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Through the years, MBBCs services expanded from 1 province to now 11 provinces with 58 clinics countrywide in the Philippines. The figures show 21% (12 facilitates), 41% (24 facilities), and 38% (22 facilities) MBBC establishment from 2021 to 2021 respectively. Presently, 122 personnel and volunteers are employed and trained to support its operations.


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In the next three years, with the increase on number of clinics, facility-based deliveries shall also escalate, and lesser home deliveries shall occur. On this circumstance, improvements in health care shall be demonstrated through the figures of improved maternal and infant mortality.

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Full N-Power chamionship, Bundesliga, Anzhi and Basel squads. All playres that have been created given correct boot types / accessories.


The online format is delivered asynchronously, which means it does not have scheduled weekly classes or lecture times. This format provides flexible study options where students can work at their own pace to complete weekly assignments, readings and meet set due dates. This is a good option for students wishing to study part time. Time management and strong study skills are extremely important as students are responsible for directing their own studies. All content is delivered online with no requirements to attend in-person activities or exams. Classes are offered year-round in the fall, winter and summer semesters. Students in the online offering have up to five years to complete the program and may take up to five classes per semester. Students select their own classes based on available courses, self-enroll and pay tuition at the time of enrolment.

Centuries of human thinking about uncertainty among many leaders, journalists, scientists, and policymakers boil down to a simple and powerful intuition: “No one likes uncertainty” (1, 6, 7, 27). It is therefore often assumed that communicating uncertainty transparently will decrease public trust in science (1, 7). In this program of research, we set out to investigate whether such claims have any empirical basis. We did this by communicating epistemic uncertainty around basic facts and numbers and by systematically varying 1) the topic, 2) the magnitude of the uncertainty, and 3) the format and context through which uncertainty was communicated. We assessed the effects of uncertainty on relevant outcome measures, including cognition and trust.

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After agreeing to participate, participants were asked several questions about their beliefs related to the three topics: about the conservation of endangered animals, about the present state of the country and economy, and about climate change (for more information on all measures, see SI Appendix). After this, participants were randomly allocated to be presented with one of nine texts.


We recruited 1,050 adults who lived in the United Kingdom to participate in this study via Qualtrics Panels, based on power calculations that indicated we would need 995 participants to have 90% power to detect a small (f = 0/125) effect when α was set at 0/05. This sample was nationally representative of the general UK population in terms of age, gender, and geography quotas (51% female; mean age, 45/34 y; SD, 16/47; age range, 18 to 86). In this sample, 8/9% of the participants had no educational qualifications, 44/8% had attained upper secondary education, and 46/1% had tertiary education. On average, the sample was again slightly leaning liberal (M = 3/74; SD = 1/51).

Our measures of trust were modeled after prior studies from Johnson and Slovic (9). To ensure that our findings are systematic and robust, follow-up experiments—including a preregistered replication—varied the magnitude of the uncertainty in the message, the style and format of how the uncertainty was communicated, as well as the sampling platform.


In conclusion, then, the results of experiment 3 showed that whereas participants perceived uncertainty when uncertainty was communicated in most numeric and verbal formats, not all formats affected people’s trust in the numbers. Communicating uncertainty via a numerical range with point estimate or an implicit verbal statement did not significantly decrease trust in numbers compared to the control condition. Adding the word “estimated” also did not decrease trust, but this format apparently failed to communicate uncertainty to people.

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For this field experiment, we worked with BBC News and the BBC’s Head of Statistics. After gaining experience with the process of running a field experiment in this context during a Pilot Study in September 2021 (SI Appendix), we conducted the experiment on October 15, 2021, using BBC News Online’s coverage of the October Labor Market Release from the UK Office for National Statistics. After the labor market figures were released, we worked with the relevant journalists and the Head of Statistics to select a target figure to communicate uncertainty before the news article was published on the website. The journalists were responsible for the content of the news article.

Berkeley Lake Elementary School

To consolidate all of our main findings and to shed further light on the psychological effects of communicating uncertainty, we conducted a random-effects metaanalysis across all four studies for each of our key dependent variables. To ensure that the results were comparable, we only included the formats that were consistently tested across all four experiments. For ease of interpretation, we contrast “no uncertainty” (control condition) vs. “uncertainty” communication, differentiating only between “verbal” (explicit verbal statement) vs. “numeric” (numeric range with point estimate) uncertainty communication as separate subgroups.


A: JIBC recognizes “mature learner” status. These policies and procedures recognize that today’s learners who wish to pursue post-secondary education may come from diverse learning backgrounds. Desirable admission requirements include computer literacy and relevant work or volunteer experience. An in-person interview and assessment to determine suitability may be required.

Communicating uncertainty numerically only exerted a minor effect on trust

In sum, prior research has investigated whether the provision of uncertainty can help signal transparency and honesty on behalf of the communicator, or—in contrast—whether communicating uncertainty decreases trust and signals incompetence (9, 15, 17, 36). By and large, our findings illustrate that the provision of numerical uncertainty—in particular as a numeric range—does not substantially decrease trust in either the numbers or the source of the message. Verbal quantifiers of uncertainty, however, do seem to decrease both perceived reliability of the numbers as well as the perceived trustworthiness of the source. These findings were robust across topics (both contested and noncontested), mode of communication, and magnitude of uncertainty. More generally, the strong negative effects of verbal uncertainty appear consistent with prior findings that people are averse to more ambiguous statements (27, 43). As such, we hypothesize that the communication of numerical uncertainty may offer a degree of precision that reduces people’s tendency to view the admission of uncertainty as a sign of incompetence (1, 9, 36). On the other hand, across all studies, the communication of uncertainty never significantly increased perceived trust or reliability either, which is an important finding in itself and warrants further research.


Experiment 2 followed on from experiment 1. Instead of varying the topics, however, we were interested in the effect of different magnitudes of uncertainty. This experiment therefore consisted of a control condition (no uncertainty communicated) plus a 2 (numeric vs. verbal uncertainty communication) × 3 (lower vs. original vs. higher magnitude of uncertainty) factorial design; so a total of seven conditions, to which participants were randomly allocated. Based on a priori power calculations, which indicated we would need 752 participants for 90% power to detect a small (f = 0/13) interaction effect between format and magnitude when α was set at 0/05, we recruited 877 participants from Prolific (∼125 per cell for the seven-cell design). The sample consisted of 582 women and 292 men (average age, 34/68; SD, 12/02; range, 18 to 80). Similar to experiment 1, this sample was relatively highly educated compared to the UK population: 1/1% indicated to have no educational qualifications, 39% indicated to have attained upper secondary education, and 59/8% indicated to have attained tertiary education. On average, political orientation of the sample was slightly liberal (M = 3/40; SD = 1/42).

The Bayaning Pilipino Award is an award given by the ABS-CBN Network and the Ugat Foundation of the Ateneo de Manila University, which recognizes dedicated and determined Filipinos in the field of public service. Thus, because of the success of the MBBC and her other endeavors, she was conferred as such.


In experiment 1, we used a between-subjects design to test three forms of uncertainty communication (numeric vs. verbal vs. control) about three topics (tigers vs. unemployment vs. climate change). Based on a priori power calculations, which indicated we would need 1,075 people for 90% power to detect a small (interaction) effect (f = 0/12) when α was set at 0/05, we decided to recruit 1,125 participants (125 per cell of the design; we did this for experiment 2 and 3 as well). Three of these participants indicated to be below 18 y of age and were excluded from further analyses. The sample thus consisted of n = 1,122 people [769 women (68/5%); average age, 37/72; SD, 12/12; range, 18 to 72]. Compared to the UK population, this sample was relatively highly educated.

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All PS3 software titles have a serial number containing a four-character prefix followed by a five-digit suffix. This code can be found on the side of the software case and varies according to the region in which the software title was purchased.

Concise Summary: Help us pitch this solution! Provide an explanation within 3-4 short sentences.


Internal check and balances through monthly accomplishment reporting are being done so as to assess and evaluate the performance of each facility, and so detecting possible threats existing or potentially arising within the system. Accreditation from the PhilHealth also assures that the facilities are of good quality and standard.

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Presently, MBBCs are already operating in several regions, provinces, and municipalities in the Philippines. On the context of experience and inferential analysis, this innovative model can work in any geography and or locale as long as the health partners in that particular milieu are very much willing to support the causes of MBBCs.


After reading the text, participants were asked the same questions as in experiments 1 and 2, except now specified for each number (the fall in unemployment and the total number of unemployed people) for the recall question, their perception of uncertainty around the numbers (α = 0/80) and trust in the numbers (α = 0/92). For the analyses, answers were averaged across both numbers given that there were no meaningful or significant differences between the two.

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Experiment 1 thus showed that while people did perceive uncertainty about numbers both when it was communicated numerically and verbally, only the verbal communication reduced people’s trust in the numbers and the source. In addition, the results showed no significant effect of uncertainty communication on people’s affect or mood; please see SI Appendix for the full results. Because we found no substantial differences between topics in people’s responses to uncertainty, experiment 2 only used the UK employment number to study whether the magnitude of the uncertainty itself can influence the psychological effects of communicating uncertainty.


A: No. All 60 credits (20 courses) of the BLES program must be completed at JIBC. We cannot accept credits or Prior Learning or Advanced Standing Credits for the 60 credits in the degree program.

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Mother Bles Birthing Clinics (MBBCs) are networks of PhilHealth accredited birthing health facilities which started in the Leyte Province, and are now fast-spreading in the Philippine Archipelago. The program aims to provide poor pregnant women with accessible and affordable maternal and infant health care services.

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This version served as the control condition. We tested three numeric uncertainty communication formats, three verbal formats, and a mixed numeric/verbal format (Table 1).

Note that border services officers, police officers, correctional officers, probation officers, deputy sheriffs, and security professionals must all complete additional mandated training. Employers in other investigation, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies may have additional entry or qualification and training requirements.


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MBBCs serve as socially-oriented institutions providing holistic and quality maternal and infant health care services. The facilities serve as supports and front liners to prevent the build-up of patients in existing local hospitals, government and private, in the delivery of maternal and infant health care service.

In experiment 3, we aimed to test various other numeric and verbal uncertainty communication formats, still in the context of unemployment for consistency using a relatively high magnitude of uncertainty. This study had eight conditions, and we recruited n = 1,200 participants from Prolific, based on power calculations that indicated this would give us 90% power to detect a small (f = 0/125) effect when α was set at 0/05. The sample consisted of 806 women and 388 men (average age, 36/65; SD, 11/98; range, 18 to 85). Just as in experiments 1 and 2, the sample was relatively highly educated compared to the UK population (no educational qualifications, 1/3%; upper secondary, 34/7%; tertiary education, 63/7%) and on average slightly leaning toward a liberal political orientation (M = 3/40; SD = 1/38).


The results of this field experiment showed that, in line with the laboratory experiments, people perceived the number to be more uncertain when numerical uncertainty had been communicated, compared to no uncertainty communication in the control condition. An ANOVA showed a significant main effect of uncertainty communication on perceived uncertainty [F(2,1526) = 4/67, P = 0/01; η2=0/006]. Participants who read the version of the news article with a numeric range around the unemployment rate figure perceived the figure to be more uncertain than people in the control condition (M = 3/56 vs. 3/31, Mdiff = 0/25, 95% CI [0/06; 0/44], d = 0/19). Participants who read the version of the news article with the verbal cue scored in between the numerical and control conditions, not significantly different from either (M = 3/41, SD = 1/39). This finding suggests that participants did seem to have noticed the uncertainty that was communicated.

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The effects of communicating uncertainty on public trust in facts and numbers

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

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Berkeley Lake Elementary is a designated 

Experiments 2 and 3 were conducted in the context of UK unemployment numbers, which are generally considered not highly contested and thus might be less likely to result in changes in trust-related perceptions. We therefore conducted experiment 4 in the context of UK migration, which is a more contested issue on which public opinion is divided (42).