Game4u has announced the last lap of games for its 12 Days of Christmas Sale on digital distribution platform downloads4u, which culminates on the December 25. For the finale sale, downloads4u is featuring FIFA 13 at 40 percent off and on popular demand, Hitman Absolution: Professional Edition is at an epic discount of 77 percent off. FIFA 13 is up for grabs at a discounted price of Rs 899 and Hitman Absolution: Professional Edition at Rs 699.

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There’s a cover system that allows you to properly exchange fire with enemies when things go pear-shaped, rather than being stuck out in the open desperately strafing left and right. When you’re playing as you should, stealthily and patiently, the cover system is even more useful, allowing you to spring from behind it as enemies pass by to quietly choke them out, or snap their necks. You can also fake surrender too, disarming your would-be captor and taking him hostage.


Read our review, and then see the game in action in our Hitman Test Chamber

The previous day brought us Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The game was up for grabs at a 60 percent discount, bringing its price down from Rs 499 to Rs 199.

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Plants vs Zombies is a tower defense game with a sense of humour. You place plants on your lawn to stop the zombies from breaking in and killing the owner of the house. There is a wide variety of zombies that attack too, ranging from zombies with increased defense (wearing a traffic cone) to zombies that summon more zombies (dancing like Michael Jackson from Thriller). The game got praise for its simple yet addictive gameplay and sense of humour.

Above everything, Absolution (go to this site) is a game that wants you to experiment with it. It refuses to be rushed through, rewarding brains over brawn. It wants you to spend time inside it, methodically picking your way around and discovering morbid new ways to snuff out your unfortunate marks. Like Blood Money before it, your targets here can be executed in a host of ever-so-slightly sickeningly different ways. Returning Hitman fans won’t settle for a simple bullet to the back of the head; they’ll immediately be on the lookout for the tell-tale signs of a classic Hitman kill opportunity. Some of them are more subtle than others but, like Blood Money, they’re all there, waiting to be discovered. A couple of the game’s kills are more tightly choreographed for dramatic effect, complete with a brief cutscene of your deserved victim sucking in their last breaths, but most of the game’s kills – two dozen of them at least – are traditional Hitman fare. How you take them out is in your hands. This is a slow-paced, measured experience. This is not Medal of Duty: Modern Warfighter Ops. Impatient action junkies need not apply.


This time around disguises are only suspicious to NPCswearing the same uniform. For instance, a guard won't think twice if Agent 47strolls past in a janitor's uniform, but another janitor will wonder why he'snever seen you before. Some unique NPCs, such as a luchador or a mentally unstable plaintiff, can drastically impact how a level plays out.

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Returning antihero Agent 47 is a ruthless contrast to both the beauty of his surroundings and the foul crooks he butts heads with; he’s a steadfast and well-dressed killer who finds pleasure in careful planning and clean kills. Once again, he dons his brightly buffed shoes and exercises a combination of stealthy maneuvering and brute force to end the lives of those most deserving of their demises. Not every method of murder is as satisfying as you’d want, but Absolution plays well and looks sumptuous.


The score system takes some working out, but basically signature and accident kills for your designated target net you big bonuses. Being spotted and killing civilians and non-targets see significant penalties. You can subdue people for a small score penalty, but you can scrub that penalty by hiding their unconscious bodies. You’ll get an idea for different solutions for levels via the awards at their completion. They’ll give you hints of traps you perhaps didn’t spring, or items, weapons or disguises you didn’t find.

Lol, thats exactly where I am right now, it is tricky I manage to get two of them then I get to the pharmacy area and get caught as everyone is so close. Will try get through it. I've got to.


When things do go sour the adjustments to how enemies react to your presence is also welcome. If you’re spotted and you can contain the situation by subduing or killing all nearby witnesses before they inform others an alert won’t be raised. This is a refreshing change from Blood Money, where one foul up would dispatch every enemy on the map against you like heat-seeking missiles.

The game up for sale before this was Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The game was priced at Rs 899 instead of Rs 1,499, giving it a 40 percent discount.


Hitman (check out here): Absolution features one of the better cover systemsin video games, so use it – all the time. Going into cover is more effectivethan just crouching behind the same object, and using the "switch cover" optionwon't alert guards, whereas duck-walking past a doorway probably will. You canalso kill enemies from behind cover, and sliding up to the end of a wallautomatically gives you a good look of what's around the corner – perfect forgetting the drop on a patrolling guard. While we're at it, those crates andclosets you dump dead bodies in also make great hiding places. As long assomeone doesn't see you crawling into it, you're undetectable, even if you use the peek function.

Due for a break from the Hitman franchise, IO shifted to other projects for the next half a decade

Medal of Honor: Warfighter is EA's less successful attempt at making a modern military shooter. While the series was originally known for being based on World War II, EA tried to shake things up with the 2021 reboot. While the game wasn't very well received, the company didn't let up and released Medal of Honor: Warfighter earlier this year. Read our review of Warfighter here.


There’s arguably a bit too much lighting bloom, particularly when harsh light begins to glint off 47’s cue ball bonce, but it’s not going to be something that’ll have you dropkicking the disc down your driveway in disgust. It’s darker and grittier than Hitman titles past but the visuals shouldn’t raise many complaints. It looks its best at its busiest; when you’re threading your way through the game’s thick crowds. It’s these moments when you’re keenly aware you’re playing something a little different.

Furthermore Absolution adds a host of additional abilities for 47. 47’s limited use sedatives, for instance, are no longer necessary because of his close-quarters combat skills. Sneak up on an enemy or NPC unawares and you can grab them and either subdue or kill them with your bare hands. It’s just like Blood Money, where you could simply take people as a human shield and then knock them cold with the butt of your pistol when your syringes ran dry, only without all that rigmarole (although, of course, you can still do that too).


Hitman Absolution ,Wear the suit of the ultimate assassin, you have the ability to blend into plain sight, kill with your bare hands and fashion a weapon from almost anything. You are Agent 47, the world’s most effective killer. Hitman: Absolution is an intense mix of serenity and obscenity, its foul-mouthed criminals and grubby henchmen adding a layer of thick grime to otherwise quaint small-town streets and warm desert sands.

The credit for this amazing title is held by the development team of IO interactive and the publishing is done by Square Enix. IO interactive has been the sole developers of the Hitman (related site) series right from the inception to the modern- day Hitman (https://karinka-selo.ru/hack/?patch=8198) 2. Due to this, the company has perfected the delivery system with every game. Even though there were criticisms for a few aspects of the game, the positive reviews soon overwhelmed this.


Mission 6 is the one where you have to get the "Fuses". I tried hard, but kept on retrying a lot.