This article, on the other hand, covers both still-image and video/screen-animation capture. The highlighted software runs the gamut from a simple, free app to robust utilities that can cost more than a monthly fee. Not covered here are dedicated video-editing suites, such as Corel VideoStudio, CyberLink PowerDirector, or Pinnacle Studio. Professional educators should consider even more powerful (and more expensive) education-focused products, such as Adobe Captivate and Techsmith Camtasia, for their video sessions. Gamers can enjoy screen capture features in Nvidia GeForce Experience, Steam, the Opera GX browser.

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When you’re trying to speed up Camtasia rendering, every bit of power helps. To quit your background apps: Open the Activity Monitor from your Applications menu.


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I had the same problem as you, and Camtasia (get the facts) was creating 100+mg videos, taking ages to render. Reducing the frames per second down to as little as 5 (if you’re only doing screen capture stuff) makes things a lot faster.


Update: This guide is only for computers running on Windows 7. If running Windows 8, then you have to set the game as "Fullscreen Windowed" to record the gameplay. Otherwise, what you will be recording is your desktop wallpaper and the gameplay audio only.

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Telling it to run on the dedicated GPU resulted in a 3x increase in speed for me. Simply right click the shortcut or executable and select the high performance GP. The #1 reason is cycles render engine calculates higher bounces which make the render more realistic. Tips to crea te more re al i stic r ender s in Blender It easy to blame the render engine but did you know that some smart tweaks and optimizations to your scene and blender render settings can significantly increase the render speed. If you are on a desktop, please make sure your monitor is plugged into the discrete graphics card on the back of your computer before disabling the integrated graphics.

Now, I record in OBS and use three different audio tracks, one with the game sound, one with my mic and a final one (actually the first one) with both. My thought was that maybe it loaded in the third audio track, but I can't find anywhere to change this either. This is really making things difficult since I really want to be able to continue using Camtasia for editing.


Multi-Core Support in Camtasia Studio 8 It appears that the rendering program for MP4’s in Camtasia 8 isn’t able to render using more than 1 core. Make it take full advantage of today’s hardware with multi-core video rendering. This tip looks at vastly increasing the render speed of Camtasia Studio by making sure your GPU is being used and showing you how to disable it if this setting isn’t ideal.

Once you’re signed in, hover over media to preview them. When you find something you like, there are two ways to get it into your project. Click the Camtasia (click here for more) icon to bring it directly into your Camtasia library or click Download File to download it to your computer and import it into Camtasia.


And special thanks for the Subcription option. I wasn't able to afford using Camtasia before.

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