Licenses may be stored in a volume license manager dongle. License activation using volume license manager may be performed without connection to the Internet and is suitable for virtual environments.

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While the Window-Eyes marketshare was in single digits, many of its users cannot afford to buy the upgrade and have no choice but to use NVDA, something I would recommend but the transition will not be easy for the less technically minded sorts. More insidious, though, is that Window-Eyes, NVDA and JAWS all have different user interfaces and the people now using Window-Eyes, their employers, educational institutions and so on need to pick up the tab in terms of time and money to learn a new screen reader. Training is expensive both in time and in terms of dollars, Euros, rupees, pounds sterling, yen or the currency of your choice.


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CCVIP introduces possibilities for services. Following the demo(s), the Coordinator speaks with the individual about the types of services available from various organizations and offers to help with referrals. For example, the Coordinator has found that a number of people who have declining vision have not seen a low vision specialist.

NVDA: Now More Than Ever

Page 9 ZoomText USB Setup Guide Activating ZoomText Single-user versions of ZoomText USB include three machine activations. This allows you to fully activate ZoomText on the systems you use most often, eliminating the need to plug-in your ZoomText USB drive in order to start ZoomText. For complete information on activating the installed ZoomText software, see Step 4—Activating ZoomText.


Consistent layout is a very important design consideration for users who depend on screen magnifiers. Placing the navigation links in the same position on every page, for example, will make it considerably easier for users who can see only a small portion of the screen at one time to find their way around your site.

The Mobile Accessibility application is available on all Verizon Wireless Android devices that have an operating system of 2/2 or higher, and supports the Verizon Applications catalog. The Mobile Accessibility application is found in the Verizon Applications catalog on the device, in the Productivity & Tools section under Utilities. There is no cost to purchase the application, but data charges may apply when downloading.


All presentations were videoed, and CCVIP is in the process of uploading them to the CCVIP YouTube channel. These longer presentations are in addition to the more than 18 short videos that offer descriptions of individual devices, which are available to those who are unable to attend the workshops or need additional information and instruction. To date, the channel has received well over 9,000 views.

In 2021, during a phone conversation with Catherine Thomas of New York, one of Oehm's Optacon customers, Thomas bemoaned her frustration with digital TV and encouraged Oehm to build a radio that would pick up the audio portion of digital TV broadcasts for blind users. He remembered the Broadcom chip's unique capabilities, and an idea was born.


All participants reported they have used MDCs that are able to make copies. In addition, most MDCs are able to scan, print, and fax. The most important MDC function for survey participants was printing, followed by scanning, then copying. A majority of participants selected these three functions as being very or somewhat important to their specific needs. Although almost half thought faxing was very or somewhat important, it was the least important function overall. The vast majority of individuals used the MDC for printing more than once a week, followed by copying and scanning, both of which were used more than once a week by about half the participants. Faxing was used more than once a week by only one-quarter of participants.

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Historically, the VFO leadership has been notorious for silencing its employees from saying anything whatsoever about accessibility that hasn’t been pre-approved by VFO, whether in their spare time using their personal gear or while at work using VFO PCs. VFO now wants the TPG employees to sign the same highly restrictive non-disclosure, non-compete and non-disparagement agreements that prevent its other employees from engaging with the rest of the community.


I'm thrilled to see yet another way for students and others to gain access to textbooks and other materials. The STEPP program brings same-day access to even more titles, many of which were previously not available from other sources. It's also one of the first examples where blind and visually impaired readers are expected to pay the same price for this access as anyone else who uses the system. While the service as a whole has created many positive benefits, we hope for continued improvements, including full access to the mobile CourseSmart apps, the ability to accessibly highlight text, and increased access to technical materials. STEPP should be commended for their efforts thus far, and I look forward to even more access in the future.

In Word’s Review pane, ZoomText now displays a Cursor Enhancement on the text cursor

As shown in Figure 5-11, the WAVE analyzes the page and provides a lot of accessibility information through annotation. There are a total of 75 possible icons, which makes the display daunting at first. But you can quickly recognize a few common icons, and you can check the meaning of unusual ones by moving the mouse over the icon to see its alt-text, as illustrated with the Layout Table icon in Figure 5-11. Table 5-2 describes the function of the icons in Figure 5-11.


The Transformer's Viewer application allows you to capture a "snapshot" of the camera image. This snap shot can then be saved to your computer for reviewing at a later time. Pressing the "F5" key will take the snap shot. When this happens, a standard "Save As" dialogue box will open, and you can save the image as a standard JPEG file. Pressing "F6" will bring up an "Open" dialogue box where you can review the previously saved image. The image will open in the Windows program you have set as your default picture viewer.

The subject of a conformance claim to "User Agent Accessibility Guidelines1/0" [UAAG10]. This is the most common use of the term in this documentand is the usage in the checkpoints.


Last year we flew to St. Louis, took the tram from the airport to the Amtrak station, boarded the Missouri River Runner, and then we were able to walk from the station in Hermann to our hotel. We visited another city that week and then returned via Amtrak to the St. Louis Airport. It was fun doing all that traveling without having to once climb into a taxi! Our train hopping was made even easier with some wonderful backpacks we bought after visiting a website mentioned in Wendy David's book, Sites Unseen: Traveling the World without Sight (DB 73854), available for download from BARD or for purchase through National Braille Press.

For very little money, it's possible to get several apps which, combined, can execute many of Siri's functions. Each app has its own advantages and disadvantages. Read their entries in the iTunes store and the Help section of each app, if it's available. Since the apps are very inexpensive, I'd recommend trying several to determine which you like best. All the apps in this article are still on my phone, and I plan to keep them. However, if I were forced to recommend only two apps, I'd choose Evi and Vokul.


Summary of Contents for Ai Squared zoomtext

ZoomText USB Setup Guide Backing Up and Restoring Configuration Files When you run ZoomText using the ZoomText USB, the default ZoomText configuration file that you load, customize and save is stored on the ZoomText USB drive. For your convenience, you can make a backup of this configuration file to the active user folder on the local system, which can then be restored in the event that the file has been damaged or deleted.

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Content may be selected through userinteraction, scripts, etc. The selection may be used for a variety of purposes:for cut and paste operations, to designate a specific element in a document, toidentify what a screen reader should read, etc.


Zoomtext 10- Quick Start Guide - Colorado State University

About two-thirds of the participants were visually impaired from birth. The vast majority had received some formal training to assist them in living with vision loss.

At less than three ounces, iGlasses are surprisingly lightweight considering the technology built into them. The arms of the iGlasses are also expandable by up to an inch, which allows you to adjust them to your particular head size. This adds to the overall comfort of the iGlasses since it reduces strain on the bridge of the nose and ears. The power button positioned on the outside arm of the unit is easy to access. The control used to increase and decrease the intensity level of the vibrations located on the underside of the right arm may be a little more challenging for some people to adjust, and for safety reasons as well as ease of adjustment, this is best done in a stationary position.


You cannot have more than one version of LunarPlus installed on your computer at one time. If you have a previous version already installed and you want to upgrade to the new version, you should follow the instructions as if you were installing LunarPlus for the first time, so as to install the newest version directly over your old one. When you do so, most of your preferred settings will automatically be imported into the new version, which makes upgrading your program much easier.

Over the past 20-plus years, National Braille Press (NBP) has carved a considerable niche for itself as a fabulous source for braille materials to assist users in navigating some of access technology's trickiest waters. The organization has published books on using various Microsoft applications and on such areas of interest as online shopping, blogging, social networking, and more, all aimed at the specific issues of blind and low-vision users.


As you switch applications, ZoomText automatically loads the desired settings

The book is 21 pages and includes only the most basic screenshots. Beyond the Home screen and depictions of the front, back, top, and bottom of the phone, the other screenshots facilitate examining the screens for using basic functions, such as the phone keypad, Contacts, Calendar, App Store, iBooks, and iTunes.

E‑mail folders are held in a database. One of the peculiarities of databases is that when you delete items from them, they don’t automatically shrink back down again. Because of this, simply deleting your unwanted e‑mails does not free up more space. The “Free database space” software shrinks the database back to the smallest size capable of storing the e‑mails remaining in the database.


ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard v4/1 User's Guide Step 5—Using the ZoomText Feature Keys About the ZoomText Feature Keys When the ZoomText Keyboard software is running, a set of ZoomText Feature Keys are layered onto the function keys (F1 through F12). The ZoomText Feature Keys provide one.

Starter ZoomText Fusion Keystrokes

Pursuing a good education can be difficult under the best of circumstances, and doing so as a person with vision loss can increase the challenge. Just as we have done for the past two years in the July issue, the AccessWorld team will once again focus on providing valuable information and resources for students, parents, teachers, and professionals in the vision loss field to help make educational pursuits less stressful and more enjoyable.


Speaktoit read the names and addresses of seven pizzerias, with the closest one being the first listing. VoiceOver was used to retrieve additional information.

On several pages, the manuals show examples of on-screen menus and dialog boxes that have tiny print and are not visible to people with low vision. Another modification that would make the manuals easier to use would be to change their paperback bindings to spiral bindings, which would keep the pages flat for ease of reading by those who use handheld magnifiers or closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) and would fit much better on a CCTV's x-y table.


Following this activation, the voice remains on and does not need to be reactivated

Also, I discovered the user guide reports a reversed function for a few hot keys. The speed increase and decrease as well as the pitch increase and decrease hot keys are reported as the opposite of their actual function. For example, the guide states that you press the "5" key to decrease the speed when, in fact, "5" increases the speed. Other than these minor issues, the user guides for both the BlackBerry Screen Reader and the BlackBerry device are excellent.

The LunarPlus Control Panel appears on the screen when the program starts, and it contains all the configuration settings for LunarPlus within a menu system. The most commonly used settings can be accessed through the two property sheets in the main Control Panel: the Visual property sheet and the Speech property sheet.


LunarPlus offers magnification up to 32 times, which may sound like a good thing, but, in practice, magnification over 16x is not practical. On the other hand, LunarPlus offers many fractional levels of magnification under 4x, which is helpful.

Walmart has announced it is going to offer ScriptTalk Talking Prescription Program on a pilot basis to its mail order customers with visual impairments and to Walmart pharmacy customers in three stores. Please read the full press release for complete details.


The most common questions that I get asked regarding book reading on iOS devices concern the advantages and disadvantages of reading e-books on iOS devices versus reading them on stand-alone book readers. To be sure, a few adaptive technology manufacturers have done a fantastic job of providing low cost book reading devices that are both portable and intuitive to use. In the interest of transparency, I read books on both of my iOS devices as well as a stand-alone book reader. So, when should you use a specific book reading option, and why? I've listed some of the advantages and disadvantages below.

IGlasses are equipped with ultrasonic sensors located on the front of the frame, and when an object is detected, the iGlasses emit a pulsating vibration. The frequency of the vibration (time between each vibrational pulse) depends on two factors: the distance of an object and the size of its surface area. As you move closer to an object, the frequency of the vibrations increases. However, smaller objects (or objects that have less surface area) are not detected at the same distance as larger objects. For instance, during testing the iGlasses were able to detect a large tree at 122 inches (slightly more than 10 feet) whereas a wire fence was only detected at about five feet away.


The AccessWorld team hopes you will read each article in this and every issue to gain as much access information as possible. We encourage you to stay proactive in seeking out the access strategies that best meet your particular situation.

The Paciello Group (TPG) is not the largest of the accessibility contract shops (Deque Systems has more people and the company formerly known as SSB-BART just got a $40 million investment). TPG is, however, by far the most prestigious brand name in the field. Mike Paciello, its founder, has been one of the most important and influential people in the world of accessibility standards.


The manual that comes with the iGlasses effectively describes the basic operation and features of the device. The instructions are laid out in 14- and 16-point font along with diagrams. In light of this product being marketed as a mobility aid for people with little or no vision, providing a larger size font, such as 22- and/or 26-point, and including the manual in electronic format would provide a greater level of accessibility.

Welcome To The Zoomtext Keyboard

Good planning prevents poor performance. It's never too early to begin planning for the next school term, whether you're in elementary school or graduate school. Acquiring and learning to use the mainstream and access technology that best suits your situation, registering as early as possible for classes, obtaining reading lists, and searching out alternative formats should be done as soon as you can. Waiting until the last minute is a recipe for disaster.


By pressing the "Mode" button, you can toggle through various background and text color schemes to better suit your vision needs. You can choose from full color, enhanced positive, enhanced negative, and six pre-set color selections. For even further customization, these six color selections can be modified to any of 28 color schemes.

Almost all participants with low vision preferred larger letters and numbers on control labels. High contrast between background and labeling and between background and controls was preferred by a large majority. Speech output software and tactile controls were preferred by almost all blind participants. More than half of blind individuals wanted tactile bumps for identification.


IGlasses were put to the test on several street signs that were not cane detectable with mixed reviews. A "Dead End" street sign at head level measuring approximately three feet wide and two feet high was not consistently detected with the iGlasses unless it was approached head-on. A diamond-shaped "Road Work Ahead" sign measuring four feet across and approximately four feet in height at its widest point was also not detected with the iGlasses unless the sign was located in the immediate walking path. The sharp edges of this sign's irregular diamond shape were clearly a challenge for iGlasses and proved to be a serious hazard at waist level.

Adguard Premium provides you with a reliable and manageable protection that immediately and without your participation filters the loading web pages. Adguard removes all the annoying ads, blocks loading of dangerous websites, and will not allow anyone to track your activities on the Internet. Adguard Premium uses local VPN technology to filter traffic without ROOT privileges. This means that VPN server is embedded right in your device so there is no need in additional remote connections. After running the app, it immediately starts to filter all your Internet bandwidth quietly and quickly. Short list of important changes: greatly reduced memory usage, we introduced convenient addition of new ad filters, integration with WoT is now a separate extension, added support for new browsers, fixed conflicts with popular programs and defects in the processing of requests and more. We have significantly optimized memory usage. Now, even if you use an old computer or a weak netbook, Adguard will work silently in a background without slowing down your device. We compared memory footprint with the one of the preceding version. And we must say showed a result several times lower.


ZoomText, Step-by-Step IU Adaptive Technology Center

The keys in the 3 by 4 dialing grid are slightly convex, providing a tactile feel that helps to identify and use them. Although the manufacturer does provide nibs to help identify the "5" key, they have placed two nibs to the left and right of the key instead of on the actual key. We would much prefer one nib in the middle of the 5 key, and it should be more substantial to provide a better tactile feel.

In later chapters, three screen readers will be used to illustrate techniques for addressing web accessibility requirements: Hal, JAWS for Windows, and Window-Eyes. These screen readers are probably used by more than 95 percent of users of the Web who are blind.


With the screen readers (and also IBM Home Page Reader, the talking browser) described in the following sections, the active elements of a page, including links and form controls, can be navigated with the Tab key (Shift+Tab goes backwards). The order in which these links and form elements appear in the tab sequence is the same as the linearized page unless the attribute tabindex is used in the HTML source of the document. Then those active elements with valid tabindex attributes appear first and according to the number assigned as the value of the tabindex. The active elements without the tabindex attribute are placed at the end of the sequence. The tabindex feature is supported by JAWS and Home Page Reader and with MSAA Mode off by Window-Eyes; it is not supported by Hal.

If you've got ZoomText set to download updates automatically, you're good to go

If you have never seen Lynx, you are in for a surprise. Lynx is a text browser that is available on UNIX, DOS, and Windows (through DOS emulation). Because it doesn't support graphics, dynamic HTML, or CSS, it is incredibly fast. When you enter a URL for opening a page with Lynx, the page is displayed almost immediately.


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One of the big lies I told as a Freedom Scientific executive that I still hear whispered around the VFO crowd is that JAWS is a benchmark for accessibility testing. This could not be further from the truth, JAWS is (of the Windows screen readers I know of) the least standards compliant. Our rationale for telling this lie was that JAWS had an overwhelming lead in the marketshare battles and, therefore, testing against JAWS meant ensuring that most screen reader users would find a web site or application to be accessible. When I was telling that lie, NVDA didn’t exist and now it’s the most standards compliant of the Windows screen readers and may be the most compliant screen reader on any platform.

Note: Details of the actual internet connection are listed separately. This is because it is not uncommon for users to access the internet in multiple ways, via a different set‑up to the default one, and this arrangement saves double entering account details or connection configurations.

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XAMPP software allows web developers to test their web pages easily and without the need for the Internet to have a dynamic and good web. With XAMPP you can manage and surround MySQL and SQLite databases using filezilla, which is very useful for a CMS CMS. Automatically succeeds after installing all software services and you have to make the necessary settings manually. And activate and manage the ones you need. When running, you can control the services from the control panel and set them up using special modules.


Siri said she found eleven pizzerias, and nine were fairly close. VoiceOver was needed to read the results. The second result was the closest instead of the first.

Once the word or phrase is found, ZoomText highlights and reads each occurrence

We both thought that might be the most likely way to access DVS content. I've tried this several times on cable/satellite networks, such as TBS, with shows that I knew were being described. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make it work with DIRECTV at all. I've been offered a two-year contract with DIRECTV, lowering my monthly fees and upgrading my equipment. Of course, no one at DIRECTV seems to know if it will work any better!


Even though they share a database and I used the same search criteria of "Visual Impairment" as the disability with all 28 features selected, fewer results are displayed here. The total is 235 instead of GARI's 242. The FCC lists three top results instead of five, citing only the Apple iPhone 4 GSM model, Motorola Mobility RAZR, and Motorola Mobility TITANIUM. Like GARI, no phone achieves a perfect score. The top ones contain 23 out of 28 features for blind or visually impaired people. Each phone has a link that leads to its own webpage, but the product page does not feature the myriad of data found in GARI. It only shows a table depicting whether it has or lacks the 28 features. The problem with the comparison of iPhones occurs here as well, with the 4S model having one less feature than the 4 GSM. Reasons for inaccuracy of the FCC database are basically the same as GARI: unclear descriptions that lead to problems determining if features are present and also human error.

LastPass is primarily a browser extension, though it has standalone apps for Windows and Mac OS X as well. In the above chart LastPass is flagged in the Offline category with an asterisk because while it’s technically an online password management system, it does work offline in certain instances. The actual password database is securely transferred to your device and decrypted there (and not in the cloud) so you can access the database without an active internet connection through your web browser, via the Mac app, or on your mobile device as long as you’ve logged into the cloud once in order to grab the database.


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NVDACon started when community member and DictationBridge contributor Joseph Lee saw the need for such an event and took it upon himself to coordinate an international meeting of NVDA developers, users, documentation specialists and anyone else who had an interest in attending. It is now run by our friend and another DictationBridge contributor, Derek Reamer. This year it had its biggest attendance so far and we expect to see it grow into the future.

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To use this utility, simply go to the e‑mail set‑up menu, and select the item “Free database space”. After running, the utility will report how much space has been freed.

This application utilizes the Falcon's push/pull or attraction/repulsion forces to discuss concepts of atomic particles. The speech output on the first screen gives definitions of the three kinds of atomic particles (proton, neutron, and electron), and they are shown as spheres lined up in a row for you to compare. So, when you move the grip toward the location of the neutron, which has no charge, there will be no resistance encountered to reach its surface. However, when you move near the positively charged proton, you must apply force to touch it because it repels, and when you move toward the electron, you are pulled towards it automatically. The grip moves on its own to get to its surface to mimic how electrons attract. Successive screens show diagrams of various elements, each with electrons orbiting in a ring around its nucleus of protons and neutrons. Each of these element screens has a quiz that tests concepts related to atomic weight, atomic number, and balancing of charges.


Take control of your serial devices with Vlinx™ Model VESR902D Industrial Ethernet Serial Server. If it has a serial port, it can be monitored and controlled from anywhere on your Ethernet LAN or WAN. Keep it at maximum productivity without leaving your office. Even troubleshoot it from outside your LAN via the internet. The easy-to-use Vlinx™ Manager software puts access to your entire factory floor on your desk. Configure devices, upgrade firmware and monitor activity.

Enter your ZoomText or ImageReader serial number and system code into the fields below

The best verification of the indirect web accessibility requirements will result from involving professionals with disabilities who fully understand the assistive technology. Short of that, one or more screen readers and a talking browser should be made available for the web development team and the quality assurance process.


When the ZoomText program CD is inserted into the disk drive, the installation starts automatically

As shown in Figure 5-5, Home Page Reader has four main panes: a graphical browser on the top right, a text pane on the bottom right, a history view to the left, and an information view at the bottom of the window. The important panes for this discussion are the graphical view and the text view. The other two can be closed through the View menu.

AFB Tech, in coordination with Dr. Ron Schuchard with the VA, is currently researching whether or not an image quality metric, which is simply a way of measuring how "good" an image looks to a person, can be used to predict the readability of a display. An image quality metric takes into account both a display's level of contrast and a user's contrast sensitivity, meaning the metric is specific to an individual/device pair. This type of metric has been previously developed and tested using people who are fully sighted on CRT monitors (older-style tube televisions) to measure perceived image quality. Now, the lab and Dr. Schuchard are retesting this concept for SVDs and looking for a link between image quality and readability.


As the days now grow noticeably shorter and students return to school, it's a logical time to begin thinking about work and careers. October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and next month AccessWorld will recognize its observance by taking a closer look at new employment resources for people with vision loss as well as revisiting tried and true job search strategies.

Full Issue: AccessWorld July

Page 20 (rather than hold) the function keys to trigger additional feature key commands. Also, to let you know the mode is active, a ZoomText banner will appear across the top of the screen and a rhythmic sound cue will be played.


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The defaultreference size of rendered text may vary among user agents. User agents mayoffer different mechanisms to allow the user to control the size of renderedtext, for example by allowing the user to change the font size or by allowingthe user to zoom or magnify content (refer, for example to the Scalable VectorGraphics specification [SVG]).

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The purpose of the “Set up options” is to define the details of your e‑mail accounts. You can set up as many accounts as you wish. Using the Receive options you can choose not to delete messages from your service provider after they have been downloaded, leaving them available to be downloaded to another computer. A size limit can also be set on e‑mails to be downloaded, and if exceeded, an alert will be given. The Address list set up allows you to define which address list to use, if you have more than one, and to tell it your own name and e‑mail address so these can be included in e‑mail you send.


Some iBooks content is free, but much of it has costs for acquiring and downloading publications. When a purchase is required, iBooks does allow you to download a sample of the publication that you are considering purchasing.

FocusLocate and follow the control focus when you tab and arrow key through menus, dialogs, toolbars, andother application controls. When enabled, a choice of high visibility locators mark the position of thecontrol with focus, without obscuring any surrounding text.


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Following various Demo Center workshops, participants were interviewed about their experiences and thoughts toward the presentations. The attendees who were interviewed ranged from those who had been coming to the workshops for years to some who were first-time attenders. However, the common theme from all of the attendees was the focus on the audience's needs and wants.

It appeared to CCVIP that there was a need to create a kind of hybrid center that could focus both on technology and service as a way to begin to bring more people to a place where they could receive an up-close and personal view of products and services that might be available to them. It needed to be a place where this could happen without the need for multiple layers of intake procedures to be completed before they could experience the possibility of help.


Line View is another way of viewing text with LunarPlus, in which lines of text are reformatted into one continuously scrolling line, which works much like a marquee moving across the center of the screen. Unfortunately, this feature does not provide speech support.

The Skills option gives a list of tasks that the app can accomplish. There's a Settings option, but it doesn't contain any useful information. However, if you have some vision, you can change the appearance of the avatar on the screen.


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Sixteen clients were new to vision loss, and 20 were not. Even among these 20 individuals, however, the consultations uncovered gaps in knowledge of and participation in basic services.

ZoomText offers two options for reading full text documents, web pages, and e-mail—AppReader and DocReader

Home Page Reader was originally designed by a blind IBM researcher, Chieko Asakawa, and was first produced in Japanese in 1997. Asakawa was motivated to develop Home Page Reader because Japanese screen readers did not accommodate the Web at all.


Without a doubt, Apple has taken full advantage of EPUB, and users have a variety of options when accessing e-books on their iOS devices. This article focuses on two of these options. I've selected these book reading applications, iBooks and Read2Go, not because they are the only two options but because they offer the most accessible features for users who are vision impaired. I describe these two applications as one being free but with costly content while the second option has a nominal cost but offers free content. Both options provide excellent access for those who are low vision as well as for speech and braille users. While it is not the intent of this article to serve as a tutorial for all of the features present within these two options, I'll try to give as comprehensive of an overview as succinctly as possible.

Key Benefits of Zoomtext USB

I encourage you to read every article, along with the articles from the July 2021 and July 2021 issues of AccessWorld, as the ideas and resources we've covered will certainly help improve, enrich, and broaden your educational experience. Please use these articles and resources to your best advantage. We on the AccessWorld team wish you good luck and good planning as you head back to school!


There is no implied or presumed endorsement of one type of implementation oranother type of implementation by reference in this document. Inclusion servesonly as an example to developers of the viability of satisfying therequirements of a checkpoint.

It's equally liberating to have access to newly publicized works at the same moment as our sighted peers using iOS devices. I can still vividly recall having to wait three to six months for a publication to be made available in either audio or braille format while attending high school and college. It is mind boggling that we now have access to the iBooks Store in the same manner that our sighted friends and colleagues do.


Unplugging the Zoomtext USB Drive

Although typing on an iOS touchscreen is certainly accessible, it is not nearly as efficient as using a traditional QWERTY keyboard, a primary reason for designing AccessNote for use with the Apple Wireless Keyboard (available from Apple for $69). Another reason is due to how well the Apple Wireless Keyboard works with VoiceOver to control an iOS device. There are keyboard commands for nearly all of VoiceOver's gestures, including swiping/flicking, using the rotor, and reading text. AccessNote will also be compatible with wireless refreshable braille displays. So far, AccessNote has been tested with the BraillePen12 from Aroga, which also has many commands for controlling an iOS device.

The largest number of participants had an MDC that they used at home for personal use, with almost as many participants using an MDC for work. The most common MDC brand was Hewlett-Packard followed by Canon. Other brands mentioned (but used by only a small number of participants) included Lexmark, Brother, Epson, Xerox, Dell, Kyocera, and Toshiba.


Enabling And Disabling The Zoomtext Feature Keys

All the above apps, as well as Siri, take dictation. Vokul, Speaktoit, and Siri automatically read the text back while Evi, Voice Dictation, and Voice Assistant+ have the text on the screen. Speaktoit's dictation accuracy was not quite as good as the others'.

With ZoomText USB, you can install and run ZoomText whenever and wherever you need to (with administrative privileges), without having to purchase additional licensing or activate each installation of the software. This makes ZoomText both convenient and inexpensive for both individuals and organizations, and faster to deploy in network environments. Once ZoomText has been installed on a system, ZoomText will automatically start up each time you plug in the USB drive activated and ready to use.


While JAWS is still the most popular screen reader, it has seen a significant decline in primary usage - down to 49% from 66/4% in October 2009 and 59/2% in December 2021. Window-Eyes and ZoomText saw small increases in primary screen reader usage while VoiceOver saw a small decrease in usage. NVDA saw continued increase in usage, up to 13/7% from 2/9% in 2009 and 8/6% in 2021 (a nearly 500% increase in just 2/5 years). Perhaps most surprising is the significant increase in usage of System Access or System Access to Go, jumping to 10/4% from only 4/7% in December 2021.

To select Receive Options, first select KeyMail from the Main Menu, and then select Setup Options. You are presented with the KeyMail Setup Menu and Receive Options is the second item on this menu.


The section about vision disabilities is short, basically giving a list of features to look for and questions consumers should ask service providers and sales staff in retail stores. Some of these are logical, such as asking for bills and manuals in alternate formats, a description of text-to-speech, an overview of voice commands, a tactile keypad, screen magnification, and a discussion of third party accessibility software. One suggestion seems bizarre, though, recommending that standard ringtones be changed to a distinctive sound that is at a frequency people with vision loss can hear more easily.

Technology is increasingly trending toward simplicity and integration with our daily activities. This seems to also hold true for people who are blind or visually impaired. If you want to look up the weather forecast for the next few days, locate a specific address, find out if a financial transaction occurred, or scope out the nearest restaurant, this can all be done using a smartphone. For several reasons, including improved industry standards, an ever-expanding digital age, and stronger advocacy on behalf of consumers, people who are blind or visually impaired have come to expect a greater level of performance and integration with access devices these days. Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) in the UK and AmbuTech of Canada have partnered to create a pair of sunglasses called iGlasses that detect nearby objects and alert travelers through vibration. This product is the type of integrated and multipurpose design consumers are increasingly coming to expect, but are these iGlasses all that they're cracked up to be? This product evaluation will explore the pros and cons of this electronic mobility aid to help you better determine whether or not this product is right for you.


Since 1978, the Computer Center for Visually Impaired People (CCVIP) at Baruch College has been in the business of empowering men, women, and young people with vision loss through the teaching of digital and access technology. From the teaching of FORTRAN and COBOL in its earliest days through the evolution from DOS to Windows and, now, to Apple products, the organization has striven to improve the lives of people with vision loss. In 2021, CCVIP began work on a model to formalize the relationship between technology and service by creating the Assistive Technology Demo Center.

For the students in our readership: You must take personal responsibility for your education. Ultimately, you must be your own advocate. Prepare in advance, speak to instructors, and tell those you'll be working with exactly what types of accommodations will best meet your needs. Your education will have a tremendous impact on every aspect of the rest of your life, so it's crucial that you do everything you can to get the most out of your studies.


This is the first time in the United States a national retailer has offered talking prescription labels to the vision loss community on a national basis. Walmart is working with the ACB, AFB, and CCB through the Structured Negotiations process on this important health, safety, and privacy initiative.

Detailed knowledge of the user agent functionality and the operating systemAPIs and resources used to implement a feature is typically needed to testthese checkpoints. People other than developers may be able to verifyconformance through interaction with the user interface and compatibilitytesting with assistive technology. But in these cases the person may not haveknowledge of all the functionalities of the user agent or be able to test withall assistive technologies. In the case of assistive technologies it may not beclear if the detected problems reside in the user agent using appropriateinterfaces to export information or the assistive technology not takingadvantage of information that the user agent is making available.


The Falcon can depict virtual objects that are sizes of four by four by four inches or smaller. For reference, a virtual bowling ball is about four inches in circumference, and a virtual pea is about one-eighth inch in circumference. Two pounds is the maximum virtual weight of an object, so this amount is used when showing the weight of the heaviest items. Then, lighter ones are scaled to this number.

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LunarPlus offers eight different screen magnification styles: Full Screen; Fixed Window; Lens; Auto Lens; and Right, Left, Top, and Bottom Split Screen. The position and size of these windows can also be adjusted to suit your needs.


Constrained mouse movement allows you to examine rows and columns, and keeps you within the active window

To increase its versatility and functionality, the Transformer can be used to see your desktop, yourself, or at a distance. To change the viewing mode, turn the position of the camera by rotating it on the arm. The device also has a memory feature that remembers the last setting in each mode and automatically returns to the last setting used in each mode.

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LunarPlus is a robust screen-magnification program that incorporates basic speech output. The program gives you the ability to customize the screen display to meet your preferences and will work well for many people with low vision.


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One problem is that the magnification cannot be changed while using the Document Read feature. The reading must be stopped, the magnification level adjusted, and the Document Read feature restarted. This is a cumbersome process and interferes with the efficient flow of work. In addition, in the Enhanced Document Read feature, the magnification level of the magnified line at the top of the screen cannot be changed. The ability to adjust this level of magnification would improve the usability of this feature.

CBVH said the Demo Center is a good place for clients to get information independently. CBVH counselors and clients have an interactive relationship.


As far as I can tell, the annual NVDACon online conference is the only forum in which the community can interact directly with the authors of their favorite screen reader. Try to contact Glen Gordon (the person at the top of JAWS at VFO) and see if you get a response to a technical question.

If you have more than one e‑mail account that you wish to access on the BrailleNote BT, simply add another record in the same way. Each account will have its own POP and SMTP server addresses, which you can get from the e‑mail account provider.


Demonstration of ZoomText, Screen Reader and Magnifier - Duration: 4:20

The first classification describes how a display manipulates light to produce images for the user. A reflective display changes the way it reflects light to produce an image. Since the display reflects light back at the user, an external light is needed to view the display, and therefore, it can't be used in the dark. Sometimes manufacturers solve this problem by placing a faint blue or orange light into the display, which can be turned on and off. This light is usually called a "backlight," which is a bit of a misnomer since the light is technically in front of the display.

The Application Settings feature is also offered on LunarPlus. As with ZoomText, Application Settings allows you to create and save unique settings, such as magnification level and color changes, for each application that you use. These settings are automatically restored when you change applications.


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NVDA is the only screen reader we can trust to protect our privacy, to survive a decision by its founders to move onto other things in their lives and to be compatible with standards. There are a few reasons to continue using JAWS (some job sites who have custom JAWS scripts for in house software for instance) but there is no reason whatsoever to either avoid NVDA for your enterprise, your personal computing, at an educational institution or in virtually any other situation. I urge all of you to stop buying JAWS SMAs and put the money to learning and/or supporting NVDA as it is the only one that will protect your freedoms moving forward.

Reading and Writing with ZoomText Fusion

The Freeze feature allows you to take a temporary "snapshot" of what is being displayed in the Transformer window in order to have more time to view the image. You could, for example, look up a number in a phonebook, apply the Freeze feature, put the phonebook away, and review the number being "frozen" on the monitor to dial the phone.


We are currently reviewing all of our documentation for all products and do appreciate that in some cases the level of information supplied is too extensive. We have tried to ensure that all the necessary information is supplied as part of the product as a complete package; however, with all of the documentation available from within the online help, it is certainly worth reducing the level of hard-copy documentation. Simplified documentation is certainly a priority for us and will be addressed in future product releases. It is worth reiterating that Dolphin's LunarPlus enhanced screen magnifier provides outstanding screen magnification coupled with entry-level speech (as a backup for low vision users, rather than full screen-reading capabilities). Dolphin's Supernova reader-magnifier, however, provides the same unparalleled screen magnification access coupled with fully customizable screen reader speech output and braille support.

However, the essentialfunction of the text element should be retained even if style informationhappens to be lost in rendering. In this document, the term "text content"refers to content that is composed of one or more text elements. A "non-textelement" is an element that fails to be understandable when renderedin any of three modes to their respective reference disabilityaudiences. Thus, text elements have essential accessibility advantages oftenassociated with text while non-text elements are thosethat lack one or more such advantages.


The AFB Tech lab appreciates the feedback received from readers using the AccessWorld app, which was the first iOS app AFB Tech developed in conjunction with FloCo Apps, LLC. The developers added several ideas provided by the readers to the AccessWorld app and hope to do the same for AccessNote upon its highly anticipated release.

DocReader reads text in a special environment window where text is reformatted and customized for easier viewing. Text can be presented in a single line (Ticker) and as wrapped lines (Prompter), with your choice of fonts, colors, word highlighting, and magnification level. However, the DocReader toolbar cannot be magnified, which makes it inaccessible to many people with low vision. In addition, the up and down arrows on the speech rate and magnification level spin boxes are small and hence will not be visible to many with low vision. It may not matter that much, though, because the up and down arrows on the speech rate spin box do not work anyway. The number in the spin box changes, but the speech rate does not. Even the hot keys to increase and decrease the speech rate do not work on the fly in DocReader; this is a bug that Ai Squared needs to squash!


A self-described workaholic, Richard Oehm is a blind engineer who says he's in the process of reinventing himself in a difficult economic and telecommunications climate. Twenty years ago, Oehm started his own business when he realized that, by reputation, word of mouth, and the consulting work he was doing, he already had a customer base.

Installing ZoomText is quick and painless. When the ZoomText program CD is inserted into the disk drive, the installation starts automatically. The installation prompts are all in large print and are accompanied by speech. After installation is finished, you have the option to activate the program immediately or anytime within the next 30 days. Until the program is activated, it will run as a trial version with all the functionality of an activated program. After 30 days, the software must be activated for you to continue to use it.


However, this doesn't detract from the fact that iGlasses may be an especially useful mobility aid in many situations. If you have maintained the upper-protective technique with your arm stretched across your body for any extended period of time, you'll know how tiring this can be. iGlasses also double as a durable pair of sunglasses that provide UV protection and physical protection from foreign objects that could enter your eyes. The low cost of the iGlasses and their multipurpose use make them a relevant and affordable option in the area of mobility aids.

The greatest need for improvement is in speech output. The addition of a more human-sounding voice would make the program more pleasant to use. In addition, expanding speech support to include check boxes, radio buttons, and message boxes would increase the functionality of the program, and enhanced speech support for Internet Explorer and Outlook would make LunarPlus more user friendly.


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A client's vocational goal may not entail technology training, but they may require it for their personal life. The Demo Center is a good place to get information.

The impact of the Internet on the development and delivery of training programs is real—analysts forecast that corporate spending on e-learning programs will top US$23 billion by 2004. Although the term “e-learning” has now firmly embedded itself into the global corporate vernacular, most executives find themselves doing little more than scattering people and technologies within training programs at random with the hope that one of these programs will work. First generation e-learning systems tend to focus almost entirely on the management and measurement of training processes. They add little or no value to the learning process. Furthermore, they do not provide any means to support internal content production processes, relying instead on commercial courseware. These “learning management systems” (LMS) were seen to be nothing more than launch pads for third party content that the organization would purchase or outsource. Adding to the confusion has been the roar of hype among a growing number of e-learning providers, whose promises and forecasts have left executives wandering on the e-learning path, without a definite direction. In this paper, the author provides an insight into the different types of e-learning systems that can be developed as well as the tasks and activities necessary to build them.


Next, swipe right two times to reach the Vokul Logo button, and activate it

The Samsung Gusto 2 does have voice output, which is provided by a synthetic female voice. However, it's somewhat muffled and is not as easy to understand as we would like it to be. Also, unlike the Samsung Haven, whose speech output supports all of its features and functions, the Gusto 2 speech output supports a very limited array of features.

The primary way to read textbooks accessibly with CourseSmart is the accessible reader. This is a completely Web-based solution that allows for browsing, reading, and searching books. I tested the basic functionality with multiple desktop and mobile Web browsers, and the experience was similarly positive across the board.


CCVIP is a program within the Division of Continuing and Professional Studies at Bernard M. Baruch College, the City University of New York. Its vision is to help anyone move from where they are to the next step with the support of accessible technology. Someone new to vision loss will clearly need far more than technology to restore him- or herself to a full life. Becoming part of the service delivery system takes time, and this is something that newly blinded or visually impaired people do not have.

All of ZoomText reading features now work in the instance of ZoomText that is running on the server machine

In order to text or e-mail, say the word "text" or "e-mail," followed by the recipient's name. Speaktoit then puts the recipient's name in the "To" box. Speaktoit then prompts for the text or message, and you speak it. Speaktoit reads it back and puts it in the correct edit box. If a recipient has several options, Speaktoit may have difficulty understanding commands to choose the correct recipient. When making phone calls, the app will present choices if there are similar listings.


ZoomText gives you eight Zoom Windows (the style of the magnified view) from which to choose: Full, Overlay, Lens, Line, and four Docked positions. Each offers a unique way of viewing material on the screen.

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It also states that current technological advancements have created many options for accessible cell phones. Under this paragraph is the "Mobile Devices" link that leads to its database.


To allow for much greater typing speed, increase accuracy, and permit keyboard commands, AccessNote is designed to be used with the Apple Wireless Keyboard (QWERTY) as well as wireless braille keyboards and displays. AccessNote will be completely compatible with VoiceOver and the iOS screen reader. Priced under $30, plans are in place for its launch at the App Store later this summer, just in time for those students heading back to school. Stay tuned to AccessWorld and the AFB Blog for updates.

User agents may render the same content in a variety ofways; each rendering is called a view. For instance, a user agent may allow users to view anentire document or just a list of the document's headers.


The Three Dimensional Shape application is the only one that does not contain a lesson. Rather, it's an interactive tutorial that helps you practice feeling the shape, size, and texture of different objects so that you are able to utilize the Falcon to its fullest capacity. After going through the standard home screen with spoken instructions, you navigate through screen after screen, each one showing common objects (nine in total), including a soccer ball, a can of soup, and a block of wood. Each screen has a spoken message that says, "Examine this golf ball with the haptic device.

When available, developers should use APIs at ahigher level of abstraction than the standard device APIs for the operatingsystem. If these higher level APIs do not use the standard device APIsproperly, developers should also use the standard device APIs.


The spiral bindings on the manuals make them easy to handle while reading, and the manuals fit well on a CCTV's x-y table. The User Manual is somewhat confusing, though, because of its layout and description of information.

Then, activate the Ear button located at the upper left corner of the screen

Do you think I may be better off to switch to something like Comcast? In Nashville, we have both Comcast and AT&T U-verse. Honestly, I think Comcast has a better variety of programming, and I'd switch in a minute if I thought it would be easier! At any rate, I hope that a day will soon come when it won't matter what provider you use and only maybe which set-top box!


Before you make your own decision, you can become a more informed consumer by visiting the web sites of both manufacturers to learn as much as you can about each product. You can also download free trials of the products and try them out, so you can choose the screen magnifier/screen reader that is right for you.

Ai Squared ZoomText 11

Kaspersky Internet Security Activation Code works automatically and protects the wifi hotspot, web banking, and ensures facebook protection. It keeps checking on all antiviral and browsing activities. It can backup and encrypt users’ data, manage passwords, and delete unused applications that cause issues on pc. Kaspersky Internet Security Keys and Lifetime Activation optimize maximum internet (company website) performance, so users can simultaneously use the network without any interruption.


Super Silent Manager (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=9521), a silent monitoring program to let you remotely watch other computers screen on your computer, without even that person knowing it. You can silently watch Desktop, Webcam and Microphone activities of computers on the network even over the internet. When you are watching the screen or the web cam of a remote computer, you can also save the activities as movie files.

The great news is that, at least in theory, it's possible to correct issues highlighted in this article. One logical solution is to have CTIA and the FCC use their funding to hire an expert on accessibility who can update and maintain the database, re-write the feature description, and create more accurate scoring. If the FCC and CTIA hold true to their mission of advocating for people with disabilities, they will fix these issues. The next step is for AccessWorld readers to discuss the contents of this article and your own ideas and opinions about both organizations.


Ask anyone who has traveled by airplane over the past 11 years about their air travel experiences, and chances are they'll have something to say about going through security. Some travelers have had positive experiences, others have had negative experiences, and still others, myself included, have had both.

AppReader reads text within the parent application, and your view of the document does not change, which gives you the ability to transition between reading and editing. As each word is read, it becomes highlighted, and the highlighting can be customized to your preferences.


This is perhaps the most frustrating aspect of reviewing this phone. Although the voice does read the menus, albeit with an aggravating delay, you always wind up at a dead end. You can successfully navigate the menus and submenus with speech support, but as soon as you choose something to do, speech disappears, rendering this talking menu navigation absolutely worthless. It makes us wonder what the engineers were thinking when they designed something so ridiculous. Without question, every feature of the phone needs speech support to make it accessible to people with vision loss.

Forinstance, when some non-text content has no other function than puredecoration, or an image is part of a "mosaic" of several images and doesn'tmake sense out of the mosaic. Please refer to the Web Content AccessibilityGuidelines 1/0 [WCAG10] for more information about text equivalents.


Emacspeak takes advantage of the content-specific knowledge available withinspecialized buffers to produce "audio formatted" output designed to optimizeuser interaction. A basic consequence of the above is "voice locking" inspecialized modes; a more interesting consequence is the implementation ofAural Cascading Style Sheets (ACSS) in conjunction with the Emacs W3browser.

The up and down arrow keys move through a web page line at a time. Hal doesn't have the convenient letter keys shared by other assistive technologies for moving around structures on the page. Some of Hal's advanced navigation keys are listed in Table 5-1.


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LunarPlus 6/5 is the latest magnifier/screen reader program offered by Dolphin Computer Access. It combines Dolphin's screen magnifier, Lunar, with basic speech output and is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows 98, 98 SE, ME, NT 4/0 (SP 6), 2000, and XP with Internet Explorer 5/5, and MSAA installed. The minimum requirements also include an Intel P2 processor with 400 MHZ or equivalent, 128 MB of memory, a video card with 4 MB of memory, a Sound Blaster compatible sound card, and 125 MB of free hard disk space.

When the app is first installed, it will ask your name and several other questions. There is no need to press any buttons. One of the questions is whether the tutorial should be played. By default, the app uses a female English accent called Sam.


More than half the participants used assistive technology to make their MDCs usable. However, few had assistive technology training specific to the MDC.

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Screenshot of the ZoomText 11 user interface showing the Magnifier Tab

Each piece in the gallery will be for sale. Funds raised by this event will benefit both the Bosma Visionary Opportunities Foundation and Gallery 924.

To lookup all account records, press ENTER. To move to the next account record, press SPACE with dots 5‑6, and to move to the previous account record, press SPACE with dots 2‑3. Alternatively type part or the entire e‑mail account name, then press ENTER. If your entry matches more than one account name, KeySoft displays the number of matches and places you at the first matching account name. To move to the next match, press SPACE with dots 5‑6, or to move back, SPACE with dots 2‑3. Make a selection by pressing ENTER.


I discovered a surprising issue with the comparison of iPhone models. The 4S has a lower score (78 percent) than the 4 GSM (82 percent), even though the particular features compared should result in identical scoring. The difference is due to GARI stating that the 4S lacks one feature found in the 4 GSM: an audible indication when volume is being changed. This is absolutely a false statement. Both phones should have the same answer, but that answer can vary depending on your perspective. Both could count as a "No" since this feature is not present. Yet, when voice over is running, it will announce volume change with speech output, so it may be considered accessible to the blind but not for those people with low vision who opt for magnification instead of speech. It's all up to whether you feel actual spoken words and numbers are similar enough to audible cues to be listed as one and the same.

Follow this link to the website of AI Squared, developers of ZoomText and Window Eyes

BlackBerry Screen Reader has been developed solely by RIM and is offered as a free download from its website. There are two ways in which you can download the software. You can use Internet Explorer to download the software and transfer it to the device using the included USB cable. Alternatively, you can download the software using the device's web browser. However, this method requires sighted assistance.


Operasoft Opera 3/60 for MS-Windows allows for controlling link styles. Noinformation about support for event handlers.

Step 6-Reassign The Zoomtext Feature Keys

Stand-alone book readers are simply more intuitive. The two afore-mentioned apps for iOS are quite accessible and usable, but the hardware buttons on these stand-alone book readers coupled with decades of book reading know-how their manufacturers possess make for a more intuitive book reading experience when using a stand-alone book reader.


Still another new feature is Text Finder. This feature is accessed through the Magnifier toolbar and is much like the Desktop Finder and Web Finder tools that you may be familiar with from ZoomText 8/1. Text Finder helps you to locate a word or a phrase within an active application window or the entire screen. Once the word or phrase is found, ZoomText highlights and reads each occurrence. This is a helpful feature that will save you time and scrolling when you are looking for a specific place in a long document or another application.

The first time the app is opened a brief tutorial starts playing. After that, when the app is opened, Vokul will announce that it is updating your contacts and media library.


Window-Eyes, developed by GW Micro, costs $795. A timed demonstration is available from GW Micro. The demo version is fully functional and will time out after 30 minutes. You may reboot your machine for another 30-minute crack at WindowEyes. The tests in later chapters use Window-Eyes Versions 5/0 and 5/5.

While there is discussion of creating a version for the iPhone and other Apple devices, the software currently requires Windows 95 or higher and the use of a sound card. All applications have built-in speech using voices from Natural Reader. Many people (including myself) who have evaluated the applications would prefer using the screen reading software we are comfortable with, which would allow us to pause speech, read by character/word, read by sentence, spell words, and adjust voice rate/pitch. Currently, none of these features are present in the applications. Another recommendation is to have all spoken messages be displayed in text on the screen for those with usable vision or for sighted teachers to follow along easier. One positive aspect of each application is that they all contain high resolution graphics that use high-contrast color schemes. Every application starts with a home screen where an introduction to the lesson is given, and all the operation keystrokes are summarized. Successive screens cover the lesson content.


While on a call, you are able to use the trackpad to navigate the Speaker Phone and Mute options, and these are read by the screen reader. When receiving a call, you must press the "Right Convenience Key" to read the caller ID. This is useful especially when the phone is set to vibrate or silent settings. If the caller is automatically announced, it could possibly cause interruption during a meeting or class when you need the phone to remain silent. When you miss a call, a message box appears to alert you to that fact. You can then launch a Missed Calls screen. This process was completely accessible. When checking missed calls with the BlackBerry Screen Reader's Missed Calls keystroke, the phone reports the number of missed calls that are listed in the notification screen. You will have to go to each missed call and select it to keep BlackBerry from reporting them as missed every time you check your missed calls.

Use Ins+Tab when viewing any page with Window-Eyes to bring up a dialog box containing a list of all the links on the web page, as shown in Figure 5-4. By selecting different radio buttons in the Information Selection section of that dialog box (like Headings, Alt+H) you can list and then move to or activate (if appropriate) each item.


A user agent does notrecognize everything that a script does, even though it may implement the scripting language. However, itwill recognize some information encoded in scripts, such as code to open aviewport or retrieve a resource from the Web.

A FLOSS package can last forever; users of a proprietary solution are subject to the whims of VFO or Dolphin management. NVDA users needn’t fear their favorite screen reader will go away overnight; VFO has demonstrated that they will force users to go through a retraining process, spend more money to use a different screen reader and allow JAWS to deteriorate as they see fit. You are free to make your own choices, I highly recommend taking the FLOSS route and using, contributing in some way and promoting NVDA to the best of your abilities. We simply cannot trust VFO with our future.


The viewport that contains both the current focus and the current selection is called the currentviewport. The current viewport is generally highlighted when several viewports coexist.

LunarPlus uses its Dolphin Orpheus synthesizer, which is compatible with Via Voice, SAPI, and other synthesizers that you may have already installed on your system. LunarPlus provides speech output for most functions that are accessed through the mouse or keyboard, including reading documents, web pages, e-mail messages, window titles, menu bars, and menu lists. Verbosity can be set to different levels and customized to your preferences. The status of a check box or radio button in a dialogue box, however, is not spoken, nor is the information in a message box.


Of course, the fact that Oehm himself is able to repair any piece of technology that is ailing is a tremendous advantage. That ability has spread far throughout the blind community grapevine, too.

Follow this link to ZoomText.com

When in Reading and Writing mode, the Transformer can be used in three different positions (facing left, right, or forward) to better accommodate specific circumstances, including people who are left handed, reading oversized books or newspapers, or to adapt to different types of workspaces. No matter which way the device sits on your desktop, you can press the "Rotate" button until the image displays correctly on the monitor's screen.


The Transformer is a compact, L-shaped electronic magnifier that sits on a base consisting of two "wish-bone" style legs that create its stable base. This device folds down easily and slips into its carrying case with a shoulder strap making it extremely convenient to take from place to place.

Electronic magnifiers, sometimes called CCTVs, have been around for decades. Since their development, a host of features have been incorporated, and major changes have been made to their physical design making many full-feature models very portable. Improvements over the years have been made, and new features, such as line markers, auto focus, improved color, computer compatibility, picture taking capability, and HD technology, have been added. A much needed shift has happened in the low vision market because people are on the move and need to take their computers and magnification with them. Laptops enable people to take their computers wherever they go. They can be used with screen-magnification software, and they can be used with their electronic magnifiers.


Sometimes there's a brief sound after the button is activated, and sometimes there's not. There were occasions when the action had to be repeated twice before the app would listen.

Diner Dash: Heroes & Champions are basically an improved take on the original concept, offering players a more interactive experience as they dine at their favorite diner. In this game, you not only have to cook your own meal but you also have to shop for ingredients, pay the bill, manage your work table, unlock shortcuts and collect the coins needed to get rewarded for your efforts. However, you won’t be able to enjoy all the activities offered in Diner Dash: Heroes & Champions if you don’t have the right tools. For one, you will need an adept device capable of reading and responding to instructions, such as the Android Emulator for Windows or the iPhone’s iOS Simulator to avoid having to type in long strings of codes. Another is that you will need an internet connection because without it, the available action may seem unresponsive or non-existent.


The simple printed interface makes it easy to use and easy to use. Internet Download Manager has a fast download logic accelerator that provides smart and active files and secure multipart download. Unlike other download managers and accelerators, Internet Download Manager dynamically downloads parts during the download process and uses the connections available without (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=1479) additional connection and connection phases to get the best acceleration indicator.

When he opened the doors of Oehm Electronics in 1993, Oehm's customers were television and radio stations across the country who purchased his controllers, switches, and fiber optic cables (along with a serious dose of expertise) to transmit broadcasts. With the conversion to digital TV, this business has been on a progressive decline although many smaller cable companies and broadcast facilities still depend on his services. Meanwhile, business has branched into other areas, often involving custom building projects to fill particular needs.


Implementation report for User Agent Accessibility Guidelines 1.0

Iran is one of the five countries on Reporters Without Borders' March 2021 list of "State Enemies of the Internet", countries whose governments are involved in active, intrusive surveillance of news providers, resulting in grave violations of freedom of information and human rights. The government runs or controls almost all of the country’s institutions for regulating, managing or legislating on telecommunications. The Supreme Council for Cyberspace, which was headed by President Ahmadinejad, was established in March 2021 and now determines digital policy. The construction of a parallel "Iranian Internet", with a high connection speed but fully monitored and censored, is almost complete.

Preferences include inputconfigurations, style preferences, etc. On systems with distinct user accounts,profiles enable users to reconfigure software quickly when they log on, andprofiles may be shared by several users.


ZoomText ImageReader 1 - Ai .You agree that Ai Squared, or a legal representative of Ai Squared may

Conclusion: After you activate your iPhone without SIM card, you can easily use it for browsing the internet, gaming, using your favorite apps, making free calls and more. Setting up an iPhone is much easier and hassle free with a SIM card inside. If you can’t absolutely manage a SIM card, follow the procedures mentioned above.

Will VFO force the universal design based TPG people away from standards and onto the “if it works with JAWS it’s accessible” bandwagon or will they allow them to continue working using generally accepted practices and not on JAWS inability to implement such correctly? Exploring this a little further, it’s in VFO’s best interest to destroy the standards based model because web sites and applications coded specifically to work with JAWS, will not work properly with NVDA or Dolphin products, a clear market advantage for JAWS. Meanwhile, making things compatible with JAWS will likely break all of the AT used by people with other disabilities. A JAWS first testing strategy should be avoided by everyone as it’s the outlier, not the standard.


At this writing, there are a reported 2100 HD channels and 1300 multicast channels, thus 3400 crisp, clear broadcasts for your listening pleasure. At least one radio reading service, Sun Sounds of Arizona, is also broadcasting on an HD channel, a kind of bonus for blind or visually impaired listeners who happen to buy an HD radio and live in that particular market.

Enablecontrol of each independent source recognized as distinct. Respectsynchronization cues per checkpoint 2/4.


After 30 days, the software must be activated for you to continue to use it

Siri, Vokul, and Speaktoit can play media. Speaktoit was not nearly as good at following directions as Siri and Vokul.

Introduction to Directory Services It would be tough to claim that Active Directory is the first directory service ever created. In fact, directory services have been available in a variety of network operating systems (NOSs). Novell’s NetWare has used the Novell Directory Service (NDS) for quite some time now. Directory services are used primarily for organizing, locating, and managing network information. People use directory services without even knowing they are doing so. Because it is used to translate server names to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, the Domain Name System (DNS) is the most widely used directory service in the world. DNS is rather “usage specific,” meaning that it organizes only a limited amount of information about network hosts. DNS stores data about servers, their IP addresses, and services that they offer to the network. Although this is pretty much the extent of DNS, other directory services do not have the same limitations. A directory service can organize all sorts of information about a network.


Thus, just in time for summer 2021, NBP released a new iPhone tool, a little booklet titled Twenty-One iPhone Apps We Can't Live Without. The "we" in this case is Judy Dixon and Doug Wakefield, both longtime users and experts in the world of access technology.

Before working with the applications, you must install the drivers. The installation process is standard, requiring you to navigate through various dialog boxes with the "Back" and "Next" buttons. One or two installations do require the use of mouse cursors (like the one that requires you select the "Yes" checkbox after reading the license agreement), but anyone with an intermediate understanding of a screen reader will be fine. Obviously, the actual applications' installations are 100 percent accessible.


In order to be able toconfigure and control the user agent, the user must be able to "read" as wellas "write" values for these parameters. Configuration settings may be stored ina profile. The range and granularity of thechanges that can be controlled or configured by the user may depend on systemor hardware limitations.

Computers have become ever-present in our lives, and so has our need to access and use computers everywhere we go at home, at school, at work, even in libraries and other public facilities. To make ZoomText readily available to individuals that need it, Ai Squared has introduced ZoomText USB ZoomText on a USB flash drive that users can conveniently carry with them and use at any time.


Looking to the future, the biggest challenge is to extend the reach of this project. The Demo Center has received some press, which led to a story on New York City's NY1 news channel as well as articles featuring CCVIP staff. This indicates the CCVIP is out there and starting to be known, but it recognizes many people experiencing declining vision are not reaching out to any agency at all. The organization plans to increase its use of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to announce its events and availability.

The Transformer offers a wide range of magnification. On a 17 inch monitor, for example, 2/4x to 30x magnification is provided. As with all electronic magnifiers, the range of magnification is dependent on two factors: the size of the display screen and the distance from the camera to the object being magnified.


The first step in this project was to conduct a survey of MDC users who are blind or visually impaired. The purpose of this survey was to gather information on the types of experiences that users have with MDCs. This will allow us to identify the major accessibility barriers, if any, that prevent users from accessing the device, as well as determine the features and functions that are the most and least in demand by this population. We will use this information, along with the results of our expert analysis and user study, to work with MDC manufacturers to improve their products.

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In New York state, adults who are legally blind are typically introduced to access technology in one of two ways: either they enroll for services with the State Agency Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped (CBVH), or they have access to a store that specializes in access products. CBVH estimates that it provides services to approximately 15,000 individuals per year. By its own estimates, however, the number of legally blind people in the state is well over 100,000. The service gap is hardly unique to New York. According to a report by the Pew Research Center, seven percent of Americans report either being legally blind or having enough trouble seeing even when wearing glasses that it interferes with daily functioning. Although it's difficult to estimate the total number of people receiving services through the educational system, the rehabilitation system, and the Veterans Administration, it's safe to say that the blindness system in the United States does not serve 21,000,000 people in a given year.

Each toolbar button is clearlylabeled and has a pop-up menu that provides access to the most important and frequently usedsettings. You can also adjust speech settings such as voice, pitch, and volume by going to synthesizer inthe reader menu. SpeechYou can use the AppReader, DocReader, and the SpeakIt tool when speech is disabled. Terminatespeech output as it occurs through the CTRL key.


The software included with this product is licensed, not sold. You must either agree to the license contract in the software Setup screen or promptly return the ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard, along with the software, for a refund, excluding the return costs. After you install the software, you may consult the license and the Limited Warranty for the product at any time by looking in the “Legal Information”.

AccessWorld regularly features articles about mobile phones and service providers but only a few articles that showcase websites about cell phone accessibility. A wealth is out there that devote some of their content to the topic, but only a few focus primarily in this area. I chose two of the most well-known websites, which were created by large organizations that serve a broad spectrum of people with various disabilities. Read on to see the analysis of Access Wireless and FCC Clearinghouse.


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Ironically, those of us who are visually impaired have been accessing books via synthetic speech and refreshable braille for well over three decades. I can still recall my first exposure to an electronic book and using a Versa-Braille to access it. It's equally ironic that many of the same reasons listed above were reasons why we, as a vision impaired community, moved towards electronic book reading decades before our sighted counterparts caught onto the idea.


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For Web content developers, therequirement to synchronize means to provide the data that will permit sensibletime-coordinated rendering by a user agent. For example, Web content developerscan ensure that the segments of caption text are neither too long nor tooshort, and that they map to segments of the visual track that are appropriatein length.

Like the Getting Started guide, this collection of tactile screenshots is one the user might initially study and then return to later for reminders or verification. While it's a fabulous tool, it doesn't go far enough, and some of the choices seem off-base to me. Five of the book's 21 pages, for instance, are devoted to iBooks images while text messaging is never even mentioned. The novice iPhone user will probably want information about sending and receiving messages before he or she is ready to visit the iTunes store, and might well want to set an alarm before downloading an iBook, but screenshots for Clock, Messages, and many other basic functions are not included.


Page 27: The Zoomtext Keyboard Settings Dialog

The camera rotates 330 degrees to provide distance viewing, reading and writing viewing, and self-viewing. The attached reading lens should be folded to cover the camera for optimal clarity when in the Reading and Writing viewing mode. There is also a built in LED light underneath the camera arm that can provide additional lighting in the Reading and Writing mode. The included VGA cable is used to connect the device to a monitor, and the included USB cable connects it to a PC, which provides additional functionality. The Transformer is powered through an AC adaptor and has a built-in rechargeable battery that can also be used to power the device for up to four hours when an outlet is not available.

Keyboard Ai Squared ZoomText Large-Print User Manual

You can activate any link by moving to it and pressing Enter because Activate Link is the default push button. Alternatively, you can move to the link in the web page with the Focus Link push button. The same dialog box that brings up the list of links also provides the option to see lists of tables or frames.


Jacks are available on the back for adding stereo receivers, amplifiers, or speakers, and an 1/8-inch mono jack on the front is convenient for adding headphones for private listening. For those who wish to listen to the radio where AC power is not convenient, an external battery pack can also be added.

This usually involves accessing the CompleteFTP Activation System on the Internet, but customers who have purchased Corporate licenses can request a universal activation key which does not require Internet access. Activating on a machine with Internet access A. Run the CompleteFTP manager and connect to the CompleteFTP server instance that you wish to activate (the server instance - the CompleteFTP Windows service - may be running on another machine). You should run the manager on a machine with internet access (although there is a work around) if you do not have a universal activation key. B. Select the "Licensing" menu item from the list on the left in the manager, and then select the "Activate your license" link. C. Enter your purchase reference in the edit box indicated (Step 1), and then open the supplied URL. You will need the login details provided in your purchase. If the credentials and purchase reference are correct, you will see a web page called "CompleteFTP Activation System". D. Your activation key should be displayed in the text box, and it can be copied and pasted into the CompleteFTP manager in Step 4. Select "OK" and it should now be activated (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=6753), and the license details should be displayed. Activating on a machine without Internet access A. Run the CompleteFTP manager and connect to the CompleteFTP server instance that you wish to activate (the server instance - the CompleteFTP Windows service - may be running on another machine). B. Select the "Licensing" menu item from the list on the left in the manager, and then select the "Activate your license" link.


The layout is generally presented with links and options on the top and the text of the current page below this. You can use heading navigation to quickly move to the "Book Text" heading to start reading the page.

The picture for UNIX is also cloudy. There are no commercial screen readers for X-Windows, the windowing system for UNIX, although there are shareware attempts at accessing X-Windows for people who are blind. In particular, the open source software GNOME (a UNIX and Linux desktop suite and development platform) project has a screen reader project called Gnopernicus. There is at least one sophisticated access system for text-based UNIX, Emacspeak, but that environment is usually accessed with terminal software under Windows, using Windows screen readers.


Licenses may be stored in a volume license manager (look at here now) dongle. The license activation may be performed without connection to the Internet and is suitable for virtual environments.

Accessing The Zoomtext Keyboard Settings

A number of dealers show and sell access technology. However, their primary purpose is, typically, to sell products rather than to refer individuals to available services. Even though some mainstream products, such as Apple iOS devices, have accessibility features built in, the majority of personnel who sell these products are not well-versed in these features.


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This document describes the implementation status of checkpoints defined in"Implementation report for UserAgent Accessibility Guidelines 1/0". It is meant to demonstrate that therequirements specified in the guidelines can be implemented in existing andfuture user agents.

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In this document, the term "non-text content" refers to content that iscomposed of one or more non-text elements. Per checkpoint 1/1 of "Web ContentAccessibility Guidelines 1/0" [WCAG10], authors must provide atext equivalent for every author-supplied non-text element. Similarly, useragent developers must provide a text equivalent for every non-text elementoffered by the user agent to the user (refer to checkpoint 1/5).


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Mac IE 5/0 (shipped 27 March 2000): Yes, CSS :lang supported, other stylemay be used :before not supported. Can use color, underlining, etc.

The Oehm DTV radio is made of wood and plastic and measures 12 inches wide by 8 inches high by 4 inches deep. It is essentially a digital TV without a screen.


It is possible to obtain a copy of what JAWS will read—that is, the JAWS view of the page. After the page loads, stop the speaking speech with Ctrl. Then use Ctrl+A to select all (the whole page) and use Ctrl+C to copy all the text to the clipboard. Now you can paste (Ctrl+V) into a word processor or text editor. Some of the metatext used by JAWS, like link, is not included in that JAWS view.

Page 19: Step 5-Using The Zoomtext Feature Keys

Along the left side of the phone are two tactile volume buttons and the charger port. On the right side are a camera button, a speaker button, and the audio jack. Although the buttons are tactile and easy to feel, the audio jack is a nonstandard 2/5 millimeter jack that will not fit standard headphones. The camera lens is just below the outside visual display.


The SharePoint library is mapped as a network drive in the File Explorer. From now on, you can access it like any other folder or drive. Of course, as long as you have an active internet (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=8256) connection, you can manage (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=6457) files and folders in it without any problems whatsoever.

Other parts of the document object are generally processed by theuser agent without user awareness, such as DTD-defined names of element typesand attributes, and other attribute values such as "href", "id", etc. Theseguidelines require that users have access to both types of data through theuser interface.


Page 23: Step 6-Reassign The Zoomtext Feature Keys

The last feature phone examined in AccessWorld was Verizon's Samsung Haven, evaluated in the November 2021 issue. The Haven is a very accessible feature phone and quite popular with AccessWorld readers. The Gusto 2 arrived on the Verizon Wireless shelves just as the Haven was disappearing, leading many to assume that it was a replacement for the Haven, but our contacts at Samsung claim that it's not intended to be a replacement. Nevertheless, it's listed on Verizon's website as a phone that accommodates people with vision impairments, and that, combined with requests from readers, prompted us to examine this phone.

MobileTek is the premier courier management software for mobile devices. MobileTek Web is completely browser based so you can access it from virtually any device that has an active internet connection as well as an HTML 5 compatible browser. Whether you have an Android, Blackberry, iOS/iPhone, or even a PC, you can access MobileTek Web without installing any software on your device! MobileTek Web is fast, efficient, and extremely easy to use. Working seamlessly with Xcelerator, MobileTek Web puts leading edge technology right into your carriers' hands.


As with any digital TV, the first step upon setting up the radio is to scan for channels in your given geographic location. Once scanned, these channels are stored in memory. At any time, you can either scan for additional channels (say, in the case of moving the radio from one room to another in the same building) or to start from scratch and build a new directory if moved to an entirely new geographic location.

When this happened the mouse pointer would disappear and Windows would stop responding to the keyboard. Windows would need to be restarted using the reset button on the computer. This problem has been fixed -Version 9/01Released October 31, 2005 for Windows XP, 2000, NT4 (SP6), Millennium and 98 a. Rate setting now applied to document reading In version 9/00, the Rate setting on the Reader toolbar was only applied to the screen reading speech rate. The speech rate for document reading, in AppReader and DocReader, was selected separately in the Reading Options dialog. In version 9/01, the default configuration has been modified so that the Rate setting now adjusts the speech rate for both screen reading and document reading.


The user guide for both the BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry Screen Reader are available as linked HTML pages on the BlackBerry website. RIM has created an accessible user guide for the BlackBerry Curve using simple HTML pages that only contain the information in the user guide. The regular HTML pages are also accessible with a screen reader, but they contain superfluous links that you have to navigate past before you find the content of the user guide. RIM's accessible user guide is well designed for screen readers. Even when images are used, they are labeled so that a user with vision loss knows what is being discussed.

For me, the most pressing issue is getting full access to cable TV and set-top boxes

By default, when the phone is turned on for the first time, the voice output is not activated, and there is no accessible method to turn on the speech. When first obtaining the Gusto 2 phone, a sales representative or sighted helper will need to go into the menu and activate speech. Following this activation, the voice remains on and does not need to be reactivated.


Most blind and low vision participants used an MDC at home for personal use, and about two-thirds used it for work. Hewlett Packard was the MDC brand most often used by the survey respondents. Of the MDC's functions, printing is the most important to participants, followed by scanning and copying. Printing is used most often, followed by copying and scanning. Faxing is not used as often and is not considered as important as the other three functions. The copying function is likely to be used more often by those with low vision than those who are blind. There are a number of techniques that participants would prefer MDCs to have available in order to make controls and displays more accessible. The most important are higher contrast, larger characters, speech output, and tactile controls.

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One such project was the security system for the city of Columbus, Ohio. The streets and highways in that city are equipped with cameras transmitting information regarding traffic patterns, violations, etc. Oehm's equipment is responsible for sending that information to the engineers who interpret it while, simultaneously, continuing to identify the information those engineers require.

To feel virtual objects, you hold the spherical grip with your dominant hand by positioning all five fingers around its circumference, and then you can move the grip up/down, left/right, and in/out to sense all three dimensions of objects. It's like a Cartesian graph found in mathematics where you deal with the x, y, and z planes.


Because NVDA is a FLOSS package, NVAccess qualifies as a member of the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) based at Columbia University in New York. If history serves as a predictor of the future, it is very likely that the patent VFO might use to attack NVDA would be found invalid if challenged. SFLC knows how to fight this kind of suit and, in the event they are needed, they will provide pro bono representation to NVAccess and any other developer of FLOSS access technology attacked by a patent troll like VFO.

This is, of course, only available if it has been transmitted by the station which, reportedly, is still rather infrequent. The Bookmark feature allows a sighted user to Bookmark particular content. This, too, has not yet been made accessible via audio feedback. When the Bookmark key is pressed while in IAAIS mode, a single beep tone is heard, indicating that this feature is not accessible.


The DOM style specificationis defined by "Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Style Specification" [DOM2STYLE]. Please refer to that specification for informationabout which versions of CSS the DOM style specificationcovers.

Phones are listed according to level of accessibility (highest to lowest), stating the percentage of features that match those in your search criteria. Also found on this page is a useful item: the "Compare Phones" link allows you to choose up to three models to analyze their features side-by-side. Every phone in the list has a link leading to a webpage that gives a breakdown of the 28 accessible features as well as additional content, including manufacturer contact information, the date the product was added to the database, the weight of the phone, and its standby time/talk time.


Finally, KeySoft asks for SMTP port. The default value is 25. This may vary depending on E‑mail service.

Oehm's philosophy about technology is somewhat refreshing. While his arsenal of tools used daily includes state-of-the-art technology, it also includes equipment from the 1970s and 1980s. He has a Windows 7 HP computer, for instance, running the latest version of Window-Eyes.


The full potential of haptics related to education of people with vision loss has not yet been realized, so spread the word! Readers should explore the eTouchSciences website to learn more. Dr. Darrah encourages anyone interested in getting involved, whether it is through submitting a lesson plan to be made into an application or helping with software development, to contact her or eTouchSciences.

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From the Visual property sheet, you can adjust the screen's colors. You can select a preset color scheme, replace problem colors, and further refine the color setting through custom settings. You can also customize the style and color of the cursor and mouse pointer to meet your viewing preferences.


This is only an estimate and is dependent on how frequently the unit is used. After the iGlasses are turned on, a series of one to four beeps indicate the level of battery charge with four beeps indicating a full charge and one beep indicating a 25 percent charge. A series of 10 beeps indicates that the battery level is too low for the unit to effectively operate. This is an important feature since it allows you to quickly determine whether or not to charge the unit.

Responses were compared between participants with low vision and those who are blind. The only important difference found was that those with low vision used the MDC copy function more often than those who are blind.


Furthermore, ZoomText has many new features that increase the usability of the program

RIM's offering of BlackBerry Screen Reader for free allows people with vision loss to access their BlackBerry smartphone for the same price as their sighted peers. The screen reader, though not perfect, provides solid access to the phone's key features. Even though the device's keys are not always discernible by touch, they are, nevertheless, very easy to use. There are still several major bugs in the screen reading software, most notably the rate of speech bug. Also, browser and App World support need to be much improved. Because of its low price tag, a BlackBerry device running BlackBerry Screen Reader may be a good option for a person with vision loss who needs an accessible phone for basic phone and organizer tasks. With the release of an update to the software mere months after the initial release, we hope RIM will continue to improve this software and correct bugs that arise.

STEPP and CourseSmart deserve many kudos for making this process student-centered and for not requiring intervention by a disability services office. Blind and visually impaired students should be afforded the same rights for receiving and reading their textbooks on-demand, and the elimination of cumbersome and unnecessary hoops is a welcome departure from the policies of many publishers.


The user interface for Lynx is first and foremost command keys, including G (Go) for entering a URL to open, O (Options) for setting user preferences, and H (Help) for an extensive help document. You navigate by using the up and down arrow keys to move through the links on the page. After passing the bottom of the current screen, the next screen of information is presented, or you can use the spacebar to go to the next page.

Henter-Joyce JAWS 3/70/47 for MS-Windows Using the Voice option it ispossible to increase or decrease the rate of the spoken text. The speech raterange depends on the synthesizer used and is even marked up differentlydepending on the synth/driver used. For example, with DecTalk Access 32software, the rate can be varied from 75 to 650 words per minute.


Managing Configuration Files All ZoomText settings can be saved and restored using configuration files. Configuration files control all ZoomText features; including magnification level, the zoom window type, screen enhancements, reading options, application settings and hotkeys. You can save, load, backup and restore ZoomText configurations to and from the ZoomText USB drive.

The document object model employed by different user agents may vary in implementation and sometimes in scope

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The user agent accessibility guidelines

This is so that users on slow connections don't have to wait long periods of time for a video stream to begin playing. Smart Computing /April 2009 89 TECH SUPPORT Q&A In addition to connection speed, the per- formance of your PC can have a large im- pact on the video experience. Video streams require a video player; Netflix uses Mi- crosoft's SilverLight player while Hulu uses Adobe's Flash. If your computer is a bit long in the tooth, it may not have the horsepower to decode the video stream without a few stutters or dropped frames. And finally, it's important to manage your own expectations. Most of the video streamed isn't in high definition, but instead a lower picture quality. Combined with computer monitors that are often more powerful than HDTVs, these lower-quality videos can appear grainier than you might expect. Most computer users sit far closer to their monitors than they would to a televi- sion, so picture quality flaws are more readily apparent. The good news is that our computers are continually becoming more powerful and our Internet connections much faster. In the meantime, our recommendation would be to make sure that while you are watching a video on your computer, you do not use it for any other activity, if possible.

If you own an iOS device other than the iPhone 4S, there are apps similar to Siri, but you will need several apps to accomplish the same things. Although many apps offer voice control, the ones in this article are accessible with VoiceOver. All the apps in this article are mainstream and not specifically designed for people with visual impairments. Be aware that since apps may be updated at any time, accessibility can change. Occasionally, an app will be removed from the App Store.


It is in this linearized world that some of the accessibility requirements begin to make better sense. Clearly, the images that are on the visual page need to be replaced with the text equivalents, the alt-text; otherwise, the information or function they contain will be lost.

If you are between the ages of 12 and 75, you may have to take off your shoes when going through the screening process, so you should wear slip-on shoes if possible. You will also need to take off your jacket and empty your pockets, so keep this in mind when deciding what to wear and pack.


Just as the iPhone itself is constantly growing so is the body of material designed to help blind and low vision users take advantage of the power of this remarkable technology. These four books from NBP are all outstanding tools written by people who are blind for people who are blind, and they are available in all the formats we love.

AccessNote is a powerful and efficient note taker that takes advantage of the tremendous built-in accessibility of your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. To allow for much greater typing speed, increase accuracy, and permit keyboard commands, AccessNote is designed to be used with the Apple Wireless Keyboard (QWERTY) as well as wireless braille keyboards and displays. AccessNote will be completely compatible with VoiceOver and the iOS screen reader. It can be used without a keyboard, but a keyboard adds efficiency.


In 2021, the hottest iPhone book from National Braille Press was, without a doubt, Peter Cantisani's Twenty-Six Useful Apps for Blind iPhone Users, which I reviewed in the August 2021 issue of AccessWorld. This is a book you definitely want on your bookshelf.

While this database has entries for new phones, it also contains entries for older models that are no longer sold in stores, so it would be useful if GARI added content on its website to explain this issue and provide ways to locate mobile phones that fall into this category. For example, the site could recommend that consumers contact the manufacturer and/or service provider to discover if older models are kept in storage at any of their locations or are possibly available through purchase from an online store. A second suggestion is to recommend that consumers buy from companies that sell used products. It would be practical for GARI to state on every product page the date when each model first appeared on the market and when consumers could buy it in stores.


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Access Wireless addresses cell phone accessibility through articles and videos with the goal of assisting seniors and people with disabilities to find a phone and service plan that will meet their needs. This website was designed by CTIA: The Wireless Association, a non-profit organization whose members range from manufacturers to service providers. This article focuses on the website's homepage, its section on vision loss, and its database. Upon visiting the homepage, I immediately noticed it has been formatted with access in mind, having options to change size of text and the popular "Skip to Main Content" link. Also, appropriate HTML is used to mark headings, lists, and tables, so the quick navigation key commands can be used with screen readers.

The survey was launched in October 2021 and remained open for a period of six months. It was promoted through an announcement that was posted in AccessWorld and sent to a number of blindness organizations, asking for visually impaired people with MDC experience to fill out an online survey.


Download ZoomText free, ZoomText is not for the advanced user

To avoid any data loss, all edits are automatically saved when typing in a note. AccessNote also syncs automatically with the user's Dropbox account, so you have all your files all of the time.

It provides text for bothspoken words and non-spoken sounds such as sound effects. Text transcripts makeaudio information accessible to people who have hearing disabilities and topeople who cannot play the audio.


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Any software that retrieves and renders Web content for users. This mayinclude Web browsers, media players, plug-ins, and other programs - includingassistivetechnologies - that help in retrieving and rendering Webcontent.

This is a one-time process that adds your new product to your Microsoft account. When Microsoft Office 2021 Product Key doesn’t work, you can use Key Management Service ( KMS ) to activate MS 2021. How to activate Microsoft Office 2021 without Product Key Free 2021 These methods are legal. Product Activation requires that you connect to the Internet to activate Windows 7 or use telephone. If you are unable to do this, the product will go into reduced functional mode after 30 days.


Apple describes the process as "dragging and dropping" content into the application, which automatically formats and creates an iBook. I have had limited to no experience using this tool and cannot offer an educated opinion as to whether or not this authoring tool is accessible to vision impaired individuals wishing to create their own iBooks. Apple does allow for aspiring authors or even service providers wishing to make syllabi or class content accessible in iBook format the ability to take advantage of all the built-in access features of Voiceover to release an accessible publication to its users.

MDCs, also sometimes referred to as "All-in-One Printers," are devices that perform many different tasks, such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, as opposed to older office devices that perform only single tasks. Modern MDCs provide more features and functions than ever before, but this added functionality has made many of these products more complex and difficult to use. In the past, accessibility to basic copiers for people with visual impairments was not as significant an issue. Typically, copiers had simpler user interfaces with tactile keypads for selecting the number of copies along with "Start," "Clear," and "Stop" buttons. As technology has advanced, the user interface was redesigned and has become more complex, often requiring the use of non-tactile controls and/or a touchscreen display. These changes to the user interface created accessibility barriers for people with visual impairments that previously did not exist.


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Now, let’s explore the abject hypocrisy in what the VFO salespeople are saying behind closed doors at CSUN. Last week, they announced that their Window-Eyes product had been discontinued (something I predicted in my annual end of year article last December). Window-Eyes users with a valid software maintenance agreement (SMA) can get a gratis upgrade to JAWS; those without such either need to buy JAWS, a Dolphin product or, as most to whom I’ve spoken seem to be doing switch to NVDA.

As with most screen-enhancement programs, you can use hot keys to access ZoomText features quickly. Currently, you must look up forgotten hot keys in the User's Guide or the electronic User's Guide from the Help menu on the Control Panel. It would be helpful to have these hot keys listed separately on large-print quick-reference sheets that you could keep next to your PC, similar to the ones that come with LunarPlus.


Backing Up Your Zoomtext USB Drive

When using the Transformer with a PC, you can view the PC window and the Transformer Viewer application window in a full screen view or simultaneously on your PC screen in a split-screen view. The position of the Transformer application window can be set to the left, right, top, or bottom of the PC screen, and pressing "F8" will cycle through the various positions.

To help potential buyers make an informed purchase, this article provides highlights of the product's positive attributes as well as areas that could be improved. Since this type of access technology can be quite expensive, it's important to be as knowledgeable as possible about your options before you make a choice.


The search must encompass all text withinthe viewport, both inside and outside the point of regard. Allow the user tostart a search from any selected or focused location in content. When there isa match, allow the user to search for the next instance of the text from thelocation of the match. When there is a match, move the point of regard so thatthe matched text is in the viewport.