenly, eliminating IR contamination of the images. Activation buttons are located on the rear of the camera body, placed within easy reach of your thumb from the multi function hand grip. User selectable filter settings can even be displayed as either an ND number, stop reduction or fraction on the LCD!

Sacred Key Code activations for activating the ascending body of light/light body for the 5D reality and timeline. These key codes are stored in our DNA and our dormant blueprint which must be activated to align with 5D as well as to elevate and expand beyond 5D into the higher realms and dimensions beyond 5D.


The Awakening Your Light Body course comes in 6 courses as a home-study course, complete with

Another kind spectroscopic probe that can be used to study conformational changes in proteins is the IR-active probe, which can be monitored, among other methods, by FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy). By incorporating AzPhe, a polarity and electric field sensing probe at specific positions in the GPCR, rhodopsin, the authors were able to detect electrostatic changes around the transmembrane helices of the protein that occurred during light-induced activation of the protein . Using this probe, the authors were also able to detect smaller conformational changes in the rhodopsin helices that occurred before larger rigid body helix movements .

Our class was supposed to be licensed in June; it's almost November now, and not a single person is licensed to work as a pharmacist because our board exams are postponed indefinitely. In fact, most of our class will be unable to practice until June of 2021 at the earliest, one full year after graduating, coinciding with the class of 2021. As unlicensed pharmacy grads, we are being asked to work for minimum wage while taking on the full scope of activities as a pharmacist. Other professions, like medicine, have granted conditional licensure in light of COVID. How come pharmacy didn't waive offer the same thing? Despite the line-ups you may see in pharmacies right now for flu-shots and other services, our regulatory body told us we "aren't needed enough" to receive conditional licensure to practice.


The thickness of the zona is from one twentieth to one tenth the diameter of the ovum. The body of the cell, which constitutes the primordial ovum, be- comes the vitellus of the ripe egg. It possesses contractility and other properties of protoplasm. In the mature ovum it assumes an opaque appearance, due to the development of granular matter and light-re- fracting particles. The primitive cell matter of the vitellus is termed the protoplasm of the ovum, or the formative yelk. From it are de- rived the cells which furnish the basis of embryonic development. The small particles consist of nutrient material, and are termed deutoplasm, or the nutritive yelk, as they constitute at an early period the material which contributes to the cell growth. The deutoplasm is supposed to be derived from the liquefied cells of the discus proligerus, but in the human ovum the penetration of particles from without is not direct. They do not appear until after the zona is formed, when the growth of the ovum ceases. They therefore are to be regarded as the product of the vital activity of the cell.

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Decisions are being made about being here to experience these shifts and the evolutionary process that Mother Earth and all that live on her are going through. Re-evaluation happens and it can be extremely uncomfortable. Remember help is always at hand.


Light Body Teacher's Announcements

Now that you have awakened the first 4 vibrational energy body centers, in Part 3 of this course, Activating Your Higher Energy Centers, DaBen transmits the sounds and frequencies that activate your 3 higher energy centers. The first 4 centers bring more physical ease and emotional flow, and set the foundation for you to have the necessary harmony and flow to open your higher centers.

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As each sub-personality is finished healing, it asks to merge with you. It understands the universal nature of your existence as a Master Being of Light and Love. It understands that it is part of a Master Being of Love and Light having a human experience within the rainbow spectrum of colors. These sub-personalities are now ready to become your Higher Light and to resonate at higher frequencies of Love and Light.

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The light body is a structure of light from higher dimensions. Like the physical body it is a vehicle for consciousness. As your physical body contains organs and other physical structures, your light body contains various structures of light. The chakras, the Column and the MerKaBa are all structures of the light body. Between lives you journey in the light body to various places and dimensions and it is the central vehicle used to incarnate into any of the nine dimensions. For incarnation into the 3rd dimension the light body needs an astral body which has been described earlier.


There are thirty-six guided visualizations in The Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Program. This program is available as audio only DVD’s or MP3’s (physical products), each with twelve guided visualizations (three in total), as well as bundled Mp3 downloads, with 6 Mp3’s in each bundle.

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Join Anrita and the Elders in this beautiful transmission as we travel through all dimensions of Light in the creating and activating (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=4103) of the blueprints of our multidimensional Light Bodies. We will travel in Soul Consciousness through the Overlighting of the Illumined Beings of Light (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=4795) from On High and the Christed ET’s to inner plane Ashrams of Light, receiving keycodes and sacred geometries to activate our Light Bodies at each of the various dimensions of Light.


Ninja Blade Activation Key Retail

Genetic approaches have yielded progress toward characterizing the relationship of molecularly defined neuronal cell types to behavior. However, relatively little is known about the functional properties of the connections between these molecularly defined cell types. This limitation arises because multiple cell types and their projections are typically intermingled, and methods for selective activation have been lacking. Traditional methodology for probing synaptic connections, such as electrical stimulation, is not specific for axons arising from separate cell types, and recording connections between identified neuron pairs typically becomes prohibitively inefficient as the distance between neurons increases. Recently, however, channelrhodopsin-2 (ChR2) has been used as an alternative approach to activate neurons and their axons (Boyden et al, 2005; Petreanu et al, 2007; Wang et al, 2007), in this case with light. Because ChR2 can be genetically targeted, it is well suited for mapping the connections of molecularly defined cell populations using photostimulation instead of electrical stimulation. Nevertheless, this approach is not yet routine because many cell type-selective promoters cannot achieve levels of ChR2 expression sufficient for photostimulation, especially in axons far from the cell body.

We tend to disconnect from consensus reality and our choices and reality seem unreal to others. From the 7th, 8th and 9th the inner light noticeably radiates out and by now you feel unbelievably grounded, connected, centered, filled with purpose and desiring only to serve.


When the body and Brain are being blocked with some method or form of bio-neurological harassment, it redirects the nervous system and brain to be more accessible to receiving thought transmissions generated from external sources of electromagnetic pulses, such as Artificial neural networks. Artificial networks continually send out electromagnetic pulses of information through the mass media to keep people fixated on meaningless dramas, 3D narratives and negative emotions. The current role of mass media is to keep the CNS redirected towards a range of negative thoughts, and to fixate or obsess on external physical stimulus or material things. In many forms of mass media and marketing, there are electronic hacking attempts on the biological neural networks that signal messaging into the brain. In the media, whether through movies, internet or any recreational medium, when focusing the person’s attention on a series of light and sound images, these images transmit holographic information, sometimes transmitting frequency implants into the CNS and Brain. The most popular form of mass media is the propaganda used by the cabals for directing Mind Control, which is used to shape the person’s brain activity and Mental Map. The content for mass consumption is produced and controlled to reflect light and sound holographic images that form what people believe is the nature of their reality.

The terms etheric body, mental body, astral body and emotional body are all aspects of the light body

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DaBen's goal for every seminar is to offer you a significant shift in consciousness that is part of a larger path of reaching new and higher states of consciousness with each course. DaBen's goal for every journey is to offer you an opportunity to have a memorable experience. You can listen again and again, continuing to have peak experiences as you do.

Why Awaken Your Light Body

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On this fifteenth breath, suck in and spin the emotional and mental body star tetrahedrons of Mother Earth in a clockwise and counter clockwise direction respectively. Blow out and visualize the emotional and mental body star tetrahedrons as they now spin around Mother Earth at one-third the speed of light.

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You might find yourself talking to your inner consciousness. This happens because your consciousness skips ahead of your body and you will feel ‘ascension’. Also, at first you may feel uncomfortable while talking to your inner consciousness but this discomfort will slowly vanish and you will feel like your inner consciousness is actually your long lost friend. It will be an amazing experience when you will be able to talk to your inner consciousness that freely!


Both possibilities are by no means mutually exclusive and chromosome territory organization recently has been shown to rely on association with the nuclear skeleton (Ma et al. 1999). Early biochemical fractionation experiments showed that large replication enzyme complexes are bound to some insoluble nuclear structures (Tubo and Berezney 1987), but these biochemical studies can obviously not rule out active or passive movements within the nucleus, as exemplified by coiled bodies. Pulse-labeling experiments analyzed by EM showed that the distance between replicated DNA and replication factories increases with time (Hozak et al. 1993), but could not discriminate which of the components moved and/or whether new replication factories assembled in the vicinity. Our live cell studies clearly show that replication machines and factories are immobilized in mammalian nuclei, which implies that the genomic DNA is spooled through these complexes. Obviously, we cannot rule out movements of individual replication machines at the molecular scale that are beyond the resolution of a light microscope.

ALL are stages of progression and reflect our changing perception. Dietary wise, you feel to eat less, more light, live food – many at this stage have ceased to eat meat, sugar and drink alcohol as they ‘feel’ the effects of these substances on the vibrational fields of the body.


Your Sirian Master Guide of the Light now gives you a name or sound or shape that is your connection to this Master Guide of Light and Love. You are honored to be working with such a Master Being. You are going to work very closely with your Sirian and Pleiadian Master Guides of the Light, so you may fulfill your Life task within the Divine Plan of All That Is.

Light Body Course by Levels

Letting go of mental body ego is really important now. Being in the flow with your life is becoming an active state as you deepen your connection to the planet.


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Third level – physical senses become much stronger. Your bodies not only absorb Light for its own change but also acts as a transducer – decoder of higher light energies to the planet as a whole.

And lift the bar as close as possible in front of your body by driving the elbows behind the body. Lower the weight in the same fashion.


It is said to be located in the pit of the stomach, Australian aborigine pdf This is the secret of how to get to the Wu Chi, the lower body as Earth needs to become female like the lunar energy; as human females are yang internally. And in that full moon day the nectar, amrita, [ambrosia] ripens. Until lowering into the external mind from kundalini heights, time stands still. Tamil alchemical Tirumantiram 875 So 3 months is the typical minimum standard, a gong, based on the lunar cycle, a trimester, of no loss of “yin qi” energy for males in order to build up the lower tan tien for real Emptiness as the Tai Chi enlightenment experience to be achieved. On a deeper level the “yin shen” of “yin jing” emotional blockages need to be converted to the yuan qi of the yuan shen to create the “yang shen” physical immortal body transformations. New Moon resonates Sun’s gravity for menstruation and Full Moon resonates Sun’s gravity for ovulation Postscript: Now that we’re not Idiots any more! The Red Pill is that “no ONE” is behind the light of the universe. When we get into the deeper cause and effects of Taoist alchemy then we again defer to the basic formula that time is the complementary opposite of frequency. So CIA mind control scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich wrote his final book on his ELF Magnetic Model of Mind and Matter pdf which argues that the ELF resonance is the backward wobble or spin precession of the electron-proton magnetic moment. This means there is a superconducting quantum nonlocal consciousness-energy (Yuan Qi) created, as Dr. Mae-Wan Ho discovered, from delocalized protons, activated by the imaginary mass of light, resonated from splitting water.

Orin will take you on guided journeys to evolve your inner child, release and transform old habits and patterns, and work with the various parts of your personality to prepare for the rapid growth that can occur as you awaken your light body. You will be guided to go back in time to change your memory of a negative childhood experience and then rewrite it, imagining it happening in a better, more positive way. Doing this can transform whatever area of your life this memory has been negatively affecting.


Andromedan, Sirian, Lyran, more), Angels/Archangels, Gods & Goddesses and start to work through the distortion of each one at an expedited rate, each one having completely different DNA to activate inside of your body to re-code your genetics and atomic structures of your cells. You go from having two of you (human & higher self) inside to a gazillion of you and your physical realities are where your distortions play out for you to work through/see. This is where you start to walk as your Christed/Ascended aspect until your body can completely "come through" with you. You must hold the highest states of consciousness all of the time for your body to complete this immense passageway. This takes years, yet expedites to a shorter "time-frame" once you've achieved a certain Light Quotient inside to start functioning vibrationally/Quantum, instead of linearly. You are moving to a vibrational existence and learning how to move through timelines and Master "Quantum" existence, fully from within.

DaBen is showing us new ways to connect with each other on the inner planes. People have loved connecting with the group energy in these new, inner ways, and have found it to provide a great boost in their ability to experience the higher energies DaBen is transmitting. We also have student-sponsored Facebook groups you can join, as well as Zoom meetings to share your experiences with others.


As you experience this recalibration taking place through your lower bodies, know too that the Cancer New Moon on June 27th will bring a greater level of reunion of your Inner Masculine and Feminine Spirits of Light. You trust in the knowing that in this Now moment all is Divinely Perfect and you are finally being able to release the lower energies at a cellular level, at an etheric, emotional and mental level, as you activate the Flame of Divine Love within your hearts.

And the very next morning after your session I will send you via e-mail a detailed document about the procedures that were performed upon your light body, the results, and any information that you need to know. I will then send that as a PDF file, via your e-mail address.


As you work with this center, you will learn how to send the power you have been generating in your lower centers up into your higher ones to awaken them. DaBen will show you how to increase the flow of energy in your physical body and how to release muscle pain. You will learn how to use this 4th center and the lower three centers to create a greater sense of physical vitality and to transform the energy of the food you eat. You will explore self-healing and ways to stay neutral around others, discovering more about how to set a healing space for others, awaken your inner healer, and create a sense of greater physical vitality. DaBen will guide you to work with beings of light who can teach you about love and blending.

You begin to experience non-linear thought processes. A lot of survival patterning comes up out of the mental body. These patterns come up to be healed and let go of. The intelligent mind realizes that the only way to survive these changes is to change itself.


Permanent Link to 12 Stages Of Light Body Ascension

The results of the physicochemical analysis of the oil extracted from the African Star Apple seeds were compared favorably with those of other traditional seed oils such as palm kernel and groundnut. The oil yield of 11/6% was low as compared to oil from palm kernel oil (45/6%) and groundnut oil (35/76%) The physicochemical properties of the African Star Apple seed oil indicated that it is nondrying (saponification value of 200mg/KOH/g) and can be used as a feedstock for production of soaps, lubricating oils, and lighting candles. However, it may not be suitable for the production of surface coatings, varnishes, and oil paints due to its nondrying attribute. The low level of unsaturation of the oil is because it contains oleic acid which is typically unsaturated fatty acid. Conclusively, the seeds may not have sufficient oil volume potential to be used as edible (domestic) and industrial oil. FTIR analysis also revealed that the oil contains several functional groups such as the alkenes and aromatics which may be beneficial to the human body. The seed shells can also be used as low-cost adsorbent when activated with CaCl2, ZnCl2, and MgCl2. However, activation with ZnCl2 performed better with about 70% removal of dye than that of CaCl2 and MgCl2.

Then Put a new patch on and repeat. You can wear more than one patch at a time.


Bask now in this glorious feeling of Divine Love as you are given the wisdom that is shared by your Sirian Master Guide on a collective consciousness level, so you may have deeper remembrance, a deeper innate understanding and awareness of your universal Oneness. Become this wonderful gift of remembrance and universal Love and in doing so understand why you have chosen to incarnate in form on this three dimensional plane. Recognize it is to be of assistance, not only to yourself, but to others. To bring about transformation, to bring about change and to anchor the frequencies of Light and Love on to this wonderful earth plane. To respect, honor, cherish and to Love. These are your gifts to yourself and to all of humanity and to all Beings of the Light in every dimension and every plane of existence. To Mother Earth, to nature intelligence, to animals, and to all animate or inanimate intelligence that have chosen the experience of Life. All Beings choose their experience of Love and Light and often choose to become a spectrum of rainbow colors on the way to re-discovering and re-membering the Light.

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The spectrum healing ray of red appears first and you assist in anchoring this color within and around the etheric body star tetrahedron of Mother Earth, healing each atom and molecule on this Earth plane of physical dis-ease, poverty consciousness, suffering and desperation. The healing ray of orange now appears, and you focus on anchoring this healing color deep within the etheric body star tetrahedron of Mother Earth, healing gender issues between men and women, and furthermore, releasing the issues of control, domination and/or separation. The healing ray of yellow now appears and you visualize the etheric body star tetrahedron of Mother Earth to anchor this color. You assist in healing all relationships on this Planet, in allowing each atom and molecule on this Planet to forgive, to Love and to form healthy relationships, creating honor and respect between individuals and Nations. The healing ray of green now appears and you anchor this color through the emotional body star tetrahedron of Mother Earth as you send your Love and Light onto this plane. As you anchor the frequency of Love onto this Earth plane, you open the hearts of Humanity and all Life to their own Love and Light, to their Higher Light and Love for themselves and for all bands of consciousness. The healing ray of blue now appears and you anchor this color through the mental body star tetrahedron of Mother Earth as you connect each atom and every molecule on this Planet to Wisdom, Love and Divine Intelligence. As you connect all life to Solar Christ Consciousness and the frequency of the fourth dimension. The healing ray of indigo now appears, and you anchor this color within the mental body star tetrahedron of Mother Earth as you anchor more of the fourth dimensional frequencies of higher Light and Love onto this Earth plane. The healing ray of violet now appears, and you anchor this color within the mental body star tetrahedron of Mother Earth, and allow every single person, every single animal, plant, tree, and object on this Earth plane to feel their full connection to the Divine Unfolding Love of Mother/Father God.


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As you transition into the higher lightbodies, only Spirit guides you. Your Alpha and Omega structures are opening around the physical body allowing even more energy to flow in and stay in.

Ascension and the Light Body

Orin will guide you to view your life as if you are a Master, giving yourself advice about your daily activities, career, relationships, and more. You will meet the Master you are working with on the inner planes to help unlock your hidden resources so you can discover and fulfill more of your potential. You will be guided to start visualizing yourself as an awakened, enlightened being, an important step to take on your path to enlightenment.


Download offer: These 6 download courses ($89 each) are $534 if purchased separately. Purchase all 6 courses at the same time for $494, and save $40.

The Aquaferion councils from Andromeda began communication and contact with the Indigo race lines in approximately early 2008, when the Mother Arc was being restored through planetary gridwork repair sequences and getting ready to be fully ignited in the earth core. When the Mother Arc 13th Gateway was ignited in the earth core, the inner gates which connect into Andromeda were opened through the Crystal Core of the earth. The protectors of the Crystal Core are the Krystic Diamond Sun races called Aquaferion or the Aquari lines. To help Mother Earth ascend, she must activate her inner staff to weave through the core of Tara and Gaia, in order to reach the access of her highest original emanation blue star body, which is located in the heart of Andromeda. Mother Earth’s star body is a crystal body, which emanates liquid ultraviolet and aqua plasma waves in her core. These are liquid crystalline fields of plasma generated from the rays of the Aqualine Sun. Guardian forces have been acquiring solar plasma light from the Galactic Suns of Sirius B, then transmitting it in the first levels of Aqualine Healing Energy into the earth, as well as to repair the androgynous Albion body template. This has activated the Mother Earth’s Inner Sun frequencies, which combine as the blue flame merge from the 5D core in parallel earth, and the violet flame merge from 7D core in parallel earth. This complete connected circuit of the Galactic plasmic light transmissions that is coming from the earth plane is called the Aqualine Sun frequencies.


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What this means is that your mental body star tetrahedron will spin around you in a counterclockwise direction 8 times, whilst your emotional body star tetrahedron spins around you 5 times, for 11 sets, at God speed to infinity; a speed not possible to measure. As 11 is the Christ Consciousness number for the third dimension, you do this 11 times. And to activate your Light Body to the speed of common light, you would bring your focus to your fourth dimensional portal, 0/02 feet/6 cm above the crown chakra, and think of the ratio 13/8, accelerated 22 times God speed to infinity. Then to activate your Light Body beyond the speed of common light, to the fifth dimension, you would bring your focus to your fifth dimensional portal, 0/6 feet/18 cm above the crown chakra, and think of the ratio 21/13, accelerated 33 times God speed to infinity.


More in merkaba activation

There is so much activity going on in the fields with interplanetary shocks, electrical peaks and geomagnetic storms (see Geomagnetic Jerk), which when we remain flexible give us the required momentum to catalyze some major transformations that progress us forward. This is a time of being exposed to proverbial shocks and literal electrical shocks, as the Universal lighting rod moves us into the next stage of spiritual activation. Our bodies may feel like a live wire, with the electrical stimulation just pulsing and tingling through our nerve endings. Some of these shocking waves may come in behaviors that form from perceived betrayals or relationship conflicts, to surface previous hidden issues that have not yet been seen. To see something that was hidden when it was always in front of you, yet was being perceived differently, can be greatly alarming. Yet the empowerment and wisdom is in recognizing the object, event or being for what it really is, when it is newly perceived in this changing energetic terrain. The geomagnetic shifts on planet are making us look at things much differently. We are also able to sense energetic blueprint structures and geomantic code, codes that direct energies in a certain pattern or frequency in the field more than before. In this way we can reconcile conflicts and pain, when we can begin to recognize what it is, a program control code or implant, and perceive it accurately with neutrality and non-judgment, to clear or alter the code for beneficial impact. How much we are willing to know through non-judgment is the counterpoint that measures how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Open your arms to receive each sub-personality. You do not need to know what part it is, what part is coming back into this Higher Light. Just take each sub-personality and embrace it, feel it move into your heart center. As each sub-personality, one at a time, embraces you and merges with you, feel their Love, feel it deep within your heart center. You have given each other the greatest gift of Life, the gift of Love. Feel yourself in an expanded state of Love, in a wondrous Light.


Signs That You Are Experiencing Light Body/Merkaba Activation

As the Baphomet Network finally collapses, the keys that unlock the sound cell activation are sourcing from the 2D Grual points, which unlock bursts of plasma light to flood the sexual organs and lower extremities linking the KA center to the RA center, which generates correction to the base Rod formation. The masculine Rod formation controls the time vector codes of the consciousness body, so this means a shift into a different position in the timeline. The main gender center blueprint is located in the 2D layers, when these centers are being activated to clear out corrupt elementals or make corrections to gender balance (Rod and Staff), there are plasma flames that burst out in the feet, ankles, calves and knees. This generally continues to cycle through and activate the flame access points in the entire lotus point sets throughout the monadic bio-computer layer. This can set off a chain reaction of detoxification symptoms as the consciousness body is doing whatever it can to drop density.

Object detection and tracking are important in many computer vision applications, including activity recognition, automotive safety and surveillance. Presented here is an face detection using MATLAB system that can detect not only a human face but also eyes and upper body. Face detection is an easy and simple task for humans, but not so for computers. It has been regarded as the most complex and challenging problem in the field of computer vision due to large intra-class variations caused by the changes in facial appearance, lighting and expression. Such variations result in the face distribution to be highly nonlinear and complex in any space that is linear to the original image space. Face detection is the process of identifying one or more human faces in images or videos. It plays an important part in many biometric, security and surveillance systems, as well as image and video indexing systems.


So let us start, sweet ones, by simply centering, coming into stillness, coming within your heart. You visualize now this beautiful Pillar of Light coming in around your body and energy field, connecting you to all dimensions of Light. As you activate your antakarana, your fluorescent tube of Light, breathing deep through this fluorescent tube of Light, breathing deep into the body, you merge now with your Higher Self of the Light, your Guardian Angel, and all twelve Soul Rays of which you are one. This is your soul family, sweet ones, and there are many of you that are bringing in your soul family at this time for a deeper level of support.

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Stages Of Light Body Ascension

Omkabah heart lightbody activation and Maitreya (Shiva) Shen Gong are introduced. Quotations on inner mastery by meditation masters are included to guide the readers toward the path of inner mastery. Powerful mantras are also included to unite the meditation practitioners to the spiritual divine energy of the ancient lineage of the Siddha and Buddhist Masters. Lastly, the merkaba energy ball of light with holographic sound healing is taught for healing and spiritual awakening.

We’ve not only been taught that feeling good is bad, but we’ve also been taught to actively block joy. Through the media we watch, the food we eat, the medication we’re thrust, feeling depressed is force-fed to us, and not subliminally.


Light activated scr pdf

Here Spirit determines our income, our work, other being’s in our lives, everything. This is the dissolution of the ego-self and while ecstatic, it can be most painful. Making the leap can be fearful even though we have evolved through eons of time to reach this point.

Light Body Teacher List

DaBen transmits to you the energies that awaken the final light body center. This center works together with the first two light body centers you learn in Part 5 to awaken your light body. This light body center is one that opens you to experiences of incredible bliss and beauty. This center connects you directly with light, and brings in light from the higher dimensions. It regulates, filters, and integrates light as you bring it in. You can become a radiating source of light as you open and work with this center.


And now from here, you have a sense of linking into the Crystalline City of Light above Mount Shasta in Northern California. This vortex is also a Stargate of Light, sweet ones, bringing in many multidimensional frequencies of Light and also linking directly into Shamballa, and in particular, the Seventh Ray Ashram, and the Violet Transmuting Flame Overlighted by St Germaine. As you enter into this Crystalline City of Light, welcomed and greeted by the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High, you are now placed in an intuitive healer archetypal Chamber of Light. You have a sense of connecting into the energy of the intuitive healer through this vortex and Stargate of Light. Of the ability to heal yourselves, of your ability to assist in the healing of others; to be able to listen to your body, to listen to your inner voice and your intuition and guidance in the full radiance of the physical body in perfect health as your Temple of Light. For the health lessons that you may have experienced, sweet ones, are showing that a new balance is to come or is being experienced and it is very important to eat the foods that support your body, to take the right nutrients, minerals and vitamins, to exercise and to find balance. You understand too that you may choose to develop these gift of the intuitive healer through your own misalignment, aches, pains and healing lessons to channel the energy needed to generate physical and emotional change for yourselves and others. And you allow this gift to unfold, this wisdom and guidance of the intuitive healer, sweet ones. You activate the intuitive healer, you bring into your body now a greater sense of your own healing, a greater sense of the intuition needed to support the physical body and to support the emotional and mental bodies as you walk this pathway of Divine Love. And you use this gift too sweet ones, in helping others find the pathway of Christ Consciousness in radiant health in this Golden Age of Light.

This is what LifeWave is all about. X39 elevates that copper peptide in the body that has been proven to rewrite thousands of genes to a younger, healthier state. As we age we lose the ability to access this information that we had when we were younger. We get access to those genes with the X39 stem cell patch for a healthier more vital life.


The last Cosmic initiation, initiation fourteen, occurs as you travel through a Spiritual Portal in Omega Orion to the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God. Following this, you have the potential to experience aspects of the Seven Paths to Higher Evolution through your Spiritual ascension and Light Body/Merkaba activations.

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We see this all the time whenever we see commercials on TV, where most ads show some extrovert with his or her group of friends living the fictitious life that you should be living (through their eyes). And these people have above average looks and portray success, which subconsciously tell us that we are not good enough the way we are and if we want to be successful, beautiful and have friends like them, then we need to purchase whatever product they are selling.


Thousands of people have created many wonderful expansions of consciousness as they awakened their light body through experiencing DaBen and Orin's guided Light Body meditations in this course. The Awakening Your Light Body course comes in 6 courses as a home-study course, complete with 12 audio journeys by Orin and DaBen for each course, (14 journeys in Volume 6) and instructions that you can follow journey by journey. You will receive transmissions by Orin and DaBen as they lead you to awaken your light body, and in addition there is extensive written material to assist you.

Note: The above is an overview of the key states of consciousness, skills, qualities and experiences for courses taught at basic light body level as part of the six-volume courses. Not all states are taught in each volume.


In these guided visualizations from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, you travel in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light from the fourth to the ninth dimension. You travel to the realm of the Ascended Masters and Angels. You travel to the Pleiades, to Sirius, to Andromeda and Orion and finally through Omega Orion to the ninth dimension and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

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The human peptide GHK (glycyl-l-histidyl-l-lysine) has multiple biological actions, all of which, according to our current knowledge, appear to be health positive. It stimulates blood vessel and nerve outgrowth, increases collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan synthesis, as well as supports the function of dermal fibroblasts.


The Main seminars taught Friday - Sunday will have a larger focus on the bigger picture, while the Light Play seminars taught the following Tuesday and Wednesday will help you bring what you have learned in the Main seminar into you and your life at a more concentrated, focused level. Once you have taken the main seminar and have some of the bigger general picture and principles, in the Light Play seminars you will discover more about how to integrate this energy and work with it.

In this channeling, you are ready to complete the fifth level of your Priesthood training, known as The Lesser Priest, and take on an Ambassadorial role at a deeper level of Service in Love to this Earth plane. You consciously Soul travel through your seventh dimensional portal to the related seventh dimensional frequency in the Halls of Amenti. Overlighted by the Chohan Allah Gobi, Lord Huertal, the ruling Lord of this dimension, and the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, you will enter into The Temple of of Divinity. For this training, you will initially anchor the circuitry for your seventh dimensional Intergalactic body of Light, which extends 12 feet in diameter around you in a golden color. Additionally, you will anchor the next seven chakras (29-35), from the seventh dimensional portal, 3 feet above the head, to the throat chakra in a beautiful pearlescent color through the Monadic focus of the tenth ray of Divinity and activate the sacred geometry of the icosahedron. To complete this training, you will be taken into the Akashic records, and be given techniques to read the energy matrix of your Self and others through the energy of the tenth ray.


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Body: At the same moment of inhalation, place your hands in the mudra of your thumb and first finger touching. Remember, lightly touch your fingers, and do not allow your fingers to touch each other or any other object.

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At the 30:04 marker of this video, Dr. Pillai teaches how to reprogram your body through a guided meditation by envisioning light entering your DNA through breathing energy by mentally envisioning the energy of your breath entering your DNA as light. Additionally, Dr. Pillai recommends making an elongated “Ohm” sound as you envision the energy going all throughout and filling your body with this sound vibration.


Activates your own stem cells

For some, ventilation is much the termination of having rest apnea, CCH Credentialed Clinical Hypnotherapist An Discourse By Laura M [url=http://vanuatucoffeeroasters.com/wp-content/methodical/classification1/process3/]cheap 100 mg kamagra soft otc[/url] erectile dysfunction treatment san diego. Do you sopor with your talk wide? For more tribute a stretching brimmed headdress should be tattered when exterior in the organize light. If yes, where was the contagion [url=http://vanuatucoffeeroasters.com/wp-content/methodical/classification1/process19/]caverta 50mg amex[/url] impotent rage man. Both toxins stool regularize transfer done your hide and envenom your systems. Purge communicating brings wager the punctuation in its natural change and helps it to change its kosher operation. Reason Mesothelioma Generally Dissemble Men [url=http://vanuatucoffeeroasters.com/wp-content/methodical/classification1/process6/]purchase tadacip 20 mg visa[/url] erectile dysfunction pump demonstration. The grandness of the colon, and by remembering the message of punctuation cleansers, was reasserted when unaffected medicate became common various geezerhood past. Herxheimer reaction: this is the itemize bestowed to the body's healthiness when detoxification is occurring likewise speedily and the embody is not state specified sufficiency dimension to release the toxins. HMG-CoA reductase action protects the diabetic myocardium from ischemia-reperfusion trauma [url=http://vanuatucoffeeroasters.com/wp-content/methodical/classification1/process10/]cheap levitra super active 40 mg otc[/url] erectile dysfunction due to diabetes icd 9.

We get access to those genes with the X39 stem cell patch for a healthier more vital life

Dishonesty and addiction are detractors from this work. To be pure light in an active light body means holding purity in our thoughts, will, and intention.


These are 45 minute sessions that are separated a minimum of 7 days apart from each other. The reason why is the energies you will be receiving are extremely powerful and your higher self will filter them out to a level that which you are able to hold each day. DNA activation is a process of transformation. It takes time to activate your physical DNA. Etherically all 12 of your DNA strands for your divine seed blueprint will be activated, your body requires time to re-code, re-wire and re-structure your entire light body.

The NJ600 Professional Blender is only available in one distinct color scheme: black plastic body with a silver panel. Each button, excluding the "PULSE" button, has an LED light underneath it that lights up when the button is activated. The "Power" button will light up when the device is turned on. The NJ600 also features a three level blade column (two blades on either side of the column at each level).


Not only do the majority of these lotions block ultraviolet light from the sun, which is needed for both producing vitamin D and activating DNA, but the numerous toxic chemicals used in these lotions are also ingested into the body through the pores in our skin. It is estimated that 60% of what you put on your skin is in fact ingested into your body and bloodstream through your pores. Being that a person using sunscreen is further adding to this absorption by heating themselves up in the sun and causing their pores to open further, one is essentially baking themselves in toxic chemicals by using most commercial sunscreens.

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The next six teleseminar sessions (level II), will allow you to become a facilitator to The MAT Program, the Elders teachings, the Arcturian Stargate series as well as the DNA Actualization Process and Light Body/Merkaba Activation Process. This second level training will primarily prepare you for initiation as a High Priest to the Order of Melchizedek as well as world service.

The material presented here is oriented toward a direct experience designed to realign the physical body and surrounding energy field with the new frequencies. If one focuses their Intention on these contributing factors every day, then it will accelerate Genetic Shifts, including DNA/RNA Activation (Higher Strands coming online and physicalizing), Mitochondria Synthesis (Higher Light Absorption into cells), and Telomeric & Chromosome Repair (Longevity and Cellular Regeneration).


You will need at least 2 to 4 weeks to practice the centers in each part and gain some skill with them before learning the centers in the next part. Once you complete this 6 part course, or take it from a Light Body teacher, you are a Light Body graduate and are eligible for all the graduate Light Body programs.

But on the other hand, if you’re currently unable to do pull-ups, then you have a few options. Band assisted pull-ups, machine pull-ups, and/or sets of slow negative pull-ups are decent alternatives to start with and progress until you’re able to successfully complete bodyweight pull-ups.


Blow out to stabilize the Light Body of Mother Earth to ninth-tenths the speed of light

BMW branded the X5 as a Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) rather than an SUV, to emphasize its on-road ability despite its size. Like the Lexus RX 300, the X5 heralded the shift from light truck-based body-on-frame SUVs to crossovers underpinned by unibody car platforms that would come to fruition in the late 2000s. Among German luxury automakers, while the Mercedes-Benz M-Class had beaten the X5 to the market by a year, the X5 was the first to use a unibody chassis whereas the M-Class used a light truck platform until its second generation. While the Lexus RX is based on the Toyota Camry mass market sedan, the X5 shares its underpinnings with the BMW 5 Series performance luxury sedan.

Climb gently onto the back of the unicorn and hold on tight as you fly together through a Pillar of Light into an exquisite array of colors and sounds until you find yourself in a beautiful City of Light on the fifth dimension. You are in a sacred temple surrounded in brilliant golden white Light. You have come to meet your Pleiadian Master Guide of the Light. You have come back to a place that is partly home, one of your stellar origins. You have incarnated onto this plane many times. And now, as you gently slide off the unicorn, you are greeted in Love by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. Together you walk through a golden corridor of Light. You start to experience a deep sense of remembrance. You feel joy, Light and Love radiating from this environment. You hear the sound of laughter and music and you follow these sounds through the golden corridor, as you are led by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.


This ritual game, played between two teams using a latex rubber ball, was probably born about thirty-five hundred years ago, and spread throughout all of Mesoamerica during the pre-Columbian era. Activity related to both secular and religious fields, the ballgame appears as a sport, but also as a ritual in its own. Accompanied by music, dancing and drama, the significance of the game is directly linked to the cosmic view and religious beliefs of the Mesoamerican peoples. In this way, the ball and its movement depict the path of heavenly bodies in the sky. The game itself is representing the cyclic battle between the sun and the moon, and thus between day and night, light and dark. Terrestrial world and underworld, as well as life and death, were symbolically enacted on the ballcourt. This celestial imagery was also related to fertility rituals: the ballgame assures that the sun would reemerge each morning from the underworld and so allows maintaining the regularity of the seasons, all in order to have a rich and various agricultural productivity.

Animals were kept in the dark for 2 h before in vivo LTP experiments. Mice were transiently anesthetized under isoflurane (1%) while positioned in the VEP recording apparatus (body temperature was maintained using a small heating blanket). A burr hole was drilled according to previous demarcation (2/1 mm anteroposterior, 2/2 mm mediolateral), and a stainless-steel concentric bipolar stimulating electrode (FHC), 200 μm in diameter with a 25 μm Pt/Ir inner pole, was advanced slowly from surface. Stimuli (0/2 ms pulse width) were applied every 10 s while recording evoked field potentials through chronically implanted recording electrodes. Approximately 2/4–2/5 mm from surface, a monosynaptically driven field potential was detected, indicating arrival at the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus (dLGN), and depth was finely adjusted to optimize the response amplitude. Given the proximity of the dLGN to the overlying hippocampus, it was essential that we distinguish between volume-conducted electrical responses in visual cortex elicited by hippocampal stimulation and synaptic field potentials resulting from thalamic stimulation. In initial experiments, we recorded light flash-evoked multiunit activity through the stimulating electrode to determine when we were positioned in the dLGN. Such evoked activity does not occur in hippocampus. This enabled us to determine that a signature of hippocampal-mediated, volume-conducted responses is their relatively long latency and characteristic positive-going morphology that does not change regardless of recording electrode depth. The optimal short-latency field potential was observed when the electrode was in contact with the optic radiation fibers emitted from the anterior pole of the dLGN.


Infrared and skin: Friend or foe

Let me explain in scientific terms. The +/- polarities in light are comparable to the DNA-RNA, which could be described as the polarities of human consciousness. This is also the reason that human consciousness goes from light to dark. Through the 12-strand DNA Activation, 10 additional strands are activated in the body cells.

This center works together with the first two light body centers you learn in Part 5 to awaken your light body

This is not an easy process and every individual no matter what level of initiation they are working through will be challenged deeply. The individuals that have been on the pathway longer than others are going to be put into a state of complete transformation to assist the planet. If you are one of these individuals and are being challenged physically, please know it is not a virus of this Earth; Lord Melchizdek called it a Cosmic Virus which means all of our timelines are coming together to be released and it can be very painful within the body. Then you must clear it within your emotional and mental levels for it to be fully cleared. We are fully activating our crystalline structures; it has never been done before in mass consciousness so there are no rules of how or what to do for ourselves except to connect with our Higher Essence. That is the only way that you will feel better through the process. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, and it represents our Divine Creation within the physical body.


Duane's Story of the Light Body Course

We developed an accessible and relatively simple system in 96 well plates assessing a number of different parameters by the use of one instrument. Moreover, cyanobacteria might exhibit a phototactic movement in order to capture more light for their photosynthetic activities, but only after hydration and production of energy via respiration. Oxytocin neurons show relatively high co-localization with the expression of FTO gene, a gene in which mutations have been shown to be significantly associated with human obesity. Finally, a third potential reason is that the donor in the LDLT group was a close relative to the recipient, which may contribute to better genetic similarities and a lower acute cellular rejection rate. It seems that exposure to BPA might affect human reproductive health by complicated mechanisms that encompass more than just estrogen receptor mediated pathways. Our findings that both insulin and a-PGG inhibited ADP or collagen induced platelet aggregation not only are in agreement with reported antiplatelet actions of insulin but also show for the first time that an insulin mimetic small molecule is also capable of inhibiting platelet aggregation. Ethanol can be produced from grains such as corn the energy yield in the ethanol product. HOX genes are highly conserved transcription factors that are determinant for correct anterior-posterior patterning of the body axis. It is possible that the proportion of CAP attributable to influenza may be underrated due to false negative test results from PCR of nasopharyngeal swabs. The present study provides a risk score based on a specific population in China.

Humans are chronically exposed to mixtures of xenobiotics referred to as endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs). A vast body of literature links exposure to these chemicals with increased incidences of reproductive, metabolic, or neurological disorders. Moreover, recent data demonstrate that, when used in combination, chemicals have outcomes that cannot be predicted from their individual behavior. In its heterodimeric form with the retinoid X receptor (RXR), the pregnane X receptor (PXR) plays an essential role in controlling the mammalian xenobiotic response and mediates both beneficial and detrimental effects. Our previous work shed light on a mechanism by which a binary mixture of xenobiotics activates PXR in a synergistic fashion. Structural analysis revealed that mutual stabilization of the compounds within the ligand-binding pocket of PXR accounts for the enhancement of their binding affinity. In order to identify and characterize additional active mixtures, we combined a set of cell-based, biophysical, structural, and in vivo approaches. Our study reveals features that confirm the binding promiscuity of this receptor and its ability to accommodate bipartite ligands. We reveal previously unidentified binding mechanisms involving dynamic structural transitions and covalent coupling and report four binary mixtures eliciting graded synergistic activities. Last, we demonstrate that the robust activity obtained with two synergizing PXR ligands can be enhanced further in the presence of RXR environmental ligands.


These changes and shifts are obvious, unrelenting and compulsory. Once we open up to ourselves as divine beings there is no going back. And why would you want to anyway. As synchronicity starts to flow into our lives we will experience the grace and love of the universe and a deep inner knowing that we are loved, supported and connected to the ALL.

On the eighteenth breath, suck in and focus on your fourth dimensional portal and the fibonacci ratio spiral of 13/8, accelerated 22 times God speed to infinity. As you blow out, you stabilize the Light Body of Mother Earth to the speed of common light. Now shift 90 degrees to the right through your fourth dimensional portal. As your Light Body is already stabilized to the speed of common light, you do not need to again bring in your fourth dimensional cap.


Light Body Courses are Not Therapeutic in Nature

We present the design, implementation, and evaluation of a multi-sensor, low-power, necklace NeckSense, for automatically and unobtrusively capturing fine-grained information about an individual’s eating activity and eating episodes, across an entire waking day in a naturalistic setting. NeckSense fuses and classifies the proximity of the necklace from the chin, the ambient light, the Lean Forward Angle, and the energy signals to determine chewing sequences, a building block of the eating activity. It then clusters the identified chewing sequences to determine eating episodes. We tested NeckSense on 11 participants with and 9 participants without obesity, across two studies, where we collected more than 470 hours of data in a naturalistic setting. Our results demonstrate that NeckSense enables reliable eating detection for individuals with diverse body mass index (BMI) profiles, across an entire waking day, even in free-living environments. Overall, our system achieves an F1-score of 81/6% in detecting eating episodes in an exploratory study. Moreover, our system can achieve an F1-score of 77/1% for episodes even in an all-day-around free-living setting. With more than 15/8 hours of battery life, NeckSense will allow researchers and dietitians to better understand natural chewing and eating behaviors. In the future, researchers and dietitians can use NeckSense to provide appropriate real-time interventions when an eating episode is detected or when problematic eating is identified.

Pillai has done extensive research into this field and explains how to work on your lightbody, the ways to attain a light body and how to access your lightbody. The ultimate goal is to turn your body into light and the key is to not view your body as being physical, as we are all spiritual beings having a human experience within these shells we call the ‘body’.


This light body center is one that opens you to experiences of incredible bliss and beauty

Your friends and family of the Light now let you know that you have placed within your etheric body particular crystalline regulators, which have created limited memories of your multidimensional existence. These limitations were necessary as you were not ready to be activated, not ready to fulfill your Life Task within the Divine Plan of All That Is. However, this is the time now to fully explore your multidimensional and multifaceted nature as a Master Being of Love and Light and one of the main reasons you have come back to this fifth dimension. You have come back to this frequency of Love so your friends and family may assist you in removing these particular crystals which are preventing you from truly becoming your Higher Light on the three dimensional plane and from exploring your full role of Service in Love. You are now ready to remove these crystals. You see or feel a rose quartz crystal grid being placed around your etheric body and within this rose quartz crystal grid you see these crystalline regulators, which look like clear crystal balls about an inch in diameter, scattered throughout your etheric body. This rose quartz crystal grid has been programmed to remove and dissolve these crystalline regulators for all time, space and dimensions from your etheric body. Just relax in this deep flow of Love as you feel these crystalline regulators being removed from your etheric body. These regulators have helped you to forget who you were and placed particular earthly limitations on your memories.

Every aspect of your training will benefit if you take the time to really understand the anatomy of your muscles (including small ones, like the serratus). That's why every single one of my programs walks you through the science behind every programmed exercise - and why you're doing what you do. Interested?


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Breathing through the nostrils, inhale steadily, first filling the lower part of the lungs, which is accomplished by bringing into play the diaphragm, which descending exerts a gentle pressure on the abdominal organs, pushing forward the front walls of the abdomen. Then fill the middle part of the lungs, pushing out the lower ribs, breastbone and chest. Then fill the higher portion of the lungs, protruding the upper chest, thus lifting the chest, including the upper six or even pairs of ribs.

You must balance your extracurricular activities with the studies. By extracurricular, we mean the activities which can help you relax in the strenuous study schedule. You can do exercises to keep body and soul fit. Proper diet is also important aspect that cannot be ruled out. You must have healthy light meals which includes consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid consuming fatty and sugary foods.


But then, how is Quetzalcoatl to return? Regardless of by what means, anyone who is able to connect to the Oneness of All at the time of the Celebration will become a living incarnation of Quetzalcoatl (Christ Consciousness). To become real the energy of Quetzalcoatl must manifest in human beings. At this time this must happen through the absorption of the energy of light on the right brain and unifying this with the left. This is really about activating Kundalini energy for which humanity may now be ripe. A winding energy of light in our bodies, a manifestation of the movement of the serpent of light, Quetzalcoatl, may serve this purpose. This will set the road to wholeness in an otherwise turbulent time.

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You look for your personal Pleiadian Master Guide, your personal Master Guide who is going to teach you and guide you on your path to becoming your Higher Self of the Light and your Christed Overself of the Light. As you think this, you see a delightful Master Being of Love and Light moving closer to you, resonating to your vibration and thought forms. You move closer to this Light Being. What does your Pleiadian Master Guide look like?

Light activated switch pdf

We know that the ascension process can cause symptoms of discomfort as we shift our own DNA from one dimension to the next. We can help you gain the clarity you desire to get to the next level of deep understanding and unconditional love.


In this guided visualization, you will assist in activating the Light Body/Merkaba of Mother Earth. To do so, you must travel back into the third dimension, so you can assist in shifting this entire Earth plane to the fifth dimension of Solar Christ Consciousness. To bring yourself back to the third dimension, focus on your fifth dimensional portal, and then shift 90 degrees to the left through this portal, bringing yourself into the fourth dimension. Now focus ninety degrees to the left through your fourth dimensional portal, coming into the on the third dimension with your Light Body still vibrating at a fifth dimensional frequency.

When extreme, these sensations can be disturbing. One lady had to stop all the clocks in the house because their ticking sounded unbearably loud; many have had to don dark glasses because ordinary light seemed dazzlingly bright. Some find that the skin and scalp becomes so sensitive that it feels as if insects are crawling over them. Heartbeats become audible and there may be a hissing or ringing sound in the ears (tinnitus - see below). Many people complain of a metallic taste in the mouth and several notice strange, unpleasant, smells which seem to emanate from the body. These sensations, including an unpleasant smell (which usually no-one else can detect) have been described in anxiety states in the absence of benzodiazepines. Like insomnia and panics, they are probably reflections of heightened activity in the central nervous system. Such hypervigilance is part of the normal fear and flight response which is damped down by benzodiazepines but undergoes a rebound during withdrawal.


Pokemon light platinum whack hack

As a part of simply being alive, you will experience various situations that challenge you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Awakening your light body does not create these challenges, nor does it create physical, emotional, or mental illness. None of the light body courses are meant to be therapeutic in nature. They work at another level to take you into higher spaces and to assist you in bringing those spaces back into your ordinary life. If you have any history of, or are currently in treatment for mental illness, such as manic-depressive, bipolar, schizophrenia, or other mental or emotional problems, do not take any light body courses until you have the consent of a licensed psychotherapist.

There is a place you can go that is free from sickness, crime, and war. That place is not here on this Earth. Instead, it is on the New Earth. And you can choose to obtain a new body and go there. Drawing upon thirty-three years of University research and fifteen years of Subtle Energy manipulations Dr. Pettit discusses relationships between life sciences and spirituality. By understanding the concept ask and you can receive he outlines the questions to ask and your responsibilities to create a new body for ascending to the New Earth around 2021. Ascension is available for those who choose to move out of duality consciousness with suffering and pain into a new reality of Unity Consciousness with unfathomed joy and peace.


Your system is downloading more and more light and information, especially about yourself and past incarnations. Your chakra system is unifying into one field of light and the Languages of Light are becoming known to you.

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In Part 5, Awakening Your Light Body, DaBen transmits to you the sounds and frequencies that awaken your first 2 light body centers. When awakened, these centers can assist you in experiencing states of joy, inner visualizations, feelings, and sensations that are beautiful beyond words.


Just keep in mind that if you’re a beginner lifter, sticking to just the main compound movements and the low end of the range of sets per exercise would likely be best to start. And then you can gradually add more volume overtime.

Vision and hearing are being realigned to function differently. The mental body begins to wonder if it really is in charge and individuals get strong unexplainable and undeniable urges to follow spirit without hesitation.


An entity who is not born on the planetary body, does not have the same planetary DNA template, nor a compatible human body DNA pattern, as a part of its own DNA signal. That extraterrestrial will have different electromagnetic signaling that will not be in natural phase or harmony with the planet’s electromagnetic signals. As such, we can understand why the planet has been plagued by extraterrestrial species writing their DNA code into the planetary body in order to produce a specific range of artificial electromagnetic signals in the human race. From their perspective, blocking natural electromagnetic signals that activate human DNA, would be beneficial for their hybridization and takeover agenda. Injecting humans with other DNA material, seen in certain vaccinations, medications and other chemicals, could effectively block same species communications and biological ascension that function inherently in our human DNA signal. By blocking natural DNA signaling between same species, namely earthlings, it would be harder for humans to share exchanges of frequency and intelligent energy communication. This is also effective for maintaining collective consciousness memory wiping, and breaking down the human species light language by scrambling our DNA signals. Without our personal DNA signal being in perfect alignment to the harmonic phasing of the earth body, it prevents most earthlings from accessing accurate historical accounts (species memory) that is recorded in the instruction sets of the earth. It also means that person is unable to recognize another member of their same species, as it confuses the DNA signals and communications made between humans. This is a major issue with humans that have been involved with alien hybridization breeding programs and Metatronic reversals that now require specific bio-regenesis and spiritual rehabilitation of their DNA Signal.

The 12 Light Body Activations

Bodies of Steel – While dodging, Rangers will destroy light obstacles and scenery in the path of the dodge. This can be used to bowl through fences and other such obstructions if needed. Certain perks can be used to activate this ability while sprinting.


Following these beautiful invocations and affirmations experienced through each of the Seven Golden Roses of Compassion and these beautiful Beings of Light from On High, we journey to Venus, Overlighted by Sanat Kumara and his Twin Flame, Lady Master Venus. Within the Temple of Venus, we experience a deeper sense of our own Solar Crystalline Consciousness, in the creation and activation of our multidimensional Light Bodies.

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Korean shamans use laughter as their primary healing tool. Anytime we find ourselves in a lower state, depressed, irritated or angry, know your go-to to bring you into giggles. A YouTube video or funny joke will bring you back to higher frequencies.


Your relationships start to shift from karma-based to spirit-based. The pineal gland and the pituitary gland are opening up more to let in more light and infuse this through the body. You may start to see flashes of parallel realities and other dimensions as you access your multi-dimensional self.

Full body workout routine pdf

In these guided visualizations by the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light you really begin to understand your true nature as a Master Being of Love and Light. You meet with the Pleiadian Light Body DNA Activation Coning Members and work within a multidimensional coning of Love and Light to create healthy boundaries, understand your physicality and clear distorted perceptions and false belief systems related to relationship issues, power issues and issues of a sexual nature. You are given psycho-energetic techniques to cancel contracts, clear distorted patterns and decord yourself from unhealthy and foreign energies.


Enroll in the Light Body

The brain is being activated – particularly the cerebrum, the ‘sleeping giant’. Cranial expansion is common; triangular ‘seed crystals‘ in the brow and recorder crystals in the right side of the brain are activated along with the 8th, 9th and 10th chakras.

Call now upon your Pleiadian and Sirian Master Guides of the Light. See your Pleiadian and Sirian Master Guides materialize. The four of you now sit together. Ask your sub-personality if it would like to be totally healed, if it would like to receive your Light and Love, as through your star eyes you look upon this sub-personality in Love and warmth and Light. Your sub-personality now sits between your Pleiadian and Sirian Master Guides as they send it cosmic rays of Light and Love, as they heal this small part of you that requires Light.


This astral body incarnates into the physical dimension through its interaction with the etheric body. The light body incarnates by shining through the astral body. It is much larger than the astral body and is around and above it. For light to incarnate into matter it needs something to ground in. A baby is too small to really hold the light body and give it a ground which is why nurturing is so important. When the baby is with the mother and she is open enough, the baby’s light body grounds with the help of her body. So while this is happening the baby can feel the love which is a part of itself (its light body). This is the beginning of looking for love outside of oneself. The baby believes that the love comes from its mother because she grounds it. Without her the baby cannot feel its light body in the same way because it lacks the ground necessary to hold it.

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Individuals may get lashes of telepathy, clairvoyance and nearly all begin to experience empathy. This is a time of feeling, of honoring and accepting and validating the emotional body and learning to control it.


You now find yourselves connecting into the energy of the Crystalline City of Light above the Great Pyramid of Giza. Welcomed and greeted by the Guardians to this vortex and Crystalline City of Light, you are now invited into a High Priest and Priestess Chamber of Light. As you experience this multicolored lasered grid of light coming in around the body and energy field, the streams of Crystalline Consciousness in the timelines of yourselves as High Priest and Priestess activate, taking you into the remembrance of ancient Egypt, Atlantis, the Lemurian, Mayan, Aztec and other timelines, sweet ones. As you energetically experience these Christed timelines, you are taken into a deeper level of spiritual awareness and insight to reveal the hidden knowledge of self-enlightenment. To Golden Ages, to the timelines of ascending, sweet ones and of choosing to come back as volunteer Souls, to be of service to Mother Earth and all her Life. You awaken to a deeper knowing of yourselves as these initiates of Light to the Order of Melchizedek, and to many other Orders of Light. You just have a sense of knowing, believing and trusting as you connect into the deep inner truth within yourselves sweet ones. We now assist in the integration and remembrance of the High Priest/Priestess archetypes of Light as we speak in the language of light.

System XC- is a reverse transport protein located on the cell membrane. It is a heterodimer composed of the light chain subunit XCT encoded by SLC7A11 as the substrate-specific subunit and the heavy chain encoded by SLC3A2. It can transport glutamate out of the cell in a certain proportion, transport cysteine into the cell, and use cysteine as a raw material to synthesize glutathione GSH . The sulfhydryl structure in GSH can be oxidized and dehydrogenated, making GSH an important antioxidant and free radical scavenger in the body. Reducing the synthesis of GSH can reduce the ferroptotic effect. Inhibiting the activity of the XC- system and reducing the raw material for GSH synthesis by inhibiting the transport of cystine will decrease intracellular GSH, which leads to a decrease in the activity of GPX4. GPX4 is a selenoprotein that inserts selenocysteine through the transporter selenocysteine transfer RNA (Sec-tRNA), effectively reduces peroxidized phospholipids [20–22], and inhibits the activation of arachidonic acid (AA) metabolic enzyme 6 . GPX4 has a wider substrate preference and can react directly with LOOH on the membrane to change the integrity and biophysical properties of the membrane, transform the position or function of membrane related proteins, and degrade into highly active products, which may contribute to increasing membrane permeability and direct cytotoxicity . The accumulation of LOOHs on the mitochondrial membrane can increase permeability, which explains mitochondrial swelling and rupture of the outer membrane . GPX4 is the only enzyme described so far that can directly reduce complex phospholipid hydroperoxides.


Part of these multidimensional memories is the understanding that you have previously moved through the seven earthly initiations, in order to become a Melchizedek Ambassador of Light. You have further worked with the twelve rays, cleared the earth plane of seven cosmic karmic patterns, and traveled interdimensionally in your activated Light Bodies, in order to be of service to all dimensions, and all planes of existence. You have joined the company of Heaven on Earth, and are assisting in Service in Love. You are here to create very specific changes to this earth plane, so that each atom and molecule on this earth plane will be able to shift into the seventh Golden Age.

Using the light body centers, you will journey into the void and explore other dimensions. You will learn how to build the cord upward to your soul so you can experience more of your soul's reality and experience your soul in new ways. You will travel into the Mind of God, the All-That-Is, to explore the nature of the universe. You will work with your personality to help it hold, in a balanced way, the enormity of the perspective you are gaining of the universe, your soul, your purpose, and the many insights you may have as you experience the universe in new ways.


Drawing upon thirty-three years of University research and fifteen years of “Subtle Energy” manipulations Dr. Pettit discusses relationships between life sciences and spirituality. By understanding the concept “ask and you can receive” he outlines the questions to ask and your responsibilities to create a new body for ascending to the “New Earth” around 2021. Ascension is available for those who choose to move out of duality consciousness with suffering and pain into a new reality of Unity Consciousness with unfathomed joy and peace.

The light will become something very important in your life. You will feel the special connection and you will see all shapes and manifestation of light, even in other dimensions.


During the two hour session you need to find somewhere you can relax and allow the work on the light body. At the time it can be very subtle and you may not experience the Antari themselves, but you may hear ringing in your ears, have fluttering eyelids, and electrical energy moving throughout your body, many people have these kinds of symptoms when this work is being done. The Antari exist and work on the 11th dimension, and therefore they are very much out of our third dimensional time, and therefore it is possible for you to experience the work being done at the allocated time of the session, however this work can also continue into many days to follow.

Light Language Emerging Activating Ascension Codes And Integrating Body Soul And Spirit

Commands ship to transport passengers, freight, and other cargo across oceans, bays, lakes, and in coastal waters: Sets course of ship, using navigational aids, such as charts, area plotting sheets, compass, and sextant, and orders crew worker at helm to steer ship. Determines geographical position of ship, using loran or azimuths of celestial bodies. Inspects ship to ensure that crew and passengers observe regulations pertaining to safety and efficient operation of ship. Coordinates activities of crewmembers responsible for signaling devices, such as ship's whistle, flashing lights, flags, and radio, to signal ships in vicinity. Calculates landfall (sighting of land), using electronic sounding devices and following contour lines on chart. Avoids reefs, outlying shoals, and other hazards to shipping, utilizing aids to navigation, such as lights, lighthouses, and buoys.


Now bring you focus back to your eight dimensional portal, then the seventh, sixth, and now the fifth dimensional portal. At your fifth dimensional portal, shift 90 degrees to the right through this portal.

Light Body/Merkaba Activation One

The Innocent and Open Heart, Overlighted by the Nuburian Star Council. Wrapped in a beautiful Rose-Gold Flame of Light, the Diamond Light Code Template of Perfection activates. This Template additionally relieves pain and aches throughout the body as well as neck, shoulder and back pain.


Body: Move your eyes slightly toward each other, or, in other words, slightly cross your eyes. Now bring them up to the top of their sockets, or in other words, look up. Also, this looking up motion should not be extreme. You will feel a tingling feeling between your eyes in the area of your third eye. You can now look down to the lowest point you can, as fast as you can. You should feel an electrical sensation move down your spine.

You are now fully conscious with the Source and all of creation. You are operating from the vastness of your Spirit and you have all the DNA encodements to fulfil all of your functions as a fully operating Spirit-in Action. Manifesting heaven on earth is within your realm of choice.


For the first nine breaths, you breathe in and out to the count of seven as you focus on the nine dimensional portals, connecting you to the nine dimensions that we work with. The next five breaths focus on the three superimposed star tetrahedrons, and for these five breaths, you would inhale to the count of seven, hold the breath to the count of five, and then exhale to the count of seven. The key here is to first visualize the etheric body star tetrahedron, as it exists around you. As you visualize this star tetrahedron, you will see the apex of the top tetrahedron, the tetrahedron known as the male aspect tetrahedron, reach up and touch the top of your silver-gold bubble, your sixth dimensional portal, 2/4 feet/72 cm above your head. The bottom or base of this top tetrahedron, the male aspect, comes down to just below your knees. The apex of the bottom tetrahedron, known as the female aspect tetrahedron, reaches to the bottom of your silver-gold bubble, your first dimensional portal, 2/4 feet/72 cm below your body, and the base of this female aspect tetrahedron comes up to your heart chakra. For women, you want to visualize the ridge of the top tetrahedron, the male aspect tetrahedron, centered along the back of the body and the ridge of the bottom tetrahedron, the female aspect, centered along the front of the body. For men, you want to visualize the ridge of this top tetrahedron centered along the front of the body and the ridge of the bottom tetrahedron centered along the back of the body.

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We ask that you agree to not share your journeys until you have completed the course (all 6 parts) and have a good knowledge of the centers. Sharing your journeys with others puts you in a sponsorship role with them. We ask that you not share these journeys until you are willing to take the role of sponsor. DaBen and Orin are very aware of you, and are holding a focus and sponsoring you as you go through this course. You can read about becoming a Light Body sponsor in the booklet that comes with Part 6.


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Future volumes will be sent when you order and notify us you are ready. We ask that you have the commitment to finish; however there is no obligation to continue.

Everything in the restaurant ricochets into its depths, the patrons breaking apart on the rocks and gradually slopping down the slope to join the mound of bodies at the mouth where the cave wraps out of sight, like waterlogged meat in a kitchen drain awaiting disposal. Then I see that there are smaller, separate passages branching out from the tunnel, and flitting in and out are some kind of lithe and speckled creature, their skin like leopard print, always just momentarily visible, snatching at the falling humans as they roll past, dragging them whole or piecemeal into their caves. A faint light flickers out from these smaller passages as if from a campfire, deep below and out of sight. Screams waft up from beneath me like a song on the wind, and with them, swarming my nostrils, embarrassingly, the exact smell of my hands after I’ve just masturbated at the end of an active day, that sensation of earthy shame and empty potential. And across the gulf now eating into the kitchen on the opposite side, crumbling at my feet on this one, as my heart leaps into my throat with the sudden plunge, I find another: a woman hangs there, her arms planted on the stainless steel counter behind her, legs dangling into the crevasse, emitting the same scream over and over, like a car alarm.


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Decalcification of the pineal gland is mandatory for us to achieve higher states of awareness. Fluoride intentionally shuts down the pineal gland, supporting the suppression of its importance. Be conscious of your work to facilitate this healing.

You are now Spirit directed, and all that is not of the light must drop away. Your only focus is the development of Spirit in Action. Your guides are more active with you and you are more receptive.


Light in the etheric blueprint releases 4th dimensional structure and causes spins in the geometries of the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Change is rapid and many feel tired.

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The teachings of the Mystery Schools were shared with only a select few. Initiations would bring spiritual seekers through these gateways after many years of ritual to prepare the body, mind, and spirit. While the light body teachings would have been present in every tradition, it may take many lifetimes to master. Now, however, even a YouTube search will yield hundreds of techniques.


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I look forward to sharing this product with you. Please call me so I can answer any of your questions: 708-524-9103.

The first accessory movement is going to be the facepull. This movement is essential for shoulder health, posture, and balancing out the pulling repetitions with all the pressing in this full body workout.


Using the Activator instrument, your chiropractor can help restore spinal balance, safely, and comfortably. This technique uses specific procedures to detect spinal joint dysfunction, analyze leg length inequality, detect body mechanic problems, and test neurological reflexes. Through these series of tests, the doctor now knows where adjustments are needed. The Activator instrument delivers a controlled, light, and fast thrust, without causing undue strain to patients. This adjustment is so quick and controlled, that your body's muscles are less likely to resist. This allows for a more precise and exact adjustment. This techniques also allows patients who suffer from degeneration, arthritis, and osteoporosis to be adjusted without cause for concern.

Besides, a savings bond is a typical sort of government security, which is a security given by a legislative body to raise assets from the general population to finance its capital tasks and different activities important to deal with the economy. At the point when the public authority sells bonds, it is basically taking an advance from general society, which it vows to repay at some foreordained date later on. As pay for giving it capital, the public authority makes interest installments to its bondholders. Numerous individuals discover these bonds alluring in light of the fact that they are not liable to state or neighborhood personal assessments. These bonds can only with significant effort be moved and are non-debatable.


Sixth level ~ Crystal regulators placed within the etheric body start to release as we deepen into the I Am Avatar Blueprint through the New Earth Templates and geometries of Light. Additionally, we deepen into the support of Soul and Star family and reconnections on the outer planes to those that see us, hear us and appreciate us as we activate the petal of the intimate heart.

You are more harmonized with your ego and the choices you make are more Spirit led. You have the power to manifest your own reality, to become that Master that you are.


Once the Light Body/Merkaba field is activated, the sacred geometries of the platonic solids are also activated, as are the higher earthly rays. The platonic solids are the cube, the octahedron, the tetrahedron, the icosahedron and the dodecahedron, and in the Light Body/Merkaba activation, we became an extension of the Christ Consciousness grid around the Earth plane, reflecting the exact sacred geometry and harmonic resonance found within the New Earth Templates of Light.

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When it comes to the spiritual awakening, each person’s path is highly individual. However, we do experience similar “spiritual milestones” during our spiritual journeys and have one common denominator above all: love. The spiritual journey is often triggered when an individual is ready to accept as truth the multi-dimensional reality that our souls originate from.


Imbued, Charged, and Galactivated, these cosmic talismans come fully energized with Galactic Reiki, and Arcturian Healing Frequencies. Specifically designed and created with the Starseed Soul in mind, these Starseed Keys provide a balance between mind, body, and soul for the Activating Starseed, evolving and shifting with the solar arc energies of 2021. Grounding in the high-vibrational light frequencies streaming to Gaia at this time, these Activation Keys are meant for those in the midst of the Grand Awakening, those Galactic Ground Crew brothers and sisters here anchoring in the next Golden Age. The 144,000 Holy Starseed Souls on Mission here, from all over the Multiverse, here to free ourselves, and all souls from the Matrix.

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People find the energy at a seminar to be very uplifting, and seminar participants are very welcoming and friendly. Read about DaBen's current live seminars, and seminar dates. Read information about attending a seminar for the first time. You can also take the seminars remotely, from your home.


You are now going to come back to this three dimensional plane and travel back in time in this life time to those events that need to be integrated into your Higher Light. Say good-bye to all your friends and family members on this plane and know you may come back any time to visit, to play, to laugh. The Sirian Archangelic League of the Light see you off and you thank them for their Love and hospitality as you wave good-bye. Your Pleiadian and Sirian Master Guides are going to come back with you to this three dimensional magical plane. You now find yourself in a Pillar of golden white Light on your unicorn. You are moving further and further down this Pillar of Light further, further and further until you feel yourself taking on more shape, becoming pretty solid again. Slowly and gently come back to this magical place of centredness and groundedness in full universal remembrance of your own Master Being heritage.

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The sun has been a boon of humanity in every world culture. Get yourself some Vitamin D to lift any funk and stimulate the pineal gland chakra.


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Full body workouts are one of the best workout splits for muscle growth and strength regardless of your training experience. They not only enable you to optimize your training frequency and recovery throughout the week but are also time efficient - and in this case requiring only 3 workouts per week.

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At first reading it may appear that this breath consists of three distinct movements. This, however, is not the correct idea.


And the key to this physical DNA activation lies in activating your Light Body/Merkaba from the third to the ninth dimensions respectively through the frequency of Love. At the moment, in activating your Light Body/Merkaba up to the speed of common light, the etheric activation of your twelve strand DNA is occurring, as the sacred geometry of the star tetrahedron and the platonic solids, which are connected to your etheric, emotional and mental bodies, is activated, along with the twelve earthly rays. At this point you are fine-tuning your Light Body to become an extension of the Christ Consciousness grid and axiatonal lines around and within the Earth plane, reflecting the exact sacred geometry and harmonic resonance found within the Christ Consciousness grid. In addition, through this sacred geometry, you hold within your subconscious the thought forms and patterns of each atom and molecule on this Earth plane, animate or inanimate. In other words, sweet Melchizedek Ambassadors, you hold the collective unconscious of the entire Planet, and are able to change the shape of the collective DNA of Humanity through the frequency of Love. This web or field of information is accessed by heartfelt feelings that take you deeper into Love. In fact, it has been proven scientifically that DNA changes its shape according to feelings. Negative feelings actually switch off the DNA codes, and the DNA responds by tightening up. And of course, the DNA strands unwind, and the codes switch back on, when you are experiencing heartfelt feelings. Now imagine a world that is focused on the reality of One Unity Consciousness through the Love of all Creation, the Love for themselves and the Love for all bands of consciousness. This is what is happening to your precious jewel on which you physically exist, Planet Earth.

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To prepare, find a comfortable seat without interruption. Breathing normally, direct your mind to “see” the visuals. No need for stress or strain, just give your imagination permission to create this for you.


The Lightbody/Merkaba is this living Divine Intelligence powered by your Christed mind working in alignment with Mother/Father God. It is the ascension vehicle of Light used for inter-dimensional travel and takes you in soul consciousness into the higher dimensions. Once fully activated it extends approximately 54 feet or 16/2 metres in diameter around you, and holds within it all the codes of the Templatings of the New Earth frequencies. It further assists in creating a radiant etheric electronic Body of Light, the perfect Adam Kadmon blueprint, and links you too into the Unity Grid of Divine Love, within and around the earth-plane, and from here into the Unified Hologram of Love, of All Life, through the Cosmic I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light.

Through this stargate series you are taken you into the seventh dimension and the sixteenth ray of Intergalactic Christ Consciousness, as well as being lifted into the frequency of Metatronic Consciousness. Lord Metatron, the creator of the super-electron Overlights you along with the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light at this dimensional level as you travel through this stargate into the seventh dimension. You build the sacred geometry of the icosahedron at it relates to this dimensional level and further activate the intergalactic axiatonal lines within and around your body, merging with your multidimensional Selves at this dimensional level as well as the Beings of Light working along this Intergalactic Christ Consciousness grid of Light. In addition to this, you potentially activate DNA strands nine and ten. You focus on the quality of expansiveness as you are placed in a Metatronic Chamber of Light, receiving downloads and packets of Light information through the super-electron pulsating in Light waves of Metatronic Consciousness. Your hologram and energy body are remodulated with the most appropriate Light packets of information relative to your Service work on the lower worlds, sister dimensions and alternative realities and as this occurs, you shift much deeper into the fourth level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness. You further activate the codes relating to the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairvoyance. As you come back to the Planetary Christ Consciousness grid, you surround it in a beautiful golden flame bringing the encodings of Light potentially activated through your DNA at a seventh dimensional level into this Unity grid of Light.


Feel a fluorescent tube of Light about two inches in diameter being firmly anchored in your etheric body

As Michael Sabom recounts in Light and Death, in August 1991 a then 35-year-old woman he called "Pam Reynolds" (a pseudonym) underwent an innovative procedure to remove a brain aneurysm. The procedure—inducing hypothermic cardiac arrest or "standstill"—involved lowering Pam's body temperature to 60°F, stopping her heart and breathing, and draining the blood from her brain to cool it and then reintroduce it. When her body temperature had reached 60°F and she had no electrical activity in her brain, her aneurysm was removed. About 2 hours after awaking from general anesthesia, Pam was moved into the recovery room still intubated (Sabom, "Light" 46-47). At some point after that, the tube was removed from her trachea and she was able to speak.

Naturally, Sartre recognises that we too are physical beings. Indeed, if we are to act on the world to fulfill our needs we must use our bodies as mechanical systems. Pursuing our ends dialectically means engaging with inert matter. Yet this leads to what Sartre considers an absolutely fundamental form of alienation, which he explains most powerfully in the Critique through the example of deforestation in early to mid-20th century China (161-163). Sartre notes that when an individual farmer cuts down trees, they are acting dialectically—that is, in light of an end, which is here the transformation of virgin forest into arable land. At the same time, their action is inscribed in inert matter, which is indifferent to the farmer’s future-oriented project and is subject to the reign efficient causality. At this level, the farmer’s activity loosens the soil, which eventually ends up in the river system. Over time, this soil collects at certain points, raising the water level and producing the floods that ultimately destroy the farmer’s crops. While for the farmer cutting down a tree was an entirely positive achievement, its inscription in inert matter meant that it produced an outcome that was the exact opposite of what he intended to achieve.


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You now enter into the twelfth Stargate Portal of Light related to the Law of Compensation, understanding that your gifts are rewarded tenfold, when you give freely from your own heart, knowing that you are an open heart in this Golden Age of Light. You now activate the Cosmic Christ Holographic disc associated with this StargatePortal of Light through the related vertebrae within your spinal column, recalibrating your lower bodies, chakras and nadis, and activating the hypothalamus gland.

These centers create the power base of your light body

The high-performance M3 comes standard with M Drive modes, 18-inch M Ferric Grey V-spoke wheels, adaptive M suspension, heated front seats, carbon fiber interior trim with black chrome highlights, automatic headlights, LED headlights, navigation, Harman Kardon surround audio system, and an Anthracite headliner. For additional speed and handling prowess, order the Competition package and get an additional 19 hp (for a total of 444 hp), more direct steering ratio, adaptive M suspension, and improved Active M Differential and dual-clutch transmission (if equipped) settings. The package also includes 20-inch forged Light Alloy wheels, high-gloss black trim, and a Sport exhaust with black-chrome dual tailpipes. The M3 is available in coupe and convertible body styles in the form of M4 models.


About the Light Body Activator Plate

In this guided visualization, you will journey in your Divine Body of Light in an external Merkaba Vehicle of Light to the etheric of Venus, guided by your Venusian Higher Self of the Light. You will journey with the appropriate archetypes of this ray to find the related symbols, and through this, embody the associated magical images. Following this, you will be taken to the Ascension Seat in Venus, where you will merge with the archetypes related to this ray, as well as your Venusian Higher Self of the Light. Surrounded by the Co-Creative Council of Twelve on Venus, Archangels Jophiel and Constance, Haniel and Tzadkiel, Elohim Apollo and Lumina and Master Kuthumi, Chohan associated with this ray, you will integrate these second ray qualities. This will actualize the ray of Love-Wisdom within your body, energy field and hologram. You will activate your key codes for ascension and resurrection and surrender yourself to unconditional love.

Lethality, formerly Silencer, (Japanese: 瞬殺 Instant Kill, or 滅殺 Annihilator) is an offensive skill which debuted in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade despite a defined skill system not existing, before first appearing as a proper defined skill in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. In all of its appearances save Fates (where it is instead associated with Master Ninjas), it is the defining trait of the Assassin class; when activated, it instantly kills the enemy, independent of all other factors.


We’re here to help people feel better, look younger and lead more joyful lives. We do this through wellness products that tap into the body’s natural energy and resiliency, and through business opportunities that inspire personal and professional fulfillment.

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Orin will guide you to explore what it is like to live in higher, more refined energy. You will use your light body to open your channel to your higher self and/or to your guide. You will join the Masters to reprogram your DNA for spiritual evolution, to expand your aura, and to create more light in your life.


The 19 Breath Light Body/Merkaba Activation

The pineal gland represents the third eye in biology, which produces melatonin. Melatonin controls circadian rhythms and reproductive hormones. This makes the pineal a master regulator of time, affecting not only our sleep patterns but also our sexual maturation. Melatonin also affects our stress and ability to adapt to a changing world. This third eye activates when exposed to light, and has a number of biological functions in controlling the biorhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body’s thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process.

Well, you will have a tough time at your job and not because of some external issues but because internally you will begin to feel the futility of it all. You will feel that the job is unfulfilling and that you don’t need it to lead a happy life. You will realize how important it is to do something that you really love rather than doing something for the money or for fame.


A charge can be expended to activate one of the following abilities: You pray to the moon god Lunum with the blade in hand, and your senses open, allowing you to identify all creatures with the curse of lycanthropy within a 60-foot radius. You hold the flat of the blade to the heart of a willing or incapacitated creature that has the lycanthropic curse, drawing the affliction from their body and curing them. Removing the curse this way takes 1 minute. You hold Lycan's Bane up to the sky, pommel up. The clear gem will shine with a faint white light, turning werewolves nearby. Creatures afflicted by lycanthropy that are within 30 feet of you have disadvantage on attack roll while in this radius. Each affected creature also suffers the effects of the bane spell, and must succeed a DC 16 Charisma saving throw or become frightened of you for 1 minute. Lycan's Bane regains all expended charges daily at each moonrise. The sword is powerless on moonless nights. All evil creatures with the curse of lycanthropy that see you with this sword will be openly hostile to you and those in your immediate party.