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Succubus Shop is a explorative shop management puzzle game with 12 different scenarios and a total playtime of approximately ~1,5 - 2 hours. It's a spin-off of a variety of games from the universe of Traventor.

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Remake of Patches Released

Even with this issue, it only slightly dampens the experience because Princess Maker 2 Refine is just that good. The simulation gameplay is utterly engrossing as you work to help your daughter down a wide variety of paths. With so many choices available, one single playthrough is hardly enough. The massive replayability means that what could be a five hour game becomes twenty, thirty or even more hours for those looking to try out a variety of life decisions. The lack of a good English translation is something which can be resolved via patches over time and CFK are already planning on improving it. Princess Maker 2 Refine might not look like the fanciest new game on the market, but its charm will almost certainly suck in strategy fans regardless.


RPG Maker 2000 VALUE! v1.51 English Patch

This game can be either played with Controller or Keyboard and supports two languages (German and English (why not find out more)). This game contains NO adult content.

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Princess Maker 4 - English patch

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We can certainly try to email the creator of the patch in some way, I just don't or think that person would be entirely willing to give us unpacking tools, and neither do I think Google Translate would be sufficient for a quick email. However, if somehow the patch maker (straight from the source) was charitable enough to give the tools to allow this to work, I'd completely throw the LP on standby for awhile if it meant I could work on a gameplay patch (why not try here). As for I'd ask him, it'd probably go as follows (in English, if ANYONE can translate it into Korean it would be so helpful).